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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 10, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ neil: welcome i'm neil cavuto, get ready for what could be a more unusual night, president of united states making an address that will effectively disown a policy he does not see happening, a president arguing for an endeavour he is now abandoning, talking about a strike against syria, manage that seemed imminent. now on thin ice, thanks to vladimir putin of all people, so much to get into, we have a delayed vote, syrians admitting the very chemical weapons they refused to admit they have, russians saying they will help get a international forcing it
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to police said weapons that vladimir putin argued that syria did not have. so mainlie many lies and so lite to avoid a strike against a sovereign nation this time, so it's all about an hour ahead. president has to stake out a position, the speech i was planning a few days ago about why we have to strike syria, i'm still going to make it but with big old pro viceos and -- proviseos and big changes, party barnes out -- peter barnes outside of the white house. >> reporter: that is right, president tonight will call for a pause in action on capitol hill toward a vote on a resolution that includes a military option against syria over its chemical weapon stockpile. and a regular regular that was in trouble anyway, looking at vote tracking, as compiled by washington post, which has been
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counting people's press releases, and comments on this. house side, right now 251 house members have announced they are against or leaning against a syria resolution with a military option. 156 undecided. 26 for that type of resolution. need 218 slow thees to pass something in the house -- votes to pass something in the house, in senate 38 senators said they were against or leaning against a resolution with a military option, 39 undecided, 23 for, all this is tracking a public opinion poll this we've seen according to new fox news pop last night, whether asked what the u.s. should be doing in syria, 68% of people said to stay out of syria, this is a civil war, 23% said go in and help because there is a humanitarian crisis, to drive home the point that the president needs to explain more,
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about his syria strategy, look at the fox news poll results when people were asked about how president is handling syria. just 29 percent said they approved. and 60% disapprove, those are different numbers, worse numbers for the president compared to that question when asked in may, 37% of those polled approved of president's effort on syria, 40% dis approved. neil: thank you, peter barnes, president about an hour away from selling the american people, but the question is, what is he selling, michael mccall, if we're to belief the latest numbers congressman, they are more than enough on record in house as being against this. it would not even come close to passage in the house. up less something changes with
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the president's speech tonight. what do you think? >> well, yeah, i don't think that will change. it is clear he does not have support of the congress. he failed to make the case to the american people. there are no good outcomes in this military intervention. and quite frankly, there are no good sides to pick, you have a puppet using chemical weapons and rebel forces, i have asked the question like did secretary kerry who are these rebel forces. on eve of 9/11, you know we find out more and more of the rebel forces are al qaeda, they have been infiltrated, and hijacked by al qaeda, last time i checked they were not our friend. we do not have good sides, chief objective should be to secure and destroy the chemical weapons. neil: as you know, some are
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disputing whether the rebel forces have been a taken over by al qaeda. but your points are well taken about the weapons, some that more than hours ago syria disavoided they did not have them did nottous them, now -- did not use them but now admitting they have them, and russia will help store them, doesn't that require our going into make sure in a are doing that? >> absolutely. they are third largest chemical stockpile in the world, that is why egypt fell, muslim brotherhood took over, libya. a vacuum there, the third shoe to drop will be syria. sarin can be transported by powder into the united states. neil: are you like a lot of your colleagues, saying, i have no doubt there are chemical
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weapons, but it is beyond our being the only country in the world that will try to get rid of them, it's not up to us. >> i, sunday one, i was on face the nation, saying chief objective should be secure and destroy. we need an international force to do, that russia has more leverage over syria, i do think that going to an international coalition of forces, is a good idea. because there are no good sides, no good outcomes. neil: that assumes we get it. we get that international group that monitoring this. same reluctance? >> to your point, the american should be fully involved in this, like reagan said, trust but verify, the americans should be a full partner, we have should unfettered access on the
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ground, in to syria, to make sure that chemical weapons are secures and destroyed. this is only best outcome, president has failed in his foreign policy, and he presented a bad scenario to the american people and congress, which is why they have rejected the military intervention. neil: chairman thank you very were. fast changing times. >> to let you know, another sign that markets don't think that anything is going to happen, no matter what president says look at the dow. a big run-up, that was all the more reinforced when we got word of this deal out of russia, one that syria agreed to. to store and then monitor their chemical weapons and focus on in oil market, oil markets going down two bucks today, a pretty good proxy for a growing view we'll not come to blows, which goes back to begging obvious question, i started with, why the speech?
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what is the president going to say tonight? torrey clark. i know it is easier said than done to just cancel a presidential speech, but if anything warns that today's developments would but i guess that is not happening. >> you can't, i can't think of another time when in scheduled a presidential speech and not done it. this president has so seldom addressed the american people head on like this. he has a difficult job, he has to say to american people with a loss lot of disclosure, this is what is at stake. these are our strategic objectives, i will be listening for that, because i have not heard it thus far, but as you said, so much so much has happen last 48 hours there raise so many questions. tonight, it not about one speech or just about the president making his case to the american
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people, this is when it is about leadership, he will have to decide, even if they don't get public opinion behind whatever it is they want to do, if they don't have congressional support, they may have to go it alone even if it is unpopular in u.s., that is you know that is what presidents are elected for. neil: president, he had legal support to do so. >> he said he does. neil: congress refuteiated him, as a couple congressman tell me, if he does that, that is an impeachable offense. >> he said he does. all depends on defining what it is he does. a very tiny surgical strike, militarily will not have too many positive outcomes may be something he could do on his own, think about what is at stake. yee need to send a message to
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rebels we have not given up on them, we need to send signal to our allies in the world, saying we mean it this time. so many things have changed over last several days, including what this dodge said, and -- administration has said and thanes to do, i see this hopefully as a reset button to get back to what is at stake. neil: i don't know, maybe your hope springs eternal on this. >> it does, i am very optimistic. neil: i don't know what more or he could say or clear fi about chemical weapons, government has admitted they have them, now they agree to russia who similarly doubted to syria had such weapons or use them acting as lead player in trying to get an international forcing it to monitor them. it seems like everyone has been disengine wise, no matter what the period said it seems like -- what president said, quite literally a year late, and a lot
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of dollars short. >> it is, a year ago we had this conversation talking about what we could have done. talked about better enforcing a no-fly zone. we're here now, we have to make sure he does not use them again, and build international support, and confidence in us and our leadership has been shaken, rightfully so, i am hopefully this is a reset tonight. >> torrey clark thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: we're waiting to hear from president, in about 50 minutes he will spell it out. what he can say, what he said in the past. keep in mind since he heightened the octane in this, not only has support for a strike on syria dissipated quickly, but so has president's approval numbers. then there is issue of whether the president goes it alone after all this and decides to strike syria because, congress be damned he thinks it is the
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right thing to do, hardly a conken suss among -- consensus on many i talk to, president bush attorney general gonzalez with what the president risks, if he does just that. after this. ♪
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posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. neil: the closest we've seen to a president cancelling a speech, which ronald reagan delay the his address because of the challenger disaster back in 1986, president who had been means to use this speech as a justification for striking out against syria because of chemical weapono is now cries to use this peach in a different way. we have made progress we had, and russians trying to find an alternative strategy to avoid
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war, alberto gonzalez, former attorney general of these united states, if president strikes syria without congressional approval, all bets are off, explain. would he be doing something that would be an impeachable offense? >> that is one of the most difficult questions that exists in contusional law -- constitutional law, president's scope at commander in time of war. we know from pe press and practe that it has grown over a period of years, i believe that having gone to congress, president should abide by the will of congress, i would go further say, president should inform members of congress he is going
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to abide by their vote, so they know their vote means something, as to whether or not this is impeachable, it is up to congress, it is possible they could vote to impeach, it is improbbal that senate would remove him, but even if we move down that road, imagine, where president has initiated of hotties you have -- hostilities, you have house and senate voting to impeach commander in chief during a time of war is highly unlikely. neil: no, i agree. to have them share some burden of this decision. so to them ignore that, at least compromise his standing with congress. maybe ruin his next 3 1/2 years. >> there is no question about that, that to place burden on congress, and to not abide by
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their decision, would further alienate, and damage the relationship between the president and congress, and make progress on many of our domestic issues and other foreign policy challenges very difficult. neil: i am going to get to rationale for getting involved in syria, country represents no immediate threat to us, chemical weapon i understand, it has not launched terrorist as thats abroad that we know, president would use chemical attacks as justification for going after regime that prior to this had killed better than a hundred thousand syrians through more convent nal means like bullets and bombs, it sets a different state, does it not? oh, we lost him, i have no idea why. that is one thing that will be coming up, as to why we are
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doing this. we are trying to stop chemical weapon and using that as a defining point for going after rogue dictators or presidents who do things so heinous and civilized world cannot stand back. but ask your, you have 18 such countries with civil wars erupting, people being butchered in the streets, is final line, that they are at least not being butchered by chemical weapons so all is well and good? or is it to avoid possible hits from united states, i have to shoot them not gas them. these are not such flip ant observations on my part, many debate in congress whether chemical weapon use itself is
8:19 pm
enough to justify it. that is what president of united states will have to spell out in more detail. will it be any different tonight. we're told will be a 10 to 15 minute address. these are words that will define this president, maybe where he goes the next 3 1/2 years, next the republican said unless we move to spend more on defense, a strike on syria will be useless. is that part of the deal on the part of a prominent republican to get something he has wanted and his party has wanted or a head fake? because we've seen a lot of head fakes. can help you find your own path? who can build you a plan, not just a pie chart? who can help keep your investments on course,
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neil: a pretty good rule of thumb, more tensions ease, stocks go up, they look like they are more likely, stocks go down, after a big run-up today of little unchanged from an impressive triple-digit of the dow. asthma,et seemed to sense that massibility of -- possibility of war was easing with syria, a lot to do with a offer by russia president vladimir putin to get a international body to sort of police the weapons, chemical weapons that syria now admit its has. and to make sure it does not use them. it depends on the honor of bashar al-assad that would mean bashar al-assad staying in power, our goal of never for regime change but this means little change. weapons are under some international body's supervisory. and this guy stays in power doing god knows what else,
8:24 pm
california republican congressman on that. he has already urged president to -- your position has been you would consider such action if the sequestration cuts if defense were stopped. where do you stan now with or without that? >> i told the president was that he should go to the congress, go to nation, i said you are the only one that has been elected, you represent the nation, you should face the nation, go eyeball to eyeball, explain your decision makes process, and how you came to the decision being that you have all of the information. how you arrived at the decision to attack syria. i am glad he is doing that tonight. i think that is very important. i also told him i was tired of calling upon our military, time after time after time, such as
8:25 pm
when he did the surge in afghanistan, then cut military budget. flights over libya, and cut miller budget. change to a pacific tragedy and cut milltary budget, you can't get blood out of a turnip. you can't ask military to do more with less. neil: do you think there is a possibility that he never wanted this act with syria, but putting it in your lap, he is all but assured now with latest numbers, many colleagues are on record being against this act, he can kind of continue to do what you claim he is doing, cut defense, and saying we don't need to be involved in syria or middle east as much. i am going to continue cutting? >> i, agree with your previous guest, attorney general gonzalez it would be wise, i believe for him to if that is his strategy,
8:26 pm
if he wants to lay in on congress, he should let us know what he will do whether we vote up or down, that way there are no free votes. neil: but, if he honors your will, sir, and congress does not want this, he now has a right to say i tried. like prime minister cameron in britain, i would love to go in myself but i am not going to do it he can argue, i was going to get tough on terror, but congress was not. let's move on? >> he could have already done this. president clinton launched attackses without congressional approval. neil: clinton with kosovo did have at least nato cover. this president would have no cover, maybe france, that would be it? >> president reagan did it without going to president,
8:27 pm
precedent has been set, if he feels as strongly as he said. they have been making the case time after time. i've been in so many briefings, i heard it over and over, they seem to feel very strongly about their position. >> very strongly about the fact we know thattassad has chemical weapons, i guess, debated is whether we used them, but they have seem to have convinced that you bashar al-assad has? >> i don't think that anybody is debating that, that is well documented. it is a matter of what he says he is going to take action, because i bashar al-assad used them, he wants to set to make sure there is no precedent that somebody can use those weapons without some kind of retaliation. and so, for that reason, he wants to teach them a lesson to
8:28 pm
defer others, to deter others from using chemical weapons or once onweapons of mass destructn once, you know, i quite anxious to hear what he says tonight. neil: you are not alone thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right michele bachmann coming up, she has been saying that white house has it all wrong on syria, using wrong arguments, she uses egypt as a very good example. coming up after the speech, do you remember this? >> i will cast my vote without reservation, of day my prayers will be with america's sons and daughters who will carry out this great task? remember that for iraq war, dec army a we vote ongoing into iraq back then, what might surprise you about what he is saying about syria now. ♪
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8:32 pm
taxes that could have little to do what is going on with syria. in the nikkei-225 also up with oil prices 90% of the energy dependent on imports. no mystery that averages up as well. half-hour away from the president to justify strikes against syria should it come to that end least those strikes have eased considerably we have congressman davis from the congressional black caucus as a group has not talked about what position to take all of he is leaving no on his go. good to have you. day you just see no rationale to get involved? >> of course i am listening to what the president has to say tonight but i have a tendency to listen more to
8:33 pm
what my constituents say in more than 90 percent of the people who have contacted my office have said they hope we can find a way out of the necessity to have a military strike or military intervention. sometimes miracles do happen and it is possible we have a possible miracle on the table and when reasonable people exchange dialogue and do it diplomatically it is possible that we can avert military intervention to have other possibilities and options so i am hopeful that is what we will hear from the president tonight. neil: of all the people of vladimir putin? >> that is interesting you never know where the inspiration of possibility
8:34 pm
might come from. if that might be the case that i welcome it and i think there are millions and millions of others who would hope that syria would take this seriously and we are taking it seriously there's the possibility to avert this kind of military expectation that many people have had. neil: is it a case of the fox and the head house that syria, president assad making a deal with vladimir putin under the auspices of the international body policing that chemical weapons, up intel -- up and tell a while ago claiming they did not have. there is no way to verify but to verify that assad and
8:35 pm
putin said they would do what they said? >> they think that -erification is a necessary part of any agreement that is reached. i hope that would be a part of the negotiation or a part of any deal that is struck. we have to learn and to trust each other a little bit more. there is always political gamesmanship and somebody always ups the ante and that happens but if reasonable people look for a solution that i think reasonable patients can also look for a solution and can't find one that might keep us away from
8:36 pm
military striking and killing or maiming innocent people. neil: congressman davis. thank you very much. fair and balanced now we have michelle bachman just back from egypt and she does see remarkable similarities when it comes to who's side we are on. it is difficult to decide that? >> it is unfortunate the the president's sense of the wrong signals we do want to see positive change in the middle east but what is on it the president throws his lot in with the wrong side time after time after time. when i was speaking of leaders in the middle east they say to us is america still with us with a global war on terror?
8:37 pm
1 meter said his people ask him why aid to american support terrorist? the others say how dare we forget those that attacked us on 9/11 now we are not only defend the those same people by promoting those same people. we do want to see freedom come to the middle east but that is what people are worried about with syria. talk about the leadership they are afraid those that off the deep end with terrorism may come into a position of power in syria to spill across there borders to hurt their country that they try to stabilize. neil: it is not as if the egyptian government with its cracked down on the muslim brotherhood, it did take down the elected government and the -- we may quibble
8:38 pm
with that but ron paul asks why are we to the degree that we are involved if the people we associate turn on us in a new york minute? suze influence do you want to buy? is one paying to buy their friendship but i will be deemed if we put a deposit down on their hate. >> butted egypt the people decided morsi had to go he was incompetent, brutal, the head of the muslim brotherhood but it took less than one year for the largest demonstration in recorded human history of 20 million people some say 30 million that took to the streets in egypt. they wanted him gone. they took to about now we have a new interim president and i met with him earlier this week and also the general. they're trying to do what
8:39 pm
they can't to stem the terrorism especially with the cyanide. they said will use the and with us? they are doing the work for us and now they say we are even denying them even as spare helicopter. neil: does that mean you support or there are good guys in the rebels that we should support to help topple assad? >> in syria? there may be a good element that we have a problem because one thing the leaders said is you better make sure that if assad falls you got to address damascus otherwise there is a mess to go beyond decades. i am voting no. neil: thank you. your colleagues also are against the action this
8:40 pm
could easily be defeated in the house with the vote we are taking right now. let's see if the president will say something to change your mind. if you just heard this and it is like busting your school -- head is like taking the budget with three weeks from today with the health care law, with a billionaire investor very, very worried not only can washington not multitask but to walk, talk, and to gun at the same time is killing us. keep the tweet coming. i will sort through your reaction to 90 and reid some of them. you tweet and we report. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends.
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8:43 pm
both parties love this area and distraction? it does the for the opportunity to forget about the debt problem, ongoing budget on a resolution to prevent a shot down and forget about the health care law if you just mess around or make a cake but all things decided in a matter of weeks. billionaire investor says it is time that both parties tried to multitask because these other to matt -- domestic and verge of problems are not going away? >> no. by the way think you for having me on your show. good to be here. i am struck with the death and destruction happening in syria to see the film of children and babies in
8:44 pm
reading today of the bus was pulled over and everybody was decapitated on the bus the death and destruction is absolutely awful awful. neil: day you think that if we don't get involved we're sending a bad signal? really is the investment haven that we would be shunned because he seemed to be indifferent? >> i was stuck with two things that the president said that it was a moral imperative that we get involved. the second was the office of the president was legally authorized to act as have regard to congress or anybody else. what happened? nothing. neil: whatever your thoughts of getting involved in syria it has tabled in the
8:45 pm
disparate -- serious discussion of these domestic issues? we will push up to a resolution that might or might not lead us to another credit downgrade? >> a think the administration is ripe with problems and -- rife with problems without very many marks in the win column and congress is not much better. they follow the ball wherever it goes rather than staying with the problem to fix it. neil: you are right about that. always a pleasure. after the speech of the men who help to dismantle saddam hussein's arsenal. the update you cannot afford to miss. they may say this is the big apple. what is going on tonight will not stay in the big apple tomorrow.
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neil: besides syria we're also all multitasking looking for another mayor a successor to michael blumberg and very simply this will interest you whether you are in the big apple or not because the new york city mayor has direct control and megaphone control over the premier financial powerhouses on the planet including those with whom you may still do business dash year city public advocate has already said although they have not carry their weight. that is the stuff that would
8:50 pm
reverberate well beyond what we call manhattan and beyond how important is this? >> not just your city but we have some of the world's great financial companies here. we're no longer just competing keeping that to move into new jersey or connecticut the singapore, hong kong with alternative venues. people are buying them and one of my great concerns for the country is we have someone has used the rhetoric. i of the business perking -- person where my opportunities are a the greatest. that is not just the companies are the shareholders but new york and the mayor. neil: people say new york
8:51 pm
will return to the days of the age of the giuliani and bloomberg even back to you that the statewide level is a hard swing left a and it will be evidenced whoever the democratic nominee is. not to minimize the republican candidates but is in the overwhelmingly democratic city in new york is the democratic state you have proven three times you can do it but it is very unusual. >> it is. i disagree. it is not like liberals running cover these are people aggressively writing to the left. bloomberg is a liberal they are criticizing him because he is not paid enough attention to the board to allow the city to become divided this is not what we have experienced before. neil: if you listen to me in atlanta why does it matter
8:52 pm
to those folks? because those institutions have to take their fees? >> would get the revenues generated. not just in new york they have tens of thousands of jobs scattered across america seventh largest banking investment companies in the world. another change from 77 or 10 years ago is people are much more mobile and things have been quicker. we could lose jobs did revenue not just new york city but the federal government. when obama is out there to rally a lot are aided new york. if not here they don't have to be in the united states. it is helpful we will have a strong republican candidate
8:53 pm
to mount the effective challenge. you never say never. neil: and governor think you very much. governor pataki keep in mind with this defining moment for the president of the united states he speaks to a nation that is overwhelmingly opposed to get involved with syria not to say nothing of the house and senate that is of the same mind. what is he proving? tonight. former house speaker of what the president has to say to win those doubters back. my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18
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so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪ into the future. no two pple have the same financial goals. pnc investments works with you to understand yours and helps plan for your retirement. talk to a pnc investments financial advisor today. ♪ neil: speaking to nation but really peeking to the house and the senate, and trying to win support for an engagement that they are overwhelmingly opposed to, former house speaker dennis
8:56 pm
hastert on uphill battle that president faces. >> i think not only the president in a conundrum but we're in a conundrum, somebody has to decide, what is in best for this nation. i have not heard an answer, i have just heard reactions, we have to think beyond, i was part and parcel of our invasion of iraq, we were talking about weapons of mass destruction. we're in the same situation with syria, iraq does not have democracy today. if we get in to pick sides in this issue, and syria, who is the winner? the government that may come out of this will be tied with iran.
8:57 pm
we have on other side of this issue, we have our whole issue of every time we put one of our servicemen into a battlefield from here on out, if we don't do something about weapons of mass destruction, the chemical weapons we put every one of those men intoupbyjeopardy, othr side we have turks and israelis who are good allies of ours. maybe because of iraq, and afghanistan, because of the war fatigue nation, a lot of americans, former colleagues are saying, the hell with it, it is not worth it. what signal do you think that sends world? do we worry about that or move on? >> word has always turned to us, well, they hate us, i remember
8:58 pm
colin powell making a address to u.n., when we went into iraq first time, saying we never took one square inch of land, we have always been all truistic -- a truist altruistic folks the world loves to hate us, because we're a power base, i have to go back to what is in our best national interest. what do we want in syria that whole neighborhood, oil-rich neighborhood. neil: there are a lot of conservative members of the party, libertarian movement. saying, the hell with it, this is good money after bad, let them take care of themselves. they really are fed up, can you understand that? >> absolutely. i sympathize with that. i look at that, i can. these with that issue -. what is in our best foreign interest?
8:59 pm
of our nation in long-term. i don't know what the answer is right now, somebody has to come up with it problem is somebody has to lead, it is all knee-jerk, president had his chestnuts pulled out of the fire because all of a sudden putin and the 4 47 french doing his fn policy. neil: so president, what would it to be win doubters over. >> he -- if president would take a strong stance, he has to make a case to the american people, why he wants to do this, what is long-term interest of nation, and why are we in jeopardy if woe don't do. what is going to happen to this nation. neil: dennis hastert thank you very much. a president who has to convince a nation, and a very reluctance
9:00 pm
congress this is an action world taking, he has to prove to the nation he means it, he wants to take it. that is what is it doubt. >> a fox business special report. presidential address on syria. here with neil cavuto. neil: every time he has pitched that we get in syria, and get those chemical weapons out of syria, his personal popularity has plummeted and support for the thing he wants to do has also plummeted. to peter barnes at the white house to what if anything different commander in chief can say today. >> president will try to important public opinion, and congress on this question of what to do about syria and its chemical weapons, an aide to president said he will talk try


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