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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 23, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody, thank you for being with us. the fight over obamacare is now i were between republican and democratic parties between republicans and this president and his chief capitol hill ally senator harry reid. invoking cloture to threaten filibusters aiming at pushing about a house republican legislation that would be funded the bank breaking unpopular so-called affordable health care act. a law that even some democrats acknowledge is far too expensi expensive, unworkable and a crushing burden on taxpayers and the world's most advanced health care system. majority of americans oppos
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obamacare. but that fact is not often reported in the national liberal media as they cover the battle now in the senate over which party will prevail on the issue. speaker harry reid earlier today made it clear he is willing to reject the house bill that funds the government but the funds obamacare. senator reed is taking ownership in effect of any government shutdown by rejecting republican house ill. the matter how he constructs the argument, it is his. >> any bill that funds obama and health care plan is dead on arrival in the senate. affordable care act has been the bottom of the land for years now. willing to work with reasonable republicans to improve this law. lou: we will he the latest night, and we will have the latest on radical islamic
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terrorist killing people. senior minister saying that three more islamic terrorists were killed today in the three-day hostage sndoff at the mall while claiming they are finally in control of the situation. as you can see on the screen 10 to 15 fmed the mall on saturday terr targeting non-mus. as many as 60 lives and injured more than 200. 11 suspects have been arrested. the kenyan government vowing to finish in punish those they believe to be held up inside or on the run. the al qaeda related group has claimed credit for the attack. and tonight the strongest storm of the year living up to its billing that packed 180 miles per hour wind battering south
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china overnight. the storm blamed for 25 deaths in the province located north of hong kong. more than 8000 homes have been destroyed, more than 300,000 people have been displaced. $1.1 billion in damages. the storm tracks north after they directed a hit on hong ko hong kong. murder city usa living up to its title five more dead, 14 more injured in the shootings over the weekend in chicago. among the dead, 14-year-old boy was found dead at 1:30 in the afternoon it lying on the sidewalk. 22-year-old man returning home saturday evening with presence and supplies to celebrate his son's first birthday. this comes after the fbi just last week confirmed the president's hometown has the highest murder rate in the
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country. we begin our coverage with an upcoming senate vote revealing whether the republican party is unified on the issue of the funding obamacare. and what is that democrats in the white house will continue to defy the will of the majority of americans who say they oppose obamacare. the most recent poll says the public does not want this law in any form at all. "washington post" fighting 52% of americans oppose obamacare. in the latest fox poll, 60% of americans say they oppose obamacare and the law they say does not work. president obama promised if you like your health care and your doctor, you would be able to keep them both. even the liberal "new york times" taking issue with the claim the times reporting many insurers are limiting the choice of doctors and hospitals available to consumers under
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their plans because of the cost of complying with obamacare. the president promised further obamacare would bring down costs to typical american family, smudges $2500 per year. administration continues to articulate the false claim obamacare is also reducing health care costs. new form studies released today confirm the average family of four will see an increase in annual health care cost of more than $700,000 over the next eight years. an increase of about $800 per year not to mention a 41% of small businesses and 12% of all companies who have cut employee hours to comply with the cost of the law, or the 30 million people projected to still be uncovered by the law. one of the reason republican senator has vowed to fight the health care law, vocal over the
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weekend, vocal today on the senate floor as senate majority leader harry reid began the task of stripping the house legislation that the funds obamacare of it defunding language. fox news chief correspondent with our report. >> senate majority leader harry reid kicked off a critical week to avoid a shutdown and continue funding the government. clearly irritated the house sent over a stopgap spending bill that included defunding the president's health care law. >> will not bow to the party and our case, commack anarchists. in the house or in the senate who ignore the fact obama was overwhelmingly reelected. >> arguing for making it more difficult to strip the aspect taking money from obamacare. >speaker that leads to the secod unanimous request i putorward.
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a simple request every amendment on this resolution be subject to 60 votes. >> removing obamacare implementation and enforcement money tried to lower expectations ahead of expectations. >> it is going to be difficult to overcome them, but i think we should use the leverage of control in the house. we were elected to do something. they want to stand up and fight obamacare. >> a plan house should hold his ground and begin passing smaller resolutions funding one department at a time. another conseative says with president obama in office defunding the entire law is unlikely but there are realistic goals. >> what i'm hoping we can do is kill off most damaging parts, peel off what we can, delay what weecan't and hold the line on spending.
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they want increased spending above the statutory limits set. those are a few of the things we ought to assist on. >> he expressed frustration so much of the debate is all or nothing on obamacare. >> not one of my colleagues have come up and said here is a better way to do it. here's how we can fix this part. let's rebuild this and fix this pa of it. nobody has done that, they just said vote up or down. >> supports the house till i will not vote to block it. keeping the government up and running without increasing spending by a penny and for taking money away from obamacare so he will not support a filibuster. lou: thank you. the president promised health care cost would go down with the implementation of obamacare. but that is not the case. we will spend $2.9 trillion this year, 3.1 trillion next year,
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increase of 6.1%. the increase makes it difficult, i should be clear, that is on health care alone making it difficult for many in the middle class to maintain health coverage for their family. fox news chief national correspondent in the example from louisville, kentucky. >> they are just the kind of people who should be helped by obamacare, but they recently got a nasty surprise. >> i saw the letter coming home from work your action required benefit actions, ask now from my insurance carrier. >> it has stunning news. it was going to almost triple in 2014 from $333 per month to $965 per month. and the insurance carrier made clearlit clearly increase was ir to be compliant with the new health care law. >> this is a high deductible
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plan where i'm assuming a lot of risk for my health insurance for my family. nothing has changed. nothing in the medical history has changed to warrant the premium. >> i'm going to have to figure ou where we will cut, where we will do this to avoid $1000 per month medical insurance premium. >> an insurance company refus to comment but carrying this paragraph saying if your policy premium increased u should know this is not unique, premium increases generally wi occur industrywide. increases are not facing individual claims or health status as it continued. many factors gunter premium including compliance including the addition of the new essential health benefits. of course the abbreviation for the presidents new law, a affordable care act.
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the law taxes every insurance policy and requires a list of additional benits, the family did not want to pay for. >> the people that choose to pay for high deductible, low premium policy more affordable for them, they are now being required to add all these new benefits to their policy. that will add to the cost of their health insurance premiums. speak of is a huge debate if obamacare will raise or lower insurance rates. for this family that answer is abundantly clear in black and white. lou: thank you. internal revenue servic official at the heart of the tea party targeting scandal today retired from the irs. head of the irs division that handles applications for tax-exempt status, she had been on paid leave since may. acknowledging the irs agents improperly targed conservative and particularly tea party
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groups for extra scrutiny by the agency when they applied for tax-exempt status. and there is at this hour absolutely no indication that the fbi has begun an investigation of the irs management's conduct. a former fbi agent agreed to plead guilty today to leaking classified information the associated press about a foiled plot in yemen last year. according to the justice department which says they identify the fbi agent after obtaining phone logs of ap reporters. as part of a plea agreement, the former bomb technician will serve three years and seven months for the leaks and unrelated charges of distributing child pornography. the obama administration is now prosecuted eight cases. compared to three such prosecutions under all other previous presidents.
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lou: a lot of explosions, gunfire in kenya's capital today. day three of the hostage crisis from an al qaeda linked terrorist group. right now and unknown number of terrorists remain held up in the mall in nairobi. kenyan officials insist they have almost controlled the mall to 15 terrorists stormed the mall around midday saturday the
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party targeting westerners and anybody who wasn't muslim. at least 62 people killed, 175 injured including fi americans. they claimed responsibility saying it was retribution for kenyan forces fighting in neighboring somalia in 2011. an egyptian court today banned the muslim brotherhood from carrying out any activities in the country. authorities told the muslim brotherhood assets would be seized and to prove the finances. the order is a devastating blow to the islamist organization that struck mohammed morsi into power in july. they went to egypt in august at the request of the obama administration to lobby for participation in the government by the muslim brotherhood.
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angry christians protesting pakistan today a day after a double suicide bombing at a church killed 85 people. a wing of the post any talent than claiming response body those bombings at the all saints church in the northwestern city. it was the deadliest attack ever against minority christians in pakistan for roughly 96% of the population is muslim. president obama arrived in new york today for the u.n. general assembly. to meet wi iran and syria represtatives. joining me now former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox news contributor john bolton and former pentagon official national security analyst kt mcfarland. syria and iran on the agenda, the president may meet with the leader of iran. do you think it is likely?
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>> i don't think it is going to be an organized meeting with a lot of fanfare. it will be more of an informal thing but they're already writing each other and it is clear president obama is eager for some kind of a deal. lou: why would he be eager to meet face-to-face with the new president of iran? doesn't he have a state department? >> he said in his inaugural address in 2009 would extend an open hand if they would unclench their fists. he is the number two official of a state-sponsored terrism still listed that way even under obama. while he may not supply the explosive terrorist uses, he is paying for them making him the functional equivalent of a terrorist and i don't think the president of united states should shake the hand of a terrorist. lou: this president stealing at the same time with the resurgence of al qaeda and its related organizations in this
10:20 pm
case in nairobi,enya. what is the posture of the united states, what should it be? >> obviously what the president said during the campaign, finished, on the ropes, it is not true. what you have seen is the resurgence of al qaeda. now active not only in somalia but also kenya, same with yemen, a resurgence in eastern libya and now al qaeda appears to be the predominant group of the rebel interior. whatever we have done, it hasn't worked. lou: killing 85 at t church, there was a statement from the administration but for the life of me i have to say that was e most bloodless statement i have ever seen about radical islist killing people anywhere. i mean what is going on with this administration? >> it fundamentally
10:21 pm
misunderstands the muslim world coming into office believing it was the bush administration it helped inspire islamic terrorism because of antiterrorist policies, they have continued for four and a half years to bend over backwards, not to offend anybody. when we withdraw from afghanistan and taliban takes over, i believe iis only a matter of time before pakistani caliban announces a srious threat there. not just christians, to be nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. lou: in egyptian court today banning muslim brotherhood. which this president has taken some lengths to support a sendg envoys as i just reported. this is going almost without a note in national media. >> according to senior officials who i talked to today and yesterday egyptians have not
10:22 pm
banned the muslim brotherhoo the not-for-profit, that is the one that had a problem with the transparency. that is the one that was banned. interestingly they have been on schedule. lou: that seems to me like a bit of a struggle for distinction without a difference. the muslim brotherhood was banned for decades in egypt. it is the finances of both roups are being seized and frozen. what is the distinction? >> i am not sure it is that once of a distinction or a difference. the issue is can they establish enough security, establish order to get their economy moving ain without economic progress they continuto go on this downward spiral of people without jobs and food going to e streets, more social unrest, economic progress.
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>> i would ban the muslim brotherhood december as they outlawed the communist party. a state within a state, not a normal political party, devoted to totalitarian and andy shou be outlawed. lou: the degree and a states should be helping to end the spiral kt mcfarland described. understand the context bid what should we be doing, if anything, to break the spiral? >> we should stand by the egyptian military. this is not interference with free sech or democracy, this is not a normal political party. >> any argument because he was elected he was a democratic leader. he was doing exactly what hitler did to dismember all. lou: i don't think we have to remember that. what we have th to memories egyt is a sovereign nation that should be free of our dictate
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$24.4 million for warner bros. and "the family" came in third for the second weekend out earning $7 million. what is that about? last night all about celebrating television. "raking that" won best drama series an hour after the penultimate episode aired. "modern family" won be comedy. today's feature story, look at blackberry proposed deal to be taken private. and t embattled smartphone maker likely to go from here. up next night one fed president voiced his concerns for the economy. and this time responds we think. satan for that. and pope francis taking a different view on abortion,
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♪ lou: stocks extending losses on wall street today. the dow fell 50 points, s&p down eight, nasdaq nine. volume on the big board, over 3 biion shares, n too bad for a monday. the latest round of fed talk weighing on stocks. new york fed president saying the economy is still too weak to taper. nearly three months ago he said asset purchases could continue under that expected if growth was underwhelming, and he is maintaining a consistent stance. atlanta fed president dennis lagard said the united states is losing its economic mojo after just last of saying he would be comfortable with a september taper. and dallas fed president richard fisher continues to call for a reduction in asset purchases irrespective of what the economy state is. the fed talk seems never ending. we will hear from at least four other fed officials for this week is over.
10:30 pm
hang on. apple says it sold a record 9 million new iphone 5s and c during its first weekend out. that topped wall street expectations and sent company shares up 5% on the day. joining me now, chief market strategist for ing investment management, managing over $190 billion. good to have you here. this market is struggling a bit here. is it in reaction to all of these fed bank presidents to anotr does asset -- one of them is -- >> certainly i categorize what is going on as the good, bad, and badly. you talked earlier certainly about the ugly, but the good is definitely of warming. the bad is the potential government said down. the good is what is going on in your. first quarter. what is going on in japan, almost 50 percent increase in
10:31 pm
resion to the second quarter gdp. in america, the u.s., our gdp got revised upward as well as. the developed economies are doing quite well, even including china. lou: what are we looking at? it always fascinates me. this economy overwhelms the rest of those throughout asia. the markets to overwhelm those of asia and europe. we have so many people focusing, if you will, on markets that are secondy and ancillary. what do you think this market will do? how strong will that be or how we will it be through the remainder of the year? >> my target is at 1760 with $110 earnings per share. that is an all-time record in corporate profits to live. and even though america is definitely the driver of economic -- global economic growth, the market looks at the margin. europe is important.
10:32 pm
japan has been making a big surprise contribution. lou: absolutely. >> and you can even look at something how would call the pivot or the frontier mart. they have been helping out, and they are -- the biggest beneficiary is u.s. corporations on the margin. that is why the private economy continues to roll, this market continues to go fward. don't be so a obsessed with what is going on in their governments and geopolitical. the fundamentals are driving forwd. that is really all that matters for the markets. lou: i think that is a terrifically positive realistic outlook. and if we only could ignore these fine folks in washington d.c. more often than we do. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. lou: that is an interesting public and posive one.
10:33 pm
stay with us. we will have some interesting words from the pope on issues so controversial like materialism, wage issues of all the -- wage issues have also said consumer at the marsh in the nation's liberal national media. maybe can help fix that. we will see. senator ted crews fighting democrats and republicans alike. he i leading on the issue of defunding obamacare. will his flow senate republicans follow? the "a-team" is here. deadeye, janice, and john find so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service.
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10:37 pm
that the government is going to be shut down. it seems to me pretty clearly that if the republicans provide legislation to the senate and it is rejected by the senate, it is the senate that is creating a shutdown. >> a year trying to say it might be harry reid is faulty vacuum and not allowed to pin this on the democrats. the media says no. of course it is their fault. [laughter] not only that, but republicans are saying, we are going to do something that the american people don't like. they are on the side of the wl of the american majority, out there fighting for small businesses, all of us to do not want this law. somehow the left has managed the own the pr battle on this and say this is the thought of republics. they don't like government. they want to shut down the government. lou: those republicans are going after senator crews. they are fighting amongst themselves. and john mccain is doing his sort of usual -- i don't know
10:38 pm
what you would call it, maneuver , aligning himself with what and whom i have no idea. >> but the common denominator, obamacare is still unpopular. it is headi to start on october 1st. no government shut down. the political risks are too great for both parties. republicans are ing to pass a clean resolution. there will have made their statement. and we move to the debt limit battle. that is when republicans tried to attach to the debt limit a 1-year delay of the individual mendment in the other parts of obamacare. lou: that is crazy. that is a crazy idea because when you deal with the debt limit you can be construed to be by the opposition, in this case, the president, harry reid, you can be construed as trying to destroy the full faith and credit.
10:39 pm
>> all debts owed, bondholders and other it or will be paid. lou: the republicans are not even smart enough to reticulate what they're doing strategically al nl and they expect a voter across this country to put of obliquely and just passing by to hear the argument to understand what they're doing. this is bad politics if they moved to the debt ceiling. >> ultimately what will happen is some much of the bad press did obamacare get in the beginning? if this pooch enough democrats, it will be the democrats is just putting presse on the administration. you exempt big business. you exempted, in part, i suspect -- lou: glad and i sang it right now? >> t pressure has to come and from democrats ultimately. >> and republicans. lou: a congress that has been exempted from the very law that they are now arguing about funding are dunding.
10:40 pm
>> my reaction is i am so opposed that that is pretty much what i say. lou: in that case, i want to ask you as the resident attorney tonight, your reaction to this video because it goes to the issue of local control of education. it goes to the issue of the freedom of speech. a parent's right to participate in deciding what is going on. let'sook in on this. and listen. watch what happens. >> the purpose of community college. >> let him ask his question. lou: the gentleman on the left, the gentleman on the left is the security guard, and you can see
10:41 pm
what he's doing. he is physically accosting and pushing -- i mean, that is so repulsive. >> disgusting. disgusting. as security guard coincidentally is an off-duty cop. his chair does not say police officer. his church says security guard. he looks like he is throwing someone out of a bar. this is a state board of education meeting with his parents had a legitimate question that could not give voice because the palooka that they hired pushed him out the door. , the parent. a restive, facing six months in jail because he assaulted a police officer. lou: there were plenty involved in that. every public official there he did not stop that immediately is a palooka, all of them. [laughter] lou: thank you so much. appreciated. thank you. up next, the president's job approval is not the only thing
10:42 pm
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you bet. now if you like that, press the red butt on top. ♪ how did he not see that coming? what's in your wallet? ♪ lou: president obama needs a boat. his approval rating under wat, just 45 percent approving the job is doing as president, 47 percent disapproved. oddly, his campaign promises are also under water by precisely the same margin. 45 percent of his campaign promises he has kept. 47 percent he has broken or compromise. for proponents that is a great thing, but disastrous summer air talking about all this broken promises on health care. obamacare. as -- it is as if democrats and republicans are saying it is a
10:46 pm
train wreck and that it is what they're saying. mr. obama promise to cut health care premiums by as much as $20,500 a year for kicked off -- typical family. the recent studies show that rather than declining family premiums have risen by $3,000, $3,000. in fact, forbes magazine reports obamacare will increase health care costs by roughly $7,500 over the next eight years for a typical family of four. that is just one of the reasons that according to the real clear politics polling averaged a majority of 52 percentage of americans are opposed to obamacare compared to 39 percent who supported. even after spending almost $2 trillion over the next ten years 30 million people will still be uninsured under obamacare.
10:47 pm
that means obamacare will only improve for 40% of the current and insurers. think about that. almost $2 trillion to create a 40% effect. the obamacare exchange rollout next week this -- is also being scribed as a soft launch because there are so many bugs in villages with the software. so many major health care companies are pulling out of those exchanges. experts are predicting a huge shortage of doctors as well. think of that. 90,000. at 2025 will be short $130,000.
10:48 pm
supporting the efforts to defund obamacare because it is clear that obamacare is the train wreck that it has been advertised to be. they should be helping to defund the legislation because it is defunding the federal government and the taxpayer. so when harry reid says he will not about to tea party anarchists, remember the democrats of one to turn our health care system upside down. the democrats and this president's know all of that. who is destroying jobs? who is throwing our national health care system into other of people? who are the real anarchist's? a question to think about. up next, the new take on sexuality and abortion offered
10:49 pm
by the pope. father johnson morris' next. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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♪ lou: what is going on in the vatican? pulled france is warning the catholic church is to find a new balance on issues like gay marriage an abortion. or he says it may fall like a house of cards. joining us, fox is religion contributor. what is this pope doing? lets start. >> that's a good start. lou: ." sometimes locks itself up in small things, a small minded rules, the most important thing
10:53 pm
is the first proclamation. jesus christ has saved you and the ministers of the church must be ministers above all. that is so eloquent and powerful. what is he -- where is he going? >> and it lends itself to misinterpretation. what he said was the church should not insist only on these issues. like gay marriage, abortion. but he knows that it lends itself to misinterpretation, and he says i am willing to take that risk. he is saying their is a danger also in speaking the truth. the focus of the gospel message as he sees it is not proclaimed. and so he says, i am choosing to alk about mercy. and he even said that people have reprimanded him. imagine people reprimanding the pope over nonspeaking enough about abortion and gay marriage, contraception, accept a. you know what, i am doing this on purpose. lou: i would not think that he
10:54 pm
would not be doing it with signifint purpose. are we seeing a real shift in the church? the doctrine, and a shift by this pope? >> not a shift on doctrine. he himself said i am the son of the church. the church teaches what it teaches. not even the pope can change dogma. that is soething reveal to get through scripture, the person of jesus, etc. a radical shift, and some conservatives are afraid of recognizing how radical this is. a radical shift on town, radical. lou: no more. over the weekend telling a crowd again if we could put this up, we do not want this globalized economic system which does us so much harm, men and women have to be at the center of an economic system, as god wants, not money.
10:55 pm
the world hassbecome an idolater of this guide called money. now, talk about something that could be interpreted incorrectly in a number of directions. >> absolutely. think you're one of the oy journalist to have brought this up. everyone has been focused on abortion and gay marriage. by the brought this up. princess is saying, the economy is for or should be for humanity . instead of that the economy is for making an individual wells. humanity is more than just making money. he is saying that, the global system is set up in such a way that money is the idle. we are very screwed up. lou: it is startling because we just don't have voices right now saying. there is a balance to the achievement. between our material lives and
10:56 pm
our spiritual lives. i mean, when i think about that his voice and his words on this issuere remarkable because they are so distinct and apart from all of the noise that we are hearing in society. >> absolutely. one thing -- and i am glad you brought that up. one thing that princess said was, jobs, jobs, jobs. and he said, if there is no jobs , the dignity of the human person is lost. if there is no job -- in other words, it's not just about making money. it's a job to help a person realizes they are. that is the dignity of the human person. the fact that he is saying that money can be entitled does not mean that making money is bad. the fact is, he is saying, making money in terms of turning out a job makes is more human. lou: in this country and this economy is all about equal opportunity and creating a
10:57 pm
paternity and respecting a man and woman no matter what your work is, respect them for the work that they do. >> that's right. lou: it is great to have you. thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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