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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  June 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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neil: what part of get a special prosecutor on this now, doesn't the white house understand? welcome i am neil cavuto, don't tell me national organization of marriage too? yep, latest group revealed to have caught the irs's eye, the chairman testifying about bureaucratic bullying that went on for months. >> it is not just the irs, this is the beginning of a threat on a sweater that is just unraveling, americans are darn right afraid of what is going on. neil: minutes away from him, he will not be last. because the irs targets bigger
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and more diverse than we thought. not only group with tea party or liberty in their name, but marriage too. and not just groups, now reports of individual conservative donors as well. and orchestrated not by a view rogue irs agents, but at least 88, agents and staffers assigned to the conservative cases. with not a one liberal group status questioned. that should raise eyebrows, administration believing they can rearranges deck chairs on the titanic. i don't know if there is a super special prosecutor to handle this. i know when it comes to irs mess, one is warranted just to sort it out. the more i hear witnesses harassed and spending tens of thousands of legal and accounting fees to protect their good name, i say good grief. let a special prosecutor to
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there their own thing, that time is now. to man to center of the storm, who put up quite a storm today. john east man, chairman of national organization of marriage. you were on fire. but you are still fired up about this. what was interesting about targeting your group, did you not have liberty or tea party in our name, they dug deeper. >> yes, and we have our nonprofit status, but what they did with us, was disclose our tax return information to our political opponents. neil: which is more lethal. >> it has chilled our donors, and intimidated them, it also is a felony. and we can't get the department of justice to investigator prosecute the people. neil: what happened with you, is whether going after those who contributed or part of yyur group, was more widespread than your group, what do you think?
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>> well, you know, where there is smoke there is fire, that information is made available to your political opponents if a reason -- for a reason. neil: do you think if is is made available do they seize on it, they use that as a means of harassing conservative voters and money men and women, to the point it would affect turn out and the fact this would put a chill certainly going prior to the election, what do you think? >> we had donorring tell us they are afraid of donating to this cause for fear of their businesses attacked and families targeted. property vandalized. we putting it a report in 2008, and documenting all of the incidents of intimidation and harassment that were waged against people that just have a policy view in support of traditional marriage. neil: on a different reason, a different subject ask different area, you became a target.
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once given your tax status after this, the folks who were part of your organization, and funded it, became the focus of this irs broadside. what does that tell you? >> it tells me, that we got people in government and their allies outside of government that are willing to commit felonies to try to shed down their -- shut dunn their down their political opposition. kristine: neil: this is squareo many levels, you already have your status and that protected. and you have irs now, sort of going through your files, and then releasing the names of those who are your supporters. on so many levels, that is haunting. >> it is more scandalous, the head of human rights campaign at the time of joe solaman just
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names co-chair of obama campaign, then all of a sudden our donor list comes up on their web site. we have been able to prove that came from went the irs. neil: do you think this affected vetter turn out? >> i don't know, you have a lot of organization that put grassroots effort in in get turn out, they are scone recalled as -- stonewalled, as they get involved. neil: john, if you were a man harassed and under the gun, and supposed to be as frightened as a puppy, you had a silly way of showing it today, good for you, hang in in. john eastman. a whole new wrinkle in this area. you heard how national organization of marriage became a hapless irs target, after the fact. the administration can't -- get a happened old this. time for a special prosecutor to
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investigate it, to the judge, the judge, judge? >> it is not a felony for irs. neil: what part is a felony? >> leaking information, taking information that was filed to be confidential and protected by the law. regrettably it is not a felony for irs to ratchet up its scrutiny on a class of applicants, and not the same for liberals. >> even if they are in big numbers. >> congress wants the irs to have the power. so that presidents from richard nixon to jfk to lbj to barack obama can suess the irs to -- can use the irs to harass their opponents, but what happened to mr. eastman and his group is a felony, whoever knowingly leaked information from the files to
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anyone, can be prosecuted for a felony, the question is, who is going to do the prosecuting? that is the reason you need an independent council. neil: because irs cannot police itself, this is some rogue irs leaking this information we can assume. >> irs does not have indictment seeking authority, only justice department does, congress does not have the power. neil: you need a prosecutor? >> correct. >> they go beyond the scope of the case, be careful when you wish for. it could become a circus. >> that is the counter veiling argument. guess who decides whether or not there will be a special council? eric holder. for all of these issues, for benghazi, for the associated press, for james rhones rosen, r knocks news, and irs -- fox news, and irs scrutiny, eric
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holder makes that decision. does anyone think that he will unleash a special prosecutor that could be knocking on the door of the west wing of the white house. neil: didn't during watergate they do that? >> yes. janet reno, appointed a prosecutor that nearly indicted approximately clinton. >> if they stone wall it there is nothing we can do. you cannot go to a judge, file a application, and get the judge to order a special prosecutor. >> you are brilliant, and you are so worked up, you have not been eating. >> don't tell my mother. >> you are so thin. the man is not eating, gosh. great job, judge thank you very
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what's in your wallet? neil: do as i say, not as i do. but if you are the
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administration, hand over your e-mails, but you can never get your hand on ours. they have been using private e-mails to try to shield themselves. what do you make of this? >> i don't understand why they want to make themselves look guilty. if you don't have anything to hide, hand over the addresses, make is transparent. this is supposed to be the most tratransparent administration in history. they will not disclose the information, if they disclosed it maybe there would be nothing. neil: what do you make of that, something sincister afoot. multiple e-mail addresses, those in government should not? or they should be open for exposure? >> you know, let's try to be understanding for just a moment.
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let's figure out what this was about. what they are saying that is is about having a separate e-mail that was not public. so you wouldn't have to experience the dilution of e-mail you get from public. you know that is getting a lot of spam, they want another e-mail address. neil: i can see that. >> that is not unreasonable. what is unreasonable is refusing to disclose it in a foia request, and no record of it anywhere. you can never really see what was going on at the top level of power. neil: no one is e-mailing anything on any level anywhere. >> i am not e-mailing anybody. this happened, i think christy whitman had this similar situation. i do think there is some rhyme or reason to not having an e-mail -- e-mail that is ded kittededicated to interoffice.
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however i think those e-mails need to be archived and e-mail addresses not necessarily disclosed in a foiareport because then is is public, but this is for history. >> talking about freedom of information request. that should be fair game. now one thing you can raise here is that, you have a private e-mail, we're just eemailing each other or the three of us that is fair game. if i am working in the government, i should take it as a given, nothing is private. there are white house logs that say how many times irs commissioners come to visit you. that you don't have much privacy so get over it. >> they are not private citizens, they are accountable to us, they pay our salaries, they work for us, they are public servants.
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neil: if they recommend eric holder you did a lousy job that is fair game? >> more critical if you are talking policy, we're not talking about personal private information social security numbers, but if you are a public servant, you are be o obliged to expose that for example, kathleen sebelius. neil: peter you suspect, that if someone has an alternative e-mail address, these were all government addresses, there is something afoul? then this would not be a government address or url or whatever. >> in particular to avoid press scrutiny while in offers. neil: you know people, anything and everything, like richard flexon discover nixon
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discovered. >> but, we can see them attempting to avoid it there was a fight with a ap over whether to get e-mails they tried not in particular to release kathleen sebelius' e-mail address, they don't want people to know about this. that seems to be part of the purpose behind having the e-mails. neil: by the way, note to self, white house, do not tick off ap now, you walk the dog the wrong way they are calling canine police on us. >> to your point about ap, article interestingly did not mention bush administration did the same thing. neil: we're not justifying actions. >> but ap is ticked off or they would have mentioned that. when if your address is kathleen sebelius at, which by the way, i have no information if that is her e-mail. neii: that would be fun if is is, let's check it out. >> if it is, i'm sorry.
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>> whether you are public -- when you -- >> what if you are sitting at home your kids. neil: i think this is fair game, you are an elected official, in a cabinet level department. >> have you an e-mail exchange with your husband i don't know about what happened last night. >> don't do it. know what you accept this position, you accept public scrutiny. >> every aspect of your life. neil: i know i have e-mails here that the -- maybe what i said dark and stormy night. anyway. anyway. we'll take a break, they will be pack with us later, time for gov to show conservatives the love, chris christie had his chance today, why some say, you blew it today. iness you're in, that's the business we're in.
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neil: that done take long, conservatives are already angry at chris christie because of this october 16 the time he decided to have an election if replace -- here is what happens. it also gets democrats in a position of strength because then they can up front any republican who comes there, in this lopsidedly democratic %-brad, they are so upset, me thinks it was governor who maybe deliberately upset them. >> the government did what was right for people of new jersey. neil: what would be wrong with waiting until the end to whoever serving, serves until the end of
8:22 pm
the term? >> you do it by working hard and getting a good candidate elected to that spot. neil: you don't have a lot of as a time to do so. wasn't that the argument. >> look, if republicans get theirabl act together. he will be in an excellent position to battle out in primary, get ready for general election, it is up to the republicans in new jersey to get their act together. if christy nominates somebody for that short-term that is electable that is better, he did the right thing by the people of new jersey. neil: he can't win for love or money on this issue. because it is such a democratic state that would look like he is trying to rig this for you know republicans for next year and a half. but, it doesn't give that temporary appointment.
8:23 pm
presumably a republican. making that leap there. that is unlikely, but what do you make of fact he was astute enough not to make this elect a few weeks later on the ballot? new jersey? >> he is looking out not only for his interest in reelection but also beyond his reelect to a presidential race. i think -- >> does this move change that? he can't win for love of money on this issue. but conservatives say, a-ha, you are holding it in october, never getting republicans enough time to make their case, you denied a republican senator in the u.s. senate? >> he is stuck between a rock and a hard place, he has to have a special elect or fill the uninspired term of frank. it is work hard.
8:24 pm
he was running against corzine, corzine was up there with osama bin laden as far as popularity. here is my corp other crockpot theory. he is not interested in appeasing republicans, he might run as an independent for president, and he might attempt that by appointing a democrat to that position, i do think he is thinking of former, what do you think? >> look, if he runs as an independent good luck. he -- if he does that, he will have no shot at president seize. and remember, as a republican you have to be selected by party before elected by people. he better look to court republicans if he is running as a republican, you don't get to jump over republicans to get to ballot in november, he has to you know court republicans, and has to go beyond new jersey.
8:25 pm
but first step in courting republicans circumstance tout your successes in new jersey. plan budgets, create jobs, take on teachers, all things that republicans like to hear. neil: i think you are right, he can showcase, look, a win in a landslide in bluest of blew state -- blue states, i went to a mark zuckerberg event in california, they want to win, right. >> if you rig the senatorial race in new jersey, it is not going to help him with republican or democrats, we have a chance of doing is taking new jersey in the next presidential race. i think he is doing right, let the people decide. neil: and, nick brady, who later became president bush senior industry secretary, in the end we saw that was elect that brought on frank lautenberg
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thank you, my friend. >> my pleasure. neil: forget the white house ever gets around to appointing a special prosecutor maybe two, is the second term agenda dying or even dead? wn? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the officl retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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neil: let's just say not an auspicious start, nearly a half year into his second term, the
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president has a first class headache. good luck getting through any new tax hikes right now or strategic spending right now. our next guests very much -- rich what is view you hear from white house. you know these things going in waves, i know, they assume this wave too shall pass? >> i believe so, i believe they think with congressional republicans and people on the hill when you look at more ambitious goals of the president's agenda they would not get through this congress even 3 weeks ago. so the chances are about the same close to zero, that president will get increase infrastructure spending, and other proposals, gun control had its problems in the senate. before the scandals and issues,
8:30 pm
immigration perhaps, that is still something that was looking okay in senate. on the house side, still a process this will take much longer that committees of jurisdiction will take their cracks at it, the agenda had a tough time before this started. and seem its will still have a tough time. neil: how many presidencies have gone through where we define them by first few weeks and screw it up, i would be guilty of that myself. but, guess for me how you think that second term is going to go? >> well, i remember saying with you, on inauguration day, second term was dead on arrival, i see nothing in last 6 months that would cause me to change that evaluation. you get it through the senate, how do you get it through the house, but i leave that one
8:31 pm
open. but, you know the rest of it, listen. his next chance to revive his agenda comes in 2014 elections, good luck to him, most incumbant presidents in their 6th year don't end up taking control in either house, much less the house of representatives. neil: you were telling me, midterm elections are decided reallial grassroot passion level, right now so far is is republicans than democrats. >> sure, a year and a half to go, but right now you would rather be the republicans than democrats coming up for house elections, i think that republicans are likely to gain senate seats, i don't know how many yet. neil: rich, with ex seption of family members of mine, 18 months is a long time to hold a grudge and be angry, i am wondering if that is the
8:32 pm
president's favor, assuming that economy continues to stagger toward recovery, and homes and what has been happening with housing industry continues and wall street, despite the hiccups continues, and companies make nice aim of money. -- amount of money to the good that wins out over scandals? >> you know, i would say that 18 months in my family may be considered a blip on the radar for that grudge. but you know, does play into how well the economy is doing. you know president would take from that, it was the actions of his first term, stimulus program, some shore spending it would -- some other spending it would not be that much bad would be better if the president's agenda would be passed. republicans say, you can retreat with both parties, back to the fundamental arguments they had and had and fought over since 2011 when republicans took over the house, despite what happens with the economy. you will have republicans, if it
8:33 pm
gets better, republicans will take a certain amount of president, saying we restrained president's spending, the economy improves, it would be better if we could go forward to tax reform, on some other issues, one area i think you might be able to get some movement on some type of compromise, is when it comes to debt ceiling, but problem is that no one even republicans are not sure how they will play that, but it a one must pass piece of legislation to capitol hill. neil: larry, i heard from a good contact at white house, already, the landscaper, who told me that the goal right now is protect what wementment -- what wement,d protect health care. >> domestically that is right. that is what they are planning to doing.
8:34 pm
second term presidents with a congress partly or wholly in control of the opposition, often stress foreign policy in second term, i would not be surprised to see obama move into this direction, especially if he can't regain control of congress. in november 2014. which after all is unlikelize. neil: all right, gentlemen, i was not referring to my wife about the grudge, that might come up now and then. >> your italian relatives we know. neil: thank you very were. good having you, when we come back, porn "on the go" is a go, then no go. which way will it go? we'll give you the skinny in about a minute 30.
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neil: first up in biz blitz. google saying no, to porno on
8:37 pm
the go. a porn app was announced yesterday, but then the dreams were quacked by google itself. -- were quashed by google itself. >> i think that google is pious and hypocrital with this action, it shows you how scared they are. >> why did they take it away? >> when they did an trade system to -- android system, they allowed porn, where apple set no porn, then google getting religion. neil: they are more mainstream, you have to behave. >> not at all. neil: before you were a big star, dennis kneale had a way he
8:38 pm
behaved. >> what do we care if a guy walks around with porn on his glasses? >> they stood their ground against sensorship. remember china? i think that explore version, the first generation of google glass, they are trying to figure out the product, they want users to focus on that and help them develop it. neil: that would have been a distraction. >> wrong. in every new technology that is ever come down the pipe. neil: what are people going to talk about, they are going to talk about porn. >> reason that vhs video player won that battle because of porn. neil: you are right. >> now they are hampering this new technology, that is what they have done. neil: you are a sick -- all
8:39 pm
right, well, you can get football "on the go," nfl is looking to make all games aveilable on your cell phone, at least if you are a verizon customer, that is a sign all things are going mobile. >> it is, and a smart move for verizon, bad for the traditional networks, i think that nfl is stepping up. but listen, their ratings have been slipping, i think this is a smart move. in long-term it helps verizon, but i'm trying to see how they monetize it, and i am curious what ad sales will look like. neil: looking at a football game on your phone. >> yeah. >> spare me. this is for the most addicted gambling football viewer, one good thing it may get them off the sofa, and down the corner to get a beer or something. i tell you, i think other tv partners should be ticked off about this, they are trying to
8:40 pm
monetize ad viewers they get, i wonder how they would do that if verizon has broadcast rights with your cell phone. neil: i don't understand what you are saying, but i'm outraged. >> bing -- zinga. facebook is number one visited site on internet, their t stocks going down, why would a buy a company like zinca that makes funny stupid games the bottom line, companies like zinga and pandora have a lot to prove, when you are against a company like facebook, a lot of ways they are, i don't know that you want to be there, we need to think twice, maybe three times before we jump on some of these sort of nonsense companies, that really don't have long-term
8:41 pm
benefits. >> i think that delynnation is between platform and feature, you want to invest in a platform like a facebook, zynga is a future on top of that. they are fickle out there. i bet you that zingarc getting ga gets bought. neil: europe getting close with china. we talk tough here about them hacking us, stealing stuff. who knew that french could lead effort fry the chinese. >> $22 billion a year is about what the -- i think what china is going to do, they will me answer about this -- meander about this the chinese don't really care, what is going on happen in my opinion, there will
8:42 pm
be companies moving their operations around, funnelling parts into taiwan or canada, and selling them. neil: i don't know, who is right or wrong, but i see a trade war? >> i wonder about, that and forgive me for being unsophisticated on matters of world trade and tariffs, the chinese want to ship really cheap solar panels to our troubled economy here in europe, and we don't want cheap solar panels we rather more expensive solar panels come in. this is the goal? i don't get it. if the chinese to want to sell solar panels at below-cost, and get us all cheap energy we can get i say go for it when the markets get better other suppliers will come in, that is what happened with freshious metals. after the china tried to corner world market and raise -- neil: you are on the side of evil? >> i am on side of cheapest stuff we can get.
8:43 pm
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neil: junk in your trunk is weighing the entire global economy down. claiming your fattu fat, you knw what, is hurting the world's bottom line in increasing health care cost, that is u.n.'s way of taking my picture, puts it
8:47 pm
outside of its entrance, and saying, have sign this man? former mccain campaigner oconnel. >> this report out by u.n. reads like a mike bloomberg nanny state special on a global scale. the prime goal with u.n. is peacekeeping. with possible war between iran and israel, and war between south korea and north korea, i they are not doing a good job on their primary goal. the best part is that united states funds 25% of u.n. activity, so, on my tax dollars being wasted. u.n. is about as -- it basically is about as efficient as gsa on steroids. >> general services
8:48 pm
administration. i was trying to understand, give them the benefit of the doubt, if there was a global concerted to rein in obesity. there might be some good to come of it, since they can't get their you know their hands on any of these global crisis, include lag to do in sir -- including what to do in syria where the guy is killing his people, and north korea where the guy is hoodwinking his people, what do you make of that? >> i think they are trying to say if we can tackle malnutrition, and under new tration, the global bottom line will be better, but this provides no real fixes it will take a lot of buy ins from a lot of different governments, this is short of narnia it is not happening, i get it. but at same time a lot of individual country should be
8:49 pm
worried about this, they are not paying attention, that is my problem. for u.n. is fell them to do thi -- to tell them to did it, they are just going to ask figure more money in u.s., it is going somewhere else. neil: i am wondering if globally, the pendulum is turning away from big government, here it produces scandalous behavior, and many places abroad they say, up know, these promises, that made you know years ago they are unrealistic we can't keep them. and a lot of folks say that in process of keeping them it is costing them through the nose to provide them, there might be a global black lash. >> there could -- backlash against it. >> my issue is u.n. they try to do good things but it does not work guy the golden rule, those who give the gold make the rules. i think that there could be backlash in u.n. telling people who to do. individual governments in world
8:50 pm
should be concerned about under nutrition and improving their society. neil: but whacky is idea they tell you, you have the most money, you know you deal with it, that would be like someone treating you to dinner and you ditching aboubitchingabout the n other words shut up. >> it has gotten out of control, nobody knows what is going on, what is worse, many of members, in u.n. who want to keep fluking money from government -- plucking money from the governments that are giving, they are forcing us to make the rules this is not a efficient society. the question is whether or not it is times past. >> thank you very much ford oconnel, former john mccain director. in washington. already, just do it, as long as you just don't do that tiger reups with nike, all is forgive eforgivenor because tiger is bao
8:51 pm
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neil: welcome back, will tony alike tiger, if tiger woods can get back in a company's good graces? who is to say, anthony weiner cannot get back in good graces? nike first signalled that things were charging months going when its confirming that winning changes everything adsonfirms that winning changes everything. all right back with us is jedediah biela. what do you make of this? that everyone can be redeemed? >> people have a short memory, it happens with politicians, bill clinton is revered with his interesting past.
8:54 pm
but with entertainers it is different, with tiger woods it is how he is doing on the golf course. i think some people with politicians are more critical they actual affect policy that affects our daily lives, where the entertainers and -- more fantasy. i think weiner will have a hard time, he is a democrat he might have a shot. neil: he is almost tied for democratic nomination. >> new york city, we don't care when do you in your private life. >> i do. >> we have not elected a democrat in new york in 20 yea years. but it is a great country, anybody come back. neil: there is fooling around, and e-mailing arounding stuff. >> i say, i don't care when you do, if i am not your wife, your wife should care, do a good job for the people. neil: fair.
8:55 pm
and his wife onboard with him running for mayor, peter, message is, back to doing doing analogy, his wife -- back to tiger woods analogy, his wife has moved on, but you can redeem yourself. and move on, in tiger winning and looking strong. by the poll numbers, former congressman? >> nike's brand is built around you know helping people on the playing field, saying you will be better at playing sports, so when tiger woods is playing sports better, nike will be more attracted to that brand, and similar a politicians is brand is largely about what they do in office, and choice with anthony weiner, they have to decide what he did was bad behavior or bad judgment. neil: you know, i don't want to sound like a prude, i'm not, but jed squidjedediah, this is not a philandering politician, this is
8:56 pm
a level of creepiness that just -- i am far from pure tongue. it just, sounds creepy, i'm sorry that i can't get out of my mind that guy, was snapping images of himself, on the worldwide web. and oh, sure, whether we are young it is -- when we are young it is fun, but i don't know, this is a man in his 40s, sto stop. >> when it comes to politicians. if you say you do something i need some hope you will do it or may toss the towel in all together. it is a little bit different, i do think that anthony weiner went beyond that creepy point, but because he lea lied about i. neil: and built -- bill clinton did. we all lie.
8:57 pm
it is not a left or right issue to me, this is a creepy issue, a grown man, you know, doing recorweirdstuff on the interneto hook up, on that level it is beyond -- >> you know, do i want to date anthony weiner i don't think so. neil: not as a woman or thinking analyst. on that level. you can have someone like thht representing you. >> i say this, i believe this, i believe this about mark sanford. my attitude is, if -- neil: he hhked the ap appalachin trail he did not do this. >> well he did the argentinean mambo or whatever they do there. neil: if he pops up in his underwear, all bets are off.
8:58 pm
>> i really don't care. neil: i love about democrats it does not matter. >> i am libtaryian with this stuff. >> if is is legal, barn yard animal is not, but if it is legal, go. neil: there is a level that crosses the line. i know i am getting e-mail from all of julie's friends. >> neil cavuto at epa do tha.go. >> neil: yeah. i love new york my wife is from there, a great city, but maybe what city needs is a narcissist not a nanny. >> we have had one for years, giuliani before that. neil: a difference with nars sim-->> isn't the big attract iw york the naked cowboy in times
8:59 pm
square, don't people flock in from all over the world to see a guy in diapers. >> but he is not running for office. >> do a good job new york city, i don't care whose pictures you send, if it is legal, and his wife does not care that is not my business. >> i am sad for this country. neil: i don't know, i don't know. this much i do know that. we will -- we'll never get a handle on his he will be elected new york's mcarea. which is why i am running for president of the united states, for the hell of it. i want to remind. speaking of president of united states, a guy who lost out on that, and might be kicking himself now, would have, show have, could have. do romney folks think it happened. we thought we would go to mitt romney, he will be my special guest friday to address this. and folks he is having in utah
9:00 pm
for a big powwow. chris christie among his guests, his running mate paul ryan. and david axelrod. is his guest. gerri: hello, everybody, i am gerri wiis. tonight i'm "the willis report." cell phone cime. making your phone wohless to thieves. and the war on cancer, tests raise hope for some of the top doctors did and use food to fight aging. how do you do that? we're on the case tonight on "the willis report" di." let's get started, we begin with two very important consumer stories, both of which affect your wallet. first the is a dangerous vus going around


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