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tv   World Stories  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2022 3:02am-3:16am CET

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dotcom ah this week in world stories, russia drafts, the handicapped trout and hunger in madagascar. we began in ukraine after the russian armies withdrawal from the town of his young. many people are searching for loved ones. over mass graves, signs of torture and other atrocities offer little help. they wait to see the investigate is bringing dna and testimony. dude, miller wash china and her relative just have questions about herself. he was serving in the ukraine territorial defense force. when the russians came to ease
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you, she lost contact, but didn't dare to ask too much. everyone knew the russians were looking for families of ukrainian soldiers. yep. what approval is the younger boy? i hid. i was afraid that someone might tip them off. yeah, we had a lot of my son's military stuff at home. what i was very scared of everybody else . now the russians are gone. the word can see what the fighting did to zoom at the beginning of the war. and details are emerging from the 6 month of occupation. these include a mass grave. on the outskirts of town. there investigators found the bodies of civilians as well as ukrainian soldiers, some with their hands tied behind their backs the moon by a dna sampling unit. for many, the cheeks swapped off as the only hope for clarity. many of the bodies in the mass
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graves were in such bad condition. that immediate identification wasn't possible. the more we had the to day genuine idea even of her will give a sample. she fled with a child just before the russians arrived, leaving her father in hospital like late as she heard the hospital was, shell is actually a credit. i found a doctor from is you had fled the town. he told me that my father died in the attack little and it had not been possible to save him. he died there and was left behind below. now she's looking for his body. you'd meal, if he is, she's doing the same. her son said to have died in an air raid soldiers from his unit all can offer her little ho, missouri slippery at the corner. unfortunately, if you consider where he was when the bomb head, there's no chance he could aspire to be a bumble. was at the emotions in the mouth,
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but they never found his body. and so don't know for certain what happened. the soldiers are here to testify. what you will notice though, you'd mealer has already given investigators a dna sample, but hasn't heard anything from her relative, tries to find out more. but there's no news today. we're still on the maya. as long as there's no body, i still have hope. you're chris, although not much. oh, i see the voice, the soldiers promised the women that they stay in touch issue. that's all anyone can do. hundreds impressions of fighting age had sled their homes for fear of conscription. those who are mean are receiving draft notices. even if they are physically impaired
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ah, dea pecorello has been in a wheelchair for 26 years. a few days ago, it was a surprise to find an army draft notice in his mail box. his column means he supposed to go and fight in the war and ukraine known in russia as a special military operation. a beer could have united to reach the co. here's my name. yeah. peck. are ever my date of birth. my address and the order to report to the military authority on a certain day loc worth or whatever. what fish shall jermaine shall i felt nothing but amazement uncertainty. shad how absurd the whole system is bringing. why no absolute mischief. sheesh telling via's disability is due to a mistake made by doctors when he was a baby. yet the musician has never served in the army. his condition should have been available to drafting authorities in saint petersburg. he had decided to
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ignore the call up letter. he was surprised when there was no reaction from the military. india says his story is not unique. said that it. i know a man who's missing a leg barring o onto also received the same notice as me bristle i live by. he then lost his only leg in the army letter. his case is even clearer than mine, but i am and i was certain they knew about his case. i'm resilient now order rushes . chaotic. mobilization has been reported on extensively via social media, elderly man, man with disabilities thought and man with serious chronic illnesses were cold up. law with some were sent home from the training centers. despite the mobilization being declared over, there are fears, there may be another wave of conscription media pack arrived. it's also worried
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about the future. stella slo, renee, life is more difficult now. i worry more about the future. blend year, which i can't plan anything, any more rad, at most, until tomorrow, the floors in an uncertain time, for alia, packer of with the fear of being drafted hard to shake. ah, it is not rain properly in southern madagascar for years, at least 1000000 people are going hungry, climate change, deforestation, and government inaction are making the situation worse. marcia, what song i used to be of pharma. now all she is able to harvest our cactus leaves are endless. drought has left large parts of southern madagascar dry and unproductive, and it has left people like marsey and the precarious situation. she now relies on
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turning cactus leaves into cattle feats to survive. since the rain stopped alive has been turned on its head pretty high yonder toys and we left the village because of the drought. it's very difficult to find water there. there no harvest. so we had to sell all our belongings. la nab is in from idaho. many others are suffering the same fate as massey. she lives alongside them in this informal camp in the town of ambo, vomiting trade, odami had his allotted, open the camp. when he saw how many people had nowhere to go to being forced to leave the village. your nathan and i'm a guardian of this old man lying here. you stop a 120 head of cattle. i know he was a rich man. these really big issue that over the years he had to sell everything. he owned magnitude. so our vinnie is in charge of the mount attrition unit for children at the hospital and above one bit. she says many children here are
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chronically ill. last month, 2 children came to late and died. this little girl is one of the 5 she is currently treating. a hit on this baby is 17 months old. and her arms circumference is very low if it over and it's in the red part. that $98.00 millimeters, normally it should be $130.00 for her age. oh, we don't have good food at home. sometimes we mix the nutrition aid that n g o is give us with cassava. and we cook the cassava with a lot of water back at the camp. dami. harry salas says he tries to help here and there by buying medicine and collecting donations. he believes mainly climate change is to blame for the situation. but he also says corruption by n g o staff and government incompetence, i'm making matters worse. for decades,
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the government fails to invest in the region. the cycle of poverty gets was, as rainfall gets less, as she prepares, the 1st and only mule of the day for her family must see what saga asks herself. why this is hector. i bang at this number. i don't know why the rain doesn't fall down, but it may be because of us humans. we don't love each other than that. last. maybe that's why the rain has stopped falling. or because strangers did something to prevent the rain. i don't know. i, i have to set up some greens and 2 cups of rice. that's all the family of 14 can afford to put a day, yet they still offer their neighbors to join, trying to help ah, we return once again to ukraine, where women were once forbidden to pursue many professions. but all that has
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changed with many men at the front, women can take over. ah. each time she starts work is a moment of validation for victoria coins. she is ukraine's 1st female trained co driver on could recently sexist regulations band women from the job. it was considered risky to their reproductive health. now in the war, it really is dangerous for every one on the train. all of us going, what i level or what it's hard mentally and physically. because you very often hear the error rate alert. i've even seen when missiles heads, why should they yucca phillip athletic that they it unless we try to suppress these emotions and continue our work? because it's not only about our lives to delegate nozzle as it's about the lives of passengers that also depend on us. we cannot just drop everything and start to
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panic. victoria started to drive trains, even though there was no prospect of getting a job than the loss changed and she started work shortly before rush invaded. in february there's a lot to do. update log books, checked the speed of the train from the signal, so the electrical contact line and speak to passengers. and if something were to happen to the driver she'd have to take over. victoria's shift will be at least 12 hours today. already a train, yellow train said become a vital form of transport in this war, and there is never enough step. victoria says she will still need to push hard to make it from the co driver to driver. that top job is still done by a man will noise share or if it hasn't completely changed yet, we still need
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a lot more time. but they will all with the will if you need to raise a new generation, a young generation with the idea that women have the same rights as men. but guess how much a day? it's hillary gay, my advocate victoria is pushing through the unknown, but she says there is a brighter future for ukrainian women. one day, she will become a trained driver. enjoying the view and come to take a look at this tv highlight school every week in your inbox. subscribe now i want yes right now. oh, wait,
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