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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  September 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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♪ >> a special countdown to the closing bell with liz claman starts right now. liz: live from pay low alto, california. our third and final day. i am live at the headquarters of jive headquarters. we will meet the ceo and just a couple minutes. he will tell you why he has landed the biggest companies in the world for jive software. it makes companies weigh more
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sufficient. first, speaking of making money, let's take a look at the markets. the dow jones industrials were down most of the day until about 1:36 p.m. eastern. then it slightly turned positive. that was shortly lived. we are holding onto a gain of just about two points. will this seven-day rally, two an end? disney is a rocket that has been trying to boost the dow. we have shares of disney taking off at about 3.25%. the company plans to buy back six-eight. you have to follow through to make sure companies actually follow through. disney moving higher by $2.08.
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66.01. let's take a look at the s&p 500. first-time jobless claims. this is the number that you want to see come down. any number below 300,000 is certainly encouraging. the lowest number since 2006. much of the duck line, as we have dug into this, was due to technical problems and processing the data. two states in america were changing over technology when it comes to processing the claims. we will get a better read next
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week. investors are looking at a bunch of issues. disney likes pandora right now. the sound to name former microsoft executive as ceo and president. nicole petallides, it has been a while. >> it has been a while. the stock is heading new highs today. up 12%. that is huge. who is coming in and who is going out? you have brian mc enders who is a former executive at microsoft. we are 72 billion active listeners plus four pandora. they have active competitors.
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a lot of people say he is the right guy for this. he works at microsoft. he works at abc. he steps then in the stock really tells us that it is hot on the move. back to you. liz: pandora was one of the three days in the valley originals. we love to watch this company grow. thank you so much, nicole petallides. we have a market literally straddling the flltlined right now. what jumps out at you? >> it is a little bit of a combination with all of them.
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syria has clearly escalated. it seems that there will be some sort of diplomacy that they have initiated there. when you are dealing with a fragile government, you do not know what will happen. that right there is very important. tapering, we put that on the sidelines. now it is coming back in. that will be very important. you can argue either way. do you think it should occur or do you think it should not. liz: we have not, at least in the past 48 hours, talked enough about tapering. finally we take a breather to two other events like theory out. come september 18 will we get the fed announcement, where
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would you expect the gyrations in the market, if any? >> i think it will be in equities. you may still see a little initial shock. once you filter through it all, they are doing that for the right reasons. if you get a little bit of a dip on it can't look at the opportunity to buy. the economy is doing better. that should be nothing but good for the market. liz: i agree. you have to watch out for those headlines. today, as we punch up oil, listen, what is the stark story coming out of there on this thursday? >> we actually do hate on purely
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technical basis today. the market sold off and held a major support line at 107.25. it rallied over that. the gasoline which took an unconscionable beating these last few sessions finally took some traction and gained back against the crude. we have crude which does not look like it has much more on the upside with anything, let's say off the table as far as geopolitical issues. liz: you have a 2% move here on rbob gasoline. what does that do to the consumer? >> and unconscionable selloff. it has, already about $0.15 in the last couple sessions. today it gained some ground.
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we will probably see another nickel to $0.10 back as trey liz: with the dow down now about 13 points, does today mean much if we end this seven-day street? >> i like it. today is a perfect opportunity. the fact that this market really is not moving that much, i think that is a healthy sign. liz: okay. let's end on that. we still have friday. anything can happen. thank you so much. great to have you. good to see all of our traders. dell. finally he wins.
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taking his company, the company he founded private. a very public battle with karl icahn. it was the talk of the town this week. listen to what some people said. >> we have all spent time with michael and talked to him over the last couple of months as he has gone through this process. our relationship will just continue to get stronger. >> it is a good thing for dell and shareholders. liz: adam shapiro is right there at dell headquarters in taxes with the details. was this the fourth vote? >> that is right. forget three strikes and you are out. $25 billion deal. he will take the company public. i asked him about all of this.
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he says he is optimistic about the company's future. that is the key question. what does dell become now? they will not have to answer to shareholders. they are being short changed. >> he should have stepped aside and announce he would buy this thing or take it private. he had no business in doing any daily operations or doing nothing. >> as i wrap this up, the cfo here was in a conference call. he has several questions. they do not offer many specifics. taking this towards a company that will invest heavily.
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the pc that you know as dell, a lot of people speculating that they may even one day sell off the pc unit. 110,000 people work for dell. they just said we will balance and realign resources where we see opportunity for growth. back to you, liz. liz: i am the least technologically savvy person, but i had to get rid of my dell laptop recently. enough already. we will watch it and see what happens. intel is huge and servers also. they are making 10 billion on the service. how does dell expect to finish their barbecue celebration today and when? >> this is a big gamble.
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they do not give you any specifics on how they will compete. the other thing they will not give specifics about is how to measure whether or not they are succeeding. the one big gain from going private, they do not have to answer to shareholders. liz: talk to any ceo, they hate those quarterly numbers. adam shapiro live in texas. we are going inside, taking you inside motorola mobility headquarters. everybody got all geek stuff with the fact that apple came out with five new colors. dennis woodside with those
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talking about why he believes it represents the future of smart phone industries. plus, forget about facebook. there is another social network business in the valley. they help companies become more efficient and made more money by helping all of their employees talk with each other electronically. i am talking with tony zingale about how he plans on taking on bigger rivals. look at tony sitting pretty. he has a great story to tell. stay tuned. ♪ um... where's mrs. davis?
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♪ liz: here we are at jive software. this sprouted up in the last couple of years. oh, by the way, quiet on the set. how many of you when it comes to e-mail have sent e-mails, reply to all, had to forward and one person was not included so you had to add them on. it is such a waste of time.
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this is social networking. >> that is right. it is a better way to get work done. liz: it cuts down on meetings. it cuts down on lack of communication, as well. >> yes. we have seen what the boom of social networking technologies in the consumer world rings to the enterprise. it is a better way to get work done. what can you do for me? >> i can provide you a paradigm that your employees are more used to working with. rather than just using e-mail and attaching big old documents. i can bring it all to one place. also, i can bring it to your mobile device. those 300 employees are probably out and about on their smart phones and tablets.
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liz: you have quite the partnership year. you are in vodafone, you are in porsche, you are in sony. >> hundreds of thousands of 40s, there is a more productive way to collaborate and communicate. there are always different departments that do not talk enough to each other. >> we have measured the productive increase. to the tune of 15%. what is a more productive workforce yield?
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more. liz: e-mail was invented 35 years ago. i have heard you talk a little spark. five years from now, e-mail don. >> i do not think that it ever ultimately goes away. it was not designed for collaborating on powerpoint documents. across organizational boundaries. it is a great tool. we are here to make workforces more productive. they want to use a different way to get work done and we have found one. liz: you went public in 2011 at about $12 a share. today you are up. you have dipped below that
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before. that is a growing pain, i am sure. how do you get your sales up? >> for us, the stock market is a long-term proposition. quarter to quarter, you will have various challenges. it is a massive market. liz: they are trying to do the same thing you are doing. how do you fight off the competitors? >> companies are making acquisitions and attempt to compete with the strength of the jive product line. from our point of view, we are trying to bring jive to the mainstream. when we encountered mainstream buyers, they are a little more skeptical.
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it was about early adopters and innovators. we did extremely well. liz: the nasdaq. you are listed on the nasdaq. they have gotten beaten down. i was talking to switch board earlier. they said they would never look down on the nasdaq or having those problems because anyone in the silicon valley knows it happens. >> they are the high-tech exchange for silicon valley. they have been well known to be that. we have been thrilled to have them as a client, as well. liz: everyone uses jive. [laughter] >> it is the nature of cloud software. it is the nature of software in general. liz: is the twitter guys as to what should we do, would you say list on nasdaq?
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>> i would say every company is different. i have no regrets. liz: you are half armenian, half italian, grew up in cleveland. your first job, 16 years old, as a garbage collector. the hard work at like in america, do you think that has anything to do with where you are today? i wish i could say that when i was hanging on the back of a garbage truck that i would be standing here as a ceo of a company. i think it motivated me early on in my career. when i worked at intel, that motivated me even further. it opened my eyes even farther to what was possible and hard
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commitment and leadership. i find it more ironic that i am leading a company that is all about people and the productivity of those people. liz: tony zingale, what a great message. thank you for hosting us. we are not done here. we will be bringing in the board members to talk about what it is like. how do you work with a ceo when you have to make tough decisions. we will talk to them and asked some pretty interesting and tough questions. marissa mayer of yahoo!, mark zuckerberg, we will hear what they have to say. plus, 4:00 p.m. eastern, the ultimate entrepreneur, elon musk, a cofounder of paypal. he is the chairman of solar city. he is the silicon valley spirit.
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we have a live interview with him. three days in the valley coming up next. ♪ [ male announcer ] legalzoom has helped sta over 1 million businesses. if you have business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance,
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liz: the one thing about silicon valley companies is they want their employees to work hard but also have fun while they are spending 24/7. here at jive software anytime somebody makes a sale, gong and they all start clapping. that is what they do. they issue these t-shirts. just get it done, right? years ago yahoo was the same way. do they still hold onto those values? jo ling kent is standing by. mark zuckerberg of facebook, others had controversial comments that everybody is chatting about. everybody is bringing it up here. speaker that is right, taking a look at facebook stock, it is down four tenths of a percent for the day but a relaxed
3:30 pm
looking mark zuckerberg. considering the big ipo. he acknowledges facebook had a terrible first year but made the company stronger. >> kind of like the person you would want to ask last how to make a smooth ipo. but seriously, it is actually a valuable process. in retrospect i was too afraid of going public and i have been very outspoken about going private as long as possible. i don't think it is that's necessary to do that. you have to stay focused of doing the right stuff and sometimes it might take a market a while to catch up. >> also appearing is yahoo ceo melissa mayer. she has been on the job for one year and two months now. yahoo stock today hitting a new high, up 3%.
3:31 pm
the company is growing steadily getting 12,000 resumes per day looking at the future, she is totally focused on the long game. >> it can take multiple years, probably three or more to get the company going in the direction we want to having the growth be at the rate we want it to be. for me it is a chain reaction. bring in the right people, have them build the right product, getting that traffic because traffic leads to revenue. online. >> she said traffic is already up over 20% in just the last year recently passing 800 million users. not including users and traffic from yahoo tumbler acquisition. liz: 12,000 resumes, that is unbelievable. how do you even go through them? that is called growth.
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thank you very much for the update on that. coming up, people work so many hours in their working startups, they all order in. chipotle has come out with a funky new video. they are trying to send a very interesting message. coming up. and motorola made in america. motorola is also talking it down saying we offer hundreds of colors. we have so much more from the ceo of motorola which was bought by google. you have to wait to hear what he had to say. she loves a lot of the same things you do.
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♪ liz: real estate values in silicon valley. don't even ask, they were seventh in line waiting to get this building when it became available. there is so much to talk about when it comes to news from washington this afternoon. the treasury releasing the budget report today. are we any closer to getting the budget deficit under control? last i heard we were bringing this thing down. >> not as bad as last you yet the federal government lads hundreds of years of dollars the national debt this year. the treasury department says the government spent $148 billion more than it took him last month bringing the total for the first 11 months of the 2013 fiscal
3:38 pm
year to $755 billion. the total national debt is nearly $17 trillion. that number would actually be higher if congress had raise the debt ceiling earlier. four months treasury has been spending money to avoid the default. when congress raises the debt ceiling the government will have to borrow to repay all of those accounts. commerce is working on that in a way to avoid a government shutdown. what is on the way if congress fails to pass the spending bill. house republicans want any spending bill to also defund obamacare. >> a lot of discussions going on about how to deal with the cr and the issue of obamacare. we continue to work with our members. >> who will not accept anything that delays are defined as obamacare. condors has to pass a budget and not attach riders to it.
3:39 pm
>> treasury says it will reach the current debt limit in mid-october.n refuses to negotiate and republicans are still working out their opening offer. liz: rich edson in washington, d.c. 48 hours ago the entire international business press corps descended on california and apple headquarters to hear about the brand-new apple and the five new colors. motorola, which of course was bought by google, they have hundreds and hundreds of color choices that run the gamut and so they immediately started talking smack putting out a brand-new ad basically called lazy phone making fun of the whole thing saying you can customize. guess what, you can customize to
3:40 pm
hundreds and hundreds of different possibilities s is wht we decided to do was go to motorola mobility in california to talk to the ceo, we got a first look at the company silicon valley campus which looks a lot like a certain silicon valley search engine at mountain view. let's take a look inside. liz: it does not look like her corporate headquarters, dennis. >> we redesigned each floor in this building a little different. all about subway and transportation. liz: what does it do of the psychology of the employees? >> you are in a valley and people need to be creative and work together. space configurable in different ways, moving people around really easily, not a lot of offices. people can talk a lot more and get stuff done. liz: motorola mobility, we have some of them here. this is just two days after we are looking at these, apple came out with this.
3:41 pm
you guys already had the colors. >> motox is in multiple configurations. consumer want to participate in the design of their product and they are excited about motox and the ability to do that. liz: is a frustrating apple gets all this attention and you guys probably wanted to say we had that and more already. >> we're getting quite a bit of attention for motox in the last couple of days we did some advertising online, traffic to the website is more than double. we are getting a lot of want mom behind the product. liz: how many have sold? >> it is really early and we cannot expose actual figures yet. but we're pretty happy with where things are. again, this is a long investment that we will be making and we are two weeks into selling the product.
3:42 pm
liz: you came from google and you are told they bought this gigantic behemoth of a company more than $12 billion at only creative but also be profitable. what is going on? >> the best thing we can do is build a fantastic product and get it into the hands of millions of consumers. we got that product with the motox, now we're marketing it. every character in america today, many carriers in latin america, working that product out to the market, it is really the beginning. liz:'s tablet a future effort for you? >> a lot of things are exciting for us. other size, form factors in the standard phone are interesting for us as are much lower cost. these devices are still pretty expensive. liz: again, the wood, this is not out just yet. how much will this cost?
3:43 pm
>> these phones are available in the united states for $199. depending on the carrier. liz: did it surprise you the price point was $500? what does it do to the psychology of the customer was now more critical? >> we have seen people are willing to pay for devices like motox and other products. there is a big opportunity at lower price points and we're working hard on that as well especially outside the united states. you can buy a hond hyundai builn the states, but until motox you cannot buy a mobile phone actually made here. our competitors were making all of their devices overseas. we thought we could do something different. motox is the first smart phone
3:44 pm
made here in the u.s., we think that is pretty important. liz: is the pc dead? you're so focused on mobile, we were at intel's developer forum and they're talking about the wearables. is the pc yesteryear? >> i think five years from now none of our devices are going to be connected by a wire. most computing will be done wirelessly. that is why it is so important for google. doesn't hurt the health on the wired web and all going wireless. liz: the future is now, isn't it? >> it is. think about your own life. most of it is a wireless device. liz: 60 minutes before the closing bell rings. that was the ceo of motorola mobility. one, that prides itself on healthy ingredients is going after big food with the latest ad and a new videogame.
3:45 pm
while this strategy work? what is the message here? coming up next. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more.
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♪ liz: will come back to silicon valley. where live in palo alto, california. talking to board members in the next hour. assessment and look at the next way the ford things. another feather in the cap of chipotle advertising strategy. it seems to be catching the attention of the investors as the stock hit a new high today. with net part of the video, but talk about the message that seems to be working.
3:50 pm
nicole: this message is good food versus processed foods. you have two help the scarecrow, let the animals out of the cages. you have two feed the people the right food, clean up the area, get rid of all of this to bring into a place of utopia where everything is better. by the way, you barely even see anything that resembles chipotle. if i didn't know this was a chipotle videogame doing my job as a journalist, i would not know this was chipotle. the whole idea is to bring you to a world and correct the wrongs committed. it is basically chipotle versus the other guys. saying we give out the best food, we serve the best in our restaurants, high quality food.
3:51 pm
this is what the chief marketing officer and here i am saying what he said. the stock hit a new high. back to you. liz: indeed. don't count them out. they have been wrong over the past year. have you seen gold today? down $37 per troy ounce but they're getting clobbered today as gold takes a deep dive. >> across the board, the reason is this precipitous fall in gold prices now down more than $40 on the session, $41.50. it is possibly going to breach the 1300 level according to a lot of the analysts who call with it below 1400 not talking about 1300 the next big round psychological number. 1322 per ounce. the gold related stocks, down 6%
3:52 pm
on the session as you can see the chart looks like the gold prices down every day one of the past five trading days. silver prices are also getting hit. down more than 6% on the session. want to show you some media stocks really quick. walt disney with other media stocks up in sympathy with that. record highs hit by the aerospace and defense stocks. acquisitions, boeing hitting record highs. also up on the session about a half of a percent. that is pretty attractive now $58 per share. i want to jump into the commodities really quick, gold down $42. we are looking at gold at the
3:53 pm
lows of the session. silver prices down on a percentage basis, the safe haven plays are really going by the wayside as syria is on the back burner. we are seeing a lot of money come out with the exception of oil prices up a full percent right now, natural gas also up, but gold what a selloff, back to you. liz: fascinating to see. i think the next level might be 1300 everybody is looking at. thank you very much. the closing bell seven minutes away. tesla steering clear. analysts and investors who are smart about it having to go along for the ride. up or than 400% year over year. coming up, we have an interview life with the billionaire behind
3:54 pm
tesla. stay tuned. um... where's mrs. davis?
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she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected. what's in your wallet? [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need
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without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. david: we have some breaking news. we'll get back to liz and her interview with elon musk in just a second. look at this. these people were decimated first by hurricane sandy, now by this. a huge five-alarm fire in seaside park, new jersey. this is the fun town pier. the waters are looking right up at the edge of this fire. but it is a massive, massive fire as construction, reconstruction, i should say after hurricane sandy was just getting done. it looked like it was reaching completion and then this happens.
3:58 pm
this is a five-alarm fire, seaside park, new jersey. this is the fun town pier. just a massive, massive fire. we are going to be watching this fire, forgive me, but i was getting instructions from my producer here. there are a lot of pictures from the helicopters that are on the scene as firefighters from all around that area of new jersey are converging to try to put this thing out. first we're going to keep you abreast of what is happening with this fire but i want to go to nicole petallides at new york stock exchange where we have some bad news. we saw stocks falling but nothing like the fall in gold, right? >> all right. come on, for equities, we've had three straight days of gains, triple-digit gains, just slightly. gold is another story, right? you have relief pertaining to syria. people are anticipating fed stimulus. gold has dropped, most significantly, that we have seen in three days, three consecutive days, since late june. this is a big deal and gold stocks went down along with it,
3:59 pm
dave. david: on the other hand you have losers and you have winners. disney is a big winner. they're talking about share buyback, right? >> share buyback to the tune of six or eight million dollars, billion. did i say million? i mean billion in case you didn't hear me. that is worth about 12 dow positive points. the stock jumped 2 1/2% today. david: oil is up today but coal is going in the opposite direction because of government regulations. epa is stepping in saying they will get tougher. come on, we know it is not a secret the administration is not friendly in this area. for example, we've seen the s&p 500, since january of 2009 basically up 100%. but coal stocks are down 40%. because now they continue to move forward, obviously to talk new regulation. david: before the bell rings, pandora up 11% today! they're kicking it out of ballpark.
4:00 pm
>> when you talk about new chief executive that is great news for pandora. [closing bell ringing] david: good news for pandora. not good news for coal. we were hoping to have a record-setting stay or at least a record for the past several months and it was not to be, all the indices are looking to the downside right now. we're seeing red, red, red. not terribly red until we get down to the russell 2000, small and mid-size stocks hurt what is happening the most. general momentum towards sell was in the air. we saw that from the beginning. gold, way, way down. we'll talk more about gold and oil, which went in the opposite direction with commodities traders from cme and sandra smith coming up in just a minute. "after the bell" starts right now. once again, we'll be taking you back to the fire. huge fire in sea


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