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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 16, 2022 7:15am-7:30am CET

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latvian deputy prime minister said my condolences to our polish brothers in arms criminal russian regime fired missiles which target not only ukrainian civilians, but also landed on nato territory. in poland. latvia fully stands without polish france, and condemned the crime. the blast in poland came on a day that russia launched another barrage of missiles at ukraine. at least 2 people were killed in the capital, keith, but cities across ukraine were hid the sunset and levine is clouded by smoke. the city and west in ukraine was one of many across the country that was heat in what ukrainian authorities of cold, one of the heaviest waves of russian missile attacks. since the war began. officials say many of the missiles were shot down, but in the capital cave, this residential building was hit me little in we were lying on the bed. we crawled out into the corridor. there was already a burning smell and smoke was coming out of the kitchen. we grabbed our clothes,
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opened the doors and ran downstairs. already. it looks like a woman who lived on the floor beneath us was killed concerning a pensioner. her balcony was hit. when the missiles struck, cave residents rushed down to the city subway, seeking shelter anywhere under ground. but the huge number of strikes on tuesday has rattled caves residence we should go with, i'm shivering and i'm shaking or separate. and naturally you can't figure out what to do and how to do it. it's unpredictable, especially when you see a huge rocket fly by, for the 1st time. you're going to get that and over here, the incoming missile and the huge flame afterwards. laser might need a shuttle, i me, in many parts of the capitol, only traffic lights are still on the strikes of knocked out electricity in several cities, and towns and caves mer, says half the capital is now without power. former us president donald
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trump has announced his political come back at his bar lago, a state of florida. the election denial told the cheering crowd. he's running for president again in 2024. ladies and gentlemen distinguish garrison. my fellow citizens, americans come back, starts right now. in order to make america great, a glorious again i am to night announcing my candidacy for president. ah, i washington correspondent covered energy boy as well. just as expected, former president donald trump announced that he is going to run for president again in 2024. he speech, however, it was and nothing new. he went through the old talking points. we've already heard during his presidential campaign and a different moments. he talked
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a lot about immigration, a lot about the economic situation and about foreign policy on immigration. he promised that on his stay number one as a president, he would d port all undocumented immigrants who are right now in the united states. he also said that he had completed a wall at the southern border of the united states. something that is just not true, we have been there, and we all know that that will, has not been completed on the equal him that he would solve the high inflation where the united states is at right now and of the thread of our recession in this country, summing up, it was a speech that lasted a bit over an hour, and that it didn't really bring a new messages to the voters. it remains now a question mark if the republican party will stick to donald trump as his candidate for the presidential elections in 2024. or if some one else in some one knew with
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more support in the republican party. and among the voters might be the new presidential candidate for the year 2024. it's up to the g o. p. now there are signs of going support for republican rising star. rhonda santas, as many republicans say it's time to move on from trump. some blame the for the president, for the parties, for showing in the mid terms and pin their hopes. all the sadness. ah, florida governor run desantis thought to reelection victory in the mid terms. winning by a huge margin. reba gobblers. more than any body. far possible. 4 years ago, but we've got so much more to do, and i have only begun to enjoy to sense his ambitions go beyond florida. he is become a strong contender for the republican party's next candidate for president. that would make him a bit arrival for former president donald trump,
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who's being blamed for the parties worse than expected midterm results. trump originally championed de santis and takes credit for de santis his election to governor in 2018. but he has warned de santis against running as a presidential candidate, and recently kind a mocking nickname for him. randa sanctimonious, her temperature de santis is a hard line. conservative who's been called trump with brains he's seen is offering a more constructive take on the america 1st doctrine and rails against what he calls the woke liberal agenda. we fight to hoke in the legislature. we fight the work in the schools. we fight the work in the corporations. we will never ever surrender to the woke bob herder. it will. oh, you to be desantis decisive mittens. when
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a contrast to many trump back candidates has boosted support for the florida governor. but trump still has a firm grip on the republican base, and anyone challenging him knows they'll be facing an unrelenting battle. now says counting down to the launch of its new moon rocket despite a series of technical issues that have delayed takeoffs. it's august. he out of us, one mission is a test flight that will send its already on capture around the moon and back without astronaut, the $32.00 story told rocker will be the most powerful ever launch. thousands of space watches had been gathering to watch as it lives off from the kennedy space center. joining us now from cologne, germany is of the car, bonnie from dw sized sofa or what's happening is this launch going ahead. if you listen to the, the nasa spokespeople than yet it's definitely happening now,
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but we are currently in an indefinite hold. so um, it appears that they've managed to sort out the fueling issues or the core stage. that's the main bit, the main orange bit of the rock. it is now 95 percent plus filled. they managed to get the hydrogen fuel in there and it's not leaking out any more. that's what the latest was. they've also had to sort of work out a few other things. so they had to make sure that the, the launch abort system arm is, is working. there were some issues there. they've had to make sure the flight path is now correct because times are shifting to the have to make sure that the flight path over land and ocean is, is still clear. but at the moment, and we're just her seeing b roll background videos on how wonderful this is going to be. and indeed, let's hope it will be wonderful. but the moment no rockets are blasting. okay,
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and so many variables involve what makes this mission so important for the u. s. space agency. that's a really big question. i'll try to answer as, as quickly as possible. first of all, this is the nasa built rocket. they've been working on this for a long time, 7 plus years, maybe even longer than that 10 years. um, it's a time, it's a matter of prestige for them. they've um, just renewed contract so they've renewed contracts on hydrogen fuel no less even despite all the problems with hydrogen or fueling that we've seen over the last couple of months with artemus, but also with the shuttle. the space shuttle are back in the eighty's, et cetera. and so we've got that, we've also got a renewed contract with space ex, which will be providing a lander on the moon. masser is definitely going ahead with this in that means also that european spa, this agency is definitely going ahead with this because europe is involved in this europe provides the, the, or the service module on the o'ryan spacecraft. the o,
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ryan spacecraft is, will, would travel with the, the, with the rockets when it launches. that's where the astronauts will sit. and that needs a service module which provides energy and, and propulsion systems and that sort of stuff. so this is a really big thing. they put in so much money budget overruns, you know, we're now talking about $4000000000.00 per launch. i mean, they're really doubling down at the moment so they have to but also in geopolitical terms, getting people back into space at a time of such a fibral time, politically and economically. this is, this really has to work now. and so they, they're pushing ahead. that's why you have this optimism. it's gonna happen now. it has to happen. okay, but, well, one thing i live pictures right now are, and their rocket hasn't taken off yet, but sir, it must be a huge relief either. this hasn't been called off again, kazer, i mean what,
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what it, what would that mean for nasa's reputation here when that's a really difficult question to wants and i've been talking to some of the space experts that i know and it's, and course it would. well, it wouldn't really, i don't know if it would damage nasa's reputation, really because, you know, there are certain things that they've, they're out of the can their control like the weather. i mean you who can control the weather. there was the rockets been out there and survived a hurricane. you know, you can't control those things hydrogen. we know that that's a problem because hydrogen is very light and you know, spaces will use garrison. so you have to, to substances. basically you have hydrogen liquid hydrogen that liquid oxygen, the oxygen makes the, the reaction. and when you mix the 2 space it's, we use garrison. but keratin of course, creates more damage the environment. so people have been investing in hydrogen. um and they'll continue with that. it's so you can't really say that necessarily that
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nasa, you know, because they've had these problems with the hydrogen fueling the, it's a, it's a be damaged to their reputation because really speaking, nasa can argue that they're doing this for the good of being able to venture into space to continue exploration to learn about our a planetary system and the universe and try to do that as responsibly as possible. you don't have those c o 2, those carbon emissions as you do with other fuels, if you use hydrogen. so there is that issue, it's difficult, it really is difficult to tell. they're going to push a head in master is still among the most successful space bodies on this planet, earth, and obey push ahead with so many missions all the time. some work out better than others. usually they're a success. so you gotta kind of tip your hat to them because they're still in the game and you know, and they are still the leader though. that's just basically the simple fact of it, at least from my perspective. so they might take a knock,
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but they always pick themselves up again. over bally with the hard facts there on nurses and adam as mission. thank you very much for checking in. we will be following that story closely to see if that rocket does take off for some other stories making use around the world. the man accused of attacking the husband of us house of representatives. speaker, nancy pelosi has reportedly pleaded not guilty and caught the canadian man allegedly assaulted pauper. lucy with a hammer after breaking into the couples home in san francisco is facing assault and attempted kidnapping charges. police in bolivia, use tear gas to disperse crowds. of the protests turned violet. but this isn't santa cruz. we're demanding the government move forward on a long delayed sensors opposition groups. they, the donna would give them more seats in congress and more st resources ibex dow health. so in good shape i bent is all in excel. ah.
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oh, to dora baby parents worldwide, her breast feeding. how much attention does a new born actually need? and is it okay to cry? a town tips to stories, perry, and there may be a ah destination europe. china felton wrote cogent leaders of the gigantic venture promise new partners, a loss of growth. we visit 3 cities which are already part of the silk road initiative. and where the feeling of dependence is growing.
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in 60 minutes on d, w. american home, any portion of lunch, a 3rd out in the world right now, the climate change. if any, off the story. this is much less the way from just one week. how much was going to really get we still have time to go. i'm going all with his subscriber all morning. like with people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center and more refugees are being turned away at the for families. planes on the tanks. in syria, these critic don't is in this way not against administrative people. fleeing
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screened around a rough getting 200 people has sunk in the gmc around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. we asked why, because no one should have to flee to make up your own mind. d. w for mine's a lot seen last us that he was just lying now live, barely able to.


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