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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 20, 2013 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> lou: hello, everybody. thank you for being with us. congress back to work this week after a two-week long recess. three issues and agenda items stealing all the atention today. immigration reform, gun control, and the president's budget. president obama delivering his budget proposal two months late. and neither democrats nor republicans seem to like it. republicans won't behaving any of mr. obama's tax hikes and higher spending and democratsup set the president wants smaller increases in payments to retiees. his $3.7 trillion proposal amounts to the largest budget in miles per hour history.
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it doesn't come lose to balaing. deficits in perpetuity. the president looking for easy within on gun control and has be pushing hard for krong to produce. the first major gun control legislation in two decades. but it's up clear what they can get through congress. they have a limit on magazine capacity have no chance of passage. the rest is purely window dressing on an issue that the untry takes farmore seriously than the presiden originally estimated. we will take it up tonight with senator ted cruz who emerged on the first year in washington as p with of his party's national leaders. the head of the national rifle assoation wayne lapierre joins us as well. other stories we're covering, north korean leader kim jong un taking the rhetoric to new
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highlights, issuing daily-threat against south korea. fox ws military analyst and four-star je jack keen ways -- general jack keen ways in. >> pat lea herby announcing he will hold a single hear,ne hearing on the gang of eight reform legislation next wednesday. we don't know what is it or when it will be released. earlier they were walking outside the capital to pressure congress to move aster on immigration reform. two senators reached bipartisan agreent on background checks one day before the senate prepares to debate gun control legislation. senators toomey and manin announcing an agreement to expand background checks to cover herrialsales including those at gunshows an online.
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private on-on-one sales wold be exempt. miff next guest threatped to filibuster. >> joining us is ted cruz. list of assignments so long we won't take up your time with all of them. i'm amazed that you have time for all of the assignments. great to have you with us. >> in no order of developn't on the day, $3.7 rillion budget from the president long awaited and overdue. your thoughts? >> this continues a pattern that was reflected in the budget that the democrats ssed two weeks ago. pat nof advocating more tax increases on top of the $1.7 trillion in tax increases we have seen. not making decisions we have
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to make to get out of control spending, under control and the turn-arod the unsustainable deficit and debt. it ones massive budget deficits in the future. >> lou: have watched continuing esolution after continuing resolution take over what has been the traditional roll of the budget. are w to see another round of continuing resolutis as a result of the blueprint, the president decided to advance 65 dys after it was due? >> i think we may well. the president made a decision not to submit a budget while the senate is considering a budgetespite he is legally required to do so. part of the reason that we have seen government by continuing resolution i that congress has not been doing its job. ssing appropriatio bills and making the hard decisions,
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that all of us are elected to decide. i don't think it's a particularly conservative philosophy. they want live within your means and not want to bankrupt the country. up fortunately, for the last four years, the democrat controlled senate has been unwilling to makeany real steps to live within our mea means. >> lou: it is extraordinary when you put it in that way that it results in ecation, you must follow the law and value of government napse and provide te overside as well as appropriation and follow the costitution. that is radical stuff, isn't it? >> it used to be bipartisan and wide agreement on that. but we liv if an different era, where four years the democrats refuse to pass a budget at all. when they did th budget would raise taxes an additional $1.5 trilln on top of
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$1.7 trillion n tax increases that hav already happens. it doesn't meaningfully cut spending in any real well. i never balances. it does nothing to save and reform entitlement, social security and medicare to preservethe programs for seniors and make sure they are strong and vibrant going forward to zo next generations can rely on that. >> lou: the senate, much of its time taken up with he house. on gun control. senators toomey ad manchin, coming up with a deal. >> i don't remember the last time that it became a big deal for two senators to reach a deal. but that is sort of the way it has, that the envronment now down there. is tat deal of theirs between the two of them something that is going move forward as gislation? that will be taken seriously by both parties? >> i think it will be taken seriously.
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i don't know if it will pass or not. we should be focusing on prosecuting and punishing and preventing violent criminals. and we should be safeguarding the constitutional rigts of law-abiding citizens. all of us were horrified by what happened at sandyhook. i have two children at home and to paren could see chirp senselessly murdered and not be anything but speechless nd just taken aback at the depravity and the hor are of it. but it's sad so many politicians are trying to take advantage of the tragedy not to take legislation to target violent criminals but working to take away the second amendment right to keep an bear arms of the law abiding peaceful citizens. let me tell you something interesting most people on't know -- >> lou: senator, could i to this. take this opportunity to go to break very quickly, because we
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have run up against one of those things. >> sure. >> lou: if yo wouldn't mind we'll take a quick break and come back. talking to senator ted cruz. you don't want to miss a moment of what he has to say on th
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we are talking to senator ted cruz. it interrupted you. i apologize for that. if you will, sir. >> guest: sure, i was say that unfortunately the obama administration has not made a priority to prosecute those lons with guns. 15,000 felons and fnneltives tried to purchase a gun and were turned down. they prosecuted just 44. let me repeat the numbers of
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the out 156,000 fe lops and fumetives illegally trying to purchase autobahn, the obama justice department only prosecuted 44. i am introducing legislation to create a task force in department of justice. we need to prosecute violent felons and fugitives to go after hem and protect ourselves against violent crime. we shouldn't strip away the right to bear arm of lawful peaceful citizens. >> lou: senator reid, the majority leader called for a cloture ote at 11:00 tomorrow morning. you and a number of your colleagues have also said you will filibuster should the need arise. is it your sense that the need will arise? are you committed to a fill buster? >> what i think is critical, is that for any bill that abridges the bill of rights and in particularundermines
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the second amendment right to keep and bear arms at a minimum it should be suggest to 60-throw threshold and the senate should not adopt it with 51 votes but a higer threshold to protect he bill of rights. that's what we insist on and what the cloture vote will roduce. >> lou: immigration reform, this is, this is beccomingvery difficult t understand some of what is happening. they're important senators in groups of two or gaps of eight. the miles per hour people aren't getting exact the clearest view of what is deliberated by the senate. many of you are not briefed by the gang of eight. whatis the senator cruz view of the way senate is conducted by both parties in th senate? >> i will confess that my mom told me tostay away from gangs. i have not been involved in
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the gang of eight deliberation. you know, i want the wait to see wat they produce. at this point we have not seen a stat sheet. we have seep outlin andwe have see press releases. there are rumors that the bill is as much as 1,500 pages. >> lou: good lord. >> i hope that is not the case. in my view there is bipartisan agreement on immigration. if we focused on agreement, number one we would get serious about securing the borders. about providing manpower and technologyto finally stop the problem of illegal immigration. number two, we'ddeve resources to improve and streamline legal immigration. so that we can welcome and celebrate those who follow the law and come here seeking the arican dream. the president's focus on insisting on a path to citizenship for those here illegally is designed to scud the entire bill because he wants a political issue rather than to pass common sense
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immigration reform. >> lou: we have to leave it there. i wish we had more time. come back seen. this seems like number of issues important to the nation. thank you for being with us here tonight. >>enator ted cruz. the obama administration has a knack, don't they? another failed gren car compy osting taxpayers millions more. millions more. how do they do it?
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>> lou: the obama administration has done it again. choosing another green energy loser spending millions d millions of taxpayer money in the process. fisker automotive firing 75% of te workforce after failing to secure a financial deal.
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that is 160 jobs gon from a company that was backed by a 500, at one ime a $529 million-dollar loop guarantee. but feel good about it. fisker was able to only tap 139 million of it. that's impressive, huh? >> we uldsay we're shocked. fisker battery supplier went the wrong way as well. the system is quite something and opened by a chinese company. changed the name by the way. i love this. a123 is now b456. you thought thechinese didn't have a sense of humor, right? it benefited from a early $250 million grant. that is $250 million. the chinese should send us thank you card. don't you?
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wouldn't that be nice? and solyndra got $528 million. wow. you know what? they went belly up. thebattery maker, received 118 million. they went belly up. energy store ran company, beacon power received $43 million. how about that? that feels likchump change, doesn't it? just $43 million taxpayers dollars. you gt it. they went belly up. solar panel company i love the name, abound solar got $400 million. we will kick it ba up on this one. i don't need to pint out by but i. it will is fun to say.
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they went bell ily up. we -- belly up. we laid out the losers the administration obama picked and we are looking for he winners because they talk about how successful they are. we found one. just one. tesla rceived $465 million. to build electric cars and doing well. announcing it will repair the p five years ahead of schedule. they were founded in 2003. but we're opts. tesla says it will turn profit this quarter so we put it to winner's side. it recorded $75 million loss. we're not sure tesla s a winer yet. this was going to be blank if we didn' put tsla here. we need the company.
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so does the obama administration. the president, i do have to change one thing. winner. winner and loser. president obama has be investing in the companys. it's clear why he went in to government work and was a community organizer, isn't it? this just wa't going to be his career path. this was all, he said, an effort to create 5 million green jobs. i want you to bear with me here, because this will require a little leap of faith. leap of faith. bureau of labor statics was counting the job. 3.1 million jobs tallied. but they were coutingthings like bike repair shop clerk, hybrid bus drivers andthose installing water-saving toilets. those were green jobs according to the federal designation. i would love to tell you how many more were created over the past year. the bureau of labor statistics stopped counting them. are you ready for this?
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because of the sequester. convenient, hh? we'll be right back. up next, mounting evidence of imminent missile launch from north korea raising
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>> lou: north korea telling all foreigners to evacua south korea. claiming the two countries are on the verge o nuclear war. officials at the u.s. embassy in seoul say staffers aren't going anywhere. earlier, the top navy commanderer in the pacific said the united states could shoot down a missile if north korea does launch on in the next few days. but only if it poses a thrat to u.s. interests. >> if t missile was in the defense of the homeland i would certainly recommend that action. if it was defense of our allies, i would recommend that action. >> my question is would you
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recommend that we intercept a missile if it is launched by north korea no matter where the intended target is? >> i would not recommend that. >> lou: joining us now, jep jack k evenane, retired, four-star, army general, former vice chief of staff of the army. also fox news military analyst. jep, god to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. >> lou: admiral locklear there went on to say more. if i may for the audience's benefit, let's hear if you will the rest of what -- well, i'm told we don't have the rest of the sound. we'll be satisfied with what we have. he goes on to say he would not launch that missile or intercept that missile if it weren't clear that it was being launched against one of our allies or clear it was launched against our interest, as he put it. do you agree with the admiral? >> i agree that we should only shoot the missile -- we should only defend ourselves and
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shoot the missile down if it was targeted on something. but if there was any doubt about it, i certainly would shooit. let's face it. we have to be careful here. at the sametime, demonstrate resolve to our alies in the region. everybody is concerned about a miscalculation. anything that would escalate the activities and force kim jong un to take another provocative step is something we don't want to do. >> the rhetor, everyone i has spoken with, sys the level of rhetoric of the context fa that was do gent between south and north korea and the united states. do you perceive what interest kim jong un is prsuing or what his strategy? >> guest: we really don't know. it's such a closed regime. we tonight have access to what the thinking is. he is surrounded by much more senior people than that. clearly thereis some kind of strategy. the only thing we can do is
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look at the patter from the past and let it inform us. what they have don in the past i they have used strident rhetoric like they are using now, but this is worse, provocative acts to gain attention and get concession from south korea andthe united states. that has been by an large successful throughout the many texas. >> lou: right. >> that is one of the things that has takep place here. other thing he is frustrated as a new leader trying to prove his strength and capabilities to his own people by the u.s. -ld, u.n.-imposed sanctions that china and russia both supported. i think that really got to him and it helped trigger some of this. >> lou: w have thesecond infantry divisi stationed between seoul and the dmz. almost 30,000 troops there. is the presence of the troops, is it constraining against kim jong un? or is it, is it a problem for u.s. military leaders?
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>> guest: well, we have been there since we siped the armistice. we're there to help defend south korea against aggression om the north. that is what if mission is. so we ae shoulder to shoulder with the south koreans by the way, who have a capable military force. they number by te millions. they have tens of thousands of artillery pieces within 25 miles of seoul. would be devastating for a city of 10 million eople if they fired on him. we are there without any doubt so he understands if he took that step he would lose his regime. the united states would ensure that. that is what we're there for. >> what the doctrine if there is one that can be easily synopsized says that says the any leader if you fre the artillery which would be devastating effect on south korea and the seoul and
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environ that will be the result? do we hae a docrine that says instead of there would be assured destruction? for north korea if they were to carry out such an attack? >> our plans here are solid. they get updated continuously, because we have capability improvement. but make no mistake about it, we would be all in with the air power and the land forces. ewith would counter by invading north korea. we would go to the jugular as quickly as we can. with airpower, where the seat of power is and systematically take the rime down once and for all. if the invation it would take police and encouner the invation first and simultaneously while we are doing that, we'd gawk up on him in terms of the commander and central system, artillery and logistical infrastructure and take regime down. >> lou: are you still confident a conflict can be avoided? >> guest: yeah, i am. as i said went to know for sure but i think he will
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probablfire a missile. and i suspect the exercises are about to end at theend of month. that should bring the chanter to a close. and we'll wait for the next chapter, because there will be another chapter. >> lou: general jack keane great to talk to you. guest guest good talking to you, lou. good seeing you. >> lou: up next, states like com,ew york, connecticut further the assault on the second amendment. the had of the nra wayne lapierre tes us whether the constution will prevail. next. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 tusand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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>> lou: the prime sponsor of the federal ban on high capacity magazines reveals a hocking lock of understanding about both the issue and funs themselves. congresswoman dejutz at a denver forum answering a question on how limiting the number of rounds a magazines would help reduce violence. and this is her incredible answer. >> there are bullets so the
4:36 am
people w have those now, they are going to shoot them. and so, if you ban them in the future, the number of the high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time. because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available. >> lou: if you understood one wit of that you are amazing. of course; magazines can be reloaded and reused hundreds of time, sometimes thousands of times. a spokeswoman said for the congresswoman she misspoke and was referring in actuality to clips. but, of course, the congresswoman spokesperson was also misspeaking because clips have nothing to do with it, although distinct and different from magazines, of course. the legislation limits the number of rounds that a magazine holds. it ends there. joining us now, is a man who knows all about magazines and clips and -- and including, of course, representatives in the
4:37 am
house of representatives. such as the illustrious congresswoman, wayne lapierre. the head man at the national rifle association. good to have you with us. >> guest: good to be with you. >> lou: i have to ask you, what did you thk of that unintelligible crazy answer? >> guest: well, lou, another example of so many people in this debate, the oliticians, like that congresswoman, whether it's president obama, michael bloomber they simply don't know what they are talking about. the congresswoman as you pointed out didn't know the difference between magazines and ammunition. the fact that magazin hold am anything. when you -- ammunitition. when you run out of ammunition, you can reload the magazine. she had no idea. the president was out there today, blurring the division tink between fully awe mattics and semi-automatics. it's unbelievable. >> lou: the president saying that the shooter in newtown is a used a fully automatic -- he went to the trouble not just
4:38 am
saying automatic weapon but fully automatic weapon. but it was nothing of the kind. connecticut, passing -- what is now the strongest anti-fun legislation in the country. first your reaction to that. secondly, do you think it will hold up? >> well, what they don't understand, or could care less about or seem to not understand the point is that gun control doesn't work because its requires e criminal's cooperation. all they are doing in connecticut is lining up the good guys. making lawbooks thicker. putting massive paperwork and regulation and diversion of the police resource on the honest people, when the drug bangs and the evil people and the criminal, they could care less if connecticut passed that law. >> lou: yu know, this law also calling for effectively registering -- registration of various forums, there seems to be for no. acknowledgment
4:39 am
anywhere in the public debate that cap da tried recommend centering guns, long guns, rifles, shotguns in canada for almost 15 years. spent about just short of $3 billion in the period of time. ended it. ended the registry because it didn't work. it was way too expensive. we've got ten times as many peoples as the canadians. so what in world are people thinki about? >> guest: well, i mean, they're not. i mean it's mindless attempt keep attackin the second amendment. not have an honest conversation what about works. who all this ends up applying to is you and me. we end up the law abiding people having to deal with all of it. i have seen the pattern before, though. they don't enforce the existing gun law testifying criminals are doing is illegal. they pass another gun law and tell people they have done something but they have done nothing. when they won't do is what works. which is put armed security,
4:40 am
police officers, certified security many schools. fix the me tall health system. enforce the federal gun laws on the book against drug dealer, gangs and criminals. start making america safe. >> lou: when wayne lapierre says to start enforcing the law, the three worst jurisdiction the country to failing ofto prosecute felo and criminals for the attempt and many cases the purchase of guns illegally of 15,000. they prosecuted 44 of those cases in the country under this administration. this attorney general. successful of only 13 prosecutions, chicago, los angeles an new york are three worst. chicago the worst of all in failure to prosecute the crim crimes.
4:41 am
>> they aught to hold up signs saying, "90." in 90 of the jurisdictions -- in the worst place, chicago is 90 out of 90. dead last. you have can't be the presidt or vice present or attorney general and have the responsibility of enforcing the federal gu laws and not bear some responsibility for what is going mon the city when you simply don't enforce the law against drug dealers, gaps and fe lops -- gangs ad felons. the case the president is talking about the poor girl that was killed in for tin august ration, what he doesn't mention -- for the inauguration andwhat he doesn't mention is the gap member was pucked up on a gun charm and put out on pration, rearrested three times for break-ins and trespassing. left on the streets. there was no federal prosecution at all. that goes on day after day in chicago. the media won't call the
4:42 am
president out on it. they have no interest in it. it's the only way we are going to make people safe. then they come up with some lame excuse saying well, they're prosecutg at the local level in chicago. everybody nows that is a joke. they're not. >> lou: we know btter. we know whatever they're doing it's not workingch we want the give creditfor last month. we did get a report that there was a declean of 42% in violence, in violent crime in chicago. so, they can't explain it. i don't care what the answer is. congratulations to chicago for that improvement. may it continue throughout, well, for the duration. wayne lapierre. we tha ou for being with us. i want to talk more about the shield proposal to make sure the students are safe but you yours is the proposal on the table now before congress. before god and the world to protect our children. its, i think, something the nra should be proud of is the
4:43 am
fact that you and the leaders of the nra ar the only people talking specifically with the program and specific detail about how to better proect our children and our public schools. wayne lapierre, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> big hits, big money, the n.f.l. facing former players in court. dobb's lawtakes
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>> lou: another shocking turn in the jodi arias murder trial. system centering on a so-called manifesto written by arias in prison. prosecutors maintain she wrote the mon fes toe dock me and wanted opiesprinted in case she became famous,." prosecutors also referring to arias signing or autophotographing copies of
4:47 am
that manifesto. the prosecution is using this to challenge testimony from a domestic violence expert maintaining that arias suffers from low self-esteem. hearings underway today in a philadelphia federal court discussing and assessing concussion risks for n.f.l. players. at issue now, more thn 200 lawsuits that represent more than 4,000 forer players who accuse the n.f.l. of, "deliberately and fraud leaptly concealing the dangers of head tauma." this could ost the league billions of dollars in damages. players are also seeking treatment for neurological injury sustained in their careers. the n.f.l. is trying to hand the lawsuits dis -- have lawsuits dismissed to main tain tat the n.f.l. collective bargaining agreement prohibit former players from pursuing their claims in court. joining me now, lisa wheel, attorney and former prosecution, faithjenkin. let's start with the
4:48 am
obviously, what is going on with the n.f.l. which is veeving remarkably, i think, little attention. >> for a big case. >> lou: this case could,i mean, it coud -- give us your thoughts on what is going on. >> it could change the game forever. today, judge brody heard arguments. she is trying to decide what will happen here. will it go to arbitration? or do i have jurisdiction to hear the case in federal court? the entire reason f having a collective bargaining agreement is for claims like this, s that the courts c st out of the affairs of the n.f.l., which is what they prefer to do. >> it's not only just change the game. i would change nature of collective bar gappings agreement if you take it out of that realm. even though there is collective bargaining agreement, i wll take it to trial. collective bar gapping agreement allows them to say we cn go to arbitration. >> lou: there is the implication if not the assertion by the players in the lawsuits that then.f.l. was actually fraudulent in its
4:49 am
representation. that which they ignore in danger and risk to the players. could that itself take it out of cleck tiff bargaining and moving it -- collective bargaining and move it to trial? >> it might if you get in a criminal realm talking about fraud. it could especially be a rico statute thing. >> racketeering. >> exactly. it would be. that is, real stretch. i'm creative in imagining here but it is possible you could say prosecutor could say look, they knew about it and did fog about it and meanwhile people were hurt. >> they concealed it. they say not only did they know about it but the committee that the n.f.l. formed con saleed the science behind head injuries. >> a father's pistol lie sense was pulled after his son 10 years old was suspendeded at school for making a wate gun threat.
4:50 am
>> no, no. talking about the wat gun. we don't know if water gun is there. 10-year-old is suspended. then the pole come in and suspend the father's pistol lie sense that had nothing to do with the kid. adjudicating this is separate. zero tolerance policy. we have seen it before. >> lou: zer tolerance mean? that you suspend your intellect, your judgment >> in some cases it appears that is what is happening. it means that anytime that there is a reference to a gun, weapon, violence in school, it is zero tolerance and kids are suspended -- >> lou: you are talking about a 10-year-old. >> for going bang-bang with a finger. biting a pop tart to make it look like a gun. a gible suspended because she has a hello kitty bubble gun. >> lou: we have reached a point to examine the schools. educators are the closeest in proximity to role models for the kids. we haveeducators, administrators and teaches acting like bafoons.
4:51 am
>> lou, i don't have an issue withsuspending the student for a day or so. >> lou: really? >> i don't know -- the school has not released an official statement about the facts about whathappened. i think that something perps was said that was inappropriate. i think -- >> lou: what was said? what could be said by a 10-year-old? >> something in reference to going home and get a gun, that's very serious. >> water gun. not sure. not sure. that is what we heard from the family. >> lou: let's go to another case that i finds anatg. jodi arias. a manifesto in case she is famous. >> signing nil prison. >> lou: now they decide it's a problem for the argument that she has low self-esteem. >> she is so fragile. and has such a low self-esteem and she wassuch a victim. you know, dspite the fact -- >>he has a manifesto. >> she does have a manifesto,
4:52 am
because she wanted her i.q. tested because she is as smart as albert einstein. he is said this. defense witness, lou. you got to love this. self-esdrea esteem problems the. >> lou: it must be helpful to have the i.q. writing manifesto in prison. >> this is something if you're a defense lawyer you never want to come out. >> lou: $2 million on this case. >> but the prosecution put their case together in two weeks, presented it. the defense is dragging this out. >> lou: you get paid by the hour, don't kid me. >> i'm double billing. >> lou:good to have you. innovator and politico dynamo. a few words used to descri the founder and the leader of fox news. now new biography, ronaler ailes off camera, authors zeb
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>> lou: roger ailes off camera a fascinating new book about the president of fox news and our boss here. a man president oma once called the most powerful man in america. we agree with president obama on this. uncharacteristically. joining me now author. great to have you here. >> good to be here >> lou: congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> lou: i want to start with calling roger aileshes the most powerful man in america, how close to true is it? >> guestwell, you know, this came up with when roger went to e white house. to the christmas party. he was in the reception line. the day before somebody else called him that. he got to president and he said the most power mavel in i america -- powerful man in america. and ronaler said i stirred that b.s. up myself. >> lou: which he might well have done. >> probably did. >> lou: also characteristic of roger to deflect and be
4:57 am
self-deprecating. i have had privilege of working long time in business and there is no more feared executive in television news. i would say in television period. in he news media than roger ailes. he is feared and respected give us a sense of the character he reveals as you taken to biography. >> i spent close to a year with hi. in meeting and traveling and i was surprised how down to earth he is. a guy from a small town in ohio. he is sophisticated at the center of the american politics and the nixon administration and center the media.
4:58 am
attitude of small town america that i relate to because i grew up in a town like his. pontiac michigan. that is how we talk back then. >> between the two of you, which is the sophisticate, then? >> i can ask you that coming from a up to from idaho. >> both roger an i consider rupert idaho the shticks. >> lou: one thing we refer to idaho adds the cultural wasteland. >> you went to an ivy league school. >> lou: don't remind anybody. you have been around highly successful, amazing personalities. ray romers, his intellect and his wit. i have never seen anyone -- smartest man in business. he is my boss. but he is. he is extraordinary.
4:59 am
>> he has done extraordinary thingsno question about that. fox news is his accomplis accomplishment. before that,cnbc. before that advisor to three presidents. >> what became msnbc. >> before that, he was a le jep dare boy, producer. hard to argue with the succes success. however else you look at him. he uceded at everything he tried. >> lou: and the id he has a wit referring to the fellow who runs nsnbc. i saw up with light this wek. the wit is azor sharp and can encapsulate stories suck cinctly, referring to -- succinctly, referring to a man successful because he was in another man's wedding party. that is convincing an damning you can be. >> yeah. you get one-liners from roger, sometimes. self-deprecating and others
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