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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  December 30, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EST

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>> best stox for 2013. ia do you love it? >> they are making buy baby buy. >> it is built on hge funds and it is goingut of study style. >> that is the biggest for repair men. >> and great stock and global reach. >> two for ranger. >> double digit return ree-five years and great blue and go for it it has a high ratio. happy new year . keep it right here.
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and hold on to yr stiring wheel and wallet. looking to ring in with a mileage tax. it will help to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. would that crum bem our economy instead . i am tracey in for cheryl casone. welcome to carbin'. wayne john and john and julian and carroll. welcome everyone. so, oregon's democraticic congressman asking for a mileage tax to rebuild our roses and bridges. john is thi good or bad what s going on here? >> this is a ridiculous. it is the wrong time to implement it. electric cars are decades away . having a mileage tax is cadesway .
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putting odom heretos and logging down to the mileage manually. this would cost a fortune for the tax. we have a gas tax that is do go through road and bridges. >> and talking about a vehicle miles traveled tax. someone like me wayne, so much. i understand why people would want to clarge me more. >> i understand it, too. but john is right we have a fuel tax. and and it is it another way to track pime and look for trouble . you got auelax and fuel x is a huge tax . they are using the argument to get better mileage now. maybe you don't need to do so much.
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it is based on mileage. >> wayne makes a good point about the pvacy issue. transponder tracking my mile it is big brotherish. >> it is and john makes a good argument against it it is a important policy work. it is probably a bad idea. we don't need new tax. the mileage tax could hurt fuel efficnt car it is the and questions of heavy
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congestionimes and it is unwoable idea and why the obama administration distanced it. >> we have a trust fund in 2013 and that is to go to the roads. it will be negative and needs a fuel tax to fund it aga. >> it is not too long. it will go native in 2015. thgas tax isaised continuously since it was enacted in the 1950s. they are paying 64 cents a gallon in taxings. why is that the only proposal. it why not freedom. there is it public as in every country but here at home la guardia. terrible airport owned by the governme. new mexico and new zealand. airports are tradod the stock
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exchange and hps the government and services as well >> carroll. i tell you, i use the roads in the country and i go skidding on two to school and i am part of the reason there is it pot holes it makes sense to charge me more. >> i think that is a linier solution to a complex problem. if you have a suv . i am with johnathon. why can't they add value instead of taxing us. i am in illinois if you add a chicago bears and hello kitty on those license plates. people pay up for that . offer us something that why would be willing to buy and give them extra revenue . maybe i am spending to much time with the pren pren. >> i think we need to. i spepped a lot of time, too.
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it is it incredible. >> and there i no other promosal thats serious . you have to admit one thing. somebody has to pay for just wait . julian's poi. if you go anywhere else in the world. the fuel tax is three dollars a gallon. maybe we should raise it. >> of course we should raise it if it makes sense. there are plenty of tollroads. >> that is it a used tax in
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itself. it is it another huge tax and matter of that. that is why it costs so much. if it was done on a competitive basiss it wouldn't cost so much. it worked locally here in chicago . tracey to your point who pays for it. is those who use the asset. they pay for it in the maintenance and upkeep of that asset. dinner it is more consumers. >> you are talking about a privization of an area that is localiz. and if you are talking about
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the interstate highway system and road ands. upon onl way to do that. i likehat word. that is it efficiency angle and i am not filling up so much. it is a back handed way to makep for that. you are doing that by putting a gas tax in there. they should be paying for it we have privatization and got people lined up for when we privatize the shares. you can't priveditize every root and bridge in america. that's why w have a divas tax
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and pay for security raise the gas tax it is going to come from us. it is it a bit of a shell game. shouldn't this be what our tax dollars are used fo sort of the point to infrastructure and it steams to be it is it an obvious one. and it is so. and that is anything that adds to additional government. and that is it ending up costing us more in the end. >> i know how much you love the government getting involved in things . the whole idea of having a, a tax that is on mile annual is
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crazy. once again you are going to sphend a fort tune . they are not so ugly. they are nice . the amount is minor as to who you spend on the divises. i would be on the aclu side. you shouldn't do it >> you can put plant toilbooth. coming up. get ready to be lactos intolerant . getting set to hit next week.
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>> our american family is about to go over the dairy cliff . congress must have a farm bill by the end of the year.
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an old law would kick in to force the government to buy milk at another price. how painful will it get for us in the grocery store? >> it tells us how insane. the sound of the cows tell you what will hpen. this is based on marketing act. it is a consequence . we have a bureaucracy that is based on this . the federal government an act in 1942. the supreme court in which a guy growing gra on his own farm can feed himself and his own cattle was told b the supreme court he could not do this because it is it in violation . act it is it about milk and
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1949 and the federal government is going to go and make a mark a make a fair market o this . we'll buy it at eight dollars a gallon. >> and it is johnathon. that milk your drinking is about to do you believedouble in price. >> forget the cookies. >> that's the problem and the farm bill is the problem. government should center zero role in milk agriculture production. it is it so long las that interventi is the probl and creates the cliff because of the distortions and creates more uncertainty and destroys wealth . these farm bills are terrible and safety bail outs for producer to guarantee prices and restrict foreign competition and gop wants to get behind something getway from subsidies milk producers
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included. >> julian, back in '49, we decided the governmen would buy up milk. if it went down too low. >> and it is it partisan . when the price goes so low and troop upon drops by 50 or percent. and congress does not change the l we'll go back to a 1949 formula to require the government to bay the milk at twice what it is in the market. that would result wh the dare i doubling. it is it a mechanism that congress needs to update and the senate passed the law and
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legislation . now for the house leadership to bring it up. it is it simple and uncompplicated provision to do the law. that is fine and you will have many, many government and dairy farmers going out. >> and john, i haven't milked the cow. but that takes a long time. not to menti it is corn and wheat . affect everying we eat for dinner. this is it a tirible policy.. i grew up in sweetwater, texas
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and nearnevermilked a cow . it is expoalates that to the ear 2013 . that's how you come t eight dollars. and according to the provision they can't give it away to charity. they don't have the ability to store all of this. and this is what happens wn congress over decade puts band aids on to of everything. saith the tes. we are so cashtrapped to begin with. and the consu d it is helping out. it compounds over and over
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ain . reality is supply and demand even out over time price of milk depending on how much it costs tproduce it nothing about the dairy clip but what about inflation on top of this. nood prices not just from them but all of the money printing could have a huge impact . i am n worried about food industry but grocery and restaurant industry. it is innd the federal government and agriculture department is the one who decides if thesehould be
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supported or not supported . the fact that the law is there and is the congress fault. free market will make that decision for you. >> stay out of my cheese sticks. coming up. google generation is going brain dead. sparking a wld wid
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aq. remembering general swarkoph. >> and brain dea warch warning that our
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childrenre losing creativity because they are pendent on the web. up inventor of the wind up radio. >> and google traded. it is a card catalog on the web. they don't think lg-term blame the public schools and not geag emp- google. >> it is youth scrersus abuse. they can use it for a social media instead of what it is intended to. to get your intelligence a lot quicker. >> carroll, you are worried. you think the kids are brain dead. >> i know i am after using the internet and i probably use it
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more than anybody else. my spell grammar has suffered and hard time multitasking. it stifles creativity. >> they stay the same thing was going to happen when we got the tv and we got steve jobs and mark zuckerburg. >> but excessive tv use is not good for the brain. wayne got it right. the internet is it important professionally and personally . all kinds of reans it is it the most important since the gut knowburg printing press. it reduces us to sitting down around the dinner table . we spend hours and hours on facebook. there is it a tendency to come a zombie and get in isolation iose . >> and in the end of the day.
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john, do we have that kind much an attention span. >> this is not rocket science. we are making trig nomety out of arethetic. >> take away the cell phones and computers f. it is not internet its it something else. it helps them with learning. >> julian, thank you for being with us. >> coming up. >> the stuff that will pop >> the stuff that will pop after the ball drops and get [beep] [indistinct chatter]
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>> time for special do i need to know? >> dr companies take a long time to get from the nation place to the market place. i own it and talked about it in the past. this year will be a


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