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tv   Shift  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2022 7:15am-7:31am CET

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of national mourning for the man they revered as the king of football. the material striker won 3 wild chops for his whole nation. the only player in history to do so . his body will lie at his home town club santos until his final send off next week . the city is preparing a massive 24 hour tribute for its local hero before the funeral. on tuesday. that's all from us for now. don't forget there's more now breaking news. apple and on social media to handle for instagram on twitter is ad dw news, monica jones ambulance. i told people in trucks injured when trying to flee the city center more and more refugees are being turned away as the border families playing bomb attacks in syria to the credit on its way lower than the straightest people fleeing extreme round
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off counting 200 people around the world, more than 300000000 people are seeking refuge. yes. why? because no one should have to flee. make up your own mind. w. made for mines. ah, big brother is watching you. this was george o wells prediction in his dystopian novel, 1984. is this why i sometimes get the feeling that i'm not really alone when my phone is nearby? hey serie aha. can our smartphone spy on us? interesting question. exactly. which is why we're going to look for answers here on
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shift ah, according to a recent study, every 3rd person and germany has taking a break from social networks before. because they had concerns on data security. the protection of private data is becoming increasingly important for users and social networks have also noticed they promised to take data security very seriously in the current privacy policies. however, there remains this one strange phenomenon, but my colleague ha, tomlin noon also keeps coming across. so i just spoke to my flatmate about something and shortly after i c, as for the exact same thing on instagram, super creepy. ah, has this ever happened to you too? yeah. does instagram sit by on all? we leave traces online, cookies register or every move. when we click on which products we buy and which password we use, i sent a friend, a photo of
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a hugo boss suit on whatsapp. just an hour later, a yoko boss ad turned up on my instagram feed. it, jim, we've talked about will also appear on my feet, but instead of instagram, listen in on me or read my messages. let's try little self experiment. i used terms that i usually wouldn't search for. when she regressed augmentation in berlin and bending or talks, i need bo charles hoax bow handled so far. no ats. what does the expert think is instagram spying on me? from my standing? this is not the case. even though facebook has a couple of patterns that deal with turning microphone mostly. and however, from my understanding technical people who looked into this, deny this match. i google, amazon, microsoft and apple. they all assure us that they're not listening in on phone calls or using our phones,
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microphone to spy on us while we're cooking and then sending us ads for a frying pan. for example. technically, this would be possible though, but let's assume that the companies really are speaking the truth. how can we still be so perfectly targeted with apps? companies like mehta and google make money through advertisements. personalize ads are especially effective. the more the companies know, the better they can target you. instagram's parents, company meta saves information that users leave when they use the up. that includes everything you share with other users voluntarily, like photos, comments and likes. but the app also stores meta data from photos and videos that you upload, like where it was shot, and what it picks. if you're constantly logged into instagram, facebook on your phone, you're also sharing your location as instagram, facebook, and what's up all register. where if, when the, at this being used interactions with the up itself and likewise saved and analyzed
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by matter, like which post scrubber attention longest. for example, instagram knows how long you scroll through the profile of your crush at night. so instagram or facebook don't actually need to spy on us. all the apps have to do is to register who we know and where we were at what time and with whom met us algorithms compare our data to our friends and followers data. this reveals a lot about us even if we're not posting or commenting. my flatmate and i are friends on facebook. the spoken about buying an air filter shortly after i'm fed an advertisement for air filters without ever having such for them on line. as we are friends on facebook, the ab often registered us at the same location from this, the algorithm concludes that we must have similar interests. and since my flatmate has already looked for f on line, i get the same at metro, connect, the data and activities from different uses before letting artificial intelligence
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analyze them based on the connections, the a, i then tries to predict what we like or dislike, or we want and what we fear. that's why with the as that a perfectly tailored to our interest. it's easy for advertisers to find their target audience on instagram. they can precisely direct who gets to see which ad, based on categories like gender or age group, but also location, or hobbies. these ads will pop up between status updates from friends and pages we follow ah, mehta has just released a new privacy policy that chats more light onto where and why data gets collected. the company is reacting to its years of calls for more transparency. but that doesn't mean met her face less data after all, data is essential for personalized as the best we can do is to delete or absent
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accounts or reject data sharing. whenever that still possible. google meta, an amazon all have the same business model. it's based on collecting data for users . it's very hard to reject personalized ads with. i'm full control over what i sure i can simply stop talking to alex or i can not click on anything. however, the observation of my behavior online, where i am with my device location of my devices sharing and the, the method is that is collected that is very difficult to control for an individual . but we're not completely perilous in order to control ads and instagram. you have to log in to facebook. there you can change the settings for instagram and facebook . remove all apps your facebook account, sir, probably more ops connected than you think. this is quite important. a, some ups enable location tracking. others might have access to your contacts or
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photos on instagram itself. hiding personalized odds on your feet is quite easy. simply choose the reason why you want to hide the and then go to settings to disable personalized ads. instagram will notify you that you won't get to see fewer advertisements, but they will at least be less personalized. finally, go to your phone settings to turn off location tracking, go to privacy, then location services, then select instagram. and the next time you make a post or story, just leave the location out apart from location tracking on our phone, smart assistance like apple, serious hands and fix the or who are way. celia are also designed to make life easier. they are already used in millions of phones and smart speakers around the world with amazon's alexa, you can now control more than 100000 different devices with voice commands from
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your washing machine to your smart toilet. it's all pretty convenient, but you also pay with your data, and it is a lot of data that is being collected more than many of us think. even if the company's claim it for your benefit, smart and helpful. that's what amazons alex. so apple, siri and microsoft katana all pretend to be in. i am aaliyah's, assistant from voice assistance, basically work by always listening in on what's being said in a room through their microphones. dancing the default at the voice recognition then kicks in once the magic word, which is basically the word. the voice assistant reacts to has been said, but duffy donna after which everything i say is sent to the cloud. the thought dan said to voice recognition before it comes back as a command and then the task is completed. i like so what's 500? 87 minus 398. 189? correct?
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yes. by now voice assistance can deal with more complex requests. they also know preferences site which recipes, we like what we buy when we sleep on fear me, norton cushion, everything is recorded, saved on service in the u. s. and linked with other user data. and that's all timbers. amazon for example, knows who i am about because i'm signed in on my amazon account with us. that means they also know what i've bought in the past and where he lives here. and that's how they generate a pretty precise user profile with what's up of here. but during test runs, the assistance often also passed on sensitive information. investigators outside the us can already access recordings of these conversations in certain cases. if you have a voice assistant at home, you might have been collecting potential evidence against yourself for years. so voice assistance are gathering more information than we are often aware of. users
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can of course delete recordings from their profile afterwards. the let be real. i don't want to have to constantly self monitor what i say and to whom. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. technically more spying as possible. some secret services and the police have a whole other set of tools at their disposal. and they make met her microsoft, apple or who are way look harmless. at least 50000 people have been spied on with the pegasus software in recent years, including journalists, senior politicians, and heads of state. some phone manufacturers now claim that they can ward off attacks with this vi software. my pegasus is one of the most powerful surveillance tools in the world. this trojan horse fires gets installed on a phone by its user or knowingly. it can spy on anything that happens on the phone, including remotely controlling its camera or microphone. it's pretty scary. all you
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need to do is have your phone connected to the into, and then it can be infected without you noticing it. there, there will be a message sent to your column and down your phone will be infected, just like that. pegasus was developed by the israeli security company and a so group, police states and secret services are the clients. those targeted include indian politician roha gandhi, the former pakistani prime minister, iran con, south african president, serial rama posey and the french president emanuel mccrendon. while regular smartphones have no protection against pegasus. so manufacturers like bits him from finland, promise more protection, especially for politicians, journalists, or security firms. depending on its security level, a bit im phone runs either on a special android operating system or self developed security operating system without google software. both operating systems monitor any unwanted changes
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themselves. even as an administrator, the security mechanisms cannot be suspended. the phone won't allow any special privileges. data and communication are encrypted. to turn off the camera microphone, their hardware buttons, senses on the phone pickup on every attempt to open it up or damage it. let's face it. if you're on line, you can be spied on, on social media channels. it's especially difficult to protect your personal data from meta and the like. and this is not set to change any time soon as it clashes with the interests of online advertisers. but at least the competition between those trying to protect private data and those trying to spy on it, keeps generating new technological innovations. have you ever felt like your phone was spying on you? and what do you do to protect your data? on insta, facebook and co send us an e mail or leave a comment on our youtube channel by and see you soon.
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i ah, a resolution. see really thinking urban environmental european deering to leave the way. ah, you are cars, more security greer's faith is and happier, healthier people. read next on d w. 08 question of the question about life,
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the universe and everything you the answer? well, in give it here. the answer to almost everything. we're documentary series with clever, crazy credit ground breaking questions. can we go into the after life or are we getting dumber? how can we feed every 1? 40 to the answer to almost everything. starts january 15th on d, w. ah. ah, well, used to the streets of our cities being hectic, smelly and noisy always have been always will be right. it's up to us to find all way through the traffic. what other options do we have more than half of us now live.


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