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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 5, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> on those other problems that need addressing? no problem. no time to deal with the deck. no time to get a budget hammered out. in no time. it's really shocking and insulting, because snoops are still added. and not just the nsa. i bet you didn't even know about it. welcome, everyone, i'm glad to have you.
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i am neil cavuto. google said, get over it. yes, we scan your e-mails. sure, we check out the contents of your gmail account. but we have been doing it for years. calm down. court records filed in advance of the federal hearing demanding this to stop. google doubling down. thirty knows will be subject to automate a process. google? what and why? google wants to help target those ads. everyone knows this and signs off on it. but silly me, i have come to believe that when i am sending an e-mail to someone, only that
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person will get it. i suspect that there others out there as well and are not aware the were very aware of what all of us are doing. they think that it's their right to scanf and seles and make electronics mockery of the privacy assumed by us. i think that they collected these records not read them or listen to them, but collecting them, they say. but silly me, is not the next that after you got them? and are you really saying that you got us?
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you better check your e-mail. because i have not forgotten, a lot of folks have not forgotten. we are fighting a big battle. but what about this battle of privacy over here? my first guess as we have better odds of smacking down syria. man cometh as a reminder? >> you know, i really do think that it's very unlikely that we will be able to stop this at any point. neil: why that a given? >> because we live in a society that has a free market. you don't have to use google services. you can use and other vendors services and create your own web
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account for your own server. there are so many options to walk away. but the problem is that most people are signing these agreements and they are not having an agreement. they could hire a lawyer if they don't understand the language and what it means. neil: apparently anything you sign up for, any device you get today for the better part of valor, you suck it up. why is that? >> i think most of us just think that it's easier to check the box and you will do later.
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or you could hire a lawyer and have a lawyer evaluating. neil: what is the lawyer going to do? they are going to say, well, tough. >> at least you would know what you're signing on for her. the one you're telling me my only alternative is to get my own server. >> most people can go to another place for e-mail. that is how you can effectuate change. filing a lawsuit are having some type of a legal battle is never
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going to work. the only way to make change to take your money elsewhere. they were not the number one person in this area. go to another business and take your business elsewhere. neil: does a really trouble you? i. >> when you're putting something out on the internet, it's never really private. i think everyone realizes that while the scandals you have been talking about in the past with all of these other groups that are monitoring our e-mail accounts. so i think you have to go into it thinking that it's not really private.
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it doesn't bother me that google does best. and i do hope that the consumer takes action. cancel your gmail account and go to another service. that is the answer if you're not happy with the service that google is providing a. neil: no wonder so many folks are taking privacy matters into their own hands. many of them focus on this and there's a whopping 86% of us that are protecting our internet privacy and i thought that was just something that you can do. anyway, overture or clinical psychologist. >> a new poll says that a lot of americans are very anxious about
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what they are doing on the internet and that every keystroke is being monitored and guess what, they are right. it doesn't mean that someone isn't watching and evidently someone as great as a psychologist, have to play them very bothered by this because we have enough stress and anxiety as it is and now we are seeing a privacy is not truly privacy along with this, we have people that are taking advantage of this and say even if you go to another service, we find that the same thing usually happens. so a lot of people go there help us with this. neil: i'm sure that you counsel them and now they are genuinely out of their minds crazy with this stuff and then they have
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this issue and i tell them that knowledge is power. they will watch the shows like yours, but it's true and it does happen it is have to be really careful. >> and i tell them that you have to be realistic. the world is at our fingertips. but we are also now -- the privacy is gone and we are open to the world. i'm afraid someone may go in through the internet or some other means and start to look at the information that i put out, you know.
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when it comes to insurance companies, i was worried when i put up there with my patience. i tell them to use your common sense and this is the new world. you have to use your common sense up there. it's not a perfect world for us to have incredible things besides the information highway. there is a price to pay. because we have cameras everywhere now. neil: coming up, an office prank
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neil: the last time congress authorized a country attacking another country, wouldn't you want to see them out? apparently not. i. >> he has to act in syria. i hope that he acts in a much more rigorous and robust defense. >> the idea of demystifying what
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you're going to do is mind boggling and i cannot imagine what they are thinking. >> i wish that they could have intervened. >> well, go ahead. laugh at that. do what you think about that for a minute. if they would take a look at what they learned, maybe they wouldn't be so quick to judge. ambassador bremmer, it's very good to have you. >> thank you, neil. does that bother you? neil: you come out and talk
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about this and you think that you shouldn't let your experience and all the tragedy that you have had to deal with isn't worth listening to. >> when you serve in government, you haveto expect that you'll take some hits per hour. so that is expected. but when we look in syria, and no decision is more difficult.
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neil: they have not been mentioned or outlined and those sort of contingency queries going on. is that what you are saying? >> i think the problem is that the administration seems to have single that strongly last week and it will be primarily limited and highly restricted. i'm very reluctant to see support for that kind of an action. we are prepared to think that the robust action will change the results over the country. it is the only way in which you will ever persuade him to come to a negotiating table, which is the stated objective of this administration.
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neil: isn't it the case of be careful what you wish for? and as to the syria point today, are we looking beyond these regime changes that provide the environment for it enact. >> well, planning for the post-conflict situation in libya or iraq or syria or egypt is not an easy game. and it's hard to get it right. but it is clear that unless we change the balance of the forces in syria, military action would have very little action on the situation. of course you we need to be thinking about what happens if a sheer lack, either through negotiation or power, if he leaves power.
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i'm sure that there are planners doing that. you can be sure that the situation afterwards will not be the same as what was planned for. that is the way of war the ones of you have one piece of advice about the unexpected developments that no one plans were, what would be the big one here? >> i think if the sheer bashir macros, one of the problems that we had was part of the post-conflict situation. they're going to be a lot of people wandering around with guns and heavy equipment. and it is probably going to be needed for that contingency. i hope people are thinking about that because that is the least possible consequence. neil: thank you so much.
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>> thank you for having the. neil: coming up next, if the president ends up putting american boots on the ground, congressman cummings will hold him without? >> yes, it goes beyond that, frankly. i don't believe that he can put that on the ground without authorization. yesterday one of three things, declare war, have a specific statute or there has to be an
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imminent existential threat for everyone, including our military, territories and possessions. if you don't have one of those three things, the executive branch cannot just wipe their hands and say we are often a share. the. neil: you have your doubts as to whether that is enough anyway. he has already gone legally beyond his bounds. but how many others share your view? >> i think quite a few. the last book that i saw there were just about 20 developers. i don't think this president will act without congressional acting because he wants to leave it behind. >> do you think the congressman want you guys to reject this? >> absolutely.
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and i think that they are looking at this for more of a political domestic outlook than they are of how do you keep the world a safer place and how do we keep this up front. one congressman, it was so good to hear from you. we will be right back but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engamententer. hp technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
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the. neil: uncle sam. we know you folks at the consumer protection bureau mean
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well. cease-and-desist. now is hardly the time to cut the government court. >> now the housing market is back and we have set up a arbitrary any arbitrary box checking system. it essentially going to block anywhere from 10 to 15%. given how the global economy for this works, retirees and individual contractors, they have set up a stigma that has been a part of it. so the government needs to be out the. neil: we have something that
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could go against that grain, ii, is not right? >> we want to make sure that this is noted as important. between 10% 15% is about right. i can see 10% of people were 15% of people. these regulations have been put into place and i think this is a good thing. neil: and this is just in. michelle obama is assassinated cochair herb lets move fitness
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campaign. [laughter] >> not surprising. she liked my message. but seriously, is that anymore a nightmare and having shaquille o'neal pitching a? i knew that he was taking this seriously. but the reason that i love this story is because whether these are the dudes that you want doing this. >> i think that this obesity campaign is moving forward. [laughter] well, shaquille o'neal is not
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the right poster boy for this. neil: well, part of and i admire. >> i have to disagree with you here. and i will tell you why. no offense elephant seal, but his cute score rating, who is more likely to listen? the black community? shaquille o'neal or you? so you think he is a good choice? neil: even though he doesn't look the part. ying is that shaquillehaquille o'neal can penetrate to the black community. the. neil: that's a good point. but if it's more important to
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get the message out, who cares whether the messenger is affected. >> and important. >> are more americans that need help. >> michael jordan is getting pretty heavy. but he's tall. neil: really? >> so is shaquille o'neal. [laughter] neil: so you are anti-big guy pitching the "let's move" campaign? >> under saying that you need proper poster boy. >> that is interesting. >> 17 teaspoons of sugar and a drink. neil: is that all? [laughter] >> we are hitting message
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saturation. the only way we are going to do this is marketable messaging. why do you think he's getting into buick city can't fit into? neil: i love a buick. anyway, do you think we will ever solve the obesity problem? >> well, you kind of have to. neil: well, coming up next, the future of television. i'm telling you that it is out of this world. and that wal-mart protesters demanding higher wages?
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neil: from coast-to-coast, take a close look at this, a good many protesters live in towns where there are no wal-marts in
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sight. so who is behind these demand that the big retailer? are they big unions? we know that they really love to organize wal-mart. >> that is right, it is more than not. what is happening is that this is a carefully choreographed move by the union. we know that they are sending paid workers and activists to go into these 15 stores. wal-mart has over 4000 stores. so this can show you why it is happening at this level. they don't represent the opinions of any of these wal-mart associates. 80% of them get a sampling of
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23,000, and they basically said that they really loved their jobs. 89% said they would recommend a job at wal-mart to their friends and you look at these numbers and the fact that the most part the associates are happy and satisfied with their jobs. they have opportunities for growth in wal-mart. so i have to tell you that i think wal-mart has it right. and i think they are an easy target for the union. neil: i don't find them targeting this and i do wonder about the fast food workers but it would be unions that were clearly more interested in their plight. and you see what these guys are really after.
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and you can see that they have to pay this money whether you think that they can afford it or not. either you are not going to be a full-time worker or you're not going to be an adult worker. >> that's right, you're looking at the average hourly salary that is $12 and 83 cents. this is more than these protesters are demanding. when you look at it, over 85,000 associates actually make $18 or more an hour. this does not include that they are eligible for benefits and able to obtain performance bonuses. talk about a business that can work. again, i think it is these
8:37 pm
things that we need that so many consumers need places where they can go to shop for lower prices and then as well as, you know, you have associates. the associates are very highly satisfied, for the most part, in their jobs. neil: you do kind of challenge here. i'm going to go into these crowds in new york city and i'm going to ask to see their security. i want to go knee-deep into these union crowds. >> i might have to do that. neil: remember when i said that this whole serious thing was part of the nsa? well, now they have the ball in their court.
8:38 pm
i would like you to meet a washington watchdog who suggests that both parties get very serious
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i. neil: we will say this, not a peep out of congress this last couple of breaks. the tax reform they won't now all being sent to the damage control department. >> well, i don't know.
8:41 pm
neil: do you think we can do this? >> well, i do think that there are a couple of things at work here. first is that nancy pelosi is the one putting this together across the line. this could be a very embarrassing vote for democrats to take. on the other hand, this is not only congress doesn't want to double it, but they don't want the attention span either. it is this not something that can wait in the wings. the budget battles do have a serious deadline. congress needs to come together and have funding agreed-upon by the end of this month and that is a hard stop. beyond my latest is the president doesn't want us. he really doesn't. you're really interested in
8:42 pm
trend is interested in getting involved in syria -- is that right? >> well, -- neil: i'm not done. using this as a tactic to sidetrack commerce's attention -- they are not going to do anything to mess with the budget for the debt limit. and he gets to take this as well. >> well, outside the president and all. we have seen him do whatever he wants on his climate change agenda and health care law. so you're right, this is definitely opportunistic for him. but i do think that this is a politically damaging the situation for him. he is already dithered and this is something that i think the entire world is watching him go back and forth on. is what he wants to do with syria and have congress and on his authorization panel, it is only going to continue to make them look bad and make any
8:43 pm
action we could take even less serious. neil: i agree with you. no one is certainly going to put down the government. so he gets a great delay tactic and a presumed rejection on the revolution that i don't think our team wants. >> at the end of the day he can't do anything -- not do anything about the budget. neil: i will say this, but the september 30 in becomes less of a battle if we are in the potential of a war. >> that's right, we can't fund the war without something keeping the government open. neil: quick throwing these facs back at me. just doing that.
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the meantime, we should know if we added jobs the to the economy last month ordered to me. sometimes we focus on the number because we are forgetting a far more serious number. david asman is here to explain next. ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing ptners, the media and millions ofcan be a challenge.ia that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. for our children is something the purwe all share.ter life but who can help prepare them for the opportunities ahead?
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neil: we have to turn on the alert for you. david asman is here. [laughter] anyway, bright and early tomorrow. if you call a we have momentum, we have a very big problem. >> you have beautiful women, now you have us to do what.
8:48 pm
neil: have we seen this proportion amount of new jobs top this? >> none at all. we have gone back years and years and we have just not seeing it. the bottom line is that we didn't have obamacare and obamacare has created more disincentives for full-time employment than anything in your my lifetime. your lifetime goes back a lot further. but the bottom line is that employers are now forced him even if they just hired somebody, you know, to do menial labor to pay for their health care would have to pay the fine. as a result, they are putting
8:49 pm
people from full-time to part-time. the obama people say no, that's just couple of restaurant workers. but no, it's hundreds of millions of workers in retail and a lot of other things. here's a statistic that made them the way that provision. so far only one full-time job is being created for every four part-time jobs. and that is totally reversed. in 2126 full-time jobs created. not completely reverse of that. and not scare them and that got them to delay obamacare. and my daughter is a part timer and she can't get a full-time job. the daughter can do is get a part-time job after you paid $60,000 for college, that can make people mad. there is going to be a rebellion out there from a lot of people. neil: but that is the case, a lot of people when you tell them
8:50 pm
the story, they say that we are generating jobs. they can't believe this. and we always need to pay attention to the numbers as well. iraqis are not my numbers, these come from the labor department. one full-time job for every four-port part-time visits. now that they have postponed obamacare, it has been ever since the beginning of this year as businesses prepare for obamacare. add the fact that a lot of businesses are paying usually more in income tax, because they collect their profit in the form of income and most unincorporated businesses do. some of them are paying 52% tax rates as a result of their tax rates going on. so the cost of doing business is greater and obamacare is just another layer of those costs. if you have to choose, you'll stop hiring these workers.
8:51 pm
>> it is still adding to the cost of doing business. some businesses are going to go out of business because of it. neil: in the meantime, looking into the future and having a good laugh out of it. but your erectile dysfunction -
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that is not the end of the world. that algae is so high def they thought it was a window and thought it was a meteor shower it may be a great marketing campaign that people may not be ready for tv this a real. >> i have a hard time putting terror with the new products is a real or memorex? or is it alive? i am not sure that the
8:55 pm
market he equates you doing this idea what to make of this actually. >> you are a stick in the mud their job interviews to show what looks like a window images so clear that looks like a meteor shower they are freaked out that is how real the picture is teeone to pay to get that? >> what will you do? will you run to the store? >> what are you winy about? >> only $200,000? what a bargain spee make you make a good point i take ahab's of four times their wrote -- resolution but
8:56 pm
people just got the hdtv now you tell me it is better out there but i just bought this >> at a time where we get ready to go to war with increasing unionization i say that ty between the realism of the tv in the earnings power of the the global conservative -- consumer is only 20,000 units worldwide. it is a showcase for the progress he is taking a page out of the steve jobs vote to show how well we can do it. >> i give to you now of the not so a new look at this. not improved llord new at all. it has not changed in 80 years they have a change that is much-anticipated so
8:57 pm
they will signal the big changes ahead? >>. [laughter] >> borrowing mom or dad's clothing to say i am all grown up now. they will spend millions of dollars on a new corporate identity but improve the business results they have a stake of bally bought bow with a growing user base i want the job to sit around to think of good new idea that is what they can up with ford millions of dollars? >> i know some are iconic mcdonnell's would not change there's -- mcdonald's, but it is the iconic brandt why not completely change the type face? i don't know? >> there is a very
8:58 pm
interesting book called why people buy we talk about the recognition of a product this says yah hoo executives think they are more relevant than they are because i think certain brands are iconic because they draw that association i am not so sure they have that save affinity for something like fiat new it is like the new dawn to the better neighborhood. >> these people freaking out there should be breaking out that the price is rising even faster saying it will add more items to the dollar menu here is the catch it will cost more than a dollar is that more than a dollar menu? doesn't that hurt those hold free and that got them coming in?
8:59 pm
>> i think it is a huge mistake. you don't go to a dollar store to find stuff that cost more than a dollar but mcdonald's like many of the company's is having trouble to deliver the you add add dollar they have to live up the scale that is extremely problematic for me because i don't know where that stops with the right sizing the big sighs the big goal for what you call it there is to be a move because they cannot cope with the reality. >> and all the people what minimum eight -- minimum wage shovel their having trouble sticking to the dollar danowski mac maybe they will come out with abenaki burger. [laughter] thank you very much in the meantime we do know why he
9:00 pm
is jumping out of the play but that particular tv did not kerry fox business. nce, i'lu tomorrow, thank you. >> 2,000 years ago one superpower dominated the world and became famous for its military for having rule of law and a stable currency that people could rely on on, they would build beautiful buildings, roads, aqueduct, creative arts and literature , it flourished for more than 200 years with peace and prosperity. but then it crumbled. why? political leaders grabbed power, that turned many into tyrants that indulged in corruption and debauchery. they raised taxes to pay for war and increased regulations.


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