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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  November 30, 2022 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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we don't do something our children won't be able to enjoy fresh air with on d w. ah, this is the w news line from bernard. more stand off so the, china's curve 19 restrictions, anti locked down. protestors confront security forces in the southern city of guangzhou. authorities a some restrictions, but campaigners refused to back down. also on the program, china's former leader as young german dies age 96. got the country on to the world,
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stayed with the beijing amend picks, but was also criticized for religious persecution. and new hope for outsiders patients tests, drugs slows mental decline in the early stages of the disease. but there can be side effects. ah i'm fil gail a welcome to the program. chinese authorities are redoubling their efforts to stamp out on breast over beijing's 0 co. we'd policy students seen as leading the protest seconds. lockdown, restrictions have been sent home. a police are on the streets in force, but despite the authorities also relaxing some curbs, there is still widespread descent. oh, it's a display of public rage not seen in china for decades. and what began as
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a position to strict anti covet restrictions, has moved into something bigger, a thinly disguised challenge to those on power from beijing to hong kong. we don't want all thorough terrorism. we want human rights. we don't want monarchy done well . well render y'all far, no law. the protests have become too loud to ignore. the ruling. communist party has staged a massive show of full spice security services, and about a resolute crack down on what it's labeled sabotage activities by hostile forces. oh, this is what the crank down looked like in guangzhou through the lance of a citizen's marble phone. lodge numbers of phillies and personal protective equipment. patrolling the streets with riot shields. here and, and other major cities. people reported that their mobile phones were checked for photos, band apps, or other potential evidence that they had taken part in the demonstrations. beijing
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has made clear it went tolerate descent or who was so far, china as a country governed by the room and the various legal rights suit. freedoms enjoyed by chinese citizens are fully guaranteed in accordance with the law at the same time. and he royal, so freedom must be exercised with the framework of the law ali khan jarlet shoes in an apparent concession to demonstrate his authorities have east some anti cove at measures and announced a new purse to vaccinate vulnerable grapes. that it may not be enough to quell this type of anger. in a recent video also from glancing, protestors can be seen toppling a p. c r, testing 10th, and throwing objects at dr. police ah, over the last few days,
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demonstrations had also spread beyond china's borders. these people protesting in toronto, canada containing old ascent everywhere is a challenge. even the powerful chinese communist party is unlikely to when laura will journalist fabio crunch for is in beijing. i asked him how much of an impact the protests are having where they appear to be at that appear to have some impact in gone, joe, that's the city where anti locked and protest broke out. and the city announced quite a substantial easing of pandemic. rules are many of the locked dance have been lifted, schools have reopened, and the city wide mass testing has been suspended and that is significant. but of course, it's only in one city and many other parts of the country. the lockdown, continue the transferring em into current teen centers. continuous. so let's see how that works out. but the pandemic demands were only one part of what the
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protesters have requested aid. there were also very political protests many asked for freedom. they asked for a rule of law for human rights, and for those political aspects, the chinese government has made more than clear that it will repress those claims and it will counter them with a heavy police presence as can be seen here in beijing. but also in other cities and are really a campaign of intimidation that stay with us are fabulous. wait, we're going to talk about another story coming out of china. and that's the death of the former leader jang jam been at the age of $96.00. and he came to power just after the massacre of pro democracy activists in town, him and square in 1989 and introduced economic reforms that turned china into a manufacturing a power house junction and also oversold the return of hong kong from the u. k. and macau, from portugal, the 2008 beijing olympics for china on the world stage. john was also criticized over the repression of fallon gull,
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religious or minority. so fabulous craft rome invasion and clearly a very important figure in chinese history. yes, i mean, i think he's leaving him very ambivalent legacy, but also a legacy as an economic reformer that until this day actually has not been fully appreciated. in my opinion, he came to power in 1993 as a president, and at that time he was made mostly seen as a compromise solution as a barrel credit. but that turned out to be a false assessment. so politically, he will be remembered and criticized for the very violent and correct on the file on gong religious sect and are on the, at the same time, economically. he was a reformer under his presidency, china ur joint, the world trade organization, which was a huge milestone in the economic rise of china. and what i find really very interesting is that a while he was in power actually gentlemen, was not particularly popular, but now there's a huge nostalgia for him. and i think the reason is because his personality,
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his political leadership is quite different than the leadership that we have. now i give you one idea. i mean gentlemen, he was a person in public appearances. he can be seen, you know, or singing elvis presley songs, or when he met the philippine president. he was actually on a 60 minute interview show with the legendary u. s. to a television journalist mike wallace and was quoting abraham lincoln, he, i gave her a press conference for journalists where they could ask critical questions. i mean, all those things are seem very unheard of an unimaginable now. and the youth really thinks while what a leader in he exposed himself to journalist question, he was really, he showed very genuine emotions and he seemed very close to the people. that's quite a contrast to what we have now. right. and there had been rumors of his death for some time. i think it said it's interesting that the announcement has been made during these a cove in protest. i could his death be useful to either side. and in this current controversy, yet there are many ways of interpretation. so under,
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at one hand, it was also the death of a chinese politician in $9089.00, which in turn was leading to the t. n. m. and protest, i mean, the biggest protest movement which was correct down a violent in $9089.00. and now we have, of course, again, a political movement, a protest movement which is not as big as before. but i mean, it's still quite historic and of course are there could be some nervousness within the leadership to that gentleman. death could again, you know, spark some morning which could, you know, bring the protest or to the street. but then there are also some other people who said maybe jammed them in was already dead for several days. and the leadership only announced that now because they want to distract some attention from the protest movement. and they want to use it for their purpose. it's really hard to tell me this is all speculation. like if i were in fabric quadra in beijing, i will take a look at some more stories making news around the world. now,
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a letter bomb has exploded at the ukranian embassy in madrid, in madrid, entering amount injuring a member of staff, spanish police, our manager was handling the last, when the device went off, crane says it will tighten security at its embassies. the upper house of vio, russian parliament, has unanimously approved a bill further restricting. the promotion of algae bt writes the new measures criminalize the promotion of so called non traditional sexual relations online and in public human rights groups. say the bill will effectively outlaw all same sex relationships in russia. oh, experimental drug is bringing new hope for alzheimer's patients. the treatment called la canon, mab. i succeeded in slowing mental deterioration in sufferers for the 1st time. scientists say it's not a cure, but it is a significant step forward in tackling a devastating illness. when you know it's a rare beat of good news for david asam and his loved ones, the 70 year old woodworker had to quit his job. when he was hit by alzheimer's. he
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could no longer remember how to use his tools. raising her fossil career. could you get the broccoli out of the fridge for me please left. you. david is one of neely 1800 patients who have taken part in the international trial of the experimental drug designed by japan's. i say, in its u. s. partner biogen. when we 1st began is 2 and a half years ago, and we didn't necessarily think it would tell path arm, but we felt we were doing something and could help future generations. it turned out the drug could actually help the trail has shown that the treatment coldly canon mab is able to slow down mental decline by 27 percent. when diagnosed at an early stage, this is so exciting because now we're getting results. the 1st results that are indicating that the drug is successfully treason the underlying cause and is
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slowing down the symptoms of cognitive impairment and also the behavioral symptoms associated with alzheimer's disease. they have been concerns over side effects which include brain swelling. 2 people have died while 14 percent of the trial participants suffered brain bleeds. scientists, however stress that the same number of those given a placebo, also died. the producer stress that the new treatment is not a cure for alzheimer's, but it does bring hope for people like david. just a horrible, nasty thing. so if you, if you, if somebody can slow it down and then eventually cut it, stop, don't go over. you know, be brilliant. the companies behind the drag are now planning to apply for licensing, which would make it available for treatment within 2 to 3 years.
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out of the walk up in keta, i'm in the final group stage. magic tune is here. we're hoping for a major upsetting group d against defending champions france a when it would have offered a slim chance to advance to the knockout stated. and they seemed on track in the 8th minute celebrations were short lived. as the goals ruled offside the 2nd half. so run by out while be crazy, right back as the cavalry i did resulted ago. and eventually a surprising one. new with that unexpected result. but australia, on the spot in their match against denmark, the suckers needed a when to make it through to the round of 16 is how the game unfolded. denmark shoot, they intend to ride from the start. but 10 minutes in australia, keep them at rhein was in the way of denmark's lead their pressure continued, but either austria's defense stood strong or denmark was inaccurate enough.
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australia's 1st chance came just before half time, but denmark's christians and in the right spot with a clearance. after halftime australia dominated the game. but the shot from just outside the box was cleared by the danish defence. 5 minutes later, jackson irvine shot went over the bar, and captain mark's hopes alive just after the one hour mark, australia, 2nd half dominance paid off. matthew lackey with the clinical finish. one mill, australia, denmark with the last chance of the game. but australia held on the sucker rosa through to the round of 16 at disappointing world cup for denmark comes to an end. so group d, finishes were defending, woke up champions, france at the top even with today's last 2 to nicea, they stayed at the top. thanks to goal differential australia victory, put them 2nd and they advanced to the round of 16 to new close 3rd. but they and
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denmark are out a tuesday evening. so iran battle united states for the right to move on to the round of 16 us seemed in charge of again from the start. and it was a christian prolific score. and 1st off, a strong assist. that would be the only goal of the game around managed a few chances and in 92nd minute. this one just missed usaa finish 2nd in the group a, b and the room. 3rd, dropping them out of the tool while i sat result was disappointing for the team. a lots of iran fans, lots of other iran fans were happy about it. a cheering can be heard in video from cities across iraq, where the u. s. score. and after the final whistle, these images from the company that was shared by someone who is clearly overjoyed about being the subject. ah, it's, it's,
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you're up to date. we'll have more world news at the top of the, our up next, the documentary d w documentary following the young farmer in china. fighting for justice. 4 victims with the world cut in guitar. exactly. new 14 tim with were there for you with your port and background information.


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