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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:16pm CET

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a one of the many success stories from a bastion of biodiversity say don't starts november 18th, on d, w. ah, this is d, w. news line from berlin. explosion, rocks are crowded. pedestrian area in the heart of assembled. at least 6 are dead, and dozens are wounded. turkish president recham type, everyone calls it. heinous attack involves to punish the bombers. we'll get the latest lie from our correspondent in turkey. also coming up,
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democrats retain control of the u. s. senate in the mid term elections. catherine cortez must musto beat. her trump endorsed rival nevada. to give the democrats a majority in the upper house. and we hear from germany's vice chancellor robert, how back geopolitical shifts and the challenge china poses the business and security interests. and warring parties and ethiopia take another step towards peace with a cease fire holding a fresh deal allows humanitarian aid into war torn to grind ah an air and took berlin. thanks for joining us. an explosion has ripped through the centre of istanbul. the blast struck a crowded pedestrian area near toxeme square. tuckers,
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president rich of tyra are the ones that 6 people were killed over 50, wounded, in what he condemned as a heinous attack. social media footage shows crowds fleeing the sight of the blast . for moral it's cross over now to the w, corresponded johan in istanbul. so usually what do we know at this hour? and what exactly did churches president say or president edwin addressed to the press before heading to the g. 20 summit in barley, he confirmed that at least 6 people were killed and 53 people at least were injured to in this, that blast which he called a bomb attack, a treacherous attack. and i caught him again, which smells of terrorism, and he rode to identify and punish all those responsible. now this explosion occurred at $420.00 p. m. local time in the center of estate of istanbul on istic lyle avenue, which is one of the main if not the main shopping boulevard. here in this city of
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16000000 people, it is very popular with both locals and tourists at thousands, if not tens of thousands of people are walking on that street every day, particularly on a sunday. like today, i actually heard the sound of the explosion because i live nearby, but i initially didn't think it was an explosion, and certainly not of that extent and scope until the 1st of breaking news came in. now, after that chaotic scenes have unfolded, i've seen many helicopters and police ambulances, a lots of people didn't know where, where to go. traffic is severely restricted and limited, so people are trying to walk from a to be. there are huge crowds of people outside right now. many are in shock and disbelief. this is certainly a very dark day for estimable and for turkey. now, do we know anything about who could be behind the blast and what their motive maybe?
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will the president said it was a bomb attack? he also mentioned the word terrorism, but he did not elaborate go into details. officials say 5 prosecutors have been assigned to investigate, investigate this attack, this a blast. but of course, it brings back very painful memories from millions of pre people here in istanbul of a series of terrorist attacks that occurred between 20152017 attacks, which kill dozens of people. and back then were blamed by the authorities on the so called islamic state group. now authorities here in turkey have also issued a news blackout or imposed a news blackout on media on broadcast is tv channels. it also affects social media . twitter, for example, is severely restrictive. right now, you need a vpn client to access twitter to be able to tweet authority,
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say this is to avoid panic spreading among the society here in turkey. but of course, it also makes our work as, as journalists incredibly difficult, right? now, right, that was to give you corresponded you, the hon, bringing us up to date from stumble. and of course, we'll be following that story as the news continues to develop throughout the evening. now what we turn to some other stories making headlines around the world. israel's president, as officially as the election winner, benjamin netanyahu to form a government. the veteran, former prime minister, wants to join forces with right wing and religious allies that yahoo was ousted from power less than 2 years ago. he's still been investigated for corruption. fuel is flowing again in haiti after 2 months or shortage is caused by armed gangs pumps, reopened as police force out. gunman holding the main oil in port terminal, the stand off lead shortages of fuel and drinking water in
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a big win for democrats in the u. s midterm elections and it's an unexpected victory. after all, the talk of republican wave that failed to materialize. democrat, catherine cortez moscow's reelection in nevada, allows the democrats to keep control of the senate given to party fresh momentum victory that defied expectations and history. catherine cortez masters when in nevada gives the democrats the 50 seats day needed to keep control of the senate. president joe biden received the news at a summit in cambodia and sent this message to the senate majority leader. i tell you what, congratulations the senator schumer, he's got a majority again. we're focusing now on, on ga. feel good, lower. and i know i'm a cockeyed optimist. i understand. i'm not surprised,
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but i'm incredibly please. and i think it's a reflection on quality of our candidates. a better defeat for adam like salt, the republican candidate in the swing state of nevada. he was endorsed by former u. s. president donald trump, but the so called red wave, the republicans hoped for failed to materialize. instead, the democrats had their best midterm election results in 2 decades, despite president biden's approval rating, hovering around 40 percent. historically, the party of the sitting president loses seats in mid terms. democrats are hoping victory in the run off vote in georgia in december. we'll hand them out right majority in the us senate mastercard chic of political magazine told me earlier what this means from a european perspective. well, thanks for having me. i think from a european perspective, one has to rejoice because it's becoming clear that the biden
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positions towards ukraine, the united states support of ukraine is likely to continue. there will probably be more scrutiny of the military aid and other 8 that is going into ukraine. but it doesn't look like the republicans, even if they want it to would be able to do much to stop it. now the house is still undecided, but republicans are still favorite to win their if they do what is that likely to mean for prison? biden's foreign policy agenda. well, i think it really comes down to this important question of, of ukraine as i said. and i think what, what it would mean is that there would be more scrutiny of a lot of the spending that biden has pushed and support for ukraine. and for the republicans, you really have to remember here that they are also divided on this question. there are some people who want no support for ukraine, some people want less support. but ultimately, i think, you know,
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they are not going to be able to help the path that biden has, has plowed here when it comes to ukraine and really, really, to other issues. because it's also worth remembering that foreign policy is really in the hands, primarily of the president in the united states. and it's only when he needs money for something that he has to go to congress. right. that was political magazines, matthew partnership. thank you for your insights. thank you. ukraine president followed to his lensky, his vowing to keep pushing russian forces out of ukraine. moscow's retreat from the city of her son is less devastation in danger. booby traps bombs and destroyed infrastructure are all a hazard for returning residence. and to blue and yellow on the street, the song of the more than 8 months on the russian occupation the day residence dreamed of has finally arrived under the hood should come. we've been waiting for this for so long, like we've been without water and electricity for months. but we're happy today,
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unless it's incredible. oh wow. russian forces have now withdrawn from the only regional capital they captured since the war began. it is a massive strategic blow to the kremlin war effort, and a stunning morale group for ukraine. but even as the country celebrates president, zalinski has told residence to stay vigilant, shoot as healing everywhere in the liberation territory. album, disposal exit works have a lot of work to do here. dilution, almost 2000 explosive items have already been removed at mines trip wires, an unexploded ammunition vicky waters yellow. as these 1st pictures coming out of the region show, the scars of the russian occupation are everywhere. residents have endured months without power or basic services. many recount harrowing experiences at the hands of russian occupiers here, okay, that's been little kids us. when i had my land yuletide behind my glasses,
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delighted, then they tied up my legs rather the goal in all hit. then as a one pulled up of her nail didn't vishal this. he told me that he would put the grenade under measurement, so i couldn't run away. dick regiment diligence run out of deb among the survivors . there is a recognition that things simply cannot go back to the way they were before. the most difficult thing is that men of our neighbors became tracers. they said that russians here forever. the ukrainian authorities say russian forces are regrouping on the other side of the river. they will and that her son may soon be the target of retaliatory strike from russian artillery. but despite the danger, the streets of her son, once again alive with celebration and relief. and here's a brief look at some other headlines at this hour. ting trolls has led his 1st remembrance day service as the british monarch elite
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a reef at the national war. morial in central london contribute to the you case warded and joe biden has arrived in indonesia for a summit of the g. 20 group of countries. you as president wants to forge closer ties in the region, is also seeking support for constraining the growing influence of china. there. bitin will be china's president, she ging ping in bali and while the u. s. looks for support with its relations with china. germany is also reassessing, its position, t w's international editor richard walker has more rushes war in ukraine is forcing a massive global rethink into how geo politics can cause turmoil in the world economy. european countries are rushing to cut their dependence on russian energy and sanctions are having a ripple effects all over the world. where here in asia, people are thinking about what might be next. and what in particular, if china follows through one day, maybe soon on its threat to invade, ty one?
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what would that mean for the asian economy? what would that mean for the world economy? these are pricing questions for germany to and germany's vice chancellor robert harvey is here and seeing a pool co hosting a conference this tackling some of these questions. his password is diversification . following through on the idea that germany has become simply too dependent on his economic ties with china. in the last few decades, we spoke to him about how they, thanks for speaking to dodge vella. now you're in here in singapore trying to get the message out. the germany wants to diversify its economy, that it wants to become less dependent on china. not of other countries thinking the same thing. explain what is the problem, why you doing this? or 1st of all, this conference with quite a tradition and quite a history of the heavens, conference regimen business. litigations are meeting counterparts from the asian
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tough talk station regions about this. this concerns now is different circumstances because of the russian aggression on ukraine. energy prices, skyrocketing high water here in this region. and then of course hopefully a lesson learned. we have to diversify us your search. we have also got to raw materials semiconductors, like critical goods, high dependence on one supply, and this is mandy china and s s. as long as businesses open and everything is working fine. this is an advantage of cost. but what if not? and the lesson learned just that we now have to find some secure to network, and this means that we have to reach out to other regions. and other regions may be more interested than before. the business is your pin business are coming to them. now you say as long as everything is fine, i mean, thinking about what is the sort of like risk scenarios that could happen within
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asia. the americans, sounding the alarm more and more about the risk of chinese aggression against taiwan. texture state tony blinking has been saying that this could happen on a much faster time line than many people had thought. are you planning for this scenario while you mean you mean you turn us a ticket on? yes, this is or nobody can, we can plan for. this is something very, very threatening and this will have disastrous effect on the whole voice. we have seen the regional conflict like the rushing war on your cry and has brought the whole world into trouble. and this, of course, central europe and germany, but also the rest of the road is affected by that. that would be far more cas traffic. so this is something we definitely have to avoid that. i hope that china knows that the whole world is watching about of costs that might.


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