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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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every weekday. finally tonight, be careful what you wish for. after sitting across the country took action to limit what kids can eat in school and what some adults can drink on the streets of new york, yes, i am bitter about the soda pop in. mayor bloomberg, crazy talk. legislation has been called broccoli and vegetables in the vending machine. my 2 cents is that you want to eat broccoli, bring it from home. leave my candy bar or my cheetos alone. coming up tomorrow, going behind the scenes of one of the most popular and talked about shows. and i will show you ways to have
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a great vacation. don't forget to record the show if you can catch us live. have a great night and we will see you tomorrow. lou: good evening, everybody. as the white house prepares to launch its gun control initiative, gunfire erupted at another of our schools are it is time a student walked into a classroom at a rule california high school in kern county and shot a 16-year-old fellow student who is now in critical but stable condition. then he fired at another student and missed. the shooter is in custody. this is vice president joe biden saying that by tuesday, even before joe biden's meeting with the national rifle association, the vice president suggested his
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fact-finding is almost done. >> there is an emerging set of recommendations not coming from me, but coming from the groups we have met. i am going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and the type of weapons. one is there is a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. lou: also taking part in the meetings as attorney general eric holder. this is the man who more than 17 years ago that he wants gun owners to cower in shame. here is video of him back in 1995, when he was u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. >> what we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young
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people, and make it something that is not cool. when i was growing up, people smoked all the time. both of my parents did. but we changed the way people thought about smoking. but now people smoke in private and don't want to admit it. lou: against that backdrop, you can understand why the nra released a statement saying the meeting with the vice president has little to do with keeping our children safe and much more to do with an agenda to attack the second amendment. the national rifle association membership has soared by about 100,000 new members in just over two weeks. we will be taking up the obama assault on the second amendment with his presidential power, by talking with trey gowdy and peter jensen. also tonight, a live report on big news out of washington. president obama officially nominating jack lew to head up
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the treasury department. shannon bream handles that for us. we will take an in-depth look at what has become an epidemic in this country. doctor robbie ludwig joins us on the psychology of what is a culture. what some call human graffiti. and secretary geithner not winning resounding support from republicans despite the fact that is budget director in the clinton administration, he presided over three straight balanced budgets. shannon bream has our report. reporter: >> i cannot think of a better person to continue then jack lew. reporter: president obama signaling plans to continue by nominating jack lew.
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he has handled a string of issues that has impacted the economy. >> he presided over three budget surpluses in a row. for all the talk out there about deficit reduction, making sure our books are balanced, he is a guy who did it three times. reporter: that senator jeff sessions says that jack lew is the wrong one for the job and that without newt gingrich refusing to allow more government spending, the budget achievement would never have happened. jeff sessions accuses jack lew of lying to congress and testify about the president's policy and plan. >> he has consistently and deliberately misrepresented the facts of the president's plan as the budget director. >> in his book, bob woodward asserts that jack lew had a key role in putting together the sequester plan. it will soon unleash across-the-board domestic defense cuts if congress doesn't agree to a plan to cut spending.
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president obama has denied that the idea originated from him, pinning it on congress. here is what jay carney said, suggesting that the idea came from the white house. nancy pelosi called him a public service of dignity and community to spur economic growth. harry reid said that jack lew is an outstanding choice and joined the president's choice for a prompt confirmation. >> should we confirm someone that is very important office who deliberately misrepresented the facts in the area of his expertise, the budget, when he testified before the senate? reporter: republicans are not the only ones pushing back. bernie sanders said he will not sell or jack lew for your concern that all of the key advisers are linked to wall
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street. he said he would rather have some is heading up the treasury department who would stand up to corporate america. lou: what is the thinking behind the republican national committee? summerville last year. what is behind the republican national committee? he put together three straight balanced budgets and working for president clinton. reporter: but republicans on the hill tell us, and you saw senator jeff sessions there, they say without newt gingrich, he was instrumental in telling the white house they are going to get any more new spending. about the republicans, those balanced budgets would not have happened. there was a heavy load of information put out today saying, okay, let's take a look at what has happened on wall
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street. they said that there was hypocrisy after citigroup out of 45 william dollar bailout. and jack lew took a 900,000-dollar bonus and then came to work at the obama administration a couple of weeks later where the president was decrying that kind of thing, saying that when companies come to america, especially to pay for their bailout, they shouldn't be having lavish bonuses. lou: thank you, shannon bream. turning back to the issue of gun control, our first guest says the president is sorely mistaken if he believes that he can amend the u.s. constitution by executive order. joining us is trey gowdy and it is great to have you with us, congressman. first, if we may, let's turn to the idea that this president, if
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necessary, will by executive order, constrain our rights. >> i can give you a long list of things to worry about. but this president and vice president shredding our second amendment because they think it is bleeding politically expedient is not going to be one of them. i find it shocking how little regard he seems to have for that document. he may not like the second amendment, he can take up with madison and jefferson and the fellows that framed it. but he is not going to run roughshod over the second amendment so he can have a political group. i am thrilled to have that conversation with him. he just wants to curry political points, that's not going to happen. lou: to task for saying today
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there was a concern for the safety of our schoolchildren in the concern about continuing that assault on the second amendment. what is your reaction to her well, i met with our new senators. our school districts have decided to have law enforcement officers and we have gun control. there are limits on where they can possess a gun and what types of guns they can possess. the president and the attorney general once had a conversation about one aspect of federal law is not being enforced, which is the dangerously mentally ill people cannot dispense any kind of firearm from even a pellet gun, much less than they are 15. they want to have it a question about that, i'm happy to help
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them. we are not going to shred the second amendment anymore than i would expect them to do so with the worst amendment. violent video games, violent movies -- have you heard one word about shredding the fourth amendment if we are pretty sure that there is evidence in the apartment of a suspected mass killer? have you heard one word about shredding the fifth amendment we don't want to mirandized a suspected mass killer or the sixth amendment that would not going to give the right to counsel to a suspected mass killer? no, they want to pick on the child of the bill of rights, which is the second amendment, and it's not going to happen on my watch. lou: we thank you for the reassurance, congressman. let me turn to jack lew and his nomination to replace timothy geithner as the treasury secretary. many people would say it's unexpected in opposition and energetic in opposition were some republicans in washington. because he did preside as budget
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director over three balanced budgets. he does come from wall street, obviously, and is a capitalist. >> well, i would think after chuck hagel and mr. john brennan, the senate republicans with the tie. [laughter] >> they have been opposing the names them out for several days. i was with senator graham and senator stott today. and i would say this with respect to jack lew. i am much more concerned by the fact that he presided over the facts of a budget proposal from this president. my friends on the other side of the i love to go back to the president. you know how many votes as budget proposal got the united states house and senate? the same number that my daughter's budget proposal. so i am concerned over the fact that he cannot draft a budget.
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if he is willing to unveil the most closely guarded national secret that we have, which is president obama's and i will be happy to give him a listen. i am more troubled about mr. mr. lew's ability to garner a single vote on capitol hill of. lou: already reminding us of lew's new seat. >> it didn't take long. lou: congressman, we appreciate you being here. congressman trey gowdy. we will have much more on the gun-control debate throughout this broadcast.
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president obama was against them before he was for them and now he has made the bush tax cuts permanent. or at least 90% of us. but the white house has gone silent on the middle-class tax hikes. that's tonight's "chalk talk." and obama and the constitution. the second amendment is under assault. will the president get away with it? peter johnson joins us next. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence?
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lou: we continue our look on the white house assault on the second amendment. the president saying he can rule by fiat on what is a constitutional republic. i am joined by peter jackson. good to have you here.
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>> thank you for having me. lou: president has said that he will, if necessary, use executive order to control guns in this country. can he do so? >> i don't think there's any question that he will. i don't think that he is popular in terms of public popularity. there are things that he will try to do to change the dynamic of guns in america, to show action, even if it provokes media action. this president can say that i have done something and i have made it harder for americans to get legal firearms, because i believe it's an outrage and i am standing up for the victims in america. that's what he is going to say. and i do believe they will tweak certain pieces of the law in order to do that.
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lou: what can they do in terms of the fbi and background checks? >> as was pointed out, he can make it more difficult in terms of time. there can be more constraints. there can be more administrative jumping that goes on in terms of people achieving what they need. can the president banned firearms in this country? now. the united states supreme court says that second amendment stands under the mcdonald case.
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but yes, i do anticipate that there will be actions. maybe there are actions with regard to the number of rounds and micro- stamping in terms of federal action. maybe there are federal regulations. lou: i think it sets off a firestorm of opposition. this is being provocative is someone who treasures the second amendment. so why should that be put about by the congress and the united states when they have a way to intercede? >> he can pass legislation on any particular issue. they can also have lawsuits as a result of any president of the
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united states. executive orders are not acts of law. lou: narrowly interpreted. we are going to the heart of the country. >> yes, this is a political dynamic unlike any that we have seen. the vice president at the same time, there has been no study on the issue of gun violence and gun ownership in america. saying that it is anything other than a political determination? is it incurable?
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is a fact-based or politically based. i suggest it is. lou: is going to be a time of considerable tension. this president is taking on the fight that others have found. it is something that is very helpful to their careers and the well-being. >> the second amendment stands. not by executive order, but let's see what happens to be one the mcdonald case coming out of the president's hometown. in chicago, the murder capital of the world. >> very positive. lou: peter johnson, thank you
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for being with us. on wall street today, stocks and the global economy. china showing an increase according to the dow jones. closing at the highest level in five years. the nasdaq is up 19. on the big board, more than 4 billion shares. price of oil is up, closing just under $94 per barrel. the ten-year treasury 10 year treasury closing up 1.89%. talk about a day of good news. automakers announcing they will be hiring a lot of white-collar workers this year. offsetting the good news, american express thing that will lay off its workers
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. wells fargo kicking off earnings tomorrow for the biggest stock of the day. up next, america's tattoo culture. what is going on? some people call it human graffiti. what compels the youth to do this to their picture picture-perfect bodies. we will discuss that with doctor robbie ludwig. and tax cuts for the middle class and the fiscal cliff. that will come up next in tonight's "chalk talk."
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lou: i want to lead a bettino democrats come after your money. you.
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not the top 1% or 2%. middle-class. everybody. you may not suspect you were getting hammered now. maybe if you are in the middle class. talk about the house and the national economic council spins the fiscal cliff deal and obamacare. >> we just completed a major fiscal deal in washington. i will walk you through the deal and who got what. taxes for the middle-class. without the deal taxes would go up $2,200 for the typical middle-class family. now that will not happen instead we go to a permanent loan rate to. lou: that is good. he was amazing.
7:29 pm
how he could keep a straight face when that was such a great deal for the middle class families. this video is seven minutes long but don't worry know where did mention the fiscal cliff deal does raise taxes on the middle-class by a lot. we will talk truth to power. 77 percent of americans now pay higher taxes with the expiration of the payroll tax cut. 2%. that is a lot. one-third more than you were paying. the average increase of
7:30 pm
$1,250 per year hitting almost all of the workers. if you're under $10,000 per year you actually pay $68 more. if you are in the middle class 55 and $75,000, you're losing $822. you are losing the money but the government has said. that makes you feel better? and remember the president's pledge not to raise taxes? hold on. democrats say are not done raising revenue they're
7:31 pm
demanding higher taxes with the debt ceiling. but the president says he will then negotiate so he will have to raise taxes unilaterally. he does a lot of that. who thought we would see president taking credit for making the bush tax cuts permanent? he is bragging now they're permanent. 98 percent of americans anyway. i love politics. >> america is tattoo obsession body art covering bodies and faces of celebrities and use. our psychologists will describe the east epidemic. >> a deadly outbreak of the flu declarers the state of
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emergency. the worst outbreak in years. the nra goes to the white house for a meeting and comes out swinging. the "a team." next. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters? alegalzoom, we've created a better place to handle your legal needs. maybe you have questions about incorporating a business you'd like to start. or questions about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice.
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a. lou: joining me now is the "a team" monica crowley, a great to have you with us. juan williams. and pulitzer prize winning columnist, michael goodwin. this is extraordinary. the president goes at it are you shocked? >> no. starting after the connecticut message your --
7:36 pm
massacre i thought there was low hanging fruit that would not do much. is the mass murders that attract the attention of the handguns do most of the murders and. lou: may i correct you? please? it is not the guns. >> the hand guns are used. in new york state the rate hundred murders but only five were carried out within the type of rifle. thinking that is a problem when you get into the handgun issue there is no consensus. i don't think they will take that approach. >> i think something will happen there has been a
7:37 pm
title change with connecticut's. it does not show up with overwhelming numbers but most people think anything will get done. they're not persuaded with the culture of gun-control. as a person, there is a massacre every weekend i am afraid of people with guns. i am not a hunter. that is just right opinion. when it comes to the handgun they shoot rapidly. >> i am not surprised that this president moves on guns 2008 he talked about the fundamental transformation of the nation. we haven't focused on the
7:38 pm
economic aspect with social medicine and class warfare but now it is cultural. from emmanuel said it never let a good crisis go to waste. they will not allow this to go to waste but will leverage that if they can. lou: peter johnson here earlier showing in chicago is the murder capital of the world that has been overruled of the restrictive law that the state's is ordered to prepare the concealed carry law at the order of the appellate court. misses an upheaval in chicago.
7:39 pm
>> let me argue against myself. [laughter] >> mr. macdonald once approached me on the street. the elderly black man who said i want you to know i want the right to have a then because i am afraid of the gangsters with their guns and chicago is now the murder capital of the united states. now he says i am afraid and i still want the right then he would issue me to say a white people tried to you take away the black people gun during destruction of black americans insisted we have the right to own a gun. i did not know that. lou: i did 90 there.
7:40 pm
>> you hit on something important. look at the gun violence statistics the vast majority is black on black. >>. >> so to put the statistics, the crime rate is down 49%. there is a fear that this a administration goes after the second amendment. all of those sales of guns with the media looking down their nose were worried about the president with gun-control they have been proven right and the others were wrong. >> in new york city that has
7:41 pm
knocked down the murder rate 80 percent over 20 years but now it is getting the guns out of the hands of young people. the illegal guns. the liberal establishment criticizes the police. "new york times." aclu. democratic politicians. lou: in new york is the gun for the liberal sources. >> there has been an astounding number of mass shootings. virginia tech and aurora and connecticut. but i think americans not just the obama administration has a sincere concern. lou: then they have to be honest. each involves a young man
7:42 pm
that was mentally disturbed and a society that refuses to a acknowledge that. we have used up our time on one topic. this may galvanize the attention of the public. come back soon. lou: an update on a court battle of deal summit in london in court and by the government does not want you to look. john bolton will weigh and about the president's big meeting. and stay with us. you love believe who was honored as father of the year. body art. it is deep psychological. next.
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lou: in the nationwide influence outbreak getting worse by the day. now there are shortages of the vaccine and treatment for children. for addis six vaccines have been run out and roche says it has a shortage of the liquid form and glaxo smithkline says it could run out by mid february. the outbreak spreads to three more states. montana, south dakota and arizona reporting widespread flu activity bring the total number of states have 44. the cdc reported the percentage of people hospitalized has doubled over the past month. boston has of public health urgency to scrub down the
7:47 pm
subway is trying to control their outbreak after confirming 700 cases. 10 times the number of the entire flu season. last year. the report the government should release photos of the some of the modern before and after the raid of seal team 6. judicial watch claims the cia failed to demonstrate how images of his corpse would harm national security. seeking the release to judges raised panels if it'd be used by all kinda for propaganda to incite anti-american sentiment. this standard issue uniform is highly flammable making matters worse with a cot in
7:48 pm
nylon plant will melt and trip as soon as it burns. the navy brass are aware but went ahead with the purchase because sailors went to the uniform that was comfortable to stand up a lot of washing. so democracy prevails -- truckers the prevails. we will see what happens in the navy. tattoos growing in popularity and social exceptions. a matter of rebellion? wear is a deep-rooted psychological reasons for the national ink epidemic? dr. ludwig joins us to reveal astonishing facts about him and graffiti. next. we know a place where tossing and turning
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lou: reports of the faa will review the power system of the boeing 787 streamliner confirming it will hold a briefing tomorrow. suffering three mechanical failures three-- this week. the faa will announce the review. production will be part of the evaluation. the faa has decided to open in a special review of the reminder. turn into a new epidemic, a tattoo taking over the bodies of celebrities and athletes and young people.
7:53 pm
an estimated 45 million americans have tattoos from the fda. the number is rising. here to give us of cents behind the epidemic psychotherapist dr. of ludwig. as he began, i am astonished. 25 percent of americans have tattoos? >> it is an old art form that not a subculture in any more. it is more of a fashion statement to personally brief and oneself. it does not look as strange to people so they're more inclined to get it and not think twice. lou: look at some pictures.
7:54 pm
that is a famous jet to a of a woman who is presumably his wife with the mark sanchez jersey. the player from the forty-niners there is jerry smith from the new york knicks. >> in some cases it can say looked at me. i am different. lou: seeking attention. >> or to start a conversation. people to not know how to communicate to so the visual art could start a conversation. >> at one time i could say the only people i was aware of would be service members
7:55 pm
mostly in the navy. hell's angels. >> inmates. [laughter] i did not hang around those. >> but now it is celebrities. it does not look like it is just a weird subculture. people like the freedom of expression. >> with that artistic expression, sometimes it looks like bad art. we will be right back. ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪
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the one woman we want to show you the face of this gentleman who's running in the czech
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republic. >> you might be trying to send the message that i am tough. i am a real man, vote for me. notice me. i am so different. lou: pcs at expanding here in our society. how much of it is about antisocial behavior and how much is associated with abnormal behavior? >> you know, it's hard to say. but i think people are doing it more now because the technology allows us to take these tattoos are. it used to be that you are stuck with it. if you wanted to choose a tax you at one point in their


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