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tv   A Day in the Life of Hans Magnus  Deutsche Welle  November 26, 2022 3:15am-4:01am CET

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your society, ah, computers that out some are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can go in for and that's how they can also go terribly. watch it, no need to read shell filled with explosives and a symbol of power. rebellion and sensuality wound by royalty and icons. the like. got them. got this and magic wand and grounds for divorce. guy with a can is full cultural history. secret weapon mistaken dots.
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december 3rd on d, w ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, w still michelle, i don't believe in tv, but i believe in something else. no one believes in tv, only in the sound seem gold has magnified my answer. magnus was someone who always opens doors. windows brought in fresh air and fresh air makes people change their minds about some things. that's how it works. what it is, cobra does, is i think it's curiosity that drives him. that's his essence. johnson is the noise which can you can't make me retire. i think, but says he has
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a special kind of humor of irony. it's always amusing and of course it's witty and elephant actually. oh valentine. yes. it's by his own pony when you're listening to a politician, talk on tv and try playing with the volume control knob. so this is this. i found that very effective with corson afford kill and help. sometimes it's easy to understand what they're really saying when you turn off the sound, almost an investment thing to torn up, please think so i man to man in don't get in grey overalls floss, and in the shallow november light in cni the snow yet, so that will cover black leaves and man till no way is to be
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seen. medicine missed only at every 50th pace. i am a slender stick on the love, and i am the slender stick on the right that me so that the snow plow will find a way the nist where no way i know is to be seen. he found his way. he found thousands of paths in every direction. hans mark news and since there is one thing above all, curious, always, and everywhere. it's an exotic fruit. crack it open and inside your fine brown seeds which are edible, wrong seats. the it's a sweet, sweet. i learned something new every day is good didn't don't mix isn't so this is yvette lamarcus tillman's. even today his unquenchable thirst for knowledge drives him to take part in the every day in europe's future. in digital communication,
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or in the hustle and bustle of the market. and since fair observes asks questions gives everything a taste. if you want to sweetness, you'll have to wait. it does have some flavor, though i will walk through. so, you know, as a poet, an essayist, a new stand, or even a market offers instance beggar a wealth of questions and answers. take one of his topics, for example, the question of europe. he explored it through literature, politics, and food. what do your opinions eat? what do they read? how is europe ruled for any question? and since beggar always takes a multi dimensional approach, this yeah, any fresh height. it's quite golly, does she been she, the english king? if you say anything against brussels,
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you're branded an anti european russell. but wise, it's absurd opted in should these 40000 officials be the ones who decide if someone is european pro europe or anti europe contact. that's on her arrogance from food video and we are 500000000 people on this continent and, and we get to decide what european, what it will be is silent. those guys over there, misty ponson dog, huntsman comes incense, burger wants to be the 1st to explain the spirit of the age and its demons. he plays with ideas with almost casual confidence. that's always been his forte. from early on, he put his immense trove of knowledge to use that way. with zip such didn't because i was some one night instance. bagger hardy, who lived in italy and in the north in scandinavia for this europe isn't comprehensible through a single point of view. so she on this,
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it's much nicer than the central ism we get from brussel this at values. well, there's a nostalgia there too. but he likes to say god brought a variety of flies to bloom, and we should tend to those and not trying to force everything to become one single ordinary, chewed it. i felt to result innovative. he despises, mano cultures, floral, as well as intellectual your p. c, d, the european idea is just a catch phrase. nothing nor hit got pra. above all hands. marcus incense, burger emperor's, the push toward centralization and not just in the political sphere. for him, the true wealth of europe can be found in its shared cultural routes. would have passed 1987 that was the year. and since burger's collection of essays on europe was published in germany, he essays gave an insider's look at what made up the european identity. it's been of,
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it's like the finished volleyball. i'm convinced to st. garza very european phenomena . you could head on illegals. what part of a way of life that specific to this continent? it god, whether you're on the lisbon or oslo symbol in warsaw or budapest, the street cars have a similar feel today that the guy had was here. it is part of our civilization. so let's see, reset fuel and very european little me. yeah, and this is the 10th. yes. and of course it's just a small part of it to know. i mean, you could start from the top when you're talking about europe. you the renaissance ancient greek philosophy. but why not start from the bottom and ask, what is interesting about our daily lives, about civil society? few english only theoretical terms. it's our civil society that is unique under the of it is guy. it's these moments of daily life. you have gone speak. did you street car, public transportation, the cafes, the pubs, the bars of he got shaft,
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ignite it as i this is when we think about why we feel at home here for dom that's what gets us closer to an answer and see, i'm not this pale, feeble and the notion of european blossom oil played the incense beggar is not interested in pale, feeble ideas. his focus is on grand ideas, inventions, economic theories, revolutions like castro's cuba, anarchism, the teaching of mathematics. all topics instance barracka has taken on in his work . europe's diversity is another favorite topic. catastrophe is ranging from the titanic to lamp. and usa also serve as a subject for his essays and poetry. but there are problems for which he does not have a solution or an answer, such as the catastrophes involving refugees at your exporters. is your foot foot likely to possibly be yours? a bid yard to from taking in a trillion people a 1000000000 people that count we're talking,
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it's an unsolvable problem of us. you have no choice, but of course you're right. i'm to say the demand remains the same philosophy. we can't let people drown and so forth, was also were tinkering with the symptom i'm doing and in a shiner in whitman, helen doctor, when it dickinson rushed to the one thing goes, occurred in the market. for example, that is, we never ask about the question of maritime law. the city maritime law is very old . this is steve, yet it's completely unable to address these questions to see a lawyer to do those boats, those pieces of junk that those people are being put on to chicago. they have to be taken out of operation on that. and that's the key the can the entire thing as a business is we have to crush the business, not the people have to it mister lloyd. and since viagra has always been known for forging a new path in, sometimes for heading off on the wrong track. but even then opening the door to new ideas. he's no intellectual misanthrope, but rather a poet who enjoys observing people,
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asking questions and questioning things. a flenar on the streets of swabbing a district of munich, but one who observes from a slight remove not a poet of the people, but a romantic figure of the enlightenment. something between ventana and brushed inferior to most of the mangles are to bland their bland to fought the law. then maybe you should bring your wife a mango from peru. this is from 0 to leave. i feel that the right one, right? this is addition to position was the show or foster. you have to remember. ah, we traveled the world, but with american morale, i'd hail it to his or good spot in of it. hm guys didn't, but we were really my lead tourists are tourist ish,
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inter biggs van. hans magnus lived in scandinavia. oftentimes in scandinavian, he spent a good long while in venice. parking lyric is, is amazing knowledge of languages and graph. can the sir for me, he's also being one of the very few german intellectuals deutsch predictor and who has been engaging in its own position with europe or all. ha, leah long before year. was even a topic about even an issue anchor. ha, ha, ha ha, skilled enough lost his book here. this is quite an amusing book. madame is full of poems, modern poetry was written in 16 languages. but don't let that alarm you unless there's also a german translation. on this job in this book will give us something of an overview of what we call modern poetry today. even though it's the poetry of our century. and if we seen and does is to boise sight to boise the cylinders. and since they're and since back you translate from other languages. how many exactly
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we draw? well, let's see what somebody say in english, french, a bit of norwegian spanish, a bit of italian, which i learned in rome. i don't even know that would be it just went to sign. he was enjoy translating. i know it's all i, it's how poets can earn a living these days. but to talk a mom, you also have to write for radio broadcasts and i've done a few things for films now and again, look him up. but my bread and butter my profession right now, and also is editor of my own publishing house here in frankfort. so the new stuff. mm. i remember how we started in radio by my, by without you on this. why a suit. that was my 1st job. going to do it. yes. had saw, the british started radio and germany after the war, mistress americans, they didn't use the american system of commercial radio. if you haven't, you said he followed the bbc models to india, give a samsung smart t occupation powers. nicholas, they didn't want the old nazi's and radio have. i knew sean sophie,
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so for young people and people who had nothing to do with the regime, it was a real opportunity on so far. tony, how they started and radio and right away they could establish contact young a network, a small alliance and so forth was very important. back then. it's hard to imagine that nowadays, if you're forced to another in the course book instance, bigger also tried to forge alliances and create a medium for artist. oh, i'm not a master back then we used to say our course book. it doesn't give directions like gives connections on that. that's a lifelong, passionate illuminating connection between all sorts of things. you know, grandma, the course book was 1st published by sewer camp where instance barracka had worked as an editor and later by vogue and back back then discussion and debate was a favorite pastime. this is it that that's what the title is about. and the good we use one or 2 words that would maybe explain the content
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a bit. i wrote them at inland in the distance contingency and clinton. and it could be clearer or just completely neutral. which cognitively all, it's also a journal about america. so i'm asking about how things are over there. hopefully i'm so good. um, i'll just run the sims orders in to he was in the best position to establish connection to. so that was how he'd made his name and he was very good. am taking ideas you thought was good and standing. my mom there head off on. he was incredibly exciting. and so, and that was his main job, which he didn't sit there with his pencil and edit tax last on his mittens. distant on this or to textiles. ah, whether it was the course book or the transit lactic. as soon as incense burger had made one idea a reality, he began his search for something new. that was how he came up with the under a b, b o. take the other library. it was an influential series of new books from world literature, published by greenow, beautifully typeset,
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and found it captures the essence of entity burger, his passionate reading, his work as a translator and poet, his cultural criticism, interest in technology, and his ability to inspire new ideas. to ship our life to ski has this line. now it is one of the few who had thought deeply about the world. but tom will do, took pleasure in that list and understood about he didn't fall into an endless morning or depression. so he says, we have only this one life, and this life gives us many opportunities to learn many things. huffman demarcus cut their food solid debt, which emma, such as are the always challenged many organ. yeah. when i did too much work in film in film politics, he chastised me. yeah. he told me you need to write write literature books,
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a holy. and he was right. i have a question. kathy, with in the course book instant burger announced the death of literature. he wrote for television even as he denounced television as a medium in his work. but all these supposed contradictions eventually emerged as a kind of humorous provocation as pranks on the medium. i couldn't answer to shak good evening, dear viewers. and now in closing, german television will change channels. i know do falls, it's only the irish alameda, one of the basic ideas of all media theories or knows because even when it's not articulated of the onions i t is that producers are specialists who don't own the means of production middle twenties because it's what they can use to put in some cannon, and i need you to give me a new one. and on the other side, there are the enormous millions of consumers. one because they're only choices to switch it on or off on his job. if you knew from
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a socialist perspective to perspective, when you look at media, this isn't acceptable us, it's only up to thought we need to change this. we need to turn it around in a conic. and the technology would actually allow us to turn ordinary people into producers and let them have their say about comments. it was instance burger, a visionary of the internet people. the federal republic of germany is hostile to inventors in 1976. and since burger decided to focus on, inventors was given us having a double imagination can't just take over to lossless. after an invention or imagination needs to be kept under control even suppressed attention. lucas took them both looking a made for t v movie by a skeptic of the genre. the thought to patent uncomfortable german patent offices, headquartered in munich with a branch in berlin. anita something been mon back though it claims to be modern, so down its roots are in the 19th century. he of course goes to monson, known that on the spot that
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a law i knew is an invention of the bourgeoisie. offended debussy. the mitch get into promot industrial progress, inventors had to be encouraged people not to keep their new ideas under wraps as trade secrets, but to make them public. and on sunday afternoon to the patent office is a temple to the idea of progress as well as a storage room that preserves what people thought it would be the future. the day before yesterday, sunshine n c c t r 50 and the 1960 s. when we got our 3rd public broadcaster, we had options pickups punishment. there were no editorial meetings, no cutting scenes. so you've got a broadcast time and a bit of money and then you did whatever you wanted, more or less and button no $1.00 went to the managing director and intervened. i'll had newman bump into donovan inter been you can do what we want to wish to start the and i enjoyed that customer along with one what when cassandra raska
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in letting me so he didn't like having his photo taken amongst ambitions. been, he had to ask, but he's him out of it in the long consult with the son of a very much on guy who doesn't want to be asked and teased out of it. i see that a lot and i've done math and natalie, you had to take a sensitive approach. but once it was under way, once you'd found common ground, then he did his part. when is the lawyer for the women? and again, mine's america for not is shown so. darcy, i oh, mich build or knish against it? he wasn't demanding like some, no, no, no, no, he really wasn't demanding in that way. he was a partner in the project. tuba, dia, who was a bit vain. of course. i like most writers, v. madison to have stella. but he played his part in a very fair and even handed way. fee and boss is sadden midnight. i voted no can. he just didn't want any time to be wasted, wasting time that was not allowed because time was precious right side does act as
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customers. and he had nice hands. huh. ah, ah, it's coach daddy mellow. you're mister inc. a right is why my brother told me about you. i love like he used to come here near all the time. back when he lived on tank strasser, which is nearby. he used to buy fall folders enough. yeah. you know what i saw? you have the chinese newspaper that come on. not many people carry the chinese daily. that's true. yeah. yeah, i just need a lighter like i thought this one is a bit better. you went to your fingers up on it. oh grey. we knew than that, i think are those pens and such as yes, those appends all kinds from park has to everything else. it's wild. you have notebook to this about. yeah, this here is a rarity. you don't see many of these. it's a spring binder. you might be familiar with them not sure spring binders. duncan
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lun. let us be so you don't see spring bind as much anymore. really delicate. you can put something in hand and open it like a book. it's quite unusual. but they don't make many of these anymore. is that a for science? yes, it's a full day, gustavo, that's not bad. border. my brother died a few years ago. do a skinny olive. yes. uh huh. he was a bit of a genius. yeah. he wasn't just a talented person. some people said he was a bit crazy because he brought these notebooks here from you. he had all those notebooks which he bought here, piles of them, and he filled him with his writing. he actually wrote more than i do. i get the ice cream hot out i megabytes each day and she was unusual. you could see that as soon as he came in. i'm whatever we always got along with it. it was great when he came, he always had that black finger call. they were always gray from his panis. it was always so unusual. and afterwards, i couldn't, someone else came and also bought
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a few notebooks because they wanted to continue the work. yes, they wanted to finish the work. it's all in mama is a kind of archive there where they store everyone's estates, things like that. and they have it all to something they took all that i had to sorted all out. it was and that's where it ended up such and i'm just, i was in his apartment and it was complete chaos. he never threw anything away. neither. now that i can believe he was a huge collector, things. yes, he was, but i was finally able to publish his main work and it was about nature really not to do in the end. he was a philosopher of nature. so naturally as a professor of english at the university. but he was such an unusual person. other, for example, he said that's on the one hand, you see there's the reputations and to host i do you get your reputation by being a professor. so you should come to our university academy, but he said, yes, of course i'd be happy to come to munich, but i won't hold any meetings because they said so no one has ever done that before
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. so they gave him a rather low post as an assistant professor, something like that he did, he did. he said he didn't care us if they told him, but you won't be getting any more money. things like this. he said, i just wanna do my own thing. she gets i think there when he was 55 or 53, something like that. he lost interest in this. i think mother would know how to move from from 5th to 11. he was a very popular teacher. i think he was wonderful with the students of gym. he did great things without minister than others. and then they said to him, well, if you quit early, you'll get less money to get sucked davin 2 of you. and what do you think my brother said hostetter the 2nd, but i don't care what he didn't care here. and i think that's great. that's just the way he was. that's what he was like, the man he could really put you under a spell. if you liked him and went along with it, then it was fantastic. it's just too bad. he died so young, whom well, that's the way things go. but i wish you good al,
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i likewise thank you too. is it oh oh. 2 we can't complain. we're not out of work. we don't go hungry. we eat the grass grows the social product, the fingernail, the past, the streets are empty. the deals are closed, the sirens are silent. all that will pass. the dead have made their wills. the rains become a drizzle doors not yet been declared. there is no hurry for that. we eat the grass, we eat the social product. we eat the fingernails. we eat the past. we have nothing to conceal. we have nothing to miss. we have nothing to say. we the watch has been wound up. the bills have been paid, the washing up has been done. the last bus is passing by. it's empty. we can't complain. what are we waiting for?
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ah wish with, but who is hands madras entrance. burger biographies have been written. seminar papers have been turned in. do his books tell us more about him? no. many beckett leaped over in middleton and beckett doesn't live in waste been malloy since the end game and malloy. there stylized books irritates with a complex and impenetrable relationship to reality. feminine feeling about like if mr. beckett were in a film, they could you see him turn around, he couldn't go to the bistro round the corner. any good, and maybe he'd of a good meal fight is 2 or one that's not quite so tasty to sleep under that, but the attempt to reconcile his life and his work in a neat and tidy way. but that's impossible. ha ha,
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daniel images. listen. you have to bear in mind to know that the generation born between 19271929. that was the decisive generation of intellectuals who shaped every that a good pricked hub. 0 in 1929 us on both. you have grass and voucher. in 1929. you have every one from george diner to condra to christopher love, to have a mass entrance bag barrow. that's the generation that experienced the wars children and who then had to come to terms with the new world of it or onto done zisha. it is, it would have been horrible if they'd all share the single opinion and then drag their opinion behind themselves. throughout the next 40 years of pierce is a minute and 30 sharva distant finger slipped my this instant. there was not one to hold on to an opinion that he no longer believed in. sam, criticized him for that,
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but he was willing to rethink his beliefs and change them when necessary. and even if you asked me what kind of man he was, i'd have to say he was like a russian doll, that he had all sorts of qualities. that's how i see him. we'll have a that is writing a book called tumult with him about the years from maybe 19632196099 as aces. and then my memory of him around 1967. he's in a school just sitting there the way you see putin sitting sometimes likewise, it's in blue jeans and all that data. yeah. when in jeans as a writer, he's talking about revolution and so forth. he yes, oh, he says that he was also someone who could always identify with that when it's as good, even while keeping a kind of distance from it as a licensed image of distance, yet not some 4, possibly the emergency constitution will not respect any assembly assemblies. like
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ours, god will be dispersed with tear gas, but he can't be capitalists, the party, the union bosses who rule over us won't listen of them soon to be able to feel, be silent. and on hearing, you know, just like the gall and pompey do, if you get to summit until we joined the students and workers, we take to the streets and make ourselves heard. and some failure was not part of the generation of 1968. he was one of its pioneers, its predecessors. as a poet, he inaugurated that error and helped set the tone when it's on a fine log, i want to invite you to something you'd rather ignore. so i know fucking from the i can something we'd rather ignore it, is that it's what, which concerns us, all the lighting and concepts, all the people in the concentration camps starve to were tortured what they are us . the bumper funding we are, the executioners is the bomb throwers, the campuses shift of. and so this is the writing on the wall written in fire. if
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it can tell us who we are and what will happen if we don't defend ourselves in providing aid, immediate aid, that is not only a commandment to humanity, but a form of self defense. fundamental, not fear, then freedom and peace are not inseparable, right? and neither are torture, hunger, and war the whole either we eliminate them or they will eliminate us up. what is the shop? one instance bigger instance bag lives in frankfort with apple and our reporter was able to interview the poet in his home. that you is beggar. you publish to slim volumes of poetry in germany. i think now you're seen as the most provocative poet of all the how do you explain that to the a b i claims as 8 as oxy is as neat, it's not deliberate. people will consume that the provocation must be, than i do my best to describe what's happening here in germany. he didn't feel
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superficial husband was, but once in long pursuit, what is his gums open? and thus these, it's clear that this attempt is already seen as a provocation fuel and the cost of that from an image is just the attempt and a description of a diagnosis handled, but it's being regarded as an attack in dodge, from just events. the traditional here in germany stumped. poetry and criticism are seen as one and the same thing that uncle find someone who is a true poet to go to. he's not allowed to have a sense of humor, for example, because more home, he's not allowed to get involved in politics. that's the traditional image of poetry. but it's not one that i can fully share for myself. and to this day, he does not share in that view a quotation from the encyclopedia. born on 11th november 1929 in the town of coff boyfriend in the outgoing childhood in nuremberg, the city of the nuremberg rallies high school diploma in romantic nerd. again,
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university and dr. it's under pantano, a ph. d. freelance writer of broad editor in frankfort, a member of the group, 47. what could have motivated the author to write? this could only be the desire to write 10 or 20 pages of prose. but that is not sufficient motivation for literature. that's why i'm opposed to this text that didn't even take copious even busy you, both of them to the conclusion tie group 47 i was just and most of their influence is due to people who didn't quit until they turned us into almost mythical figures to leave science, i know middle august. no, i don't give up nice or the to the for them to the anglicans, you feel the propose it's fame to people who saw us as a literary mafia. go as a super scary cartel and underground conspiracy with this just paranoid on covers, but it benefited group 4070. so feel that women yema when you ascribe that kind of
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power and influence to someone from year after year, maybe august off over time, it becomes reality. us even doubly michel sites to auto recovery to say, just as a so i would say the group $47.00 was a tremendous amount to our critics. they helped turn us into a real political force which we might not have been able to achieve on our own home because you could, i felt you tell me more, excusing them along with going to cross and other members of group $47.00 instance burger argued that literature and theater had to be free. rather, you sent me a lesson. this is joe dubuque. all these things need to be performed. we are looking whether they're absurd, epic or political push would happen when your band performance. something has gone terribly wrong. you speed up above the ceiling that was followed. some members of
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group 47 like cross and vote against remained silent about their own nazi past, but not instant burger. i shouldn't like at all squished. miss nick monday kicked me out eventually. albany. sh. twentyish. not because i was an amazing anti fascist though auntie for just as history wilson was just all terribly boring so long by like, but i did the hitler youth was very boring. it was studious who did well nobody emma lay palostio around constantly and i just didn't like it if you find it. so i skipped a lot of meetings. i just didn't go to meeting then i'm say me. i mean, one day they called me over and told me in a very ceremonial fashion i, i'd violated something for shits. however, they put it back that also order in jacqueline dog. anyhow, they kicked me out. that ish, they said i wasn't worthy and so forth. and i was pretty happy about that. i had to act like i was upset, of course i didn't name that he just that much. i did realize even back then readings. but this russian information 1st on ah, after the war,
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he was hired by the royal air force for a young man who had grown up in nazi germany. it was his 1st taste of the larger world. he became a european and a poet who sought out and spoke to a critical and reflective audience with the mixture. also, of course you want readers who can think for themselves. and he said, yes, i think i'm not a supply man who delivers ideas ready made on people need to think for themselves and say, oh well, that's similar to cooking, no matter what the end result is. you still need the right ingredients. did anything without the power of natalia order her you can't have one without the other girl. as of yeah. so someone who doesn't have very good sense of taste won't be able to taste the ingredients. mac
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too. that's true. of course it. sometimes it is hopeless. and fire, and that's exactly what happens to my door as your power is good. but you see that with food and with books, right? excuse me. but there are people who always didn't know when they invite you over to him, and you know you better eat 1st because they're never going to serve you anything tasty me into school to school. okay. kids just like there are people who always write bad things, for example, it is like cooking for. and so it is. this is wrong, but it's still cells. even to day incense burger is wary of simplistic ideas and state authority starts call trusting mistakes on the government, the system, all of them for call. i'm not very good at that. the bidding is just doctor and just hint, i'm from her. do that has something to do with my socialization. how i was raised is just how i am what is capture. but fortunately, there are more important things in life in politics. oh, if you could again,
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you would even us to politic and speaker is a soothsayer who tell stories of tragedies wrought by human hand. one of his prose poems takes on the titanic disaster as a metaphor for progress and the hubris that caused its downfall. that winter come, that i was thinking of the titanic as copyrighted. it's a lucky bag for poets, hillary and sounds a little run next saturday on channel one is a spectator's boy. it's priceless, it's better than nothing is better, it's gone. it's better than nothing. the moment i always host on mondays, it shows the way to it by the future. it shows the way to a better future. it's art, it's been me a gone, does alice. so call me a. c c after, after he is supposed to be like soon, i mean to come meet him,
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leaving the fun with the inconvenience and for english is a wonderful person on god. she's good. what do you have? she's got a voice and just presence. you how you can feel in her as she is not your ordinary tv celebrity. that's not her us develop new to you like that about her discomfort me. oh, yeah. i like that. she's good. mm hm. and since bigger, wrote his most sensual poems for ingrid cabin, they were shown. so set to music by pair robin as well. that was good question. it . what's easier to say you're not eating any more. you're just shrugging your shoulders and saying you can't deal with it. any more, you need the rhythm, i can take it any more cost that you have to spend and what about the other so than it works, it goes on is yes, is strain, she can arrange it according to syllable deem. and how, but who can you work with? it's a desert here in germany, absolutely. into the industry to then let me keep lactic. but then i heard the
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album, the paris album. so i did this on my own, i finally. finally, if you didn't know ingrid before that well, no, no, not at all. and i don't want it to appear. it was part of it to license soon. soon . threesome like that is rare. ha ha, ha name, a diminished nation demand. that's a kind of a job. i gave a moss that mega named malaya a
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a. 6 a, a, a buzz noonish nation or a dark which german poet do you love most decide from instance, becca, go dennison's bag of my not read him much finger. it was enough. be a living poet, leaving. i know he can be deceased waiting. we'll give you 2 when toner and brushed . assure cameras anger. i can only say he's one of germany's best poets
3:55 am
in desert. he's part of that line that extends through german poetry from hina. to break higher to the present day, bush and skip a 40 foot misty and not the other one. not the one that extends from merited ceylon and elmwood is now east continued that critical enlightenment based, highly artistic line into the present day in the forth good fruit. i hope we'll see another volume of his poetry next year. nora can discipline for me my sons and since vega remains engaged in his questing a youthful man in his eighty's, he roams the very and state library. for instance, burger education is not an engine itself, not for himself, for anyone. really satisfied with the heater save her medication is something that every person has to choose for themselves. they even want to talk with you people it. some people don't want to be educated to like to administer. if you don't want to read books, that's also
3:56 am
a human right. need me. good. not everyone has to read proofs to get is most often post reason, assuming i still cannot of, on duty to. so to either try will change on it or should it should all be voluntary, even while you're still at school. it all starts at school, kinda hard to talk. i mean, nowadays you do have to tell children that it would be best to finish school and get that stupid leaving certificate then to me. but once they have a job, a professional and they're out on their own. and no one asks for those certificates . not once again under lucas and a doctorate, a totally unnecessary his. oh, any idiot can get doctorate. convention, boston. what are those letters behind your name? mean anyhow, it's all just completely absurd. so sub english for dalton, so still for the show roots in ah trick here from richard. one times magnus and since burger had a reputation as a critic of the state library. but meanwhile,
3:57 am
the fusty repository of old books has become a service operation. for people in search of an education, people thirsty for knowledge, curious people knew yoga, see if this is absolute luxury of a group, but we're not allowed to talk in here in the library, you have to be quiet of shrugged such a luxury not to look to loose since he can sustain, are you happy with things here you are to feed him with very satisfied earth. we'll understand, but there wasn't always the case where i'll be shock shipped. i used to scold from prison and i don't scold me plenty more. but instant burger does have some advice for his readers and for the future. oh, the pinion can peter go good. i'm not a teacher javi bus sha nits this year, but i think it would help to ask people what part of learning can they ignore? when done full, okay, that would save them a lot of times just follow your instincts,
3:58 am
industry. you'll find something that interests you more than anything under. that's where you start. that's where you should continue. kaitlin and jason got he pulling on that red thread and everything will become clear that's for shy and this is you don't have to work out or is it just happen saved irish. 2 o, curiosity has kept tons, magnus, incense beggar, youthful and vigorous. he's not afraid to speak his mind, even express outrage, but always with an element of detachment. even when commenting on current controversies today, because the norwegians like to say, i watch it all with crushing peace and quiet stretching. happy, gentle changing. ah, this is where they grow completely natural filters for pollution.
3:59 am
researches are kind of experiment on a former uranium site. when micro organisms, clean contaminated soil and initial results can follow the fun guy a doing an amazing job to morrow to day in 30 minutes on d. w. o leah 8th. oh yes. we have some latest trends from paris, the capital fashion, the winter trend, seek down coats and cosy nit a 90 minutes on d w. the only way i can be on top is to create my own empire, discover stories with just
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a click away the journey, the destination, right. find out this documentary with the full a came entry. ah ah, this is d, w. news alive from berlin to russia continues its brutal barracks and ukraine. the southern city of hassan has suffered it's heaviest, bombings, so far. ukrainian forces liberated the region just 2 weeks ago. also coming up


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