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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  October 20, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven wh i will start with you, what happened to your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see something different. melissa: there i momentum here. theris a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i thk the trend at the end this week, ifanything is poind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among wome the polls are going all over the place. what they really --. melissa: there are a lot of polls. >> what they show is close race. melissa: byron, to yo, do you thinkhere is trend for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is going on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a
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state you don' win it you die. he has to win a lot of other things other than that florida, if he doesn't ss that bar he doesn't win. this has to b encouraging news as they work in iowa, new hampshi and of course ohio. melissa: doug. gerri: doug i was surprised to see what was going on in ohio. "fox news oll". ahead i canot sethat far. this is the tte that romney has to take. >>certainly. there is a lear tihtening after the debates. implore data are you seeing the senate race tight as well? th you srt to see that
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with the top of te ticket then you have real momentum. up until nowt is a very tight political ce without clear evidence one way or another. gerri: the president makes his sixth appearance calling the death of americans not timal. >> if more aerans get killed in is not otimal. >> hedid not include the qution he said it is not exactly opmal. but for him to se that word in a response? [laughter] amam not a oreign policy expert but the politics is the president has taken
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bertrand also owed t a quiet romney t task to politicizing the issue from practicay before happened to get it wrong. gerri: many ople would like to debate you on that topic. fox says they have 6 doments from the state department. with the three page cable from chris day bnds -- evens saying he is worried about seurity he, he has concerns sounding alarms, lawlessness, violce , it is frightening. also cmpining about the security. >> this is t bi deal.
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one is the la of secuty before the attac comex pressing concern from e ambaador. and the story put t after the attacks. both have taken a hit specifically about attacks -- -- the tax and finding out what this california a new. leless than 2 hours later it was a group of guerrillas. it was much more dangerous than t word opimal. gerri: reading a statement from augus 8 >> moving from euphoria and back as violent incidents dominate the pitical landscape. they havebeen organized they're notrand crimes o
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portunit at this metaksa unlike the to be deterred until they are capable. is that we he says? >> he put politics aside there was eviden in advance insufficient reurceat of administration that shows no concerned and the tragic loss of life and a failure to cu the emssy and an ability to cme up with a single coherent story. the story does have le. gerri: it could be the reason of the polls. mitt romney's transition team is working with officials to come up with a plan and americans not
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havingto pay $3,500 per year. why does the president say clf?ould rather go over th he has made it clear. solutely. you have a wrong. he said is willing to go over the fiscal ef to bring republicans to his view of taxes. >> whenhey decided to take the country t the brink of failure in order meet politics. i'm sure what he is wilng to do with reelected is have a balanced approach including a revenue increase and cuts across the board. gerri: te 3500 every family
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has to plug up, what is your assessment of posturing on bo sides? >> we cannot go over t fiscal cliff. it is a disservicencluding all those who claim to be so coerned. t much will be done, of leu aispending cuts. meck 2013 to sort out the shortcu. >>ast night mitt romney has thesense ofhumor. >> i am finally relaxed to wear what i wear around house. [laughter] i haveseen ealy reprts from tonight's dinr. headline, obama embraced by catholics.
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mitt romney dies with th rich people. >> do you want to have a beer with them? >> it was amusing, he was loose and fenty. his hur had more edge more critical of obama. and he made good use of the night to make a few jokes and the fe points. >> mtt romney would ot have a beer. [laughter] gerri: they give f coming. great as always. what do think? should president obama apologize those killed in libya calling their death not optimal? a lot more stil come
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watch the elbows ladies.
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gerri: just in case you rbor the believe government can do better things than the private sector. the massachusetts based solar company filed for bankruptcy
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but a localv station in michigan reported employees have so littleork to do they spend hours playing board games and watching movies. some are quitting. as a project the company is failing. here is the president to years ago. >> it will put thousands of people to work including those working at facilities being built in michigan by another battery technology company called a 23. a symbol of where michigan is going, olland and the united states is going. gerri: as simple rogram
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america is going? really? lg chem is a career in coming-- company receiving grants from taxpayers. using only 228,000 of tax dollars even though approved at $3 million. although struggling financially four years, the power conversion devices were and steady demand in 2011. but could not bring th to profitily. and posted losses in through the first six months of 2012. according to the heritage foundation companies that got assistance are going bankrupt and laying people off. look at the list. heritage estimates of the $90 billion of green energy
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loans and credits credits, 10 percent go to companies bank of course circling the drain. either one is too many. precisely what government should not be in the business to pick winners or losers. >> you don't pik the winners and losers. you pick losers. >> increase your retirement savings for next year. but many americans don't have anything at same data all. trying there hardest to win the wind of voters over the last abate. >> but which candidate has what it takes to tackle their issues? we will hear from ann coulter. the two dividend bursary of thetock market experiencing the worst dop in history. could this happen again? our moody's chief economist our moody's chief economist is his report
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gerri:. >> i am here with the average n onhe street. ure you savg gerri: i am here with thee3 average man on the street. use a being in the 401(k)? amex 84 retirement? >> saving for a new car. >> you concerned? >> i am a mo. m >> what proportion of yourion at income?and come >> i try to save 10%.percen gerri: that is good. all the experts say maybe 15s or 20 are better if you get older. you are young.>> ia >> i am very mon.
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illwill not retire until i'mw 80 years old. >> i am tired now. >> recent study said the >> iage american pays when i did $50,000 over their lifetime for the 401(k). 00. >> tt is too mh money. gerri: that man thinks americans pay too much money. 150,000 over the course of your life time. a recent survey found seven out of 10 amans don't ev know ttey pay fees my next guest, chad, the number
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istoo bg? >> absolutely. that is a small condo in florid gerri: four times as much as annual had come mo have $25,0 saved. i think people may vote there would be a revolt. but the real probl ericans and nosaving enough. >> ott-line tere isno immedie gratification. [laughter] we have the microwave society with instant results and we rwarded today. and believe it is bological impossibleo think we have a future. gei: i don't know. look at fees just pay a little bit of attenon can make a big difrence.
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if you have $5,000 and you pay 32 bais poin that is roughly $160 per fees per year. if it calates it is over $1,200. what does that do? >> einstein said compound interest is the wonder of the world. working with you and against you. you dot earn interest on your interest an every year you ve less to earn interest on. it is a mathematical formula you need enter -- illustration. gerri: where you make money yr money for you are encouraged to save more. there is a huge retirement crisis? >> we have the three legged stool.
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most people in sixties and fiftie have that available. these people nothave the ability to have a pension. without major adjustmentto lapse and people will not plan on that. gerri: you have to do yourself. the good news the department of labor requires more disclosure. at the very least ou should have more inforon to get them under ontrol. what size is reasonable? >> below were the etter aff -- blogger event hal of 1%. we need to take advantage of the incentives.
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there's a certain amount thatecomes excessive. what do you think is too much? that is where free-market comes in to offer a different way. gerri: the more informatio the better. contribute as much as you can i believe it is $7,200,500. it goes up. major e fees is low. gerri: ell your wsite again. some peoplenot have to worry about the biggest names of srts. with the sweep of the near candies the attentin turs to the salarie of the headliners. the biggest conracts are baseball players wth o salary cap.
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number fe. of minneso twins. the eight year contract $184 million, $142,000 r game. numberour. new york yanes who missed most of the series with a 10 yearontract worth $189 milli. number three and then another $45 millio the home rn derby chapion and detroit tigers eaded to thworld es. nine year, to defer to million-dollar contract. numb two. from los angeles signe a contract this year at ending $240 mlion over 10 years. number one. biggest contract goes to
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al rodriguez. 10 year contact worth $275 million. e yankees still o 114 million. he went three/25 in postseason. in 2001 he signed today 2 million contract with fed texas rangers. he was traded eiht years ago. i should have ben a baseball player. by a milons of ollars are spent on flat screen tvs and waterfalls. the president and rney tried to include women voters. are they being pandered? ann couter tells us next.@ ann couter tells us next.@ ♪ bob...
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gerri: 30 times ten the word women was said during the bate. both candidates are ou trying to get the wome vo but it sounds like pandering. ann coulter author of mud to i want to start with the view a controversial interview. >> when he was governor he was pro-choice and now is >> now he is against abortion. i wonder where your views are a? talking to the mother's of children who re coming home from bags.
11:31 pm
>> when you face the mothers whose children who havnot comeback ow will you explain to them your son's have not gone? [laughter] >> you cebrate its0th wedding anniversaries. >> come on. we wond hy eight obama collapsed in te first debate. this is what he is usedo. the president is always a little bit like thi but obama is there darling not only a liberal and he is halflack. the affirmative actionn candidate for you wonder why when he is up agains mitt romy he is not so good.
11:32 pm
rri: he does have kid ove treatment. talk about his approach to women. >> reduce a you are for equal pay for equal work but you refused to say if you would gn the bill for that, you may have romney and the show. if youo have romnesia obamacaris fre. >> his president has failed america is when. they suffer in terms of getting job, flling into poverty, a presidency has not helped america's women. gei:hat matters to women? >> having ajob woud be more useful than free birth control cents wal-mart sells
11:33 pm
it for $9. ge $9. $9. somemes i think this is from 1965. it inot romney whos the fuddy-duddy. >> equal pay for equal work has been on the booksince 1965. this is crazy with the lilly ledbetter act. those rules we honored with the romney administration in massachusetts. every time they tried to hit them it com back hitting harder. now we find out how fantastic he was to promote qualified women wmen were not paid as well in the obama administration were apparently msnbc. [laughter] gerri: i don't know about that. and white house femle
11:34 pm
staffers earned $11,000 less. th christina romer said i felt like a piece of meat in the obama administration. [laughter] >> i should not laugh but it is so prepostero f the democrats to act like they are the save years. gerr listen to this man. >> sentor, how w hpe the american autoworkers? >> hold on sweet. [laughter] >> that is worse than july 10. and winning fell ladies votes with t obnoxious behavior. >>hat is something ave ner seen. it is so
11:35 pm
metal think i have ever hearda politician call a woman journalist a suite. >> somebody is below you. with a gift is fine to ca them that if you speak at your own level or above you but not below you. gerri: h defense is he does it all the time. look at the swing mitt romney is picking up women voters. >> the economy is of a huge issue. , doesn't matter t numbers they flsh on the screen. but whatever tey say people are t of wor. mitt romney does i realize that.
11:36 pm
gerri: it is notjt short-term. women are putting food on the table increasingly responble for all finances. >> they know that obamar will kill jobs and kill healthare. you have to be a contributor or donoro get the special treatment. but if not you are screwed. gerri: greato see you. thank you for coming back todaa's drop o wal street of a drop in the bucket from 25 ars a today. other controversial part of obamacare has hostal spendi millions on glass screen tvs and other items. screen tvs and other items. dr. marc siegel s here. 4g lte is the fastest.
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gerri: your own private waterfalis just rooms service, and mouthwatering menus. t a luxury hotel you can get all of this from a hospital bet. new rules tied to oamacare timing payments to patient happiness. we have dr. marc siegel. great to have you he.
11:41 pm
>> it soun good on the service. reward the hospitalfor getting patients to say we're so happy like it is the hotel. what happens to medical care? doctors perform a service. i don't care whether the surgeon nice tthe paent to gets go marks for smg. i hope the surgery goes well e federal government basing on consumer satisfaction with medical care is ridiculous. it is too much regulation to much of the fedal government. >> in ay have ve little say how they're tread. >> lok at the satisfaction survey. high-scoring hospitals receive nusesand get cash
11:42 pm
athe end of the day the unintended consequence? some kind of pain rieving medication. >> a great point*. you will put the smiley face on a survey? i like the ideto say something positive, 95% of obamacare is negative. they're rewarded for gng medication on time. hospitals suld be timely, rs andoctors should be responsive. you don't to wait for ce but a survey is not reliable. penalizing we admissions and gettg away from the point* if you deliver a service you derve to be paid. a cardiolosts gets $280
11:43 pm
for getting the at go. used to get 560. if you cut less than half from major service we try to see patients faster and not do a good job. gerri: one dr. riding a letter ting to geteople galvanized not just for doctors but for patients. >> he is in the swing state of ohio. the jackson health survey says 65% of physicns will vote to four mitt romney. wh y start telliling doctors with a cand cannot do all so afraid of medica independent advisor report. one treatment is better than anher summit is not proven all of those are in
11:44 pm
jpardy. >> if the afforble care is not socialized medicine it will leadto whip. not say liberal ofession but a government job. >> it will lose quality because phicians can only be great patient by tience. re and more doors who work for large group of private practice will be extinct people have nowher else to go for ic a big problem for doctors under amacare. over regulators. >> and businessmen. >> representing patience. >> i agre will ben the show next week. always good to see you. >> what ofthe arest-- of
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gerri: fox business alert. you heard it hear irst. weak earnings drops200 points for the worst day in
11:49 pm
four months. microsoft, general ectric, a mcdonald's brought a badnd to a good week of trading. finaial analysts had expected earnis to be lower than this time last year. the first deine three yes. they werright. with over 100 companies of us and the reporting down 3.5%. google continued the day after the earnings were accidental released ahead of schedule. black monday 25 years ago today october 1987. suffering when the biggest crass in history. the dow plummeted 23%. if that appened today the dow jones industal average woulsink me thanan 3,000 points. are the financial arkets a for now? we have moody's chief econom. jon, was the number one
11:50 pm
percentage loss ever n our history. whatid you make of the drop? >> i was working at moody' %-sitting in front of of my screen. as the dow jones industrial avage and the s&p 500 kept sinking and sinking. then there was quite a crowd of people round me staring at theame machine that was the blue-green screen and we could not getver what happened. we thought e bottom had fallen out. people immediately fter said returned to the 1930's wainetable. gerri: i wasworking my
11:51 pm
first business reporng job in virginia. the trader was talking to on the phone was cryinbecause he was scared. crying. 500 8.does not sound like a lot day but we he drops all the time. much ado to technical glitch. could we lose 23% in one day ? >> never say never. remember the crash of october 87 was par of a byproduct of eltronic type of trading. program trading you had sell, orders autatic t kicking g and. to protect investors
11:52 pm
gerri: some ofhat goes on today ith high frequency trading. people are afraid we he seen big sell-offs. >> but recentlthey pull the plug on the so of e problem. october 19 nobody knew which plug to poll gerri: polling the frrntpe of the "wall street journal" ks are ppluing id panic. then "the new york times" wi the headline across the page plunging 508 points 604 err million volumes a lot of people trading and sce that day. so many people wernoteven
11:53 pm
in the market then wer relatively new are have no memory. is that good? >> should always have a memory of that dark day. thequity market sell-off but the fuamenta and the market could recover rather quickly for only two yea would ss before the equity mamarket return to to the level prior to the crash. rri: the google fiasco fromesterdayyis another nail in the coffin for investor confidence? >> it does s not help. how could they trust manageme when it took so long to would mitt the earnings report was out
11:54 pm
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but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a ng-acting bronchodilator woing together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia.
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advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye pblems. tell your doctor if you he a heart condition or high blood prsure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve yo lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at ♪ gerri:resident oma telling la nht that the deat of fo americans in libya was not optimal. shoue aolize for the comments? here's what ome of your are posting. stuart writes: absolutely. after al these brave americans were his folks. another very poor choice of words he used in the second debate dwil bert says: a situation that is not the best. well, iny opion the present's response to this act
11:58 pm
of war is not only n optimal, t a national disgrace. we also asked you, 98% of you said yes, 2%aid, no. log on to jerry gerri willis.coe there. finally tonight, he promised to have the most transparent presidency ever, but he's anything but transparent. he's not even being transparent about his first major piece of legislation, the stimulus, that was pposed bring unemployment to 5%. by his ownlaw, h own administration must issue quartey reports theaw's efs through 2013,ut according to the weekly standard the white house is now four portsbehind schedule releasing last o in june of 2011. i mean, it makes sense. why would the presint vertise what a cossal waste ofaxper money thestimulus law was, just months before a presidential election? that'sy two cents more. goa lot coming up on monday. the candidates set to face off in their thir ask final debate before the election. wel get areview with
11:59 pm
republican congressman jason chaftz of utah and republican strategist ed rolns. thaaksor joiningus. have a great night, and we'll see you right back here next week. ♪ >> there is no end to their greed. >> the ways of wall street. >> why we need government intervention. >> i can take the whole cake and. >> my guest says agreed works. it is a good things. >> greed works. >> "is greed good?"


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