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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX Business  December 9, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EST

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>> super competive field. it is a gat company. for me i like ford motor. am awed by the management team of this company. they are a steam roller of innovation and stream lining and incredibly good design that can compete with anything in jap jap and korea. an amazing company. >> i want to thank you all. n't forget our special on sunday night. watch with your ki and grand kids. look back when can do anything. david asbin with forbes on fox. >> unemployment nbc are coming down, why are the number of americans on food stamps going up? fren million americans receivinglet benefit, is it because government officials are constantly promoting it i am dave asbin. go in focus with victoria and rich and rick a john and,
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john why are food stamps going up if unemployment is going down. >> the unemploymeate is gh and that obcures a people who left the work force altogether that are not counted. as for politicians encouraging that, that is a horrifying notion . thidea of going on food stamps is something that should be so painful we only go on tm a brief time so there is an incentive to go back if the work force. >> rick, you have all of the ads and i hear four of them every hour and government volunteers specifically going out to encourage people to get food stamps . ere is it a big push to get people on food stamps. >> i don't think it is it promoting the food stamps but getting information to people who need the so they know
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they are there to g them. i think there is a lot taking place that we need to recognize. we have surprisingly good news on unemployment. there will be i lag for that and witching off food stamps and get back to work. >> vtoria 15 milli more people on food stamps than four years ago. >> the sry thing to me, it is building over the last decade. we can talk about it as a phenom nan of the recession. but under president bush and president obama, we have seen a rise in the food stamp program, it is so large it is supporting a large bureaucracy that wants to fuel the growth. four billion in administrative costs. they don't want to lose their jobs either. victoriarings up a point. there is it a industry of
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bureaucracy that is created around all of these poverty programs. not just food stamps. if you add up all of the poverty programs excluding social security. it comes up to $22000 for every poor person in america. why not just get rid of the bureaucracy and cut them a check. >> we could have a great ide and debate. going back to food stamps and the idea of government promoting that. we have a farm bill that proposes four billion in cuts to the food stamp and the agricultural committee chair woman said they would be more open to cutting back more. >> rich, i see all of the advertising of the government to put people on food stamps and 15 million more people on food stamps after that government program, isn't there a relationship there? >> there is .
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victoria properly stribes something that you call the welfare industrial complex. it gets to a certain size and looks on behalf of itself and that is a bad thing. we have another crisis here that is related. we have a growth crisis. we are growing at two perce and should be growing at four percent annually and right tax and regulatory policy to liberate job creators to do that i don't think we would have a food stamp crisis. >> i think think all of us could agree. that is keeping poor people poor because they are pushing welfare programs. >>, you shouldn't be shocked with theureaucracy and advertising in promotion to justify. >> hold on, it is it shocking. it is shockinghat government officials wouldant to keep people poor. >> but let me give you an example and this goes back a
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few years and a narrow casting example. but the new york city subway used to have posters written spanish advertising a gay, lesbn domestic violence hot line. that's how fine grained it get in new york new york city on the subway pushing welfare programs. it informs and pushes them. >> but getting back to the poverty program and they're pushing food stamps and welfare programs and they have a tendency to keep poor people poor. once you are on the dole it is hard tore get off. >> it is. incentives are wrong. they encourage people to stay on it. it is it a growth crisis. economic growth is easy and if we get the policies right, a lot of these people get off of it and i agree with victoria that we have a welfare industrial complex.
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and in order to keep these people on food stamps, we got to -- >> and creating a sense of depeppedency from fdr and bill clinton and senators . is is not just republicans and conservatives. >> that is it a valid. if you want to reform welfare to resolve the problems that you are raising. they are valid problems . we will not mix it up by condemning people who need help right now because times are bad. people need to feed their families. >> but victoria. are we advocating policiless that keep poor people poor? >> i think we are. rick to your point about families. e obama stimulus plan made it easier for childless
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jobless people to get on the food stamp pgram. we should revisit that now. e scary fact. looking at a 30 year period. only two presidents that have reduced the anticipation rate of the food stamp is clinton bless his heart and reagan: >> when you look at what this particular administration has done a. you can see a lotf policiless to dismantle the attempt to get back to work fare that we saw in the clinton administration, right? >> yeah, but victoria's point about reagan and clinton. we had economic growth then because government was not eating up everything. incentives were better aligned for busiss people to create jobs. i believe in the old parable it is better to teach a man how to fish than give him fish. long-answer is better prepare people for the needs of the
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21st century economy . broken communities and families and schools are not doing that. >> i don't think the government a are doing it either. >> taking a hit for hitting the health care law. >> the name behind red lobster could have you paying up even more. the boys use capital one venture miles
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your latest healines always at fox >> a business hit for speaking
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your mind about obama care. warning that their earnings are take a hit because the bad press press they got. victorias job creators can't afford to stay quiet. >> it is it a frightening society. one where business owners can't speak their mind and say taxes do hit their bottom linee and yes, they may not hire because of higher tax and health dare costs or put workers on part-time instead of full-time. we want to know it is going on i doubt it is hurting their earnings. i don't think the back lash is that large. everne should be allowed to speak their mind. that is it a healthy flourishing democracy. >> it is not like they are being sensor accord toth ceo's. there is a lot of bad publicity here. >> my heart testimonies me to
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agree with vicki, but my mind said ceo's have a first duty to increase the value of the company for the sharelders . so they can't do anythinand it is irresponsible and putting out political opinions, if it is going to cause damage to the value of the company is wrong thing to do. if they have strong opinions on the subject. other ways that a ceo of a publicly traded company c community. >> but john, the frustrations that business have with obama care is driving the nuts this is one of the aspects of obama care and the tax inplications that businesses have to dole with. i have gone through these things it is minuet. you need a stack of acuntants to understand this stuff. >> ceo's work for shareholders. i think in this case speaking
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out against obama care which is a substantial costs that weigh onrofits is something they should do. it is proprofit to talk about a law to let the nation know and lawmakers know what will cut in profits and so in this case, i think they should speak out. i question whether lower sales are relate to obama care. >> that's what they are saying. the hit ty took from the press about critizing obama care led to people not frequenting their restaurants. john and i could mike a point of buying humus from whole food because we support the libitarian viewsf the chairman. but there is it the guy who applied the pizza toppin voted republican once. let's boycott it it cuts both ways. >> by the way morgan, it is
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not only olive garden but papa john. >> bad press is bad for business. the ceo came out and said obama care would lead to 14 cents more per pie and one of our reporters didhe math metics and fnd it was four cents a pie . since then. since then, the ceo back tracked and it makes the company look silly and greed. we are seeing that blo back. >> but the president said it was not going to cost a dime but aparently i is. >> hold on, rick. >> guys, with all due resct everyone of you missing the point. people are n angry about what they are saying, they are angry aut what the ceo's are doing. was not saying we lost money because we said the wrong their customers got upset they were trying to take out their
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corporate responsibility by hurting the workers. customers are worki people in this country. we'll not let them get away with it. >> working people working for the companies that are worried aboutheir jobs because of the tax implications of obama care. >> rick, if they had done it elegantly and say we'll have to do surcharge on every bill which does happen in san francisco. >> very, very different issue. every bill has a nice surcharge on it you would have had a similar back lash. why are you trying to charge me more? >> they are not paid to be eloquent. they're paid to do the work and sotimes it doesn't come across as well but they were talking about the bottom line. i thought they were within their rights and don't you. >> they are within their rights, but is it the wise thing to do? if you are the sole owner and
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pren pren and shareholder, go for it and talk about how 28 hours is the new 40 and as they cut the hours back so they don't expose people to increased health care costs. but if you are a ceo and other shareholders own 98 percen >> and john, what d about that? they are public corporations and not private companies that they are in charge of. is that a problem. a public corporation ceo saying this. >> i think it is it. whher republican or democratic or whatever your ideology. it is it acknowledged that rules and regulations are costs and imposed on business. they aren business for profits and within the rights of the ceo to point out what is going to crimps for businesses going forwa. obama care will. >> first and last word from john standep. imagine sitting down in person with hero after hero.
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men who risked everything for a chance to dcover their own. and put america ahead . men who never fail to inspire. ahead of the 40th anniversary of last moonwalk neal got that challenge . it is tomorrow on fox news channel. never before seen footage from space. you don't want to miss >> coming up. saving taxpayer cash by bumping up the hours for government workerings. we'll explain. >> the elephant in the room that needs to be spoken about is impact of climate change. we need to rebuild and rethink our infrastruure. >> hurricane sandy victims are still in the cold. are lawmakerssing the super storm to push the green agenda storm to push the green agenda and push you to pay more. can i help you?
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>> climate change is a city wide challenge and not just a coastal challenge. we have to reexamine all of our major infrastructure in leist sandy and how to modernize it in order to prect it >> new york city mike bloomburg not mincing words linking sandep to global warming. rich, you are concerned that they will use it to spend money. >> ralm emmanuel had famous
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phrase working with president obama. never let a crisis go to waste. how do you turn it in to a political advantage. anybody can go on google and ask the question of how much has the planet warmed up. 1. degrees faren ht and nothing since 1998 . so to blame sandy on global warming is a real stretch . >> also unseemly about talking about spending money and sandy victims are in the c cold now. >> goyce, all the mayor is saying. there is not a government conspiracy behind everything people do. he said we will have to rebuild in the areas that were destroy do it sensibly and as we have more storms that are ing preprojected we'll not have to rebuild every time. i don't unrstand why you have objection.
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>> because the pime need all of our attention and they are suffering in the cold because of sandy. we shouldn't be talking about global warming but how to help them in the cold. >> it is it a cynicical act. war is the health of the state and national are the statates oxygen. reality climate is constantly changing and using that as an excuse to get another stimulus program in a tough economy is not wrong, but cruel . i am surprised rick would g. actually not very surprised. >> victoria, what do you think about this? bloomburg is it trying to be some what sensible in saying we hav to build and be smart about it i have no doubt that politicians including bloomburg will use it as a climate change moment and ask for funds toward research and building ways . part of us say yes, we should
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be smart next time we build and looking at hurricanes in the 1600's, you wouldn't think it is a safe place to live, rit. >> itt has been doing pretty well. >> and bill, the fact is, from catrina, and in 2005 to sandy, 7 years lat, it was one of the lowest incidents of hurricanes in the u.s. history . then you have a super storm and we'll say it was a trend. was not a trend. >> it may not b a factual trend but it is politicalal and sandy will turn it into a carbon tax. they use disasters to increase revenue. >> journalist do it >> but there ist a lot more talk about a carbon tax. >> no. >> gang, thank you . we'll have more coming up. forget buying gadgets like these for christmas.
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apple and other tech giants went down this week. right. >> they are poise to benefit from obama care and states filled out health care exchanges. >> good company and morally badec


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