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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 3, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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kinds of crap. stuart: i want to get back to women in the senate debate. what happens if a male senator stands up and says man we'd better. what would be your reaction? >> i would be angry about that. [talking over each other] >> the women on the most powerful list would say they do not like it either. >> mr. akins 15 minutes are up. [ laughter ] stuart: our time is definitely up on that note. connell, it is yours. connell: good morning, evvrybody. i am connell mcshane. we have a lot to talk about today. some good news and on the jobs front today.
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we will see if it means good news on the future of the economy. who would you cell to? the newest odd couple, if that is not odd enough, how high taxes are brought together. one of france's most notable actors and someone from russia. we begin with nicole petallides. nicole: we are not too far off the unchanged line. right now we are down about 20 points on wall street. the dow jones industrials get -- the nasdaq slightly lower.
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i also wanted to take a look at some of the automakers. we got in some numbers from them. ford and gm, both of these names hitting 52 week highs. sales are improving. pickup truck demand has also picked up. no pun intended there. it is looking pretty good. you can see right now the u.s. automakers are doing quite well with off aeros. toyota is down about a half percent. honda motor also under some pressure at the moment. back to you. connell: will the new class offer more of the same relock? we have peter barnes now. peter: we should have a shot at
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the house floor and the old congress will wrap up and go out so that the 113 congress can't go into session. i still find this an exciting day when a new congress convenes. we have 82 new members. it is a very exciting day. it does promise to be as contentious as the last congress. they have a slightly lower margin. we are going to be watching the election speaker. there is a little palace intrigue going on with john boehner. he will need 217 votes today to become speaker. he can only lose 17 of the 233
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republicans and that would require a second ballot. we have not seen that since 1923. we are not expecting it. there is some discontent. we will be watching that low very carefully. that vote will be around 12:45 p.m. connell: we will stay with this. we have ten manager in the studio with us now. any thing about this current speaker. he will be reelected. >> i think we would know by now if there was any thing taken place with eric cantor. connell: we will added to this
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next class which they essentially created for us with the last clip now behind us. there were 25 house republicans that had "reservations" for voting for boehner. what does this mean? >> i think, connell, it has to do with a lot of that experience they have just been through. john boehner negotiating a deal with president barack obama. the base of the republican party became john boehner. the deal did not work out so well. i think boehner himself have said they will go through normal legislative process. that is a good idea. it is not a good idea for john boehner to pick up the face of the republican party. he is the speaker of the house.
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it is not really intended that he should be a spokesman for the party. what he needs to do is bring forward some of the younger members of the house. certainly, that a includes paul ryan and eric cantor. i would say that for the senate as well. mitch mcconnell should be relying on some of the younger members of the senate as well. connell: i was thinking the democrats controlled the white house. the democrats also controlled the senate. the only bridge controlled legislatively by the republicans is the house of representatives. >> i do not think he is succeeding as the face of the republican party. maybe two years from now.
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i really think there is a sense in which it is time for the next generation of republicans. connell: you mentioned mccarthy and cantor. they both voted against the deal. >> i do not think the party is that fractured. they are in a tough spot because the president got reelected. they do not control the senate. they do need to defend their principles. by putting legislation through normal legislative order and public, they can at least then make responsibility for which way it goes. more of a public event then having it done behind closed doors. connell: i assume that is why he cut the deal with the vice president? >> the only leverage that they have is mathematical leverage.
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that is probably ridiculous. they used to talk about the dollars and now $10. connell: especially with no spending cuts. >> the wealthy do not have enough wealth to pay for all of the spending that he wants to do. they should somehow find a way to put the responsibility on the president and the senate democrats to explain how they intend to move forward. connell: the private sector, the you as added 250,000 jobs last month.
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>> i think there is no dow that it will raise expectations, but when you look at all the economic statistics that have been coming out, there is a line for a little bit of improvement in job creation. they are hovering at multiyear highs. when you look at other things out there, they are in fact consistent with a little bit of an approved but. i would not be surprised to see non-farm payroll being improved tomorrow. connell: it leads into another round of these talks in washington. is that the biggest potential stumbling walk?
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every time you take uncertainty off the table, we know that a lot of fields were complaining about the fiscal cliff. that somehow they needed that piece of uncertainty off the table. business spending has been weak throughout 2012. i think that will pick up a little bit. we know that even prospective home buyers will feel a little relieved now that they know that the majority, if not all taxpayers will receive a tax hike except for these ultra- wealthy individuals. all of that will improve things. you will get more incremental positive changes in the economy as the year progresses. i think in the second half of the year the growth picks up a little bit.
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connell: it was mostly revenue in that bill. if there is more cuts in spending, will that slow the economy down a lot or maybe with a new think? >> it really depends on what kind of spending cuts are there. never underestimate the ability of people in congress to be creative. a lot of the spending cuts are back aided. it really does not influence 2013. everybody knows that the budget control act is there and certainly looking over the shoulders and congress. if they go ahead and take a bite of that spending in the outer years, it is not impede growth in 2013. connell: this idea of that gloating. thank you. starbucks, meantime, what the
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coffee giant is doing to try to curb the mass. we talked about john boehner. under fire for stalling on that hurricane sandy relief bill. charlie wrangle is here. quite outspoken the past couple days. markets now. let's look at one of the big markets today. that would be oil. ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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connell: we are back on markets now. new numbers are in. department of transportation signing a record of violations by airlines last year. 2012 numbers beating 2011 records.
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the richest of the rich pocketing even more money last year. they tacked on 41 billion to their combined net worth. charles payne is coming up in just a moment. tax the rich more, charles. starbucks rolling out reusable plastic cups starting today. it costs one dollar to get a reusable cup. they are hoping it will increase the hobbit for people to go green. starbucks wanted to serve 25% of all drinks and reusable cups by 2015. it has now been reduced to 25%. they have a starbucks at the new york stock exchange. that is where we are going now.
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i have a reusable sleeve that i am using. nicole: over the last 52 weeks, starbucks is opening up in vietnam. they continue to expand. the one dollar reusable plastic cup is the story. take a look at dow component boeing. they set a record for their 737. the orders that they saw in 2012 reached 1124 net orders. that broke their prior record for any single year of a new model. that will be something to watch for 2014. boeing continue to break ground. connell: making a little money
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with charles payne. today we will talk about retail. charles: right. this is a woman's specialty clothing store. i actually went to one out in l.a. with my wife. she loved the store from the outside. i think it is a good move for them. also, they announced a billion-dollar buyback. they just finished another billion-dollar buyback. 5%. a year ago, same-store sales were down. old navy. up 13% same-store sales. it has never been that good, or at least not in the last five years. old baby looks like it is coming back. the gap has a little bit of its swagger back. my son does not want anything from there.
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connell: it used to be cool way back. charles: some of it is that advertising. every time they try to get cool people to their advertising, it is cool people ten years ago. i saw him on the podium. [ laughter ] i am really confused about that whole thing. more and more people are certainly falling back from mecca. old navy may certainly be the one to drive it.
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connell: good appearance by charles payne. we will see you next hour. you are al gore and you want to sell. who would you sell to? apparently he had offers from two people. why is google's eric schmidt in north korea. before all of that, let's take a look at world currencies. we will be right back. ♪
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>> at 22 minutes past the hour, i have your fox news minute secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. doctors are confident that the secretary will make a full recovery. a state department says hillary is excited to get back to work. a coast guard salvage team finally able to board a shell oil rig.
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officials now claiming there is no evidence of a fuel leak and no indication other debris was ripped from the ship. the students of sandy hook elementary are returning to school today following last month tragic shooting that killed 20 children and six adults. more than 400 students are attending classes at a refurbished school given the same name as the old one. back to connell. connell: 2012 proved to be a good year for auto sales. will 2013 continue that trend. jeff: we will have to use the glasses this morning. we have gm, ford, toyota, chrysler. we have them all. excuse the audio in the background. i just want to give you a headline. mark royce expects the sales rate next year to be
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15-15.5 million vehicles next year. ford of 2%. gm up 5%. toyota of 9%. chrysler up 10%. a good year or a good december makes for a good year in the overall gear. let's take a look at the year end totals. ford up 4.47% for the year. toyota of 26% for the year. chrysler up 21%. we can also give you the raw numbers. how many vehicles do they really sell? homemade cars they actually sold. gm the winner. ford number two. toyota number three. chrysler bringing up the year, but doing pretty well at 1.7 vehicles sold.
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a quick look at the stocks, by the way. both automakers of about 2% last i checked. i think that is where we are. good news all around. connell: not bad. not bad at all. jeff flock on the breaking auto news. thank you. we will go back to him a little bit later on. is google going for the king of search to dear leader. the company later expected to go on a mission to north korea. he will travel with bill richardson. since there is no business plan, schmidt will be the first top executive from google to visit north korea. this deal apparently was not the
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only one interested in buying current tv. they purchased al gore's current call but only after it turned down an offer from: back. our colleagues say back made an offer last year, but it was turned away. east coast lawmakers have been flaming mad over the delays in congress. congressman charlie wrangle quite emotional on the subject this week. he is here with us live. markets now, let's take a look at some of the winners on the s&p 500. ♪
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connell: victims of hurricane sandy are still waiting for some
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answers. congressman charlie rangel is standing by to talk to us about that. little reason to go anywhere else in the caribbean. cuba's government is finally taking steps in that direction. the actor -- running from higher taxes in his own country. befriended a well-known president to the north. it is kind of an intriguing story. that is all ahead. for now, let's go back to nicole petallides. nicole: good news for private today. the stock is up about 3%. they have gotten approval from u.s. health regulators. they are launching this in the united states immediately. we are seeing a nice job there. they obviously compete with medtronics and boston
11:32 am
scientific's. i now want to show you transocean. it is up about 4.7%. good news there for them. the department of justice expected to announce a settlement today. this is according to sources who are familiar with the talks. if you are a bowl out there got a six-point loss on the dow right now is pretty good. we have next reviews on the job claims. adp did better than expected. we are waiting for our monthly jobs report. we have seen auto sales doing very well. ford and gm looking very good today. hitting new 52 week highs.
11:33 am
those are a couple i continue to follow. connell: we have had this morning from moody's that more action needs to be taken in washington beyond the fiscal cliff deal that was passed this week. john, you cannot speak specifically to what moody's may do on the credit rating. it is a very important issue for you to look at as an economist or is it? >> well, i would rather see the u.s. avoid a credit rating downgrade.
11:34 am
through our progress through deficit reduction. that will probably require extra effort at reducing long-term government spending. financial markets in the u.s. did quite well. bond yields moved lower. equity prices rose. not too long ago, movies cut the aaa rating of france to a aa one. french government bond yields fell. the french equity market moved significantly higher. connell: this is the issue that may be the most interesting that we have been debating here for the last however long. people say when will washington
11:35 am
get its act together and really cut spending. usually, our answer is when they are forced to. when they have no other choice. when bond yields start to shoot up. none of us can predict when that will happen. otherwise, they will never do it. the rates actually went down the last time we were downgrading which is crazy. >> here is what is complicating factors and that is quantitative easing. no longer does the market necessarily said treasury bond yields. rather, it is the large-scale buying of u.s. treasury bonds by the federal reserve that seems to be putting a ceiling on treasury bond yields is not giving them direction. connell: when it officially run out of bullets so to speak, then
11:36 am
we are in trouble. >> i think the feds will continue to purchase treasury bonds as long as the labor market is to slack to the satisfaction of the fed. as long as the unemployment rate stays above 6.5%, they continue buying treasuries. that they have the undesirable effect of disguising a very important deterioration of the u.s. is budgetary situation. connell: which is a mess and we all know it. you want to know in washington when they will start cutting spending, watch the bond market. what ten year notes. john, thanks a lot. >> look at the equity market. it is rising.
11:37 am
the equity market could care less about the lack of progress. connell: you are absolutely right. johnjohn, thank you. we will have breath they are on. the house speaker, john boehner, is, well, we will see. will he keep his job? it looks like he will. a lot to talk about in washington today. first, speaking of the devil. there they are. treasury yields. 186. that is pretty low. ♪
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♪ >> here it is, your fox business brief. shares of priceline are on the
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rise today. boosting the online price target priceline offers more of a potential upside to this year's estimate than the rival expedia. subaru recalling within 630,000 vehicles due to a lighting issue. it could result in a smoke or fire. when these no longer thinks a hamburger has to be $0.99 to be a deal. it has beefed up its options. items ranging from $0.99 to $1.99. a revamped menu. more options while giving wendy's more flexibility on prices. ♪
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connell: opposition leaders in venezuela are calling on the
11:41 am
president to tell whether he will attend his swear in. a spanish newspaper is reporting that the leader is in a coma and on life support. we mentioned cuba. the cuban government is cutting through the red tape and making it easier to take a vacation. >> at this point, it is appearances whether it actually changes a lot of things. and particularly in cuba. they have been denied something that americans take for granted. that is the freedom to leave your own country and go on
11:42 am
vacation somewhere. to create law 302, at least legally in cuba on paper, and the requirement that all cubans obtain an exit visa to leave the country. however, cubans still must get a passport. at least on paper, this offers some hope. >> i have gone ten years without seeing my father. maybe this way i can get some money together and go. >> those that can travel should travel like it used to be. >> critically cubans who want to leave the island and go visit another country, they will still need to obtain an entrance visa from that country. that is not expected to be simple. people like scientists, engineers will still be denied by the cuban government the
11:43 am
freedom to leave the island. >> the desire of the cuban government is number one to let a great number of cubans leave because there is less mouths to feed. the second and probably more important is the way to put pressure on the u.s. government to lift the travel ban. >> the delegation here in south florida and for that matter most if not all cuban-americans here all think this is simply political and economic posturing by the regime. this is done there is broke. the society is that they may see every single day down there. the people are four. it will make it next to impossible. connell: there has to be a reason for them to do it. you wonder what castro gets back
11:44 am
from all of this. you do not want to give away too much, obviously. >> if someone allows the castro regime to challenge the united states to do what cuba will now do, at least legally, which is letting their people leave to visit other countries. now, the u.s. should end its hands for americans to travel to cuba. connell: thank you, phil. let's get to bret transport in washington. we are getting closer to the hour when the new congress will be sworn in. he joins us from our own d.c. bureau. good to see you. our favorite phrase now is palace intrigue. john boehner will still be the speaker at the end of the day. >> almost definitely.
11:45 am
there are probably about 20 republicans said to have some concerns about speaker boehner, but whether they will vote to actually remove him, that is highly doubtful. the bet is that he will retain his speakership. he just walked by. he was asked does he have any consternation about this vote and he said absolutely not. he has confidence. there are some up on capitol hill that think there is a slight chance that they could get to a second ballot. that has not happened in decades. most bet that speaker boehner will have everyone in line and he will retain his speakership. connell: what is really going on up there? northeast republicans angry about the hurricane sandy bill. we knew the other day, it was really a mess getting the fiscal
11:46 am
cliff legislation to the floor. all of this talk about the rivalry between the majority speaker and the leader. are there not enough votes to defeat him so people are afraid to go against him? >> you know, he actually has a decent amount of support. looking back at how they handled a pretty bad hand, even the most conservative members said, listen, he gave us a shout. they went into that gop conference meeting and said here is what we have. the senate bill came over. if you want to amend it and send it back, it will die. we will be left holding the bag here and likely republicans will be played for whatever economic mess comes after that. they said, we will be willing to
11:47 am
do that if you have the votes. tell me that you have 218 votes and we will put that amended bill on the floor. they were willing to put that out there. they did not get to that number. they did the up or down vote that we saw the other night. connell: with this next congress, what will the dynamic you like? for example, our negotiations over between president obama and speaker boehner? >> yes. i mean, he has said that. he has told this conference that he is done with one-on-one negotiations with president obama. probably that is part of his effort to tell his conference, listening, we are going to change. we will go back to what we talked about after the health care legislation. there will be a regular process here. there will be transparency.
11:48 am
everyone will have a say. you will be able to look at a bill for three days and really see what happens. connell: bret baier, good to see you. you can watch them every night at 6:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. let's go back to nicole petallides. you made the point earlier, at least we are hanging on. nicole: that is right. you sell that dow and s&p of 2%. we had an unbelievable day yesterday. we got rid of the worries about the fiscal cliff, at least for now. you see the nasdaq and s&p have just moved into positive territory. i do see the oil is higher
11:49 am
today. i wanted to take a look at some of the dow movers. there is a look at walmart. some of the retailers have been under pressure. look at hewlett-packard. up 4%. quick family dollar stores that came out with their numbers. it was disappointing. that is why you are seeing the stock down pretty significantly. connell: thank you. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. why the actor derard depardieu is saying goodbye to friends and hello to russia.
11:50 am
first, some of the winners today over at the nasdaq. ♪ [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? maybe you want to incorporate a business. orrotect your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like the help of an attorney. at legalzoom a legal plan attorney is available in most states with every personalized document to answer questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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connell: we have some breaking news this hour. kind of a bonus for us as we have the chance to bring charles payback. the big news is about transocean. about two announced a settlement . charles: tremendous news. the stock market likes it so far. here is the key thing. the report says that the settlement will address all civil and criminal issues related to this accident. this is it. it is done. it is in the past. it is almost as inconsequential as the fact that this giant dark cloud has been gone. the last four quarters, they beat the street by 14%, 67%, 60% and 80%. earnings estimates are
11:54 am
continuing to go through the roof. connell: your firm is in the stock. charles: we have been in the stock. i think this is definitely a five. almost three times, you know, the industry. this was holding them back. connell: they think the first reaction is we are not judging how they handled the situation. that is not what this conversation is about. once this legal issue is out of the way, whether it should have been there or not or should have been more or less, the company's point of view, you want to just get rid of these things. charles: it is not like an accounting scandal. it could happen again. most people who own the stock
11:55 am
consider this to be an accident. connell: charles, thank you. two times in one hour. he will be back next hour, i believe. you have these two guys. the newest odd couple. did you see this? the russian president vladimir putin has granted citizenship to derard depardieu. charles: he has a huge relationship with a woman -- she has been putting a lot of money into his movies. a lot of people in france are already upset with him about that. connell: he applied for citizenship. russia has a flat income tax rate of 13%. with that, the french president is looking for 75% tax on
11:56 am
incomes. charles: gerard said he could have 85% of his income. you ever want to know when you cry uncle, 85% is when you cry uncle. connell: let's go to sandra smith now for the trade today. gold is giving back some. sandra: as we see the equity markets give back some of their big games from yesterday, they have about flatlined moving into the positive territory. gold and oil are doing the same thing. this is the euphoria over the fiscal cliff deal gone. can you answer that question, everyone is looking at these commodities and thing is the reality now setting in? >> yes. not only are we five years past the back side of recession, we
11:57 am
are at a place where the consumer will face slightly higher tax rates. the commodity complexes continually reflected that lower level of expenditure. sandra: what does the trade do at this point considering we saw a lot of weakness in the dollar? >> for it to see it first down year in 12 years. probably a negative 5% return. that, too, has seen a physical exhaustion. those people are in and they are not coming in if they are not interested. sandra: as he was saying, gold did go up 12 straight years. his firm calling for the first straight negative year. down just a bit. down about $11. connell: thank you very much.
11:58 am
the 113 congress about to be sworn in. i think we are all in agreement that is good news. cheryl casone continues our coverage on whether john boehner survives as speaker of the house. keep it here. ♪ >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identitand turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they
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all. running out is all about stocks. as we do every 15 minutes we do not have the data we had yesterday, nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange. nicole: what we are seeing is a market that is not far off of the unchanged line but with a jump the we saw yesterday, the best day in a year really we saw the major market averages dropping, the dow and s&p 2% and the nasdaq 3%. a stellar day on wall street on the heels of what we heard from lawmakers in washington who came to some sort of agreement enough to give us a boost. you see the nasdaq and s&p, the dow's slight lead to the downside. united healthcare has been weighing on the dow jones industrials. the transportation index is doing quite well today but i want to take a look at one of the airlines, delta airlines. take a look at delta, delta is up 1%, at a 52 week high. it goes back to early january of 2011. almost into the 2010 days.
12:02 pm
almost a multi-year high but you can see it is doing well because of higher traffic they have been seeing, particularly latin america. we saw that grow by 12%. doing well with increased traffic in december helped by international flying demand. cheryl: we will see you in 14 minutes. breaking news right now. the 113th conference -- congress now being gaveled into session. among the issues on their plate two spending cuts that could take effect in february, raising the debt ceiling, a vote on aid to victims of superstorm sandy and in 15 minutes republicans voting against john boehner to be house speaker. you just saw karen haas on the floor of the house calling the house into order. there was the gavel. let's bring in peter barnes who is standing by on capitol hill with all of this. here we go. peter: very exciting day, 113th
12:03 pm
conference -- congress held into session, 33 members of the house, the split is 133 republicans, 200 democrats, two vacancies. on the senate 100 senators, 55 democrats and 45 republicans. we are watching the house today because of this kind of buzz about whether or not john boehner will have any dissenting votes at a minimum order in his run for speaker because with 230 republicans he can only afford to lose 17 votes and we know that there are way more than 17 conservatives and tea party members who have been upset with the speaker's handling of negotiations with the president on the fiscal clip, on the tax bill, his handling of the vote on the hurricanes and the relief bill. we have got no other republican candidates for speaker. he will be going against the democratic leader nancy pelosi
12:04 pm
in a vote that starts at 12:45 today. last time we saw more than one vote for speaker was 1923. we are expecting john boehner to be reelected speaker. on his way into the chamber he was asked if he had any consternation about this and he said no but his deputy, republican whip kevin mccarty of california said, quote, you can always count on surprises from the floor. it is always exciting. and it is. cheryl: i want to let our viewers know what we are seeing. the house chaplain is delivering the opening prayer for the house right now. that is what you are seeing on your screen. obviously the new clerk of the 113th congress hitting the gavel bringing housing to session. we of course are going to be finding out in 40 minutes whether or not john boehner will be speaker of the house but we had some comments coming from john boehner earlier.
12:05 pm
he does not seem terribly nervous about anyone in the gop voting against him today. does he have reason to be that confident? peter: there is some rumors and gossip floating around in the conservative tea party blogoskier about a secret plot to overflow him. i was looking at one of the conservative websites, someone might come up and call for a secret vote on the speaker's race and that way, some tea party groups have been calling for this, they want a secret vote so that, quote, members can vote their conscience if they don't -- if they want to vote against john boehner. we don't expect that to happen but a lot of things changed in the last few years so i never rule out anything. we will be watching closely. cheryl: after the last month of deliberations over the fiscal
12:06 pm
cliff bill and sequestration and the debt ceiling debate, that congress will be a busy congress we hope. they are officially in session at noon eastern time. i will see you in 40 minutes and we will have the results of that vote for john boehner when it happens live on markets now. john boehner worries about his job, the job picture for most americans seems to be improving. in the month of december private sector hiring jumping by 250,000 jobs according to processing firm adp, the largest increase since february for what is in the labour market and what companies are dealing with. the president of the vantage payroll services is with me. big jump for december. is this a big turnaround for the labor market? >> it is a big turnaround. it is almost 100,000 jobs more than the previous month. a lot retail jobs have to do with the holiday season but i do
12:07 pm
think because of 25,000 small business jobs between 19, and 49 employees that were created it will be a big boom for america and i hope we get the same numbers in january. cheryl: one thing many of your clients, you are a payroll processor, the tax credit expired. they are going to readjusts but that could end at the last moment. what are they going to do? >> your social security tax went from 4.2% to 6.2% and for those who ran payrolls and the new year and they were withholding the wrong amount. anybody the wasn't using the payroll provider have some catching up to do and have to make sure they're -- 2013 cables not released before i came on air. our office got notified we are starting the programming now. cheryl: just released the table. >> ourselves and other payroll processors in the industry have challenges for payrolls running today or tomorrow. will take 48 hours.
12:08 pm
cheryl: within 48 hours? you are that confident it could happen quickly? you are an expert in this. what about small businesses? >> they have significant challenges. it is not just 6.2%. medicare is going up for those wage earners that earn $200,000 going from 1.45% to 2.35%. if they are not calculating these things already they have to play catch-up. this confusion could have been solved if we decided last week or the week before small business owners struggle with these decisions as the month goes on. cheryl: this is a bigger market story. markets obviously having to digest all of the news we are getting. thank you for the commentary on that side of it but i want to look at a market reaction to the jobs picture. our next guest has his crystal ball out, looking at things in 2013, he says some big things are coming. he says the s&p 500 will hit a record high, small caps will meet large caps, emerging
12:09 pm
markets outperformed the s&p and the fed will break its pledge to hold rates steady at 2015. rob morgan, chief investment strategist joins me now. i was reading on new year's day your note about 2,000 finnerty in. i want to ask your prediction about the fed. you think all bets are off in 2013. >> i do. growth is stronger than people think. the q everse has got to end and will eventually but the fed will be telegraphing and beginning to raise rates. cheryl: you think it will raise rates but at the same time you make a big bet on emerging markets same overseas even though the isn't the will hit a new all-time high overseas is the story. >> a big global rate cut cycle is going on and that will help international markets and obviously with rates beginning to nudge up not in a dramatic way but nudging up, that should
12:10 pm
really help overseas markets in general. cheryl: up 14% over the last year. there are some sectors, one of the best performing sectors was the financial sector and use a financials will kick us off so for the short-term looking at financials. >> even though as you said they had a pretty good year last year and still relatively cheap because they got so beaten down after the financial crisis. look for continued improvement. cheryl: and industrials, the fact that that group had a huge jump in 2012. you say stay with it. >> with financials they are cheaper but with industrials we are seeing real earnings growth. that is more of a growth story. cheryl: you like industrial than you like financials. we will see what this year brings. i want to bring robbed back. i am a lucky girl. let me bring back robb to the conversation. the market story is the
12:11 pm
unemployment picture. we will get the jobs report tomorrow and find out what you are expecting from the market perspective. >> unemployment is going to hold steady. i don't think we will see the market changed. if you ask specifically how the market will react i am not really sure. they will be optimistic about what the unemployment numbers will bring. i am hoping the small-business market will prop it up and we will see hiring in new sectors. cheryl: also some predictions on unemployment, about 7% for the year. you are pretty confident. >> through the year we will continue to see unemployment trend down. as far as a particular number we were talking about this during the break, the adp employment report, they are not correlated so well. it wouldn't surprise me if it disappointed but if you look at the body of work through the unemployment rate we will see that trend down.
12:12 pm
cheryl: talking about the payroll issues these small businesses have when they make the switch with the extension of the payroll tax small-businesses, that is where we will see growth in the job market? they think they will hire? >> 12% of the growth we saw this past month was from small businesses, under 500 employees. i think they will lead the way through 2013. what i hope happens is more public offerings, smaller entities growing that move into the public realm. cheryl: you like small caps which of i am not mistaken that is a switch for you from this time last year. what changed your mind? >> the dividend tax rate is going up and the big caps or big dividend payers, the fact that the dollar is going to start nudging up, that hurts large cap multinationals and also just as a rally, a bull market, the fourth year of the bull market as it moves along, we see performance expand and broaden out to the small-cap sector so a
12:13 pm
lot of different factors but it is a change. cheryl: a group of companies we have to watch will be those with 50 employees and thunder because they don't want to go above 50 employees because of health care costs. we will follow that as well. thanks to both of you, great to have you both, my favorites. the tide is turning for sales. live pictures right now. this is a $65,000 beauty outside our studio. i will head outside to talk with the president of the national marine manufacturers association. gas prices heading lower down $0.10 in a month. we will talk about that as well and as we go to break every day at this time we look at oil. there is. we are also live at the cme. we will be right back.
12:14 pm
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12:16 pm
cheryl: is 15 past the hour. stocks every 15 minutes and team coverage for you. sandra smith in trading pits of the cme, charles payne with how you make money on transnotion. breaking news on that. nicole petallides, 4 of the new york stock exchange with breaking news on google. nicole: we followed google closely because the sec is
12:17 pm
saying, the federal trade commission saying we will hear something pertaining to google at 1:00 p.m.. there will be a press conference at the federal trade commission headquarters in washington d.c. and 1:00 pertaining to google. what is it? it is an investigation concerning this investigation of google. the stock is up 1%. not a bad move. let's look at major market averages. the day after a day with some up arrows across the board, every sector had a up arrows, today we are holding on. look at that, back in the green. the dollar is very strong and the lot of winners on wall street. sandra: we are watching commodity prices at the cme in chicago and to start the morning we were seeing lack of conviction in a major commodities like oil and gasoline and big gains in
12:18 pm
yesterday's trading session on the heels of that deal getting done. today we are at seeing those go back into positive territory. buyers are coming back despite higher prices for oil. oil well above the $93 mark up $0.16 on the session. gasoline prices falling oil as they have been over the last several weeks. what you have been paying, prices coming down $0.10 over the last month but look for those to go higher. big warnings from the banks, credit suisse putting out a note to its customers saying to buy crude oil. they expect this to be outperforming commodity of 2013 and prices have been down in 2012 thanks to a glut of supply locally but oil is going to reconnect with the global market and much more demand and prices are going to go higher so enjoy the lower prices at the pump while they are there. cheryl: see what happens with the u.s. dollar. thank you very much.
12:19 pm
time to make money with charles payne discussing stories regarding 2010's deep water horizon rig explosion. charles: this is big news. the company has been hanging over them ever since the accident. they will pay $1.4 billion. in their last filing they said they were up in 374 access claims associated with this. this was a giant cloud over the company. the stock is up 6% right now. in the meantime, this is a stock so undervalued, the backlog from march of this year to october beginning in 2013, 21 to $30 billion, they have a gigantic backlog, earnings have been crushing earnings, the street knows the company will outperform over the next several years. one thing i did mention last
12:20 pm
hour and for people to understand a lot of times when these companies are involved in scandals stocks never recover. january of 2001, $246 a share and now $30 a share. right aid had an accounting scandal in 1998, $40, today $1.40. cheryl: it doesn't exactly look promising. i am sure a couple investors are nervous about it but they listen to you. charles: i love the risk reward and you have tremendous upside potential. cheryl: thank you very much. loved it. today, everyone, we got the final snapshot for u.s. retailers and holiday sales. not a great christmas for most but we have a guest ahead who says wait. if you took his advice last month you would have made big money on one name. also starbucks taking on trash with the coffee giant helping to curb the mess out there. take a look at world currencies
12:21 pm
how they're faring against the u.s. dollar. the euro is strong. we're back after this. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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>> 22 minutes past the hour your fox news minute.
12:24 pm
u.s. drone strike skilling 13 pakistani today including a senior militant commander. he was reportedly killed when a missile hit the house he was in new the afghan border. the militant is responsible for focusing attacks on american forces in afghanistan. opposition leaders are demanding venezuelan president hugo chavez's administration announce whether he is healthy enough to be sworn in jan. tenth. he has not been seen in public since undergoing surgery dec. eleventh. venezuela's opposition leader says the government should hold the election if he is too ville return from cuba. police in india are filing rape and murder charges against five men accused and the gang rape of a woman in new delhi last month. the case sparked protests across the country demanding greater protection for women. indian officials say they plan to pursue the death penalty. those are your headlines. cheryl: thank you from the fox news channel.
12:25 pm
appreciate it. consumer spending accounts for two thirds of the u.s. economy and one of the key indicators that consumers are spending, same-store sales figures, came out today. a crucial month of december. take a look at how these companies very month over month. maisie's up over a 4%. the gap up 5%, nordstrom up 8.5%. kohl's up 3%. t.j. x up six. jan rogers, ceo of a riders smithon. you like macy's. stock under pressure. what happened. >> macy's turned a decent number,%, i was actually relatively happy where macy's came out giving what we knew with retail sales. clearly there were some real winners. costco, best in class retailer in the world, big numbers, great numbers, nordstrom best in class at the upper end, great number.
12:26 pm
[talking over each other] cheryl: i got to stop you. december 17th you were living nordstrom and pumping that stock. you came out a winner, same-store sales up 8.5%. they delivered for you. kudos for the pick. >> better than i thought they would be. i picked them and thought they would be 5% but they were well above that. they did a better job than i thought could be done given what was going on with the consumer. they were one of my picks, best in class retailer. they own the space where they are but turned in a number that was better than anybody thought they could turn in so really delighted with that. the other thing that looked good where t j x and ross turned in good numbers. 6% each. i thought they would be 4% plus. six% is pretty strong. this was a terrible christmas. this was a very divided christmas. there were the winners and losers. cheryl: you were worried about coles, kohl's coming in flagman
12:27 pm
government, really struggling. dimension they were struggling, you were concerned about pennies, struggling. i remember this. we had a talk about walmart versus target and at the time you said i prefer walmart to target. what do you say today? >> i still prefer walmart to target. my comment was walmart won the game for christmas, target lost. the thing they did didn't work very well, they have a lot of markdowns in stores. it didn't drive the traffic they wanted to have in the stores. they had a tough christmas. i think walmart had a good christmas. walmart is winning the game on price and comparative advertising market by market is driving their business. they are hurting the dollar stores and hurting target. cheryl: both of those stocks of 15% over the last year but still saying target -- i was so excited to go to arizona supertarget and are left with champagne and cast aways. >> good for you. cheryl: that is what i bought.
12:28 pm
i don't know what that means. jan rogers smithon, see you soon. al-jazeera the news channel owned by the government has purchased al gore's current tv for $500 million. the goal is to reach more american home's the time-warner cable dropped the channel as soon as the deal was signed. the nation's second largest cable operator says the deal with current tv was terminated, has no plans to carry the new al-jazeera channel. they will call at al-jazeera america. to gradually transform into its own network. they will be adding, hiring more journalists, open up one analyst i spoke with this morning, doesn't expect fcc regulatory issues with the deal but cable companies like time warner, that could be a different story. we will keep you updated on it. we are also keeping you updated on this. we are live once again. there it is. capital hill.
12:29 pm
there is the new clerk of the 115th congress speaking live, the entire congress being sworn in. lots of new members. that is coming up 15 minutes from now. big vote whether john boehner will survive his speakership. another live picture. look at this. $65,000 boat, sales up 10% last year. we will explain why coming later on the show. as we go to break, which it was warmer. take a look at today's s&p winners and losers. rob morgan of s&p will hit new highs.
12:30 pm
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call now to request yo free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. nicole: i am nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. every 15 minutes here on the fox business network. we do stocks now. looking at wher hormel agreeingo buy skivvies peanut butter. roughly $700 million deal. there is hormel foods up 4%, but certainly a big deal in the food world and for these two particular names. let's also take a look at the major market averages. dow jones industrial tacking onto yesterdays gains we saw.
12:33 pm
308 points yesterday, let's see whether or not we have a winning day on wall street. all three major averages are moving one-tenth of 1% hovering very closely to the unchanged line. those are the top stories we will continue to follow. cheryl: we will take it, nicole, thank you very much. here is the final tax tally for americans following the fiscal cliff deal. you know who you are. majority of americans feeling a bigger pinch from uncle sam and depending on how you define what middle classes, middle class will be picking up a big part of that tab. the worst part is this may not be the end of it. former policy director and chief economist, also serving on the presidential council of economic advisors. you say we are not done with tax breaks by any means. >> that is right. the deal that was cut is now
12:34 pm
signed into law. we're coming up on the next few months as we hit the debt limit and because the deal struck does nothing to address the structural budget problems we have come at home and spending, we will either run extremely large deficits or fix the system with tax increases further down the road or get serious about spending reform. but the current path we are on is unsustainable. cheryl: you are saying increases will be coming down the line, but what does that mean about growth? we were talking about the cliff, and was half a percent, 1% of gdp but now what you are predicting, where do you think we will be with gdp in the next couple of quarters? will we see another smack? >> in the short term it averts a
12:35 pm
recession that otherwise would have set in. the question becomes what can we do to grow the economy in the long run, and if ago that the playbook we are pulling from now where we are raising marginal tax rates on investment income, high income, individuals, that is not a strategy that is coherent with a strategy that is progrowth. it is not to say there isn't a way to bring more revenue and the federal government, one that puts us on a sustainable path. cheryl: tell us what that will be though. >> it gets super complicated, superfast. the essence of the process is we can keep the current system we have where we tax some of your income but allow you to not pay taxes and other forms of income or other purchases you make and
12:36 pm
get more money by raising rates or we can go to the tax reform route which was the president simpson-bowles wrote. -- route. cheryl: which completely got ignored. >> which had not gotten off the ground anyway. this is the base broadening going after tax expenditures. it is not popular either. and it is not without its own consequences. if that were to occur, that kind of tax reform system could both be more progrowth and could generate additional income. that is not the route we have gone this far in the game. cheryl: are you concerned about moody's cut in the credit rating in the country? >> i cannot predict what they're going to do, but it is a simple fact the deal that was struck failed to address our long-term financial challenges. and so something significantly different than this deal will
12:37 pm
have to be put together and the sooner it is put together, the sooner we tackle the tough challenges and the less painful it will be. we have nothing congress willing to do things around medicare and social security making those programs sustainable. we are on an unsustainable fiscal path. cheryl: you had harry reid almost had a heart attack. the american enterprise institute. thank you. we have the numbers on december sales, it looks like the auto industry was on the mend in 2012 and this year could be even better. jeff flock joining me from chicago. >> i am glad i am not one of them. speaking of unsustainable fiscal path. i tell you, the year-end numbers are in. we were looking at the stock
12:38 pm
last hour of ford and gm both, both up another percent in the last hours as we have been talking up almost 3%, gm of 3%, they love these numbers better than expected numbers on the auto industry in december and for the year in overall. i want to get to those numbers now if we can. these are year-over-year numbers. it always changes when it comes to the kind of selling rate we have, so looking at year-over-year numbers. everybody was up, ford of 2%, gm up 5%, toyota up 9%, chrysler up 10%. for the year in general, these are interesting to take a look at because we have the hard numbers and how much each of these automakers sell in terms of cars. for 2012, ford was up almost 5% and sold 2.3 million vehicles.
12:39 pm
gm of 3.7%, they are the big winners, 2.6 million vehicles. toyota up 26% after the tsunami and the mess they have had, so they're number three, and chrysler up 20% on the year, and it only bodes well for the future and really quickly just got off a conference call, he said he thinks they will sell as industry 15.5 million vehicles next year and that inventory problems ahead, they got rid of it, brought the inventory numbers way down. it is an example for the u.s. government perhaps to get often unsuitable fo fiscal path. cheryl: great example of that. happy new year, by the way. >> appreciate it. cheryl: ask yourself this question, would you spend a dollar on a reusable cup from starbucks? they're selling them today, giving a dime discount when they
12:40 pm
bring in the reusable cups for a refill. hoping they will increase that caffeine habit and in 2008 they said it wanted to serve 25% of all drinks and reasonable cups by 2015. the goal has been reduced to 5% but i actually grabbed one of the cups, they are all addicted to caffeine like i am. now i have one. we are live on capitol hill where a vote is now being held on whether john boehner will survive the speakership. the 113th congress now in session. also, what airline fines hit a record in 2012. we have the numbers for you. and more numbers going to break. there is a 10-year treasury. we will be right back. at a dry cleaner,
12:41 pm
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cheryl: here is your fox business brief. portage applications for the third straight week. seasonally adjusted index of mortgage applications for nearly 10.5%. home prices continue to gain momentum in december climbing more than 5%. overall 2012 the huge turnaround for most local housing markets. higher in 82 of the 100 metro areas. compared to 12 back in 2011. las vegas and seattle had the largest price over year increases. apples are testing a new model believed to be the iphone six. in latest iteration of the ios operating system. developers finding traces of new iphones in the logs.
12:43 pm
that is the latest giving you the power to prosper.
12:44 pm
>> boehner, anti-policy, clark cheryl: we're listening in on the new congress and this is in the house, it is voting on the speaker of the house seat currently occupied by john boehner. peter barnes standing by monitoring the vote tally as well. >> they still have a while to go, each members called up by name and cast his or her vote for john boehner or nancy pelosi. so far we have heard just one hoose republican. from michigan voting for another
12:45 pm
republican, not for john boehner, he voted for congressman paul lever door of indiana. there are 233 republicans, 200 democrats, two vacancies, so boehner can afford to only lose 17 republican votes. there were a lot more than 17 republicans mad at him about his handling of the fiscal cliff negotiations. raising taxes on millionaires. there is no official challenge to boehner. we expect him to win the speakership yet again, but the floor of the house is an interesting dynamic, organic place keeping an eye on the vote to watch it to its conclusion to see if john boehner is reelected speaker, which we expect he will be.
12:46 pm
cheryl: eric cantor did vote for john boehner, so it is a voice vote instead of the computer tally we all see on our screens with the tiny numbers you have to read but at least it looks john boehner will indeed retain his title as speaker of the house. nancy pelosi has to be re-upped as well. thank you very much. >> thanks. cheryl: right now of course stocks every 15 minutes, nicole, what do you have? >> looking at a biotech in particular. the stock is down 1.3% sitting at a level of about $148, but their drug actually failed. lou gehrig's disease. not good news, the stock had been down significantly from where it is right now coming off of the lowest foot they spend so much on research and devellpment to have a failure here such as
12:47 pm
this one is not good news for this particular company today down over $2. also take a look at the major market averages. yesterday moving to new highs, the nasdaq and s& the s&p tackig onto yesterdays games, transports have been flying high with the delta doing well, that is another name that has come up today doing well. the auto companies are hitting 52-week highs, so lots of story stocks going on as far as jobs, obviously tomorrow the big day for jobless claims. monthly unemployment report. you have adp looking better, weekly jobs claims seem worse. cheryl: expectations building for that. thank you. it is time for your "west coast minute." california cracking down on employers who want to access employees facebook accounts.
12:48 pm
california and illinois have become the first states to make it illegal for employers to demand access to workers password-protected accounts and apply to others. not just facebook. warren buffett mid-american energy holdings is spending 2.5 early in dollars on the world's biggest solar operation. industry analysts said despite negative publicity is, it is positive news for the entire solar sector. in oregon a new smoking ban is in effect for state employees except prison guards. making it illegal for workers to smoke on state property. the motivation is due to the fact 4% of state workers are smokers and they cost oregon more money in health care costs. of course the prison guards are going to have to go somewhere else. that is your "west coast minute." airline finds hitting an all-time high in 2012.
12:49 pm
national transportation site in 49 violations by airlines let you totaling $3.6 million tally. narrowly beating the previous high of 2011 with 40 violations and $3.3 million in fines. new record put over the edge on the final day of the year november 31 when they were slapped with fines for tarmac delays. violations. it is always fun. believe it or not powerbook sales jumped 10% last year in that economy. you're looking at $55,000 vote. we will find out why people are willing to spend that kind of money and doing it right now. but look at some big winners over on the nasdaq.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
>> peter barnes with an update of the vote for the speaker of the house unde house under way n washington in the house, john boehner running for reelection for speaker for the republicans up against former house speaker and democratic leader nancy pelosi. so far it seems boehner is getting the vast majority of republican votes, he has 233 republicans in the 113th congress and can afford to lose 17 of them by our count he has lost so far just three of them. nancy pelosi herself have lost a couple of votes as well. and now want to toss it back to cheryl in new york. cheryl: thank you very much. it seems house speaker john boehner will maintain that seat. this coming out of washington. i am monitoring what is happening in new york because a few blocks away from where i am right now in midtown manhattan
12:54 pm
is the big boat show and powerboat sales up 12% in 2012, big chunk of the u.s. economy, why are they so popular and how much do they cost? this is tom, first i want to get a sense from the most power boats are made in the united states, so it is a pretty strong industry. >> it is. the u.s. boating industry is a great exporting industry as well. we employ 360,000 people in the u.s. voting industry. cheryl: why are they so popular? it is a bit of a surprise to me, why? >> 2012 was the first increase in sales we have had in five years. i think you have some pent-up demand at work as well as
12:55 pm
consumer confidence better than a year ago, housing market is starting to improve and people are feeling better about making a purchase like this. cheryl: this is the 2013 model. a beautiful boat. but people can finance this like they would a car, right? >> you can finance this over 10 or 15 years. payments can get down to very affordable level. the 21-foot out, this is a very typical boat. 97% of all the boat in the u.s. are below 26 feet in length, this is a middle-class american lifestyle. cheryl: we're seeing a big jump in that lifestyle. most of the industry of powerboat builders, sellers, etc. are small-business owners. >> 97% of manufacturers, dealers, they all the businesses comprising the industry.
12:56 pm
cheryl: it is happening here in new york and the tri-state area, you expect to see a lot. >> hundreds of boats on display. from today through sunday. come on down and get a little bit of a taste of summer in the winter. cheryl: it is freezing out here. before i let you go, the most expensive boat that i might see if i had over there. >> will probably be about a million dollars. cheryl: chump change, not a problem. thank you very much for bringing the boat and braving the cold weather because it is very cold. anything for the fox business viewers. melissa: we expect you to bust down the street or something. lori: it is called. this last thing anybody wants to
12:57 pm
do today. interesting industry report. melissa: coming up in the next hour, live report as john boehner faces a tough vote to retain his seat as a speaker. lori: and how much applause for the 113th congress? lou dobbs weighs in. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
12:58 pm
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please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please... please and thank you. pass it on.


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