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tv   DW News Asia  Deutsche Welle  December 29, 2022 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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whatever it takes. 5 policeman a deal we are here is actually on fire made for mines. sometimes the big shall rush out at you. our tv highlights for shipping books and free week, not come up. this is did other news asia today, as we look back at the major stories of 2022. we focus on the ta, moral in sri lanka, and economic crisis triggered mos demonstrations that ended up toppling the government. dw was on the ground and spoke to protest as about their experiences and their for the future. sri lanka running on empty how food and fuel
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shortages made it for many a day. the battle for survival, one or 2 richer driver, told us his story. and how the economic hardship forced to lunk us best and brightest to seek a better life somewhere else. we hear why many people give up for in the country. ah, irish manager, welcome to the special edition of the dublin news, aisha. glad you could join us. one of our biggest stories this year. i was the political turmoil in sri lanka, whether west economic crisis since 1948, prompted a people power style revolution. in july, weeks of mass protest culminated in the toppling of the government. then president of bucks i was blamed for the crisis. he fled the country after thousands of
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protest installment his official residence. he later announced his resignation from singapore veteran politician running recognizing he became sri lanka, new leader. he promised to put the country on the road to recovery with the debt restructuring program. so success for the protest movement or was it shortly after the new government appointment did of those, i'm with our chief, my visited the main protest camp in colombo, where activists were bearing the brunt of a military crack down. this is what remains of the go gun up to a test cam in colombo. many who took part in the pill chassis, which led to the asked president good by a roger back. so are gone. if you remain in the art defiant and that is right now, currently we're closing who's sitting on a pe, mom and the wrong side of it is upon him to make the changes. we can really go out . these are scenes from the d running victim
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a single was elected by parliament. protest is at the presidential secretariat, which they partially occupied. what angry you see him here as being too close to the ranch up accel family. the mood turned ugly. the night victory missing that took the oath of office in the dead of night without warning, a military moved in to remove protest his from in and around the presidential secretary at the protest as were taken by surprise. he had already said they were vacating the government premises. the next day several people to be talked to at the scamp said they were beaten and assaulted on the night of the crack down. they said it was not the military who was behind these attacks, but hired mercenaries. when i was attacked, i was just bound up with his medicaid,
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me the barricade. there were videos also near the barricade. one of the guys pushed me. then i said, i know you are not on. you are one of the thug gangs then. then he said yes. and he's calling me in field and he kept his foot on my neck. honestly, i don't believe they are current military are personnel because, oh, we didn't see the decency or the the discipline enough military among them. we strictly believed there were mercenaries, if this were true with he said, it would be a chilling reminder of the previous regime, which frequently used shadowy organizations to suppress dissent. for now, the huge tongue of crowds, which forced to perform a precedent to flee, had gone from the streets. those you remain still see a long road ahead. we all have a responsibility now to take this full weight and we have shown that we have the power to de sac,
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the intent to hold the government accountable till days an end. the month was infused shortages and in the suffering of the people of she'll anchor bebbles, d w. m, with a chima on the ground just a few weeks after the change of government in sri lanka, and months later, political tensions remain high with the country. still deep and economic strife and the powerful raja bucks or clan, still wielding influence. after weeks of self imposed exile, ousted president latavia. our departure returned to felucca in early september. whether he's planning or to turn to politics is unclear, but some opponents fear. his presence could read night, the protests determined to avoid that she lincoln, lawmakers moved to limit the sweeping bars of the presidency. a key demand of the protest as the constitutional amendment was passed in late october with an overwhelming majority. parliament now has
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a save the appointment of key government officials, senior members of the judiciary, as well as police and election officials that reverses the concentration of power in the president as happened under raj boxer data. so we've seen attempts to take the heat out of she'll anchors political crisis, but the country's economic crisis remains acute with runaway inflation power blackouts, and shortages of food and medicine. global shortages of oil and gas have also kept the price of fuel at been full levels of the height of the crisis in summer. life was a daily battle for shoe lumpkins, who depended on fuel for their living. we followed auto lecture driver the land, simpson to see 1st hand the hardships he and many others are facing. oh, since the fuel shortage has started in sri lanka, it's very difficult to find fuel. so i have stayed with true for 2 to 3 weeks and
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it's really hard to run my day to day life. even if i have to get fuel, i have to spend the whole night to get you in the federal state. and so i have a vendor, not on them. they were like, nope, it earlier. and because of the fuel, to be honest, i didn't get that sent to us. i was like, staying in the queue for the whole week to get like if i get picked up today or tomorrow, tomorrow or the day and they have to tomorrow to stay in the queue again. because of that reason. so i have to in may skip monday to stay in the queue. i will be loosing passengers for the one all day. i don't get burned. and yet that's a big loss for me. if they only price that's gone, i really had a bad so it made me leave the vendors, nick on the phone to price. everything in salem guys,
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go on. the prices are normally like everyday we used to buy bid to have the tea in the evening. the price of the bread has been w. b dionte. let me go straight before lunch. sometimes i stop at my friend's place. i think i was more dead. so he saw auto driver. i have plenty of friends that will drive auto. you fail as i have sunday. i've been kept at their place because they couldn't find, feel right now at my house or you think ellis annoyed. so costa. so this one really end up kiddos in madison willows. they end up doing woods like him haven't done engineering and it's hard to find a job. i have and get my degree it because i have a pending payment to be done. uh huh. so i thought i couldn't afford my years
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running auto. and since this problem has been come up, it's very difficult for me to pay it. of course fees. some of my friends like they lever what's out in the patrol station like if they see and if it stays and bumping better, then criplin form must be all good. good. then we're gonna stay in the queue to get better. i have come here to bump. it says my pin gave me some theory and that wouldn't be enough for me that i'm the whole day w r. i a block my aunt are there. i think i love to wait the whole night to get there. if i'm lucky, i'll get that fueled by tomorrow morning. i never thought that microphone cleveland update me. right nowadays. no. there will be a few things here, like i'd like to take some time for the country to recover. but
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many didn't want to wait around to find out. i was, did i lose money? right? told re discovered this is the report you're fired from colombo, every single day, 100 q up pure at the passport office in sri lanka. pushed by circumstances the wish to leave the country. one of them is to see to you, roy, germany, the girl who has been coming here for 3 days now with her husband and son, or to have a husband. i have come here with my husband and my son to get their passports made . and if we want to leave from look, there's no work for us here. there's nothing has been cut. amnio. germany has worked as a caregiver for years. and her husband as an auto rickshaw driver who have lost a livelihood because of the cut in crisis. and she'll anchor and are finding it difficult to even so right. what she wants now is a better life for her 19 year old son, which she knows is
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a far cry in her country. germany says that it's not just her but boundless others who are suffering. people here have been waiting for div standing and cues outside the department of immigration and immigration and colombo. many of them who have come from other parts of the countries had rented small accommodation in nearby areas to get their past boards meet or renewed white people seeking to go abroad for opportunities is not a new opinion. she lanka, the number of people outside the passport office have shot up significantly in the past few months. young people especially feared they have no option but to leave. according to government statistics, the number of passports issued from january to mid june this year is over 300000 roughly equal to the total number of passport issued last year. the job market is always up and down, but in the currency to asia and as nodules pocket right now. so it's why you
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wasting your time. there's no future here as far as we know. i mean, i tried as well, but i, yeah, there's no hope. so makes sense to make a move pretty much dr. bike is on the 7 am would do of the center for policy alternatives. says young people moving out in such numbers does not bode well for an aging society like she lanka. if this country gets back on the right footing with the systemic changes and all of that, they may well come back and provide their experience and expertise to develop this country. but otherwise, we do have a serious problem because we are not going to have a critical mass of people in the most productive years of their life within the country. up to 7 am with to says there's extreme frustration that the youth fees to do with the administration that frustration is bad. the bill here as the que inches forward slowly is granted. disappointed and exhausted. people
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continue to eat. they believe leaving is the only way they can at least have a chance of creating a better future for themselves. and it is, of course the story will be following into the next year as well here on the dublin years, asia. but that does it for to day on our website, the dublin dot com forward slash asia. you'll find more background reports to understand how sri lanka ended up in his diary economic crisis. and as ever, you can follow us on facebook and twitter as well, and see you soon. bye. ah, ah, is the end of the pandemic in sight? we show what he could look like will return to normal. and we visit those who are finding it difficult. he sees his successes
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