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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  January 23, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm EST

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stuart: here it is. the highlight reel. president obama made climate change the centerpiece of the inaugural address. >> if the president really does care about the economy -- >> it would cancel out the whole long fight to increase auto mileage fuel efficiency standards. >> cheap energy and also a cheap dollar.
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>> they will fight it. stuart: there you have it. we are out of time. dagen and connell, it is yours. connell: congress set to make a move on the debt ceiling. art laffer is coming up. dagen: playing some defense. the jpmorgan ceo lashing back at critics. more regulation is needed. connell: testifying on the benghazi attack and why moore could not have been done to save americans who died in libya. we will talk about that. dagen: stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: we are seeing the dow and the s&p hitting five-year highs. we are in quite an environment.
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nowhere near that 6500 mark where we were for the dow. we have seen a lot of names on the dow doing well today. microsoft, united, disney. we have had earnings season. we are all waiting on the debt ceiling and, obviously, that is something that looms over. google is up 6% now. as we await each one, it certainly can be a market moving event. after the bell, we will have apple and netflix. dagen: ridge edson is standing by on capitol hill with much more.
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rich: nothing is really set in stone. this bill would extend the debt ceiling until may 19. it requires the house and senate to pass a budget. if they pass a budget resolution, they do not get their pay with help. they are not paid until the end of this congress. republicans say they feel hopeful and optimistic that this thing will pass. a number of republicans are saying that it will pass. we will be watching that today. as for the u.s. senate and white house, they have not ruled out this proposal. they are fine with a short term debt ceiling increase.
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they want to see some longer-term. they have not given it exactly a seal of approval. it seems they both parties could get behind this proposal. the first step through the u.s. house. back to you. dagen: thank you for that. let's bring in our laffer, former economic adviser to president ronald reagan. politicians will never get anything serious done. >> you are probably right. they probably will not get a lot done in the long run. the debt ceiling is one tool to get a little from the democrats and bring some spending down. this is not going to be the end to all the spending problems. dagen: what concessions to think the the republicans can't get in
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terms of cutting? taking on entitlements in any way shape or form. >> when the democrats do that, they put themselves at risk. it is a country issue, it is not a partisan issue, to be honest. if they do that, they risk really losing a lot in 2014. dagen: you say it is a country issue. to that point, it looks like this country really does not want to do anything about it. when this payroll tax expires, people are up in arms about it. there will not be, until we all feel pain from higher interest rates and inflation, not a single thing will be done about it. >> i hope that is not true. i hope people can really forecast and see what is happening in the future. if they do not, they'll have to
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wait until the car hits the wall to feel that pain. i do not think that is the case, dagen. to be very honest with you, these two parties can really get together and look at some of the entitlement programs and really make a difference. i hope it is not like what you are describing. i just hope that is not the case. dagen: maybe one area of agreement is tax reform. we heard congressman paul ryan talking about it. the president did mention it in his inaugural address earlier in the week. do you think that is doable and what she could've possibly take? >> tax reform has a different meaning to almost everyone who discusses it. bipartisan -- he meant higher
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tax rates on the rich. he meant a broader tax rate. he met tax increases rather than tax reform. it really was changing the way government collects taxes. it broadened the tax base dramatically and it lowered tax rates. we had almost every democrat to vote with us in 1986. i think it was 97-three in the senate. that is bipartisan. i am really hoping congress can do that going forward. dagen: it was great to talk with you. be well. connell: jamie dimon is at the world economic forum. he has been taking on his critics are what he calls bad legislation. dagen: apple. the company reports after the bell today.
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we will set the stage on what you can expect to hear from the tech giant. will you be disappointed? take a look at oil today. it is slightly lower. $96.50 a barrel. ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming.
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♪ connell: markets up again today. trying to make a little money with our body, charles payne. charles: the market is at a
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five-year high. the rumors are pouring out there. safeway is interesting. safeway has 96 stores and alberto -- they also have a big stake of a chain in mexico. metro did 11 billion last year. safeway did 44 billion. they would need a little help in making that happen. i would not buy any stock solely on a potential takeover. jcpenney. [talking over each other] charles: that is why it is then the rumor mill. he just is not cutting it. he came from apple. all of the things, all of the great ways he will revolutionize that kind of retail, you just
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can't. it is tough. i give it about a 30% probability. the mini mall thing is interesting. google buzz supermall out in los angeles. you will crack up when you see it. the zillow corporation. all of these stocks are trading higher. there are some people on the street to think they have some merit to them. connell: a lot of this starts with rumors. just plain rumors. do you have a rule of thumb?
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charles: that wall street is overlooking something with respect to the company may be taking market share. with all of these companies, use the long-term issues. not, zillow, per se, but with jcpenney. they all have one thing in common. they are down significantly from their recent highs. dagen: charles, thank you. connell: always good. dagen: not just one, but three of ideas. connell: we got a lot for our money today. dagen: tofu coming to chipolte. nicole: meet cost a lot of money these days. perrigo sales cutting into chipolte's cost.
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this is something they will be trying out in san francisco. let's take a look at the major markets. the dow jones industrials, by the way, new five-year highs on the dow and the s&p today. about 400 points from our all-time high. names like ibm, after earnings, doing quite well. dagen: chipolte. thank you so much. so much sodium, it makes your hands and feet swell up. connell: the ceo of jpmorgan is calling for more regulation or fighting his critics that are calling for more. we need the right regulation, not war rules. dagen: the final days as treasury secretary. i'm talking about timothy geithner leaving the post at the end of the week.
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where will you go and how easy will the confrontation before jack glue? take a look at world currencies. ♪
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>> at 90 minutes past the hour, i am patti m brown with your fox news minute. talk of britain leaving the european union. eu membership will be up to a referendum. voters should decide whether the uk should stay in the 27 member euro zone. the first priority is renegotiating the eu treaty. timothy geithner at last they will be friday. president obama has elected jack lew. much of the u.s. experiencing the coldest temperatures in two years. for death are blamed on the cold snap. the bitter conditions are expected to stay into the weekend. dagen, back to you.
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dagen: jamie dimon apologizing. also, stepping up and saying back off. there is more regulation needed. he said all of this at the world economic forum. we are president and chief investment officer. he is in rochester, new york. maybe the only place on the planet that is colder than where you are sitting right now. >> happy to be here. dagen: what do you say to jamie dimon? there was one hedge fund manager that went after him. he said back off. >> well, jamie is right about the capitalization. he has incredibly strong capital. a lot of the standards forced the banks to have more capital,
11:22 am
have more liquidity. it really is about rules. some of the most simple rules are the most important ones. banks should have more capital. okay. i have met that. the reserve should carry them through bad times and good times. i think we had a problem where they did not carry enough reserves during the last cycle. the u.s. bank was to buy fannie and freddie preferred. you have to carry less capital. it encouraged the banks to all men. of course, they got wiped out with those positions. in europe, you have the same situation. it is not just the rules. jamie has done a pretty good job. dagen: other than that one loss. if you look out probably
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speaking, if you look at how stocks have done in the last year, best performers are the major sectors in the s&p. cannot continue, do you think? >> i think it can continue. there is nothing more economically sensitive than the banks. the flight in the ointment here is that that feeling. if we get through that without a bond of damage. we can really benefit. dagen: it was great to talk to. be well. stay warm. hope you have a big puffy coat. they are not pretty, but they work. take care. connell: speaking of places that are cold, we are going to go to
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doll both in switzerland. liz claman is there. dagen: where in the world has walt mossberg been? he is in vegas. he is back and he talks about the goods, the bad and the ugly. you get a laptop and you get a tablet. he will weigh in on that. here are some of today's winners on the s&p. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe,
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dagen: pc sales falling just a little more than 3% in 2012. they are turning their focus to hybrid devices that can be a tablet or a laptop. these shape shifters could be a myth for consumers. connell: joining us now from washington, d.c. is walt mossberg, all things digital. i do not know if i like quantities. i like having a tablet or a laptop. tell us about the hybrids and which one is best. >> well, you know,, i have to say, i am sort of with you.
11:29 am
the hp ndx two, it is a tablet that is a thin tablet. you can remove it. there is a battery in the base. there are some nice things about it. it is $850. it is expensive both for windows laptop and for a tablet. it uses an entry level intel processor, so, it is okay on the tablet. when you are trying to use it as a laptop, you have a pretty wimpy powered laptop there. the next one is from -- it has two screens. it has a screen inside, like a regular laptop. not even a touchscreen.
11:30 am
when you close it, they have a screen on the lid. the lid is glass. they have a touch screen computer and a button with four modes and another switch that turns one of the modes on and off. kind of complicated and bad battery life with both screens are running. that is one of the things they tout. the last one is a toshiba. it is a slider. when you open the box, it looks like a big fat heavy tablet. by the way, that is one of the big problems with many of these convertibles. the tablet mode is like, you could stack three ipads up it
11:31 am
is not something that you will use for a long period of time. you have a laptop with kind of a clamped keyboard. that is 1150. is there the demand for something like this out there or is it the apple like we think this is what you need so we make it. >> it is a slightly different reason. as we discussed last fall, microsoft is doing something different than apple and google. they took their tablet and instead of breaking it out and using it strictly for tablets, they munched it to gather with regular windows. these hardware guys are trying to make computers which will kind of matchup with that.
11:32 am
connell: it is good to have you back, by the way. walt mossberg. dagen: thank you. it was good to see you. it is the bottom of the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: i have two names. two big names. two big set of earnings. one of arrow. one down arrow. coach is down about 15% right now. coach has been under pressure. not seeing the demand in north america. intense competition. some of the other hand bag makers have discounting fares. it is a tough holiday season. ibm. dow component ibm up 5%. adding 82 points to the dow jones industrials. software sales on the rise.
11:33 am
ibm is a clear winner. back to you. connell: the big story has been secretary of state hillary clinton today. testifying before congress answered questions about the terror attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya. >> the response saved american lives in real-time and it did. the very next morning i told the american people that heavily armed militants assaulted our compound and i vowed to bring them to justice. i stood with president obama in the rose garden as he spoke of and act of terror. connell: that was the explanation. we are bringing in mike baker now.
11:34 am
the accountability review board came out. we knew that there were serious administrative and logistical screw ups leading up to the incident. we knew that. they did not address some of the issues which i am sure she will not address. who was in the white house situation room that night of the incident? did anyone request authorization to at least try a rescue attempt? was it denied? how could the president just fail to at least try, to at
11:35 am
least put planes of in the air, to at least try to put up a response. connell: there was no delay in the response. mainly delays in the attacks. you mentioned the tone. there was an exchange with ron johnson of wisconsin, talking over and over about the u.n. ambassador on the sunday shows after the attacks, and whether or not the american people were misled by ambassador rice, and here's that exchange. senator johnson speaking, and secretary clinton answering. watch this. >> we were misled there was supposedly protest, and then something sprang out of that. that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact. >> but, but, you know -- >> the american people could have known that within days, and they did not. >> with all due respect, we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys walking one night and
11:36 am
decided to kill americans? what's different. at this point, does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from happening again, senator. >> what difference does it make, she says, mike, what do you say? >> are you kidding me? that's the answer from the secretary of state? it's her shop. to find out who was responsible. we know who was responsible for months and movements and months, the security situation was decreasing. it was a war environment. high threat, high risk. we knew cables going back and forth, and they were ignored requesting the security. we knew that. what is she talking about? the effort to defleblght because, you know, obviously, they were coming up on the election in november. i suspect there was political operatives in the situation room and did not want to take the risk. ultimately, ultimately, the problem was, yes, the cia staff on the ground did everything possible to try to protect, and
11:37 am
they did, protect and save lives. we could have had a worse situation if not for them. their job was to wait, and the president never sent the calvary. >> mike, thank you, other lines coming from it saying answers were not satisfactory, and ron paul says he would have fired her. mike baker, thanks, as always. >> thank you. dagen: we continue to bring you the latest from switzerland. dimon playing defense or offense? i say offense. he had the guy backing down. hear more about it. connell: liz is in davos talking with mr. dimon tomorrow, and here's who else she has. >> fifty world leaders, 900 ceos. okay, so who is here? everyone from the ceo of coca-cola to sap, we have general electric, merck, citi
11:38 am
group, india companies, research in motion's blackberry, china's hna, jpmorgan chase, and speaking of microsoft, bill of the bill and melinda gates foundation, don't miss the interview at 5:30 a.m. eastern time here on foks -- fox business. that's friday. all of that and so much more so stay tuned. [ male announcer ] where do you turn for legal matters?
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dagen: dimon playing offense, people. taking about going after people who want more regulation on big banks, this happened in davos at the world economic reform. >> saying that if we have the right kind of rules in place for the banks, no need for more regulation. now, more on all of this when liz claman talks to mr. dimon tomorrow in our coverage from switzerland, but now liz has important names who is live with more. liz? liz: well, yeah, jamie dimon tomorrow 10 a.m. eastern here on fox business. going at each other i'm sure. look, he's outspoken, a fascinating interview. stay tuned for that, but, yes, greetings from davos, switzerland, home of great swiss chocolate, cow bell, and the world economic forum. this tiny swiss ski village turns from that into for
11:43 am
intersection of global ideas. we're on the roof of the concourse center, we are live here ail week long kicking off the broadcast with a little international intrigue. a man who has very big ideas, but speaks very calmly and quietly. some call him a russian al gashing, but he's the world's largest aluminum company. >> we, all economists all connected now, and you can judge an economy based on one year, we have to, you know, accept reality. you know, there is certain improvement, and i can see it would be worse. you know, we have almost in a five years when people, you know, try to spend less on investments and try to spend less on goods, and now it's time to spend. it's just, you know, in the
11:44 am
reality. >> aluminum is used in a lot of skyscrapers, obviously, in cars, and let's get your opinion on skyscrapers, and when i think about that, i think of china. whether china stabilized a drop in growth and whether it's muscling up a bit. what do you see with your business in china? >> china, very stable. you know, they have transition. it's very important. this is a country which run by strong leadership, and quite developed planning system, and we have transition now, and let's say it would take nine months before it changes the team before they change the structure, new policies. i would -- i would very cautious try to judge based on last year numbers, what the future for the next, you know, five years. >> do you think central banks, many of which around the world are piling in with support in
11:45 am
the form of quantitative easing, what we call it in the u.s., or liquidity. are they hurting more than helping? >> no, definitely not. it's safe. >> they are healthy? >> yeah. they saving us. >> people say that they are masking the real problem, and what when they pull away that support, we might see the real picture. >> but the fed will never help general motors produce a more efficient car, neither will treasury. it's clear. management, engineers, and people, you know, actually should be better trained, should be provided better opportunity to work for efficiently. >> not the fed. it's intellectual i think newty at -- ingenuity at the companies themselves? >> the effort, effort. we have to compete with asia, not just u.s. or europe, but in russia, all economists should accept that in asia we have a
11:46 am
great platformings very developed in the economics which will compete with all of us. >> you know, when i said i was interviewing you, some people said, oh, the russian oligarkh, and maybe you bristle at that term, i don't know. people have a vision of wealthy people in russia. i look at them as, hey, at least in your case, starting as a metals trader and now involved in a grand scale, very much so, where do you mostment -- most want to do business? is it with a general motors in the united states or in the europe zone which is done but not out? >> i prefer to stay in russia? i thank them for support, and more important is what you could really add to, you know, to the business. your know, we have plenty
11:47 am
opportunity all over the world, and i can see u.s. improved tremendously now. you create a new energy environment. you -- electricity, you would not believe, but electricity in u.s. last year was cheaper than in russia. >> that makes sense though. i think that everything is expensive in russia because it's not developedded enough? i mean, -- >> we have very high cost of capital. you know, banking systems, still in the process of development. have almost monopoly. that's why interest rates for small and medium size business are 12%. it's not easy to grow. so we think we have it bad in america. there's still envy on behalf of russians to do business like americans do. let's just put that into perspective. also, you know, they own sports teams, and i asked if he wanted to own and be like owning the nets or, for example, the soccer team, and he said, i'm too busy,
11:48 am
liz, i'm too busy. what do they do? they throw some really amazing parties. he's having an event tonight with seven top russian violinists all playing. coming up in the next hour, we have the envy of the world's health care, and that is toby, ceo of the cleveland clinic, but i asked him, turned it on its side asking which hospital do you envy the most in the world? which one do you look at and say, man, they are doing it in an unbelievable way. we are live all day long from davo, switzerland, and stay tuned for all the reports. see you later. take care, back to you. connell: see you soon, liz, thank you. dagen: shares of apple lost roughly a third of the value just since september, and today's earnings release after the bell, well, will the slide continue? connell: we have more joining us from the news room on what to expect. >> hi, guys, well, if you asked me who is thee most important
11:49 am
quarterly report in entire earnings season, apple comes out after the close, and analysts out there say it's going to be the make or break quarter for the company deciding whether or not this company should be at a $400 stock level or a $600 stock level. here's the first hoop the company needs to jump through. 13.47 in terms of earnings per share on revenue, up 54.7 billion, and more important to the street, however, are the unit sales of all the products that we all know and love. iphone sales we expect to be the key driver this quarter, somewhere between 47.5 and 53 million iphones, and 50 # million is the line in the sand that i'm told is very important. 23 to 25 million ipads, 3-5 million macs, and gross margins under pressure as the company released the new ipad mini and iphone 5. the street is looking for a 38.6
11:50 am
guidance always key here. this is going to be a big one. again, a big decision maker in terms of where tech is going, consumers are going, and where the markets go, really, as this company gapes more -- gains more and more importance as well. dagen: thank you. connell: dollar general continues to add thousands of jobs, new locations. details on that next. dagen: nasdaq, look at some winners today. ♪ @@
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>> dollar general announcing plans to add 6,000 workers and opening 600 stores this year bringing the total number of stores in the u.s. to 11,000. discount retailers should have more relations than any other retailers in the country. they employee 8-10 people, and typical transaction is less than twenty bucks and stock down slightly. dagen: you dollar trade? it gets into trouble. you buy all kinds of stuff you don't need. connell: it's not just one dollar. dagen: no, you can spend a lot of money. big winners and bigger losers on the earnings front. >> here's a look at the broader markets, the s&p holding on to a loss for the day, but the dow and nasdaq in the green, and earnings having a lot to do with that. we're seeing winners. we're seeing losers on this day. we saw mostly winners yesterday,
11:55 am
and had an up day, but take a look. here's a big winner. an airline, who would have guessed? u.s. air posting a gain of 1.8%, but i want to throw up a year to date chart for the story here. u.s. airways up about 12% so far in 2013. this report this morning blew away expectations. the profit doubled for the quarter. their planes were fuller, and a key measure of performance for an airline is they brought in more money per passenger. that number was up 2.2% so lcc, looking to add airlines to the portfolio, the price to earnings ratio on lcc right now is under five. it's a very cheap stock, and most analysts have a buy rating with nearly an $18 price target on it. great earnings from an airline. not the story from general dynamics here guys. defense budget dips, so do their shares, down for the year, taking a tumble of nearly 4%
11:56 am
today. fourth quarter loss of over $2 billion that missed expectations, and on the conference call, the companies keep talking about the impact of slower government spending so you can see that playing out in the shares. what's going on over there? connell: what's going on with us? >> i don't know. connell: you heard something? >> something fell or nothing. connell: that was dagen. dagen: i hit him in the head. connell: i was surprised. we were not paying much attention. thank you, sandra. dagen: by the way, you want to know a secret that sandra is the loudest person we know in the building. the biggest voice, amen; right? connell: very loud talker. dagen: for you to hear that -- >> sorry about that. connell: it's fine. giving away our secrets. voting on the debt ceiling deal,
11:57 am
three month extension, should be soon, recovering, you know, kick the can deal or lifting economic uncertainty. that's the question. dagen: the results next hour of the vote in the house. stay with us. ♪
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12:00 pm
dennis kneale. cheryl: i am cheryl casone. congress about to vote on a short-term extension of the debt ceiling. data goes to mid-19th. the debt ceiling fight all over it, results of that vote, congressional reaction going into effect, and the market. dennis: adopt 60, 13,771. the shine off of apple, sagging
12:01 pm
auto sales as the company reports earnings "after the bell" today. should you buy, hold or sell? at stock is ahead. cheryl: one of the biggest record. treasury secretary tim geithner leaves office friday. we are going to tell you why president obama replaced him, jack lew may not be a shoe in. tough questions from congress. dennis: top of the hour. we have stocks >> caller: minutes, nicole petallides at stock exchange. nicole: taking a look at the market, pretty good, dow jones industrials 400 points from an all-time high, dow and s&p hitting four year highs, the tech heading nasdaq up 1/4%. we have seen the s&p dipping into negative territory down fractionally at the moment at 14-92. we have seen many dow components in the green, drug stocks doing well, dollars stronger and oil and gold pulling back. let's take a look at dow component ibm. ibm is the best performer on the dow, came out with the quarterly
12:02 pm
report, tacking on more than 70 positive dow points which basically the rear to take out the amount of the dow the dow would be negative right now. low on quarterly numbers, fraud and higher, cloud computing, business analytics software helps their numbers and revenue, software revenue 3.5%. good news for ibm means good news for them. date cheryl: big technology named coming that. overall stocks reaching levels not seen since before the great recession, the dow and the s&p continue to hit multi-year highs but could we be in for a correction? capital president andrew k. newly joining me. you say correction is overdue. you are more bullish bet you might start with you. wire you worried about a pullback? these numbers we are heading over and over every session? >> typically when you are sort
12:03 pm
of in a circular bear market you will see a correction after this period of time, an aversion to the mean look at it, but if we are emerging from this circular bear market and moving into a secular bull you should not be concerned. for long-term investors looking through this, if you have a lot of cash and looking to commit to the market you might take a pause here and look at that for a minute or two. cheryl: we need to focus on the short term because there are a lot of unanswered questions for our viewers and investments and i know that you are looking short-term but you are saying this rally absolutely is going to continue for several strong reasons. >> that is right. we certainly believe much of this rally and much of the reason for the multi-year highs have been on the back of the fed and central banks globally committed to lower rates and extending them and it has hurt the dollar relative to other currencies but doubling of the
12:04 pm
s&p and the dow. we have equity holdings still at near historic low. what was the great recession will become the great rotation and we will see insurance companies, pension funds and numbers that suggest funds flowing back into equities where over the last five many more money was pulled out of the equity market in bonds. we are seeing market money flowing back into equities and corporate buybacks which are hitting all-time highs good for earnings and we also have p-e ratios suggesting not at their historical levels in which case we think the market is not overvalue on that basis. cheryl: at the same time you say one of the things, the fed has powered the market higher, you say that will run out. that bank could run out this year at some point depending what the fed decides to do and that could be a short-term negative. >> it is another matter. let me repeat what jim just said is correct.
12:05 pm
stocks are underown. there is a rotation that is imminent and what i was talking about is terms of allocating fixed-income, looking at the 30 year trend coming to an end. the probability of repeating success and fixed-income going forward given that the fed is going to have to unwind at some point is very low so it is that the point in the allocation you need to be thinking about more long equity, thinking globally and emerging markets so what i was talking about at the top of the segment is technically speaking, you should be due for a correction here, but if fundamentals continue to be strong you may blow through the technical. cheryl: another thing is the debt ceiling debate is another short-term event the markets have -- >> more than likely you will be living with a debt ceiling debate this quarter, next quarter, the quarter following
12:06 pm
and until we come up with a plan to exit this nonsense you will see this-ceiling debate go on for some time so probably presently you should be looking through it and if you look at the market action they are looking through it. cheryl: last word do you agree or disagree? >> i disagree with and not that it is a real debate about the market is no longer going to fall for the rhetoric of washington and the digging of heels resulting in a pullback of anywhere from 10% to 15%. we did not to the fiscal cliff to be the market falling for that it will not fall for this time. cheryl: thanks to both of you, appreciate it for the different views. thank you. dennis: google is out with strong fourth quarter earnings but struggling with motorola units and we are getting apple "after the bell" today. should you invest in these titans now? :gillis of the g c financial is with his take. what did you think of google's earnings? >> a lot of improving metrics but not all rosy. when you break it down and look
12:07 pm
at google's core business is still slowing down, 18% on a year-over-year basis down from 20% to 32%. eighteen% growth is great, google is one of the better tech companies out there but when you see slowing growth you have to be concerned and also metrics, people excited, came in better than expected are pricing decline. people are still paying less and they have done this for five quarters. dennis: just that 24% increase in the number of clicks whites out the lower prices as they move to mobile, 90% share in mobile, no choice but to go after that. you put a hold on google in the summer, google is up 15% in the past six months. were you wrong? >> google is in line with the index and google will continue to perform in line with the index and when you look at our technology universe we don't love everything. google still has some struggles
12:08 pm
the will be facing, tends to be a better second half of the year stock but still working through motorola. december quarter is google's quarter to shine. when you get a first that you still have to work through that motorola and we may not see cliff pricing rebound like everyone is expecting. i still don't quite get what they strayed from their core business of advertising to buy a mobile phonemaker. was that a bad deal? >> it is a millstone. if you look at the success of what they had with their instant tablet, next to seven tablet, nexus 44, did a really need to spend $12 billion for motorola and a company that is losing money and has been a drag? they got some patents and the answer is still to be seen. let's see what special hardware they make. dennis: competing against other mobile phonemakers you need to do deals with with google. let's move to apple. google stock up 15% last six months, apple stock down 17% in the past six months.
12:09 pm
you put a halt on the company of the start of 2012. what will we see today? >> obviously a very tense quarter. here is the top part about apple. i am estimating forty-nine million iphones, a stunning number. record profitability. everyone says it is not $50 million stock is going down and this is because the absolute valuation is so large, the company closed a half trillion dollars in valuation, the largest u.s. listed company, largest company listed on any u.s. exchange and when you are in a market as intense as the smart phone market you're going to have price competition, some players like google who are willing to sell at cost for loss to get market share. dennis: iphone 5 could be a whip up or down, two schools of thought, one says they did cut back on screen orders, a live phone 5 doing badly but other schools, actually switching suppliers to a newer type of screen and that is what it is, which the come down on? >> you will see a slow in the march quarter, you will see a
12:10 pm
compression of demand for these new product launches and the concern is not also what the numbers are that come out in the december quarter but the outlook is going to be put march quarter, we are going to look at the gross margins and see how they do and look at the average selling prices and ca are declining and look at the unit and see if there's anything to it. apple's valuation is reasonable. dennis: when you have a hold on both which is the better by? >> four upsides 2 apple tablets. dennis: good job. appreciate it. cheryl: i wonder what will be in the report later on. fascinating. the house debating right now over a temporary extension of the debt ceiling. we are expecting a vote during this hour. dennis: are they just kicking the can down the road or lifting economic uncertainty? rich edson is live on capitol hill watching the vote. rich: the chances this actually clears the entire congress just improved. senate majority leader harry reid saying if it passes the house it will be brought up for
12:11 pm
a vote and pass the senate and when you look at what some house republicans are saying they seem to be optimistic that this will clear the house that there are nine fewer republicans in this congress than the last congress and a number of republicans who say they had issues with this. we will see when the vote tally happened at some point this our moving towards a vote in the past 15 minutes or so and we are watching the house floor for you and when you look at what this bill does, raises the debt ceiling until may 19th, has a provision the house and senate must pass a budget. if they don't, no budget, no paychecks. >> we are putting the same obligation on the house as we would want them to accept in the senate. that is if you don't get your work done you don't get paid. >> the gimmicky and have a gimmick to it. they say if the senate doesn't get a budget didn't get paid, what they do is they get paid at the end of the year. there pay is not taken away. this is show business.
12:12 pm
rich: would withhold paychecks until the end of this congress which happens in january of 2015. if this bill doesn't clear the house, doesn't clear congress and the white house doesn't sign it the debt ceiling that is supposed to finish these extraordinary measures the u.s. treasury department has been undertaking sometime in mid february to early march. cheryl: we will check in with you later on in the show. dennis: the world's biggest problem, the ceo of the cleveland clinic says it is not the economy, is obesity. liz claman's interview with the world economic forum coming up. cheryl: a new vehicle that has everything and that includes wi-fi. bentley is marketing this new car. dennis: forget beef and chicken burritos, we will tell you about the latest tell the creation from chipotle. cheryl: as we go to break take a look at oil. we do every time of the day and oil down $0.22 but what is pushing $100 overall in that
12:13 pm
contract? that is new. different now between w. t. i and brent. we will be right back.
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12:16 pm
dennis: come capitol hill, the house moments away from a vote extending the debt ceiling call only four months we are all over that story but first word on of mauve reaction and how will affect your portfolio and 401(k). cheryl: 15 past the hour as we do every 15 minutes stocks, team coverage, phil flynn in the trading pits of the cme. he will talk about brent and wti contract. charles payne with how you can make money. chris to nicole petallides. nicole: always good to hear you can make money on that. let's take a look at what we're seeing with the dow jones
12:17 pm
industrials, the dow up 58 points right now. we are hovering around a five year high for the dow. we are not far from those levels, year highs not far from the all-time highs for the dow and the same for the s&p 500, tech having nasdaq up 1/3 of 1%, ibm is one name that helped the dow along, banking index back and the drug index higher today. that is the latest on the floor of the stock exchange. the go to phil flynn. >> just when you thought it was safe to go to the gas pump, gasoline futures just another three month high, the highest price since september. what is going on? a lot of problems in the east coast, refining issues, n.y. harbour caught quite a bit and i
12:18 pm
love brand wti spread out of a historic highs, starting to work its way back in because we are able to get that shell gas and oil up to the rest of the world, and let's look at the wizard. >> another one reporting "after the bell" tonight. it will be netflix whose shares right now are up at the 4% ahead of that report. interday chart just give you an idea of the climate we are seeing heading into earnings "after the bell" and we will have those earning "after the bell" tonight, you today the stock has been a winner as well up 10%. looking at a pricey stock, well over 100. keep that in mind. a lot of analysts are saying, charles is asking, hold rating is the average with a $74 price target. expected report, quarterly loss but even if that is in line with expectations it will be all about their subscriber growth. netflix "after the bell" as well as many others, "after the
12:19 pm
bell," sandisk, western digital, after reporting, got to stay tuned, we have that for you and i will be joining david asman on "after the bell" with all those earnings. dennis: thanks very much, phil flynn and nicole petallides, time to make money with charles payne this hour talking about snowmobile maker, arthur calfs, which sound like a cartoon character. >> the eighth tee the even though they are known for the snowmobile, they have a lot better doing well, take more and more market share, their no. 5 right now but coming on strong. last year was phenomenal for the. this year will be a lot better. here is the main problem with the stock. in the september quarter they came in mostly in line. the quarter before they beat the street by 100%. stock pulled back from a perfect double top at a time. i don't know if i'm a little early or not but it looks oversold and i like the way the
12:20 pm
stock act and the volume and fundamentally the stock -- cheryl: the earnings are coming out. charles: they will beat the st. this time around but more importantly the stock drew 38 goes to 43. if you are in an interview because of the volatility recently i think 30 to 50 will be a good stopwatch point. peg ratio of 0.7, two times, the stock is cheap and ready to take off. dennis: thanks very much. cheryl: tim geithner's last day as treasury secretary is friday but president obama's choice for his replacement is jack lew and congressional confirmation may not be a cakewalk. we will tell you why. dennis: a salvo in the war between cbs and dish network in the media minute. cheryl: as we go to break we will look at the world's currencies, the u.s. dollar will leave it there. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works.
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>> 23 minutes past the hour, your fox news minute. brutally cold weather has its grip on the country from the upper midwest and new england
12:25 pm
and the south. much of the u.s. experience in the coldest temperatures in two years. four death are blamed on a cold snap and better conditions will stay into the weekend. voters in israel's parliamentary elections voted prime minister benjamin netanyahu a setback. recalled earlier elections expecting an easy victory but a right wing leader must now build a coalition after a surprisingly strong showing by a new centrist party. benjamin netanyahu is expected to keep his job but his party lost 11 of 42 seats previously held. best buy is betting on actress and comedian amy polar forcible lead. the electronics chain where a humorous 30 seconds spots. as a your headline, fox business network. cheryl: thank you, she was the best part of the golden globes. we are getting breaking news into markets now, right now. boeing is apologizing to airlines for the destruction caused by the grounding of its
12:26 pm
787 dreamliner fleet, pledging to restore confidence in the newest jet, a series of incidents led to major safety investigation and problem of the batteries, the stock is down again today. mike smith, chief of the boeing 787 said boeing remains confident in the safety of the jet, it was grounded worldwide by regulators over a fire risk following two battery incidents, investigation still going on, no clear answers for this company in those aircraft. dennis: have to resign over it or something. it might not be smooth sailing for jack lew after all. president obama's nominee for treasury secretary making the rounds on capitol hill meeting with senators in control of his fate. cheryl: peter barnes standing by in washington with more on this. he is not a real big fan of wall street. what will happen? peter: he worked on wall street
12:27 pm
and that may come up as an issue for jack lew. the got strong endorsements from two top democrat on the senate finance committee yesterday. this committee will be the one holding the hearings on his nomination. he met with chairman max baucus and senator chuck schumer of new york. chuck schumer is calling him a shoe in as treasury secretary but today jack lew is making rounds with republican senators including top republican orrin hatch. one question republicans may bring up in his confirmation is his time as a top executive at citigroup from 2006-2009. while he was there the bank got slammed in the financial crisis back in 2008 when it got a $45 billion taxpayer bailout and jack lew made millions while he was at city including about a $1 million bonus for his work at the bank in 2008. tweet republican senators raised questions about his city jobs in previous confirmation hearing that the republican national committee hopes to make it an
12:28 pm
issue this time around and each it is three page press release two weeks ago when his nomination was announced by the president that aggregated articles about jack lew's work for citigroup, calling this from sub prime to prime-time. cheryl: peter barnes, thank you very much. it is going to be interesting. not going to be boring. dennis: wall street is not a big fan of jack lew. let's look at why pictures from the house where members are about to vote on temporary extension of the debt ceiling. live on capitol hill with the latest. cheryl: that is interesting. the economy, not the world's biggest problem. the ceo of the cleveland clinic telling liz claman at the world economic forum is obesity, the big interview coming. dennis: look at today's winners of the s&p.
12:29 pm
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12:32 pm
cheryl: a houseboat is imminent on extending that that feeling for three months. we will get instant congressional reaction. top income earners in california leaving the golden state thanks to a new law that jacks up there taxes. meatless burritos. we will explain what are in those. a very important story. dennis: bottom of the hour. we have nicole cut back on the floor of the new york stock exchange. nicole: i am taking a look at an ipo last march. recalling certain frozen pizzas due to a possible presence of
12:33 pm
metal particles, from a medical mesh. the stock is down nearly 5%. it was cut today over at deutsche bank. it is down about 2.5% at 1383. back to you. cheryl: thank you very much. breaking news right now. just about to vote on a temporary extension of that debt ceiling. this will, at any moment. rich edson standing by. rich: in the next few minutes or so, the house will vote on this new proposal. it extended to may 19. the lawmakers will not get paid until the end of congress. if the senate does not produce, they will not get paid until the end either. congressman bill class -- how
12:34 pm
are you going to vote? >> the senate will actually have to pass a budget. they have not done so in four years even though it is the law that they do. there is a minimal obligation to the american people. it will be great. rich: there are no spending cuts as part of this. you are raising the debt ceiling for a few months with no spending cuts. is that a problem? >> the automatic cuts are coming right down the pike. right after that, there will be a continued resolution. another opportunity to rein in that spending. we are all inpatient to get the fiscal house in order, all impatient to make sure that medicare and medicaid are secure, but in the step-by-step process, i think we get there. rich: there are still major differences between democrats
12:35 pm
and republicans. is there a move on either side? >> i will point out that obamacare is $500 billion in taxes and they are taking it now. the bill was just passed after the new year is 600 billion in new taxes. there are a lot of new taxes. which, by the way, i opposed those. i know the importance of the safety net. we have to come together to save medicare. until there is a blueprint, i do not take we can get there. the good thing about this bill, we can begin moving forward on saving medicare. rich: dennis, you want to jump in here? dennis: which do you think is more important, the no pay or the debt ceiling being extended until mid-may?
12:36 pm
>> dennis, the most important thing is the united states needs to get its fiscal house in order. if this is what is required to get the senate to pass a budget so we can begin to work in bipartisan ways to get there, that can be a message. if they live within our means, we have to do that as a country. until there is something on paper, we cannot start. we will hopefully get the senate to pass a budget and go from there space. cheryl: there is a stark difference between revenue increases and tax increases. how do succeed in this fight this time around? >> they have said that the
12:37 pm
better way to raise revenue is by eliminating deductions and loopholes. making the tax code flatter and fairer. you raise revenue, but you also set the stage for more economic prosperity. i am all for that. i am all for a way where we can have a progrowth economy. i am all for that. i can support something like that. dennis: russia, the country of russia has just adopted a 13% but tax. any talk of any tax cuts here kind of disappeared once the reelection was over. what do you say? >> first the president is all about spending and raising taxes. the president wants to raise revenue. number two, though, republicans are still talking about a flatter fairer tax rate.
12:38 pm
on the other hand, until the senate gives us a budget, we do not know where we will put that money. going back to the beginning of this interview, we have to get the senate to commit to budget priorities. once we have that, we can see how much money we need. then we can align our parties with our revenue. i would like to say i am optimistic that this bill will get the senate to the table. they have not done a senate budget for four years. cheryl: real quick before we let you go, the president in his inauguration speech seemed to be talking about about bipartisanship. did you take the president for his word? >> i am optimistic. i like to think that an inauguration is a new beginning. remember four years ago he campaigned on getting rid of the deficit within four years. he did not achieve that.
12:39 pm
we, as a country, have to hope for new beginnings. i am all about progrowth. get our fiscal growth in order. dennis: thank you very much. rich, we will come back to you. >> it looks like they are just about to get started. we will update you as soon as we get a tally. cheryl: we will be watching that both from our control room right here in new york. more coming up from davos, switzerland. liz claman is with some of the most influential people in the world. dennis: lax getting a lot more traffic. people are fleeing california because of a much higher tax rate. first, a look at the ten year treasuries. ♪ twins. i didn't see them coming. i have obligations. cute obligations, but obligations.
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12:42 pm
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♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. cheryl: it is time for your west coast minute. top income earners in california are saying no thanks to a new blog that jacks up their income tax. these residents are heading to other states with lower rates like arizona and oregon. they are now seen more than half of their income going to the tax man. legislators scheduled to date line by line to the general fund
12:44 pm
budget. the results will not look like a jackpot as the state continues to recover from the housing crisis and the economic turn down. chipolte is testing a new tofu filling. they are hoping to attract vegetarians. it has tomatoes, tofu, chipolte sauce and peppers. that is your west coast minute. sounds kind of good. dennis: cannot wait to try. the cleveland clinic. its chief is talking to liz claman in davos, switzerland. liz: in 1921, four doctors in cleveland came together with the idea to provide innovative, top-notch health care at a fair price. today it is the cleveland clinic with 28 doctors and healthcare
12:45 pm
professionals. some 48,000 employees. 4.6 million patient visits. it is the envy worldwide of many hospitals and health care clinics. toby cosgrove runs the whole thing. i want to start here in davos with the question, whose model do you respect? >> there are a lot of places that do it really well. mayo clinic. we are very similar organizations. i am a shameless dealer of great ideas. liz: do you go in and watch they'll clinic surgeries? >> four years i went around the world to find new surgical tech takes. now i encourage all of my
12:46 pm
physicians to go someplace at least once a year to find new technologies. even if they are going and looking at an assembly line. do something to understand a new set of ideas to try to bring innovation to healthcare. liz: you just told me that last night, you had dinner with john chambers of cisco and a top executive from microsoft. >> we were talking about big data and how it is coming together and how we can use this to our advantage. if you take all of the data in the world, 95% of it has been created in the last two years. we have a tremendous opportunity to begin to analyze that data. what we think we need to do now is have a chief data officer who spent all the time looking at how we begin to analyze that data. liz: you have been at the forefront of fighting obesity.
12:47 pm
that is the cause of so much in medical costs certainly around the united states. the battle of sugary drinks, do you look the other way? you banned sugar sodas at the cleveland clinic direct we took them out of our repertoire. you cannot buy them there. we need to help companies move food to a healthier opportunity. you know, we are changing as a society and as a change, health care has to be part of helping that change. liz: if you could eradicate a disease from the united states, it would save us all the money and discussion about affordable health care. >> the biggest problem is epidemic of obesity. liz: which leads to diabetes and all other problems.
12:48 pm
>> 10% of the healthcare costs in the united states. if we do not get a handle on obesity, we are never going to be able to control the cost. liz: last question, if you were to have one question you wish could be answered for you and the cleveland clinic this year, what would it be that would help you really run ahead with the cleveland clinic efforts? >> i think all of us are trying to understand, in the united states, what the new opportunities are in our organization of healthcare. we think that we clearly cannot just decrease the cost. we have to change the way we deliver healthcare. we have to know what the rules of the game are going to be so we can plan them. dennis: all right. thank you. that was a nice report. cheryl: when it comes to blockbuster these days, go big or go home.
12:49 pm
liz will sit down with imax ceo in the next hour. small business big ideas. it results from the chamber of commerce shows there remains a specific amount of concern. survey finds that 82% say the economy is on the wrong track. 71% feel the healthcare law makes it harder to hire. 66% believed the climate for small business has actually worsened over the last four years. 54% expect the overall business climate to worsen in the next two years. dennis: 99% say they did build that. surf the web while you are cruising the streets.
12:50 pm
cheryl: dish network ad seeking feature. cbs says it is ready to pull the plug. that is in your media minute. dennis: first, look at some of the winners on the nasdaq. ♪ what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today.
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cheryl: i want to show you these live pictures from capitol hill. at any moment they will vote on extending the debt ceiling, but only for four months. they are doing a democratic procedural vote before the actual vote takes place. rich edson is standing by on
12:54 pm
capitol hill. we will get reaction from power market participants as well in the next few moments. dennis: media minute time. cbs and dish network are at each other's throats court. the ad skipping feature has the knickers in a twist. cbs has moved to void the deal with this. this deliberately chose to conceal the new service when they negotiated their contract. cbs is the number one network. dish network reaches 14 million homes. this related development, the rise of dvr was supposed to kill the networks. instead, it has expanded their audience. the show just drew 25 million viewers for the first time. how? 2.5 million people watch the show on dvr.
12:55 pm
rather than stopping every single ad, it turns out a lot of us just do not bother. lastly, "madman" are coming back. the premiere day will be sunday, april 7. two hours at 9:00 o'clock eastern. cheryl: am i the only person in this building that has never watched that show? dennis: it is because you are home reading. [ laughter ] cheryl: no, i am out running. the fact that dvr viewing is actually boosting the numbers. they are bringing in more revenue. dennis: maybe they will find a good deal. cheryl: there is this before we go to commercial break. it is basically the hottest ride on the road right now. it will be a hotspot. bentley is equipping its sedan
12:56 pm
with wireless internet that can handle up to eight devices. eight devices in your car. totally safe for everyone peered with just a touch of a button. allowing passengers to use ipads, wireless keyboards. there are 8-inch flat screens with build in dvd players. they will make their debut this march at the geneva auto show. because we all need to do more things while we drive. right. dennis: you do not want to miss tomorrow show. i will have an exclusive interview with hostess ceo on who is the winning buyers for brands like twinkies, hostess, cupcakes. news that you can make money on, or at least eat sweets on. cheryl: at least we know what is going to happen. dennis: their fate may be at hand.
12:57 pm
apple makers out with their earnings after the bell. cheryl: plus, lou dobbs will be joining them on secretary clinton's heated exchange on her benghazi testimony. she was testing, but she looked good while she was there. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work.
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