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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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they need to reduce the bottom line of the budget by 10% with balance. the republicans are going toget the blame for everything anyway, so they might as well do the right thing. great stuff. finally, i would like to tell you this story. a sp of the moment wedding that caught our eye. take a look at these pictures. caitlin murray and sean whitney got hitched at the albany international airport just hours before being deployed to the respected military assigents. she is going to north carolina and he is in st. louis. they gave the towns marriage officer the ability to show up and is not great? a couple of kids then and arded their flights, embarking on a ne chapter in their lives. that's a great story. i wish both of them the best of luck. that is my "two cents more" night. that's it for he willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great weekend.
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lou: good evening, everyone. the imperious obama presidency flat out refusing to negotiate with republicans on the national debt ceiling. the republicans led by speaker boehner are determined to take up debt and spending once again. this time he says the american people are on his si. the speaker today in the republican caucus meeting behind closed doors. bigger banner making it clear that the president's refusal to negotiate will not deter him or his party and the speaker said that the esident said that he isn't going to have a debate with us over the debt ceiling. he also says that he's not going to cut spending along with a debt limit hike. fiscal cliff behind us on the focus turns to spending. speaker boehner cited a new
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poll, showing 72% of americans agree with him. but any increase in the debt limit must be accompanied by an equal amount in spending cuts. senator john cornyn saying that if the president inten the president intends to carry through with his no negotiation threat, but a government shutdown may be the only way to find resolution. the new senate majority leader saying that it may be necessary to partially shut down the government in order to secure the fiscal well-being of our country. the looming deadline for action has been obvious. and in every instance the white house has purposely blow up the process in a shameless attempt to score cheap political points. "the washington post" reported the top ally in the senate may not be fully on board with his approach. his imperious stance, if you will. senator harry reid reportedly
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warned mr. obama is refusal to negotiate on the debt limit and the sequester could be a strategic blunder. nancy pelosi making it clear that the democratic priorities called for even higher tax hikes. >> i don't think that democrats are saying that we aren't havi spending cuts. we have agreed to over a trillion dollars in cuts in the budget control act. so we all know how we proceed has to be in three parts. revenue and growth to bring money into the treasury in cuts in establishing our priorities in a way that does not harm her future. >> our congressman joins us tonight to discuss the battles over the debt and gun control and immigration and whether the republicans have the guts and will to fight this president on those issues.
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the unemployment rate remaining flat. washington talking about everything right now but jobs. we have a guest to talk about jobs ming out. and new york's putnam county. publishing the names and locations of gun owners. is the right to privacy overridden by a newspaper's ideology? we will take that us tonight. our first guest says that president obama's demand that do not be used inhe bargaining is absolutely critical. our spending is out of control and the house has the leverage of controlling the nations pursestrings. joining us now is paul gosar. good to have you with us. already we are hearing discussions in this case initiated by senator john cornyn.
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he shutdown may already be in process? >> we have an administration that is addicted to spending. when you have an addiction, you do it incrementally. but we also have to do is teach the american people that we have a president that has misinformed online about the strength of this country finds itself in. >> congressman, i am as fiscally conservative as anyone in this country. but at what point do you all say that we are going to have to wait until the next round of elections? solvation does not lie with shutting down the federal government. it has been demonstrated time and time again in a well, the president did win in my district. think what the american public
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voted for was a stalemate. because they wanted to have some accountability and traparency. >> i agree with that. i'm talking about the power of the house of representatives himself. >> i think that's why we lost this last one. we were progressive. we weren't in front of the issues and we didn't have a discussion with the american peop. i think we do our best work to open that up to all the great ideas on the floor in regular order and put it out there to the american people. 71% of the american people and spending cuts. lou: your leadership chose to go one-on-one with the president. and speaker boehner says he's not going to do that again. he has moved to regular order. you're on the right in the house of representatives, republicans were insisting upon that all along. he has changed his position and
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the american people have to be slightly perplexed that now the only way to move forward in the estimation of the republican caucus is to shut down the government. >> it's not republicans. it's the whole aspect of this federal government. it is a steamroller that's out of control. americans understand that when you have an alcoholic spender if you put him on an incremental plan and you hold them accountable. you don't reward bad behavior, you reward good behavior. and you show people where this money is going. >> i am absolutely agreeing with what you are saying about the fact that government is out of control. it is being led by an imperious president who has not had a budget since 2009. he will now be responsible with the additional $4 trillion as a result of the fiscal cliff, which by the way many of you are members and have accrued. this is a government certainly
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out of control. an administration that is leaving a devastating wake of debt and deficits. the reality is that you in the house -- i have to say that maybe you can instruct us here toght. i can't find where you have the power to be a resistance force against a spendthrift in the white house. >> i think we have to have some ingenuity outside the box. >> we need to teach people how to pay their debts in this country. lou: i don't blieve that the idea that you or anyone in congress will be teaching the american people what is an appropriate posture to take. i believe the american people are tired of our political views.
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>> what we fnd is that we want educating the american public. if we don't do that, we will lose it. when you look at medicare social security disability trust fund, it comes to a head. if you don't show people how this president has scared people over the last four years, with about 2008. a lot more needs to come about thats real and enuine. let's actually take these numbers and show people why social security and medicare are ruing on a pathway to destruction. i think we should be able to put this budget and this administration and the senate back on trackthrough the power
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of the purse. month by month, quarter by quarter. good behavior and not ad behavior be one it will be interesting year ead without any question. @%would like to say that i believe that the idea that there is some room to set aside the fact that the congress and the senate have a 10% approval rating on the part of the american people, it will be doggone difficult to take on the position of lecturer or instructor. what we need a straightforwardness and simplicity on the part of our elected representatives. >> i'm glad i'm from the house because we had numerous solutions put on the table
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that's part of the thing, the house should have a good approval rating in the senate should be below zero. lou: i will just remind you however low he may be, the senate majority leader was elected by his state we have these dynamics at work, do we? congressman cohen always good to talk to you a hope that we can talk about significant progress coming up. seeing fiscal responsibility come to the forefront. >> thank you. u: much more on the political battles ahead. they are going to be significant in this 113th congress. and the congressional republicans and opposition they face on any issue. especially on putting the national debt.
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>> training and arming principles to stop intruders in our public schools. arizona's attorney general tom horne is with us next. and why isn't anyone in washington talking about jobs? millions of americans still out of work. where havethe jobs gone? where will we find new ones? where will we find new ones? are economist joins us ♪ music
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lou: the job market slowly improving. but will this year be a breakout year for job creation? de minimis joins us in moments to answer that question and many others. the economy added 155,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate coming in at 7.8% unchanged from the
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revised november number. the dow jones industrial closing of the session with a 44-point gain. the s&p rising sevenpoints. the nasdaq up on the volume on the big board. 2.4 billion shares. the major indexes all posting their best weekly performance since early december. the dow jones almost 500 points this week, the s&p nd nasdaq up more than 4.5%. the russell index posting a record high. up 47.1 week. the best level since july of 2011. the 10 year treasury closing up 1.9%, crude oil more than $2 per week. now above $93 per barrel.
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gold is down for the past six weeks. settling at $1640 an ounce. our next guest says the december job numbers are still weak. joining us now is david weise. a brown university visiting scholar. go to ha you with us. >> let's start with these numbers. a lot of people are sort of dismissing the 155,000 jobs. what is your reaction? >> well, it is about what we have been averaging for the year. it is a little stronger than we expected originally. just about what you nee to keep the unemployment rate constant, nassau were during. lou: we are looking at over 3% growth. what is your outlook for this year? strongly think we can get?
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is prosperity ahead? >> we are looking at about 2.25% growth. it should be close to what we had in 2012. it is certainly not a disaster is the one we are certainly ahead of 2011. the trend wouldn't be altogether bad. but we do have a debt ceiling battle in process. saying we may have to shut down the government. all i can think about is the debt ceiling debate and we saw 2000 points stripped off without. what you think? >> well, it could be a real problem. the last big one we had was 1995, 1996, that was certainly a disaster for me publican
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sampling. it is not the right way to do things. it's a stupid way of trying to manage the budget. >> i couldn't agree with you more. the fact is this house of representatives is the last vestige of republicanism as when it comes to power in washington right now. i think their expectations are significantly well beyond the reality is what they can accomplish, or am i wrong? >> the house of representatives has originate all spending cuts.
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lou: another 4 trillion over the course of the next 10 years. 22 trillion at the end of obama's time in office, we are going to be looking at $26,000 in debt. thank you, mr. obama. >> the basic point is that te american people know that we have to have cutbacks in entitlement programs. lou: let's set aside the european tax rates.
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[talking over each other] lou: let me ask you this. if you don't think that the republicans experience anything, is there any way in which we can get to that point? >> welcome the republicans have to have a strong standpoint on what they think needs to be done. what they are willing to vote for. so far we haven't seen that. >> president obama is responsible for the government. what would you have him do? >> we need to have a strong proposal. >> there only for programs that count anymore. defense and social security and health care.
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lou: david weise, thank you so much for being with us. up next, a new york executive takes on the aw and an overbearing use of the newspape. we will be talking about the putnam county fiasco max. and arizona's tom horne with a plan to keep arizona kid
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lou: congress barely two days old. members already introducing 10 bills. democrats once wihing for gun
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restrictions. mayor thomas marino is hoping that president obama will sign gun-control into law this mnth. meanwhile, the illinois lawmakers arguing about gun rights and gun rights advocates surface again in the next session of the legislature. for now is over. my next guest has a unique way in which to protecthis state's school kids, proposing to arm one staffer in each of arizona's schools following the tragedy at sandy hook elementary. joining us now, attorney general of the grim state of arizona, also state superintendent to from 2003-11. great to have you with us, attorney general.
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>> great to be with you. i think you have been interviewing me for a lot of years and. lou: it has been a while. we don't have to cot them all up. we come up with intriguing and i think provocative ideas. i would like to get a sense of what the reonse has been to your proposal. >> well, wat i tried to do is find the golden mean between two extremes. some people oppose that all teachers be able to bring guns to school as much as they want. i think that would create more dangers than it would solve. on the other hand, if we work to do nothing and there was a preventable incidents like newtown, we would definitely regret that. i propose something in the middle which is actually proposing a free service. we will train one person in each school, the principal or his designee not only in marksmanship, but judgment, when to shoot and when that's to. how to lock begun so that is safe on campus. and so that they will be ready
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to deal with an emergency situation that might arise. the person is ready to deal with that is very well trained and we will provide that training for free along with some -- three scherer said joined on my proposal. lou: an interesting idea. you know of public schools. your state superintendent for some time. when public schools are extraordinarily vulnerable. in one instance there is a law to ban a gun-free zone designation for public schools which what happened in sandy hook makes all the sense in the world. >> well, i think that you want somebody on campus wita gun able to defend against any emergency that might arise. the ideal solution is a policeman, we call in arizona school resource officers.
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we had school resource officers not only there to handle emergencies, but they tch courses in and being a policeman. they're there all the time. the kids learn to confide in them and treat them. very good program. 10 percent of our schools. the legislature had to cut back more because of budget problems. second-best situations. lou: i understand. correct me if i'm wrong, but our resource officer is usually either a retired or working law enforcement officer who is working part-time for health care benefits, the minimum salary. but proiding that service to our public schols in the sake of the kids. >> yes. school resource officers were actually full-time resource officers. it's not a cheap program. lou: okay. >> my here is we cannot afford that for all schools.
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lou: hen i go to a retired law enforcement officer and give him more her beefits, a smaller salary than otherwise, this would be somehing of a win for everyonewould it not? >> yes. that would be better than my proposal. i just don't think we will get that realistically in all schools. my proposal, let's train somebody, given intensive training so that the person who brings the gun on the school is a well-trained person to deal with emergencies. lou: let me ask you. at this juncture do you think how many of our private schools are served by happened unworn a security force in many instances , public schools are left quite vulnerable. this is a tremendously important issue. i think you are adding a very important proposal to the debate >> i have read that some private schools do have armed guards, and if we could afford to have a
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policeman in every school, as we call school resource officers, i would be totally in favor of that. and the legislature cut but the budget i love against it. school resource officers are valuable. the legislature is not to be able to afford to have a policeman in all schools. i'm saying, or absolutely no cost we will for free trade one person in each school to be well-trained and then some legislation so they can have a gun within to deal with emergencies that might arise. lou: a fascinating idea we thank you for being here mr. attorney-general. for joining us. look forward to alking with you >> always good to be with you. thank you. lou: much more on the gun-control debate. the failures of harsh anti-gun laws. we will be talking about some examples in this broadcast tonight. stay with us. republicans again turning their focus to massive federal government overspending. one senator says they may have
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to shut down the government to slash the budget. the "a-team" is here to tell us whether the gop will ever learn. biden being biden, on an open microphone. we are all afraid. more of the vice-president and plug still ahead. protecting privacy. gun owners in one new ork county find a friend and local government who is willing to break the law to protect your citizens from and out of control newspaper next.
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♪ lou: connecticut lawmakers are set to consider laws that could make public the names and addresses of some 170,000 gun owners in that state. the bill was introduced by democratic state representative steven darden. if passed, it would revert the
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20-year-old decisi by state lawmakers they're to keep such information confidential. meanwhile, conservative commentator and coulter has come up a bit provocative argument on the issue wondering motherless of american citizens should be made publi. >> why are we getting names of recently paroled criminals? people with gun permits by definition do not have criminal records. why can we get a record of women who have had abortions? they give money from planned parenthood, money from medicare, medicaid. much of this, tax subsidies. mothers might want to know what other women on their street have -- might be willing to murdered child. lou: if liberals weren't paying attention before, my guess is they're beginning to now. thank you, ann coulter. officials in putnam county new york fighting back after a newspaper published on-line maps detailing names and addresses of gun permit holders into neighboring counties. tnam county officials are
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refusing to and -- hand over any information to the journal news on gun permits. for the latest in this battle and joined by putnam county executive maryellen adelle. great to he you with us. >> thank you. lou: you have taken a principled stand knowing that you are violating the law in this instance or at least on its face. >> that is the question. lou: standing up for the folks do you think have a right to privacy on this issue. >> sure. easy. easy call to make. it was a gut check when our county clerk wh really, you know, the records office took the lead on this. obviously as colleagues we consult. my deputy county executive who is an attorney. and we talked to our department and said, we think there are some case instances. lou: but on its face the newspaper, as it seems
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capriciously publishing this material. there isno purpose and it. >> and that will be the case. that will be the case. exemptions a law that says you cannot promise -- lou: freedom than permission. >> right. you cannot profit by just taking names and addresses in a group like that. so that is one of the examples. and the invasion of privacy obviously. that is our biggest concern. and protecting. lou: the reaction of this newspaper. we have asked for reaction. want to talk to the newspaper there. >> another newspaper. they sent us a 587 word statement about us 600 word editorial.
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lou: it's quite an operation. >> how about and i'm sorry. you know, reactions to my office from my constituents are just so proud to be a putnam county residents. just so proud to have a government elected officials that are actually, you know, aware of the ramifications of what would happen. our county is heavily populated with first responders. we have a lot of new york's greatest and finest and military personnel. then you get the other side, the residence. they come to putnam county just for the peace and recreation. there not ierested in having n ownership in their homes. we have to protect them. th you look at the extreme side, the women who have been victimized by domestic violence. now they're names and addresses can be up there. lou: the newspaper did not think
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this out. >> there really could not. they could not have consulted their legal lot apartment. lou: the reaction to you refusing. have they threatened youith a lawsuit? >> the only thing i have seen is, well, they said yes first. obviously. we will get back to you. lou: that is akin to an inner need your knee near. >> i said yes to my kids a couple of times to with the full intention of it never happened. >> the idea that this country right now is facing the -- we are looking at the president saying he will make it a priority for gun control after 2008 promising he would never come after guns. we are seeing reports more people are killed, murdered with hammers and then murdered with rifles in this coutry. what is your reaction to this sudden move to up take control of guns and deny citizens the right. >> i am a huge advocate of the
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second amendment. but we are talking about is the invasion of privacy of law-abiding citizens who tually follow the process, took the class that was required , maintained the safety mechanisms that you leave in place for that. so to target all law abiding citizen and o expose them, you know, and invade their privacy i think is the greater arguments here. lou: putnam county is lucky to have you and your county clerk and your whole team standing up for the rights of the citizens. >> you have the senator and assemblyman who are going to carry up some legislation in albany and get us to where we need to be. lou: great to have you with us. >> thank you so much. lou: up next, home depot co-founder, charles schwab chief investment officer, former ceo director of joining us next week. up next, how he had himself
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quite as swearing in. we will share that with you we will share that with you next. ♪ remember when ♪ ♪ the sound of little feet was music ♪ ♪ we danced to week to week ♪ brought back the love ♪ we found trust ♪ vowed we'd never give it up ♪ ♪ remember when ♪ ♪ remember when ♪ we said when we turned gray ♪ ♪ when the children ♪ grow up and move away ♪ we won't be sad ♪ we'll be glad ♪ for all the life we've had ♪ remember when
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♪ lou: praise from president obama does not go very far. at least for one north carolina furniture company. this was the president one year ago. >> these are ceos to take pride in hiring people here in america. manufacture of furniture in north carolina for five generations. he came home and started anew company. it operates out of the old family factories that had been shut down. even rehire many of the former workers from his family business lou: that was then, this is now. closing its doors this week. they laid off 50 employees. a company official said this simply were not getting enough furniture orders. and the sex story may be one of the weirdest of the week, perhaps the year.
11:46 pm
new york jets coach rex ryan recently photographed while on vacation with something of a surprising tattooed. it appears to be attached to, and if you can tell what is their you're doing better than me. there she is, of his wife wearing only a green jersey with mark sanchez number six on a. she appears to be in opposed by tim tebow, a collision of concepts even in body art. frustrated jets fans, thinks very highly. but a tattoo, very, very impressive. the senate swearing-in ceremony normally a stocky but in that kind of event. vice-president biden being involved, welcoming senators and their families yesterday. long, lingering hugs commencement touches. and flirtatious remarks.
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[inaudible] lou: well, the man were not off limits either for your viewing pleasure. >> let me know. >> still working out. >> north dakota. they think it's a frets. in truble. lou: that's about all the vice-president we are going to inflict upon you tonight. thank you for enduring. up next, former massachusetts congressman barney frank and a change of heart about the of tired and wanted to get out of the sea. we will take that up with the "a-team". next.
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♪ lou: joining us now, the "a-team," street journal opinion page editor, radio talk-show host, sent to be on wor t v in new york. so confusing. and democratic strategist mary ann marsh. good to have you with us. let's begin. congratulations on your new gig. your thoughts about the republicans already threatening to shut down of the government. >> good. shutting down. if you want to get some savings, as the only way we will do it. the only thing, it's a case where this there were only shutting essential services. aren't you supposed have all the sential services? whenever does not shut down, get rid of it.
11:52 pm
lou: you have to have a rejoinder to that. >> if you want to lose the next election shut down the government because that's exactly what will happen. lo the republicans have been at think there well-prepared. >> the shutdown with clinton when he got elected. >> but the republicans lost when they shut down the government. if you want to make sure that if the democrats of the white house, the senate and congress, shut down the government because after last week in the fiscal of negotiations with a median age a look good, you shut down the government, you all but guarantee republicans will lose a majority in coress which is fine by me. >> republicans shut down the government in 95 and again in '96 and then held the house and senate in 96 well bill clinton was being reelected. let's be correct about the history here. lou: let's understand it -- >> they lost a lot of seats. lou: they did do that. >> a loss of u.s. 96. lou: let's go to what we are looking at here. you think it's a splendid idea
11:53 pm
is shut down the government? >> i think, you know, there's only so much you can do when you control what legislative house. lou: why not recognize that reality in could be having like a complete -- the republican party has had its tail kicked all over the map by this president. he has outwitted them at every turn, beat them into elections, and they still behave as if they are controlling government >> they have their toe kick in november. there is no question about it, and that is where they're really lost around your. lou: they get there till kicked in november and december. it's an early start, but i think we can also add januar. >> a powerful speechmaker. republicans don't have a strong, articulate voice right now. in the reagan democrats in, somebody to speak for them. >> the political landscape has shifted underneath their feet, and they have not recognized it. poll after poll after poll, people supported higher taxes,
11:54 pm
migration reform, gun control. all the things republicans have long held as a belef and thought they had the advantage and it for many years. they don't any longer and are not recognizing the political reality. >> to support higher taxes, but they realize it means them. lou: supporting higher taxes on the wealthy, not themselves. >> but how could the republicans have done better in this fiscal cliff thing. i predicted on the show a couple of times of the way this would work out was a bomb would basically got what he wanted on taxes. he would get the reversion of clinton rates on incomes of over 200,000, 250,000. they ended up moving now to 400,00 i would rather have seen the bush tax cuts be made permanent, but given where the republicans started -- lou: there is this tone of spend about that, and i respect what you're saying. but the reality isthe republicans have nothing here. they have just been accomplices
11:55 pm
and adding $4 trillion to the national debt over the course of the next decade. they have fought, plaid, wind, they have resorted, and they are nowhere near in this debate or trajectory toward the next four years. we are there. i have no sense of what there were other republicans have four. part of raising the debt, part of raising taxes. all about not doing just that. we have too orthodox as the republicans with their lower taxes and the democrats with their orthodoxy of spend more. both are in adequate public pocy responses to what we find ourselves in here which is a pickle in this country. >> the answer is never going to have to come to between now and march is it's not just cuts. we have to have cuts, reform,
11:56 pm
close loopholes and invest. taking any one of these things ke we did to get through this last month was not enough. we have to do between now and march is serious business. lou: does anyone of us believe that this president is capable of serious business when it comes to deficits of which it is now -- >> i do. lou: elliott. i have not converted to that faith right now. all i've seen a man do is post year after year trillion dollar plus deficits, record or $5 trillion in debt. >> i am very pessimistic. i don't think that this problem will be dealt with over the next four years unless there is some sort of crisis, interest rates go up and we suddenly cannot
11:57 pm
service the debt and then it's going to be a very convulsive adjustment. >> you have to wait two years to get a new congress. cannot negotiate. imagine having to depend on joe biden. lou: he has done pretty well. you show me the great brain of a republican party. show me the intellectual leader of the republican party. show me one but that they have already and say, this is great stuff. these are values. >> it's like a team that won 23-3 but not because there were so great because the other team was awful. >> you cannot point to the republicans as a closing down the government is the answer. >> president obama will last and forever. that will collapse the u.s. economy and the global economy. lou: thank you. we thank you for joining us.
11:58 pm
we hope you have a great weekend. goodnight from new york.
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