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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 24, 2022 4:00am-4:16am CET

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able to enjoy fresh air. ah, you with this week on d w. ah, ah ah, this is dw news live from berlin, russia tax infrastructure sites across ukraine. russia, rockets hid residential buildings and knock. i've power and heating in several cities, even causing blackouts in neighboring moldova, also coming up the european parliament is hit by a cyber attack, just hours after it declares russia
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a state sponsor of terrorism. we'll hear from our correspondent in brussels. and that the world cup into tar japan stung germany in there 1st. the latest upset of a favorite in this 20 ah, i'm pablo foley. yes, welcome to the program. ukrainian president followed amir zalinski has appealed to the united nations security council to take action over russian attacks on ukraine's vital infrastructure. earlier on wednesday, russia launched a fresh barrage of strikes, knocking. i'd power across large parts of the country in the capital keep authority, say russian rockets hit a residential building, killing at least 3 people. the strikes also disrupted the water supply in several
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regions in neighboring, moldova, official site. power was lost to half of the country due to the strikes in ukraine . this comes after ukrainian officials said a strike on a maternity ward in the southern separation region on tuesday night killed a new born baby. yoshi was pulled from the rubble of what was the maternity ward. this doctor was fortunate to make it out alive. but the russian strike that flattened his workplace did take the life of the baby. he was there to deliver. its mother was rescued. just the latest casualties of yet another attack on a healthcare facility. moscow has long denied targeting hospitals and clinics, but the world health organization has recorded moulton 700 attacks since the start of the war. 9 months ago. russia's repeated attacks on energy infrastructure. i'm making it hard of the doctors to provide care
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at those hospitals that are still standing here and has son that falls to work by flashlight as they try to save a teenager whose hand was blown off in a rush and strike without power for the elevator he has to be carried up 6 flights of stairs on a stretcher to reach an operating room lit with only emergency lights. globally, with it's hard without an elevator, hard without light to get the child to the 6th floor. no water, no heating. working in the dim light doctors amputate the teenage is left on his mother waits nearby, inconsolable he give us, they shoot at civilians at children. we didn't call them hair and didn't kill any of their children. so why have i killing oz?
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but with russian attacks continuing and winter beginning to bite, hassan residence the facing shortages of water, food, and other essentials. many a, making a difficult choice. and joining the government's voluntary evacuation effort. boarding buses to seek safety further from the front lines. while following the strikes on wednesday, tito views yon phillips shells went to one street on the outskirts of cave that was hit by a missile earlier in the day. at least 3 people died in the street behind me in risk roads just outside the city of here. when a missile hit the place in the afternoon, local residents that we have talked to are still and are shock. there is no running water. there is no electricity, in fact, there are power cuts and watch. i cuts all over the capital of ki evans and many
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other cities in ukraine. the mayor of kia firm said that's important infrastructure was said, but he didn't want to go into any details. what is for sure is it's another mess of wave of russian missiles on ukraine, another very dark day for the country as a tax on the civilian infrastructure. continue. young philip shells reporting there . while the european parliament website has been hit by a cyber attack, just hours after it, designated russia, a state sponsor of terrorism. european lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution because of moscow's repeated strikes on civilian targets in ukraine . but the designation won't have any legal ramifications as the you doesn't currently have a legal structure in place to deal with it are correspondent in brussels. terry schultz told us more the european parliament's website appears to
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be back up now, but it has been up and gone down again just this afternoon. so what we saw happen is that just shortly after the parliament voted on this measure that you mentioned to declare russia, state sponsor of terrorism. the website was no longer accessible, even clicking on it to read this statement, following the vote. you could, you couldn't get in, and this remains down for some time. the president of the european parliament, roberta metzler, went to twitter to say that a pro kremlin group had claimed responsibility for the attack. and that the, the parliament's a tech team was fighting back against it. and she said that she had one response for the hackers and that's slumber you quine, of course, glory to ukraine. now this measure, as you mentioned, does not have legal standing because the parliament at this time only has the ability to declare individuals and organizations as, as terrorist entities. but they hope that this measure will push european union governments to and, and the european union itself to create
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a legal framework in which countries can be designated as state sponsors of terrorism. this is something that is done in the united states, but they haven't gone so far as to declare russia one of these, these countries yet. nonetheless, of course, european parliamentarians spoke out against the attack and said this to showed that the measure that they passed today, declaring russia as a terrorist entity, was well proven terry shells reporting for brussels there. well, here's a look at some other stories making news around the world, kosovo on serbia. i've reached a last minute deal to and a dispute over vehicle license plates, which the you had warned. could trigger ethnic violence, kosovo had planned to fine, ethnic serv, drivers using serbian, issued plates. use foreign policy chief said negotiators in brussels, agreed on measures to avoid further escalation. a russian court has opened the trial of opposition. politician yet?
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yeah. sion, the moscow city counselor could face up to a decade in prison for denouncing president vladimir putin invasion of ukraine. his prosecution comes amid an unprecedented crackdown on descent. in russia, the statue of a controversial german colonial officer has been taken down in the v as capitol vin took after pressure from activists. in 18. 93 kurt font francois commanded a brutal operation in which some 80 people were killed in what was then known as german south west africa. the country was a german colony between 18841950. the european space agency has selected it's 1st astronaut with a physical disability. the former british paralympics printer, john mcfall, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. 2 of 6 trainee astronauts are women. yes. age recruitment.
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dr. ames to bring diversity to space travel. gra john mcfall continues to beat the odds. he lost his leg. it's a teen in a motorcycle accident only to become a paralympics representing great britain. as a sprinter now is on track to go where no one with a disability has ever gone before up in space as the world's 1st ever pair. astronaut, when, when you turn out they were looking for a candidate with a physical disability. i thought it was such an inspiring and exhilarating opportunity and i looked to the person specification and i thought, wow, this is, this is really aspirational. this is very brave and very bold thing to do. with broad scientific background and vast range of experiences, i felt compelled to try and help each sir. on to this question, can we get someone with a physical disability to do meaningful work in space? that's what the european space agency hopes to find out. but lodging, such
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a new feat will take time as part of the new isa class of recruits. mcfall will 1st work with engineers to understand what changes are needed in hardware to open professional space flight to a wider group of qualified candidate. and this study is expected to last 3 years diversity, it comes in many different ways of the world health organization reckons that about 50 percent of the population live with some sort of disability and maybe 2 percent really affected by it. and so in no, of course, to be an astronaut is a very exclusive thing to be. but having a disability, he shouldn't rule you out. and that was really part of this very special project that we launched in this process. i think the message that i would gives to future generations is that science is for every one and space travel hopefully can be for everyone. the project is considered a giant lead towards enabling people with physical disabilities to reach new heights. ah, well,
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before the ball even got rolling, for germany's world cub opener against japan, the team had a message for fifa. german players cover their mouths during a team photo just ahead of kick off. it was response to fif us threat of sanctions over the one love arm band. and on the pitch, germany were eager to setting straight after a disastrous exit in russia 4 years ago. but our opener didn't go exactly as plant is high going to want growth. the deadlock 30 minutes into the game, after converting from the spot, gemini, could have easily increased their lead, but the lat bite. the chances were there, the finishing was wo, for though japan cloth the weight back into the scheme to do one never in the 2nd half was this an upset in the making the japanese fans seem to think so. antoku marsan immediate reality by giving japan the need to one the finest for the next big upset. if this went up, this time it was japan next. and what time would champions germany?
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well, to discuss all the latest news from the world. copa inn guitar is philip hook, now from dw sports. welcome to the studio phillips. so there was that plenty to talk about at will say in this germany, japan match, but it wasn't just about football. that's right. the match started off with a team photo of the unique sort, so to speak, german team cover it up their mouse with their hands basically saying that they're being gagged by the thief. they're not able to express the views and beliefs that they wanted to by wearing the one love arm band and the sanctions by the fif. they're not quite happy with those. and that might still have been on germany's mind because as we all know, the huge upset that japan pulled off against germany. germany looked strong in the 1st half, but didn't really convert their chances and fell victims equate japanese counter attacks in the 2nd half. an ultimately lost the game, lots of defensive mistakes. that's really the weak point of germany's side. i'm on way annoy nicholas and also nico slots back not looking very good. here is what
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conflict had to say with this difficult situation. now, when we want to, we want to and f said i will say saygos funding. that was a very bad start, even though there was more in it for us. so now it's really about preparing. we're for staying over the next 3 days. and then we want to try to come out on top in the n dot m a c go from, let's can. or i, philip well, germany or of cs licking their wounds will say, and spain then actually completely destroyed costa rica in fact. so what does this mean for germany and their chances of going at far in this world cup germany is, bags are against the wall. it's as simple as that. there are basically 2 scenarios that we can draw up quickly. one is the best case scenario for germany. that means they win the next game against spain and japan loses the costa rica. that would mean that all 4 teams are on 3 points. so it's basically even going into the last match. however, there is a chance that germany get eliminated even by the next match. that would be the case
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if germany lose against spain and japan gets at least one point against costa rica than dependent spain would be through germany. would be eliminated after just 2 games. unimaginable almost. well, what about a group f? what exactly happened there? it wasn't much going on there compared to all the excitement in germany is group. did see that chris a drew nil nil against the morocco. a bit of a surprising result. considering the carissa, where the finalists of 2018. however, i do think that they will pick up a little bit and then we saw in the 2nd match that belgium just barely squeeze out a win against courageous canadians who played much better actually than belgium did at a penalty that they missed affonso davie. so definitely had their chances, but in the end it was much why who was lot at one past the keeper and got 3 points for the red devils. are right, philip, now from dw sports, thanks for the update. while we mentioned that spain game there, and they showed that they are a forced to be reckoned with at this world cup, with an impressive win against costa rica when this league player danny arma, found the back of the net. after an artistic effort in the 11th minute,
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the 1st of 3 goals for spain in the 1st half alone, and they didn't slow down there. that ran taurus with his 2nd go of the match after the break. and then 18 year old gabby added the funds for a convincing 70 that's it for now you're up to date. don't forget, you can always get all the latest news on our website, d, w dot, dot com. thanks for watching. take care and i'll see very soon sh. i'm just kinda, i think that's hard and in the end is a me, you are not a lot of to you anymore. we will send you back. are you familiar with this? with lion.


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