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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2022 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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a companies and countries leasing everything that's making later changes. you've reviewed this week on d, w ah, ah, this is dw news live from berlin. us democrats were trained control the house of the senate rather in the countries mid term elections. catherine cortez mazzocco beats were trump endorsed, rival nevada, to get the democrats 50 seats in the upper house. also coming up in the program,
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russia leaves behind devastation and danger, and our son, ukraine's president warns that exclusive items are everywhere. nearly all of the infrastructure has been destroyed and american football history is being made today . mucosa, germany's 1st ever nfl regular season game and one of the icons of the sport is there to market and tell you why this is a huge win for fans of the sport. ah, i'm here until new berlin. thanks for joining us. it's a big win for democrats and an unexpected one. after all, the talk of a republican wave that failed to materialize. democrat, catherine cortez mazzocco reelection in nevada, gives democrats control of the senate and fresh momentum o victory that decide expectations and history. catherine cortez
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masters when in nevada gives the democrats the 50 seats they needed to keep control of the senate. president joe biden received the news at a summit in cambodia and sent this message to the senate majority leader or toward congratulations of some new schumer's. not a majority again. we are focusing now on, on ga. feel good, lower. and, oh, i know, i'm a cockeyed afternoon, samson. i'm not surprised, but i'm incredibly please. i think it's a reflection on quality. we're kennedy's a bitter defeat for adam like salt the republican candidate in the swing state of nevada. he was endorsed by former u. s. president donald trump, but the so called red wave, the republicans hoped for failed to materialize. instead,
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the democrats had their best mid term election results in 2 decades, despite president biden's approval rating, hovering around 40 percent. historically, the party of the sitting president loses seats in mid terms. democrats are hoping victory in the run off vote in georgia in december. we'll hand them an outright majority in the u. s. senate. i'm joined now by journals, matthew conscious. he is the chief, you're corresponded for political magazine. so matthew, the democrats now hold the senate looking at this from a european perspective. what are your thoughts? well, thanks for having me. i think from a european perspective, one has to rejoice because it's becoming clear that the biden positions towards ukraine, the united states support of ukraine is likely to continue. there will probably be more scrutiny of the military aid and other 8 that is going into ukraine. but it
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doesn't look like the republicans, even if they want it to would be able to do much to stuff. well, the house is still undecided, but republicans are still favor to when they're, if they do what is that likely to mean for president biden's foreign policy agenda? well, i think it really comes down to this important question of ukraine, as i said. and i think what, what it would mean is that there would be more scrutiny of a lot of the spending that biden has pushed in support for ukraine. and for the republicans. you know, you really have to remember here that they are also divided on this question. there is some people who want no support for ukraine. some people want less support. but ultimately, i think, you know, they are not going to be able to help the path that biden has, has plowed here when it comes to ukraine and really, really, to other issues. because it's also worth remembering that foreign policy is really in the hands, primarily of the president in the united states. and it's only when he needs money
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for something that he has to go to congress. right. that was political magazines, method partnership. thank you for your insights. thank you. and we turned ukraine. now we're ukrainian forces. have we taken the strategically important town of have sun but the russian withdrawal has left behind devastation and danger with booby traps bombs and destroyed infrastructure. posing a challenge for returning residence. oh, blue and yellow on the street. so some of the more than 8 months on the russian occupation, the day residents dreamed of has finally arrived. one doesn't know what chicago we've been waiting for this for so long. you know, like we've been without water and electricity for months. but we're happy to day. it's incredible. valley ha. russian forces have now withdrawn from his own the only regional capital they captured since the war began. it is
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a massive strategic blow to the kremlin war effort, and a stunning morale boost for ukraine. but even as the country celebrates, president zalinski has told residence to stay vigilant, hewed as healing everywhere in the liberation territory. album, disposal experts have a lot of work to do here. dilution, almost 2000 explosive items have already been removed. mines trip wires, an unexploded ammunition vicky narrative. as these 1st pictures coming out of the region showed the scars of the russian occupation are everywhere. residents have endured months without power or basic services. many recount harrowing experiences at the hands of russian occupiers look as i split little kids us when i had a mile annual tied behind my pleasure delight lynn lay tied up my legs rather like a war inlaw hit. then as well, one pulled up a grenade official. they told me that he would put the grenade under measures. jasmine, though i couldn't run away. dick dudgin with delusions run out of them. among the
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survivors, there is a recognition that things simply cannot go back to the way they were before. with the most difficult thing is that many of our neighbors became tracers. they said that russia's here forever. ukrainian authorities say russian forces are regrouping on the other side of the dinner for a river. they wandered, her son may soon be the target of retaliatory strikes from russian artillery. but despite the danger, the streets of her son, a once again alive with celebration and relief, let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world. benjamin netanyahu jasmine israel's president isaac hertzog with fishery, asked him to form a government. the veteran, former prime minister, is on track to form a stable right when coalition, after he and his fall right alleys. one of one, a majority of seats in elections earlier this month than yahoo had vowed to return to power after being ousted less than 2 years ago. or in parties in ethiopia have
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signed a deal allowing humanitarian supplies into war torn t gr. i region earlier. the government in the to grind commanders agreed to end a long running civil conflict. if the obese, as aid is reaching the region of the opposing forces, there dispute the claim. the reigning men who lived in charles de gaulle airport in paris for 18 years has died, may run, covering necessary, made a small area of terminal to his home. after being denied entry into several european countries for not having the correct documentation is experienced. inspired the 2004 hollywood movie, the terminal starting tom x u. s. president biden has forged important strategic partnership with the association of south east asian nations at their annual summit in cambodia. as the meeting drew to a close, biden promised to deepen ties with the 10 country block. the initiative comes as the u. s. seeks to boost its influence in the region. in the face of an
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increasingly assertive china by day is due to meet with china's president cheating ping the g. 20 summit in bali on monday to deliveries welcoming remark. d to be corresponded yard motus was infant on pen for the meeting of the ozzy and leaders, and he sent us this report. it's been a very packed agenda at this as young the summit here and the can body and capital of clump and not just for leaders from southeast asia, but also for east asian and nations. here, tackling all sorts of problems from me on mar to north korea. the message for military leaders and me and blah was that amazon wants to see some real progress on the piece plan that has been agreed between asi on in myanmar. and there was a surprise here that as an will grow, an 11th member has been formally accepted. and that is, is timor for the american president of the, of the, on summit of the 2 days he attended was a great opportunity to meet allies, but also to make new partners ahead of his crucial meeting with the chinese leader
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at the g. 20 meeting in bali. the key problem biden faces it with ozzy on is basically that the southeast asian nations here are not particularly keen to pick sites in the rivalry for influence in this region between china and the u. s. ah, sports news now and germany plays host to the end. the fels 1st ever regular season, american football game today, the seattle seahawks take on the tampa, buccaneers in munich, or 70000 fans are expected to attend. the anna fills the view in germany, which will feature this or it's most iconic player. tom brady, the nfl is raining, king of accomplishments, with 7 super bowl rings, is on the verge of playing the leagues 1st ever game in germany. there is amazing, i know, and i told all my teammates that you know you're, you're not gonna necessary. remember, every game you play in your whole career. ah, but these ones you do remember, they're very special ah,
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just to go to another place. and i mean have an experience like this center, you know, when i'm older, i'll be thinking about pracs annanette stadium right there and, and going to play in an alley on serena, which is amazing. so you know, this is your whole life is made of memories and experiences and to do with the teammates and do it with a game that i love. and football has brought me a lot of places in life and has brought me to germany now. the nfl had no trouble at all. silly, now the tickets to its day bew on sunday and munich between the seahawks and buccaneers. it's not only a contest between 2 division leaders. it's also one featuring an icon in this poor tom brain. so is germany ready for some football? the answer that has d w sports, chris harrington, who joins us now in the studio. so chris white, exactly the and if l choosing to play a game here in germany. well, obviously money is involved, you know, they want to expand their brand,
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they research ceiling domestically, and it's not the 1st venture in germany over 3 decades ago. there was actually a preseason game that kicked off right here in related alertly stadium. and then that was the precursor for nfl europe. that was something that started in the early nineties to early 2, thousands. but it really failed in connecting in a basically a strong fan base with television and radio. you know, but here we go. one fact, a fun fact that people might not realize is that germany has a huge fan base that support american football. at one point there was a free to air television back between 20122015. the seattle seahawks actually had the largest german speaking fan base, germany's the number one market for growth according to all of the nfl executives. and they're looking forward to it. obviously they brought the biggest name in the sport to pretty much help. so tickets, tom brady, i mean he's basically the michael jordan equivalent to football. i'm sure all the vans are thirsty in
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a salivating to see him. i take his 1st napa historic when at that here in germany . so how significate is playing the game here in germany for the nfl, but also for germans of football fans? well, i think from the nfl perspective speaking, as an american, you know, i think it will be a cultural experience. you know, there is a fair culture that exists in the nfl in the united states, a small pockets, a big difference. something that unique about germany is, you know, the masses, you know, you typically see a lot of celebrating it. but as they can, you see teams the other football, you know, the players celebrating interacting with fans. that's something that tom brady touched on because he has an actual famous german american footballer. let's take listen. so my friend sebastian vollmer, who had played with one of the great german football players ever, ah, he told me that the crowds for the soccer games here are the best in the world. so that's what i'm expecting. i expect to be really loud and they'll be cheering all game. ah. so i'm sure they're very educated group of fans. they probably know
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football quite a bit now. all right, so the nfl is coming back to germany. what do you think is going to be a one off game, or are they here to stay? well, they've actually started and kicked off their international series, and that was in london where it started off, but up i believe 2007 in london. they've kicked off games, they've been had games in mexico, and they've expanded, they had games, a 2 stadiums in london. one had taught them in one at wembley. and now in germany, we're seeing this, the expansion, obviously game. actually, most people, not really, most people might not realize this, but since this all started 30 games, regular season, nfl games have actually kicked off overseas in frankfurt. oh, frankfurt stadium will host to matches. and byron unix aaliyah's arena will host another match. featuring, obviously, hopefully a big name, maybe not as big as tom brady, but the inner feels goal is really to attract young fans a young fan base. and hopefully this will be something that can kick start that and he can grow. and there are even been rumblings maybe in the distant future. we can
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actually see the international franchise be established. and that would be something that would really help connect the dots of this beautiful game that i love america. all right, well i'm afraid we have to leave it there. that was d w's. chris harrington, thanks for joining us today. thank you. all right, that's all for now, but do stay tuned off. next is world stories the week reports and don't forget our website, debbie dot com for more international headlines around the clock. likewise, we have social media where a handle is at t w. news. i'm here until cumberland, thanks for watching. mm academy issues with all say we'll credit you a.


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