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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 19, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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get the economy of the niagara of the federal stimulus we can do better. the figure for joining us have a great night. lou: good evening. thank you for being with us the driving force behind forcing a vote on the defunding of obamacare. first they blasted their own leadership for being part of the bedwetter wing of the republican party that caused the speaker to reverse himself to call for a vote then they blasted senator cruz the darling of conservatives to say they have the democrats to strip defunding from the house legislation. but they're getting the same treatment from the speaker in cruz reverse the on dash
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griffin reversed himself we will do everything necessary anything possible to defund obamacare. and anything else any procedural means necessary it is easy to focus on the political back and forth. lou: quite a reversal by the senator. this is a different republican party than even one year ago. speaker peter -- boehner shows considerable leadership. senator cruz after making a terrible mistake in the house shows he actually understands the best way to fix his mistakes are to quickly do so. when republicans said it is time to put on the big boy pants maybe this will lead
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us out of the bedwetters. no republicans want to be a part of that bedwetter wing boehner blasted obama said to take the government to the brink of a shutdown all of obamacare that most americans oppose speaker boehner release this comical synopsis of the president salinas to negotiate with vladimir putin but not congress. >> the president has been very clear he is not negotiating. >> what i will not do is to have a negotiation. >> let me reiterate our position unequivocal ball. >> we will not negotiate with republicans in congress >> this is something that is not space have been discussing this with president putin for some time. >> we will work with the russians. >> mr. prime minister you are serious about engaging
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in substantive meaningful negotiations. lou: the problem is that mr. boehner needs to take off his shirt to a clever and of course. also of the aftermath of the tragic flooding in colorado was $2 billion worth of damage now reports of at least wailes bills caused by those massive floods nearly 20,000 gallons of oil have spilled into rivers across the colorado plains rescue efforts have been positive positive, down from 1200 missing to now just about 200 this evening. but in mexico more than 40,000 tourists trapped around acapulco after flooding bear to go by a two tropical storms ripped through the area did death toll rises at 80 nearly 60 people are missing. and reports of crocodiles
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infesting the floodwaters as you can see residents battling with these reptiles in the streets but the highly anticipated that heavily criticized "grand theft auto" had an extraordinary opening day despite the controversy by the violent content or because of it, it topped the world wide box office receipts of all but two of the top hollywood box orators of the year. in one day. but we begin tonight with a house republican caucus standing together on the highly unpopular law and the president's willingness to force a government shutdown over a law that even he is not going to enforce. back in july he decided to delay the employer mandate until 2015.
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then in august he granted a waiver to members of congress and their staffs in addition to roughly 12 for the companies and unions granted waivers, over half a million union workers by the way are among those receiving waivers. but unions are still not have been the afl-cio adopted a resolution that causes the law's implementation high the disruptive to union health plans while demanding changes. you did officials seeking a rule change could cut the multi employer plans is qualified in the latest fox poll shows seven out of 10 americans remained opposed to obamacare they clearly did not qualify for the waiver. the deaths of four americans in benghazi was at a house oversight committee hearing. the ministers gave emotional
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testimony as the co-author of the state department tried to defend their findings chief news correspondent katherine has our report. >> everytime i see this on tv i see the bloody fingerprint they keep asking people do they belong to my son? >> sean smith's mother was the emotional heart of the oversight hearing. >> of the president's child was at benghazi with the aggressive attempts be more aggressive? >> obama said he would get back to me about the video in a i don't trust my government anymore. >> earlier republicans show the focus on the accountability review board. >> it looks like inside job
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with the department of state looking at the department of state. >> they a knowledge mrs. clinton's role to pick investigators for out of the five members of the board. >> she did. >> the investigation relied on interview summaries rather than depositions those that had middle managers to blame so lawmakers were told there is no need to go higher. >> we had very clear evidence full and complete to our information is that the authority and responsibility and accountability rested with the people we identified. >> that close contact between mrs. clinton's chief of staff that the state department employee. >>. >> she called you up by what you to serve on the board as we get into formation and you call her up and say the lady who was about to go in front of the committee will
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be a terrible witness you need saphead heads up. >> now taking legal action in. >> i am in the process to issue subpoenas because the state department has not made those people available. they are playing hide and seek now hiding behind a thinly veiled statement there is a criminal investigation. >> allies to kunming's released a report saying it was with the most comprehensive reviews ever conducted the opposite of a whitewash. lou: in breaking news moments ago the house of representatives voting to cut $4 billion per year from food stamp programs it passed by two vendors 17 / 210 a close vote is by some republicans who said the cut was too high. 50 republican votes across the aisle to vote no the savings could be achieved by allowing states to enact
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broad work requirements as well as drug testing applicants. my next guest attended today's hearing he says questions remain over accountability. joining us to discuss the latest of the bang gauzy discussion we have a member of the house oversight of foreign affairs committee distinguish naval officer good to have you with us. >> let me ask you as you watched the two leaders of the investigation was your reaction to what they have to say? >> for me though white house already pointed to the accountability review board as the final word no stone unturned and they did everything but in fact, they did not even interview the leading figures of the state department including
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secretary of state hillary clinton after the east african embassy bombing that accountability review board said the secretary of state must personally be involved to look at the security of the diplomatic outpost in particular ones where we know those that could be and a hot zone you have one of the most sensitive areas are gaddafi has just been removed there was islamic extremism and request for security but yet they did not think it was appropriate to ask secretary clinton how she was appalled and what decision she made with respect to that. for me i think it was a limited investigation of a very distinguished public servant but they did not answer all the questions of who is ultimately responsible. lou: this has dragged on
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more than one year it is:-- clearly stonewalling telling congress stand aside you will not know any more than what we permit even denying access to the survivors of the attack and a the a rb -- arb not allowing them to interview the people that are there. this is astonishing i cannot believe you pian say this is a white wash. >> we know from what has happened we are over one year away now when individual has been held accountable with any meaningful sense whether getting fired, even receiving a reprimand and of course, the terrorists who perpetrated the attack and this goes beyond our hearing today but then of those have
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been held accountable either so the american people see that and agree with your sentiment and they know there has not been any accountability and today we found out the arb did not review all pertinent facts there has been an effort to stonewall and part of the reason it happened in the middle of the presidential campaign in the president did not want to face the music out of fear but those timid members deserve the truth in the american people want the truth given their bravery of those americans that were killed. lou: listening to the testimony, the democratic members out of that committee? >> and constance the reason
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that they had spent is after they were killed they told by secretary of state clinton in the president that we will hold those that created accountable this is telling those people because of the video and we now know after having done the investigation that has nothing to do with libya. in the presence there that's is reasonable end critical is the absence of the democrats of the room that i question. don't you? the democrats believe this is all about politics. this is why they issued a report that said the arb
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answer the questions and republicans are trying to politicize this so they tried to take that posture to circle the wagons and i don't think the american people think that is true that the questions have been answered but that is where they are as a party. lou: you have no universal view that most of the democrats walked out as the family members were tested? >> i don't know what their reasoning was for walking out or not. i don't want to say they were protesting or not but. lou: i am just asking for your personal reaction. >>. lou: did you not find that to be ill mannered at the very least? >> a lot has been ill mannered. lou: pollees good to talk with you.
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much more on benghazi on the stonewall in the president's state department throw the broadcast will be a stephen king just how far the effort to defund obamacare will go. stay with us. we're coming right back. there is a problem with the federal judicial system and turns out intelligence maybe a liability for the judges. any last requests mr. baldwin? do you mind grabbing my phone and opening the capital one purchase eraser? i need to redeem some venture miles before my demise. okay. it's easy to erase any recent travel expense i want. just pick that flight right there. mmm hmmm. give it a few taps,'s taken care of.
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lou: in the judicial system is a mess and most of the partisan politics of other
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economists says intelligence is now a liability for judges. and dumbing down the courts how politics gets off the bench. the idea that intelligence is a liability so is energy with productivity. >> have you ever ben on ned jury? >> the reason i am so obviously impartial untainted by values. >> you are so articulate that even a small deviation
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for the leaders on the other side a new aircraft to pull three or four other jurors with today are more likely to strike you that and those they did not think that was articulate. because when you put somebody on the appeals court it is not just one vote necessarily that may sway other people on the panel. >> said jurors that i have from all walks of life were independently minded. i am not sure if they are quite that malleable to mir articulation by it it is the
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judges that are fascinating because these people i hear the federal court better to highfalutin to get work done to take their sweet time. 35 years to decide. >> but they don't get paid. >> but it is amazing how much more difficult it is to confirm people these days. 1900 through 1976 there was 80 percent of federal judges confirmed those for confirmed within 10 days now takes over 80 days and that is only part of it. if you look at someone that is particularly bright
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graduate in the top 10 percent of their class. lou: is that the view? >> so one way to measure influence is from their decision. lou: very quickly what is the answer? >> we have 30 seconds. >> the problem is the federal courts are much more powerful and as you say judges now have their own personal opinion poll. lou: what do we do? >> if you want to get back to where you were you have to make government smaller. that is the reason why we fight so hard and keep the most influential people. >> the supreme court of the united states torture in twister reason and law with
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a contrived conclusion in respective that was an embarrassment to the judicial system and to the supreme court. we recommend a book highly it is called dumbing down the courts. it is in bookstores and online now. go on line to get the transaction. good to see you. of austria today's stocks finished down 40 points the as and k.t. mcfarland the nasdaq of six the volume seems pretty respectable at 3.7 billion shares. jpmorgan agrees that $920 million of fines in the london wailes trading scandal that caused a big war than $6 billion last year. the sec is continuing its investigation and a number of officials are apparently
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lou: the fbi confirming that chicago is now the murder capital of america. government's statistics with 419 them the previous murder capital in new york city despite the fact that chicago has only one-third of the population of new york city. imagine that chicago making some progress just under 300 murders so far down 21% from one year ago. outrage at a california college after a student was stopped from handing out constitution's on the
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constitution day. the exchange between the student and campus police was captured on video the junior said he was passing out copies of the constitution to generate interest to start a young americans for liberty chapter by police a and administrators said he could not distribute the copies of the constitution if he was outside the free-speech his own and did not have the proper authorization and. a texas appellate court has overturned the money-laundering conviction of house majority leader tom delay said there is an efficient if evidence to convicted of illegally funneling money to candidates he was sentenced three years in prison and it was put on hold while the case made its way through the appellate process and it
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makes it pretty clear that the court was not impressed with the integrity faugh of the prosecution. and "grand theft auto" earning over 300 million on its first day some predicted it would make one believe in the first month in to give you a sense of what a smashing success it really is if not 800 million the top three earners at the box office this year with a full run is i am three, 1.2 billion despicable me at 840 million man of steel 663 million. the makers take to interactive investors like the performance the stock is
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up 1% and is that more than 60% this year. the sun is stumping scientist awarding about this year's solar maximum we have reported that saying there could be a surge of solar flares that could endanger navigation in gps and power grids around the world but that has so far turned out to be a needless concern that solar activity this year has dropped to 100 year low. now they are engaged in a furious debate over whether it means we're on the brink of the many i sage and if that means global warming is a phrase he will not hear much up over the next decade
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lou: the new miss america becoming the first indian america in to win the crown but another contested generates a lot of attention for the gun-toting army veteran now college student miss kansas. the liberal miss america led judges will say this but this kansas lost because she represented american values. joining us now is radio and talk show host monica
7:35 pm
crowley. and we're bringing in the heavy guns. [laughter] she is a veteran coming going to college, she hides that is why you are excited about? >> she knows how to field dress a deer and has a great recipe for a squirrel's to. [laughter] but cnn. [laughter] you just curdled the fruit loops. [laughter] they said the first winner of indian descent they took off after you. >> i got a call around midnight that said had you seen this cnn website? they have the story up and they accuse me of being a racist about writing about
7:36 pm
this new york that was not true at all. >> did you think of a way. >> i take his word for it. >> it is self-evident. >> show everybody that tweet >> it is very important. then everybody attacks you at 1057? >> unless i can predict the future it is evident based on the time stamps that there was no connection between the two cnn is guilty of shoddy journalism. >> it is worse than not calling you for a comet or doing digging it is worse at
7:37 pm
the coz they raise the racist card that is the last refuge of a scandal. that is grossly irresponsible and it is despicable. >> but it does get hits on the web site and it is pretty clear that they actually had to come up with this nonsense. it was an exciting moment and other outlets repeated what they we're doing in their represents what point 0-0-0 o% of the audience watching? >> where is a social media going? the timeline by tie line micromanaging every word they say in political correctness. >> they created a story that did not exist in order to serve the leftist agenda
7:38 pm
then when they realized their mistake and was called on it. >> you got an apology. [laughter] >> that shoddy journalism of cnn they rewrote the story took my neighbor down and not even a retraction. >> at least they did not fuss about their. -- fuss about it. lou: a vacation home owned by the l.a. raiders, a new wrinkle in patriots his 200-acre vacation home trashed by hundreds of kids kids, teenagers between 200 as/400 they caused at least $20,000 damage what is the liability? >> there is definitely criminal liability. lou: they were dumb enough.
7:39 pm
>> because i mentioned social media that will solve a lot of this crime the pitchers are all over the place. >> people celebrating. but it is the imaging property. >> family is? >> house stupid are they? a broken to the house to damage private property but then the guy who owns the house was watching it happen in realtime on the twitter timeline so he has a list of 200 names he can match twitter handles know the kids are all over these kids >> those outside of new york state apparently was alerted by a twitter. lou: he was saying he can replace everything else but what do we do about those kids? had we bring them back because they have left.
7:40 pm
>> and remember the founder of chicks l.a. were a couple of kids broke into his home and he gave them redemption as well. lou: it is good for you to give the redemption. >> of negotiating with president putin but now with congress i will show you just how dangerous a and deceitful the president's disease since -- decisions have been. by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history...
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lou: house speaker boehner having fun at the president's expense really seeing this video in which the white house gets bashed for negotiating with russians but not republican. >> we can certainly meet to
7:44 pm
discuss this with president putin. >> this is not space have been discussing as the president putin for some time. >> we will work with the russian. >> we are serious as you are mr. prime minister to engage with substantive meaningful negotiations. >> negotiations. >> that is kind of funny. but speaker boehner is doing stand-up about your administration's policies and increasingly the mistakes. and the obama accidental diplomacy in the serious crisis would be comical if they didn't have such profound consequences it has made vladimir putin a strong and decisive leader of resurgent russia now we see significant influence in the middle east. a and the president's grandstanding on the debt ceiling as the republican opposition of his policies
7:45 pm
would be laughable if the president were not dead serious and apparently thinking all the while he won't get caught in and nobody will check. without regard for truth for the american people who expect that the very least some honesty from the commanders in chief. we brought you this remark from the president yesterday in leaf you would enjoy a to see it and hear it at least one more time. >> you have never seen in the history of the united states a debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a governing party and trying to force issues that have nothing to do with the budget or the debt. lou: we showed you that
7:46 pm
twice or three times we show the president's remarks twice. we were not the only ones that were incredulous that the president would choose "the washington post" fact checker also we should bring up of for pinocchio over his remarks that is as bad as it gets because lawmakers going back to the 1950's have use the debt limit to four separate issues the president himself was ever got flooded against the debt ceiling the pinocchio is piling up just day congratulations on your most recent on the debt ceiling those comments were amazing
7:47 pm
or even historic calling it an active tear the day after happened these things add up. the three pinocchio for cleaning gun sales lack backward tracks in three for cleaning aid is based on land to new democratic procedure? just to for low balling the number of jobs the keystone pipeline would create too for cleaning you had five and a thousand manufacturing jobs in to pinocchio for claiming that they will not be affected by obamacare. a for claiming it takes three times longer for your judicial nominees to be confirmed in to pinocchio
7:48 pm
for early education studies that simply do not exist. edwin pinocchio for cleaning 3.$4 billion on health care premiums and 25 finocchio? you have been in office five years but mr. president this is just year to date just this year provided you're having a lot of fun occasionally you stop your feet to tell us what this caller that you are a readymade do that a little more but don't forget to do that open and transparent thank it would be nice to revisit take a second to go to lou the web site with a revealing look at how many
7:49 pm
states as governor perry continues to rule -- laura business and don't mess with tact -- texas up next am very summers will not be the next chairman of the fed but my next guest wants to know why either would even want to the job. the founder and editor of international economy magazine is with us. stay with us. early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas. how fast will they get there? don't you need distance, rate and... no, all it takes is double miles. [ all ] whoa. yeah. [ male announcer ] get away fast with unlimited double miles from the capital one venture card. you're the world's best teacher. this is so unexpected.
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lou: my next guest with everything that is going on in the fed chairman that
7:53 pm
dree is over the.will be janet yellen in the world economy is slowing and the central bank is out of ammunition it is unclear why the person would want the job. old low owner to the largest hedge funds for the current issue asks if it is all right. great to have you with us. why would anyone want to be fed chairman? because it is the most second powerful job? >> most people would want it but being fed chairman is like being central banker for the world. the next fed chairman probably yellen will face a horrific situation you are diem did you do or do if you
7:54 pm
don't with quantitative easing basically fuelling large parts of the emerging markets and the markets have become desperately part of investment as the capital pulls back it will be very difficult for the fed chairman on the other hand, you can't have quantitative easing the did you develop civic their problems at home with a huge stock market bubble. >> and with all of the prognostication if the fed puts its foot to the pedal to come up with a $4 trillion on its balance sheet that is blocked in to because they have been proved wrong over the stimulus and history. >>.
7:55 pm
>> there are people on the other side that use it as an excuse but the issue is not inflation but asset bubbles and central banks have a terrible track record they miss it every time. >> i think the issue is this inflation the fed chairman only uses the term once a and that is interesting because i think the focal point the reasons they swore the tapering or reducing the asset purchases it is dangerous, destructive a and at our doorstep. >> history shows it is more
7:56 pm
destructive than inflation it is particularly destructive to fall -- to small businessmen in.the roads the value of their earnings but the fed right now is in a very precarious position in the big danger immediately is what is happening internationally that has the potential with the booming market with multinationals that are investing it everywhere with the emerging markets. lou: we are running out of time. reducing it will be janet yellen? >> but it is for for the president will prefer someone else. lou: i have to call it.
7:57 pm
good to see you. peter guber joins us talking entertainment.ver good night from new york. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises.
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neil: j.p. morgan paying more than $900 million fines but who gets the money? welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. i can almost picture in a bunch of bureaucrats gathered around to divide the spoils after hitting j.p. morgan chase with fines they are carving up salute 300 billion for the office of the comptroller of a currency 200 million for the federal reserve another 200 million of the sec and another 200 million of what i think our asinine ackerman's -- acronyms to take at


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