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ah said, can i get the country out? she must go an increasing number of women in latin america. i'm guessing feder bernice is murdering and depressing them, fighting against sexism, violence, and for access to abortion. pressure from the 3 has already proven successful. that opposition is on the rise pads off with my cheese dog november 25th on d, w. mm hm. ah ah, every day masses of cargo containers arrive in europe. a growing number come from china is what's vital for both sides is that trade continues in both
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directions. china has a gigantic plan for a global network of ports, roads, railways, and other infrastructures to connect china to the world. this belt and road initiative dumped the new silk road, has a clear strategy. buff thought to not hot eyeing attention, everyone knew this is about brutal self and trust, both economic and geopolitical, and had to accept that cloud i'm. it was more ongoing. recently the coven 19 pandemic highlighted the risks inherent in such global trade structures. docile to, and i think this should be a lesson to us in terms of dependence on china, english, distinguishing market. the best place to learn about such dependency is where the new seal growed is already a reality. we visited 3 cities to see how big china's pre since in europe currently
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is. and how dependent the people affected feel. ah, our 1st stop is do sport in germany, home to the biggest inland container port on the planet, comprising 21 harbors and 130 cranes. last year alone, it handled more than 4000000 containers. do spork is one of the european termini of china's monumental new silk road project, which many, including the port authority company, see as a positive development. isn't there? what were the hotspot in europe optional by far the most profitable location that's fixed on what it's on as if they chose dos berg because it's pretty topped off. you'll buy. might also soonest is blue. do spoke is the city shaped by the coal and
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steel industries, and by their decline. after struggling to adapt and restructure its economy, the city welcomed the commercial opportunities from becoming a major junction on china's revived silk road. president she jin pings 1st ever state visit to germany in 2014 included a trip to deuce bog. he welcomed the freight train. arriving from china. a symbolic confirmation of do spoke becoming part of the silk road. refreshed by him, i expect to see a significant boost for our operations. the chinese market is of such paramount importance that our port has to use this opportunity for by good old the new silk road is an undertaking of colossal proportions. it includes 2 railway routes, crossing asia, and then europe, one via russia, belarus and poland, and another further south taking in central asia, iran and turkey. there's also a ceiling between china and the mediterranean,
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like the indian ocean and the suez canal, and new air freight routes, all designed to increase trade volume between china and europe. but the belt and road initiative incorporates far more than just trade with europe. it is already seen the construction of countless bridges, tunnels, railway lines, roads, and ports across asia and africa. in most cases, built by chinese firms with chinese workers. the biggest infrastructure project of the 21st century involves enormous investments that are largely welcomed by the countries in question. while ultimately serving to enhance china's power and influence. the court of deuce blog already had a highly developed infrastructure in place, making it a particularly attractive location for chinese importers.
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around 30 trains a week currently travel back and forth between china and deuce, book each journey covers around 11000 kilometers and takes around 2 weeks on board . are close medicinal products, electronics, automotive parts and toys. almost a 3rd of all chinese goods arriving in europe by train or offloaded induce book of nist on ambia. frankly, we initially thought was a crazy idea, a trend from china to dos books on, but let's let them go ahead as i deem since then from the public awareness has been greater than the economic significance for victim. of course, the trains with all these colorful chinese characters on the containers look interesting. but to put it into perspective, before the pandemic, we typically had close to 30 trains a week going to and from china as we do again now. well, her phone
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o narceena over an entire year that adds up to between 25300000 standard sized containers from juice. bog there offloaded for further dispatch by a network of c and bland routes to 92 cities in ports across europe. or they're sent back to china. a growing number of chinese companies have now set up business induce book, the company l m a, our open day logistics center. here. it capitalizes on the advantages of transportation by rail, which is cheaper than air freight and faster than buy ship. gina fuqua went on a china currently has a very good infrastructure. that means if i want to make a car for example of b, w, or tesla, and where do i get a missing bolt? caught on a show, i can buy it from one of the factories in the industrial park next door, public anemia. that's my infrastructure. that's money of host will. so in the long
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term a long cuz it's difficult to replace china because they already have the infrastructure in place of guar fonda but the new silk road project. first and foremost, serves china's strategy for greater global influence. we wanted before the huffman as duffle, nobody at the port of this burg thought this was set up, but the chinese government or she champagne for the benefit of the world. it's a big glucose. everyone knew this is about brutal self interest. both economic and geopolitical show and how to accept that firsthand. thus, why even cloud them? it was more ongoing for president she jen paying the initiative was part of a long term plan geared to the milestone year of 2049. the 100th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic is long jewish dunham did you actually love human vixen for the current leadership in beijing? she so she jen, ping's line up is the aim is to make china the central global power over the next
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few decades to all these dixon suits. and that means, subaru 1st, keeping the u. s. as economic hedge many and check it was all. and then he gamble taking its place. i'd say sprinklers from the lobsters. the objective, say various political analysts is to establish a new world order in which china is the pre eminent power, with various repercussions for europe, client as i national one of the u. s. is strengths, is its network of alliances on da, by spirit plays a major role here. she too is economically technological and political clout, to overstate the laws of silverado. so what the regime in b jing wants to do is drive as depot edge as possible between the u picking and the u. s. purpose to even look for so little cart certainty or on to was also part of the silk road project. could be just such a wedge for partners,
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it poses a range of dangerous in terms of new dependencies. exertion of power through trade is the new reality that for a growing number of observers is cause for alarm once groups based on female, maintaining trade benefits us and china without. but you have to make sure trade doesn't open the door for political power being exercised. god put it for mcmurry also. ultimately it comes down to the liberal values we have and want to defend it . is it him for typing voice on and then you have china with it stick tutorial surveillance state system with teen to ensure the same in various countries along that route? studies young. so as such that does pose a threat to our way of life. and oh, i know, i know, but also the williams wasn't our 2nd destination is genoa, home to one of the oldest and largest ports on the mediterranean coast. but it's in
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need of modernization and expansion. while the cities, road and railings are likewise in poor shape. which is why chinese investments were a welcome development. genoa is now also part of the new silk road and the center of the la gloria regions cluster of for trade ports in p as a previously called the port of singapore authority opened an office here, p. s a as one of the biggest port terminal operators in the world and a partner of both the new silk road and chinese state own shipping company cosco. together with costco, it's the biggest investor in the regional port operator. the terminal is 5 cranes had the capacity to handle over half a 1000000 containers a year. but in 2091 shifted only half that amount. shit traffic has been down due to the pandemic. and then there's the growing size factor. today's new container
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ships are up to 400 meters long and can accommodate up to 20000 containers too big to dock here. but there are plans to change that crystal port. this is not a regional portfolio. it's always been international legacy which will increase further truth of these corporations and government. illegal pudgy and his fellow union representatives face a dilemma. the foreign investment is key to securing local jobs at the port, but it comes at a price. chinese companies have different concepts of speed and efficiency and are keen to take control. it's a question of jobs on the one hand versus workers' rights and conditions on the other. the unions in genoa are preparing for conflict. is edie ronald, they bought the chinese came here with their stopwatches romano,
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the they had their own system that involves permanently monitoring every one of it . and that resulted in a serious clash with the union was it's, i've seen the caliph equipped each but, but this is why we're preparing to defend ourselves. if need be best though, in order to be able to negotiate for the years to come, which will be the size of that person. yeah. because from when you have a great which is you anxiety over chinese dominance is growing. people fear an accelerated pace of work, permanent surveillance, and a drop in standards. but ultimately, those fears are often outweighed by the prospect of job losses and financial hardship. nobody wants to see a port with empty docks. elaborate in bought the what all the working at port is very demanding. $365.00 days a year. 247. we need a system that guarantees a decent retirement for the one group while also ensuring jobs for the next
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generation. always on my credit because if we can't provide young people with jobs, poverty here will grow, man, i'm will that each is in, but if you the p. s. a logo looms large over the entrance to the new modern genoa prod, container facility 20 kilometers west of the old port. it's deep sea terminals can unload to 400 meter long, ultra large container ships at the same time. singapore based p. s a has strong commercial ties with china. one of the 1st big changes by the investors was to replace the old italian crane facilities with gigantic new structures by shanghai port equipment, supplier z p, m c, and installed by chinese workers. but at least people say the port is still majority italian, owned he bought in. um for some ice that have been duty level of our hearts cannot be sold to the most that investors can get is a lease agreement which has
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a fixed term indiana. and then, and after that expires account, the lease is subject to a new tender process and own cojet to the godaddy of bottle a look when the this prevents chinese companies from acquiring complete genus or at least majority ownership of a port. are all gonna cwa majority diarrhea, a gall dart, the john with the provider arlington looking forward to the lease contracts and other cooperation agreements that consolidate the influence of chinese. investors tend to have a duration of several decades. the prod, terminal has mushrooms over the last few years. 12 mega cranes have sprung up here since the 1st was installed in 2016. for the investors, a port is merely a stepping stone, a gateway to the rest of europe, and a crucial link in the supply chain to consumers across the continent.
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with the misty made that were supported versus already foresees infrastructure projects often lead to the creation of industrial parks, free trade soon known and trade investment zone is the one in which europe ian companies. in this case, italian, they worked with chinese firms. shanese were still garzo. the in here is to boost imports and exports. in both countries died. an import export will never charlie need. if i is in a dozen austin all the headquarter of hong kong based operator, carry logistics in milan. the italian logistics service provider to via italia. used to be here, but in 2017, it's founder guido nas addie, sold his majority steak to carry logistics, strengthening china's control over its supply chains. last ladiva, or t v. them. although our company makes extensive use of the port of genuine services in alto and all of its terminals are, you'll pay the port operators are
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a vital part of the logistics chain that kathy level jessica. unfortunately, italy suffers from a prevailing infrastructure problem for us. that means difficulties related to highways, railways and other transportation routes. when he got fuel on a bit out was father. the little v. carry logistics claims to be the world's 8 largest freight services provider. it overseas, the transportation and storage of all manner of products exported by china from pharmaceuticals and chemical goods to food, clothing, and electronics. to via italia, founder guido nazarene, made a conscious decision to sell his company to a chinese firm with global ambitions. he soon saw what it was that the new owners were primarily interested in. a moment. the luck we saw on the path of the capital g at the time of the takeover. fiona, we thought everything would change over night to do denise in terms of both
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management call law and the work procedures. easton math courses, things are acting soon, but the only real change came in one area. paula: everything connected to cost control statistics and the capacity to gather data on our operations. and also i'm also part of the, the, the, all of which became a priority after the arrival of kerry logistics. because the logistics, the carry logistics network encompasses around 1000 locations and over 50 countries . the company is mainly active on the online retail front. it sells goods straight from manufacturer to consumer, or to distributors such as amazon and alibaba. with no middle men involved. this means complete control over the supply chain. stephano pool jani is head of integrated logistics at carries italian subsidiary etching. when he finally known you 5 years ago, we didn't have any online operations was today. this entire section of the warehouse is for e commerce, anthony and suppliers not just from china,
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but elsewhere in eastern asia have played a huge part in put on there. but the chinese companies are naturally the most important ones. conveying both goods and trade secrets bank were thought that in my god, zeno to this part of the warehouse has 2 areas that are unfortunately off limits for comer cruise. equally odd. and we still fair, where we store material for the 5 g devices of 2 major chinese manufacturers in here. so filming is not what committed for security reasons. liada the activities there are very specific go right up to the assembly of those devices. quest is highly sensitive chinese technology for the 5 g telecoms. networks of chinese companies, including assembly china strategy of maximum control, evidently extends to more than just the supply chain side note yamuna. luciana cooper, is that the solution? we provide those everything from picking up goods from chinese suppliers. organ is into containers and importing the goods to italy,
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including customs clearance. is it to let the be tiny, my god plus storage it and final delivery. i mean, typically that means customers have a single point of contact and don't have to lose time organizing the supply chain, logistics, another supply chain. when did you fall kit and kweisi, complet supply chains essentially being 100 percent chinese controlled obviously means data transparency for china. this was one i've isn't very sure they'll know which goods are headed from where to where does it stand? it? which could, of course, weaken our competitive position about support. it's your natalie situation. and if there's only a handful of suppliers for ports, for rail transportation or for maritime shipping, than they'll control the prices on the part to the detriment of our companies. and it does a little phone switch be on the common one end of the chinese supply chain network comprises alibaba and subsidiary, tao, akin to amazon, ebay and a bank,
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all in one. according to company figures. it sells $48000.00 products per minute and has a market capitalization of $700000000000.00. ah. our 3rd destination is the belgian city of the edge where ali baba is building the biggest logistics center in europe. might alibaba have, but i haven't done an in depth analysis, but ali baba, shirley picked the edge because it has a cargo airport with very high capacity. that's open 247. that is the edge proper is the 4th most populous city in belgium. and the metro area is home to 600000 people. it used to be called the fiery city due to the many blast furnace is that once fueled the local economy, but like, do spoke the city a struggle to recover from the end of coal mining. and the almost complete disappearance of the steel industry in the 20 ten's the unemployment rate, some times exceeded 20 per cent. the
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hope now is that the cargo airport with no night time restrictions will change things for good. it's quietly grown to become the 5th largest freight airport in europe. according to the operator. here to location has been a critical factor with increased commercial traffic going hand in hand with growth . it's a win win situation for both ali baba and the airport. i believe of arkell clinton ali baba is helping to develop trade with china through carliette and all other airports in europe. the china is a kind of factory for the world and is as such, causing an increase in air freight to airports around the continent. they will go on another location on the new. so grow that's looking at growth. the airport currently supports 8700 jobs. and that said to increase thanks to ali baba the facilities management is optimistic about the expansion and chinese commitment or
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old re settled. cuz right now, china accounts for 6 or 7 percent of our business maturing. but it's going to be expanding as warehouses and making the, at the center of us logistics activities and trade with europe. so china could soon be making up to 20 to 25 percent of our business, or both people who don't put the thought of ensemble saunders activity or demo. but not everyone is happy about these developments. local activists do not believe the promises of an economic boom on that part. any other near don't rob is, as i said, hideous while they was talk of thousands of jobs, but that since come down to 1600 also, chris, i gave them on. we don't have any current information i li, if we want to see a comprehensive study that will enable us to work out the jobs actually created. and also the jobs that have been lost, you know, characterise all crypto 30th. you know, when you promised to resolve the unemployment crisis in the region,
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you have to create jobs for local people. if they're going to chinese people, it seems about deal there looked why others in the airport expect freight traffic to increase. transportation by air is pricier than by ship or train, but over half of the cargo is perishable goods or needs express delivery from flowers to live animals. and ali baba is bringing more. e commerce did occur. la shina has been part of the airports growth, ali baba's logistics arm china arrives 3 or 4 years ago. it opened its 1st building at the end of 2020, taking up 30000 square meters of land and, and adding to the airports group. say it. oh, geico granular fossils on elbow it remains to be seen how many new jobs the expansion will actually translate into critics point to the range of environmental regulations being disregarded in return for the growth promised by
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ali baba we're lucky that you got any bubbles setting up shop and the edge was supported by belgium or more precisely by we're lonia, because we want to highlight the contradiction here inasmuch and the government has to take big steps to protect the climate and the health of people living here in europe. lamar less wanted, we say that's never going to be possible with a project like ali baba at least airport anchor. anybody as an active opposition to the growing chinese presence is especially pronounced among the younger generation . the stop alibaba campaigners have highlighted their cause by also staging protests at the airport itself. in oak news of all over the last 2 or 3 years, we've seen a growing number of complaints from residents living in the area around the airport . that okay, especially about nighttime flight and some openings. so there's evidently a very substantial nimby effect. um, on the fair nimby, because off auto. mindy,
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meaning not in my backyard but the activists from stop alibaba. see a far bigger picture. their opposition stems from what they feel is unchecked and excessive. growth from globalization, ali baba's logistics center will eventually cover an area of 220000 square meters. the consequences are foreseeable. jalap, where is thrown, lactic lays the impact on people's health from air pollution. then there's mobility . all that means we have a pulling figure of $1500.00 additional trucks on the roads every day. plus the global consequences will the environment and the climate due to the c o. 2 emissions from all the planes and trucks that get china is succeeding in its plan to secure locations that together spanned the entire supply chain. freight trains now also arrive in leanne, a further branch of the silk road,
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bend loosen she musician. and if the chinese initiative in leads to sound infrastructure induce pork and in li, isaac, and that infrastructure is linked on foot, it would be commercially advantageous for the entire cross border regional company that could also benefit north, wrong westphalia, from po for tilo. however, there's no evidence on the ground to back that up yet. the last few years have provided dramatic examples of the fateful gaps, a globally oriented strategy like the new silk road has. when see or land roots are disrupted by a pandemic or a war supply chains collapse and the full legacy of global dependencies becomes apparent. unfortunately, the next crisis of global dimensions could happen sooner rather than later. china's conduct in its conflict with taiwan has been increasingly aggressive. if beijing chooses to escalate the west may be obliged to respond as it has done with ukraine,
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possibly leading to an even more worrying fallout. thus, was she no doubt taiwan? she, china has made clear that in the space of 12 hours, it could block off 2 thirds of the world's semi conductor production. without any military conflict with taiwan, hopefully on the would have to be a response and it would be naive to overlook this. and not prepare for the scenario . he's watson him once he saw of answers. but how prepare china might be becoming an increasingly complicated trade partner for the west. but it is also an indispensable one. so is there a solution? is pinned up for a bus vo? i'm in favor of us being more cautious when it comes to sensitive infrastructure was, is to soon what i am not in favor of is immediately demonizing all of these investments
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. just because they're from china. so she not problem. i don't fuses to gioviatto from industry. leaders have become more direct and open about the dilemma b o p, up weight. europeans have basically no choice but to maintain dialogue with china. in addition to all the products and services coming in from china as we want to access the chinese market, of course that's marked. that's what he what so what has our journey taught us? induce blog, genoa, and li edge. the new silk road is already firmly in place. the partnership with china promises further and significant growth. but the price to pay is becoming increasingly evident. ah.
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a pulse ah, the beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's all about the perspective culture information. this is me that we're you news w. rave. mine's a little march 2017 site of crime, a museum. 3 men climb over, train tracks to the border. lizzie, on they enter through an unsecured window and steal the largest gold
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coin in the world. a spectacular. i'm and only one as many. museum a crime scene in 75 minutes on d w. we've got some hot tips for your bucket list. ah romantic corner. check hot spot for food and some great cultural memorials to mood d, w, travel off we go ah, this is d w news and these are our top stories. in crohn's president for lot of miss lynch, he has visited the newly liberated city of his song. he congratulated his troops who retook the city.


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