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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 28, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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ah ah ah, this is the w news live from berlin, china clamped gentleman protest against it. 0 covey of the policy barriers. go up as police deal with demonstrators cotton for president gigi, and paying to resigned. also on the program. an exclusive report from her son in south you crate the hear about the ordeal of 2 prisoners held by russian occupying
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forces and goals galore at the football woke up serbia and cameroon. were both looking to score for the 1st time and exceeded expectations. ah and phil gail, welcome to the program. china is clamping down on protests against its unpopular 0 cobit policy. thousands of people have taken part in demonstrations calling for an end to lock downs and in some cases for the resignation of president julian pink. time is strict censorship laws mean that such protests are extremely rare, and rallies have been held around the world in solidarity with the chinese protests . beijing has a some restrictions, but he's showing little sign of backing down. ah, in downtown shanghai,
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a heavy police presence has replaced the huge proteus which filled these streets. police, cars, tracks, and offices are out and force huge fences now in place to stop crowns. gathering authorities here are working to remove all evidence of the protests demanding these women delete photos from the fines. oh, here they have wrist. one protested with police telling reporters the men didn't obey their arrangements. he's not the only one to have been detained. the social media footage shows a b, b, c journalist being arrested while protest as chant for his release. the baby ceases . he was assaulted before being fried. chinese authorities say he didn't properly identify himself. the proteus are an extremely ria show of descent with many here reaching their limits. ballade is pretty neighboring loyal to you. i think everyone
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has their own demands in this matter. don't go you. i think it's good for the environment of the whole country to have such a space for discussion. rallies and solidarity with china's demonstrations have now sprayed around the world. large crowds gathered outside the embassy in london. and here in tokyo, calling for an end to china's strict coven restrictions. yeah. but chinese authorities are refusing to change course. you know? we believe that with leadership and the support of the chinese people are fight against coven 19 will be successful. the way there has been a slight easing of restrictions in the western city of odom. chief, we are a deadly apartment fire last week sparked much of the recent and reast. some residents who have been confined to their homes for months can travel on local
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buses from tuesday. some small relief, but far from the into the government. 0 cove and policy that so meaning demanding well, andrew, small of the german marshall fund told me these protests of very unusual. they're very much exceptional. i think people have said the scale and breadth of these protests is something that we haven't seen for decades. we've. we've seen kind of isolated cobit process and we see lots of local protests over specific issues. but this kind of uniting around a fairly common cause and the direct calls directed at the central leadership. and that you can think himself is not something we've seen. so what's behind with china? of course, as this is down to foreign agitation, but what moves so many people to take to the streets inserted in such numbers in such a repressive regime?
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well, the coven control measures have now been in place for such an extended period of time. and for, for the 1st considerable phase of this, i think there was a high level of understanding that this was necessary. and now what people are seeing, and if some are pointed to the world, carp seems of mosque, less people, not just from the advanced economies, but from, from other parts of the developing world. but broadly speaking, people are aware that the rest of the world has returned to normality. and the question is, why has this not happened in china? and there are 2 explanations for one is that the government must be incompetent in failing to put the measures in place with vaccines in the health care system to enable a sort of reopening to be possible. or the other one is that they like to maintain the level of societal control that the 0 coven policies exemplify and, and, and enable them to maintain. and neither of these things are all situations that
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people are willing to put up with for years on end. and after the party congress, i think the sense that took place recently, i think the people have been looking for some hope that these policies might be reversed. but the chinese government still isn't even in a position to do that. given the po vaccination levels. the of the unwillingness to roll these out with foreign m on a vaccines spoke. they're not even in a position if the pressure is maintained and to really push back on those eric over policies without having a tremendous effect on the house of the elderly chinese. so i think sense is a bit of despair at the moment at people being locked down for years on end, and extremely capricious circumstances and seeing no way out of it. though we have seen some restrictions been east, there's been a modest easing of these restrictions. but we've, we've seen kind of what, which one also sees in the way the international markets respond these kind of
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flashes of hope. but the fundamentals are still, that you do not have the vaccination levels in the elderly population in china that mean that they can be confident to move ahead with anything that approaches a kind of real relaxation of 0 hope it policies while the infection rates are so high and have been rising, so they're not in a position to do that without projected levels of deaths that go into the hundreds of thousands, even into the millions of people as, as things stand. so that they will probably try to pull back a little bit on the, the most repressive of the policies that they pursued. the kind of barricading people in the homes and, and the sorts of things that people have been pushing back against my family. but the fundamentals of the policy, they're still stuck with for a little while to come. that's very clear. thank you so much for joining us. and i'm not to for sandra small from the german bottle. but including president vladimir savanski has warned, whose country to prepare for
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a new wave of russian air strikes, declaring that as long as moscow has missed files, it will not rest. last weeks, it turns russian rocket strikes. of course, the most damaging our cut since the war began. millions have been without electricity or heat. i will forward to say power and water supplies and capital. i've now been restored. corresponding nicolai is in cave and told me how people are dealing with those outages. stephanie talked, you might be able to see behind me quite how few lights are on here in cable though, the system, the system has been stabilized. cynthia attacks last week, and it definitely feels like everyone now is an expert on generators. you can't get any diesel generators or either here or in europe. they are all sold out. people having to move to less efficient petrol generators. people talking about the power banks, different ways of kind of making the best of a few hours a day. they do have access to means power blocks, people who are thinking about whether it's maybe a better idea to move out of the city from there. kind of high rise apartments to their weekend houses, rural kind of cottages,
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places where you can heat with wood or other things that you can kind of organize yourself without being dependent on a complex system. and there is, as you mentioned there, that fear of further russian attacks, it feels like every time the russians attack with those missiles that it takes a little longer for the system to kind of recalibrate itself. but there's no panic yet. i think the most important thing is that people more less have access to mobile phone networks can communicate. and i think that's been my kind of most lasting impression is that when the power goes out and the mobile phone must stop working, that's when people get a bit nervous because they can't find out how the family doing what to expect. as long as that's around, people somehow make the best of it. and what about places like harrison in the south? ford had been liberated that have been liberated by ukrainian forces, but are still facing daily a russian bombardment. well in terms of the infrastructure, the situation, there is much, much worse that city has been without logic, that power without water for weeks now. and you can imagine trying to repair their systems during kind of constant artery bombardments is basically impossible. but
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it's not just about the candidate day, those people now coming out of 8 months of occupation and trying to work out what the russian army did, their, how people were affected. if they saw the kinds of things that we saw in her given books in a key of those kind of human rights abuses, i met some people who had been imprisoned for over a month by the russians have had san let's have a look at what had se queuing for food, huddling around the few working, why fi hotspots carrying on in spite of the shelling all around them? this is what every day life looks like. it's on the government key. it was people to evacuate to areas with power water away from the russian guns. the neil and victoria stayed put during 8 long months of russian occupation. they're not about to go anywhere. now. they might seem like old friends, but they only met in september. the seller of this unremarkable office loc as
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prisoners and other does have either forced their way into her flat. my grandma started screaming, they let her off into the bathroom. soon. i had a bag of my head and they just started beating me over and over. who's the president? who's your president, you're coming with us. it's going to be a lot of fun till i miss. the neil had subscribed to appro ukrainian check group on telegram enough for her son's increasingly anxious rush notifies to come after him . victoria had been volunteering, taking food to people in need when her group came into suspicion for contacts in government control territory. when the russians rated her home, he found ukrainian flags on the souvenirs and postcards, leisure butcher. i guess that means your enemy doesn't. to the interrogator asked me, i agreed with him, but what do people do to their enemies? he asked the killed them. i replied to your right. he said. they talked to them 1st . i never would. i didn't think i'd get out of there alive. i wanted to come to my address during the new i had no idea where it was,
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had been kept there. he realized it's spent all those weeks in the middle of have songs and they recognize pictures of their basement shed online. we tried to go inside, but the police isn't letting anyone in the risk of rush minds. it's just too high. all denise victoria ever saw was their self. as soon as they left it, there were captain hoods, the captors determined to remain unseen. but as little as they could see, they could hear more than they want to. 2 of us, the worst was hearing your screams running. i was the loudest in our basement. you're in the interrogation. see of what all the cells could hear. yelping, i was unbearable. the men's shouts didn't travel quite as far. but when you started, all i could do was pray that they'd go easy. all you knew it was all quite. ah, wasn't within the flat my last interrogation, my hands were bound. the pain from the electric shocks was so bad that i didn't even notice that i pulled a nail out. but all of a sudden i could feel the blood dripping my hands my trousers when they were all
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covered in blood. the lead, but give the most terrify moment was still to come of 2 weeks without news while the inmates was suddenly driven out to the city. that guards telling them it was time to say their prayers on the file so that they made everyone record a short video. you had to say your name, your date of birth, and saying to the camera that you were alive and well. for a moment i was really worried. what do they need this for? when she was that, did they need an alibi? and when you brush gateway to seal and they were told to close their eyes and count to a 100. but instead of the shots that expected, they heard their captain driving away without them me. after that the likelihood their russian kept his low face justice, his slim, the torch, all the evidence as they left. at least one good thing has come of it all. victoria tells me we'd done being scared a report from nick connelly who still with us in case welcome aback. nick, what sort of support is there for people like to nail in victoria and must be
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traumatized after all have been through? well, the grace of a city is fully aware of this change, and there are all kinds of charities, all kinds of volunteer groups, offering support. but i think it's poor little early. i think most people are still trying to get their heads around what happened themselves and not really in a state to go talk about it in that kind of psychological kind of support sense and people are also trying to survive. there is, you can see that brought there while trying to get into the seller that they'd spent the best part of a month. and there was still a lot of shelling going on. that is getting worse since we left had so on. and people are without work and basically trying to kind of deal with their very basic kind of survival issues. but i think there is a real consent in ukraine that when this war is over, not just the civilians who are, you know, tortured ended up in a russian basement like that, but also hundreds, thousands, if not more competent. soldiers are going to need some help because this is a country that basically woke up on the 24th february in a full scale war that no one here really wants to believe as possible and has seen, you know, tens of thousands of people lose their lives alex,
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we pull spending months and months under occupation, a great risk themselves. so there's definitely a huge need there. and i think there is a growing awareness that you know, if you can, wants to come back some kind of normality after this war. and it's going to be a lot of work need to be done. thanks for that. nick, nick connelly in the craning capital what was the increasing number of russian attacks on ukraine's infrastructure? many european countries are preparing for an influx of ukrainian refugees, of german city of berlin, for example, has taken in nearly 90000 this year. i'm is working on more accommodation, including huge tent for services at a former airport, who church communities are also stepping in to help. it was supposed to be emergency accommodation, but for around 30 ukrainian refugees. this is home now. the community hall of the marcus congregation in berlin. the church pays for the refugees. stay here. finding a permanent apartment in berlin is almost impossible. anna should ask her,
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and her 8 year old daughter, anastasio found a room for a few months now. they had to come back, they say the dormitory almost feels like home and fled with her 2 children from odessa back in march. will you be alice? good. i was so scared when people in ukraine said, you need to leave save your children. that is why i was so scared to go to a foreign country where i don't know the language of the people, the mentality. but here we've been treated so warmly. the volunteers here have been so dedicated to helping the ukrainian refugees that the church has employed. some of them to sort through donations and groceries and help translate several are originally from russia. but here it's support in hard times that counts rather than national boundaries. and the volunteers expect a tough winter the uncover to tune this officers presume we have space for 80 people here, o 400 in case of a crisis and i think we're ready. i will give
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a old to help these people and take them in. definitely of him for info with winter setting in berlin's government is in a race against time. for example, at this former airport, currently new arrivals from ukraine register and live here temporarily before they can be moved on within berlin or to other german cities. to heated tenths at the old airport house. $400.00 people each, but they're almost full. by the end of the year, the city plans to set up more permanent housing for an additional $10000.00 refugees. ones at c list. this thus differ via owns where people stay in this temporary housing to be short from him so that we can offer people a place to move on to my off. i love the mental unbeaten can, will stand on not hanging on wednesdays, but at the moment people have been arriving faster than we can create places for them. either shuffle couldn't come back at the marcus church community. one ukrainian family has been able to move into a permanent separate apartment after months in
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a tiny room with 2 infants. their mother, eula, is relieved, but feeling fully at home can be hard. many of the families, relatives are still in ukraine. the damage runs against you so much as we are living here in peace and quiet in a war nice place and they are there with us. we still feel like we are somehow in limbo, but i am trying to live in the current reality. i'm living here with the kids, and i have to create a comfortable life for them. what lasers with the war dragging on and winter ahead . eulley as family is lucky. even now. hundreds of ukrainians are stuck in arrival centers in berlin, hoping for a more permanent home. and he is, look at some more stories of making news around the world security forces in the somali capital market issue. so they've ended a siege at a hotel. at least 8 people were killed as algebra. medicine stored the building authorities, so they rescued 60 civilians. villa rose hotel is popular with government officials
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. police forces in 6 countries have brought down an international cocaine ring. almost 50 people have been arrested in europe and the united arab emirates, and round to 30 tons of drugs have been seized. now at least 8 people, including a new born baby have been killed in a landslide on the italian island of esquire rescue. workers are still searching for several others. of the government has declared a state of emergency the serenity this island normally enjoys has been turned on its head. a violent storm sent waves of mud sweeping through the streets early saturday. the aftermath has stunned those tasks with recovery efforts. the rescuers include hundreds of volunteers who now have to clear out seemingly endless amounts of sludge. a catholic children's home is among the buildings flooded
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rela, my very alley have evolved or didn't well, this is all the mud that came in to the compound through the sewers. i know you will and body so we volunteers are trying to help me out because the state and those in it are not doing their duty. but they're a kid over. there are no fight thought of either. the storm delayed the arrival of fairies bringing emergency support from italy's mainland. but it's not just the speed of the rescue that hang of people here. the local government is also under fire for not clamping down on illegal buildings. possibly like in it, i must say that such an awful thing shouldn't have happened, because we know that this island, and indeed this town casa mitchell is an area with delicate soil. so they should have been more careful of it. it would have been a significant number of buildings on the skier island did not have official permits climate active essay. large scale
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construction has reduced green spaces and trees in the region, making the soil more susceptible to slides. the national civil protection agency says these land planning violations affect more than 90 percent of italy's municipalities and one. they too could face some risk of landslides or other natural disasters. and the landslide in cameron's capital yonder has killed the 15 people with dozens more missing. heavy rains caused them embankment to collapse at during a funeral. rescue was asserting through the mud for survivors. dozens of a funeral party were gathered on a slope when the ground gave way beneath him. we'll jessica holmes of newcastle university, and the u. k. told me how lance lives there like those in cameroon, and italy could be prevented. landslide triggers come to cost me anything. so rainfall is one such landslide trigger. and we think that about 80 percent of
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natural disasters are caused by weather related hazards. and that includes landside, triggered by rainfall like those recently seen and come around and italy this week . so the fact that we've got this very intense rainfall that occurred actually potentially a very long dry summer is something that we're likely to see more and more is climate change progresses. so the dryness of the summer is likely to have caused weathering of top sales, which reduces the strength of the sales. and therefore there's a greater likelihood of land 5 parents when that rainfall dot com. so it's possible that that's the sort of thing that we see now, and we're likely to see more of unfortunately as climate change progresses. well, i think the main thing that we need to look towards is monitoring flops. so we do a lot of research into how we can effectively monitor slots in order to identify appropriate mitigation techniques, fall slope failure. and the ultimate aim of that would be to provide early warning systems for land sites so that we can implement low cost remedial work before the
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line side occurs and prevent the fatalities. and also these major influences on the economy and the environment. so there are many methods for monitoring on sites and, but we usually need to look at risk based prioritization of our monitoring because kind of see monitor every single slot. so an assessment of the risk needs to be carried out before we can actually monitor this to be able to provide these mitigation strategies effectively. ah, the football world, copper guitar, the rubric class which would come rooted sherbie at all, turned into a goal 1st. but despite all those girls each side had to settle for just one point . camera took the lead after 29000000. it was their 1st goal at the tournament. it was also a 1st for serbia when they equalized just before the break. and they weren't
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done yet just a minute later, there turned the game on it, said 2 on serbia at half time after the break serbia state in control of the game. alexander mitrovica with a 7th gold in the last 6 games for his country. but cameroon wouldn't surrender and showed their fighting spirit, a beautiful chip from vincent abaca got them within a gold. around the one hour mark. and just 3 minutes later via munich strike, eric maxime, trooper meting with the easy tap in for cameroon. serbia with the last big chance of the match. but the shot just went wide. 33, the final score. a result that keeps both countries woke up hopes alive with that a 2nd match. so gonna stave off elimination with a narrow victory. i'm muhammad accrued us score twice, including the game winning goal after south korea had there even the match. 3
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points for the gun a when may they stand contention to reach the knockout route. i'm so we've seen 11 goals in just the 1st at 2 of today's matches still to come this evening in katara . brazil will be without their injured superstar naima and they take on switzerland and group g and christiano. rinaldo and his portugal side will play what a gwyle and group h left to losing their 1st game. germany restored some pride by drawing one all with spain and group a after golden. first half al votter murata put, spend one mill off on 62 minutes. nicholas a full crew go smashed in an equalizer with 7 minutes left. jim, you still need to win that last game against costa rica to have any chance of qualifying for the knockout stage. following that nail biting match, d. w spoke with germany, fans in keta, and many weren't satisfied with the one old rule. i have mixed feelings though i
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are not. should i be happy? because we are down 10. i'm pretty much our the tournament or should i be sad because i feel like we could try to score in the last minute or the more we had some, some chances, a score. now we have 2 beats costa rica, and now we have to figure out a way to get lucky, i guess, because of jap roger bandwidth. then we have no chance out efficiency efficiency. they just need to score. i mean, for example, it was yellow, perfect dribbling, but he just needs to score. so if they do it, they will just go one goal. they will do $34.00 goes yeah, excellent, point relieve like it was what disappointing 1st match. good believe that we lose and now there are still some hope you're watching b. w. news life from berlin, coming up next, a muse, asia, worldwide demonstrations in solidarity with chinese. protestors demand an end to lock downs in china, but is beijing likely to ease it 0 corporate policy?
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on the grim choice facing afghan families, heat their homes or feed themselves finished. we'll have those stores on more in just a moment and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world headlines in the meantime. of course, as always petite of the website, the w dot com for that the, ah, ah, ah ah, ah, ah, ah ah, ah,
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a foundation and i know to piece in ukraine. ah, the opera gama, in bon 202021. 60 dw, is a master of the art of confrontation. this is wrong of a better written of verbal combat because i mean, you're gonna really, i twice the undisputed champion of tough political talk. you trying to frighten people? no, i so fight. everybody understand that? exactly. you enter the complex zone and join tim sebastian as he holds the powerful to account. this is a big failure. whichever way you like to spin conflict zone on d w. ah, will you become a criminal m franklin? i already know that with
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hackers, paralyzing the tire societies, computers that out some are you and governments that go crazy for your data. we explain how these technologies work, how they can work for that's how they can also go terribly. watch it now on youtube. this is the dublin years day shack, coming up to dave, china's antique coverage protests go global demonstrations. i have the u. k, australia and japan against china. i was general probate measures how serious a challenge all day to should you being and the communist bought the self quality.


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