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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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how can we protect to have a different global i do the environmental series in $3000.00 on w and online ah ah is a dw news live from berlin? russia, a tax infrastructure sites across ukraine. russian rocket hit residential buildings and knock out power and heating and several cities, even causing blackouts in neighboring moldova. also coming up on the show, the european parliament under cyber attack, from a pro kremlin group. it comes just hours after the parliament declares russia
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a state sponsor of terrorism. we're here the latest from our correspondence in brussels. and at the world cup in katara japan stun, germany in their 1st group match the next upset of a favorite in his tournament. ah, hello, i'm clare richardson in berlin. thank you so much for joining us. russia has stepped up its rocket attacks on ukraine with a fresh strikes on cities across the country. authority, se russian rockets had a residential building in the capital key of killing at least 3 people. the strikes knocked out power supply in the western city of lou vive and disrupted water supply in several regions. also in neighboring, moldova officials will say power was lost to half of the country to,
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to the strikes in ukraine. of this comes after ukrainian officials said a strike on a maternity ward in the southern z apparition region on tuesday, kills a new born baby. yoshi was pulled from the rubble of what was the maternity ward. this doctor was fortunate to make it out alive. but the russian strike that flattened his workplace did take the life of the baby. he was there to deliver. its mother was rescued. just the latest casualties of yet another attack on a healthcare facility. moscow has long denied targeting hospitals and clinics, but the world health organization has recorded moulton 700 attacks since the start of the war. 9 months ago. russia's repeated attacks on energy infrastructure. i'm making it harder for doctors to provide care at those hospitals that are still standing here in has san their falls to work by
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flashlight as they try to save a teenager whose hand was blown off in a russian strike without power for the elevator. he has to be carried up 6 flights of stairs on a stretcher to reach an operating room lit with only emergency lights global with, with it's hard without an elevator, hard without light to get the child to the 6th floor. no water, no heating. working in the dim light doctors amputate the teenage is left on his mother waits nearby, inconsolable he give us, they shoot at civilians at children. we didn't call them hair and didn't kill any of their children. so why are they killing oz? but with russian attacks continuing and winter beginning to bite hassan residents,
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the facing shortages of water, food, and other essentials, many a, making a difficult choice. and joining the government's voluntary evacuation effort boarding buses to seek safety further from the front lines. let's get across to des. nick connelly reporting from keith. nick a give us more details on these latest russian strikes across ukraine. while these are generally on a massive scale of the kind, we've seen maybe 234 times over the past month or so at dozens and dozens of cruise missiles fired by russian plains towards ukraine. we got a sense of it early afternoon when those planes as west plains were seen, spotted by ukrainian forces. and we make up allows those missiles started hitching, subbing eating their targets here in ukraine. lots the country without power, often enough without water. but so see those would supplies are dependent on
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electric pumps at lots of places without centralized heating. we had a heating plant here in key of that was hit. as we understand, i think the kind of stood here in kia is about me. a pretty representative is what you can see behind me. a lot of darkness shoots as you have millions of people in darkness, but occasionally some streetlights. some are, advertising is often quite random, difficult to tell why bits the city are still supplied with electricity. and often you'll find that your building is connected by lined to a hospital or some other kind of critical infrastructure. and such, still has power and milk people here still have the expectation that this is one of these attacks that will be overcome in the space of if not a few hours at least a few days. we've heard though that 3 of you cranes, major nuclear power stations still in ukraine canal territory, have automatically disconnected themselves in the system as security precaution. so real sense there, that this is a very dangerous duration, assertion that can cause lots unforeseen effects on this countries infrastructure and one that is definitely gonna take
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a lot of effort to make good and especially situation where ukraine is essentially running out of spare parts to keep the system going, basically we've heard a recent days that they are now 100 percent dependent on spare parts coming in from a board. does everything that you grain had that has just now been used up and if the neighboring country, moldova has also been reporting massive blackouts after those initial attacks, was behind that some, moldova and ukraine's energy systems are very closely linked before this war motor of imported ecstasy from ukraine, ukraine isn't doing that anymore in a she by large scale, it needs will exceed, can get, but certainly lots of these are the kind of electricity cables, the lines they are all connected. so when you crane switch things off to come stabilized system that immediately impacts moldova. mold over in itself is in a big energy battle with russia, with russia, gas from monopoly, reducing deliveries of gas to moldova. now ahead of winter, russian controlled separatists in moldova cutting supplies to government control. church is a real sense that russia is putting on all the screws right now. and at the same
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time as invading ukraine, trying to get rid of a pro european government english. now in moldova did of his nigger connelly reporting for us from keith many thanks. as always while the european parliament website has been hit by a cyber attack, just hours after i designated russia, a state sponsor of terrorism here appear. lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution because of moscow's repeated strikes on civilian targets in ukraine. but the designation won't have any legal ramifications, as you does not currently have a legal structure in place to deal with it. let's get more on that now from a terry shult our correspondent in brussels. i terry, what more do we know about this cyber attack? hi claire. the european parliament website appears to be back up now, but it has been up and gone down again just this afternoon. so what we saw happen
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is that just shortly after the parliament voted on this measure that you mentioned to declare russia a state sponsor of terrorism. the website was no longer accessible, even clicking on it to read this statement. following the vote, you could, you couldn't get in, and this remains down for some time. the president of the european parliament, roberta met solo, went to twitter to say that a pro kremlin group had claimed responsibility for the attack. and that the, the parliament's a tech team was fighting back against it. and she said that she had one response for the hackers and that's slower you quine, of course, glory to ukraine. now this measure, as you mentioned, does not have legal standing because the parliament at this time only has the ability to declare individuals and organizations as, as terrorist entities. but they hope that this measure will push european union governments to and, and the european union itself to create a legal framework in which countries can be designated as state sponsors of terrorism. this is something that is done in the united states,
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but they haven't gone so far as to declare russia one of these, these countries yet. nonetheless, of course, european parliamentarians spoke out against the attack and said this to showed that the measure that they passed today, declaring russia as a terrorist entity was well proven. all right, thank you very much for that update. that is our correspondent in brussels at terry schultz. we can bring you up to speed now it's mother stories making news around the world. i russian court has opened the trial of opposition politicians. ilya yosh in the moscow city council could face up to a decade in prison for denouncing president vladimir putin invasion of ukraine. his prosecution at comes and made an unprecedented crackdown on descent in russia. u. the u. k. supreme court has ruled that scotland does not have the legal power to hold a new referendum on independence without british governments port. it is a blow to the scottish independence movement which lost a 2014 referendum by
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a 10 percent margin. the statue of a controversial german colonial officer has been taken down in namibia as capital after pressure from activists in 1893 question, one francois commanded a brutal operation in which some 80 people were killed in what was then known as south west africa. it was a german colony between 18841915. a 16 year old student has been killed and at least 18 people injured. falling explosions at 2 bus stops and jerusalem. the nail bombs were detonated about half an hour apart. he is womach militant organization, hamas has praised the attacks, but stopped short of claiming responsibility. ah, before the ball even got rolling, for germany's world cup opener against japan, a team had a message for fif up. german players covered their mouths during
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a team photo just ahead of kick off. it was a response to 1st threat of sanctions over the one love arm band. and germany were also eager to set things straight off for a disastrous exit in russia 4 years ago. that there opener didn't go exactly as blanch. hey, this guy going to want growth, the deadlock, 30 minutes into the game after converting from the spot. germany could have easily increased their lead, but they lack bite. the chances where they are the finishing was wilsonville. japan cannot, they, we're backing to this game to do one. never in the 2nd half was this an upset in the making the japanese fans seem to think so. and tacoma, sana needed reality by giving japan the need to one, the finest for the next big upset at this was this time it was japan that's on what time would pop champions. germany over more on germany's shocking was against japan. i'm no joint in the studio by phillip hub,
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nor from dw sports. a. phillip is another huge upset in this world cup is japan take down germany? he tell us what is going on here? well, there's a famous during football saying that goes to polka hudson. agnes because that's a which trying to the cup has its own rules and here is more approved for saudi arabia beating argentina. now, this huge, another huge upset laws, as you said, to pen against germany. and this didn't really look that way in the 1st half germany where the team that were strong that had a lot of possession that got the early lead against penalty. however, then in the 2nd half, germany just completely crumbled and we saw again the defense is their weak spot. it was to one of the players actually for japan to on and assign over the ones to score and get past montoya. and in the end, i would even say it was a desert victory for japan and a huge blow for germany. and we're seeing developments also in this one love arm band controversy. what kind of statement was that from the german team ahead of the game? so basically what the players were saying by covering their mouths is that they're basically being gagged by the 15th. they're not allowed to speak on what they would
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like to speak on. there were consequences that people had said they would implement had germany war in the arm bands. and we have an official statement by the german football association that reads as follows. we want it to use our captains arm band to take a stand for values that we hold in the german national team diversity, a mutual respect, together with other nations. we want our voices to be heard. the voices were not able to be heard because of the sanctions that basically led germany, not where those are meant. in the stadium was german interior minister and, and see phaser. she did wear the one love are meant, did not receive the yellow card as far as i know. but here's what she had to say before the game. it's been not my. i want to say that again, i think fif is decision around wearing. the one love arm band is a big mistake and it's not right. how the associations were put under pressure. listen, i want to say this again very clear. later in this day and age, it is completely incomprehensible that faith does not want people to openly stand
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up for tolerance and against discrimination that no longer fits in with our times and above all, it's not appropriate for the people mentioning you've any stung to condemnation from germany there philip, let's take a look ahead at what's to come on canada taking on a belgium in the days final game. it is canada's 1st world cup appearance since 1986. how do you rate their chance in a long time ago since they were last than the world cup of their absolutely buzzing? the chances of course is little difficult to say, but like we just spoke about, there are a lot of upset victories. canada, in a very tough group with a power houses, croatia, and belgium as well. but definitely there is a chance for them as well. and good news for canada is that alfonso davies, byron star, alfonso davies is now back from his hamstring injury that he was recovering from. and i said that he was fits and ready to go for the match tonight. so canada fans will be looking for him to really be the difference maker for them. so who knows? fabulous one to watch. that is for a partner from the to the sports. really appreciate you taking the time to break
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that down. my little you're watching the news. a quick reminder of our top story. russia has launched fresh attacks on infrastructure sites across ukraine's. the rockets have knocked out power and heating in several cities and caused massive black outs in neighboring moldova, saturday, in asia, coming up after the break. of course there's always more on our website too. as we found at d, w dot com and start watching again, they get all the harvesters are immigrants, goal. if you say, well everything you enjoy, eating at home with your family, was harvested by people who are being exploited. estella decently. and we couldn't.


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