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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 22, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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united states, must shell out hundreds of billions of dollars to combat climate change, but should they tell us to spend more? here's what you posted on facebook. addy says they shouldn't tell us anything, and william writes, no, we are not the world's polluters nor the world's bankers. i like both of those comments. we also asked on our website, 1% said yes, and 99% said no. we don't need no people telling us what to do. finally, tonight, more overreaction in the wake of the tragedy at newtown, connecticut last month. yesterday, we told you about a five year old girl suspended from school talking about her hello kitty bubble gun. remember that? today, groupon, canceled all firearm offers. you can't buy a gun through groupon, but could get deals on shooting ranges and clay shooting events. officials are not saying how long the shutdown lasts, and i thought it was leg waxing and
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facials, but that's another example of the knee jerk reactions to the tragedy. make responsible decisions when it comes to dealing with gun violence. that's my two cents more. that's all for tonight's "willis report," dvr the show if you can't catch us live. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs, and tonight, we begin with the weather. a deadly cold snap gripping the nation, below freezing temperatures from minnesota as far as tennessee, multiple states reporting deaths because of frigid temperatures and nasty winter weather. an arctic air mass blamed for the low temperatures invading the nation from the midwest to the northeast and bringing with it the coldest temperatures of the winter. temperatures dropping to nearly negative 40 # degrees fahrenheit in parts of northern minnesota
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and negative 30 degrees in parts of maine. weather advisories in effect as far south as tennessee and virginia tonight. that region expected to be hit with freezing rain and sleet as well throughout the night. the cold snap already causing death and destruction across the country. a 70-year-old man found frozen to death inside his illinois home, and a 38-year-old man dead of hype therm ya outside his home in green bay. this after a 77-year-old found frozen to death over the weekend. slick roadways outside cincinnati last night contributed to an 86-car pileup leaving a 12-year-old girl dead. the cold weather remains through thursday morning. much of the north and northeast will be freezing this weekend. i'll pact felt by consumers. natural gas prices rose more
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than 14% over the past week ahead of the below normal temperatures, and after a summer of extensive drought, the cold snap hitting much of the midwest and taking unseasonably cold temperatures into the southwestern u.s., the result analysts predicting will be rises prices on everything from green vegetables like lettuce and broccoli to the drought ravaged corn supply, to beef from the bitter cold, wind in the plains, and last year the warmest year in record for the mainland united states, analysts are at odds right now over the long term outlook for the remainder of this year. noaa projecting above normal temperatures in the last week of january headed into february, but that is in conflict with private forecasters such as accuweather predicting the below average temperatures will continue for months. well, turning now to international news, secretary of state hillary clinton will
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testify before congress telling congress what she knew about the september 11th attacks in benghazi. the ambassador to libya, christopher stevens, three other americans killed in the terrorist attacks. clinton's testimony before the senate and house, foreign affairs committees delayed for months because of a concussion that she had that resulted in a blood clot to her brain. fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin with our report. >> ambassador stevens body missing for nearly 11 hours. u.s. military assets in europe alerted, but never utilized, and yet the state department's review board concluded last month, quote, there was not enough time for armed u.s. military assets to have made a difference. that's not what congressman chaffetz was told by carter ham when they traveled there after
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the attacks. >> he told me he had proximity and the capability, but he was not told to go fight for the people and save the people when the fire fight was going on. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton faces questions on capitol hill wednesday for the first time about what happened in benghazi on september 11th. >> there was no question at any point in those statements that she considered it her responsibility to learn the lesson from this and take the department forward in implementing whatever lessons were learned. >> yet at least two eyewitnesses who participated in the rescue that night in benghazi were not offered up by the senior leaders at the cia and state department to speak to mullen and pickerring. in stark contrast to how civilian survivors have been made available to the press, the administration has not made any of the benghazi survivors available to congressional members who want to know what
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happened. >> state department employees that were injured in that fire fight, they should be interviewed and talked to my beb members of the congress, and so far, that has not happened. >> there's in unanswered questions from benghazi. for one, fox news learned from senior u.s. defense officials that the fast team of marines out of spain were asked by state department officials to change out of their marine uniforms before heading into libya to help. this required them to deplane and delayed them by about 90 minutes according to pentagon officials. then there's the decision by success tear of state clinton and state department undersecretary of management, patrick kennedy, in the operations center that night, not to send a fest or foreign emergency support team, which the state department's own website describes as the government's only interagency on call short notice team poised to respond to terrorist incidents. as a result, the fbi could not enter the complex for 24 days at which point most evidence was gone.
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>> secretary clinton will be asked in particular why more securitifuls not provided after the june 6th bombing attack, and why ambassador stevens left part of the security team behind in tripoli, why the secrecy? lou? lou: jennifer, thank you. jennifer griffin, fox news national cor responsibility. exit polls show benjamin netanyahu winning the third term as prime minister of israel tonight. this, as the united states is providing a gift to egypt and muslim brotherhood member, president of e jupt, morsi. four f [laughter] 16 fighter jets left the country for egypt today part of a foreign aid package including 200 abe brame's tanks, and urged urged -- joining us now is andrew mccarthy, former federal prosecutor, convicted the blind shake, and he's also
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author ever the book "spring fever. illusion of islamic democracy," andrew, great to have you with us. start with, first, these developments. sending this aid to egypt at this point, and it is significant aid. there should be no misunderstanding about that. these have f-16s, 200abrhams's tanks, powerful weapons of war. >> a deal, lou, made back in 2010 with the mubarak regime committed to keeping the base with israel. it's now turned over to a regime that's committed to the destruction of israel, notwithstanding what they say, and a regime which is part of the global movement, the muslim brotherhood that the justice department proved in u.s. court in 2008 is committed to the, as they said, the elimination and destruction of western civilization from within. that's what we are now dealing with. lou: this is not such an issue of ironic timing coming as it
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does today in which very important election held in israel or following the inaugural of president obama and the testimony of secretary clinton. that's a con fluns of events unimaginable, but here it is. does this country seem to be projecting a certain knowledge of its interests and a clear set of policies that make sense to the rest of the world whether it be the middle east, north africa, europe, or asia? >> the government is delusional with issues related to islamist, islamist supremists. we had told again and again that the muslim brotherhood are different than al-qaeda. they are moderates. they are evolved. they are people we can work with. yet, look at the bottom line here. who wants the blind shake back? the demands being made again and again for the release of the
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terrorist we convicted in the 1990s of atrocities against the united states. the brotherhood and al-qaeda wants him back. what does the brotherhood do as soon as they get into power? impose sharia, what they said they would do and what al-qaeda wants to do. lou: at the very same time while egypt is in increasingly difficult economic straights, there's concern about the stability of the country irrespective of the leadership right now, and the united states does not have a clear coherent policy towards e just a -- egypt in the one constant that's been, of course, there for 64 years has been a relationship with israel. >> yeah. lou: that relationship seems to utterly, well, not strained, but lit rally -- literally torn apart in requiring reconstruction. where do we go from here with israel, and why has israel been
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so quiet in the face of this gift from the united states to egypt? >> well, israel is looking at a very, very difficult situation, and, you know, the other overlay on this is that we've had these elections, and i don't think it's helped benjamin netanyahu necessarily with his domestic political posture that he has difficult relations with the united states, even though we request why our government takes that posture. lou: taking the opportunity to point out the election was generally, the conventional wisdom had been that benjamin netanyahu was on his way to a very strong, wide victory. turns out to be the inverse, a very narrow victory, coalitioned, he'll have a difficult challenge, it looks like in the weeks ahead to create a coalition. >> yeah, he certainly will. again, i think what the perception of animosity between him and president obama hurts him a great deal domestically,
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and i think in terms of -- you have a white house here that says that israel doesn't know what's in its own best interest. i think we can trust the israelis to know what's in their best interest, but it doesn't help benjamin netanyahu and the perception among israelis to have their most important ally take that tone with him. lou: very quickly hit upon what to expect in your judgment from secretary clinton as she testifies before the house and the senate tomorrow. >> well, i think you're going to get a lot of testimonials from the democrats about what a wonderful secretary of state she's been, which will have the effect of chewing up a lot of the time. hopefully, she'll get blunt questions about benghazi. if it was the 1970s, everybody in america knew the question, what did the president know and when did he know it off the top of their heads. here is a seven hour siege, president finds out early on it's going on, americans under attack, who told him? when did he find out?
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what did he do about it? if he gave orders to protect americans under siege, who didn't carry them out? if he didn't give orders, what's the explanation for that? lou: as jennifer griffin pointed out, it was said point-blank that he was prepared to take action, but never received orders to my mog. -- to my knowledge. there's been no query of the general or offer. >> scandalous malfeasance. lieu lie extends to the national liberal media silting quietly in carbon this. thank you. >> thank you. lou: more on the simmering tension throughout the middle east on this broadcast this hour. ♪ president obama briefly mentions schools in the inaugural, but are schools leaving millions
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♪ lou: stocks moving higher on wall street today, mike ryan will join us here in just moments, but, first, the dow up 62.5 points. the s&p gained six and a half, both indexes at the highest levels in five years. the nasdaq up eight points, and volume more today, a half billion shares, and after the close, google reported earnings up 36%. google beating targets and moving higher in after hours trading as expected.
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maker of blackberry, research in motion, hot up more than 12% today, more than 50% since the beginning of the year. not a bad ride. apple up after earnings after the close tomorrow, and the investigation continuing into the battery's powering boeing's 787 dreamliner. the japanese made lithium battery packs believed to be the cause of the fire on two aircraft. the company also making lithium batteries for hybrid and electric cars that has implications beyond boeing. advanced battery technology at the heart of objections to the sale of battery maker a213 #. the strategic council, a private sector group, focusing on national security issues now urging the obama administration to reject the sale of a123 to china saying it gives the chinese advanced technology paid for by the american taxpayer. the bankrupt battery maker received more than a quarter of a billion dollars in federal and
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state money. the governor of nebraska today okayed the xl pipeline right of way through his state. your move, mr. president, and a surprise move by the british prime minister that could affect the european union. david cameron proposing a vote as to whether or not to stay in the european union, britain one of the e.u.'s largest economy, the most important financial center, and, oh, yes, the pound sterling at odds with the euro. markets up more than 4% year to date. my next guest says while some investors are still on the sidelines, we're beginning to see a little bit more interest. joining us now with his outlook for the markets and the economy, of course, chief investment strategist for ubs wealth management, mike ryan. mike, good to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: a lot of fun in the european union. start there. we're not hearing so much about the collapse of the e.u., david
7:20 pm
cameron has other ideas, but the reality seems to be that things are quieting down a bit over there and not influencing our markets nearly so much. >> i think that's fair. i think what we're seeing, really, in the eurozone is an absence of mall las. the last couple years, an existential crisis, would the euro and player survive? a lot has been taken off the table by the posture of the european central bank saying we're standing behind the sovereigns. where does the growth come from? the real extreme risk event is eliminated. lou: and implied or at least indirectly backing up the banks in ways not anticipated, perhaps not to the level others might have liked, but the fact is the european central bank has done a good job, not unlike what's beginning to be the assessment of the fed here.
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>> interesting because you brought up the banks. what europe is when you think about it, it's a european sovereign debt crisis that feeds the crisis because since the banks are so heavily exposed to the sovereign risks, when a sovereign risk rise, the banks become unstable. when the banks become unstable, there's pressure on national governments to bail them out and more pressure on sovereigns. diffuse it by taking the risk away. be the buyer of last resort or willing to do that to take pressure off the banks. that's a way to short circuit the crisis. lou: successful? >> well, so far, so good. lou: in this country, the fed -- i mean, we're a wash, and you can smell the money in the air with this fed pumping like it has. what's your sense of where the fed is leading us? what will be the influence on the bond market? how will it relate to equities? >> i think there's really been a fundamental change in the way the fed approaches policy. yeah, we've looked at things in
7:22 pm
terms of they've given temporal time limits, well, calendar years or measuring in six-month periods or aggregate amounts. that's taken away now saying, okay, we do as much as we have to. they focus on the outcomes, targeting unemployment rate. they are targeting a higher level of inflation, and i think that's what the feds in the business do right now. lou: that business, what's the influence on stock over the court of this year? money moves as we assume ben bernanke would encyst as a result of the policies? money moves from the bond market? that's what he's really saying, move the money from bonds to equities and see a lift here? >> i'd certainly think it's helping. look, when you have where the fed provides a supportive policy throughout, keep interest rates low, money market rates low, create a powerful incentive for people to continue to move huer and higher up the risk chain, and that benefits equities over
7:23 pm
the court of the year. lou: equities how much higher by the end of the year, mike? >> charging 1540 for the s&p 5 00. we had a big move. lou: a few personality here, come on, let's go. >> look, there's no reason why we can't breach the target. that's where the central tebd -- tendency. there's a couple policy hurdles to clear. we have the issue in washington about debt ceilings, sequester -- lou: love the way you articulated that. a lot of people call it, you know, the fools out in washington, but i love the elegance of your expression. we appreciate you being here. >> thank you, lou, good to be here. lou: come back soon. mike ryan, we appreciate it. up next, a government report shows high school graduation rates at a 35-year high. don't get excited. we'll tell you why in "chalk talk" tonight, because the case as with many federal stats are deceiving. we're coming right back. ♪ at a dry cleaner,
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lou: with every thought of president obama's inaugural inaugural, it is obvious that have a checklist -- took list of issues to mention. foreign policy, gay-rights, and did briefly mention education. >> no single person can trade of the single math and science teachers read for the future. we must harness new ideas to revamp the tax code and reform our schools and empower citizens with the skills they need to work harder and reach higher. lou: he did not actually say education but he did mention
7:28 pm
the word reform. he wants to change everything. if you believe the data the federal education department puts out you may think there is no need it only reflected the reality. the education department is a giddy that shows high-school graduation rate is 78-point to%. 70-point to% that is a 35 year, and not a high but the best this report, think about it. 21% is not getting it done. the education department
7:29 pm
also notes, about this, the national dropout rate is 3 percent overall down from 4% last year. are you kidding me? if only 78.2% are getting it done how does that end up at 3%? new mask? federal math? political math. is a joke not funny brought to by the department of education. a report from a nonprofit group last year told the difference story that dropouts to do you to be a significant national crisis and their least 1,550 high-school in the country
7:30 pm
called a drop of factories were 60% decisions don't graduate on time. good lord almighty. wyss of their national, federal, local, st ate task force? a posse of citizens to say that nonsense ends now. we will fix it it is bang going on for years and high-school graduation rates ? 3% my foot. american students are going further behind their international peers. how excited shady be about 78.2%? according to the 2012 ranking from the oecd deny estates ranks -- the united
7:31 pm
states ranks 22nd out of 27 developed countries. a one to give a shadow of the federation of teachers, what are we putting up with? troubles don't end with high-school now ranking 14th in the world with percentage of 25 and 34 year-old's who have a college degree or higher education. where is education secretary arne duncan? i am not implying he is the solution or a reasonable part of it. we obviously have to take power away from the department of education education, teachers unions and restorer power to local
7:32 pm
school -- school district to power the parents and students before it is too late. not just for the sake of our children, the next generation, but the sake of the country. >> will know the truth about benghazi? secretary of state says what she knows. marking the 40th anniversary of roe vs. wade and the shift of public sentiment way use of the abortion debate. the psychology of cynicism liberty and gun-control. citizens have the right to bear arms the maniacs do not need guns to kill. doctor keith ablow. next. officemax can help you drive supply costs down...
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lou: next guest says the
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executive action on gun-control missed the underlying issue behind connecticut, tucson arizona, aurora colorado of mental illness for good joining us now is dr. keith ablow. the president's made gun-control his focus, a policy focus and has not uttered a word since then. your thoughts? >> that position and ordered for new town connecticut the data is so against it that you have to conclude the president has hijacked those tragedies for his desire of gun-control. controlling weapons will not stop mass killings. not committed with automatic
7:37 pm
weapons of firearms or explosives. school violence was committed 1972 that was 68 victims. lou: 1927. >> the revelation more things were committed last year and it hammers and they and rifles. >> the common element is the entreated mental illness. weedy constructed the entire mental-health care system. it is in shambles and the president's reticence to
7:38 pm
make that front and center shows him unwilling to do the right thing to fix what is broken. lou: he is accused to have one solution for every problem which is more government. >> absolutely it runs psychologically with disempowering the individual every single time. lou: why? why would you not embrace those values that he is a bright man to understand why negative and stand mental-health? is really that driven? >> by a uncertain the autonomy of others did him no favors when he was abandoned again and again by those who were
7:39 pm
responsible, like parents. what good is individual the collective needs to be empowered and all the better if i am at the center and the most powerful person in it. is somebody is beaten in a crowd that is a bad place to be. people in groups do poorly. alone, they take the initiative. it is of vital concept. lou: we used to talk about self-reliance are independence as a hallmark of the american experience. as you don't hear about that of standing on your own 2 feet to take care
7:40 pm
pro-business. >> the best place to be is in the office of the committed psychotherapist. with the reason the president gravitates to taking done is not restoring mental-health because they are diametrically opposed literally fight -- philosophically. you have to be willing to defend yourself or you have to step forward to make a terrible decision whether to take a life defender family. when you empower yourself one-two do what i want to do with my life, that is psycho a tree. he will not restore that because that is in keeping with his desire to
7:41 pm
disempower. lou: thank you. golfer phil mickelson -- mickelson and nicolas sarkozy has a few complaints in common. senator john barrasso with fed benghazi hearings and our democratic consultant tomorrow night. get the link store facebook page. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second...
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lou: new records the growing number of states we're going to strict abortion rules. according to the debt marker institute 43 position -- provisions limiting abortion
7:45 pm
last year the second highest number since 1985 and. new poll from nbc news/"wall street journal" shows for the first time 54 percent of americans say it should be legal in all our most cases. asking if rovers is weighed it should be overturned 70 percent says no. phil mickelson says he may have to move from california because of tax increases. he said this call back finances and taxes are a personal matter and i should not have made my opinions on them public. he may be backing off his threat to to move but we're noticing a trend of people who should consider it.
7:46 pm
nicolas sarkozy is among them who wants to move to london to escape the 75% tax rate. that will teach him to lose an election. he is not commenting but his aides are and deny everything. calls to boycott groupon after they decided to stop all the related promotion even concealed weapon courses and shooting ranges a spokesperson says they are based on feedback but would not elaborate. tamara v. will talk with the texas gunshot who was affected by that decision and leading the effort to boycott groupon. they're not the only site showing hostility to conservatives was not allowing conservative blockers to post content but
7:47 pm
they did apologize to one group. up next and minister netanyahu wins re-election as soon as states makes its first shipment of fighter jets to one of israel's leading problems. the "a team" reacts. next. we will sort it out. about protecting your family with a will or living trust. and you'd like to find the right attorney to help guide you along, answer any questions and offer advice. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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lou: joining us now the "a team". lis wiehl, mariane marsh, good to have you. we just heard dr. keith
7:51 pm
ablow who gave one of the most eloquent analysis of government power. the importance to empower the individual within the uncontrolled debate. do have a reaction? >> i hear him a lot and i don't think making sure people protect there rights to have begun zero ornamental illness should be mutually exclusive. you should have your rights but not everyone should have a gun. lou: from your lips to the president's years. tomorrow, finally secretary clinton going to capitol hill with her day before congress in the senate. >> the think we will hear much of? sheila allied 87 you are so
7:52 pm
cynical. >> we will not hear much. we did as much as we could, mistakes were made it will be passive talk. that is my feeling spinach she cannot read that teleprompter, she cannot lips sink like beyonce. shocking. she will do that for the super bowl. she will have to answer the questions. >> hope the members grilled her. this is the last chance before she runs for the presidency. >> spinach use a regional advancers but to really believe that will have been? >> maybe all the sudden she
7:53 pm
will have a headache. she needs to answer the questions. lou: the chairman of the committee will he be energetic with his interrogation? >> there'll be a lot of questions, no surprises, mistakes were made, but things could be done better, but also secretary clinton will implement policies given to her to execute. also for security was part of that. now to make sure people do their jobs should not be mutually exclusive. there'll be changes in policies. lou: why do i hear echoes the of the imperfect line from yesterday? you will take a quick break.
7:54 pm
why can't we find out the truth with things in this administrations? administrations? when we come back.
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♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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lieu low back with the a-team. curtis, the white house says they are going along with a debt ceiling deal proposed by the republicans, to vote on it tomorrow. i hope he's not needlessly anticipating success on the part of the republicans. your reaction? does it surprise you? >> no, it's floating for three months, right? then hit the barrier in three months ago. the inaugural drags, if you noticed, no olive branch here to everyone educational departing, besettle all scores. this four years, we settle all scores, stick it to the republicans, and everyone who said that i was not from this country, the birth is out there, they are taking this personally. it starts at the top. it's going to trickle down with every new jacket he's bringing in to the administration.
7:58 pm
it's personal. we settle the scores. that was the theme. >> i'm not going there, but as an american citizen, i'm sick and tired of the extension after extension after extension. if it was the private sector and were not getting it done, just pass the deadline, they would be firedded. this angers me so much. can we get a resolution to the issue? lou: do you agree? fire harry reid and the democratic leadership that failed to pass a budget? almost four years? >> well, i -- that's going to happen. president obama spent the first four year i trying to get along with the republicans. they wouldn't do it. he's back in office, and leading up until yesterday, refused to cooperate. he drew the line in the sand, and, you know, it started to work. republicans came to the senses, okay, not touching the debt ceiling, let it float. in return, you see the democrats in the senate drawing up a budget. i think obama's -- his olive branch is, okay, i'll take this
7:59 pm
one extension to bring stability to the situation, but it's not happening again because we have to get the job doab. it's progress. it's better than the last few months. lou: some combative about it and characterize the president as being so contentious. it's the first intelligent step taken by the republicans and gives, you know, i i think hope to the nation, the first intelligent step taken by the president. they actually are moving towards one another. it looked to me like something we ought to be kind of saying hallelujah about other than analyzing, if i may, in such, well, i don't know, unsettling parts of the terms. >> it's progress. >> the heavy weight boxes match, they touch the gloves at the start of the fight. please, don't misinterpret that's a good sign. it's a show to the nation. lou: see, i'm surrounded by cynicism. everywhere i turn around here.


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