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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2022 2:00pm-2:31pm CET

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ah, ah ah ah ah, this is dw news lie from berlin, violent clashes breakout in china, anti lockdown protesters face off against security forces in the southern city of kwan show authorities to ease stringent coping measures to quell the protests. but
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will it be enough? also coming up, chinese state media announcing the death of former leader jung same men who saw china out of isolation. in the aftermath of the tenement square massacre and nato pledges more weapons and money for ukraine as that reiterates of support for it to join the alliance. plus, a new drug proves it can flow mental decline in the early stages of all timers, but it comes with side effects. ah, i'm sorry, kelly. welcome to the program. authorities and china are strengthened in their efforts to stamp out unrest over stringent covered measures. university students who are seen as prime protesters have been sent home. police are out in force, but despite measures being relaxed in some places,
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the descent is widespread. an ongoing, oh, it's a display of public rage not seen in china for decades. and what began as a position to strict anti covet restrictions, has moved into something bigger, a thinly disguised challenge to those on power from beijing to hong kong. we don't want all thorough terrorism. we want human rights, we don't want monarchy. war. oh, no law. the protests have become too loud to ignore the ruling. communist party has staged a massive show of force by security services and about a resolute crack down on what it's labeled sabotage activities by hostile forces. oh, this is what the crank down looked like in guangzhou through the lance of a citizens mobile phone. large numbers of police and personal protective equipment
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. patrolling the streets with riots, shields here and, and other major cities. people reported that their mobile phones were checked for photos, band apps, or other potential evidence that they had taken part in the demonstrations. beijing has made clear it went tolerate descent or hulu fought china as a country governed by the routine and the variously a ride suit. freedoms enjoyed by chinese citizens, are fully guaranteed in accordance with the whole of the same time. and he royal, so freedom is, must be exercised with the framework of the law, the com, johnny shoes in an apparent concession to demonstrate his authorities have east some anti cove at measures and announced a new purse to vaccinate vulnerable. great. that it may not be enough to quell this type of anger. and a recent video also from going to protest as can be seen,
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toppling a p c r testing tent and throwing objects at ripe police. ah, over the last few days, demonstrations had also spread beyond china's borders. these people protesting in toronto, canada containing old ascent everywhere is a challenge. even the powerful chinese communist party is unlikely to win more. c and are juergen hard as member of the german parliament for the opposition cd you party and was a foreign affairs adviser and former chancellor angler miracle's government. earlier he told me more about how the latest protests reveal beijing's resistance to reform. there's a mantra of every communistic leadership since lily, the party is all with rights and this is also a slogan that it's posted in every chinese country. but people obviously see that the cobra strategy of the government is wrong because of the that most of the other
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countries, the bird, 3 years after the outbreak of cobit and come back to nearly normal and routine. and china is still sticking in lockdown and significant reduction of civil life and business life. and there is no culture of changing a politician this coming to the party with a stick to their own program that they tried to have no real colbert strategy, because they see that they have. i've seen the chinese, it's not working because of it, but they are reluctant to ask for co bitch maxine from the west and wrote an essay already offered by the by german companies. and they are very much, much better able to, to, and because of it than the chinese is and to the government is not strong enough, not willing to accept that they did a mistake. and this is
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a lack of culture and responsibilities. you've also said that it's not just people in china who are suffering under beijing, 0 coven policy, but also the global economy, including germany. in what way is germany affected? is, are other countries affect where we have an intensive trade relations between germany and china, between several other european north american countries and china. and we are depending on the supply chain to china. and if they're to euro corporate threat with close grossing down of companies that are often adjusting points, we have to ship and harming of that, it's obliging. this will not only have the chinese economy because if they don't, i'm not able to deliver. they cannot get money for that. and if they are not able to part products with them both for the rest of the good people has nothing to do in the introductory. but on the other hand, also in germany and other countries,
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we have a lack of a pre product from, from china. and therefore, the policy of the chinese government is not only against the, the welfare of china. it's against the raj economy and recovering of the economy after corbett and therefore, i think there's an immediate need for change strategy on corbett by the chinese government. but i see no sickness for that, except that would be amended to pull from your current funded about low to measures to make it more elect dimension for the people. and that was your heart. a member of the german parliament for the opposition cd. you party, former chinese leader young men, has died at the age of 96. according to state media, he came to power in the wake of the repression of the pro democracy protest. tiana mon square in 1989. he feared china through economic reforms that transformed the
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country into a global manufacturing power house. he also oversaw the return of hong kong from the u. k. in 1997 and macau, from portugal in 1999. he stepped down as president in 2003, but remained influential in the bowling communist party, long after he retired. and let's get more on this. we are joined by d. w reporter clifford could and who worked as a correspondent in china for many years. how important figure was he in chinese history? well, he was a very important vigor in those years in china was constantly being reported. the jasmine was dead. so this finally be confirmed. he was an emblematic figure of change in china. in many ways, he oversaw some of the biggest events in chinese history and in some ways created the kind of china which she jim being the current leader has inherited. particularly with accession to the, the world trade organization in the early 2, thousands. the process which continued over the early 2, thousands and, and he basically was a transitional figure in some ways because she,
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jim ping has now become this enormous figure. but his, his position in history and chinese history is certainly assured how do you citizens of china see him when he was funny. in some ways he was, he was more charismatic than a lot of chinese leaders who tend to be technocrats. and he was famous for his rendition of love me tender. he could recite the gettysburg address in english, which was pretty remarkable. he, when you go to shanghai, he was very, very popular. and shanghai, which was his power base and taxi drivers always had stories about him and. and then you come into the huge, entire year after that. and the stories and the technocrats come in. and now we have, she's being who courses another stage in some ways of communist rule in china, and that he's very much hard line the communist party figure, not to say the young men didn't oversee his own share of them, of events that were controversial, including the crock: down on the fallen gong movement, the spiritual movement which was led to
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a lot of people being arrested and killed, to we know what he thought of shipping. and he, he was, i think he was a skeptic because he led the shanghai faction, which i was supposedly in opposition to, to see jim things faction am at the party congress last year. he very, if you had a large magnifying glass and he was kept looking at his watch during shipping speech and things like that he, he, he was sort of, there were they were, they were rivals. but at the same time, they both believed in keeping the party strong. so they, they couldn't express it too obviously. but they, they were definitely rivals ok. clifford could in joining us with this news chunk, same in has died the age of 96. thank you. so much and here's a look at some other stories make news. 3 a chinese astronauts have successfully dr. the t on gong space station in a 6 month mission to complete its construction. they blasted off earlier from the
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gobi desert. the station is the show piece of beijing space ambitions. a suicide attack and pakistan has killed 4 people. the bomber blew himself up near a truck carrying police officers to protect health workers. the pakistani taliban says that they carried out the attack in the city of kent allies of the jailed belly mercy and opposition leader maria callous. nicola said that she is critically ill in the hospital. authorities have provided little information about her condition. her lesson cova was recently put in solitary confinement in prison. she is an outspoken critic of leader, alexander lucas shank mentioned. she is billions of euros, earmarked for hungry are likely to be locked because of the government and not a whole not doing enough to uphold the rule of law. the european commission wants to freeze the funds. prime minister, victor, or bonds administration has refused to tackle corruption. nato has
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promised to stand by the people of ukraine as russian air strikes target critical infrastructure across the country. millions are without power and heating. talks in the romanian capital book, arrest nato. foreign minister is agreed to send power generators, fuel and medical supplies, as ukraine prepared for a tough winter. us secretary of state, anthony blinking said that russia strategy of targeting civilians would not affect the resolve of the alliance. we are clear eyed about the difficult mentor that lies ahead. we know present patients, playbook, freeze and starve ukrainians. forced them from their homes, drive up energy, food and other household costs not only across europe, but around the world. and then try to splinter our coalition. president who thinks that if he can just raise the cost high enough, the world will a bad and ukraine that will leave them defend for themselves. his strategy has not
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and will not work. we will continue to prove him wrong. that's what i heard loudly and clearly from every country here in bucharest. and d, w. as alan sat, a phenomena joined us from that nato meeting in bucharest. alexandra, as we've heard, the foreign ministers have agreed to send the equipment and supplies to help you. crane prepare for the winter. how important will this be? well, i think it's crucial for ukraine as the country, as a strongly struggling to get through winter, and it's facing constant attacks on its energy infrastructure. 30 percent of that infrastructure was bumped out by russia in the last few weeks, according to the u. s. administration. so any help is urgently needed and to the nato allies. a pledge here to support ukraine to get through when to,
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to provide transformers and generators of are equipment. and of course we also have to add here that the ukranian foreign minister also present here in bucharest, made clear what ukraine urgency needs is also modern or a defense systems and patriot systems, for instance. and anita chip stolen back to dads, dad is something that at the allies will discuss. however, the decision on whether such systems could be provided to ukraine has not been made yet. nieto was keen to com, rushes neighbors concerned about the political and the economic instability caused by the war in ukraine meantime, on hasn't been able to reassure them. well, i think it was important to have them here. and they were invited to move over, for instance, was her for the very 1st time present at such
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a need to ministerial meeting and her nato allies. reassured those vulnerable partners that they are ready to support then and all that those partners are struggling with their fall out of rush us war on ukraine. let's take mold over fun and for instance, they are struggling with a severe energy crisis of today. half of moldova is without power because of russia's airstrikes because of russia's missile strikes on ukraine's infrastructure. both countries are neighbors. so as you can see, it was important to have those vulnerable partners here, c, w, as alexander phenomena. thank you. russian human rights activist, say that 9000 russian soldiers have died since the war in ukraine began. of these, almost $300.00 are said to be men who have been mobilized. the kremlin is far from
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its goals in ukraine. many russians are concerned about that, including those who are in putin's inner circle. so what does this mean for the war and for pollutants grip on power. t w's correspondent, the river shadow reports. confusion about the reasons for going to war. she gains on the ground and the chaos of mobilization. the war in ukraine is not going well for russia. the withdrawal of troops from henson at the beginning of november was moscow's biggest set back since the world began. hotline, as in moscow, have been grumbling, ever since. 3 of the loudest have been businessman yevgeny pre goshen. chechnya and leader rams unclear of. and former president dmitri met the adf for goshen, one of latimer, curtains close. his confidant is making himself especially noticeable for
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years he denied the existence of his mercenary army, the volcanic group. but recently he changed his story and said, he's been in charge of the paramilitary organization since 2014. how global rewarding aggression has 2 political instruments. you the wagner group and the media outlets that have helped him gain popularity and status law latanus discipline of austin eisbone journal. she doesn't, she lost, he's a kind of external service provider for the state. and he has some of the power of the state and acts as a political figures. you brought him in mid september, a video came out that showed a man who looked like promotion. recruiting russian prisoners to fight in ukraine. helium went in and thought it was their mouth walk, their reward, freedom,
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war and money is going to be feasible. another putin, i'll, i who has been all over the headline since the war began. is rams. on career of chechnya, leda has publicly criticize russia's generals for being too soft. on like a i looked at the machine, acted euros, is using the media to broaden his influence and to show everyone that he is a major player or chrome. we're still dozer still doesn't rock chechen soldiers a fighting on rushes side in the dumbass region. cook children's career of is being used by potent just by promotion to recruit fresh troops for the front lies. men v 8. f, who served as president and prime minister, has been stoking the fires of anti western hatred and making optimistic predictions that russia were when the war and ukraine pneumonia. he is even said that nuclear
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weapons of the way to give brush a battle its former imperial glory. se lucia was thorough. yeah, sure. what is the limit of you always just from the he has a need for admiration of the former president who has become a nobody you ish, darcy. i think he wants to an political capital. he seems to still have political ambitions. and he said, just how much pre goshen cordero, a med gate at a putting president putin under pressure is unclear. but 9 months into the war in ukraine, displeasure is growing in russia over its course. there is no hope for alzheimer's patients as an experimental drug has been confirmed to slow mental decline in sufferers for the 1st time. newly published data shows the drug reduce the overall cognitive decline in patient by 27 percent over 18
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months. but data from the trial involved, generally 1800 people shows the drug also comes with an increased risk of side effects such as brain bleeds and swelling. now, while the benefits are small, experts have welcome to the results as the start of a new era in alzheimer's treatment. after decades, without options, you know, i've been waiting for this. we said that this approach might work 30 years ago. oh, you know, if you'd asked me 30 years ago how long it would take, i'd say 5 to 10 years. so for me it's, it seems definitely momentous. i think for patients, it's a real step forward, a real step forward and speak more about this. we are joined by our colleague pepper stevens from t w. science. is it momentous? well, causing quite a sty in this in the field of research isn't campaigners. one said it isn't, but i meant his breakthrough. another said it's the 1st real option for treatment
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for out time is patients. now the back talk to this is a very, very high level of failure of new drugs and development for alzheimer's disease. more than 1009 percent of drugs actually fail that have been developed now. yeah, and that's because it's still quite a mystery to science much less of it as understood of alzheimer's than something like cancer. and that makes it sort of developing treatments really difficult. there's also no drug that works on the onset of the disease. the drugs at the moment treat the symptoms of that disease. so if drug could treat the onset the disease and cognitive decline becomes available around the world and is approved by drug regulators around the world. and that could be huge. so how does that actually work that? so a hallmark of alzheimer's is the build up of amyloid and how proteins in the brain . thus what causes these brain plaques is kind of sticky. plaques can be very damaging to the brain and associated with the symptoms like memory loss and
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confusion. so like animals actually targets the amyloid proteins that because it contains antibodies and the antibodies flag up the proteins to the bodies own immune system to the immune system can actually destroy them. break them down, begin to break down the plaques, and then there's this. yeah, and that's what causes the holton, the progression of the cognitive decline of 27 percent over 18 months. is what the research found. are there any doubts here? we understand that there are some of them, right. although there's, yeah, you mentioned these side effects in the trial of increased brain bleeds and increase dwelling of the brain in patients who tried the drug compared to patients who didn't. so there are concerns about his safety. some research is a saying 27 percent, you know nothing to get that excited about. and there are also concerns that it's not been tested long term. it's not been tested over 18 months. the patients that were in the study were only, i only had early onset of the disease and diagnosing it early can be very,
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very difficult. so there's a chance that could only the dog could only apply to a small group of patients. but this is that the side effects in the long term effects are what drug regulators around the world will be looking at to decide whether or not it's safe for public use. ok, thank you so much. hipaa stevens from d. w. science. we really appreciate it. ah, some history is being made on the world cup pitch in katara schieffer has selected an all female officiating team for a man's world cup match for the 1st time ever. stephanie, for part of france, will be the head referee for the all female team that will officiate the crucial match between close to rieger and germany on thursday. the 38 year old also refereed a mens world cup qualifier in march. a men's champions league game in 2020, and the 2019 wave a super cup final. she said the inclusion of an all female team in guitar is
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a strong sign from fifa. i think that we've all been invited here as a whole similar record. so we have all the rooms the position to be here, and that's exactly how we feel one in other world cup news, ron battles with the united states tuesday evening for the right to move on to the round of 16. the iranian side has come under government pressure after refusing to sing the national anthem in their 1st game in support of protesters back home. still, their hopes of advancing fell short with reports about the iranian government, putting immense pressure on the team. the players were singing the national anthem without a great deal of enthusiasm and accompanied by booze and whistling from fans. de game kicked off at the us. we're in control after a half hour. it was timothy way with the 1st big chance, but his header lack power and precision. 10 minutes later it was western mckinney's perfect cross into the run of sir geno desk who squared it to kristen coolage.
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chelsea's attacker puts the u. s. one mill ahead. however, while the fans were going wild pool, as it was in a lot of pain, after crashing into the iranian goalkeeper, he was pulled out at half time. iran had very few chances to tie it up, but in the ninety's 2nd minute it was center back mortise up a rally, gum g. we missed the goal with this header. the game finished one new joy for the us. fans dismay for the iranians. who can still be proud of their effort in this tournament, both on and off the pitch. now in the us state of hawaii, people are being warned to be ready to leave at short notice. the mounted lau volcano on the big island is erupting for the 1st time. in nearly 40 years. homes are not in the path of the lava flows at the moment that scientists are warning that could change quickly. law the pouring forth from the world's largest active volcano for the 1st time in 38
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years. mount a lower hawaiian for long mountain is awake. the huge volcano on hawaii's big island is once again throwing full streams of lava and ash, wallet spewing sulphur dioxide. and other volcanic gases into the air authorities say the islands, roughly 200000 residents, aren't in immediate danger from lava. and finally, now the bow get that typical slender loaf of french bread has joined a united nations list of culturally important items. the white loaf is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. many french people by one every day and cannot imagine living without it. it's thought that bakers in the army of the emperor napoleon 1st developed the by get coming up next
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sunday, w news, asia, japan fans go viral at the guitar world cup with post match, clean ups. do stay with us if you can for that you will be joined by my colleague irrational energy and the awkward silence of a chinese official whose job is to speak all that more. i'm p w. news asia. i'm sarah kelly and berlin. thank you so much for watching. take care . thank ah, with
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a nice it's evelyn sharma. welcome to my podcast. love matters that i and by celebrities, influences and experts to talk about all playing loved effects from dating and yet today nothing's been. let's discuss all these things and more and then you know,
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season off the pot can make sure to tune and wherever you get your pass and join the conversation. because you know, it love matter. mm hm. people in trucks injured when trying to see the city center more and more refugees are being turned to way families play on the tax. in the reason for the credit on, with people fleeing extreme around getting 200 people in june around the world. more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own
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mind. d. w. made for mines the world cut in guitar. exactly important tim version it because we're there for you with your port and background information. everything you need about the 2022 world cousin on d. w. 50 doug the news asia coming up today. while the cop cleanups put a spotlight on japanese football fans, they sprays an appreciation for japanese funds after videos of them cleaning up off the games. and we look at why some friends call this normal class.


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