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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  February 13, 2023 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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ah the grief with this week on d w ah, ah ah, the winner is lying from berlin. the deaths whole and the turkish and sir in earthquakes reaches more than $35000.00. un warns that number could double as more bodies are discovered also on the program. the white house says there is no evidence of alien activity, a link to mystery flying objects shot down in its aerospace, the western china tree,
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blame over alleged bible lands and thousands rally against government plans to reform israel's judiciary. opponents say the proposals are a threat to democracy. ah, i'm the cough really. it's good to have you with us. more than 35000 people are now known to have been killed in the earthquakes, which had turkey and syria a week ago. survivors are still being pulled from the rubble, but as time passes, those successes are becoming exceptions. the syrian government is just agree to open extra crossings on the border with turkey. so the united nations can bring in humanitarian aid. the when says is rescue operations in syria or winding up the focus will be caring for those made homeless. there is growing this there at the
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sheer scale of a humanitarian crisis in the region is johan has been in the southern turkish province of hud tie. she sent those report from the town of is kendra m, ah, this is what's left of the state hospital in the city of his kingdom, builds to save lives. it's became a death trap. the building collapsed on patients after the earthquake stroke. one week later rescue teams are still digging through the rattle, searching for survivors. if you can, can you give us any information about the person you have found? one? no, we couldn't find any id. a list of available mesa, high ellison's anxiously, whenever the rescue has announced, they found some one. what grade level was at the hospital when the quake hate mesa hasn't slept for days. she's been sitting here waiting, feeling helpless,
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crutches or been all. i don't know how many days have passed. i lost track of time for them and they only started looking for her. now we're waiting here for her. i love my grandma very much. my number. i 2nd name is i soul. i was named after her me says cousin ali john says mismanagement by the local authorities contributed to the disaster. he shows me what the hospital looked like before it collapsed. the building was dilapidated for years, he says, unsafe, but no one did anything about it. you college, i bet they will get nichol mythology because it was obvious that this building would collapse sooner or later even without an earthquake. but why, of the kept using it subtle until it became a tomb for every one inside. the scale of the destruction is overwhelming. across the agents,
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thousands of buildings has collapsed and tire neighborhoods have been flattened and hundreds of thousands of people left homeless. maybe get him yoga. we meet some of them in this makeshift camp and is kendall, and it feels disorganized desperate families who was strangers a week ago or now forced to share a small tent, was not much in it. can you tell this could still very, don't have enough tense. it's so cold in sight, it doesn't warm up a lot of it. i have 2 kids. for boy somewhere else. we only have his join every time we are sharing one tent with 2 other families. jamara yet than i thought i didn't raining. the kids are all sick and i have a small baby. please for god's sake to send us a tent young that have no help has come here at all. yes, video to them. yeah. mio bri up. miti boy does a local governor. he's been sent here to lead the crisis response in the area,
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90 percent of his team of volunteers, blood. i admit that the countries disaster response was too slow in the 1st days. but now he says everyone's pulling in the same direction. for one only with roger, the actually experienced a very big tragedy of, of which absolutely normal for those who are experiencing such a tragedy to feel, darn but thinking want to complain with on the probably all, surely we have licence to learn what outcomes to examine the model on all, gotch got a bought from this point forward. we will try to see this as a chance to start over good. will that, but i'm the, you shall, we will try our best to emerge from this better. that of it's, you know, muster. and then gillen. yep. or just will you be taken talk, mom's good at the ruins of his scandal. ones, hospital mesa isn't ready to start over yet. she'll be waiting for news about her grandma for as long as it takes. and she,
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it seems may get worse before they get better. and julia has been traveling across southern turkish. she is now in a donna and gave us her impressions a week after the earthquakes. well, to be honest to eat is at times very difficult for me to describe what we witness here on the ground because the scale of the destruction and the scale of the grief is just so huge is very difficult to comprehend. like mesa and her family, many survivors have been waiting for days and nights next to collapsed buildings desperately waiting for their loved ones to be retrieved. we have seen how their hopes have slowly faded and many people just now want the chance to say their final goodbyes. we do still see miracle rescue stories on turkish television, but experts say that the chances of finding more survivors are now very, very slim. many buildings were so poorly constructed that they just collapsed into very tiny pieces, leaving very few spaces for people to survive in. you know,
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the human body can only survive for so long without water and food. add to that, the freezing temperatures at night. we don't know how many people he had died of hypothermia under the rubble. so the initial rescue efforts in the 1st days are now changing into a giant operation to retrieve dead bodies and to remove the rubble. and this is a bit of reality. many people are now slowly, you know, understanding and trying to come to terms with how is johan reporting? the u. s. says there is no evidence of extra terrestrial activity after it's shot down a series of mysteries, objects over north america. the objects have deepened, the diplomatic rift between china in the united states. washington accuses beijing a running a high altitude balloon program for intelligence gathering. the us shot down another object near the canadian border on sunday. the 4th this month. only the 1st
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has been officially linked to china, beijing denies it was used for spying and accuses the u. s. a flying high altitude balloons over china at least 10 times this here. on the w, washington correspondent mikaela group now has more on the latest from the white. well, certainly the white house has predicts that claimed by the chinese and says that it is not signing any belief that has no serv. aiden's program above chinese s space within chinese space. and we heard from don kirby who's the spokesman of the national security council and what the big difference is between that fast object that was a balloon for everybody to see. and the other 3 objects where he still went, say whether they were balloons or not, let's take a listen. these other 3, they didn't have proportion, they weren't being maneuvered. it was basically, they're being being driven by the, by the wind. we don't think we don't,
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we don't know for sure whether they had a surveillance aspect to them, but we can't rule it out. so there was a little bit there was enough uncertainty there that again out of an abundance of caution during the prudent thing, the president directed that they get taken down. so and the reason they were taken down, we were told during that briefing a short while ago is that they actually posed a threat to normal air traffic because they were traveling at an altitude between 20 and 40000 feet. now the usual trans atlantic plate flight is round about $30000.00, they would not maneuverable and that's why the president himself took the decision to have them taken down and were told it will see take days or weeks potentially until we will get more information from that analysis as they're, the officials are still trying to detect actually the debris, which is strewn in very remote areas, we're told. so that's what we're,
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we've learned from the american side. but the political fallout is of course, there for everybody to see already. you know, we have to bear in mind that these latest objects have not officially been linked to china, but just overall, how damaging is this episode to be already fairly strained relations between the us and china? let's put it this way. the last high level meeting between chinese president, she and us president biden was at the g 20 and barley at the end of last year. and the aim there was to do nothing less, but also nothing more than try and find a flaw in relations to put in a flaw in these have really thinking relations between the us and china. now this is chinese spy balloon that has been identified and sought down, has blown that pretty much out of the water. and there are attempts, there are continuous dialogue attempts going on. there's actually dialogue going on a working level. we're told what we couldn't get information on is whether you or
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secretary of state blink into canceled his trip to china. will now meet his chinese counterpart at the munich security conference that's coming up in just a couple of days from now. that could be a potential for new dialogue there and were told from the american side that they would continue to take calls from the chinese side, particularly at the military level. they're cool, wasn't taken from the american side to the chinese, and that is seen is very troubling in terms of potential misunderstandings, mikaela curve on the crowded skies over the united states. thank you very much. thousands of demonstrators have rallied outside israel's parliament against planned judicial forms. opponents claim the proposed changes attack democracy. the measure is wouldn't give the government more power to appoint supreme court. judges, ministers, say the reforms. what correct and a balance of power between lawmakers and the court. ah,
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democracy is one of the mean slogans at district. hist, games of parsons of israelis hefty can do the streets. the fear that democracy is under threat. i'm here to demonstrate against changing laws which will make this country which we love not to democracy any more. that's it. more people are coming to demonstrations and we have to stay optimistic. if we don't have our hope, there's nothing left and we're doing what we can. and we think that may be today. it's a very historic day. and we hope that they'll here and they'll hear screaming. that's all we can do. we came here to protest against the law this very quick, very aggressive change of law. there's a lot of people that are very unhappy with the parts of the government are trying to do here. deal here to send a message to benjamin netanyahu. new foreign government,
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which wants to overhauled the justice system and reduce the influence of the nation supreme court. to plan would allow and armico to overnight supreme court deficient and give on additions more influence in the appointment of judges. critic fee. it will give over at each info to the government that many consider to be the most right wing in his rights history. for what they are hearing from this spot is not a voice of despair, but a voice of hope. what they are hearing is not hatred, but love of the homeland. that's what is frightening them. so that's what made our voice louder and clearer. more because i gotta do bucko video statement posted on his twitter account. nathan, yo excuse the opposition of fermenting a crisis. call william shells daughter deliberately dragging the country into anarchy. who get a hold of yourself. show responsibility on the leadership because you are doing the
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exact opposite to you when you're good. capital sudoku, go protest against the proposed what hi, have been going on for weeks. but the government sees it's plans aren't attention and doesn't seem to be back down, at least for know a kansas city chiefs or the new american football. so we're all champions after beating the philadelphia eagles in arizona, but for some super bowl night was all about the half time show. ah worth 13 minutes are and be super. sariana performed a medley of her greatest hits her 1st time on stage in 5 years. millions watching the 34 year old grammy where use the spectacular show to reveal that she is expecting the 2nd child. ah
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st. you now stephen beardley will be here with your business update. and just a moment, i'm really for me and the entire team in our nose are here in berlin. thank you so much watching a sand. what's behind them? dw news africa. the show that was the issues in the continent. life is slowly getting back to normal here on the streets to give you enough reports on the inside . our correspond that was on the ground reporting from the.


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