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tv   Sports Life  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2022 9:30am-9:46am CET

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subscribe now, t d w documentary is the end of the pandemic in sight. we show what it could look like. return to normal. and we visit those were finding it difficult with successes and those were weekly copays 19 special every thursday con d w. o. o. o, o,
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o a as is on to london kids, it's such an adrenalin rush on the stars picking up speed from them, then the transition into flights is over. you just think, wow, what an awesome sport kalish brought up with i and you 3 in the air to have you have this feeling of flight and, and that's why i do this support. but i must, ah, yes isn't. she's young, she's hungry and she goes for it goes in run around and when you see how far you've jumped, it's like, wow, i want to do it again. my wife calling into a german ski, jumping strong. all so selina forgot. i grew up in this area. she was born in 2001
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into a ski jumping family and inspired above old by her brother take out with have been to his and i connected very much to my childhood and he shut his mouth as a little girl. i was at the ski jump and was asked, do you want to jump to fact versatile on dish playing? that was always the questions. and yes, of course i want to jam him as well. yeah. and until he 1st own dish playing brother, he had was a role model for little selena just like father holger who is also a ski jumper. her brother took his 1st woke up victory in 2011 to take his place. among the worlds top ski jumpers. what did selena love most about him? sang act his character. that is funny smart and just the best brother in the whole world translated. her brother is used to giving out autographs. now selina is to she started ski jumping at 6. today she competes with the best in the
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world, including catalina outhouse, silver medalist at the 2018 olympics i presume at yahoo and i try to help her and give her a few tips. made an annual done. she's already come off with her age this and some this might not fit. yeah. i think there's still a lot of potential and will have a lot of fun in the coming years. selfish pos mm hm. ski jumping is associated with the winter, but men's act in summer read. they say winter athletes are made in the summer as a summer. as for training training, it's the perfect preparation for a successful winter m. i was on one of the old lumnick in the summer. you lay your foundations in the summer, you work on the details on technique, on what materials you use on your fizzy and that's how you get the resilience to go
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through that. well cut winter, we just don't see title invented and they cover the the ticket to dedicate herself fully to the sport. selena moved to a ski jumping boarding school in the bavarian out, just on the 500 kilometers from hug. a final some, a training camp takes place nearby. the olympic ski jumping gamino is iconic. it's part of the mens full hills tournament. the ski jumping events of the year, which in none covered times attracts a title of either $100000.00 spectators. them yet seems awfully us and celebrated new year's eve here because of the full hills tournaments and stuff. so and then i always stood at the bottom as a little girl and said, i want to jump down they tear. and then there was often the sances and now just to jump on the hills used in the tournament, isn't and i would say this unfair fuss may add of itself. i
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training is about one thing above all hard. one technique is especially important in ski jumping mm. what matters most when it comes to technique, safety banjo panel. hi. keeping a lot of leg tension. that's actually the most important thing in the air. if you hit the jump right, it actually happens all by itself. it is agnes. so it then lifts you up and you read and she tuber and on down has to work. then you keep the leg tension by now you stretch your legs out and tighten your ankles to guide the sky underneath you. and she under jets of fern with
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her company sorted and with all thy mrs saw is yep. and this is not much that's missing fit as a says, a touch on the jump. when my legs stretch out, the upper body goes up too much by nurse taking, so feared over cover with the upper body like that. it slows you down and does head and facts. it's like when you hold your hand out and the constant, if you hold it like this, it is different to when you do it like this and so latin said sneeze. so if we run, then the hand goes right back. mm hm. and if you leave the upper body flashes, then it doesn't go like this left. but more like this. and you go out like that and
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you feel the pressure and know you going fall sweat, good estimation ng into the fun. racing things with you at the macro benjamin sometimes however, even the best speed is of little assist thing as an ascii, jumping as i ought to and very dependent on the weather. what's english meta? pang is escripts alpha and there is upwind and tailwind upwind comes from the front from below and carries you favor is not my vesa in vita clicking and tail went, pushes from above,
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and they say it pulls you to waltz. the slogans act and you don't get very far then as of colson rad ah, blue sag i've you know, guess, and my friend thanks bye. ah, with stuff group. never instagram. on instagram, selena not only post beautiful alpine panoramas, an important topic for her is equal rights for women while wide women ski jumping is still overshadowed by men. she once parity, big flies, milligan declares same rules the same conditions, the same hill sizes that's i'll go to be equal as fit as. so i'm with love with
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fighting and working so that at some point to where just as good this vehicle may be better select ah, winter has arrived and the world cup season has begun. which usually takes salina to countries such as russia or japan, but also to her home inkling and todd her father hogan is also that he was a ski jump of the east germany in the 1980s. uh he should know that was when ski jumping, still a completely different. yeah. oh, i'll packet those king down at the top. you had to keep your feet straight because there was no track i'd move and there was no markings in the run out either of them and all is love on all kind of mac hewitt with to improve that. he prepares everything as chief stamper off holding on. so it and the jump conditions should be optimal. um uh huh. it should be a smooth, slowly side. not so bumping was it must be marked on. we make it safe for the ski
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jump missing, or that's what we have air force in via dog on dogwood tides, which is that's where the mocking is made of all the lines that you always see there on the slope of them. or if they're a waves or bumps in this ultimate has to be stamped 1000, it might've been done most. as osgood, with the approach on the jump is also different in winter. the races are and when i hear someone starting off from the i see track, it tickles so much in the soles of my feet is unfair because it sounds faster and is more dramatic. and in the summer mm puts him as a series of course, but it is a risky sport. and as all in ones we'll know this. she this other and he just hope it works out well as the school fulton road alman hoffman. you hope, 1st and foremost, have a stain one piece. this is about special and own money on some of them knocked out its attention that you feel in the evening. all of us he occupies your mind. must
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love us more of us all known as an id for building during competitions. alina has no contact with her father, she concentrates entirely on herself. but then i lets me work with the coaches in peace at home. there are one or 2 tips, but otherwise he leaves me with ah, but on this world cup weekend, things are not going well. felina know she's already disappointed with her performance. the following day. it gets even worse. and she does not make it through to the 2nd round a bit to set back. now she needs mental strength.
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delena will continue to work hard. she's ambitious and motivated and wants to go all the way with students to you read. my goal is to be at the top of the world. come to become one of the best, maybe hold one or 2 heal records and to try ski flying sheep in sky. flying is an extreme version of the sports which so far, only men competed, jumping over 200 meters at brother. he caught has done. it adds alina once the opportunity to felicity, matt is the biggest issue for women. janice is sky flying, f, as in realistically, not everyone can jump from such a big hill right now, transferring but the top names have and the right to try it. and that's what we're fighting for that does things are showing that women can also jump foster that
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ski jumping is not a mile denied. that's the mission of selena. hi. talk with me or are you ready to get a little more extreme? these places in europe are smashing all the records step into more bold adventure. just don't lose your grip. is the treasure map for modern globetrotters. discover some of your groups wykard, breaking sites on google maps to and know also in book form. people and trucks injured when trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned away. order families playing bomb attacks in syria to these credit owners with administrative
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people. lean, extreme ross getting 200 people from the agency around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. d. w. made for mines. ah, in dow man in the middle there banished, raped or murdered aid organizations estimate that thousands of children and nigeria are accused of being which is every year and often it's their own parents who think their sons or daughters are possessed by demons. many churches are self proclaimed
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spiritual healers perpetuate this trend, especially in christian southern nigeria, where they make millions performing bizarre exorcism rituals. the federal government is hardly intervening to protect the children, and many police officers believe in black magic themselves. there are only a few activists opposing this cruel which hunt we're heading through the state of aqua bomb in southeastern nigeria. here it is especially common to brand children as witches. we found out that several children live on the streets in a nearby village because their families abandon them. activists, david omen wants to check out the situation himself. he and his wife on yellow vin .


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