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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 23, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> and last spring, boston kicked off a city wide challenge to lose a million pounds a year, with just two and a half months to go bostonnians have shed less than 75,000-pounds, and city officials trying to figure out how come, they offer fitness on the na plaza and free outside wk out last summer, also there was an ice cream fest 1r58 festivald others blame a crappy baseball season, i applaud people who want to better themselves and drop a few pounds, but a giant city wide challenge, don't you think you are setting yourself up for failure, here is a point, try to drink less sam adams,
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there you go. texas attorney general greg abbott telling new yorkers to move to his state, they like guns there, thanks for joining me for the willis report, have a great night, we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> good evening, it was a day of colliding images and actions on capitol hill. in a rare bipartisan vote the house of representatives today passed the no budget, no pay, 3 month extension of the debt ceiling, speaker boehner, winning the support of most of his majority as well as 85 democrats for the bill. the speaker embraced congressman paul ryan's new plan to balance the budget in 10 year period. in contrast, partisanship on
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parade. chamber trying to figure out what clinton knew and when she knew it. no answers were forth coming, and the secretary assumed either no knowledge or no blame over the course of 5 hours of testimony before the senate foreign relations committee and the house foreign affairs committee. this was her reaction to republican senator ron johnson when he questioned her on the administration's false narrative in days and weeks after terrorists killed ambassador christopher stevens and 3 other americans. >> we were mislead, there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that, that was -- ascertained of that not the fact. and american people could have known that. >> with all due respect, we had 4 dead americans, it was because
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of a protestor guys out for a walk one night that decided to go kill some americans, what difference, at this point does it make, it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it trevofrom ever happening against senator. >> senator accused obama white house and u.n. ambassador rice of lying about what happened in benghazi. >> i categorically reject our answer to senator johnson, the american people deserve to know answers, they don't deserve false answers. and the answers that were given the american people, on september 15, by the ambassador of the united nations, were false. >> the american public waited 4 months for secretary clinton's much anticipated testimony. but today's hearing moved us no closer to the truth. senator john barrasso, a member
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of foreign relations commit who questioned secretary clinton will join us tonight from washington. on the debt ceiling extension a deal appears to be in the offing with president obama. he and senate majority leader harry reid signals agreement with house speaker john boehner's debt ceiling legislation that was passed today, we'll take that up with senator barrasso and the a-team tonight. the obama administration and the wake of benghazi told the american people, repeat ed please that u.s. had a strategy, and substantial security present at the consulate. the accountability review boards investigations and subsequent report declared of that not true, that the security measures were in the words of that report, quote, grossly inadequate. our first guest, press secretary clinton on that issue. >> i would ask you today if you believe we had a significant
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substantial and strong security present in libya at that time? >> on that night, we had the requisite number of ds agents, we can get mired in the back and forth, but i believe we'll be doing more to help prevent future tragedies and attacks if we take the recommendations. lou: joining us now, senator john barrasso, your assessment to how forth coming, the secretary was, and i would like to explore from back and forth as she put it. >> it is my impression, that she had answers prepared, she was going to give these answers regardless of the way that questions were posed. clearly there was not adequate security in spite o of the talkg
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points, and people have been saying afterwards. chris stevens should never have been put in this situation, he was desperately asking for additional security. it of not strong, it proved case that night, i asked questions about has justice been done. the president the day after, the attack said we'll bring those who did this to justice. there has been no justice to the terrorists who did this, i do not believe there is justicity for state department officials who oversaw this and plane moved from one -- and maybe moved from one office to the other but still working for the people of the united states. additionally you see what is happening now in northern afghanistan, my concern -- northern africa, my concern is those to got walker with these attacks, and murders, they have been emboldened. that is why we're seeing what we
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seeing in northern africa. lou: the account built review board. made it clear, that the security was grossly inadequate. there is no debate about that. there is no if an anyway, any equivoccasion, that is the conclusion. whereas there is certain amount of am bi ambiguity we welize tht secretary clinton never talked with the diplomatic sickles security ages, he is -- the accountability review board did not talk with the survivors of the benghazi attack. you wonder about the interest n knowing the truth and coming to terms with it in the way in which this country operates against our enemies. your thoughts. >> well, they also done interview secretary clinton.
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what we know, is we were in the middle of a political campaign for the presidency, everything that happened in benghazi flew in the face of what the president of the united states have been telling the american people. he has said that al qaeda had been decimated. they have not. high said al qaeda is on the run, they oral rise, if you look at -- they are on the rise, if you look at where they are located now across the world, a huge increase from what the president is letting the american people believe. and what he told the american people just two weeks before election day. what happened in benghazi, flew in the face of the narrative, the story told by this administration about after the death of osama bin laden. lou: if i may, susan rice, going out, senator mccain took note on september 15, on 5 sunday talk shows, the secretary today, was rather flip ant, i thought, in saying, going on
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sunday talk shows is not her favorite thing. as if that would be the first condition that would have to be met for her it tracy th addressn people, she assumed no responsibility, no engage. in the process, your thoughts? did she refuse to do so? and you know, how in the world do you deal with the reality a u.n. ambassador lied to the american people. >> my take on the sunday shows that president, white house, the campaign for president's reelection wanted a political operative on those talk shows that give a political message, not a real message, that had to do with our national security and terrorism in the world, susan rice was very willing to be that political operative, that is her history, that is the role she wanted to continue to play with this administration in that campaign.
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lou: as we wrap this up. it appears we're in agreement, that nothing new was learned today in this process, we watched a process that took more than 5 hours, involving 16 or 17 u.s. senators, at foreign relations committee, you among them, 46 congressmen, for crying out loud, and we watched a spectical in which it was just -- i can call it political theater but it was more political farce. what you can you do to change the effectiveness in which they care out its duties of oversig oversight? >> who gets elected makes a huge difference. and oversight is a responsibility, there are branches of government, as the early founders said, if men were angels we would need no laws. but there is a series of checks and balances. we've not been able toa.
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accomplish that. i have asked the secretary about has al qaeda been decimated. which has been the talking point all through the campaign by the president,. her answer of core al queda has been decimated. the group in afghanistan but now they are spread. lou: it might be that is -- if you will, an equivlens of what you mean by al qaeda. your definition there of. senator great to have with you us, thank you so much. >> thank you. lou: much more on secretary clinton's benghazi testimony today with the a-team, coming up next. >> meet the founder of think thin, former super model, small business owner and health food entrepreneur, liz ann and her success of the economy and california. >> social media goes after the
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lou: the battle over second amendment rights begin in earnest on capitol hill tomorrow. when senator diane feinstein of california will introduce legislation to reinstate a federal ban against assault weapons, yesterday senator frank lautenberg of new jersey introduced a bill to ban high capacity magazine holding more than 10 rounds, senator chuck schumer of new york said he will reintroduce legislation over background checks in the number
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of weeks. in the house, congressman rosa and raul of arizona put forward a bill that would give gun owners a $1,000 a year tax credit for each of two years for turning in assault rifles to state police, none of these are expected to pass of republican controlled house. president obama's address triggered a scathing response from the national rifle association, the leader, rain lapierre, said that president made a mockery of our constitutional rights. >> they are god-given freedoms they belong to us, in the united states of america as our birth right, no government gave them to us, no government can ever take them away. lou: lapierre argued only reason that federal government would want to create a list of gun owners is to quote, tax them or
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takes them. our next guest is a texas gun shol owneshopowner who is now ca boycott of groupon, after the site canceled his dial for a concealed handgun training course, he said that groupon seems to e8 to to e88ing anyoneo believes in the second amendment with as monster. saying this statement -- including shooting ranges, conceal and carry, and clay shooting, have been placed on ed on hiatus while we review internal stanstandards. the category surge review following consumer and merchant meafeedback, joining us now is a former customer, michael cargill, owner of austin, texas, central texas gun works. good to have you with us. >> thank you, sir.
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lou: let me start with, you are calling for a boycott of groupon. you have asked your attorney to talk with them. has there been any development since we came on the air? >> no, sir. my attorney is still keeping in contact. we're going back and forth, we're keeping our options open. and the most important thing and i am calling to every american to believes in the right of safe and lawful gun ownership, to join me, in refusing to hand over even one cent to aning or weighing tha -- an organizationt has no respect for those of us who are protecting our second amendment rights. lou: the second amendment, i think that, i will not speak for the nation, but i think most of us treasure every right we hold under the of constitution. let me ask you, what had been
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the response went groupon before they decided to pull your ad? >> well, their response was, you know, first of all, they contacted me a day after the deal ran. they said, hey, you're deal is going great, it is so good, it is going to sell out. so, why don't we raise the limit of the deal. the deal of actually supposed to be set for 600 people to sign up. lou: for a class for conseep conceal carry you would lead? >> yes, sir, correct, i said, okay great. let us go ahead and raise it to 1500, they sent me an e-mail, i responded back, i said, approved, we raised the limit to 1500 people. lou: that is an amazing response. and exceeding your own particulars, then what happened 32 expectations then what happened 3 days later. >> they contact me, i walked into my office, and said hey
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we've canceled your dial, i said why, they said, the ceo of the company, has decided that he is going to cancel any deal that have anything to do with guns, shooting clays, gun ranges or anything like that i said, while, why are we doing that, they said because of all of going to in news, media and white house, we'll cancel anything that has anything tootoo with guns. lou: they are now, quote on quote hiatus. you are calling for a ban. but what has been thei reactionm your customers? people going into your gun shop? >> i'm getting the response from the country. i have been contacted by people in washington state. people in illinois. people in missouri. all the way to florida. and i was contacted by an 80-year-old woman who was sexually assaulted by a repeat
7:21 pm
sex offender, who actually contacted groupon to get the dial. they told her no. so, i -- she contacted me, and i told her, not only will i give her the class, i was going to give her the class for free. >> good for you. and so your business is going through the roof, if you will? >> yes, sir, it is. lou: and again, let's talk about that. how to get a hole of you, in case -- hold of you, in case someone else would like to avail themselves of your services, >> yes. lou: right there o on the bottom of the screen. >> yes, the most important thing is reason i got into this business, is my grandmother when she was 70 years old, she decided she was going to travel to college, to get her college
7:22 pm
degree, she had only got a high school education. at 70 she centralled back to college, while travelling from a college library, she was at a bus stop, a guy came along, mugged her and tried to rape her. at that point, i decided that, i was going to make sure that every female in my family had the tools they need to protect themselves, groupon is targeting lawful gun ownership in this country. i've had enough. i'm sick of everything that is going on in media and news and dc, and congress and is a sayi, only thing they are doing is targeting lawful gun ownership. people are their time out of their busy schedule to take a 10 hour course, to learn gun save the to learn the law that surrounds the firearms and we're punishing these open, i say now, i'm not going to do, that my
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name is michael cargil, and i say boycott groupon. lou: michael cargil, from central texas. thank you. i bet he knows some folks to pro for you to in other parts of can the runty. -- of the country, michael, come back soon, will you. >> thank you, sir, i sure will. lou: when are record revenues just not enough? when wall street wants more, apple bruised in after-hours trading, we'll have the story, and ho how many and how much dos it take to question a secretary of state? the answer in tonight's chalk talk. next. ♪
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♪ lou: you know, i would hope to use the jock talk to keep you a list of new insights
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, new revelations. that is not the way it worked out. we did not get anything in a way of answer today from secretary clinton. instead to we got what amounted to political theater to a theater, if you will, that was more farce, theater of the assert my call it what you will. it was a waste of time the most part. we're going to show you just how big a show it was because it was a big show. over in the senate there are 19 senators, 19 senators on the foreign relations committee. over in the house 46 representatives on the foreign affairs committee. that's pretty impressive. that 12 percent of the 113th congress who spent the day asking questions expressing their frustrations over clinton's responses or lack of response. but we don't want to of leave out congressional aides and staff either. senators on the foreign relations committee have on average 15, 15 aids. multiplied that by 19.
7:28 pm
that's 285 folks in the foreign affairs numbers have on average. multiplying that by 46. you get 368 votes. pretty good. i mean, this is quite a boondoggle. it is quite a spectacle. it is quite annoying to think about the taxpayer dollars being invested in is that a result. we cannot forget the committee staff members, the committees have their own staffs, of course. the senate for relations committee has 44 aids attached to the staff. the house foreign affairs committee, 46. forty-six staffers. 348 folks, 348 votes over in the senate and in the house a mere 460 people, 460, 460 involved.
7:29 pm
a grand total of 800 who cannot get a straight answer from the obama administration about the four lives that were lost four months ago in a gauzy. one thing we did learn for certain today, appearing on the sunday talk shows apparently is not one of secretary clinton's favorite things to do. my guess, it's also not ambassador susan rices favorite thing to do anymore either. we'll see about secretary of state nominee john kerry in the months ahead. success in that time obama and the state of california. how about that. a former supermodel turned health food ceo joins us to tell us how she thinks then and profits. bedbugs. every traveler's nightmare. we will pull back the covers on the cities that are the eight
7:30 pm
used in the cheapest and you will be surprised what it all means for one state in particular. the speaker, house republicans demand democrats coming together to pass the debt ceiling extension. and a balanced budget in ten years? too good to be true? the "a-team" is next. ♪
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♪ lou: the house passing a three month extension of the debt ceiling. favorable reviews from both the president and the senate leaders. the "a-team" on a suddenly cooperative government or at least an episode of cooperation. we will be taking that up with the next. stocks moving higher. good earnings from ibm come mcdonald's, with the dow and s&p climbing to new five-year highs. ibm accounting for 66 of the dow's 67 points a game today. the s&p up, the nasdaq ten and a
7:34 pm
half. ten and a half billion shares traded. after the closing bell, apple disappointed. hitting earnings targets, but believe it or not missing revenue expectations with a record fourth quarter revenue. the stock trading well below $500 per share in after hours. netflix giving its shareholders reason to cheer. expected to report a loss of $0.13 per share. instead, it reported a profit of $0.13 per share, and the stock up more than 30% right now and after hours trading. the national transportation safety board says testing shows damage to the lithium ion batteries on boeing 787. the ntsb says further tests unnecessary and under way. will detail findings at a news conference to be held tomorrow. gold down $6 a half today, closing at 1686. oil also trading down, losing a dollar 45 remaining just above $95 per barrel.
7:35 pm
interest rates remain under 2% for the ten year. congress avoiding another fight on the debt ceiling after the house voted to approve a bill to extend the debt ceiling another three months until the 18th of may. the vote to 852144. 111 democrats voting no. also asking the house and senate to approve a budget by the 15th of april. they don't congressional pay could be placed an escrow through late next year. does that sound like music? senate majority leader harry reid says the bill will be voted on in the senate over the coming days. the white house says the president will actually sign it into law. meanwhile, senate budget committee chairwoman saying that her committee will, indeed, draft a budget this year if adopted. the first time that the senate democrats have passed a budget in four years.
7:36 pm
so in advance to the democrats returning to regular word business, returning government at least in its transition to reality for us all. thank you very much. joining us now, the "a-team". good to have you all year. i have to think that you are about to break out in song. i mean, think about it. an agreement amongst the republicans for a 10-year plan. ryan has taken 30 years out of his plan, reduced compressed into a ten year run and a balanced budget. the president, harry reid joining with the speaker for a three month extension. this is an extraordinary day. >> it's great. they can't afford to take any more broken jaws.
7:37 pm
they lose the fiscal cliff. let's not have a fight. lou: the folks in the senate. >> the senate and the white house guys. hey, the republicans in the house to want to get their jaws broken again. lou: and the president, signing on. it looks like more jobs than just republican our interest here. >> everybody gets hurt in a fight, but some people get hurt more. republicans have more to lose. the best way is nobody loses. lou: what do you think? are you joyous? jubilant? >> i think the republicans look a bit weak, and am waiting for good communicators up there. republican rank-and-file and the country want them to fight for budget cuts. they want these cuts -- lou: how do you know that? county you know that? >> this is one of the main reason republicans, the majority of else couple of years ago. and we talked about this before.
7:38 pm
republicans do very well on midterms. the vast majority of the country, the majority of the country is with us, but when it is to the point we have these presidential elections and electoral college and people based in washington running things they don't do a very good job. when you let things happen at the state's we do a better job. what we need a good communicators. a delta to put up the right fight -- lou: to me like a speaker, eric cantor. >> some of these people -- lou: kevin mccarthy. >> they are very nice people, but they are not up to the moment. they're not up to fighting what we're up against. the reason we know it -- lou: they are the leaders. >> most of the american people do want to see a reduction in spending, poll after poll. they constantly show 70 or 80 percent of the american people believe -- lou: and then some of false starts talking about social security or medicare. >> there are increasingly concerned with the side of the deficit and the national debt.
7:39 pm
brand new polls showing the number one issue is still the economy, but now the number two issue is the deficit and debt. lou: president obama. >> the republicans failed to mount the kind of presidential campaign. fail to take advantage of the fiscal cliff moment, get in front of the debt ceiling, and they cannot do anything that would create anton the gun debate is going on. it does not make any sense right now. lou: we will come back with "a-team." trying to roll the republicans. it does not look like they're going to get close. we will have a lot more fun about this. how well the republicans do. it will take that up. and coming up tomorrow, the governor of the great state of nebraska joins us approving the keystone xl pipeline today. he will be here to talk pipeline politics and business. conservative columnist and author, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist among our guests it's
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♪ lou: defense secretary leon panetta tomorrow will formally lift the ban preventing women from serving in combat according to senior defense officials. that directive would overturn the 1994 ban and open more than 200 their teen thousand jobs to women on the front lines. the decision would give the military until january of 2016 to seek special exceptions if they believe any positions must remain closed to women. back with the "a-team." we're talking about the republicans here. i happen to think today was a very important day for the republicans. they prevailed, there were reasonable. and they have cooperation from the senate and the president. the three months deal and
7:44 pm
assuming that everyone keeps their word, the deal is done. that is a positive for republicans as well as the president and harry reid. what is wrong with that? >> it has gone to everybody wins. the problem is republicans need to find something to fight with that will make them look like they're nuts. lou: i have heard this stuff. five with the president. fighting over this. suggestiveness earlier. fighting for the hell of it and losing is a bad idea. >> you are supposed to fight and win for the hell of it and for the cause and for the issues. lou: we should apply this as well. overseas and military, military adventures. >> well, if you are not good at fighting to when you should not be in those jobs. when congress starts getting along anyone starts getting along in washington, d'agata little bit nervous. lou: i don't think you're going to get nervous for quite awhile. transitory shifts year. i don't know how long it will
7:45 pm
last. >> let's concede the point that today was a good day for both sides. how did they go one? where did it take this? at three month breeding time. instead of siding with the president and the democrats overspending of the debt ceiling limit which a greece is a losing puppy is in to my take on the democrats on spending on a continuing resolution, take them on the budget and take them on on sequestration. lou: at think republicans will prevail and so will reason. here is where i think you take them, if i may respond in a would like to get your reaction and where i think the republicans must move. they have to get out of the business of these petty political flourishes over events and issues that they cannot control. certainly the budget is, even though it is in charge of the purse strings, the republicans are not in charge of the government. they have to understand that they are outgunned. i think they know that. if you want to talk about
7:46 pm
putting someone in a deposition, the republicans allowing obama to be obama and the in the senate to continue to spend than to rack up these insane deficits and debt and go to the 26 -- the 2014 elections we think? >> well, there is no grand strategy. instead they are engaging in skirmishes they cannot win. lou: response to what i suggest that they do. we know the history. that is one of the reasons you're suggesting a different approach. >> i happen to agree with you. nothing that's abroad when look at things. creating enough small ads, small discussions with the american public to make it work, but they have to be very disciplined and do it. the problem, they have multiple taxes. shooting at the leaders command is very difficult. a very difficult position. lou: in a overcome the leaders?
7:47 pm
>> other people coming at them? i think that leaders worked their way up the system. newt gingrich as an example. over a decade, building the party committing candidates elected committed not just come in one day -- lou: he was the savior and he blew the party up in '96. he is probably the worst example in my opinion that you could possibly use. [talking over each other] >> i don't think. sometimes great leaders want to do great things in that they are going to have to fall on this order somebody would go after them. they're not meant to be in power for a long time. lou: he did his thing. that's great. [talking over each other] lou: you get the last word. with we canonize newt gingrich. >> let me leave you with this thought. the key to life for anybody, but especially if you're in politics is in the worst battles to fight and where your strengths and weaknesses are.
7:48 pm
newt gingrich is a great thinker. legislatively that is an open question. there is no be doing any kind of strategic thinking for the republican party. short-term, medium-term, long term permanent is to be fixed. the need to be focused on economic policies. >> i agree. >> well done. lou: i just don't know what the messages, and that you want to give credit to the speaker because the lead and he succeeded. good for him. thank you. >> thank you. lou: up next, growing a business in this tough environment. we are talking california. obama land. entrepreneur and former model, supermodel joins us next. ♪ it's a new day. if your a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transfer to others through direct contact.
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lou: labor unions suffering a sharp drop in last year. the bureau of labor statistics says the nation's union rate fell from 0118% to 113%. the los level since the 1930's. a loss of almost 400,000 union members. of course their dues. that average $634 per year per worker. in a single year that amounts to a revenue shortfall of more than a quarter of a billion dollars. to file this next story under only in washington. believe it or not the public school system and the nation's capital is considering dropping the requirement that high-school students take a course in american government in order to graduate. instead students would take more physical education, art and music. nothing wrong with those. be required to write a thesis. what is that about? by the way, 36 percent of
7:53 pm
high-school seniors portable a basic level during the national standardized test on civics in 2010. good citizens, all that. civics, social studies, government to call it what you will. american history, an important part of our education. a lip reader hired by inside edition says he's of the great mystery of why first lady michele obama rolled her eyes at speaker painter during monday's inaugural luncheon. the lip reader claims that the speaker, i know a chain smoker, was asking the president whether he had a chance to have a quick smoke before lunch. somebody will you do it. the president reportedly gave up smoking three. you would not know that by the determined way in which he was chewing gum during the inaugural
7:54 pm
that explanation is absolutely not true. we don't know. disco we would share that possibility with you. our colleagues at market watcher answering one of the most burning questions of the day, which cities in this country have the most bedbugs. well, you can go to market watch for the full report, but let us give you some of the essential top lines. the top city for bedbugs is not tell i am pleased to tell you, new york city. the big apple ranks number ten. you may be surprised by the bug plaques in the state of ohio. cleveland coming in at number eight. you would not be on the list without d.c. seventh in bedbugs. adding to ohio's problem, columbus and cincinnati coming in number six and five. making a higher, think we can say without any question, that any reservation whatsoever, the bedbug capital of the country. what is going on? we reached out to the governor's
7:55 pm
office. they have not replied to our request for for their permission . a number one city for bedbugs, the ag answer when we come back. stay with us. and the super model. ♪
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[ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums you'll forget you h heartburn. 7,000 students drop out every school day.
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that's a line of desks more than 4 miles long. keep students in school. visit and take the first step. lou: some quick housekeeping topping list of top 10 cities with bedbugs in this country, knocking cincinnati from stop spot. president obama's hometown, chicago, illinois, murder capital of the world, and bedbug -- well not the world, the country, bedbug capital. now let's turn to my next guest who started a nutrition and energy bar company, despite california's tough tax climate, her company has grown over 400% in last 4 year, joining us now liz ann fal falseeto, these bari
7:59 pm
would like to think, i could drop a lot of weight real quick, if i think thin. >> you know, think thin is born off of premise of weight wellness, that is about deliciously natural nutrition that empowers you. lou: your business is booming. >> it is. lou: despite in california. terrible tax climate. terrible regulation climate. what is your secret for success? >> you know, everybody knows that taxes in california are high. but i can tell you, it's a great place to run a business for us. it is the health and wellness mecca of the world. and the clientele, that you can get. and team you can build is fantastic. but i contribute our growth to the fact that we're unique. we're unique in the marketplace because we're the only bar that has we'reo gram zugo, -- zero gram zug


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