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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  January 3, 2013 12:00am-1:00am EST

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years. forgetting we're dancing on their own graves oblivious even the face of death of politicians could not have the courage to slow the slide into entitlement oblivion. only hours after parting it makes me want to crawl back into bet and vomit. but not necessarily in that order. tomorrow we have one economic adviser martin feldstein in the middle of deals that cut taxes and increase spending. there is another side he will tell us. there was a balance that favored even cuts to the spending hikes and at best, more spending cuts to david: idiots, idiots, one
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word. thank you, gang. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. just when you think we're in the clear, congress reels us right back in. yes, there is finally fiscal cliff deal. now a brand newhowdown looms over the debt ceiling. when will the madness end? we'll ask republican senator john barrasso. plus a sperm donor being forced to pay child support. despite his signing away all pareal rights before the baby was born. we'll look at money impact on the baby business everywhere. and this picture will self-detruck in 10 seconds. the ap chat picture sharing app takes smartphoneby storm. deletes content explicit or otherwise in just seconds after viewing it. or does it? how users could be literal caught with their pants down. we'll explain that one coming up. even when they say it's not it is always about money
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melissa: let's get righto a developing story right now.w. moody's rating agency just warning a short time ago that the fiscal cliff deal does not g far enough. moody's warning it will cut the u.s. credit rating without more deficit reduction. the mark sets celebrating today, not worried about tomorrow, a huge rally with the dow skyrocketing 308 points, the biggest one day gain since september of 2011. here with what more to expect out of washington, republican senator john barosso. great to have you back on the show, senator. >> great to be with you, melissa. happ new year to you. melissa: happy new year to you. what do you think about the warn from moody's came out a short time ago. what do you think about them saying it is not enough? >> you have to focus on the spending and an administration that is addicted to spending. the president continued to argue to the american people, if you just raise taxes on
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us, a few americans it would solve the problems. it doesn't solve the problems. the problem we have in this nation is the spending. and when today, 10,000 baby boomers turned 65 and same happened yesterday and the same will happen tomorrow, until we get this spending under control, we're going to continue to have the kind of concerns that you just raised from t rating agencies. melissa: no. they say a lack of further deficit reduction measures could affect the ratings negatively. if you guys are not able to get it together to agree to cut spending down the road they will go ahead and wngrade because when you look at the package right here it does nothing to reduce the real problem, even though we're raising taxes on7% of the americans at the end of the day, it only closes a budget gap by 6% over 10 years. >> that is because this administration continues with its addiction to ending. when the psident comes to congress to request an increase in the debt ceiling, we added over a trillion dollars to the debt in the last year and he is going to
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want to do that again. he has maxed out the credit card. he wants a new credit card. he actually asked for one as part of this fiscal cliff deal without even a credit limit at all. senate said no to that. that is coming up in two months. melissa: is that leverage you have going forward. >> absolutely the leverage we have. melissa: this is where you draw the line. a lot of people are saying republicans caved that you had the leverage but everyone gave in in order not to go over the cliff but you think you ve leverage to get something real done? >> much more leverage on the debt ceiling because congress would have to pass something to increase the debt ceiling. you know on january 1st, everyone's taxesere going to go up, all across the country. what we did, we made permanent the bush tax cuts for 99% of americans. they couldn't even make them permanent when bush was president himself. so i think that is a big victory for 99%. certainty there. as well as for the farmers and ranchers and small business owners in wming. the death tax was supposed to hit at levels over a
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milliin dollars. now it is over $5 million. that means a lot to folks back home. melissa: want to get you ready for the debate ahead. already the democratic talking points are coming out saying not raising the debt ceiling is irresponsible. the bill has come due and i will refuse to pay it. how do you respond to that logic? >> well that what the president said too. i'm not going to get into this argument again money that the congress that congress already racked up. this is money the president racked up. one is is health care law that continues to be unworkable. i say this as a doctor. it is very unpopular a it is unaffordable. the other so-called stimulus package which was supposed to do things to help the economy. it fell way short of all the promises. it is a failed stimulus plan. so these are bilills that the president has committed america too that i don't suppor melissa: right. >> i want to cut spending additionally for any dollar increase in the debt ceiling.
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melissa: who would extend more credit to someone who hasn't put a a plan together to live within their means in the future? how about that for a response? >> it is a good response. why would china continue t lend us money. we're borrowing $40 of every dollar we spend. he didn't want children to grow up in a nation burdened with debt but he has done nothing, absolutely nothing, melissa, to really focus on the real problem in this countrwhich is our debt. it is the greatest threat to our national security. melissa: please do something about the debt because moody's here warning. they are nonpartisan, financial organization rating agency looking at numbers and crunching the math. they are sang this doesn't work. we'll turn into greece at some point and they want to downgrade our rating. >> they actually do the math. those are people that actually do the math who oppose the pesident who says he does the math. melissa: thanks for coming on. >> appreciate , melissa.
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thanks. melissa: let's break it down. today's "money" power panel on the fiscal cliff fallout, what they like, what do they hate? could have been worse? i don't know. jonathan hoenig portfolio manager manager at capitalist dennis kelleher, better markets watchdog group and harry dent, author of the book the great crash ahead. harry, is the crash still coming or di this do anything to keep that, hold it off? >> well you know anything that doesn't cut government spending is better for the economy. it is just more stimulus. but we watched japan for two decades. and they keep growing with stimulus and all this stuff for the four years and crash and burn. melissa: i got to challenge that first statement. anything that doesn't cut spending is good for the economy? is that implies we n't have -- >> short term. >> okay, thank you. >> no, short term. it is stimulus. we hate estimatelous. we want austerity. rebalance economy. markets used to do this. the government will not l
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markets rebalance. we're carrying way too much private debt and government debt in the fute. we'll be 28 to 30 trillion government debt in 10 years and these cuts, even with the battle ahead are going to be nothing compared to that. revenue races here were very slight. melissa: jonathan, the math seems so clear. why is the market up00 points. >> not the stock market, melissa. that is the real story here. almost as if the bond market heard moody's call. it started selling off late last night. we saw interest rates start to rise. i'm happy to see the stock market utoday. i think some of it s somewhat of a relief rally knowing that any resolution to this terrible situation was passed. but i think that is the real story looki forward. moody's as you said, nonpartisan. they look at numbers. they're not politicos. look we didn't cut the spending. we didn't even touch the entitlements. thus the u. is getting more and more closer to
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another downgrade. this bill fixes nothing. it is a tax bill and did you does nothing to fix the long term financial crisis and the next cliff down the line. melissa: the dow rallies on first trading day of the year almost every year. look at stats, 2012 it was 1.6%. 2011, 1.1. seeing 2.5% gain, today, 300 points we're happy to see it but that is fairly typical for the first trading day of the year. >> really like a sugar high. a little good news happens. you can overstate it. there is a lot to come. we really had a speed bump on the way to the real cliff and the real cliff will happen in two months when three things come together. the debt ceiling has to be raised, the government funding appropriation ends in about 60 days and delayed draconian spending cuts also trigger in 60 days. so aot of work has to get done in 6 days. there shouldn't be much of a lief rally relating to that what has happened up to now.
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people need to get serious about both revenues and spending. they have to be smart as jonathan just alluded to. in the shortterm what we need most of all is growth. we don't need to do anything in thehort term that is ing to kill growth on either spending or revenue side. melissa: talk about that, harry. react to what you heard senator barosso say. he said they will come out and fight hard on spending cuts on the back of debt ceiling. do you buy that and think it is true and think that is the way to go? >> i think they will fight hard. but we said from the beginning the democrats and obama had more leverage coming out of the electis than rpublicans out of the 2010 elections. it was almost inevitable they would have to cave to some degree. melissa: what about this next fight over the debt ceiling? do they final have some leverage? they have given in on tax hikes. the wealthy are getting soaked. we're moving on. now they have the debt ceiling. do they have leverage now? >> yeah, they have leverage but i don't think you will see big enough cuts. the americ people will
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lose here. the tax increases will be minimal. now democrats purpose now to minimize the spending and enlightment cuts. so i think we get a couple trillion out of what will be another 12 to 15 trillion added to the definite deficit next 10 years it is not going to be enough. melissa: jonathan, what do you think?. >> entitlements are the core of this problem. poe lit toes on both side of the aisle said time and time again. they haven't been up to the. i doubt they will be touched in any serious way. you'reeeing longer term trends, great inflation, weaker and weaker dollar you there the marketplace. what will reverse the psychology and philosophy in washington? i have no idea. until it does it will be a real headwind for the economy moving forward. melissa: moody's says lower future budget deficits for the u.s. negative future out look returned to stable. in the coming months ty think measures are likely coming. are they being too
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optimistic? they think maybe we'll pull it together in the next couple months and cut some spending? >> ihink there is reason to be cautiously optimistic. i think both gravity what will happen next 60 days or so combined with, there is real work done in the last couple years on the first deal they almost did with spker boehner at $1.6 trillion and work they have done. think what you're now going to see real hard work on both revenue and spending. hopefully they do it in phased in basis that doesn't hurt the economy in the short term. but i think you're going to see, may not be a grand bargain but maybe sufficient bargain to get real down payments done and 60 days or so, which will lay the groundwork for --. melissa: hang on guys. i have to stop you right there. i want everyone stay where they are. don't move. don't lose that thought. we have a lot more to talk about on the other side of this break. i want you to stick around, when the smoke clears what does it all really mean for the business and, f businesses and for the economy in 2013? put politics aside. let's talk about what it
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really means. our power panel gives their predictions coming up next. m.o. morney straight ahead
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melissa: now the ink on the fiscal cliff bill is dry time to cut to the chase the big picture. is there anything good in the bill for employment? where does the economy go from here. if you askme there is lot of work left to do. let's get to our "money" power panel. jonathan, let me start with you, setting politics aside, what do you think? what does all this mean for the economy? >> i think it means for the markets, melissa, new places and new opportunities. despite the disaster which i happen to think the bill ii it will actually in my opinion be good for stocks. stocks, even the s&p starts ook really attractive compared to debt of our own u.s. government. i'm using fiscal cliff and supposed resolution to shore up bonds to bet against bonds. think 2013 will finally be the year of substantially higher interest rates. melissa: really. >> funds like dps are good bets this year. melissa: why would interest rates go up this year? the fed has signaled they
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will do absolutely everything they can to keep money cheap for the rest of our natural lives. >> and the bond market seems to be laughing at the fed up sharply in terms of yield today. not too far off from multimonth highs. this sunday radar screen idea that could make big money in 2013. melissa: harry, are you brave enough to fight the fed? >> yes, i am. i think they will lose this battle. they are doing everybody japan and other countries have done not worked. we're talking over decades now. japan has been down 22 years will never come out of this. they're not revoke turing massive debt. they're not recognizing demographics only get worse. the illusion the economy will get better if we keep stimulating u you have to cut now, rebalance now to have long-term growth. this short term, yes it will help stocks short term. absolutely a long-term disaster. we're not dealing with the crisis at all. melissa: dennis we need for the economy to grow. that is the only thing that will really sol the debt problem.
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that is the only thing that will put money in people's pockets. that will solve the unemployment problem. is there anything in here that will make the economy grow in 2013? >> first of all, you're exactly right. what we need is growth. last thing we need is cutting taking money out of the economy and stop consumers where they haven't been yet and where they need to go. everybody knows that. one of the things you can see in the package, $205 billion worth of tax extenders which is euphemism for basically adding liquidity to, you know companies balance sheets across the country, you have that. you also have what i think is going to be a balanced deal that comes out of this. hopefully it will not have austerity measures and draconian cuts people are talking about. it was harry who just said we'll be japan. i tell you start caught cutting your way into austerity you will be japan. we have to pay attention to nurturing growth. we don't need to worry about bond vigilantees. melissa: i don't know. jonathan, hop in there. i'm not buying any of that.
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hang on. give jonathan a chance. jonathan, go ahead. >> if you like subsidies and spending yeah, this bill has got it. there is subsidies for nascar. there is subsidies for railroads. obligatory billions more for green energy. spending our way to prosperity hasn't worked. president says you can't cut your way to prosperity. what needs to be cut is government. economic freedom creates wealth. this bill does nothing to --. >> harry, we went ahead and raised taxes on 77% of the americans by getting rid of the payroll tax holiday. so, raising taxes on people even 2% in some categories, maybe you get a 4 or 5% raise this year, something modest to keep uwith the cost of living. the government took half of that away from you. i'm worried that this is going to stall the economy just the way it is. >> i think so too. you have to remember, 2% they're talking about putting tax burden on, they're 25% of the spending.
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they are not just 2%. because they have such high income and stuff. the 1% controls 20% of the income. so ihink the economy is going to feel this. i think we're ging to be in recession the second half of this year. melissa: dennis, what do you think about that. >> that is just exactly wrong. i agreeith you, melissa. allowing the payroll tax to go up on 160 million workers in this country, 77%, from 4.2% to 6.2% was wrong and they shouldn't have done it at least not for the next year because of the economy. you notice nobody is talking about that because that only applies to people who make $110,000 and less. nobody was talking about them. they don't care about them. everybody was worried about the richest one or half of oners in this country. melissa: all over this network all day long peter barnes has been doing reports how everybody, there it is right on the screen. >> talking about in the debate that we just had in washington, nobody was talking about that. melissa: you're correct about that. >> that, i'm, so that is going to hurt. we shouldn't have done it.
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we should have been paying attention to those people who are going to take that on average 1000 dollars and spend it, rather than spending all the energy on top 1%. >> keep stimulating when will you ever cut spending? you're never going to do it in this environment never. melissa: last word to you, i swear. >> that is it. we all hope to see some semblance of spending cuts. we didn't see it. as you point out a few times. taxes are rising. 70% of the americans. leads to the next --. melia: you guys are a fabulous power panel. i will bring all three of u back together. you are fantastic. we're out of time. thanks to all of you for your contribution. next on "money", a craig's list sperm donor signs away his parental rights before theaby is born but now he is being forced to pay child support. how can the government milk him for cash. it isn't the parents of children that are asking. it is the government. wait until you hear these
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bizarre details. plus a massive oil rig runs aground in alaska. will it freeze efforts r oil exploratn in the arctic? we'll explain that coming up. do you ever have too much money because i think we've got too much government? [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a ll or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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melissa: all right. a story that seems, well, inconceiveable. this could have implication on the business of sperm donation. he thought he was helping a by answering their craig's list ad as sperm donor. he was careful and signed away any financial obligations or parental rights so the couple could raise the baby as theirs. the state of kansas, they're forcing him to pay child support.
12:28 am
sounds outrage just. it could huge impact on the $2 billion a year industry. here with the details and attorney joey jackson. we were chewing on this one in the commercial. this is a crazy story. >> unbelievable. and i am the resident sperm donor expert. you forgot to add that, melissa. melissa: i was not going to add that because i wasn't sure you wanted that in there. >> the secret is out. here's the story. this is absolutely nuts. talk about getting more than you bargained for. here is guy. you know what i will do? i will dona my sperm and i will take measures to protect myself. how? i will write a contract. we all three will agree. i will have no further obligations, financial or otherwise. and all will be well. guess what, melissa. one of them goes on welfare as a result, the state is saying, who is the biological parent of this child? she then o course is forced to give that information, or guess what, they say they
12:29 am
ll not provide any health care to you. she does. they go looking for him. as a result of him d donating sperm, right, he gets now to be considered the parent of the child, father, and that comes with financial obligation and responsibility. outrage just. melissa: the amazing thing the women involved, the couple, are on the dad's side. >> they are. melissa: they're saying we don't wa money from him. this is crazy. strictly the state that is pursuing this case because they're saying,why should taxpayers be paying for this child when there is in fact a father? the technicality that the state is hanging their ha the on this is idea that the sperm wasn't,nseminated in a doctor's office. >> exactly. melissa: but they didn't go to an official doctor to have the insemination. they did it on their own. >> very interesting. melissa: right. so -- >> that is what they're hanging whole thin on. the issue comes down whether you're a sperm donor on the one ha, or, a, father on the other.
12:30 am
and what they're arguing is, the statute provides for if you're going to aificially inseminate it has to be done by a licensed physician. to the extent they didn't do that, they are saying guess what, you are not a sperm donor. you're a father. it is a crazy distinction the and i think distinction that will make this case reverse itself. melissa: it is intesting because, the reason why we're talking about this on a show called "money", there is a lot of money involved here. >> $2 billion. melissa: 2 doll ball industry. we have stats of -- $2 billion. it is a $2 billion industry that hinges on donors feeling protected when they go in and get paid. there is a financial benefit to doing it. they have to feel like the financial benefit outweighs the risk. in this case, there you go, the financial risk very much outweighed the benefit, by a let. >> can you imagine? people get paid at varying levels. get paid $100 for a sperm
12:31 am
donation up to $500. doing it repeatedly per week, per year could come out to a lot of money. obviously this will serve as disincentive. why? people say you're doing this to donate my sperm and i'm straddled with obligations. i did it because i wanted anothererson conceived. i wanted to gi the gift of life but now i'm sucked into this world and have to pay up financially. i think a lot of people will think, once, twice, three, multiple more times before they decide to do this in the future. melissa: from a legal perspective. >> yes. melissa: he really thought, everybody thought they had looked down the road and protected themselves. their interests were aligned. so hey tried to draw up a document that recorded the fact that all three people involved, that their interests were all aligned. >> absolutely. melissa: how do you end up getting screwed at the end so to speak, no pun intended. >> that was good. melissa: i didn't mean to do that. when you worked so hard to protect yourself and there
12:32 am
were lawyers involved? that is what is so scary. >> there a a couple things. there is national statute, uniform parents statute. some states follow it some do not. kansas does. this is where it happens. this is a contract. courts are courts of equity. courts want the right result evenhough what might might think. they want at end of the day for the right outcome to be reached. as a result basing distinction whether you went to licensed physician or not is not going to carry the day. a contract entered into good faith by all parties who knew what they were doing will ultimately prevail. stay tuned. i think we'lllhave another result. melissa: would you come back with an update. >> it would be my pleasure. melissa: i'm no fan of the gornment. there is taxpayer footing the bill for this. fascinating story. ank you fo coming on. >> your resident sperm donor expert. >> that is great. we'll see you later for "spare change." don't go far. in the -- cookies in the is
12:33 am
greenroom. >> i'm going now. melissa: does this story make you think twice of selling sperm on craig's -plist? everyone responded no. they wouldn't consider doing that in the first place. we want to hear from more you of you. like us on and follow me on twitter which i promise is fun, @melissaafrancis. if any story could follow the one we just did, a huge oil rig slams the shore off of alaska. why the collision could be slam plans of oil exploration on the rocks. they will strike any photos or videos you send to your friends. that is what you're suppose to think. how booming popularity is masking naked risks to consumers. how we explain that one. more "money" coming up. ♪ .
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melissa: so turning to alaskan oil, tush len seas and strong wind causing major concerns for a oil drilling r stranded off the coast of southerr alaska. emergency crews were unable to board the rig for damage since it ran aground last friday. fishes say there are no signs after leak as of now. here to talk about the possible risks of future i
12:38 am
will exploration is james schork. >> happy to be here. ppy new year to. melissa: rig is stable now. weather delaying anyone getting on board to do anything abo it. what do you think are the odds we'll see a leak or spill here? i know it is hard to tell but based on what you think? >> it is hard to tell and given the unpredictability of the weather, we're talking about a nasty part of the world with regard to weather at this time of the world with high seas. right now from what we can tell the vessel is pinned up on the rocks on inhabitable island across from kodiak in alaska. the odds of a leak, they're pretty long at this point. we're talking about 36 barrels of diesel fuel and oil and hydraulic fluids on the vessel itself. so, not to minimize this wee not talking about a great deal of oil but at this point, from what we can
12:39 am
say, at this juncture --. melissa: it looks oay. shell officials, shell officials said the rig was built with double reinforced steel with three inches thick. it really underwent almost00 million in improvements before be put out to serve. 300 million. yohave to wonder, and i hate to say this, there is so much oil up there but is it just too hard to get? >> well, you know, this is what they were saying about shale oil just 10 years ago, about the economics of it. if you make oil prices high enough as with any commodity you will have a technology that will be able to get to this oil. so right now this is a learning process at this point. shell has invested 4, $5 billion into getting to this oil. they certainly are on the vanguard. they are running up against it with the weather. that is unfortunate but this is information, this is data being provided to the company, to the inindustry
12:40 am
that will certainly make the endeavor much more secure going forward. melissa: yeah. what do you think would be the impact on prices if we gave up on drillinin the arctic? >> well, right now there will be no immediate impact because we are not industrialing or we are not getting oil offshore in the arctic at this point. the biggest fear from a long term standpoint is that washington, which does support this program, and this administration, as we all know is certainly no friend of this industry, they do back this but the fear now is that god forbid if we do get a spill washington does lose its political backbone and they back out on the potential. melissa: right. >> estimates there are potentially another million bears of day of oil sitting up there in the arctic ocean. so when you consider that u.s. production is 6.5 million barrels a day, we're talking a considerable amount of oil that could get to the market down the road. so if we do not see this oil, look, we know oil demand is
12:41 am
only going one way, worldwide that up. melissa: got to look or options. >> we do not bring to the market is another reason why prices will stay higher. >> steven, thank you so much. >> thanks, melissa. messa: time for the fuel gauge report. oil futures rallied boosted by congress's deal to avoid the fiscal cliff that climbed 1 1/2% settling at 93.12 a barrel. warren buffett's midamerican energy taking a big bet on california solar energy. mid-american is acquiring two solar plant projects for $2.5 billion. russia's oil out put hit a post soviet record. production climbed more than 1% to 10.38 million barrels per day. that is the most since 1987. pretty impressive. natural fast futures slumped r the second straight session. it may be bitterly cold in places like new york city. we're freezing. milder temperatures are ahead for most of the
12:42 am
country lowering demand. coming up on "money" if something sound too good to be true it probably is. a smartphone app that self-destructions scandalous photos you send to your friends. i didn't send the photos. the breakthrough technology shouldn't have users resting so easy. at the end of the day it is all about illicit photos i guess at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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melissa: it is funny, so many public fixes being burned by sending racy and inappropriate texts and images it still keeps happening. there is way for the iages to be gone in a snap. snap chat is app that deletes messages you send in 10 seconds or less. this is gaining a lot of traction, shocking. facebook recently debut almost identical app. there hidden catch in the social media break through. we have bruce turkel. great to have you on the show, bruce. >> hi, melissa. happy new year. melissa: happy new year to you. this is genius in market, obviously how many people get burned by this people
12:47 am
keep taking ridiculous photos of themselves and sending them out. this is supposed to make the photo self-detruck in 10 seconds whatever it is. seems like it doesn't even work? >> no, it doesn't. great idea. people have a problem. someone did softwar to come up with a solution. what no one is thinking about there is file managers that overco it. at least on my mac, command shift 4 i take a screen shot. i own the picture whether it self-destructions or not. melissa: even file program, manager program like i-fund box lets you plug your phone into the computer and search the file and even save it beef hand. it is common sense. if you send something it exists somewhere. somebody will be able to bring it back up. in spi of that it is a great marketing idea. people are really into it. the application is taking off. even facebook trd to rip it off. although they probably wouldn't call it that. but their app has not been so successful. is there a way to make money
12:48 am
off this do you think, despite the fact we think it doesn't work? >> there is a way in the short term. they're on your show. people talking about it. a lot of people made money on the pet rock. that doesn't do anything. yeah in the short term people are going to be interested. they will be flocking to it. i saw some studies said kids, 15-year-olds are using it, not, they don't say they're using it for sexting. talk about sending pictures for silly things they don't see reason to have them continue. in the long run, they have to find real meaning. what value are they providing? why would anybody want this long term? melissa: i don't know if you send not sure what you're doing. not all picturese send to each other, take a formal note toy of what your kids are doing, at the time. here is where we are, here to meet me. you don't want to save the photos. have them go away and not take up space. is there advertising value in there? there has to be some value? facebook worked really hard to copy the program and steal the interest fm it. >> well, facebook works
12:49 am
rereally hard to protect their turf. theyon't want you going elsewhere and using different things. whether or not they see a value from it as far as geneting revenue is almost irrelevant. they just want to make sure you stay within their universe. the fascinating thing for me the invention of photography was about keeping memories, emin moralize something and keep it. hire someone comes up with software that does exactly the opposite. it snaps a memory and destroys it. i wonder if you hear the "mission impossible" theme while ing. it will self-destruction in 10 second. >> it is true, it is a creative idea. you have to give them credit from marketing, branding point of view, they tried to attack a problem out there that you send a picture. but you don't really want it to be around for a while. they thought a way to really capitalize on that. on a money meter, one to money, how money is this idea in your branding mind? >> i agree with you, from a branding point of view it make as lot more sense than
12:50 am
from software point of view. i give them credit for being clever. as far as money, they are a two as far as i see. melissa: speaking of money and branding did you have a great break. >> i had a great break. i went to the keys. i read your book. the i loved line of your dad polishing every tooth was memorable. you create ad mind picture. i really felt i got to know you. melissa: or my dad's teeth, one of those two. diary after stage mother's daughter. i have to shamelessly plug it. if you haven't bought it go on barnes & noble and amazon. diary of a stage mother's daughter. it is a good bk. >> i september it as holiday gift. melissa: we have to have you back on the show. happy new year to you. >> happy new year. melissa: sometimes you want to shout [bleep] hole. could mean letting curse
12:51 am
words fly at your job, you think that could be trouble for your career? i might be in trouble. this is america.
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♪ melissa: of right. it's time for our first 2013 spare change.
12:55 am
the one and only joe jackson is back joined by fox news contributor. happy new year. >> happy new year. melissa: first up, would you ever think that swearing in a conversation the work could get you fired? employs say 38 percent of the time cursing as part of the reason for firing someone. apparently all the foul languae creates a hostile work environment. i think this is -- >> that was good. >> my assistant has the biggest body mouh ever. ever. it. melissa: so fancy. >> well, my only employee / assistant to. >> here's what i have o say about this whole thing. >> knows that to communicate without. >> it's like that. >> with you for ten years. melissa: you're stuck with them. >> i was warned i ssould not say >> is there a delay in the show. melissa: i hope so.
12:56 am
i don't know. they have their finger on the button. >> people should be expressive. we have to be who we are, and part of that means -- [bleep] you take them as you find them. melissa: how can you fire someone for a hostile work environment? come on. going to work. all right. welcome to 2013. here are some new and strange laws in effect for the new year. a massachusetts town was completely blank -- baena all sales of singles and a plastic water bottles. stores can be fined up to $50 a melissa francis. in one town you can't have what then for cats per household. in california is now illegal for huntees to use their dogs to chase a bear or a bobcat. thank goodness. i mean, which is your favre lg? >> that is what legislators to. they tay there, passed those laws, contemplate, keep us safe
12:57 am
and healthy and everything else. do i find value? melissa: no five cats for you. forget it. you have to get rid of that last cat. >> dispenser. the middle of cats. discrimination. melissa: that's absolutely right. you can't pop of really in illinois. there are all kinds of laws in effect. a plastic bottle. this year's top holiday ift. it beat out the kindle fire and even the ipad. it is of eggs. according to marketing services their report that bugs was more searched -- was searched more than a million times to more than any other gift items. >> here is what i have to say about that. i pleadguilty. i have a pair of slippers.
12:58 am
there were so comfortable. i was a man more than or them. i think we know what we are getting you. but at least som of them. >> at least you were wearing them in the privacy of your ho. so comfortable. so warm. melissa: it turned into a coercial. >> and i hate myself for it. really unattractive, but have to say. melissa: number one christmas gift. i have to admit to everyone in my household owns a pair. bu christmas. it's clothes. kids hate to be closed for christmas. >> they want more toys. >> affected sle in them, i would. >> i secretly and. melissa: let's wrap up with this year's new year's resolution. i finally made one this year that i can absolutely stick to. it's just to steal more viewers
12:59 am
from other networks. at think it may already be working because i have this awesome card. check it out. i was good when i was on some other unnamed network that i can remember the name of and no one watches, but i am super hero fox. thank you. keep watching. tell all your friends. grab my ook will you're at it. c'mon. you read that. what is your resolution? >> mine to legitimately, you have me hooked on the little use on the prairie memoirs. i know more than i ever needed to. is has become crazy things to you. >> the commercial. melissa: your new year's resolution. i love the flattery. >> random acts of kindness, a better person, kind humanity and to make all


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