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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  April 24, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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the chasm continues. republican presidents, democratic presidents, the gate point fingers, but the bottom line is, the rich are getting richer, the poor getting poorere we're not solving anything. tomorrow we will do all over again. lis d the willis report next. gerri: i am gerri willis. tonight on the willis report -- consumer alert. what can make you sick. banks refusinto repossessed houses in foclosure. what that is doing to your home's value and we will tell you how much it pays to compin. we are on the case on the willis report. r top story, what is in your refrigerator? is it king y sick? a new study examines 12 years of
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outbreaks and hospitalization for illnesses caused by meat and poultry. the top offenders are the most popular foods on kitchen tables across america. with more on this caroline smith, director of food safety at cter for science in the public interest, the study's father. thanks for coming on the show tonight, great to have you here and i have to tell our viewers this is an exhaustive study you really looked at a long period of time. tell , what are the chief foods that make us sick? >> thanks so much. we think th is important information for consumers. our highest risk meat products were not surprising, chicken and ground beef and the way we reached this conclusion is by looking at the types of pathogens that show up in those outbreaks. we studied over 33,000 cases, individualases of illness linked to outbreaks and found
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that these two meet haveesome of the worst offenders, things like e coli 015787 and some and a. it is interesting because -- >> it is not just the coli and salmonella anymore, there are other thin to be worried about too. i want to show folks your risk pyramid to get an idea what we're talking about. chicken and ground beef at the top but let me tell you everything that is on your table this week probably is on this list. tell m how does for example ground beef get contaminated? >> the contamination for ground beef can start at the farm. there are baeria that live in the cattle, quite happy there, they don't make the animal sick but when they get into the meat self which happens during the processing and slaughter of the animals than ty can cause real problems for consumers.
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gerri: in your organ as i read in your report in the high and eventually they land in the ground beeitself, salmonella and chicken just like eoli, and the chken is all that is processed. years of unending your report that i thought was gross but had no idea this was going on in slaughterhouses. the chickens sit in cold water and they sit in hot water multiple times and doesn't this mean the bacteria kind of swatches around? >> actually the bacteria can be all over the feathers of the chickens and they are put into a skull tank which helps loosen the feathers so when you get the chicken, you don'tee those fetters but in fact it is really -- also allows the bacteria to spread quite easily throughout the birds onto their pores and it finally, into the products we take home. stakes are problem too.
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gerri: they're artificially tenderized. tell us about that. >> the industry has developed techniques for mechanically tenderizing many types of meat especially roasts and some steaks. that means they use needles or blades to puncture the meat. that punctures the bacteria from the exterior to the interior and that means those products need to be fully cooked to make sure th are safe. gerri: some of theumbers associated with this, number of cases of illness nearly 2,000, outbreaks 82, and apparently we are eati 130 pounds of meat every year so the likelihood of running into this is pretty high. before we go, you mentioned cooking meat more thoroughly but that is not the only thing you need to do. you have to be very careful when handling these products. >> absolutely. one of our big findings is a large percentage of the
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illnesses re actually it from products after they were cooked. they were some specific pathogens. we urgeonsumers to use special precautions. that meanshey need to move food rapidly from the oven to the refrigerator in two hours and they need to make sure it cools rapidly. otherwise u could be having, could be creating a food safety hazard in your refrigerator. gerri: you don't think of it. you are in your kitchen and thineverything is ok but you really have to be careful. young kids and older folks are most susceptible to the illnesses from this. thanks for coming on. fascinating report and you did eat work, thank you. >> take care. gerri: on to air traff controller furloughs, we have en talking about this all weekend it is continuing to causheadaches for fliers across the country.
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house republicans growing at eighth chief on capitol hill today to find out if his agency made every effort possible to event these furloughs from happening in the first place. lighthouse out today saying it is open to changes in budget cuts to address these flight delays. joining me is congressman tom of the department of urban committee who was on capitol hill today. were you satisfied with what he had to say? >> no, i wasn't. que honestlyy biggest concern is safety for the public. but having said that, he confirmed he thought the system was safe. as far as the delays that are in place today, the trouble as far as getting from one place to another, missing flights and all those things simply could have been avoided. administration when we did the continuing resolution brought in
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a list of hundreds of what we call anomalies or changes to funding that would have stopped this disruption. they didn't ask for anything as far as air traffic controllers to change that so it seems to me, the secretary low hood has said previously that it is going to be very painful and seems they're trying to inflict as much pain on the public as possible. gei: you say you are worried about transportation safety, but you are also taking the gop shots at the administration saying they didn't do everything they can do. specifically what should they have done in your view? >> they should have asked to have adjustments made oz far as funding, what we call anomalies. when we did the continuing resolution, they brought down hundreds of dierent items that said they wanted to change this because a department or agency couldn't exist if we didn't have an increase and took money from elsewhere. that is exactly what we could have done with air traffic
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controllers. if they made that a priority. gerri: we had a guest on yesterday or the day before the said we have known since september the cuts were coming and the fadidn't put their hand until the last minute to say this would cause major problems. from what i have seen and you have better data than i do. the delays seem to be diminishing. monday, 1200. tuesday 1,000. what is really going on here? if it is possible, and again this is what we are hearing, that maybe some of this is self-inflicted, just a slowdown if you will. >> i have great esteem and regard for air traffic controllers. they do a very great job in difficult situations. it can be weather-related at times, different parts of the country obviously have more delays, but my problem is with the faa a not really addressing this issue.
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they didn't talk to the airline unti last tuesday to tell what was going to happen as far as the furloughs for air traic controllers. they gave the airlines no opportunity to adjust their schedules, and what that cause is the flying public to be really put in a situation where it is veryisruptive. gerri: the democrats are blaming you guys, democrats are blaming the house, saying republicans desire for budget cuts is causing all thispain. what do you say to that? >> the sequester is t the way to do it and ts was the president's idea, the president's press secretary said it was their dea, they insisted on this option in the budget control act and they have done nothing to mitigate the problems that are with it. that is really what my concerns certainly, i am as much of a fiscal conservative as anybody, we have to set priorities and to
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me, travel for the public and air traffic controllers is a top priority. gerri: a long way to go on this oni am afraid. thanks for coming on, appreciate your time. hope to see you again soon. we are just getting started here tonight. stilmore to come in this hour including y. some consumers are luctant to com crummy service. it was a proposed rule ahead at you are audience split down themiddle. one former flight attendant and mother of the 9/11 hero joins me next, you will want to hear this story. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo.
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gerri: t tse has indefinitely delayed the small knot on planes rule. itas set to go into effect
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tomorr, my next guest is a retired united airlines flight attendant who trongly opposed the rule. her son died fighting terrorists on united flight 93 on 911. alice, welcome to the show and thank you for coming in and talking to us. really apprecie it. >> i am grateful to be asked, thank you for the invitatio addendum subject. >> y had written and thought that in the major newspapers and i read it with interest and you told your own story. tell us why you think it is wrong to allow people to bring on knives. >> my son mark bingham was on flight 93. he found himself dealing with box cutter and knife wielding terrorists ande and the five or six guys, tom burnett and whoever helped himought and died with the struggle of the terrorists not completed.
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it seems to me if we're going to fly safely need to keep lives -- knives of any description of of airplanes and also the hockey sticks and golf clubs and sports 6 that are innocuous and should be alled on board. gerri: it is a long list they want to allow land to be clear with our viewers mark bingham was your son. and he is somebody who face a terrorist with a knife. >> that is true. gerri: the f a a people say this isn't dangerous. they have bigger fish to fry. they want to look for explosives. you were a flight attendant for many years. what do you say? >> as a flight attendant a the 9/11 mom, mr. john kissel is very why is. we are celebrating him today because he has decided to wait on letting this decision hold, wait another 60 years -- my hole
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-- he is going to wait another 60 days and take on all kinds of promises but he has got to know this is not a wise decision. i told him tois face when we met with him on the last week of march, he emphasized small knives and sports picks like novelty baseball bats and hockey sticks are not a danger on board the airplane but theyant to look for explosives and i told mr. kissel, you need to do both. that he has a should be creating new standards for the world to look up to. we need to make sure no weapons that and be used against another passenger -- gerri: i want to ask you quickly about your solution because you do have iddas how this problem
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could be solved. >> the airlines may not like it. what they ought to do is make it easier on the t s a to screen passengers by limiting the number of bags that come on board to a small reasonably sized carry-on th can be searched for weapons of all kinds, explosives and knives and clubs and carried through security with passenger after having his body search and the big items, hockey sticks and knives and ranches and screwdrivers and stay in the checked baggage. airlines to allow more checked bags and this would help eliminate the problem. gerri: thank you for coming on tonight, really appreciate your time. it is good to hear from somebody who has experience with these issues and thank you so much for coming on. appreciate it. >> my pleasure.
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gerri: unbelievable story. time now for a quick look at the stories trending on charles schwab website once again hit today with a denial of service attacks. the second straight day clients of the discount brokerage run able to place ades. yesterday appl maybe it could trade. send us an e-mail if you like at -- what is our e-mail? gerri send us an e-mail. of big story developing. the site is now back to normal. g e's financial arm will stop lending to gun shops. is rethinking its relationship with a gun sellers in the wake of the school shooting in newton, connecticuand boeing says it expects to resume deliveries of the 787 dreamliner by the middle of the month. the jet was grounded by the fed in january after a dangerous problem wi its batteries and the new $100 bill is coming in
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gerri: if you are like most consumers, chances the u.s. letting big companies of the hook for their mistake. 70% of americans won't speak up if they have a problem with their product or service, this despite one of four getting results en they do complain. how do you do that? todd marks senior project senator for consumer reports. good to see you, thanks for coming on the show. why are people not complaining? of thought americans love to complain. >> we're also closets complainers, passive aggressive. we are afraid of being fought up as a cheapskate, all weiner, we don't stand up for o rights because we are afraid of being rebuffed or perhaps what is really happening is people are put off by the arcane process of trying to get through to
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somebody to complain to. gerri: the phone bank, the anonymous voices wanting to do this, the most frustrating thing in the world. you say if you can navigate it you can get something. >> right, because there arewo systems in place in terms of customer service. there is the mean system in which every company has, they mollifying the easy to placate person, the person who gives up quickly. then they have another system for what they call the squeaky wheels, people like you and me who scream all the time and raise a ruckus. studies have shown that people who raise cain with companies more often than not. they have good will departments to mollify the squeaky wheel. if people stand up for their
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ght and make a lot of noise they will complain to at least 21 other people. one bad experience gets broadcast through social media and other outlets and is easier to retain and keep the grouchy customer happy than get a new customer so if you speak up you will get rewarded. gerri: a lot of people listen to this conversation and they say these two people of trying to get something for nothing, take advantage of the company but that is not true. there are times when you have problems with a big huge company and as a little tiny consumer you feel powerless. what arehe keys to getting something done? >> the fine print in all these customer service policies is designed by lawyers for lawyers. to resolve a complaint you have to know the basic policy. you have to read the fine print and understand and know your
9:26 pm
rights. if you d't get an e-mail response call the company, if you get someone who is unable or unwilling to listen to you keep calling back until you get a more sympathetic helpful year. if you are still hitting a wall tell the representative you would li to escalate the issue. >> is that sect language? >> the word escalate makes people quake in their boots because the customer service rep gets too many escalates which bumps up to iron vels that flect badly on them and says you are not doing your job so they don't want to do that. they want to deal with that at the ground level to keep from getting themselves in trouble. gerri: quickly about mistakes consumers make when they're complaining. >> one thing they do with don't ow their rights. and they don't know what is possible what is not. if they are not aware othings, they are not intelligent enough to have a good back and forth.
9:27 pm
let find that on the web site of the company? >> part of it is your personality, have to take time to investigating. how do i enunciated? july take no for an answer? do i advoce on my o part? takings to social media. and go to message boards on company web sites or take it to facebook or twitter. companies monitor these sites and they know if the problem is not resolved it is going to be broadcast widely and nipped in the blood. that is why they take the steps and we go back to the squeaky wheel. doesn't take a judge and to pull this off. if you know what they're talking about, all the documentation and threatened to escalate, chances are -- gerri: my husband is the best escalator i have ever seen on the telephone.
9:28 pm
my favorite line in the conversations with the end this that is not good enough. f you are not willing to take no for an answer, yoo will belacated and you will get to yes. gerri: you are always terrific on these topics, thank you so much. now we want to know what you think. should consumers complain more? log onto gerri, i will share the results at the end of the show, and the invasion of the zombie, abandoned homes c to haunt homeowners and entire neighborhoods. stay with us. @
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>> here again is gerri willis. >> another big day for earnings., coca-cola and exxon mobil among the bigger names and economic news out tomorrow weekly jobless claims also tomorrow keeping an eye on housing as freddie mac releases weekly mortgage rates. staying with housing they're called zombie homes, foreclosures sitting empty. homan is long gone and banks that have walked away, it is a huge problem and getting worse and affecting all of us who are homeowners. neel weinberg from american company, a big story on this issue on this topic. ids banks not foreclosing? >> there are a million homes that are empty right now and in some part of the process, of those million three hundred thousand are homes that the banks are not moving on and the third of those are in florida.
9:33 pm
other big states are illinois and california but if you look at a percentage of the actual homes, indiana and georgia are big too. gerri: they had a ton of foreclosures on the state. wire banks doing that? >> in florida, the banks are not anxious to see a lot more homes go on the market so it might be the banks are saying strategically doesn't make financial sense to foreclose on these homes. if we don't foreclose than the homeowners are sti liable for the taxes, the maintenance and that seems to be happening. gerri: it raises the value of the balance sheet. they have become their balance sheets. >> it seems the biggest calculation seems to be that if they actually foreclose they pay taxes and maintenance and they can't get it back by selling the homes because they are not worth as much. gerri: what is interesting is a homeowner, i know people care
9:34 pm
about this, they contributed to this bubble we have seen in housing prices. we have seen housing prices go through the roof because inventory is so low. >> that is part of the calculation that these are very low-cost homes for the most part that the banks are declining to foreclose on. the sad part is ultimately the homeowners who in some cases a the banks have taken over their homes might end up stuck for the cost. in one case kate barry was talking to someone in north carolina. six years the bank didn't foreclose and she was told she was liable for the taxeshe whole time. gerri: oh my goodness. the other ramification is if you have one of these homes in your neighborhood it hurts everybody's fried. there is a depressive efft on the market. have you seen that play out? >> no question. in some areas that is playing out and what some consumer advocates are saying is thiss discriminatory because a lot of the neighborhoods tend to be
9:35 pm
heavily minoty populated, tend to be lower-income neighborhoods so that is the way that coumer advocates are trying to g at the bank for this because there's no actual l that prevents them from not foreclosing. gerri: you would think it is in their best interests to do that but it is not right now. how do you see this aying out? how long will it take banks to unload this stuff? finally get rid of it, get it off of the books so we can move on, one of the things keeping the housing market where it is. >> if hour recording shows this non foreclosure, the zombie homes or bank walk aways is quite recent and getng bigger and bigger so this could go on for some time and of course it could hurt a lot of homeowners who are in a bad position already. that is a big concern. i would think as this gains political momentum the banks are going to realize they are taking on a lot of reputation risks that could get a lot of trouble with regulators who will find some way to prevent this even if current laws don't do that.
9:36 pm
gerri: it seems to me they are not very concerned with reputation sometimes. >> they underestimate how badly this stuff can come back and bite them. that seems to be the case many times durg the boom and bust. gerri: you guys do great reporting, thank you for coming on. now we want to bring the latest developments in a storwe have been covering. turns out the obama administration was a bad bet, energy department official in 2010 e-mail y that this would not meet the requirements established by the the o e t get federal loans but the green company got one anyway. nearly $600 million. the company only receive $192 million before the government got wise to its mistake but this is the same situation we found ourselves in with solyndra, another green company that was doomed to fail but still got a half billion dollars of our taxpayer money.
9:37 pm
the energy department is trying to recoup the $200 million, a payment due on monday was not made. concern has not built a single vehicle since last summer and failed to find a buyer. the government sure can take some. when wcome back we will show you a new invention that could make going to theoctor less scary. next, is immigration reform the new obamacare? our lawmakers forced to te on a bill before getting to read it? lou dobbs is with us to give us his take. [ tires screech ] [ beeping ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned... mercedebenz for the next new owner. ♪ hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer
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gerri: the issue of immigration continues to be front and center. ma in congress hoping another obamacare mess. nobody really understanding that. the chairman of the house judiciary committee wrote this
9:41 pm
on before we overall emigration laws limit looking at each of the various components that need to be remedied. immigration reform is too important and complex not to examine each piece in detail but we have a guest in the next hour on lou dobbs tonight and l dobbs and --. joins me now. >> we're going to be focusing in -- what the house calls regular order. they are not going to be dealing with this nonsense about a bomb's rush to put forward and 844 page game of a plan on immigration, they are going to meticulously as the chairman put it, go through land build a case where guest worker program and agriculture and guesworker program, also to build an everify requirement that will go into effect if they have their way within days of its passage and signate into law by the
9:42 pm
president. this will not be some omnibus legislation, some giant comprehensive bunch of junk. much like obamacare. and and it is rational and effectivand humane including those in this country illegally. gerri: keeping congressman smith on last night, does he say something similar? of with his point of view. lou: he is more strict in his view on this. he doe not believe there's anything about this 844 pages that is worthy of discussion. if the president and senator marco rubio and others are going
9:43 pm
to try to ram it down their throats. delta a lead both he and good lot might come down to the same place. more than certainly half of the republican caucus in the house. right now we are watching history being made because what happens now in the senate andn the house over the course of the next several months ill be critically important. if a compound the mistakes of the past it will be disastrous for the economy and will create a tumults the likes of which we haven't seen in a long time in this country. gerri: nobody is talking about what the american public wants. where is the avege american voter? >> the american people want borders secured. i laid out 18 questions that haven't been answered since 2007 when the last effort at
9:44 pm
comprehensive immigration reform was proposed and debated and failed. auld had to do was secure the border, they gained it, they held back the national guard, held back border patrol officers, border protection back from theorder, and don't count the number of illegal immigrants that get away. when you look at the numbers, they are doctored and a lot of nonsense and spin and a homeland security secretary, along with this president who has bn more about spending the numbers rather than securing the border and that is one of the president's foremost vocates for so-called comprehensive immigration reform and it is based eddie, in frankly the basis, most appalling political campaigns in the midst of what
9:45 pm
should be solid government in the national interests. gerri: i know you will be covering this in your show. we will all be watching. thanks for coming on intelligence from vaccinating stuff. lou: good to see you. gerri: switching gears misery loves company so career capps is out with their annual list of worst jobs of 2013ased on all kinds of criteria including income, outlook, environmental factors, stress, physical demand, listing the top five. number 5, oil rig workers, these 220 and women worinangerous situations climbing rigs in any weather but take home less than $30,000 year. number 4 actor, not like tom cruise, angelina jolie, the average actor only make $17 an hour if they can find a job. number 3,nlisted military personnel. these heroes risk their lives every sing day and spend months at a time away from their loved ones.
9:46 pm
number 2, lumberjack. don't hear about the much. and other dangerous of this profession a few years at number one on the list with $33,000 a year. worst job, something i have done. newspaper reporting. this has been streful and full of low wages and long hours but the reason it tops the list in 2013 is shrinking industry and dismal outlook for newspapers in general. which dowas voted best in 2013? actuarial. sounds a little boring. still to come my $0.02 more on waste in washington that will have you scratching your head and find out why today in business, a big day for this singer and important news about your help. don't go awa don't go away.
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gerri: is your child or grandchild so terrified
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gerri: 40 or 80 giving a shot from the doctor can be scary, painful, and a natural pain relief for needle in. with more on this dr. amy baxter. i am excited about this. i read about y and was amazed by your story. tell us what the product is first. >> high-frequency low amplitude vibrators that has and i pack underneath it. if you bring your finger and
9:51 pm
sickened your, it can overwhelm pain nerves with vibration. gerri: sounds so simple but no one has invented this. >> >> when my 4-year-old had to have shot this is easy. the nurse saithis is really going to hurt and i said no it is not, we're going to be financial for i could do anything, she jab him and he became needlephobic. thought about how to replicate their burning, and unbalanced wheels, when you get in the house, the steering wheel, so my hands are vibrating and when i went to reach for the door, i realized my hand was numb. i thought vibration, if i can just put vibration upstream of the needle may won't feel it.
9:52 pm
gerri: that is amazing. show me how this works on my arm. i'm not a fan of needles. anything that makes each year, lean over here and put it on me. turn on the vibration, activate a little switch and for a shot lead and on about 30 seconds and do the shot right there. i am not even going to feel it. and the nice thing is a dentist doing this, put it here for botox or dental work, on the stomach for insulin or arthtis shot. any place you have got a mosquito bite or eggs a m month you put it on and this goes away. gerri: that is brilliant. i am thinking of little kids who are scared of the needle but so many older folks have to have needles all the time and this would be something, it raises the vein or nerve or artery.
9:53 pm
>> pediatric trial of 6-12-year-olds increase the iv success on the first stick three times. people more likely to get the blood drawn on the first stick rather than dig around on it because vibration pops the veins out. gerri: how did people get these? have a brand new business. >> and right now we're selling online and on amazon. we hope to have a supply chain now we have ved to the united states big enough to supply drugstores and over-the-counter. the really important part is it is $40 for families. you have it and use it when you need to end take it to the doctor but a nurses and doctors are still about patient pain so it isomething that empowers someone to know they can count on having the sensation in this blockade when they have to get health care they might otherwise resist or avoid.
9:54 pm
gerri: i have to tell on you a lile bit because you were going to bring somebody else to develop this but they wanted to make it expensive and you said no. >> i didn't want to start a business. i waed to keepeing a doctor and everyone wanted to make it disposable or very expensive and there is no reason. it is reusable, change the batteries out and it is something any family member can have whether they're 75-year-old gentlemen with dialysis or someone in a 3% 5% who think with needles, anyone can take care otheir own health now. gerri: i love it, thanks for coming on, fcinating story. thank you. absolute pleasure. on to this day in business it was on this business day in 1961 that bob dylan made his recording debut for $50, he played his harmonica on harry belafonte's midnight special album. his debut album was recorded in six hours r $400 from folk to
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fix it. we ask the question on 89 percent said yes. that's interesting. 11 percent said no. finally tonight, an unbelievable case of waste in washington. check of this. $890,000. that is homuch according to the washington post the federal government spent on bank fees this year. bank fees for nearly 14,000 accounts. if you are thinking bank fees are of the government's fault, you would be right. banks willharge with a charge, but here's the thing. doou know how much money is in those 14,000 accounts? nothing. the government is paying to keep open accounts that aren't the. $0, $0.0. at least there making progress. the end of 2011 the nt accounts topped 28,000. if someone would just allow the port and close the accounts you could at least would seven air traffic controllers back to work. think about that. that's my "2 cents more." unbelievable.
10:00 pm
of assam, get it together, will you? that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ lou: good evening. new ars that a deadly new bird flew that has sickened more than 100 people and killed more than 20 in china now represents an active global threat. we learned today that the lethal strain of flu has reached the island nation of taiwan, the pure blurt -- bird flew it strain kno as age seven and nine is beinglassified as one of the most lethal of its kind ever by the world health organization. it is no longer isolated to china. a businessman from china -- taiwan reportedly contracted the deadly strain of flu while traveling in china


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