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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2022 3:00pm-3:16pm CET

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i show from the street has already proven successful. the physician is on the right hands with dogs, november 25th and the w with this is debbie news line from berlin. democrats retain control of the u. s. senate in the mid term elections. catherine cortez musto beats. her trump endorsed rival in nevada to give the democrats a majority in the upper house. also coming up on the program, russia leaves devastation and danger behind an ass on ukraine's president wardens
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that munitions are everywhere. nearly all the infrastructure has been destroyed. warring parties, any d o p, take another step towards peace with a cease fire holding a fresh deal allows humanitarian aid into the war torn t gray region plus a new chapter in american football history in unit coast. germany's 1st regular and f. l season game and a giant of the sport is there to mark the occasion. ah, american berlin, thanks for joining us. we'll have all those stores for you in just a 2nd, but 1st we start with some breaking news coming in just now. tradition media have reported a large explosion in central istanbul. the blast occurred in a crowded pedestrian area near toxeme square. multiple people are said to be wounded,
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emergency services are responding. the cause of the explosion is so far unknown. right now, we turned back to our top stories at this hour, a big win for democrats in the u. s. midterm elections, and it's an unexpected victory. after all, the talk of a republican wave that failed materialize. democrat, catherine cortez musto. reelection in nevada allows the democrats to keep control of the senate, given the party fresh momentum victory that defied expectations and history. catherine cortez masters when in nevada gives the democrats the 50 seats they needed to keep control of the senate. president joe biden received the news at a summit in cambodia and sent this message to the senate majority leader. i tell you worked congratulations of senator schumer who's got a majority again. we're focusing now on on ga. feel good, lower. and i know i'm
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a cockeyed optimist. i understand you. i'm not surprised, but i'm incredibly please i think it's a reflection on quality of our candidates. a bitter defeat for adam like salt, the republican candidate in the swing state of nevada. he was endorsed by former u. s. president donald trump, but the so called red wave, the republicans hoped for failed to materialize. instead, the democrats had their best mid term election results in 2 decades, despite president biden's approval rating, hovering around 40 percent. historically, the party of the sitting president loses seats in mid terms. democrats are hoping victory in the run off vote in georgia in december. we'll hand them an outright majority in the u. s. senate. earlier matthew cornish of political magazine told me what this means from a european perspective. well,
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thanks for having me. i think from a european perspective, one has to rejoice because it's becoming clear that the biden positions towards ukraine, the united states support of ukraine is likely to continue. there will probably be more scrutiny of the military aid and other 8 that is going into ukraine. but it doesn't look like the republicans, even if they want it to would be able to do much to stop. now the house is still undecided, but republicans are still favorite to win their if they do what is that likely to mean for president biden's foreign policy agenda? well, i think it really comes down to this important question of ukraine, as i said. and i think what, what it would mean is that there would be more scrutiny of a lot of the spending that biden has pushed in support for ukraine. and for the republicans. you know, you really have to remember here that they are also divided on this question. there are some people who want no support for ukraine. some people want less support. but
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ultimately, i think, you know, they are not going to be able to hold the path. that biden has, has plowed here when it comes to ukraine and really, really, to other issues. because it's also worth remembering that foreign policy is really in the hands, primarily of the president in the united states. and it's only when he needs money for something that he has to go to congress. right. that was political magazines that to counter should thank you for your insights. thank you. precedent followed me, zalinski is vowing to keep pushing russian forces out of ukraine. moscow's retreat from the city of her son has left devastation and danger. there will be traps bombs and destroyed infrastructure are all a hazard for returning residence. acute blue and yellow on the street. some of the more than 8 months on the russian occupation the day residents dreamed of has finally arrived. under the hood, chicago,
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we've been waiting for this for so long. you know, we've been without water and electricity for months. but we're happy today, unless it's incredible. oh, russian forces have now withdrawn from the only regional capital they captured since the war began. it is a massive strategic blow to the kremlin war effort, and a stunning morale group for ukraine. but even as the country celebrates president, zalinski has told residents to stay vigilant, hewed as healing everywhere in the liberation territory. album disposal experts have a lot of work to do here, to lucian. almost 2000 explosive items have already been removed at mines trip wires, an unexploded ammunition did. he want to do. as these 1st pictures coming out of the region showed the scars of the russian occupation are everywhere. residents have endured months without power or basic services. many recount harrowing
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experiences at the hands of russian occupiers. it'll gazesberg in little kids us when i had my land, you'll tied behind my glasses. delighted then lily tied up my leg just took a walk in or hid. there's a one pulled up of her nail didn't vishal this. he told me that he would put the grenade under better judgement, so i couldn't run away. dick regiment did lose of run out of deb. among the survivors, there is a recognition that things simply cannot go back to the way they were before. the most difficult thing is that many of our neighbors became tracers. they said that rushes here forever ukrainian authorities. a russian forces are regrouping on the other side of the denay for a river. they wandered, her son may soon be the target of retaliatory strikes from russian artillery. but despite the danger, the streets of her son, a once again alive with celebration and relief, let's take a brief look now at some other stories making headlines around the world. king
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charles has led his 1st remembrance days service. as the british monarch, he lead a wreath at the national war memorial in central london in tribute to the you case war dead. he was president joe biden has promised to strengthen ties with se asia is launch the partnership with the 10 member ozzy and block washington is seeking to contain the growing influence of china biden is scheduled to meet chinese leader shooting ping at a summit in india or indonesia or other minister, israel's president has officially asked the election winner benjamin netanyahu, the former government. the veteran, former prime minister, wants to join forces with the right wing and religious allies that yahoo was also from power less than 2 years ago. he's still been investigated for corruption in a rainy man who lived in charles de gaulle airport in paris for 18 years has died, may run carina necessary, made his home there. after being denied entry into several european countries,
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his experience inspired the hollywood movie, the terminal, starting tom hanks warring parties and c o. b, i have signed a deal allowing humanitarian aid into the war torn t cry region. the government and rebel factions recently agreed to peace terms to and a long running conflict. the focus now is on disarmament and aid supplies. hen shanks and hug signal another hopeful day for a theo kia leaders from the government and to guy and rebels coming to give the to in the brutal conflicts which has displaced millions of people with a pe steel sign to live in days ago. and for toria, both sides have now decided to open up humanitarian corridors. one. 0, oh. oh oh,
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this is the good and the conflict began in november 2020 less than a year after ethiopian prime minister abbey archman won the nobel peace prize for making peace with eritrea. erie train fighters have since been fighting alongside ethiopian federal troops and tig, right saturdays agreement, commits to grind forces to give up the heavy weapons and foreign forces to withdraw from the region one. 0, oh oh oh. oh. oh oh.
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and the agreement allows for immediate humanitarian access to all in need and t cry and its neighboring regions. a crucial step towards a more peaceful future. i earlier i a samuel, got you a journalist need feel, can capital addis ababa, whether the conflict in te gray is really over. that means it's over especially on a piece of paper on a document. but it's an open question whether the people will actually accept it on the ground. there has been misgivings, even from the t p left side. some said that he pill, if needed to fight more, sam saying that they needed to compromise. so this conflict has been a wedge issue among ethiopians, and that's what we're seeing at the moment. so what pitfalls exactly, do you see in the agreement? well, you know, some of the agreed and then term. so for dis army t p i left, which is over. we're really supported by
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a majority of your bents. isn't accepted by people into gray. the people and to dry have said they've suffered enough. they wanted the t p, i left event fight more. and it's really, really a wedge issue if and if you speak to the people in the cafes and restaurants in ethiopia, they will tell you different versions of it saying that the japan government either needed to go all the way to mckelly and defeat t p a left and which they have declared the organization as a terrorist organizations. some of the to grants are saying that the t p left needed to fight needed to be supported. perhaps the un has been accused of supporting t p, a left including the bite and administration. so again, it's a real like l all conflicts in the world. this conflict is no exception. it's a wedge issue among europeans. a girl right now the lack of humanitarian actually has been a huge problem. the region has anything they're changed since the warring parties
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agreed on the ceasefire. 11 days ago was they took and government has insisted that they've opened a humanitarian corridor and aid is being allowed to go to. it said wry and they're a un agencies are saying that's not what's happening on the ground. they still don't have the kind of you my turn corridor that the need to really save lives. once again, famine is coming back to this country of famine that define discontinued, the 1980s has become its reality. now, many people are still facing fam and millions are looking for some kind of support that the un has been saying. they don't even have the resources to help them, but they really want to try go in and save lives, but this is no exception to, to gray. it's also happening in amara and our fire. and according to the un, about 13000000 the fuel costs are facing famine. i said direct result of this conflict, right? that was, i'm a graduate journals reporting for us from us out about. thank you for bring this up
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to date. thank you. thank you. germany is hosting its 1st regular season american football game. seattle seahawks take on the tampa bay buccaneers and munich. over $70000.00 fans are expected. also in hand is the sports best known player. charm brady. the inner fails, reigning king of accomplishments with 7 super bowl rings. is on the verge of playing the leagues 1st ever game in germany. it's amazing. i know, and i told my teammates that you know you're, you're not going to hurt necessary. remember, every game you play in your whole career. ah, but these ones you do remember they're very special ah, just to go to another place and i mean have an experience like this center. you know, when i'm older, i'll be thinking about pracs annanette stadium right there and, and going to play in an alley on serena, which is amazing. so now this is your whole life is made of memories and experiences and to do with the teammates and do it with
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a game that i love. and football has brought me a lot of places in life and has brought me to germany now. the nfl had no trouble at all selling out the tickets to its day bew on sunday in munich between the seahawks in buccaneers. it's not only a contest between 2 division leaders. it's also one featuring an icon in this poor tom brain. and finally, new york city is mark in the beginning of the festival season. it's traditional christmas tree has arrived at rockefeller center from upstate new york. the $25.00 leader tree will be covered with thousands of lights and topped with a crystal star before its little ah, every journey is full of surprises. we've gone all out to give you some tips one day indian.


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