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tv   Reporter - On Location  Deutsche Welle  November 21, 2022 9:45am-10:01am CET

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is, are possessed by demons. many churches are self proclaimed spiritual healers perpetuate this trend. especially in christian southern nigeria, where they make millions performing bizarre exorcism rituals. the federal government is hardly intervening to protect the children, and many police officers believe in black magic themselves. there are only a few activists opposing this cruel which hunt we're heading through the state of aqua bomb and southeastern nigeria. here it is especially common to brand children as witches. we found out that several children live on the streets and a nearby village because their families abandon them active as david omen wants to check out the situation himself. he and his wife on your levine have made these sad
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encounters their day to day work desired as we did drunk children along. she'll brenda to reach the thank you to the show work. well, you do read to just what you do. different things are to do, don't go to school in this area where your brother to reach a lot of child abuse is going on. if the serious there was a one time when ernest, the child we rescued many years ago, was living on the streets with another child. when other boy and one night he woke up while they sit him on fire. so he now ran to the bush and height, but his friend to put like a rope around his neck and dragged him until he died. in many villages, the helpers have contacts who report to them about new incidents involving supposed witches. i'd move on to mobile. some banish children are said to be living in a goat shelter in this village. they've been here for several months,
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but the helpers just missed them. a neighbor says one of them ran into the forest when they heard the car coming. what little more we thought of, if you knew of willa jocelyn, one of them was with her foot yahoo! to have you recently to the it's a little bit scared when we see people coming out. the mood during these rescue missions is often tense, but the resident stay calm in this village. they would be happy for the helpers to take away the children. almost every one here believes in witches in belie thank god that my grandson moved out. he was possessed by demons and would make rats no on my leg. but now i am doing better again and in my gown. i grew david and on you have no choice but to take off again without the children. the villagers said they'll call if they show up again. the couples
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organization is called land of help and is currently taking care of 88 children all thrown out by their families. here they receive schooling and can play and paint, but most importantly, they learn. there's nothing wrong with them. mary has been living here for over 8 years after her mother left the family. her father went to a faster for guidance. and from that point on, he was convinced his daughter was a, which he actually wanted to take my life. it take me up, want dental said me, oh man you wanted to me use my life, my neighborhood. i was around rescued me that issue. he actually asked me that i should have returned home again. i like that wasn't really sure what that actually tell me. again. i left
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a left because of the fear that he makes and my life on call. mary ended up on the street and at just 8 years old, she had to fend for herself rejected by her community. though as far as i was bitten up, understood, highland and he, i don't think shania beast. i love k, looking for bliss live. so eating a condition that whoever plays the food that was good down with gainesville had no other choice. 2 years later, n g o workers found mary and took her in ever since mary's big passion has been singing. and she rehearsed the several times a week with other band members. they plan to perform live soon. for a long time, mary was even sure herself. she was a witch. but her love for music has restored herself confidence.
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oh yes. ah. whenever you went to matthews and i start singing or, and he only a few a group because music, c o e, some of my sadness. he was yes, he was 3. when david and on your founded there organization 8 years ago, they started out with just a few children. then in 2016, a clip of the rescue mission went viral. it shows on your given a little emaciated boy named hope, cookies in water. the video went over the hearts of many new donors, but her skin color also caused esther because only on yeah, i got all the media hype. as a young woman from denmark, she left her old life as a sales clerk behind her to rescue which children in nigeria and hanson. oh, for pianist, i sometimes these other does is this is if this was you were i was you were
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way. oh, current. who, oh, didn't do what e each shouldn't be this route. normally with the media, the directly know to pro mills the good parts of the west king in africa, that natural gas through. and we're willing to call the online community has really flame danya and also some called her a white woman with savior syndrome. and that's one of the friendly or attacks side . people will say you just come to africa to nigeria for fame and glory. you just come there to exploit children, so you can be famous. all focus is just a work. make sure the children are okay. they are fine. they're doing great. and in a people can,
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in it's their heavy hope is still living in the communal home. the one starving boy has grown up into a healthy 8 year old and he's top of his glass despite being deaf and mute. on this day, the team is taking hope to visit his biological parents for just the 2nd time since he was rescued 6 years ago. and it's no easy matter, seen them again. but the organization values such encounters and only makes exceptions if the children absolutely refuse. the idea is to show families what has become of their supposed which children i them i name. mm hm. oh, there's a lot of suspense especially since there's the camera crew. oh m m m m m of, and how pest to force a smile, a. but then the father shared something truly surprising that was done. i hope my son can forgive me one day. oh i did. hey, i want one god,
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i pray he will handle things better than i did. oh, i'm not in elsie's with during the encounter, it becomes clear that family troubles also played a part and everything helps biological mother left. and his step mother came along with her own children and hope with his disability, who became unwonted with me about this week of we need all the visit last half an hour. if we assume you're still going on. i've been in the car, david explains why he thinks so many children here are deemed witches. this series the of the industry and bits going true is something the doom to do here. they give bit to show strength to should that demand. this is drawn, wasn't by this dr. blue. so her child's re here job, but she's very high to will you give birth to the children? you cut notes that carol is there with them. is it a batch out?
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will be run the do reach and abandoned. another reason for these out of control which hunts is the role played by radical churches. on our way back, we visit a self proclaimed prophet. and there's already one family waiting for his services that they say their child is possessed and hope for her to be healed out really in the name of jesus. and no ma'am it out he is. i went went to get out. we'll get go get our false. i knew that sold in the did listen. the healer shows us videos of the events on her phone. here she says, an evil spirit is leaving a girl who would in the end, she agrees to let us film one of her rituals it brings together christian symbols, analyst influences, and pure superstition. the girl is lucky that because the would be profit is
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convinced. there's no evil spirit in her. i ha, none. then when is the last see what they used to dig hard to believe what i wanted his family is rolling. that is how that be doing is omitted d, i believe i middle go out. it was, i mean it's funny because of the false accusations. disease was when justice where preparing to leave a father comes in with his little son. the child is terrified, and the man freely explains. he's been letting his son sleep on the street with beating him and even wants to kill him. the father claims his child admitted he was possessed and the police said they didn't want to get involved with. the healer says she's prepared to take a look at the boy. but then she suddenly breaks out into tears. goshen intuition.
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that point nose in saw that will brooklyn is wanted to do that. i moved i live both. well, not in bo, bring up a job they did on the street is co speech r v. so bottom mean that the thing, casey, that wasn't really how visible is this all just a show or is the woman really starting to question her livelihood in today's he for arts david and ano, want to take the boy back with them, but they still need the authorities permission so they have to leave him for now. the 88 children have made land of hope, their new home have managed to escape the brutal which hunt a tragedy destroying innocent people's lives every day in nigeria. ah, and mary has left that nightmare behind her. her parents will likely never know
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what a strong young woman she has grown up to be blue . ah, with
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oh, with the share the meal, you could share your meal with children in need with just $0.50 and a tap on your smartphone. together we can end global hunger. please download the app. ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russian strikes pound, ukraine's eastern don baths region. but in some parts, as relief off to the retreats dw heads to a village in the newly liberated hassan region. but people recount their experience of life under russian control.


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