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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm CET

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ah ah ah this is the w is life from berlin more stand off so the china is covered 19 restrictions. anti lockdown protestors confront security forces in the southern city of quan issue. authorities east some restrictions, but campaigners refused to back down. also on the program, china's former leaders,
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jen, jim, in a dies age 96 in the country on to the world state. the beijing olympics was also criticized for religious persecution. nater, foreign ministers pledge more weapons and money for ukraine and underlying their support for key joining the alliance and to new hope for alzheimer's patients, attendance drugs flows mental decline in the early stages of the disease. but it comes with some side effects. ah, i'm show gail, welcome to the program. chinese authorities are redoubling their efforts to stamp out unrest of a beijing 0 cobra policy. a students who are seen as leading the protests against lockdown restrictions have been sent home. police are on the streets in force, but despite the off,
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ours is all so relaxing some cubs there is still widespread descent. oh, it's a display of public rage not seen in china for decades. and what began as a position to strict anti covet restrictions, has moved into something bigger, a thinly disguised challenge to those on power from beijing to hong kong. we don't want all thorough terrorism. we want human rights. we don't want monarchy done well . well render y'all far, no law. the protests have become too loud to ignore. the ruling. communist party has staged a massive show of full spice security services and about a resolute crack down on what it's labeled sabotage activities by hostile forces. oh, this is what the crank down looked like in guangzhou through the lance of a citizens, marvell sign large numbers of police and personal protective equipment. patrolling
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the streets with riot shells here and, and other major cities. people reported that their mobile phones were checked for photos, band apps, or other potential evidence that they had taken part in the demonstrations. badging has made clear it went, tolerates descent or hulu. so far, china is a country governed by the room and the various legal rights suits freedoms. enjoyed by chinese citizens are fully guaranteed in accordance with an o at the same time. and he royal, so freedom must be exercised with the framework of the law. the com johnny shoes in an apparent concession to demonstrate his authorities have east some anti cove at measures and announced a new purse to vaccinate venerable grapes. that it may not be enough to quell this type of anger. in a recent video also from glancing,
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protesters can be seen toppling a p. c. r. testing tend and throwing objects at dr. police ah, over the last few days, demonstrations had also spread beyond china's borders. these people protesting in toronto, canada, containing old ascent. everywhere is a challenge, even the powerful chinese communist party is unlikely to win. c 7 or journalist for been crunch or is in beijing, i asked him how much of an impact the protests are having where they appear to be at that appear to have some impact in gone, draw this, the city where anti locked and protest broke out. and the city announced quite a substantial easing of pandemic. rules are many of the locked dance have been lifted, schools have reopened, and the city wide mass testing has been suspended. and that is significant. but of course, it's only in one city and many other parts of the country. the lockdown continue
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the transferring em into current teen centers. continuous. so let's see how that works out. but the pandemic demands were only one part of what the protesters have requested. a, there were also very political protests many asked for freedom. they asked for a rule of law for human rights. and for those political aspects, the chinese government has made more than clear that it will repress those claims, and it will counter them with a heavy police presence as can be seen here in beijing, but also in other cities. and are really a campaign of intimidation. does stay with us or fabbing as wait. we're going to talk about another story coming out of china. and that's the death of the former leader jang jam been at the age of $96.00. and he came to power just after the massacre of pro democracy activists in town, him and square in 1989 and introduced economic reforms that turned china into a manufacturing a power house junction and also oversold return of hong kong from the u. k. and
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macau, from portugal, the 2008 beijing olympics for china on the world stage. john was also criticized over the repression of fallon gull, religious or minority for fabulous craft rome invasion and clearly a very important figure in chinese history. yes, i mean, i think he's leaving a very ambivalent legacy, but also a legacy as an economic reformer that until this day actually has not been fully appreciated. in my opinion, he came to power in 1993 as a president, and at that time he was made mostly seen as a compromise solution as a bureaucrat. but that turned out to be a false assessment. so politically, he will be remembered and criticized for the very violent and correct on of the file on gong religious sect, and are on the, at the same time, economically. he was a reformer under his presidency, china ur joint, the world trade organization, which was
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a huge milestone in the economic rise of china. and what i find really very interesting is that out while he was in power, actually gentlemen was not particularly popular, but now there's a huge nostalgia for him. and i think the reason is because his personality, his political leadership is quite different than the leadership that we have. now i give you one idea. i mean, gentlemen, he was a person in public appearance as he can be seen, you know, or singing elvis presley songs, or when he met the philippine president. he was actually on a 60 minute interview show with the legendary u. s. to a television journalist mike wallace and was quoting abraham lincoln, he, i gave her a press conference for journalists where they could ask critical questions. i mean, all those things are seem very unheard of an unimaginable now and the youth really things while what a leader in he exposed himself to journalist question. he was really, he showed very genuine emotions and he seemed very close to the people. that's quite a contrast to what we have now. right. and there had been rumors of his death for
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some time. i think it said it's interesting that the announcement has been made during these a cove in protest. i could his death be useful to either side and in this current controversy, yet there are many ways of interpretation. so under, at one hand, it was also the death of a chinese politician in $9089.00, which in turn was leading to the t n. m. protest, i mean, the biggest protest movement which was cracked down violently in 9089. and now we have, of course, again, a political movement of protest movement which is not as big as before. but i mean, it's still quite historic and of course, or there could be some nervousness within the leadership to that gentleman's death could again, you know, sparks a morning which could, you know, bring the protest or to the street. but then there are also some other people who said maybe jammed them in was already dead for several days. and the leadership only announced it now because they want to distract some attention from the protest movement. and they want to use it for their purpose. it's really hard to tell. this
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is all speculation. like if i've ever been crunch, we're in beijing is look at some more stories making news around the world. and that a bomb is exploded of the ukrainian embassy and madrid, entering a member of staff. spanish police. our manager was handling the last one. the device went off. ukraine says it will title security at its emphasis. 4 people have been killed in a suicide. attacking pakistan bomber blew himself up in the city of quatre close to a truck carrying police, or escorting health workers. pakistan taliban says it carried out the attack. the upper house of the russian parliament has unanimously approved a bill further restricting the promotion of algae beating rights, new measures criminalize the promotion of so called non traditional sexual relations online and in public human rights groups say the bill will effectively outlaw all same sex relationships in russia,
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nato has redoubled its promise to stand by ukraine after russian air strikes that left and millions, without a power and heating a meeting in the romanian capital, procrastinator, foreign ministers of agreed to send generators, fuel and medical supplies. you are a secretary of state antony blankets as moscow strategy of targeting civilians will not undermine the alliance. his resolve. we are clear eyed about the difficult mentor that lies ahead. we know president putin's playbook freeze and starve ukrainians. force them from their homes, drive up energy, food and other household costs, not only across europe, but around the world. and then try to splinter our coalition president who thinks that if he can just raise the costs high enough, the world will a bad in ukraine. that will leave them defend for themselves. his strategy has not
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and will not work. we will continue to prove him wrong. that's what i heard loudly and clearly, from every country here in bucharest. so how important is nato's promise of non lethal equipment and supplies? i asked our correspondent, alexandra, for norman in bucharest, is crucial for ukraine as to country is facing constant attacks on its energy infrastructure. and russia has said bombed one 3rd of this infrastructure over the last few weeks, according to the u. s. administration. so it's clear that ukraine urgency needs what nato allies are offering generators, power, transformers, other equipment, the u. s. alone has pledged to provide you queen, with more than 50000000. you asked dollars. however, we also have to say that the ukranian foreign minister was also present here,
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made to caliah once again today that what ukraine also wants is, for instance, you as are for instance, you asked made patriot missile defense systems. and that is something that allies will talk about according to nato secretary general is told in back. but a decision on that on whether those systems can be provided to ukraine has not been made yet. right. a native foreign ministers have also been trying to calm fears among rushes neighbors about political and economic instability caused by this will how successful half a day. well i think that it was important to have those countries here, bosnia herzegovina, georgia, and moldova, because nato allies wanted to make it clear that they want to close a partnership that they want to support those partners. and they wanted to counter rushes influence in those regions. because of course, they understand in those countries are under a lot of pressure from russia. holdover for instance,
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half of the country today was without power because of russia's attacks on infrastructure in neighboring ukraine. so you can understand that supports by nato allies is welcome by all those countries. germany alone has play to provide small dove are for instance, with a 30000000 euros a to help the country or whether they're severe energy crisis. it is facing. and china also on the agenda at where does it figure in nato strategic thinking. while china is becoming more and more important when we looked at nato, the nato strategic concept that was approved earlier this year, china is described there as a challenge to the ally insecurity. it's interest and bell use. and of course, you also know that you as would like the european partners the european allies,
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to move on from only asserting china is a challenge to addressing this challenge. so the discussion on that is still going on. however, you as secretary of state blink and told here, reporters that is not about taking nature to asia, but it is important from his perspective to have a common approach because only addressing china is a challenge. collectively, allies, a will be successful. thank you. run gunner alexander from norman in bucharest, rights activists in russia, say 9000 russian troops have been killed in ukraine. where the crumb and still far from achieving its objectives in the war. many people, including some within vladimir putin in a circle, are concerned. they w correspondent, uri rossetto report confusion about the reasons for going to war few gains on the ground and the chaos of mobilization. the war in ukraine is not
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going well for russia. the withdrawal of troops from house on, at the beginning of november, was moscow's biggest set back since the world began. hotline, as in moscow, have been grumbling, ever since 3 of the loudest have been businessman yevgeny pre goshen. chechnya and leader graham's unclear of, and former president dmitri mcdade, if frick ocean, one of latimer curtains close his confidence, is making himself especially noticeable for years, he denied the existence of his mercenary army, the volcanic group. but recently he changed his story and said, he's been in charge of the paramilitary organization since 2014. how global rewarding aggression has 2 political instruments. you the wagner group
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and the media outlets that have helped him gain popularity and status. law loudness, discipline, rusty, everyone is bones on all shore. she doesn't, she goes, he's a kind of external service provider for the state and he has some of the power of the state and acts as a political figures. your voice in mid september, a video came out that showed a man who looked like promotion, recruiting russian prisoners to fight in ukraine. helium went in and bought a new, more their mouth squawk their award freedom, war and money. his gas people, he's another putin ally who has been all over the headline since the war began. is rams on career of chechnya. leda has publicly criticize russia's generals for being too soft on luck. hello. i'm with united year of is using the media to broaden his influence and to show everyone that he is
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a major player or chrome washed. all dozer are still dog chechen soldiers a fighting on russia's side in the dumbass region. cook gotten on this kid here of is being used by potent just by promotion to recruit fresh troops for the front lies. men theaters who served as president and prime minister, has been stoking the fires of anti western hatred and making optimistic predictions that russia will win the war in ukraine. pneumonia he is even said that nuclear weapons are the way to give russia back its former imperial glory. se lucia master junia? sure. what is the limit options for you? always just to know he has a need for admiration of the former president who has become a nobody. yesterday. i think he wants to an political capital. he seems to still have political ambitions, and it's just how much pre goshen her dear, of
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a med gate have a putting president. putin under pressure is unclear. but 9 months into the war in ukraine. displeasure is growing in russia over its course. small stories from around the world. her 3 chinese astronauts have successfully dr. the town gong space station. they blasted off early from a go be desert on a 6 month mission to complete its construction. the station is the show piece of raising space ambitions. billions of euros earmarked for hungary are likely to be blocked because the government has not done enough to uphold the rule of law and tackle corruption. the european commission proposal to freeze the funds has to be ratified by member states minister. victor alba has also angered brussels by criticizing sanctions against russia and the new hope for alzheimer's patients. as for the 1st time, an experimental drug has been confirmed to slow mental decline in sufferers. it's
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called the camera, bam. my can imap and it reduced overall cognitive decline by 27 percent over 18 months. but the trial involving the 1800 people shows it can also produce side effects, such as brain bleeds and swelling. all the benefits so far are small doctors of welcome the results as a signal can step forward in the treatment of alzheimer's. you know, i've been waiting for this. we said that this approach might work 30 years ago and you know, if you'd asked me 30 years ago how long it would take, i'd say 5 to 10 years. so for me it seems definitely momentous. i think for patients, it's a real step forward, a real step forward. and even though the kind of maps effects are small, it can still make a significant difference to patients lives. if you ask them, took part in the drugs international trials is why cheryl says it gave the family
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hope. we didn't necessarily think it would help us. but we felt we were doing something and could help future generations. it's just a horrible lost the same. so if you could have somebody who can slow it down and then eventually credit stockton grover, who be brutal, australian to stylish resort paper stevens for d w science. welcome, petra. so i have to emphasize this drug dealer in its experimental stages. but tell us why it's giving so much. hm. yeah, i mean one ad charity described there as the fast will treatment option that could be available for alzheimer's patients. now the backdrop to this is the outcome is drugs have a very, very high failure rate, more than 99 percent. they're in that are in development. and that's because the alzheimer's is still somewhat mystery to science. not as much is understood about
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it as compared to cancer, for example. and obviously if you don't understand too much bananas, it's very difficult. her development develop treatments for it. and the drug is an, yeah, it comes in the market of no drug competitor for it. and there are drugs available at the moment, the treat, the symptoms of alzheimers, but not slow the on to have disease. so if there was a drug approved by drug regulators around the world that would slow the onset, the disease, that could be huge. so explain to us how it works is drug la cannon map. so the hallmark of alzheimer's disease. one of the hallmarks is the build up of 2 proteins on the brain called amyloid and how these kind of form the sticky packs that can be very damaging to the brain associated with these symptoms. the cognitive decline, like memory loss and confusion and changes in behavior. now what that kind of does is it contains antibodies that attached themselves to these am amola proteins and fuck them up to the bodies immune system. so the body to mean system comes along
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and breaks down the proteins and can go some way to destroying these plaques. and that's why we're saying that 2027 percent reduction in the unsaved of cognitive decline in this study. ok? but there are some concerns. yes, so there were more cases of beat on the brain and brain swelling in the trial of patients who tried the drug compared to patients, you just had a placebo. some research is the thing 27 percent. you know nothing to get wildly excited about the study only let to 18 months. so there's question marks about long term impacts of it. it also only looked at and patients who hadn't had out time is very long. and we know that early diagnosis false i'm is, is the real issue. so if it is approved this drug could potentially any target a small group of people that medical dog agencies around the world will be looking now at those at those matters. the in the long term effects and the side effects, and that's for them to decide whether or not it's safe for the public at large. ok
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. so good news at this stage, fingers crossed thanks so much for paper paper, stevens dw science ah, and history being made in guitar for the 1st time organizers have selected an all female tape to oversee amends. well, cut much stephanie, for part of france will had, will be head referee in the crucial game between costa rica and germany. the 38 year old also referee demands woke up qualify on the 2019 super cut final. she says, features choice of an old woman, the officials sent a strong signal. i think that we've only been invited here. oh, similar. we have all the rooms. this isn't to be here. that's exactly how we one iran battle, the united states for the right to move on to the round of 16. be rainy inside came under government pressure from showing support for protesters at home by refusing
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to sing the national anthem in their 1st game. but their hopes of advancing l short with reports about the iranian government putting immense pressure on the team, the players were singing the national anthem without a great deal of enthusiasm and accompanied by booze and whistling from fans to game, kicked off at the u. s. were in control after a half hour. it was timothy wire with the 1st big chance, but his header lack power and precision. 10 minutes later it was western mckinney's perfect cross into the run of sir geno desk who squared it to kristin pool as aj. chelsea's attacker puts the u. s. one nil ahead. however, while the fans were going wild pull as it was in a lot of pain, after crashing into the iranian goalkeeper, he was pulled out at half time. iran had very few chances to tie it up, but in the ninety's 2nd minute it was center back mortise up a rally, gum g. he missed the goal with this header. the game finished one nil joy for the us. fans dismay for the iranians. who can still be proud of their effort in this
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tournament, both on and off the pitch. while that result was disappointing for the team and lots of fans, lots of other iran fans were quite happy about it. a cheering can be heard in video from cities around iran when the u. s. score, and after the final whistle res images from the capital, tara was shed by someone who was, who had joined about the us. victory is $11.00, there on fin. the much told d w is very, very, very difficult or tricky position. at the same time, he's our national team. he wanted to win, but at the same time, we didn't want them to him because they are presenting your ideology off. it wasn't it on or we were happy that the loss because they were use it for propaganda was what's called propaganda. unplugged form to show the world everything is normal, everything going up according to plan normal life, are they going on eat on?
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finally, let us consider of the baggage that slender loaf of bread. so typical of france, which is joined to united nations list of culturally important items. the white glove is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. and the french people buy one every day and can't imagine living without them. we get is thought to have been 1st developed by bakers in the army of emperor napoleon. i. this is d w coming up next, a net news, asia japan funds go viral because hot wold cup with that post much clean ups in the old could silence of chinese official whose job it is to speak. but i strategy will have those dollars at all. and just about it, i don't forget, you can always get d w news on the go, just download our app for google pile from the apple app store. i'll give you
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a symbol of power. rebellion and sensuality warned by royalty and icons alike with a magic wand and grounds for divorce guy with a colorful cultural history, secret weapon mistaken starts descend. the said on d. w. if you did a veneers asia coming up to date one cop cleanups to put a spotlight on japanese football fans, they sprays an appreciation for japanese fans after videos of them. keating up off the games and we look at why some friends call this normal class. what a.


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