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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  November 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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it i have been in bankruptcy, i know i have to have a turn around in a short time, i focus on key issues -- >> you had been given less than 4 years. >> i usually say i have 3 to 5 years this bankruptcy now, this cun vi not bankrupt, you focus on two or three things. neil: just quickly, polls closed now in about a dozen states, including ohio, some the ones we'll focus on in pennsylvania away too close. as alan speaks we'll give what you races we know of now, but not interrupt his thought, largely coming in florida too close. virginia too close. pennsylvania that will be a close one, one way or the other. in new hampshire, that is a
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state that favored for barack obama but too early to call, but alan on that idea of how much time you give to turn things. >> it is what you focus owe had an economy that was in terrible shape, caused somewhat under the bush administration. he should not get total blame. neil: a lot to blame him, a good plurality say, you know -- >> this was due to the housing market. that started problem quite frankly dramatically under the previous mr. clinton,. neil: community reinvest. , we raised to 50%. >> we started out 10%, and it was raised to 50%. that is what caused it, not just the banks but government intervention. but back to jobs, you say job is number one problem you do not spend your time on health care, that not adding jobs. neil: part of the thing in exit
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poll, a lot of people like this healthcare. a lot of them like it. >> they may like it because they have not yet paid for it but they will pay for it businesses have to pay more money for it you will have to pay more money. one thing that people don't know and understand is what service they are going to get in future, there will be many fewer doctors, if you are on medicare, you will not have easy access. the same for medicare unless you get to emergency. bankruptcy is one of the worse thing. this bankruptcy see cost american public, they pay the taxes, that will cost $25 to $ 40 billion, under mr. romney's case it would not have cost taxpayers anything. neil: he would not have had the government involved at all. >> but once you break the law, which the government dit broke the bankruptcy law, and government put that money in,
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that could have been in it held in bankruptcy like -- >> it could have caused mitt romney some crucial votes in some states, that are high union. >> it is, because it is not understood. neil: eelectric rall e-- electos -- votes thus far. he has pulled ahead in the states that president obama was expected to win, remember you do need 270 to win, i must stress every single state we've been pulling up for you, including those mentioned, as expected. there are no surprises yet, remains to be seen as night ensues whether we'll see them, alabama is one as expected. deep south, heavy republican territory mr. mitt romney, ditto in mississippi, goes for mitt romney. a question later ol be state of north carolina.
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a state that tipped to brack book by slightest of margins, became a red state, then a blew state, could be red tonight, oklahoma goes to mitt romney, picks up 7 ete 7 economy heck -- electoral votes, the president, big surprise, we're not sees that at all as of yet. we're not seeing any senate surprises, bernie sanders in vermont, reelected. that is not a shock, and state went easily for barack obama. delaware home state of vice president, not a shock it goes for democrats as is the case, states we are watching closely are the battle ground states, like virginia, like florida, melissa frances is in tampa,
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with the read from what is going to there. melissa, how does it look? >>, neil, i have been outside this polling place, in tampa, in hillsboro county, i would say here, we have seen quite a bit of romney support here. we did see it close here just a short time ago, the last voter went through. and this is the county really that is considered crucial to the state of florida, there is this i-4 core doar that divides state to north and south. now one of the votes that most important, here in florida in this elect is the hispanic vote, 13.5% of registered voters in florida are hispanic. there is a large puerto rican population, and a large conservative cuban population, now governor romney had senator marco rubio, very popular here
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in florida, record spanish language ads he has been playing and enlisted help of governor of puerto rico to come in and also record ads for him here in the state, trying to battle back. in the last elect, president obama very heavily took the hispanic population here in florida. so, those are some under currents here, i would say that across the state, we hear reports that voting went smoothly today, there were a few power outages and a few phone problems and robocalling situation that we've heard. but much smoother than early voting, where we saw the 5 and 6 hour lines that were caused -- that caused them to continue on with voting with the in person absentee ballots, i think i call those jumbo shrimp ballots from now on. that in person absentee gets me. polls closed here in florida.
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neil: thank you melissa. as melissa was speaking concerning state of virginia where polls, have already closed, they closed 7:00 p.m. but there were long lines at a number of presurges -- pricincts, romney camp and obama camp have urged an extension of voting hours, normally that is procedure, if you or line, have you not had a chance to vote even if you go past 7:00 p.m. deadline, everyone will be allowed to vote, no one is going to protest that, so expect later results from virginia. that was -- we are suspects something was awry because not all counts were coming in. that is what could delay results from virginia, a state with 13 electoral votes up for grabs, a must-win for mitt romney. ure hear that, this state that
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tipped back to democratic handed 4 years ago. another state that was a democratic pick up indiana. has gone back to republicans with mitt romney. winning there tonight, virginia will be delayed. pennsylvania will be delayed. that could be close, that is tight, and tightening there. alan questrom it is clear as expected, tight, and close. what if it is so tight that there is no pro verbal mandate. >> that is difficult, i think at the end of the day whoever wins, i have a favorite, but. we have to come back together to work together, i think we have to whether you are a democrat or a republican. we have to say this is about america, i was impressed by
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mr. romney how often he spoke, i will cross the aisle, and he demonstrated that in massachusets. but you have to say this is america, it is bigger than either party, if we don't work together, we're -- this is not going to be a good country, this is a great country with great working people, we should think how do we get jobs back to middle class, and good quality jobs, where you see income growth, i believe, because i am from business, you have to have a strong business community. neil: they have to feel confident and see shopper confident. >> they will not be unless government does things that said we're cheerleaders of business, this is only thing that made our country great is, that puts money into the coffers to pay for government workers and benefits. neil: there has been a disconnect between average folks
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whose confidence has gone up a little and the bosses who have not. >> the boss keeps your job. >> okay alan thank you very much. taking time. alan questrom. >> nice to be with you. neil: in the expected department, arkansas too close to call but a lot saying in end this will go to mitt romney. that is far from guaranteed. but, again that could be an interesting pick up. alabama, 9 votes to mitt romney. through states these are ones we farrah fawcettly safe, mississippi, this is going to trend where deep south, goes republican, georgia did earlier. mississippi, and alabama, north carolina will be one to watch a little bit later, that as one of those states that tipped again for president last go.
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he might have a before ill of a time winning it back. and illinois, all and said and done we expecting mitt romney to win his home state, and probably easily. barack obama wins state in name but it is three out of four electoral votes, it and nebraska are two of the states that flit their electoral votes there are 4 congressional districts in state of maine, the second congressional district in northern part of state that is crucial. that was a district that mitt romney region, he was popular, and that could prove crucial. that one vote because you hear this possibility, a statistical anomaly. and nebraska took at least, maine split. watch that, remember, that wild keep pounding that, it could be
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crucial. maryland, this is a safe democratic state. not across the board but of late. 5 of last 6 elections gone democratic, barack obama picks up state of maryland, and massachusets, i don't think that is worthy of a fox news semi alert. even though mitt romney of the governor. it is about 8-1 democrat over republican. and barack obama very popular in this liberal bastion, and easily picks up massachusets. so there have you it again, we're waiting on a couple very big swing states because this is those about weather states this will did bell weather states this will determine it talking about florida and virginia, where they are now, tending poll hours -- extending poll hours because the lines are so long, both sides agreeing, they have to let them vote. not like a walmart, you wait for a sale, they close the doors,
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they don't do that here. you know, depending on side they wish you would, but both sides saying let them vote. virginia is that crucial. each one wants state, for mitt romney perhaps more crucial. if he has a devil of a time in ohio, virginia be will important, florida is important. some say pennsylvania, becomes important, but you canny as we put numbers together why this matters. state of ohio, still way too early, these are early votes. early votes are tabulated first, they were expected to be heavily favoring barack obama, they are, of some concern to romney camp might be how strongly they favor the president, they hoped that margin would not be so great, for early voting as 4 years ago, a lot more republicans came in
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for early voting. there is no way you can glean any significance to what i'm telling you, a lot more coming, including how the states sort out, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, three biggies, we're waiting on. three. that could establish the tone for what is still likely to be a language night.
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neil: okay, hello. we have 78 electoral vote for brack sbarack obama so far, and. is that it. neil: you need 270 to win, a lot of people say, you have a wired country where -- weird country you have a perverse system where people don't count, i can get into a convoluted discussion on the electoral vote, i can tell you that pickups in tennessee have gone mitt romney's way, in
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tennessee, you go back to 2000, al gore won his home state, florida would have been a moot point, that was then, it is mitt romney state right now, florida, that race is too close to call. if we have florida. this florida senate, i apologize, bill nelson favored to win, this is close,y week say bill nelson would win, connie mack had been trying to get backseat his dad had, a lot said, he did not have the charm his dad had. bill nelson reelected. okay, that is what we have thus far. peter barnes is keeping track of how all of this is affecting earliy on the balance of power. peter, republicans need to pick up 4 seats, three if mitt romney were to win, how about thousand
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far. >> stay on senate, we called that race for bill nelson in florida. still early. in the evening, we have a lot of other senate races to call, polls have closed in several states but 33 senate seats up for grabs, including bill nelson, at this hour, democrats, now have 36 seats in their control. compared to 39 for republicans. neither party near close to getting the 51 seats to take control of the senate. we're watching a couple of races in new england in particular, possible changes here. these are critical battles between the two parties, to in one in state of connecticut, start there. to succeed joe lieberman, retiring independent who caucuses with democrats, a former democrat, this that state, former world wrestles entertainment executive linda
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mcmahon is trying to grab a seat there for republicans up against congressman christopher murphy, a 3-term democrat, as you recall in 2010. linda mcmahon ran against attorney general richard blumenthal, and spent $50 million of her own money, and she has come back, spends $4 million of her own money, it is an uphill battle for her in this state, in 2008, president obama carried connecticut with 61% of the vote. and murphy of leading in the latest polls just before the polls opened today. also watching massachusets, seat of late senator ted kennedy, this is the blewist of blew state -- bluest of blue states, elizabeth war warren up against scott brown. democrats hope that this time, the turn out for obama will help to put warren in the u.s.
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senate. neil: amazed with that money that linda mcmahon put up. they just told me a lot of those fights are rigged. peter thank you very much, peter barnes,. >> we go to robert wolf, chairman, a big supporter of barack obama, how do you technology is going so far. >> you know, i think as predicted there are no surprises yet, we're waiting for key swing states we're optimistic with our stronghold, ohio, wisconsin pennsylvania, iowa. so we're confident that it will be a good night for the president. neil: are you surprised that -- i guess we always knew from a lot of polls it would be a fight. but for the president, who has been champions what he says is
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an improving economy, he is really on a fight of his life hire. with a guy who early on in the race, tried to say really had no business, running for president, did not had a sort of a callous business disposition, but as numbers come in, this is a 50/50 call almost. >> i think no surprise that -- it will be 50 plus or less one way or the other, governor romney has run a good campaign, the president has run a good campaign, i think we'll be happy at the end of the night it will be over, and back to running country in a less polarizing fashion. neil: do you think it will be less polarizing really? >> i do, i think there will be a fiscal deal in 13, a group of
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ceos having a thing called fix the debt, i think that president obama has a plan tol that will 2 1/2 tax cut to one revenue that is more in line with simpson-bowles commission, we need fiscal responsibility to align with a growing economy. you need to get both sides going. i think no matter who is president, we'll have a fiscal deal. i also hopeful we'll see immigration reform in 2013. to me they would be bipartisan profits, other thing that i think is bipartisan and important is we need to get infrastructure in this country moving in the right direction. neil: all right, well. robert wolf, great to see you against thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: back to my colleague, and friend lou dobbs, no shockers yet. lou: a bit of a shocker from
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robert wolf, you hear his idea of bipartisanship. neil: i never see it. lou: he rattled off, you know obama agenda, let's see comprehensive immigration reform, infrassructure, a fiscal deal. we've seen a fiscal deal, where you run-up trillion dollar plus deficit. neil: and no budget. do you think it changes regardless who was wins tonight. have you this fiscal cliff, does that change? does the meter move? lou: it has to, it is one of those unfortunate at times in our history where events dictate policy, this president, no matter how muchy he would like to continue to spend money shall be constrained. and governor romney made it clear, he will introduce idea of fiscal policy responsibility into the federal government, again, that is clear. this is beyond the volition of president obama.
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neil: they are staring at the same deadline. we think common sense will kick in they have to do something but they don't always. lou: they will reach a fiscal dee ideal in 2013. neil: yeah they have until december 31. do you think they punt? lou: no, they will not be able to escape ask the react of the markets. neil: a big sell-off. lou: a tremendous sell-off, i'm talking about bull market, and e-- the bond market, and equities market, it will collapse, it cannot be done. you hear a guy as smart as robert wolf with his years as an investment banker to make that comment, sometime in 2013, he gave us a warm hug as a
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emissariy. neil: on the market, do you get a sense, that mitt romney night not be short-term tonic, he is very much against bernanke and all of the easings, and stim lou, that he might take the punch bowl away and markets might protest. so near-term would be sell? lou: near-term reaction would be perhaps sell, if i may, because, you are making the assumption that i can't leap to. i think here, romney would introduce relativism, introduce fiscal responsibility but if measured, tones, and quantities, so it would be in fact positive, for the economy, and for the markets, rather than a shock to the financial system. neil: even if he repudiated some
8:27 pm
of the fed fixes? lou: he can repudiate, any president can repudiate and they can't do anything about it ben bernanke is the man, he can could pressured and squeezed and perhaps mortally so, i mean pushed out of office. but his term expires in 2013, -- in 2014, it is unlikely. there are not many ceos or financial inscheduled institutis crushed by the idea of quantitative easing. neil: thank you very much lou dobbs continuing with us all night. we try to get a better gauge on how the races are going largely to script, illinois going to
8:28 pm
president, no shock. no state we've called has been out of realm of expectation. this state we're watching north carolina gubernatorial battle there is a thought that republicans could pick up 5 governor ships throughout the course of the evening that would go a long way to 34 -- in a record the in 1920, i guess lou dobbs is only one that remembers 1920, bottom line, it is going to script, but states we're waiting to get a partial script from, all too close to call, that includes ohio, and virginia that includes florida, that includes pennsylvania. that could be the entire game. we'll have more after this. 0t[h7 [ male annncer ] at scottrade,
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around the country, around the corner. us bank. neil: welcome back to fox, very glad to have you, i'm neil cavuto. we're monsterring development in the -- monitoring development in the swing state, virginia for close, they love to vote there so much hundred, thousands of polling places, were still waiting to vote when polls closed 7:00 p.m. east everyone time, both camps said let them vote, here is the thing about that. i'll learn more from webster in richmond that could delay the
8:32 pm
results from virginia, right ashley? >> you are right. nile, virginia election officials saying that the turn out today has been quote, robust. i think that is under statement. we had long lines, up to 4 hour wake in northern virginia county of prince william. essentially suburb of washington d.c. release, because obama won in 2008, but cannily do it again 4 years later. until barack obama won virginia in 2008, this was traditionally a republican strong hold. all the way back to 1964. when lyndon johnson was last, i did not cover that campaign, neil, if you are thinking that. it will come down to the wire, if those votes come in late, we could be here late. the coal area of virginia would
8:33 pm
be pro-mitt romney, military area. eastern virginia, and norfolk we'll have to see. and northern counties of virginia. we're right now, at the headquarters of a senate candidate. kim cain, democrat taking to republican george alan this is a hotly contested senate race. democrats hope to take this, and maintain control of majority in senate, but republicans hope that could be one of those seats they could take, and maybe shift of the balance in senate. too close to call on senate level, too close on the presidential level. with about 20% of vote in, in virginia. right now, we have mitt romney ahead by about 56% to 42% but we have a long way to go. neil: no way did i think you were around for linden johnson campaign, andrew johnson i was
8:34 pm
thinking about after lincoln. anyway, thank you ashley, look forward to a lot more find reports from you, ken langone joining me now, philanthropist, and another home depot cofounder, the home depot guys have concurred the universe, ken what do you think? >> i like we're we're positioned right now, pennsylvania too close to call, virginia too close, ohio, these were all states 3 or 4 days ago that pundits say would go to obama. turn out has been spectacular. and i think high turn out is a reputation of discontent. neil: hang on my friend, i commeni wantto confirm, linda mt her bid to get a senate seat. linda mcmahon, i did not know
8:35 pm
there was that much money in professional wrestling. any thought how this translates for mitt romney. >> romney returned this campaign into a real fight. i am so proud of the governor for what he has done the last 5 or 6 weeks. more important, i think that important people are responding to his message, as i say, it was only more than a week ago that pennsylvania was gone. ohio was a big question mark. they argued virginia was theirs. these are all in play now, i would argue that very good chance we could win all those states if we do, the outcome is certain. i like where we're positioned, and more important, i like the response that american people are giving to the governor's message. he is a good man, he got his
8:36 pm
message out, he did it well. and with style, and with a lot of class. and all i can tell you, neil, i'm proud to be part of that team. neil: you were on the team very early, ken, let's think of thing you probably want to remain unthinkable that is he does not quite make it tonight, he comes close. then what do you think happens with wall street, with the economy? for the next 4 years of barack obama? >> well, i am not optimistic, look, we will survive. this is the greatest nation on earth, we'll have hiccups and bumps but we'll survive. this is the greatest country on early, let's never forget that. but i tell you this, if president did not change course in 2010, with a strong message from voters, do not expect him to did it now, when he does not have to run ever again, i am very worried about, that we're in a very fragile part of our
8:37 pm
history, we can ill afford any more spending, we need to address the issues. god forbid if our currenciy is no longer the reserve currency for the world, we're in trouble. this is a very big race it has implications for our standing in the world for the next 20 or 30 years, i do not think i am being melo dramatic or over stating the case, we 92 to com!need to o grips with our challenges and problems, i am not optimistic if romney does not win, but i am optimistic i have faith in america. we may just have to go with 4 more years -- i don't think so, i think we win, and i feel good anywhere we are, but we'll know about this later on. neil: we will, sir, thank you very much. feel well, ken langone, been in
8:38 pm
romney's corner and helping him out in a race he pointsous is still, very close. to update you, a total electoral vote tally? i stress every state that has come in, has come in as expect expected. 88 electoral vote for mitt romney, 78 for barack obama, florida economy delayed now, virginia could be delayed now. in florida case, because close. in virginia they got a lot of the people who want to vote. and both camps stayed, if they are stand standing outside thery are going to be allowed to vote. here is the dirty detail on that. it will delay virginia results, and possibly on those of ohio, we have a very close popular vote count going on right now, two guys almost even we have a
8:39 pm
close electoral vote, just as polls said they would be in the senate battles where republicans trying it take control, they need 4 more votes to do, that 33 seats up for grabs, republicans had the run of the table, they have not picked up any ground, they need 3 if mitt romney is elected president. there have been no net pickups for republicans so far, but it is still very, very early. in the house all 435 seats are up for grabs. republicans have a commanding lead, democrats would have to switch about 25 seats, at best, they are expected to maybe pick up 5 to 7. that is what the polls say, you know about those polls, 8 years ago this very night, they were almost harolding president john kerry, that is not happen, we'll see what happens now.
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neil: welcome back, local nazdaq market site, one thing i glean a lot listening to my friend liz claman. one figure she used talking to
8:43 pm
head of nazdaq, stocks there up 96% i think you said during obama year, and we have seen dow double, that has been one of the bragging points, that is as much as wall street you know debev ills his -- bedevils him they he done well. >> they have, starting from a lower point, but people 4 years ago saw their 401(k) collapse this was horrible. they have reinflated a bit. but retail investors not participating, but what they had mattered. we have crowds here in times square, a lot come here to watch returns they is see fox news up there. and sony, if you whip around, they want to see fox, we have all monitors here, showing what is going on. but, what is going on, some markets have opened overseas
8:44 pm
with nikkei 225 in japan, and all ordinary index in australia moving, these are marginal moves. so, not a really big dial, but you have singapore, all right. >> never done this before, liz, fansing seeing you here. >> sir morton is here, a great proxy for companies that your clients, johnson & johnson and ford, and unilever huge. but what is sense you get. >> there has been tremendous uncertainty, we saw a quantum change in september, there has been considerable uncertainty in the last few months. what is going to happen afternoon the election, eurozone crisis, the middle east, china.
8:45 pm
what is going to than happ there--happen there the gorillae room or elephant in the room is the u.s. elect, not so. the result, whoever wins will deal with a divided congress, a 18 is thsenate in cob -- cob ca, dealing with fiscal cliff, and deficit, and the debt is key issue, whoever wins, it will be tight, will have to deal with that issue. >> are your clients like dell, mazda, shell, are they spending money on marketing? are they waiting? >> they are, but in last couple months in particular end of third quarter, we saw a lot of the klein miss their numbers, particularly top line, pemco ceo said in beginning of third quarter, he was concerned that companies would not be able to increase revenues, issue is how
8:46 pm
far they could decrease costs or cut costs, there was a limit to what they could do. what we do is important. in terms of building sales and revenues or market share, we see two things going on in planet. planeet no-growth,o slow-growth, -- we have see different strategies, cu key thing deal wh deficit, maybe under romney a more british approach, and under president obama continuation of a keynesian approach. i think, it will be interesting to see what happens. in romney wins, markets initially will go better, then people will get concerned about fiscal control. in obama wins it might waiver a little bit. >> martin sorrell.
8:47 pm
>> we'll see. >> he has a lot of agencies with political ads. >> something like $7 billion spent in last 2 years after supreme court decision, and it has been strong. we've been talking about terrible storm of sandy, and destruction, but in terms of political advertising it kept going pretty much until the end, there was heavy investment across local level and networks. >> he said most of the political ads are negative, sir martin thank you. >> thank you, liz. >> he is leaving because of this weather, it is getting colder. >> it is getting colder, tomorrow night will not be good. >> sir martin soa mart sorrell , nazdaq, we'll be here. neil: thank you liz claman, that system that martin was referring to is the nor'easter coming up
8:48 pm
the east coast to hit new york, east coast area, some were saying, i read reports in parts of pennsylvania, 2 fight of snow, are they joking? then floods and winds, that is coming at the right time? they were battered by sandy last week, and still without power, not great timing. it comes. regardless. and talking about timing and races. we have been trying, this is my math. don't put any money on it. in the total popular vote count thus far, mitt romney is leading 51-49% that is roughly my estimation, and electoral vote math, he leads 88-78, there is nothing to say about that, everything is as expected. states that mitt romney won he was expected to win, states that barack obama won he was expected to win, states that will be too
8:49 pm
close to call, and are, that will decide the course of this race, so-called swing states, the pennsylvanias, the and ohios, and floridas, and virginias, too close to call, we will not know. for some time. in virginia, people are so jazzed to vote that crowds did, hundreds of thousands in some polling place, waiting outside to vote, they said let them vote. which might push voting deadline back in virginia from what was 7:00 p.m. eastern time, it could go as late as 10:00 p.m. eastern term, that is no guarantee. i want to tell you with a little drama, in new jersey. because of sandy governor chris christie enacted evoting, allowing people affected by storm, tens of thoughts of voters to go ahead file a vote
8:50 pm
electronically, a cumbersome process. it is not easy, but governor said, well, extend it to friday for the e-voters, can he do that? a lot of federal and constitution experts say that is not the governor a call. that is a federal issue. but governor said it flies anyway. does that affect the blue state in probably not. we know there is propossibility that those results from new jersey cannot be counted until we address all of the other evote issues, that are going to allow to trickle in by friday. rule of thumb is unless it is consequence to elect results you can make the call.
8:51 pm
in states like ohio for example, to avoid a half percent swing recall rule. an automatic recall or are you rewon within that margin of error you can remove that if you pick up the state by say 275,000 votes. but lawyers have a way of never leaving, they are like me at the inviting me to your house, i'm the last get, i am ordering pay-per-view, and raiding your fridge. lawyers are like that. no matter what the margin, have have a filing they are going to stay, and this night is going to be long, but you are with us, and the catering is free, here, after this. 0t[h7
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lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you, around the country, around the corner. us bank. neil: well, you know, we tell you about this other battle going on for the senate. thirty-three seats up for grabs tonight. twenty-three of them were republican or democrat said to protect the seats and ten republican. so the argument that republicans just had to pick up three if mitt romney were to be elected president, for if you were not, to clear the senate as their own. they were hoping for a pickup with pennsylvania, that does not
8:55 pm
look like it is going to be. we can now say that bob casey will hang on to that senate seat when all is said and done. the take away from that, folks, is that there has been no net gain in the senate on the part of republicans, and that was the whole theme for a lot of republicans. mitchell, trying to of be the majority leader, minority leader in the senate. still might happen, but, boy, it will be tough. the crucial races, the hotly contested ones are coming up later tonight. this does not mean anything. everything is going to form. a number of states that are going to be coming in next five master so. when under the six electoral votes, including arizona state. we will watch very closely. john mccain some state. we are going to be getting a lot, as well, from the likes of connecticut, delaware, d.c., florida, colorado.
8:56 pm
colorado, of course, one of those states where gary johnson could be very, very competitive. a third-party candidate. protest votes in his case there might drive away from the president because of his more socially liberal views, particularly legalizing marijuana. speaking of legalizing marijuana, that is a very big referendum issue for no fewer than six states. six states want to legalize marijuana, largely for medicinal purposes, but you always wonder in this environment, the economy , if it has a greater meeting. so chagrined, you think that support pot might make the hills of the world seem better. it is unusual. so many states to be pushing the same thing at the same time. louisiana, another we will be watching closely. the governor of that fine state chatting that he saw no way in tech that mitt romney would lose this fine state. michigan, another one we are watching closely.
8:57 pm
mitt romney from michigan. a lot of states, but michigan is his own. his father was a tender -- two-time governor very quickly in 1968. hoping to avenge his father's poor performance. minnesota, another will focus on this puts the number of ways, but lately mostly democrat. adam shapiro following all these developments for us right now. other things that? >> well, here in nevada the polls will be open for another hour. it is all about turn up. most of the voters, a majority voted early. more democrats voted early than republicans. republicans in nevada said that they tend to show up more or in greater numbers on election day. we will get the final numbers and another hour. we will -- your talking about the senate race. there has been a bitter senate race. the incumbent defending his seed against chile berkeley who is the representative to get caught up in a great deal of scandals leading in the polls. it looks like he will keep his
8:58 pm
senate seat, but two things that people are watching closely. one, the hispanic turnout, the number of hispanic voters as resin and nevada. roughly 1 million registered to vote. right now the president going into the election was leading anywhere from one to two points, but the republicans are saying get out the vote is crucial. on election day detention of more than democrats. neil: just a minute or so away from some of the 9:00 p.m. closing states. michigan we will watch closely. a key romney surrogate. cke restaurant ceo. always amazing. but very big in the food industry. kind of traveling deeply on that level. it's getting loud there. what is the mood? >> the mood is very, very upbeat. we just had a report from the war room.
8:59 pm
we have long lines in the republican counties in virginia. we feel good about florida. ohio, the reports coming out of ohio were good. three key states. very, very upbeat. people are nervous. people feel very good about the chances in this election, and things a looking difference. neil: is doing very well with independence and his base, but there is ethier that some of his supporters have expressed that he is not doing even better than that to counter what the president should pick up in urban areas and more particularly places like michigan and ohio as the night in sues. >> at think you're going to get more votes in the rural areas in the evening in ohio. i think we are in pretty good shape. michigan is a tough call -- tough call. the unions are strong, and that makes it difficult because the democrats are supporting so heavily. but as think he's doing great in michigan.


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