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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2022 7:00am-7:16am CET

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i need you who ah ah, this is dw sly from berlin, a wave of protests unlike any scene in china recently. dozens of demonstrations against half cove 19 restrictions breakout nationwide. they include calls for
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president, cj, and ping to step down, also coming up, surviving torture in ukraine. we have an exclusive report about 2 citizens of cramps on and there are deals as prisoners of the russian occupying forces. and at the world cup and cutter, germany restore some pride and keep their hopes for the next round alive. nicholas fuko, schools that equalize and a half fort one, all draw with spain of germany still have a tough battle ahead to qualify for the narcotics. ah, i'm glad else as well come to the program. large a protests have her taken place in cities across china, over bay, james, strict cobit 19 measures. the rallies are in defiance of chinese authorities. and
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the sheer scale of the demonstrations is rare. some protest is even called for president. she didn't ping to resign, but there's no sign the harsh restrictions of his 0 covey policy will be lifted any time soon. ah, this is an extraordinary moment in china, and it's spreading further. i'm wider in cities right across the country. hundreds and taking to the streets, angry and fed up with the government, save our current policy. oh, here in the capital, beijing, the line, the banks of it for several hours, many holding up blank pieces of paper. now a symbol for this growing unrest and an act of defiance in the face of chinese censorship. we want basic human rights. we want to freedom one, a free our country from this unfair,
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absurd regulation in shanghai. another outpouring of anger and something different that will concern not only china's ruling party, but also it's leda. oh my god, amongst the crowd, one protest the shouts out. down with she ging ping. c then they reply, unison stepped down. it's dangerous to criticize the government and his leader here and such a public challenge is extremely rare. oh to, there's no surprise when police move in that detain, protested. oh, these latest protests was sparked by the deaths of 10 people in a fire at an apartment building in the city of a rum chee with accusations that strict coven restrictions were to blame. vigils to remember those who died there. and now at the heart of these growing demonstrations,
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we have human dignity, we're humans, we are chinese, and we need constitutionality. oh, this is uncharted territory for china's leader. the question now, how much longer, kenny hold on to his 0 cobit policies in the face of such public pressure? ah, we have been planning to talk to a correspondent, fabi and fetch more on the ground in beijing, but he tells us that police is interfering with his reporting. we hope to speak german or later program. so let's have a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today. australia's parliament is to center former prime minister scott morrison for secretly appointing himself to a number of ministries during the cove it pandemic. judicial inquiry found that morrison had not acted illegally but that the secrecy had on the mind. trust in government. at least 14 people have died in a landslide in cameroon capital. yeah. one day the victims had been attending
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a funeral ceremony. rescue teams are still searching for survivors. as dozens more are missing. the governor describe the areas dangerous and urged people to leave. in his nightly address, ukraine's president followed him his zalinski hughes, russia planning new strikes on his country, and warned citizen soldiers to be prepared. meanwhile, authorities in key, se there close to restoring power and water. but high consumption means some blackouts have been imposed. fighting is far from over in the southern city of harrison. so it's back on the ukrainian control russian forces continue to shell, the city from across the pro river. at the same time, people there are coming to grips with a past 8 months of russian occupation. the w correspondence next connolly met with 2 residents who survived weeks of torture. a warning some views might find the
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description of violence in this report upsetting during for food, huddling around the few working why fi hotspots carrying on in spite of the shelling all around them? this is what every day life looks like and have some government key if was people to evacuate 2 areas of power and water away from the russian guns. the new in victoria state put during 8 long months of russian occupation. they're not about to go anywhere. now, they might seem like old friends, they only met in september from the seller of this unremarkable office look as prisoners and others of either forced their way into her flat my grandma sternly screaming. they let her off into the bathroom. soon had a bag over my head and they just started beating me over and over. who's your president, who's your president, you're coming with us. it's gonna be a lot of fun until i miss. the neil had subscribed to
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a pro ukrainian chat group on telegram enough for her sons, increasingly anxious was not supposed to come off to him. victoria had been volunteering, taking food to people in need when a group came and a suspicion for contacts in government control territory. here let me when the russians ready to home, they found ukrainian flags, army souvenirs and postcards, feasible char, i guess that means your enemy doesn't. at the interrogator asked me, i agreed with him. but what do people do to the enemies? he asked when they killed them, i replied that, that you're right, he said, but they tortured them, fascinated, but i didn't think i'd get out of there alive. i do a lot of them to landed during the neil had no idea where it was that been kept. he there, he realized it spent all those weeks in the middle of hudson and they recognized pictures of their basement shed online. we tried to go inside, but the police isn't letting any one in the risk of russian mines is just too high . all denila victoria ever saw was there so soon as they left it,
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they were kept in hoods. they kept as determined to remain unseen. but as little as they could see, they could hear more than they want to. 2 of us, the worst was hearing you screams, learning. i was the loudest in our basement here in the interrogation. see of what all the cells could hear. yelping was unbearable. the men's shouts didn't travel quite as far. but when you started, all i could do was pray that they'd go easy. all you knew it was all quite. ah, was up within the plat my last interrogation, my hands were bound. the pain from the electric shocks was so bad that i didn't even notice that i pulled a nail out. being all of a sudden i could feel the blood dripping my hands my trousers when they were all covered in blood. the lead found much give the most terrify moment was still to come of 2 weeks without news, while the inmates was suddenly driven out to the city. that gods telling them it was time to say to press on the fact that they made every one record a short video. you had to say your name list,
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your date of birth and saying to the camera that you were alive and well, for a moment i was really worried. what do they need this for when she was up? did they need an alibi? and when you brush geffrey at the ceiling, they were told to close their eyes and count to a 100. but instead of the shots that expected, they heard the captain driving away without them me. after that, the likelihood their russian kept his blood faced justice, his slim, the torch, all the evidence as they left. at least one good thing has come of it all. victoria tells me we'd done being scared these 7 people, including a new born baby have died in a landslide on the southern italian island of scam rescue workers and still searching for 5 people listed as missing. the italian government has declared a state of emergency a massive glance light spect to a small town under deleon island, if kia,
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leaving behind devastation streets as stone, quit mud and deputy and hundreds of homes have been smashed when we were hit by flats in the morning but we ran out to them as it was already dark, that i had a little boy yet. the powerful lance light swept beagle into the sea. rescue workers i re thing against dine, desperately searching for survivors. wild residence. and while in tears i left trying to pick up the mess. how'd you, buddy? i'm oh boy, today we'll clean up and then we'll see what we have to fix and try to restore everything. we're not going to feel sorry for ourselves because that's the way it is. we just can't wait around for help. i believe has respiratory i, old you with the white skill damage has pushed the government to call
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a state of emergency and announce a 2000000 euro 8 program. but some residents blamed the government for not doing enough. despite knowing the island is prone to earthquakes. and storms when your element, but it's the fault of our old politicians who did not do preventive work in the mountains. they cut down the trees and this is the consequence of vehicle it had happened once before in 2010 when a 15 year old girl died. this time it was a catastrophe, is scared is a densely populated volcanic island, due to some has led to a construction boom here. but climate activists argue large scale building heads, reduced green spaces and trees in the region. from straws and bottles to throw away coffee cops, plastic as a material the world is struggling to do without its endlessly useful but as also polluting our plans. now negotiators are looking to agree a new treaty to try to win the world of it's addiction to plastic.
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turtles getting dangerously close to plastic bags an image that has become symbolic of the world's plastic problem. and one that world leaders are hoping to put to rest negotiators from across the globe are meeting this week to work on a legally binding agreement that is hoped will curve plastic pollution including that found in the ocean, plastic as a material and the pollutant is totally trans boundaries in the last couple of years. that's been this growing recognition that we need to have something at the global level, some kind of policy instrument that's going to re capture the whole plastic lifecycle. plastic is an extremely versatile material. it is used to package food to make fabrics for clothes, to make cosmetics, and beyond. while plastic was made in relatively small amounts in the 1950s, production has increased exponentially. in 2010,
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300000000 tons of plastic were produced. today that has grown to 400000000 tons every year. but it's also highly polluting. plastic accumulates as litter in nature. much of it ends up in landfills. micro plastics are another major source of concern. they come from rubber tires and washing synthetic fibers, and they've been found in the deepest parts of the ocean and animals. and even in human blood, recycling has long been proposed as a solution to plastic pollution companies market products on the basis that they're made from recycle plastic or can be recycled. but only around 9 percent of plastic worldwide is recycled. there were standing in the face of years of failed voluntary commitments in the major, the major multinational companies that set targets for improving recyclable, etc, for which is thing, the amount of plastic ease up. there's absolutely no accountability to any kind of
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legal framework. nations have pledged to reach an agreement on plastic by 2024. only time will tell whether will be successful or just more empty promises. and some sports use at the world, compet caught up germany restored some pride off to their defeat to japan. but drawing one all with spain and group e, but they still need to win their last game against costa rica to have any chance full of call of qualifying for the no called stages. spain show dare intention. this came right from the start, danny almo, coming close, 7 minutes in, but manuel noir and gold, and the crossbar. both came to germany's rescue. has he flicks i looked most dangerous from set pieces, but sadly for then, antonia roodick, as header was, rode out for off site, the mountains fine between success and failure into the 2nd half in spain. true
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1st blood. how baron murata had only been on the field 8 minutes. a typical poachers finished from him and and inspired substitution by spain coach luis enrique. but anything he can do flit can to his super sub strike. had nicholas full crooked, smashed in germany's equalizer with 7 minutes to go. raymond's full crew, repaying flake and bucket loads for his call up to the squad relief then for the coach will be hoping this doesn't turn out to be a temporary reprieve. and that's it from me and the hosting. for now, i'll be back with more news at the top all bills. well, stories is a next on got offers and berlin and they wouldn't know what makes the genesis. he'd just been a love and banning thing away from.


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