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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm CET

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is truly unique and we know that that uniqueness is what allows us to live and survive my ideas, the environmental c global 3000 on d, w, and online ah, this is the w news live from berlin more stand off. so the china is koby 19 restrictions. anti lockdown. protesters confront security forces in the southern city of wang, show, authorities east some restrictions. but campaigners refuse to back doubt. also on the program, china's former leader, jasmine dies age 96. he brought the country on to the world stage or the beijing
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olympics was also criticized for religious persecution. nato foreign ministers pledge more weapons and money for ukraine and undermine their support for keep joining the alliance. the new drug is shown to slow mental decline in the early stages of alzheimer's, but it does come with side effects. ah, i'm so gale. welcome to the program. chinese authorities of redoubling their efforts to stamp out unrest over beijing's 0 cobit policy. students seen as leading the protests against lockdown restrictions have been sent home. police are on the streets in force, but despite the authorities also relaxing some curbs, there is still widespread defect. oh,
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it's a display of public rage not seen in china for decades. and what began as a position to strict anti covet restrictions, has moved into something bigger, a thinly disguised challenge to those on power from beijing to hong kong. we don't want all thorough terrorism. we want human rights, we don't want monarchy. i want to real far, no law. the protests have become too loud to ignore the ruling. communist party has staged a massive show of full spice security services and about a resolute crack down on what it's labeled sabotage activities by hostile forces. oh, this is what the crank down looked like in guangzhou through the lance of a citizen's marble son. large numbers of police and personal protective equipment, patrolling the streets with riot shells. here and,
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and other major cities. people reported that their mobile phones were checked for photos, band apps, or other potential evidence that they had taken part in the demonstrations. beijing has made clear it when tolerates descent or who are so far, china as a country governed by the routine and the variously right. so it freedoms enjoyed by chinese citizens are fully guaranteed in accordance with the law at the same time. and he royal, so freedom is, must be exercised with the framework of the law ali khan johnny shoes in an apparent concession to demonstrate his authorities have east some anti cove at measures and announced a new purse to vaccinate vulnerable groups. that it may not be enough to quell this type of anger. in a recent video also from guangzhou protest as can be seen toppling a p c r testing tent and throwing objects at ripe police.
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ah, even the last few days, demonstrations had also spread beyond china's borders. these people protesting in toronto, canada, containing old ascent. everywhere is a challenge. even the powerful chinese communist party is unlikely to win. a journalist from been credible is in beijing asked him how much of an impact these protests are having where they appear to be at that appear to have some impact in gone. draw this the city where anti locked and protest broke out. and the city announced quite a substantial easing of pandemic. rules are many of the locked dance have been lifted, schools have reopened, and the city wide mass testing has been suspended. and that is significant. but of course, it's only in one city and many other parts of the country, the lockdown to continue the transferring em into current teen centers. continuous
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. so let's see how that works out. but the pandemic demands were only one part of what the protesters have requested. a, there were also very political, a protest, many asked for freedom. they asked for a rule of law for human rights. and for those political aspects, the chinese government has made more than clear that it will repress those claims, and it will counter them with a heavy police presence as can be seen here in beijing, but also in other cities. and are really a campaign of intimidation. does stay with us or fabbing as wait. we're going to talk about another story coming out of china. and that's the death of the former leader jang jam been at the age of $96.00. and he came to power just after the massacre of pro democracy activists in chairman square in 1989 and introduced economic reforms that turned china into manufacturing a power house junction and also oversold return of hong kong from the u. k and macau, from portugal the 2008 version olympics for china on the world stage. john was also
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criticized over the repression of fallon gul religious minority so fabulous craft rome invasion and clearly a very important figure in chinese history. yes, i mean, i think he's leaving him very ambivalent legacy, but also legacy as an economic reformer that until this day actually has not been fully appreciated. in my opinion, he came to power in 1993 as a president, and at that time he was made mostly seen as a compromise solution as a bureaucrat. but that turned out to be a false assessment. so politically, he will be remembered and criticized for the very violent and correct on of the fallen gong religious sect, and are on the, at the same time, economically. he was a reformer under his presidency, china, and joined the world trade organization, which was a huge milestone in the economic rise of china. and what i find really very
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interesting is that a while he was in power actually gentlemen, was not particularly popular, but now there's a huge nostalgia for him. and i think the reason is because his personality, his political leadership is quite different than the leadership that we have. now i give you one idea. i mean gentlemen, he was a person in public appearances. he can be seen, you know, or singing elvis presley songs, or when he met the philippine president. he was actually on a 60 minute interview show with the legendary u. s. t a television journalist mike wallace and was quoting abraham lincoln. he gave her a press conference for journalists where they could ask critical questions. i mean, all those things are seem very unheard of an unimaginable now. and the youth really thinks, wow, what a leader. and he exposed himself to john and a question he was really he showed very genuine emotions and he seemed very close to the people. that's quite a contrast to what we have now. right. and there had been rumors of his death for some time. i think it's 8, it's interesting that the announcement has been made during these a cove in protest. i could his death be useful to either side or in this current
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controversy. yet there are many ways of interpretation. so under, at one hand, it was also the death of a chinese politician in $9089.00, which in turn was leading to the t n. m. protests. i mean, the biggest protest movement which was cracked down a violent in 9089. and now we have, of course, again, a political movement, a protest movement which is not as big as before, but i mean, it's still quite historic and of course, or there could be some nervousness within the leadership to that gentleman. death could again, you know, spark some morning which could, you know, bring the protest or to the street. but then there are also some other people who said maybe jammed them in was already dead for several days. and the leadership only announced it now because they want to distract some attention from the protest movement, and they want to use it for their purpose. it's really hard to tell me. this is all speculation. i can fabric fabric quadra in beijing is look at some
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war stories making news around the world. a letter bomb has exploded of ukrainian embassy in madrid, injuring a member of staff spanish. please say our manager was handling the last one. the device went off. ukraine says it will tighten security at its ambitious billions of euro's earmarked for hungary are likely to be blocked because the government has not done enough to uphold the rule of law and tackle corruption. the european commission proposal to freeze the funds has to be ratified by member states. i minister victor all about has also angered brussels by criticizing sanctions against russia. the upper house of the russian parliament is unanimously approved to bill further restricting the promotion of algae b t writes to new measures criminalize the promotion of so called non traditional sexual relations online and in public human rights groups. say the bill will effectively outlaw all same sex relationships in russia. and nato has promised to
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stand by ukraine after russian air strikes only countries, critical infrastructure, left millions without power and heating, meeting in the romanian capital, bucharest, native foreign ministers agree to send generators of fuel and medical supplies as the country prepares for a tough winter. u. s. secretary of state and to be blankets and russia strategy of targeting civilians would not affect the alliances resolve. we are clear eyed about the difficult mentor that lies ahead. we know president putin's playbook freeze and starve ukrainians. force them from their homes, drive up energy, food and other household cos, not only across europe, but around the world. and then try to splinter our coalition. present boone thinks that if he can just raise the cost high enough. the world will abandon ukraine. that will leave them defend for themselves. his strategy has not and will not work
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. we will continue to prove him wrong. that's what i heard loudly and clearly, from every country here in bucharest. so how important is nato's promise of non lethal equipment and supplies? i asked our correspondent, alexandra phenomena in bucharest, is crucial for ukraine as the country is facing constant attacks on its energy infrastructure. and russia has said bombed one 3rd of this infrastructure over the last few weeks, according to the u. s. administration. so it's clear that ukraine urgency needs what nato allies are offering generators, power, transformers, other equipment, the u. s. alone has pledged to provide you queen, with more than 50000000. you asked dollars. however, we also have to say that the ukranian foreign minister was also present here,
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made to clear once again today that what ukraine also wants is, for instance, you as are for instance, you asked made patriot missile defense systems. and that is something dad's elyse will talk about, according to nato secretary general is told in back, but at a decision on that, on whether those systems can be provided to ukraine has not been made yet. right. nato foreign ministers have also been trying to calm fears among rushes neighbors about political and economic instability caused by this war. how successful her fe? well i think that it was important to have those countries here, bosnia herzegovina, georgia, and moldova, because nato allies wanted to make it clear that they want to close a partnership that they want to support those partners. and they want to counter rushes influence in those regions. because of course,
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they understand in those countries are under a lot of pressure from russia. mold over, for instance, half of the country today was without power because of russia's attacks on infrastructure in neighboring ukraine. so you can understand that support by nato allies is welcome by all those countries. germany alone has pledged to provide moldova, for instance, with a 30000000 euros a to help the country, whether they're severe energy crisis, it is facing. and china also on the agenda, where does it figure nato strategic thinking? well, china is becoming more and more important when we looked at nato, the native strategic concept that was approved earlier this year. china is described there as a challenge to the ally insecurity. it's interest and to bel use and of course we also know that you as would like the european partners the european allies,
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to move on from only asserting china is a challenge to addressing this challenge. so the discussion on that is still going on. however, you asked secretary of state blink and told here, reporters that is not about taking nature to asia, but it is important from his perspective to have a common approach because only addressing china as a challenge. collectively, allies will be successful. thank you. ron gunner anaconda phenomena in bucharest, allies of jail, better resend opposition. later maria maria callas cars, leslie cova, waiting to hear why she was suddenly taken to hospital for surgery. this week. she reported to be in a serious but stable condition. 40, you know, like demonstrations against the regime and i was in liter, alexander lucas shanker, following disputed elections 2 years ago. so how much is known about her condition?
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we asked the front via corker of the bedrooms, you know, position. she is still being held in the intensive care unit. we know that she went underwent surgery yesterday. she is guarded by police officers and they're still hiding information. everything we know about her state of health is from workers of the facility, but no official information. so it seems that they're really trying to hide something. we also don't know why she was put in the punishment cell, where she spent almost 2 weeks before her surgery. what was happening to her was she tortured and we demand that access to her for her relatives, for her family, for lawyers and for international diplomats to make sure that she is alive and she received, sold the proper treatment for that vehicle off the ballot. lucien opposition would
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take a look at some more stories that making headlines around the world. now a 3 chinese astronauts of successfully dr. can going space station blasted off earlier from the gobi desert home a 6 month mission to complete its construction. the station is the show piece of beijing space ambitions for people have been killed and i suicide attack in pakistan. the bomber blew himself up in the city of quite a close to a truck carrying police who are escorting health workers. pakistan. taliban says it carried out the attack. twitter has removed restrictions on missing information about the cobra. pandemic accounts that spread false statements about cobra 19 are now free to to eat again. this is one of a way of changes introduced by the platforms, new owner in musk. u. s. senate has passed legislation to protect same sex and interracial marriages. the bill would not require any state to allow same sex
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couples to marry, but would have, but they would have to recognize all marriages that are legal in other states. your president, this new hope for alzheimer's patients. as for the 1st time, an experimental drug has been confirmed to slow mental declining sufferers. it's called the cannon map and it reduced overall cognitive decline by 27 percent over 18 months of the trial involving nearly $1800.00 people shows. it can also produce side effects, such as brain bleeds and swelling, while the benefits so far, small doctors of welcome the results as a significant step forward in the treatment of outsiders. you know, i've been waiting for this. we said that this approach might work 30 years ago. oh, you know, if you'd asked me 30 years ago how long it would take, i'd say 5 to 10 years. so for me it seems definitely momentous. i think for patients, it's a real step forward,
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a real step for trying to understand this with a paper stevens from a d. w science. welcome paper. so i have to emphasize this drug still in its experimental stages. but tell us why it's giving so much home. yeah, i mean one charity described as the fast we'll treatment option that could be available out time is patients. now the back to this is the outcome is drugs have a very, very high failure rate, more than 99 percent there in that are in development. and that's because the altima is still some, a mystery to science. not as much is understood about it as compared to cancer, for example. and obviously if you don't understand so much by now, this is very difficult to development, develop treatments for it. and the drug is and yeah, it comes in the market of no drug competitive for it. and there are drugs available at the moment to treat the symptoms about i missed, but not slay the on to have disease. so if there was a drug approved by drug regulators around the world that would slow the onset,
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the disease, that could be huge. so explain to us how it works is drug macanna map. so the mark of alzheimer's disease, one of the hallmarks is the build up of 2 proteins on the brain called amyloid and how these kind of funny sticky packs that can be very damaging to the brain associated with these symptoms. the cognitive decline, like memory loss and confusion and changes in behavior. now what a kind of does is it contained antibodies that attached themselves to these am amola proteins and fuck them up to the bodies immune system. so the body to mean system comes along and breaks down the proteins and can go some way to destroying these plaques. and that's why we're saying that 2027 percent reduction in the onset of cognitive decline in this study. ok? but there are some concerns. yes, so there were more cases of plate on the brain and brain swelling in the trial of patients who tried the drug compared to patients who just had a placebo. some research is the saying 20 some percent,
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you know nothing to get wildly excited about the study, only look to 18 months. so there's question marks about long term impacts of it. it also only looked at and patients who hadn't had out time is very long. and we know that early diagnosis of alzheimer's is a real issue. so if it is approved this drug could potentially any target a small group of people. but medical dog agencies around the world will be looking now at those at those matters. the and that the long term effects and the side effects. and that's for them to decide whether or not it's safe for the public at large, which is good news at this stage. fingers crossed thanks so much for stevens dw size. ah, the history is being made in guitar for the 1st time organizers have selected an old female team to oversee a mens world cup match. stephanie for parts of france will be head referee and the crucial game between costa rica and germany. the 38 year old, also referee to mens world cup qualifier. and the 2019 super cup final. she says
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free 1st choice of an old woman officials team. so it's a strong signal. i think that we only did hear a exactly how we won around battle united states right to move on to the round of 16 on tuesday evening . iranian side came under government pressure for showing support for protesters at home, or refusing to sing the national anthem in their 1st game. and the hopes of advancing fell short with reports about the iranian government, putting immense pressure on the team. the players were singing the national anthem without a great deal of enthusiasm and accompanied by booze and whistling from fans to game, kicked off at the u. s. were in control after a half hour. it was timothy way with the 1st big chance, but his header lacked power and precision. 10 minutes later it was western
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mckinney's perfect cross into the run of sir geno desk who squared it to kristin pool as its chelsea's attacker puts the u. s. one mill ahead, however, while the fans were going wild pool as it was in a lot of pain, after crashing into the iranian goalkeeper, he was pulled out at half time. iran had very few chances to tie it up, but in the ninety's 2nd minute it was center back mortise up a rally, gum g. he missed the goal with this header, the game finished one nil joy for the u. s. fans dismay for the iranians. who can still be proud of their effort in this tournament, both on and off the pitch. while i turn that result was disappointing for the team and many fans. lots of others were happy about it. and you can hear cheering, and this at video from the various cities around iran, when the u. s. scored. and after the final whistle, please images from the capital, tara shad, buy and sell them at gibbons about the u. s. victory. so here's what one iran found at the match. told d w. it's very, very,
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very difficult or tricky position. at the same time is our national team. we wanted to win, but at the same time, we didn't want them to in because they are presenting your ideology of that one of them did on. and we were happy that the loss because they would use it for propaganda was putting up propaganda unplugged form to show the world everything is normal, everything going up according to plan normal life, i think going on 8 weeks of anti government processing around in spite a wave of actions in solidarity around the world and is not just campaign is taking to the streets. culture is also raising its voice. was germany's best known, serious as his, highlighting the courage of iran's women. i go and iranian love song from the 1970s. the prelude to a, sold out evening at the berliner ensemble theatre. it was initiated by 3 well known german harangue and actresses and their colleagues. is cindy mentioned. it's been
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all in iran who are in danger, who are risking their lives. what we can do is simply amplify their voices, and we can empower them, be stackable, my and as a mark of remembrance, the names of 62 children and young people killed in the demonstration o as ability. it isn't light entertainment. ah, it's an evening of many voices, sometimes with a soft and melancholy tone. must on the text read by iranian poets and writers, such as naveed kamani, often deal with suffering deeds and death fought the ball, nancy, but beauty and change are also mercy executes. you're as in the work, a famous persian poet, huffy boy, oh, add it should add to em, roost my father fe. canny molly in that thereby horrible. k xamarin
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hart should script in there is the pain that comes to the for on an evening like this. but there's also something like an awakening of hope that's equally important . oh, the courage of iranian women is often center stage. journalist natalie, mary says western cliches about oppression are inaccurate cabin on ya. it's cause bull and i've worked and lived in this country for 9 years. as a correspondent for a r d, and i saw almost exclusively proud, strong willed and courageous women who didn't let anyone tell them what to do. dizzy finished thompson lesson, but bringing change requires staying power and dream. i hope i will live to see the day or maybe my children of a free iran and democracy that is secure. and we're a woman as a president. oh,
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and evening hope that concludes with the song that has become the anthem of the revolution. finally, let us consider the beget that slender loaf of french bread which has joined the united nations list of culturally important items, white loafers, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside and the french before, by one every day and can't imagine living without them. it's thought that a baker's in the army of the emperor napoleon 1st developed the bagget i is reminded our top story at this hour largest in china. i'd be dumping the efforts to stamp out unrest of evasion. that 0 covert policy. police are on the streets in force, but despite officials also relaxing some cubs there is still widespread descent.
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experimental new drug use bringing new hope for alzheimer's patients. the treatment called like kind of map asked for the 1st time, i've been confirmed to slow mental declining suffers. the trials also show it can have serious side effects. of next year on d, w made in germany, look at our industry a scrambling to find more workers and i'll be back at the top of the world news i'm good with with
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who i missed neutral by 2045. germany's public transport system is going green is a good bye to the old bus. we know they're converting to electric energy which
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