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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  November 18, 2022 2:30pm-2:46pm CET

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an increasing number of women in america, guessing that they need to submit doing and depressing with placing again, sexism, violence, and for to abortion. pressure from the street have already proven successful. position is on the line. with november 25th on d w. this is the dublin news aisha coming up to date militia prepared for elections, of the midst of rising living costs and political instability. the country has that 3 prime minister in 2018 and people are hoping the selection can provide stability . but could young malaysians hold the key if the 1st time 18 to 20 year old can
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vote. also coming up in india, a traditional banking making industry struggles to survive. i made new challenges. and ne, india is unique living bridges made of tree roots, how locals continue to build them and keep this practice alive. ah, i british minded, you welcome to did up the news asia, glad you could join us. relations will be electing a new government over the weekend. it's expected to be a vote for a better economy and political stability. the country has seen 3 prime ministers in the last 4 years, and faced economic headwinds from the corporate demik. it's also going to be the country's 1st youth election of sorts. nearly 2000000 new 18 to 21 year olds are eligible to vote after the voting. it was reduced. meaning young people could
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effectively determine who governs their country for the next 4 years. ah 22 year old. ha ha ha is on a mission to push young malaysians to what she believes on may 5th 1000000. what each between $18.29 youth can bring political stability to her country. that is understandable for people to have political for think right now with the kinds of racial political instability. if they really think, however, that should not discard you. so not be a long fall, it is not what it actually living drives you. so what in last 4 years, melisha has been jewish by 3 prime minister with the country has been in the political crisis since former prime minister, nancy bra thought, and his close. it's brit accused of enforcement and a multi $1000000000.00 scandal at state fund one m d p. take your station,
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send a cheaper suck to cheer for 12 years. oh, malaysians are not only battling for political stability. the country has been hit hard by inflation. high cost of living is affecting me and the recent flats have disclosed thousands of people and affected many businesses, benevolently as traders. we don't see the government helping or providing aid. we have asked for help and we have not received anything. i got in prime minister if my property a groups you am i no party remained tinted with corruption scandal involving their cheaper stock and other members. but he's promising economic incentives for people that goes in my zone. his mean opponent is long time opposition leader. and what a brain he promised to prioritize the economy, bring political stability and,
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and corruption according to pulls, ibrahim is a hit for the candidates, but no single party is expected to win a simple majority terminal for more from column poise correspondence dave, guna bomb, dave. these electron was supposed to be held next year. they have been brought forward to now why is that it? well, the really coalition barrison nation now and the party that dominate them. united malays, national organization. i'm know. well, they're clearly looking to strengthen their hand. and the thing is this, the forecast is that next year the economy would be doing even worse than it is now . so their thinking was it would be better for them to call for this election. now it may backfire though. i mean the thing is that they openly said that the former prime minister, who is their former leader of the coalition. not deborah zach. he's in prison now on a 12 year jeff settings are connected to
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a grass gamble. while they basically said they feel that he should be pardon. and they're clearly going to ask the hope is to ask the king to have him pardon. additionally, their current leader, a virus on national, so he's meeting, he's facing dudley's of corruption charges himself. he says that it's a political prosecution. now opponents are pushing the same ones, but you know, meeting his own goal here is to try and be put in a situation where he can appoint an attorney general, who will have the charges dropped against them. that's been something now pollution has been using here trying to use i needed the bad. how does that play out? well, we're going to find out tomorrow. are you also have a situation that since 20 since 2018 election? melissa has had a 3 prime ministers. you spoke about corruption, will these polls finally sought out the issue of corruption and provide political stability? is very hard to say. i mean corruption here. so many people,
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when i talk to voters, say correction is just so and demick in the system, just so entwined in the system that it seems that one election is not going to get rid of it. but perhaps we could reduce it as far as political stability goes in this country. well, that's a real open question. i mean, sure, the idea was that they want to have more stability. the business community is screening for stability. but here's the thing. as the current pulling of accurate, none of the coalitions are going to get the majority of seats in parliament from getting that by the voters tomorrow. so then what happens after the election will then be different leaders of these coalitions are going to have to try and horse trade to see if they can somehow pull together an alliance. that gets them to that magic number of a 100. well, $112.00 gives you a majority of the $222.00 seats, but if they're pulling together a frag somewhat fragmented a line. what happens is down the road, some members of the lines i get together backed out, then you have again, another prime minister tunnels that we've seen several times during the past few
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years here. so it's not clear at all that tomorrow election and going to bring more stability to this country. a large proportion of the some 21000000 people who be going to the balls who could be going to the balls are under the age of 40. and out of this $21000000.00, about $2000000.00 are 1st time 18 to 21 year olds, who will be voting. how much of a difference can their vote make? if you look at this whole group, the under 40 demographic makes it more than half of the eligible voters in this country, including these 18922 are eligible to vote for the 1st time we see making 20 are being looked at as a wildcard how motivated are they going to be to vote? that's no one really knows them at point as far as the under 40, as a picture 18. the 39 year old go. well, as i said, that more than half of the eligible voters. and clearly, the political parties and coalition have made it a big factor, a big part of their campaign would try to peel them one. you see a lot of new young candidates being fielded. and then off he candidates of all ages
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trying to target these young voters, they're going to places where they congregate, they're going to coffee shops, they're going to different events where they will find young people to meet them, the talk to them to try to relate to them, it's also interesting. i spoke to them or decor center for opinion research, which is done survey here. and they say that young voters, the majority of them, they don't trust politicians. they don't trust political parties. and that's why you see on the campaign trail. so many of these candidates and coalitions and try to remake the image of their leaders to make them look like they're not just politicians. but these are caring people who have cause they really believe in are going to fight for us. you see really targeting of the young voters by the candidates and the coalitions. thanks very much for that. her leave it there for the time being tech so much dave? good ma'am. corresponding joining us from paloton ball. now the city of heroes about in northern india is well known throughout the country
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for its glass bangles. these colorful and delicate ornaments have been made here using traditional techniques for more than 200 years. but the industry is now facing new challenges in the form of rising costs and a shortage of artisans. the rows of that, the glass city of india here, bangle making as a craft almost every one must us. generation after generation work is used traditional techniques to mold the glass into bracelets and industry. the became the backbone of the small towns economy is both la, nobody got there. no bangles from here are sold across india and many other countries. movies. idea, oh, we need to meet the demands of consumers or a lot in zeroes, about audio glass making as a household craft. with which we also are now living every day,
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the collect broken bangles and melt them down in furnaces and up to $1500.00 degrees. workers have to endure intense heat and breathing toxic fumes. it bahamas rod. the have you ali got we work with glass furnaces which have very high temperatures, are gonna allow you a pollution and dust adversely affects our hel, alibaba, and can cause rashes, and scars on have bodies. other ones out of the furnace, the bangles a passed on to all this for design and decoration. it's not uncommon for children to work alongside adults and small cramped workshops. each piece of the painstakingly crafted accessory also has a human cost. the labor, as hot work has brought success to the industry. but now it's facing unprecedented challenges been i would have a group. yeah, the business is growing,
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but raw materials and natural gas have become expensive. well, young people of studying more and bangles are slowly going out of fashion. somewhat yet eat it. but for now, the craft still has a huge market, especially during festival season. workshops are also adapting by offering custom made assess reese in the hope that the future will stay as bright as their traditional bangles tradition is also keeping a unique practice alive in, in the us north east, in the thickly forester than him. the state of migalia locals have for years constructed bridges made of living tree roads to get around deep in the sub tropical rain forests of migalia. in ne, india are magical bridges made of living roots. the local kathy and gentile communities build and maintain them. they create stilts of bamboo and the instant
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roots wrapped themselves around them. this if i go see here, and it's more than 70 years old. so we use all the roads from this single tree door frame. this which we just showed him the way that this is how you go, that's why i'm building this doctors. it combines the human and blunt hundreds of these bridges exist in this part of india. they provide safe passage between work and home and can be a way to avoid crossing rivers in that even yet. and i said here, if the spirit didn't exist, we would have to follow the path down there. how would he cross the river? then the path was very dangerous, long without the spreadsheet we could get hurt and yet no glass, malone. everything was so a de la seeing how valuable they are and how old they are in association is now helping preserve these unique bridges and go away. but digging tao,
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if you don't dig care of this bridge either it will get damaged and might disappear . india regina. gov and i want to spend my life preserving these treasures. who am come? unesco appears to agree and is considering if it's time to call them a world heritage site and that does it for this week. there's more stories from the region on our website, the denver dot com, forward slash a share. i'm as i buy, you can follow us on facebook and twitter back again at the same time. next week. we'll see you then. good bye. again. again, all the harvesters are immigrants, golightly, thank everything you enjoy. eating at home with your family was harvested by people who are being exploited. and then i guess from free and we're going to need to,
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uh huh. can we can keep doing what we're doing and that's why your green revolution is absolutely necessary. unit revealed, the future is being determined. now our documentary theory will show you how people, companies and countries are rethinking everything i'm making may take change with you revealed this week on d. w with a systemic competitor and rival that is the german government assessment of china in a shift, a strategy berlin wants to put relations with its biggest trade partner on a new footing. we'll hear from a representative of germany's biggest port. what that move means to them also
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coming up with the u. k. government, nancy tax hikes and spending cuts. we'll hear from our correspondent bar whether the measures are likely to help solve the countries cost of living crisis. and we'll go to argentina or a major out hitting the country's wheat fields is threatening to further increase already high prices for food or on chris kolber on belinda. welcome to the program. beijing says a league to paper on germany's new china strategy is a throwback to cold war times. earlier this week, german media report details on how berlin wants to deal with the country. it calls a competitor and systemic rival. this new strategy would be a significant shift to how germany is approaching china. the report a draft shows that germany once human rights standards to play a major role in future economic relations that includes.


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