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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  February 21, 2023 12:15am-12:31am CET

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and sometimes it was hard not to sing ok but die a wide. bam. seneca is a very dark comedy and in parts highly uncomfortable to watch. though brilliantly acted, it will most likely not be everyone's cup of tea regard to later and move your up to dice after twitter. facebook now says it'll also introduce hight subscriptions. robots will have the day talents after so break. don't go away with ah, what people have to say matters to us. i am. that's why we listen to their stories reporter every weekend on
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d w. d and he's getting ahead using tech as our documentary series in thunder valley. it's africa lou meet the founders empowering their continent through digital innovation, transforming work health and living conditions in their country, and inspiring the world with their ideas. founders valley africa watch now on d. w documentary, b o, o, would you pay to use facebook? the meta has announced a new subscription service is also going to cover instagram as well. well, the $12.00 a month offering. get a thumbs up from uses at the bid therein. as one of the world's biggest sport,
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bronze goes up for sale. so who is hoping to be the new owner of manchester, united an argentine or is in the grip of its worst drought in half a century will count the call of climate calamity. the state of the business. i'm robots in berlin. welcome to the program. like and subscribe soon, facebook users will be able to pay to verify that profiles on the social media platform. meta has announced it is launching a new subscription service later this week. facebook and instagram uses will be able to pay a minimum of $11.99 a month to sign up in return. they'll get that covers a blue badge and have that profile verified trial begins in australia and new zealand. this week mark zuckerberg says it will increase authenticity and security across matters platform. let's go a little deeper into this with bull street tech analyst dan. eyes are what wish securities always great. have you on the program done?
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so i'm just trying to work out what subscribes are actually going to get for this $11.99 a month just verification. well look at 1st. that's what it seems. i think in terms of the authentication, the security, i think most users are really going to sort of show that i think the question is how many ultimately sign up? i mean we, they're in the well and that could be 3 percent on the high and 7 percent. but we, when you look at meta and facebook platform, they're facing headwinds. they're looking for more modernization. they're falling twitter and must pass on the verification. there's always been, or it's at least felt that way they sort of trade off that uses have been willing to participate and which is i get the product for free and you get my data is not a model that is now changing why? i think that ultimately is how this whole business model change. once apple changed
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ios, your friend in the, as i phone in terms of opting in or opting out to be tracked. that was the got punch, the business model, digital media. you, when you look at facebook, you look at snap, you look at others, they're looking for ways around this in terms of from monetization. but there's an average like uphill battle here in terms of trying to monetize because it comes down to you've gotten read a restaurant for 10 years for free, or you all said now going to pay for and you mentioned snapshot that but also we've had telegram of industry, subscriptions, twit, i was a very high profile as an introduced subscription model as well. can we gauge how successful those may have been for those companies? i think so far, very tempted success, especially on the twitter side. and i think that's really going to be the question here is that they need to offer more work consumers to ultimately go down this route. but especially when it comes to facebook, i mean, many could i had one foot already out the door just pushed them out. this is what i
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view as a sort of risky move. it makes sense, but it clearly could backfire, especially for zach a burden. facebook and what about how with seeing the very meaning of the word verification? sort of changing here basically to be verified now is to be someone who is willing to invest money in a platform, not just being someone who i spoke. a said level of trustworthiness to why the ultimate change is the nature of verification. and i think that really is part of the conundrum here. if anyone could be verified, then really what's the newest prestige in verification? and i think that's really what twitter now you see where the spoken others are grappling with in terms of are there other tiers of verification? and i think that this speaks to the quagmire. the companies are basing in social media. now with clear headwinds on the horizon from a digital advertising perspective. and just lastly, so it's going to cover facebook and instagram. the subscription bundle i suppose is
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in scrum, actually, you know, perhaps more open to this sort of model than, than, than facebook. it. yes, i think instagram just given the verification, given some of the, the followers on there, i think they will have clearly significantly more uptake here, especially new teams and tween demographics from the verification perspective. i think i think these books going to really be much more difficult, but we got to see how this all plays out. and i, this is something new. it could be a black guy for facebook if this ultimate falls, and they trip of their shoes and knowing ultimately upgrades. okay, well we'll see how it goes that trial, beginning in australia, new zealand. don ives from what bush securities, thank you to i guess next bids to by manchester. united have been pouring in. it seems the current owners, the controversial plays a family close the deadline for the 1st round of office on friday. the bidding
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process is secretive, but whoever wants to snap up the famous football club will need deep pockets. it's chef rice on the new york stock exchange values. the company had over $4000000000.00. so last football, finance expert mark, middling, what we know about the bidders so far. so there's sort of 3 main forces at the moment who are in the routing. if you like to purchase manchester, united, one of them is when a british reaches people. jim, jim ratcliffe, he's a local guy. so it's bought in oldham. a lifelong manchester united fan made his money to complete any officer of course for connections and for me to won, as well as you will in football. we've also got shape just even from a dog who is the sort of the previous prime minister. and we've also got an outsider, the u. s. hedge funds are complete. elliot,
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also in the running to all 3 bits is supposed to be somewhere in the region of $4000000000.00 pounds. and at this point, we're really not sure which way it could go for 1000000000 is, is that, is that enough to satisfy the current owners? it for an out now purchase of manchester, united i have to say when i saw the values come in, i thought they sounded a little low. i have seen report saying that the glazes are looking for top dollar in the famous club. so i think realistically, i think any success will be, it might have took a walk from for 1000000000 and why are they willing to stay in 4000000000? is still an awful lot of money. why are they willing to stump up so much money for manchester? united because it's not as manchester united are actually in the heights of their power at the moment then not in terms of on pitch success, but they're still probably the biggest football brand internationally. and that
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commercial success has made them one of the most successful fort because financially ever, although they don't have as high a turnover as much as a city at the moment, much of that you're ahead of them to, to champions league money. that might just a united been for the missed out on for the past few seasons. they do still have a massive global base of never posterior rebellion followers. so it's, i think it's the commercial aspect of manchester united gaining the ground in the 99 into thousands of becoming very dominant in asia. and africa in america to us is the world's most famous called sets. manchester united a part really for men, every of the football club in that respect. okay. mark meddling from nathan re university in the u. k. thanks so much for joining us. now let's take
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a look at some of the other global business stories that are making the news or in ukraine cost. the german economy nearly 2.5 percent last year. according to the german institute of economic research, that's equivalent to 100000000000 euros institute reports that jeremy's dependency on imports of russian energy is key cause of the fall in g d p. some of the most important industrial and economic hubs in the u. s. and china are also the most vulnerable to climate change that's according to a new study by the cross dependency initiative, which also find found 9 out of the top 10 spots which finds regions to study for for more government focused on di, carbonized ation adaptation measures like flood control. now argentina is facing its worst drought in 60 years, it's proving a major economic blow to a country that was already struggling to service it's debts. that route is also having a significant impact on global food markets with argentina. providing
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a large proportion of the world soy corn, wheat, and beef. but it's the countries farmers who are perhaps suffering the most parched dusty soil where crops should be thriving. most of the corn and cotton on this farm in northern argentina have dried up due to lack of rain. cows raised for beef are perishing to a 3rd of the 900 cattle have died in the past year alone. got it, been some will killer. we never thought that the drought would hit us so hard to market our. it's much more severe knowing that a 150 kilometers away. we have the power now river, maybe 23000 cubic meters of fresh water per 2nd, which is polluted and, and we don't use our in our low sample. argentina's government has rolled out some tax relief measures for farmers. but it's done little to change the dire situation through. no kiddo, no gamma subsea. i don't want any more subsidies if what we want is to
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continue producing. and so, but we are tired of a lack of solutions. sienna maria, for 40 years, that the governments have not offered us an answer. you're going to settle. logan assertiveness, se damo. if boy is gillian, we need to the national and regional governments to take production seriously and develop sustainable production policies, get nothing else. but o, b i so thank god, no matter experts say the economic impact of this climate catastrophe will be devastating euler, like going on me unless you're under today, the national economy depends on imports of income from the countryside. oh, and even that a go us younger be in the government has lost $3500000000.00 in revenue so far with momentum. the country exports corn, soi, wheat, and beef to the rest of the world. the consequences of argentina's drought are
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bound to spill outside of its borders. an impact the global food market. me back on the farm, calavera tries to give some of the little water he has to a pregnant cow, though he suspects these are her last days. as his livelihood vanishes, he's powerless to do much else. that's all from the and the business team here in bed. and if you'd like more from us, you can head to our website to see dot com slash business. we're also on the data. we do use youtube channel as well to next time in ruin the lives of millions of people in turkey and syria. it was a catastrophe. many had predicted, primarily striking, those already struggling to survive. it. we travel to areas hardest hit and
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encounter despair, grief, and anger. tucson, who next on d. w. a pulse, a beginning of a story that moves us and takes us along for the ride. it's own about the perspective culture information. this is dw, and d, w made from mines. o. mentioned that you're eating a hamburger and as you're biting into this juicy burger,
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your dining companion says to you, actually that hamburger is not made from kaos. it's made from golden retrievers. should meet. 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 in meeting cultures around the world, people learn to classify a small handful of animals is edible and all the rest they classify as disgusting. a duck you series about our complex lation ship with animals. the great meat debated this week on d. w. m . a. he couldn't make it to the funeral in time, sitting in front of his mother's freshly dug grave and the turkish village of tow car twinge. i shall haine still can't believe what has happened. his mother.


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