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tv   Markets Now  FOX Business  September 6, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm EDT

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dagen: nothing about you and your work ethic. it is dollar. thank you so much. stuart varney. mean time president obama saying assad's use of chemical weapons friends global peace but the next move for the white house, the president is taking to the airways come tuesday. 169,000 jobs added last month and more bad news as labor force participation rate hits the 35 year low. and incredible way to kickoff the nfl season. peyton manning and the denver broncos get major revenge on the baltimore ravens for knocking them out of the playoffs last year. we look at the whole season ahead and we are talking about it this hour, markets now. ♪ the only bad thing about the game last night was ryan ccrest. they opened with that song
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europe from the mid 80s. not these markets, the dow was up 5 points but you want to talk about wild swings based on those comments from vladimir putin and for president's talk overseas, nicole petallides dropping all at the stock exchange. nicole: wild swings, 200 points top to bottom all over the map and we are back into positive territory again. as you noted vladimir putin, obama, jobs numbers, all of these things, syria being the main factor. all of this is the market moving event. a lot to digest. we saw the gains we saw this morning erased by the end of the day. we had four weeks of selling. this week we are watching the key level of 14,810, depending whether or not we finish in positive for negative territory for the week. as far as what we have been seen, sentiment, mostly down
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arrows, but you have some winners like hewlett-packard, alcoa, ebay, and commodities looking good. dagen: more on the big jobs number, unemployment rate down 7.3% because 300,000 people fell out of the work force, the labour participation rate is the lowest since 1978. what to make of this for your markets, bob doll, chief equity strategist, senior portfolio manager at museum asset management. it has been too long. the big picture question why we didn't see much negative market reaction is does this change the course of the federal reserve? your answer? >> i don't think so. they are hellbent on beginning of the tapering process and we would have needed weaker numbers than this to come in to question. it starts some time later this
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month. dagen: is it cause for concern, the sluggish job creation we had in this country since the end of the recession? anything on the horizon that will boost job growth or potentially on the reverse make it worse? >> i think we are stuck in the mud, muddling through period and, as you point out we have been in for some time which means there are jobs but not quite enough of them. 169,000 is not the worst numbers in the world, disappointment as you have been reporting, this labor participation issue, people giving up and that is not a good thing for the near term or the long term. we need to create some incentives and have tax reform and regulatory reform so businesses than some of that cash and have visibility on how to spend it, what they use with the money, we are a ways off from that. dagen: we never want to see weak job creation in this country but if you look at this report and
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look at the market reaction, the stock market is up a little bit but we have those yields on the ten year pullback, above 3% before the report and now they are down at 2.9%. ultimately this is the environment that would be better for the stock market. >> yes, so back to 169,000 jobs gained, not lost. it is not a horrible report and i think part of the stock market's sigh of relief if we can put it that way as the ten year treasury which has been marching higher in yield, did come back from the 3% level to 290 moving at a pace that would bother the stock market so rather ironically the improvement in the bond market is part of the reason the stock market is not in worse shape. dagen: focusing on the federal reserve before we go, we had a federal reserve in transition not just in terms of monetary policy but who is going to run
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it. liz macdonald will be on later talking about larry summers and how people are not getting on board with the potential that he is nominated to take over the central bank. does that put us in even riskier scenario because you have the head of the fed changing? >> the uncertainty about the process is more of a problem then who was the next guy or gal who was going to do it. if you got larry summers in the chair we would get used to and figure it out. if it was janet yellen we would get used to it and figure it out. who are we going to nominate and one day it is one person and one day another, does the president have the political capital, all those questions which create uncertainty, figuring things out and getting things moving is what we need. dagen: how worried about you are the serious situation? >> johnny 1 note, and certainty. are we going to? are we not going to?
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what is it going to look like? will congress back a president? kid doesn't will go forward any way? is there going to be retaliation? all these uncertainties which only get manifest and magnified as we play this out on the airwaves. dagen: never just one note. you are a musician in reality and figuratively as well. good to see you. take care, bob doll. speaking of styria president obama speaking of the speech from st. petersburg, russia and when asked if he would act in the event congress rejects the resolution on syria he said you are not getting an answer. we did get a lot of answers about a lot of things including an address the president is going to be making next week. rich edson live at the white house with everything you might have missed, everything you need to know. rich: right now this is about making the case to congress and their constituents. that is why president obama says on tuesday he will address the nation about all this.
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in conversation with a number of senior lawmaker aides and lawmakers they say they are getting a lot of pressure from home against this, a lot of calls against this and the numbers don't look very good but there are still a lot of wild cards out here. the vast majority of lawmakers are still back in their districts, have not returned for classified briefings on all this. the president made his address yet and when they return on monday that is where the opportunity may arise to support this. there are lot of folks who aren't on either side of it yet or if they are they are opposed to it, still a lot of work lawmakers need to get done and the administration has to get done to persuade them to vote for this and that will begin next week. president obama making his case to the world community and he says even though we are sometimes the ones who are looked to by the international community, the u.s. might and should rise to the challenge. >> the international community is stock for a whole variety of political reasons.
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if that is the case, people going to look to the united states to say what are you going to do about it? rich: ten countries who called for a strong response, we reported earlier it was nine, left out the u there part of this, australia, canada, france, italy, japan, saudi arabia, spain, turkey, the united kingdom join the united states calling for a strong international response but when you look at who has to do the strong international response, as usual it falls on the united states. dagen: the comments from vladimir putin about russia will continue to syria. was that shocking or not? >> possibly. at least. you can't leave it to vladimir putin not to make statements like that especially at his g 20. for every point the president made about how the international community needs to rise to the challenge he is saying that the people of the international
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community, the leaders of these countries may be pushing for an attack but people of the united kingdom, those in the united states, popular opinion is against this, against any attack against syria, a sovereign nation, the global community is against such response. dagen: thank you so much for that. senator john mccain got an earful at the town meeting from his own constituents. thank you so much for that incredible coverage as always and for more let's bring in military analysts lieutenant general tom mack any. good to see you, general. what do you make of what the president had to say? he is going before the american people to try to persuade people we need to do this. can he make his case? >> i don't think he can. the didn't make it in st. petersburg today. i watched the whole press conference. i think he has a steep road to climb. the members of congress are
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really trying to to say what is this going to accomplish? what does a shot across the bows mean? what happens after day one? frankly there are no good answers. i can't find any military analysts that are for as i have talked for any analysts that i know or the american people, i have to quote general bob scales who had an excellent job that in the washington post today, the military, i said this on lou dobbs last night, the military is not behind this. so we have a big problem as a nation. dagen: what can get the military behind it? what are some of the secondary consequences in your mind if we did strike? >> that is a great question. i don't know if we can't get anything to get the military behind it. let's remember the chiefs everyday are in meetings, they
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are drawing down their structure, being made less capable and they want to increase their response in syria where they see no objective is. what are the secondary consequences? the secondary consequences are huge. you could have hezbollah, they get launched an to 15 to 20,000 missiles into israel. i don't think syria will do anything. that would be the ideal thing so israelis could respond and take over damascus. they can be there in four hours. the iranians could easily close the strait of hormuz or do something else like that, have an impact in iraq. there is a lot of trouble, secondary consequences, and intended consequences that can come out of this with no value added for our taking action. dagen: great to see you, thank you for being here, come back soon, lieutenant general tom
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mcandpeery. dagen: who could get in a way of getting the top job at the federal reserve? back with a vengeance, peyton manning on fire. last night, nfl record tying 7 touchdown passes. we talked to a fox sports senior nfl reporter who watched that action in person and he looks ahead to the whole season. look here, the oil market today, again, the situation in syria looking more tense. do we go in? don't we? oil above $110 a barrel.
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dagen: be careful where you shop. a new report says prices from one walgreen store to another can be massively different. what do you know? >> when you live in the center of manhattan things are more pricey in some areas, but the
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study was based on a bucket of items, and tropicana orange juice, these little movers diapers, and some variation occurs at right aid or cvs, walgreen's was the worst offender, a single item in some cases could cost as much as 55% more at one store location over another. also shoppers could paid $3 more for folders coffee depending on their location and perhaps $3.50 more for cold medication. certainly an interesting story dagen: time to make money with charles payne, falling about network and communication. and talked about it yesterday. charles: stock was up huge, and i love taking these victory
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laps, encouraging people, don't be captive to all the lawyers, all the worry bracing for the pull back, bracing for the correction, stock is at 24. what the ceo said was these orders are coming up broadly all from all geographical areas and will continue for the next several quarters, gross margins expanded, operating margins, margins going this way, stocks go that way. the nasdaq thing, all these things, we see bandwidth, pizza have to be rebuilt or build much longer, too much information across the digital, information not to do well over the next couple, so if you missed it yesterday i think there's an opportunity to get in but fine in areas, don't worry about this, we love our devices, using more data and send it to each other and beef of those pipelines. the check what the make of the
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market? >> all over the place. charles: i think the fed will first take part, fifty/54 september but it will happen this year. for ben bernanke this is his new realization that they get better than this. if he is waiting for $250,000, that is not going to happen. take your victory lap, 7.3% unemployment, we know the real reason but mainstream media won't say that so take your job gains, declare a victory and and a job to the next person. dagen: that goes nice with our segment coming up and i didn't mean to embarrass you. and another story. we watch charles this weekend. you need a skirt.
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on his way. it is you and charlie gasparino so you need somebody. that is all. charles: combination. speaking of ben bernanke's replacement the fight that larry summers is facing if he wants to run the federal reserve, liz macdonald on who is getting in the way. president obama saying he will address the american people on tuesday from the white house, will your won't he use military action if congress rejects his syria resolution. he wouldn't say. what does bret baier have to say? joining us to talk about that. would get how world currencies are holding up against the dollar today. with the spark cash card
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>> 23 minutes past the hour your fox news minute. the state department wants non-essential u.s. to the mets out of lebanon. a new travel warning was issued
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as the debate goes on about military strikes on neighboring syria. american citizens leave lebanon. george zimmerman's wife filed for divorce after he was acquitted of the murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. this drain on their marriage, shelley zimmerman pleaded guilty to lying at a bail hearing after her husband's the rest and sentenced to a year's probation and 100 hours of community service. national security agency developed commonplace internet according to media reports citing documents obtained by ed -- and as a leader ed snowden. systems which have been broken have not been revealed. those are your news headlines on the fox business network. back to the lady with smart and has great jam. dagen: you too. so good to see you, thank you so
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much. larry summers, put your dukes of. when it comes to your possible nomination as federal reserve chief he faces a big fight in congress with some democrats. elizabeth macdonald has the bottom line. courtesy of their partners at the wall street journal. >> he has got to make it past the senate banking committee first. all fed nominees have to get past the senate banking committee first. three top democrats and wall street journal may oppose his nomination as fed chair come this september. what we're seeing is elizabeth warren of massachusetts, jeffrey berkeley from oregon, likely expected to oppose. here is the bottom line. democrats have a slim two vote majority on senate banking. of the can't get those three to back him he is finished. it will be impossible for him to win the nomination and get through basically senate banking because we don't know if the president will waste political
11:26 am
capital on a been a senate banking fight to resurrect his negative comment about women when running harvard university. and the repeal of glass-steagall saying the crisis was unforeseeable and supporting too big to fail banks. and the talk is janet yellen or larry summers. dagen: with the president would get im or will the fight dragged out or will look ugly and will be waste political capital? liz: problems in syria going on right now and the third of democrats in the senate or the democratic caucus in the senate send the president a letter urging him to please nominate janet yellen as fed chair. dagen: looks like a teddy bear. just because they don't get --
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liz: it was raised to an art form. i was listening to larry summers, not as transparent, when he is transparent, they could rattle people. my favorite words. dagen: use two of those in the same sentence. president obama saying he will address the american people from the white house on tuesday after saying the use of chemical weapons by syria is a threat to global peace. take a look at winners on the s&p 500.
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dagen: bottom of the hour. the dow has already seen a 240 swing. nicole: very interesting to see what has transpired. we have already had a wild day here in wall street. look at what has transpired during the time. the markets had a 200-point dang top to bottom. it is largest swing.
11:32 am
what is also interesting is how the numbers have changed. now, you have about six or seven brad and the rest are green. a real rubber soul. dagen: president obama announcing that he will address the people brought the white house on tuesday. talk about the tuesday address. if congress votes this action down, it makes him look incredibly weak. >> incredibly.
11:33 am
speaker boehner and the leadership in the house believe that tuesday is too late. they are seeing the numbers taped upside down against this action pretty significantly. not only republicans, but democrats. it is going to take a lot of arm-twisting by the president and administration over the next few days. dagen: these congressmen and women are hearing from their constituents. even john mccain got in here full. the president was asked about whether or not he would act if congress would turn it down.
11:34 am
>> he said that the president has no intention of at this without congressional authority. whether he spoke out of turn, whether he made a mistake or not, this could be what is in the cards. if congress votes it down, and the president asked, that would be quite something. it will affect the rest of the second term agenda. he would be able to say, congress, you have spoken and i am not going to act. dagen: the tick tock of is astonishing. the day by day changes in what is going on.
11:35 am
>> it has completely changed the calendar. there is so much oxygen being taken out of the room by this post, why this talk, by this debate. mid october, you have the debt ceiling increase. you have the fed chair that will be announced at some point. all of that pushed to the back burner. we are not talking about it. dagen: thank you so much. you can catch him every weeknight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. have a great weekend. love to your family. if you have not yet earned your college degree, there are some
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high-paying jobs out there. we will tell you what they are. some of them may surprise you. we are talking tens of thousands of openings. jeff flock has the story. peyton manning record seven touchdown passes against the ravens last night. can he keep this up all season? take a look at the treasury market. back down today. a little bit of buying going on. ♪ [ male announcer ] sheets or bar? how do you get your bounce?
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plans to continue to serve through at least 2014. the nutrition company says he will counsel board and chairman on outreach. that is the latest from the fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. and launch your dreams. nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar
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fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. dagen: making good money without a college degree. the jobs in this country that pay the most money and do not require more than a high school diploma. detectives and criminal investigators, nuclear power
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reactor tour operators, elevator installers and repairman, power distributors and dispatchers and airline pilots, co-pilots and flight. ryan braun using his down time to make amends with the fans. he has been calling brewers season-ticket holders apologizing for letting them down. the team says he is doing this on his own. the team is happy he is taking the initiative. peyton manning won some fans last night. peyton manning was on fire.
11:42 am
joining us now from denver, mike. great to see you. jealous you were there. >> i do not know if you confirmed during the break if we can say kick asked mac. the broncos all week long trying to downplay that revenge fact her.
11:43 am
he was looking for it. dagen: what about the ravens? >> i have been talking about the ravens for a couple of weeks. i thought we would see a team early on that would struggle. they did lose jacoby jones to an injury last night. that will hurt them on offense. it will be a little struggle off the bat. dagen: which team in the league will surprise this year, do you think?
11:44 am
>> the st. louis rams. i really do think that they have some good coaching there, obviously. the problem is, they are playing in a tough division. that is my surprise team. the kansas city chiefs. plenty of talent. their issues have been coaching and quarterbacking. they have had quarterbacks that can you over the last few years. the problem is they do not have the support of 4500 other nfl
11:45 am
players. they are kind of going on their own here. now you have only four guys who will foot the bill by themselves. this certainly will get drugged out. if this thing doesn't gain steam and these guys are serious, it is about the discovery. that was the danger of the first lawsuit. that was the real victory that they avoided all of that stuff. dagen: -- >> it is great. we have already had a weather delay in the first game. i do not know if it is a good omen or a bad omen.
11:46 am
dagen: i love watching weather radar. i am a nascar fan. if it rains, you do not race. last night, i would have watched the weather radar for another hour to a half-hour if we could have skipped ryan seacrest in the introduction. >> i know a lot of people think it was someone's way of saying get ryan seacrest off the field. i know that theory is out there. dagen: i will vote yes for that. take care. >> think you. dagen: apple is making dave moves. is the company doing what investors want to see? nicole: a larger iphone. september 10 is it invitation
11:47 am
only event that everybody is waiting for. there are rumors to have a larger screen. when they talk about the screens, they may be up to 6 inches. another headline is apple was approaching 500. it is back a little bit. dagen: if you are in the market for a job, think about the trucking business. i love this. you are on the move. jeff: in the front row of a big
11:48 am
rig. he has just completed a 12 week training program here at conway freight. did you know there is a huge trucker shortage in this country? i will jump off. i will get the latest on this, if i can. that is david burke. i better shut your door. 30,000 truckers short. the economy was humming, you would be in serious trouble. >> we started our apprentice program to fill our need. jeff: take a look at these numbers from today, dagen. a 35 year low. a lot of truckers are getting older. this is an old labor pool.
11:49 am
>> we think that age is contributing to it. the more stringent qualifications. we think that there is a large need for people. jeff: you see this need out there. the only way to do it is to train your own people. >> this is a school for us. our driver today completed the program here. jeff: he left management at another company to take this position. a lot of people do not like the
11:50 am
trucking business. dagen: i even thought that that bad in the back of the cab was the coolest thing. jeff: if you show up to a truck stop, i am sure you will have a lot of offers. i do this just for you because i know you love them. dagen: alexis new hybrid has a darth vader vibe to it. it is smaller than the other model and a lot more energy. the new model is making its
11:51 am
debut at the frankfurt motor show coming up next week. these hybrids, they never end up , the production vehicles are never as cool looking as the concepts are. is the dollar set to rally? we go to sandra smith on the latest on the currencies move. let's take a look at some of the winners on the nasdaq. ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history.
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dagen: and the greenback come back? sandra smith has the latest. sandra: you would not know it today because the dollar is suffering. the speculation is that the fed would not do anything. maybe that is not the long-term trade. we have some rising bond yields. we have the expectation that the fed may do something in the middle of the month. you are looking at a u.s. dollar that is sitting at multi week highs. there is some expectation that we will continue to see that dollar climbed. the rise in the ten year yield is back at 2.94 after being
11:56 am
lowered this morning. there are some contrary ends. there is too much political intervention right now. it is one of those things. everyone has their eye on the dollar. you have to watch it. it seems like there is still a lot of polish momentum from the upside. dagen: thank you. you are on fire. thank you so much. next hour, dennis and tracy preview the latest latest on the conflict in syria and what the white house is doing about it. ♪
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12:00 pm
cheryl: happy friday. dennis: not only did the jobs numbers come in below expectations, the labor force expectation rate has hit a 35 year low. tracy: president obama not saying whether or not he will take action if congress turns it down. dennis: it is only normal to think about wings when talking about football. we will talk to the ceo of wings stop. tracy: nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock
12:01 pm
exchange. nicole: we have a market that has been a wild one today. the dow jones industrials are up 31 points right now. we were found to say that we were erasing our losses for the week. that is not the case now. we have managed to bounce back. we have 30 dow components. earlier today when president obama was speaking, at one point we had just six green. now just six are red. a lot of it is contingent a lot what we have seen in the ten year treasury. dennis: more americans giving up the search for work as the labor participation rate falls to the lowest level since 1968.
12:02 pm
tracy: it is numbers like this that prove the economy is not moving in the right direction. dennis: the first thing, michael , given the numbers that came out today that were so pumped and so tepid, when it you think that the fed has no choice but to not start tapering back. >> i think they will taper anyway. the fed is suffering from active acute schizophrenia. it depends on each data point. like we will bomb syria on thursday. it makes it very easy to buy
12:03 pm
oil. tracy: just do it already. >> the free market, thank god we still have some of a free market in this country, the market is already doing it for them. dennis: the bond rate going up over 3%. when interest rates go up over 3% on the ten year, it is because prices have fallen because no one wants to buy them.
12:04 pm
dennis: the economy is getting stronger. >> that would be great if we did not get data point after data point. it is only because the fed is not able to levitate the bubble. look at the stock bubble. the bond bubble. consumption bubble. tracy: that is not what they are talking about. >> they are talking about tapering, said purchases. tracy: 4%, the economy goes into recession? >> absolutely. tracy: you are saying we are teetering on the brink. what condition have we actually solved as a nation since the
12:05 pm
great recession? if you vanquished inflation and produced a whole decade of prosperity, how can we vanquished inflation by taking interest rates to 0% and leaving them there for seven years? does that make any sense? dennis: it has been roaring along at less than 2%. the metrics that you look at, october 2007, our entire global economy is on collapse. the u.s. is in better shape.
12:06 pm
>> how much of the earnings, most of it is pe expansion, that is generated by borrowing money to buy back stock. how much of the earnings -- tracy: we have to wrap. you are 60% in cash right now. your clients are happy they missed this run? >> i do that in the middle of july. tracy: you do not think that this market will keep going? >> no. dennis: the now. by year end, the dow is at 60,000 or higher. where do you say it is?
12:07 pm
>> a significant direction. dennis: give me a number. >> down 15% in total. dennis: thank you very much. i will be having dinner on you. [laughter] tracy: the latest on the crisis in syria. president obama speaking from the g20 summit earlier. >> my goal is to maintain the international norm on banning chemical weapons. i want that enforcement to be real. i want it to be serious. dennis: the g20 nation leaders as they leave the summit, they are still divided on what to do in syria. rich edson join those from the white house.
12:08 pm
president obama say without a response to what syria has done, it would send a signal to other rogue nations and terrorists that it is okay for them to use chemical weapons. they are calling for a strong international response. >> people do look to the united states. charlie: what will the president do if congress does not authorize any type of intervention in syria. the president says he will not answer that right now. president obama will make an address on tuesday to try to sell the american people and
12:09 pm
congress. what they are hearing from their constituents back home is that what they are getting is overwhelming opposition. many members are already beginning to come out and say they will vote against any type of authorization. it still has to work at self out. sometimes members of congress have to make a choice to put their country over voters. back to you. dennis: thank you very much. let's bring in senior fellow from middle eastern study. we have ed hussain. did president obama end up making a big error?
12:10 pm
>> it never could have been satisfied by president obama. i think it has made the case of democracy around the world stronger. he is voluntarily going to congress when he does not necessarily have to. now the french are saying that they will not go side by side with the americans. the british have abandoned the americans already. president obama's options, however attractive they may be, are looking extremely unattractive to most americans here at home. dennis: a country has been able to use the weapons of mass
12:11 pm
distraction against law and paid no price at all. should someone be retaliating and punishing these guys in syria? >> absolutely. they have the ability to strike where it hurts. there will be many in coming years. i think this is the wrong president to set out the wrong time. if he has the audacity to strike against israel, then i think it is right for the united states to come to the aid. dennis: come to the aid of the syrian people somehow would be wrong. >> i do not buy the argument that we are coming to the aid of the syrian people.
12:12 pm
attacking syria at this date does not guarantee that they will not use their weapons again. dennis: some democrats want a counter attack and others do not. how much of this is because, oh, jeez, we just do not have enough evidence in syria just yet. i am still so bitter and stalled by the iraq debacle that i just do not want to do anything. >> obama is also looking at his own personal legacy. i think barack obama has genuine nightmares as to striking assad and assad striking back. dennis: i think that we all do.
12:13 pm
this is great stuff. thank you so much for your views. tracy: okay. truckers wanted. we will need 300,000 of those hawaiian chicks. [laughter] dennis: that was nicely done. next, charles payne has an investing lesson for us. that usually leads to money. we will talk to this ceo of wing stop next. don't go anywhere. ♪
12:14 pm
nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
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12:16 pm
dennis: time for stocks now. where are we right now in the cycle? nicole: the dow jones industrials are up 40 points.
12:17 pm
we are still up for the week. i am also watching the ten year period 2.91%. remember the $38 ipo? it was a debacle, of course. closer and closer to $45 once again. they do have a buy rating. we know that facebook continues to do well and expand. we will continue to follow that story. 3.5% to the upside on facebook. back to you. tracy: charles payne is here.
12:18 pm
time to make some money. charles: i watch volume. i think anyone out there trying to negotiate should watch volume. i want you to take a look at the action on this. the very next session yesterday, strong opening to the upside.
12:19 pm
there were some industries that i were worried about. we did have an indian bank. that may be one of the top. dennis: all-day ball bearing makers? we are watching the futures in the u.s. between 8:00 o'clock and 8:30 a.m., you solve the dow jones futures go from negative or flat to up. do you think it is a leak or a wall street got? charles: when i see them trading twice their average volume, it is on my radar.
12:20 pm
you take the next step and see what is going on. dennis: who wants to drive a truck? more than 300,000 truck drivers will be needed by the year 2020. jeff flock has that story for us. tracy: the dow is up 43 points. we will be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing.
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♪ >> 24 minutes past the hour. the state department wants non-essential u.s. diplomats out of lebanon. the debate goes on about military strikes. american citizens are urged to leave lebanon. a possible gas leak at a southern california home this morning. the home had been undergoing renovation and was vacant.
12:25 pm
another successful flight. recent altitude of 69,000 feet. it was released by a carrier aircraft and hit a maximum speed those are your news headlines on the fox business network. back to tracy and dennis. dennis: if you are on the job hunt, you may want to consider a job in trucking. tracy: you have to be driving one of these, right? >> we are in the front seat of the truck.
12:26 pm
take a look at the numbers on this. there is a huge trucker shortage in the united states right now. it will only get worse. what is the problem? >> we think that there are three contributing tours. jeff: the shortage in truckers would already be up if the economy was doing better. >> it would be greater. we are attracting people, training them ourselves.
12:27 pm
jeff: not a bad gig. pretty good money, too. dennis: thank you very much. tracy: i want to see him drive an 18 wheeler next. peyton manning had a huge performance last night. dennis: the international olympic committee set to announce the 2020 games tomorrow. we will show you the top contenders for the coveted role. first, let's check out the s&p. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you get your boce?
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12:31 pm
tracy: stocks now, nicole petallides on the floor of the stock exchange, you got some movers, the dow up 37 points. nicole: there are a lot of movies. one that is attracting a lot of attention on wall street is quicksilver. my kids love lot of the apparel, beating sudan the like little what quicksilver is doing today, up 34% after their earnings cash and out. a big mover today. others include a phone, vera phone is upgraded over -- that is a real winner today. we are also watching gunmakers like smith and wesson which he and on with their numbers, great
12:32 pm
deal and the latest quarter but looking out to the future and noting a little softness and cautionary tone, and all time high. new buy rating. back to you. dennis: military action against syria, fed a green, debt ceiling debate, ben bernanke replacement, markets climb a wall of worry but how much? let's ask two diametrically opposed network, christophers polk, and sam stovall, as indeed cheap equity strategist joining us now. i want to start with a really quick answer from each of you. the dow now at 14,973. where is that your end this year? >> we are lower than we are today, down 6 to 8%. st. dennis: where are we by year end? >> i focus on the s&p 500. we go a little higher, 1695
12:33 pm
would be a close bet. dennis: back to christopher, tell me something. we are a lot better off now than we were last time stocks were this price so why are you still bearish? >> because the rate of acceleration of cash flow is becoming very limited. the market is on borrowed time because we have to see revenue growth to get any sustainability. we are not seeing that revenue growth at all so we might get a little bit of improvement but nowhere near what the market is expecting an uprising in. dennis: i feel like the market kept the downdrafts lately, far less about concerns about the economy and more about 3d can reaction to the fed pulling back. the fed could pull back and stocks could still go up after they die just the fear factor? >> how do you spell freak at? basically what the market would like is for us to leave a lot of
12:34 pm
this liquidity stimulus behind because we are going to be looking for a market that is going to go from being liquidity led to fundamentally driven. the expectation is we are going to see 3% gdp growth next year, not the 1.7 we have this year and investors say the fed capering is a foregone conclusion, it is not if but rather when so let's get the when out of the day. dennis: almost praying the paper started this month, wall street could finally stop flipping out about it. here it is the thing. if we started catering and rates go up isn't it assigned they are doing it because the economy is better? what is to worry? >> absolutely the economy continues on that basis we will all be very happy and we will go higher however the problem is if they taper and the rates go up and the economy starts to slow down again then what do they do?
12:35 pm
valuations have to come down, that is where i am afraid we will see pullback in expectations leaving lower prices if that occurs. dennis: we have companies leading as never before as they add that after the crisis. we have cash far higher than before and exports, 30% higher than when the market last peaked. >> the concern is we don't get good revenue growth but the expectation right now was for 4% revenue growth which would be supportive of the 6% earnings growth we expect this year and i think we have to see an improvement in revenue growth in 2014 to get the low double digit growth. let's remember 50% of revenues come from overseas and with the defending of the 7% gdp growth in china combined with green shoots likely to be occurring in europe, maybe some of that could be coming from overseas as well. dennis: what do you need?
12:36 pm
one or two think you need to see to say i am wrong on stocks and we end of knocked down. >> if we get above the 6% sam is talking about, 17 times earnings for 6% growth is too rich so if we get 8% growth for 10% growth than the stocks go much higher from here. we have to see revenue growth, sustainable jobs growth to get that. dennis: we end on that note from a down guy. thanks. tracy: tomorrow the international olympic committee will decide which city will host the 2020 summer games. there are three in the running, tokyo, istanbul, madrid. oddsmakers on tokyo, believe it or not istanbul could be the dark horse. if they get the nod they would be the first muslim country ever to host the games. do you think that would be
12:37 pm
weird? dennis: tracy: that is -- dennis: their capitalist like crazy and when i was there some years ago they are said it thought they were not allowed into all the international organizations. let's talk larry summers getting an odd to replace ben bernanke, may not take the reins. if congress has anything to say about it with opposition emerging. tracy: another, americans consume in an estimated twenty-five billion chicken wings. wide demand will continue to fly. the ten year treasury, 2.9%. down four basis points, we will be right back.
12:38 pm
12:39 pm
ashley: ashley webster with your fox business brief, a judge ordered abel to mobilize e-book contract with publishers, the justice department argued apple joined with publishers to fix prices for e-book and an apple spokesman says the company will appeal that injunction. united autoworkers, volkswagen about representing workers with the chattanooga tennessee plant, currently no u.s. auto factories
12:40 pm
owned by foreign automakers in southern states are unionized. more american households have landline phone service driven by younger americans relying on a cellphone. the wall street journal fighting bankruptcy data reporting just under 71% of households have landlines in 2011. dagen: from 96%. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
12:41 pm
no two people have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ >> expanded into a multibillion-dollar industry whar and the more than twenty-five billion chicken wings in 2012 alone. blows my mind. showing us from manhattan, kan.
12:42 pm
charlie morrison. twenty-five billion wing does. there's a lot of competition for wings out there. in our area alone we had four wild wings was not a was a kid and then gray wings too. how do you keep on top of this? >> as you mentioned the market is growing aggressively right now and wing stop is a keen growing with the market over the past ten years. we have seen same-store sales growing aggressively. we try to keep our concept simple, it is a small footprint, carry out oriented type of concept and that for us gives a unique competitive advantage. tracy: you can order online, and very simple and opening your
12:43 pm
600th franchise. >> washington d.c. is a key strategic market for us. tracy: perfect thing for a bunch of college kids to get out and do. kids coming in, why franchise, and their own out right? >> we own 24 restaurants in strategic markets where we think it makes sense. it offers flexibility to grow the concept quickly in multiple markets very fast. a lesser use of capital for the company and give some entrepreneurs a chance to realize they prosper with us. tracy: you got to explain this. russia, singapore, united arab emirates, i can't imagine there'll over their fingers. >> big plans to grow
12:44 pm
internationally. you see 20 locations. and expanded over the next few years. tracy: nothing in new jersey or new york city, not even plans to come, places where they are going to be. how come? >> our brand originated in the texas area growing throughout texas, the southern part of the u.s. and agreements in place in new york city and new jersey, mentioned washington d.c. as well so as we expand the brand and get beyond the 600th restaurant to a bowl of a thousand restaurants in a short period of time we expected the in those markets. tracy: like your christmas? is this where the bulk of your money comes from?
12:45 pm
>> in the past two weeks you see the seasonal increase, when college football and pro football hits, we are excited for this time of year and expecting another great year. tracy: what is it about football and wings. someone has to explain to me but you are right. you are in the fast-food business for a long time, started out at pizza inn, skip kendall, been in the restaurant business for awhile. would have you seen change other than the economy can in and out of recession? >> it did. a lot of things are changing right now. people looking for convenience with quality. we call this the fast casual segment, and we prepared fresh as soon as you order it. we don't make anything ahead of time. that is what customers are demanding. we want the flexibility to take it home. they don't want as much service
12:46 pm
elements as we have seen in the past. wing stop is perfectly position where the changes happening. tracy: thanks for taking time to be with us and hopefully we will see you in power area soon. 11 different flavors on wings. like 11. dennis: a thick buffalo would be the one. time for stocks now and to the floor of the stock exchange, meridian equity partners, wall street loves correlations and here's a provocative one that senior editor has uttered. if you look at the upsurge in people quitting the search for work, it closely tracks the rise in the stock price of laz-z-boy, a maker of furniture that some of the nonworking people might be deciding to go and sit in. any-meaning in this? >> greg correlation. netflix in there for the last year, 220%.
12:47 pm
seating they're eating tacos from 400 this year. and the important factor, people need to look at the numbers. and people stopped looking for jobs and recurring claims continue to rise in the wrong direction and that is showing that people have become very complacent on where the economy is right now and there's a silver lining they think will come in the near future. dennis: we created 169,000 new jobs for americans, we need 250 kenna to match population growth, turns out at the same time 300,000 people left the work force, stopped looking and no longer count as unemployed. so for the rest of the day which has a bigger impact on traders? worries about syria or digesting jobs numbers? >> job numbers are behind us. syria is the top headline out there that is very concerning, look at the job numbers, tangible numbers, spend the
12:48 pm
money when you want. it is a fragile area, dealing with fragile people here, that is going to be the headline that will hold this over the weekend. dennis: september is the worst of the year stocks but does it work itself out? we could be in for a big rally. thank you for being with us. in today's media minute, just got a bully pulpit, the new york post's unkind nickname for alec baldwin and alec baldwin, abrasive and all from liberal getting his own friday night talk show on ms nbc. the show starts next month. the plate with alec baldwin described as a current affair and culture talk show, you can bet it will be long on politics getting his proclivity for provocation. baldwin figures he is ready for prime time, he has hosted here is the thing, public radio contest in new york.
12:49 pm
it is smart and talented and engage in people but some gusts on cable news did not live up to that billing, but baldwin could make an odd fit for comcast's left-leaning news channel populated by politicians, activists, policies, not actors, chilling credit cards. a courtroom setback for the upstart the drabs broadcaster tv signals, resells the subscribers without paying the networks a cat and a case against similar firm called film, federal judge's temporary block the service saying it violates the copyrights, arguing against two preliminary decisions. tracy: you mentioned earlier, larry summers not feeling the love he needs from members of his own party. it could get in the way of a top job at the federal reserve. dennis: take a look at winners on the nasdaq. clients are always learning more
12:50 pm
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tracy: we have been talking about this. put up your dukes. where did that come from. looks like it when it comes to his nomination as federal reserve he faces a big fight in congress with some democrats. dennis: from his own kind and who is making a fuss? liz macdonald joins me for the bottom line. liz: this comes from partners at the wall street journal, the senate banking committee where democrats hold a razor thin two vote majority, three democrats
12:54 pm
on the committee who may oppose larry summers. elizabeth warren, sherrod brown, three big democrats on the banking committee. so far no republicans of come out either way and support of any of the candidates meaning larry summers or janet yellen, and this has july the democratic caucus in the senate the of the president a letter, more than a third of them are the democratic caucus, give a letter to the president saying we support janet yellen. the problem with larry summers are these. his lucrative ties to wall street, the fact that he supported repeal of glass-steagall, the fact that he is supporting the too big to fail system. is he really yet. tiger? what he really delve back on money printing? that is the question over larry summers. testing with janet yellen is she is being seen as a likely person
12:55 pm
to be the nominee because she would be easier to get to the senate banking committee and the president would not way of much-needed capital over a fight in senate banking over his fed chair nominee. we may hear who the nominee is before the debt fight is underway in washington d.c.. giving it back to you guys. dennis: pretty interesting stuff. tracy: i will ask where the phrase, cured dukes came from. lori rothman and adam shapiro did the printed the jobs report to find out what is holding back hiring. dennis: football season is finally here and teams of to bring in more revenue than ever, take a closer look at the big money behind the nfl. that is next. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond.
12:56 pm
80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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12:58 pm
>> welcome to brendel orca la lori rothman.
12:59 pm
adam: adam shapiro. a disappointing jobs report and syria. the dow is down 16 points. down nearly 150 points. we will look at what is holding back hiring. tracy: winning support for syria strikes, backing from ten other countries. adam: the national football league is a cash cow all the grows bigger every year. we will look at the moneymaking secret behind the all american business coming they. tracy: let's get you updated on the markets, since the police of the jobs report this morning let's head to the stock exchange to check with nicole petallides. what is the latest? nicole: in node from jpmorgan which echoes the sentiment of what we have been seeing on wall street. they are looking at this market with back-and-forth action, the dow is up 16 points after having been down almost 100 points, we
1:00 pm
at a 200 point talk to bottom and that was a big swing today, we heard from vladimir putin, president obama, got in a weak jobs report, revisions for the prior month's were not favorable, but look at the one week chart. momentarily we are looking at negative territory, only now it is up 2% and the s&p 500 up 1.5% and the dow was up 1% vote is interesting to see those moves. overall what we are seeing on the big board, u.s. dollar is weaker, commodities are still in position for some sort of strike on syria. you see golden $15. back to you. adam: unemployment dropped to 7.3% in the latest on the report but very little good news is actually to be found in those numbers. peter barnes is in washington


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