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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. neil: day two we're back, still all about having your back, forget about the battle over spending this is shaping up to be a battle for the republican soul. why rick santorum said this the debate that party should be having. speaking of kicking buns, see that lloyd-mayweather fight. something -- help floyd becoming another mike tyson and losing that dough something telling me floyd was listening he is signing a lot of
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checks, all that and the gov feeling fitness love, chris christie working with body by jake? jake is here. so is suzanne somers. something tells me they are here to give me fitness advice, i need it, get ready, for it, it all starts now. neil: welcome. glad to have you i am neil cavuto, let's get down to business, ahead of my going down to washington tomorrow, here is whwhere they are now in the nation's capital, not much going on. republican party that appears to be eating its own, reports that mitch mcconnell is trying too shove ted cruz to the corner, and not let the texas republican
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filibuster, to rick santorum on a fight. >> you don't like to see your party or movement fragtured the way it is, but sometimeshat is necessary. >> where do you align yourself? with that crowd that says shake things up or another that says in is say procedure for this, recognizing numbers for this? let's move on to a more accommodative? >> this is the last opportunity to stop any kind of realism amtation of obamacare. if you really mean what everyone campaigned on, which is obamacare is going to fundamentally change the relationship between the government and american people, it is not going to be a good thing, it does threaten liberty going forward in this country, this is worth fighting, not one, you want to say there are other
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places other times. we may not be able to win this, but that does not mean we should not fight, get some concessions that can slow the train down, i believe that can happen is that president slowed it down already, he understands this not ready for primetime, that employer mandate was not ready, almost 20 democratic senators up for reelection, are they not thinking? maybe it would be a good thing to be delayed one more year. >> do you think that is where this is going? they may not de fund it. >> if they were not out here planning flag saying this is where we want to go, we would be you know compromising on their
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turf that is the role it is not a popular role. >> i was looking ated to cruz, saying that was rick santorum a couple years okay, sort of the rodney dangeield of the party. little did they know. the mainstream seems to say we need another mainstream guy to win it. >> look at australia. australia had two elections where socialist won. and what the liberal party -- conservative party -- they are reverse. neil: water turns opposite way so do politics. >> liberal party in australia went along with it, they changed their policies they went along with global warming de emphasize
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the issues they did all that folk moss come aroun -- folks sd do this in new york and the coast they lost, they nominated this guy who catholic, i'm just saying, and he his big tax policy change, was to help the family. he ran against global warming, that australia of the more bought into than this president was, and he stood up for a tougher immigration policy, right down the line where rick santorum was, and emphasis iimportant of families in the economy and won a historic victory in australia. neil: norway conservative leadership now, sweden, conservative for them. germany. >> the point is -- >> what is going on? >> american public is not stupid. we nominate people who don't believe whether they say they believe, they see, that i have
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to tell you, unless we get serious, nominate peoe who sustained by the republican platform. neil: what should republican platform be? >> platform is fine from sustained point ofs -- standpoint is fine from overall positioning. but i go pope francis, is not going to change catholic doctrine, he has no intention of it. but he is changing how you deliver the message. one thing we have to do better at, and try to do is go out, talk about working families and manufacturing and how we can he family unit. we did well with that message, it was not a march message -- harsh message, not antigovernnent. neil: are you going to give that another try? >> i don't know i'm going to continue to go out -- >> no one seems to know every
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county in iowa better, it would behoove you to kick the tractor. >> i am travelling a lot. i saw how much the popular culture effects american politics, and our country and where we're going. have you kids younger people even us, sort of mesmerized to screens we seem to be in front of all of the time, as conservatives, have taken this position, rope a dope. you know just block the punches protect your kids and family, that is -- if we believe what we believe is true, then we should not defend against what they are throwing at us we should be out there. neil: you are dressing like a
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hollywood mogul now. >> you like that? the christmas candle comes out november 22, based on a book by max lucado, our surprise star susan boyle. a singer. we're excited. really fun. neil: look forward senator thank you. >> my pleasure. neil: tomorrow, i will be on capitol hill to knock sense into the lawmakers, we have senator john mccain could rand paul, and we have fdic former boss sheila bair. and mark zandi . saying these guys keep this up,
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getting nothing done in washington a recession is in the offing. here is how big a deal by next guest is, he has people. lots of people, you would too if you just hit a $100 million payday on top of tens of millions you already made. we'll see.
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fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. neil: now is the time for b side, a point in show a look at what everyone is auctioning about show them -- talking about and show them what they meeting missing, tonight's issue, floyd mayweather. a boxing sensation who must have had a dozen folks with him, he is a big dial, after his last out he is likely a hundred million bucks richer, my goal tonight is to make sure that little bifloyd mayweather givesl that money, no, my goal is to
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make sure that floyd mayweather does not lose that money, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. neil: mike tyson was big on saying, floyd has single-handedly resuscitated boxing he has to be careful now, count his money. >> i feel like everyone is entitled to their own opinion, mike tyson was one hell of a champion. and he carried a t torch in a gt way. and he changed it for boxing for heavyweights now. i'm in a smaller weight class. neil: 154. >> 147 and 154. neil: you are inching up. >> i went up from 130. neil: you want can keep going up. >> i can't, i think that 47 and 54 is the limit.
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if i can make 160, i would go up, and try but i don't believe i did. neil: you have already proven you don't have to be a heavyweight to make a heavy chunk of change, we were saying before, heavyweight division is the best buzz there are no -- because there are no guys like ties an at that level any more or like you period in boxing ? >> i think that boxing is still alive. you know whether we are able to go out and generate the numbers that we generate. neil: you are about the only one generating them. >> i'm blessed. i'm truly blessed. neil: why do you think that is? >> i have the right team, the right chemistry. neil: you are the only one that shows up in the ridge. >> it takes my team to do the work from the outside, i am able to take things to that next level, that is what it's about. neil: um, i want you to listen
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to something that mike tyson said about the pressure being a champ. and financial pressure, i think we have this. >> hundreds of millions in the ring over the years, how much is left? >> i'm broke, i have no money, i am so black, broke and ugly it is not funny. >> you are not broke. >> i am broke. neil: almost a billion over the course of his career, now he says he is broke. >> i'm not sure what mike tyson has made. you know that is really not my business. what mike has made. but one thing i can say, he did it his way. you know. to each his own. >> what do you do to make sure you don't become a mikeyson or joe lewis? people who sadly you know, went into their retirement, with nothing. >> i can retire today.
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and i'll be a-okay. >> today, but you are still young you are 36. >> in sport of boxing i'm an older guy. >> how do you make sure at 72 you still have money? >> look at number 350. could be more could be less, not sure, but that is say high number. but, like i said surround yourself with the right people, make the right business moves. neil: you are very generous with your money and your staff your people, a very big heart, i thought of mike ties a tyson and mohamemohamedmuhammad ali. >> who does not like doing nice things for your family and friends. neil: i don't, it depends on the day. >> i do. neil: you are not worried about losing it?
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have you a good money manager, i'm here to help. >> you i'm always positive. i don't fry to focus on anything negative. neil: you generate a lot of press with the money -- you make $250,00$250,000 bet on a colleg? >> i'm sure i probably did. neil: you made money on it. >> a couple00,000. >> yes. neil: on that alone. are you a gambler? >> we all are. every day. we walk out that door we are gamblers. neil: you gam wel with bigger numbers. >> some with big numbers with smaller numbers but life is a gamble. if you don't want to gamble don't move to las vegas, a took a chance, a rolled dice, that is where i'm at today by being a winner. neil: was it your matter or your stardom that got justin bieb are biebieberoutside of the ridge w.
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>> i am a cool guy. neil: what abo mile miley cyru. >> she is relevant. neil: if they are not you don't' to deal with them. >> why should i? neil: really. >> miley cyrus entertains me. neil: is that your way of saying i could not accompany you. >> you are relevant. neil: floyd mayweather thank you very much. >> i appreciate it. >> not too shabby. if you need investment advice, give me a few million, i'll get back to new 30 years and make sure have it. >> we'll do it. neil: could you imagine what would happen to me? we're on it next. ♪
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neil: you hear about this jpmorgan chase find was a teaser now government bog an j.p. morgan a hoist of other bad banks for hawking bad morgue mortgage as. dave what do you think? >> i think that government is at war with the banks, feds are according to emack, has found now that government is dividing up the various districts? which they are suing banks, j.p. morgann particular, like in a war sense arrow you decide --
11:22 pm
scenario where you divide up territories. neil: why now? >> they go back years and years, if you are willing to go back for these banks firsting lones on people that could not afford them why not go back to andrew cuomo when he was head of hud, he force banks and said to poor people, you deserve a house. every morn american deserves a house, if you will indict j.p. morgan, indict cuomo as well. neil: right now, the timing is weird? >> i don't think -- listen, you can't argue that residential motorrage backed security and other junk bonds that were packaged and resole again, including our mortgages, especially those that banks knew people be not pay. >> like cuomo peddled idea of
11:23 pm
house ownership? >> cuomo did not repackage the stuff, nobody forced them to buy the mortgage. >> yes, the banks were forced to pay out loans by government, government came down, they knew -- banks knew if they did not pass out the loans government regulators would come in shut them down. >> you know that the banks salivated. i have to agree with that. >> i agree 100%. >> why wait 5 years? >> i agree with you on that, you know how this goes it moves like a glazer. >> no, no. >> where is the me culpa from government or congress pushing everyone into a mortgage saying that homeowners shift to a birth rote? >> i am not disagreeing with you there is a lot of blame to go around, that -- >> as you know. >> but politicians don't go to
11:24 pm
jail it is the bankers. >> i think we've seen enough politicians go to jail. >> which ones? which have you seen go to jail for loa? neil: what about -- not because of the hair. >> yeah. >> i don't think he went to jail for this particular offense. >> i have no -- these people are not going to jail but they are being prosecuted the economy collapsed in part i'm not saying entirely because of, but in large part because of the way this was pushed and pushed by government. >> by government officials forcing banks saying if you don't give people who cannot afford them loans we're going to close you don't that is what combcuomo said, he was extortine banks to give out loans to people who could not afford it. >> you tell me cuomo held a gun
11:25 pm
to the head. >> you said i love you? >> that is always a lead, i love you of day. >> next segment we go live to mrs. -- i know and love her too. >> remember when i was in washington day after day, show after show warning you about health care legislation, then laws and big costs? i am heading back with the proof. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts with one login... to easily move my money when i need to. plus, when i call my local scottrade office, i can talk to someone who knows how i trade. because i don't trade like everi'm with scottrade. me. (announcer) scottrade.
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neil: long before today's halftime i was going full health care throttle, a lot of companies freaking out for good reason they are worried about a world of hurt. so get out your wallet i'm telling you this is enough to make you sick, mr. president, do tell. more than one trillion dollars added taxes and fees, coming our way, single biggest tax increase since roman empire. all right, i can't prove that, but it is big. >> i above right. so it begins, a week before health character exchanges supposedly kick in only now is media piling on about premiums that are going up, reports of
11:29 pm
states not ready, americans without a clue, a lot of companies, dumping workers on to exchanges on which they have no idea. leave to former mcceo to say -- mcdonald's ceo to say prepare to get all your buns kicked. ed warned you. >> i have been worried about this over a year now. neil: what do you see? >> look at big companies announce they are not going to do healthcare, they are giving employees a check, saying get your own health care. a lot of big corporations waiting on the sideline to do that afternoon october 1, this is going to hit our employment basically a ton of bricks, they will need multiple jobs to get the same income in service industry, companies in future will be doing the same thing, they will fix their costs in 2014, they will keep using
11:30 pm
2,014-dollars. neil: as former ceo, you crunch the numbers with your finance types they tell us, here is what we can do, we dump these to our employees, you can save a bundle, what do you do? >> you wrestle with a fact you have great employees who are loyal to you, increase shareholder value, and you are clubbished with something you -- clobbered with something you have no control over, you are forced between choosing welfare or happiness of employees and protecting shareholders, it is impossible place to be. neil: ibm told present retirees, here is your check, have at it. >> they are told to go to navigate or, to public library. so opportunity to learn and
11:31 pm
discover, figure out what you are doing is impossible. neil: what do you think of effort to defund it now? >> i wish we could, but i don't think we can, with congress will increase debt ceiling more of the same, with 2014 elections coming up, postponing penalties for small business is all about politics and election engineering. i don't know there is not much that can be done at this point. neil: what if they can't defund it but delay it? >> we could learn me about what is happening, but it may be that best thing to happen is let it go into place, and let the public outcry be enormous and repeal or modify it, imafraid at that point healthy care system will be so destroyed you cannot reover. il: it has been unended already. >> it has know. has been.
11:32 pm
neil: thank you. >> new and improved cavuto, off and running, a lot of thousands going, and raving, the initial reaction. e-mail, by 8:00 p.m. neil cavuto will have the world under control. thanks for keeping an eye out for us, we couldn't be safe without you. >> are you sure you don't top run for president of the united states keep up the good work. you do not want to see me in the white house. >> and this one. why do have you that ridiculous socialist on the show, she shih nothing but a show for obama -- he is nothing but a show for obama. >> he is a good guy. >> and i have no idea whether a full windsor te out is. and ken, you can go to fox
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i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. neil: in or our spreading the st segment. poticians lecturing anyone on personal behavior. in this christine persichette christy -- chris christie partnering with body by jake. thats there a politicians job? you say it is, jake? neil, what do you say, buddy. neil: i'm glad to have you what is chris christie frying ting -g to do? >> it was other way around. you know i have been character
11:36 pm
of firness council -- been chair of fitness count for 2 1/2 years, we're doing now is giving schools the tools, putting fitness centers in elementary and middle schools through public and private sectors with companies like coca-cola who stepped up big time, saying we would like to help, i pick up the phone, i call governors cold. i did not know chris before yesterday. neil: listen to you with just chris, not governor. >> i call you neil, i don't call. neil: his excellency. >> well, i want to call you -- i am stuck in a room. but wees to be give the schools tools, i was a fat kid growing up, my dad bought me a set of weights at 13 years old, changed
11:37 pm
my life it changed my by, and nene confidence and self esteem. this childhood obesity e epidemc is that, we are declaring war. neil: do you encourage fiscal fitness. this is where michelle obama bumps into controversy by policing what the kids eat in school. >> i am not into policing, i just want to give the schools tools, we saw it in california, i did it 6 years with governor schwarzenegger and brown, test scores up, gang violenceow teenage pregnancy down, we're putting a new fitness center in to at least three schools in every state, i was with chris
11:38 pm
christie yesterday, last week with tomlin in west virginia, on my way to delaware. and like i said, i picked up the phone cold, and i call governors with companies like coca-cola who step up. and wheels up. getting me place to place it is about the kids, giving kids the ility to build confidence and self esteem and think with this -- knowledge with this exercise. neil: you are a better spokesman than shaquille o'neal, i love him to death, but he n looks like me, he should not be on president's fitness council, he has become me. but you look and act the part. >> i tell you, what shaq is a great guy, at the end of the
11:39 pm
day, i am focussing on getting the job done. >> gotcha. >> we declared war on childhood obesity, only way i see is with public and private sectors. with companies like coca-cola who want to help, and guys like governor christie, he is solid for stepping up yesterday say he struggled a little bit, he understands what he has to do he gets it. he stood up with the kids, and at the end of the day we have to work together. this next generation of kids, they are our most precious resource. neil: that depends on the day on whether you like the kid at that moment, jake thank you, you are a class act. >> thank you, brother. neil: meanwhile, we're on this topic of fitness, one of our producers went out in times square to get the caview theoy
11:40 pm
reaction. >> are you nile neil fans -- neil cavuto fans. >> love him. >> he says he is heavy, he is not heavy. >> he is svelt . >> he looked good. >> i love you. anyway. no wonder i have been hitting gym lifting waits i'm waiting for my bu buddy suzanne somers o join her in her next infomercial. she is here now. >> i'm going to call chris christie, i didn't know it was so easy. neil: the book -- you feel funny talking about it. >> good for you. neil: what do you make of what u heard jake say. >> i think putting up fitness centers great, having kids play, they don't go out and play any
11:41 pm
more. obesity, a wrote a book about why we're obese, not how much we're eating it is what we're eating, eating chemicals, liver in particular has no way to process that so in the body's wisdom, to keep chemicals away from organs ans and gland its se its in fats, the more ce catting you stake in the -- chemical you take in the more it stores in the fat. neil: how do you do it you are 66 years old. >> 67 next week. neil: you look great. >> i feel great. i'm trying to be age less, not younger than my age. neil: we're so similar it's weird. you gilt into a new thing, say, not just what you eat, it could be hormones but, can you en jec yourself? what is the deal? >> okay, you first, women are
11:42 pm
accelerating in aging now because of toxins and stress. >> more so man men? >> we're more complex. >> you always say that. neil: chemically? >> do you live with a woman. neil: there are days. >> i would never say. some men might say that women are a woman is hot, she can't sleep, and she itches. and why can't i hold my stomach in that means you are declines in hormones, if you had a maserati, you would never putin put, inferior fuel in your maserati, when the oil level runs low, you put more in. when we decline in mor in -- hos why not put back what we're missing. neil: but doctors don't do that. how do people do go for
11:43 pm
hormones. >> the doctors who do this, they are real doctors, they went to medical school. but they realize the limitations of standard of care they putting it these doctors that forever, they route you to qualified doctor in hormones nearest you, they give you requisites for bloodtivity. neil: no danger -- blood test. neil: there is no danger to it? >> i have had cancer and i've been doing this. neil: maybe had you been aware of this prior you would never have gotten breast cancer. >> i would not have. i do not -- i don't think i would have into the en cancer if i knew then what i know now, i was what they callesest, estrogn
11:44 pm
dominant, the women with curvy women, what happens we deplete a pro gest -- pro gesterone, are left unprotected. i was very low did not know it, if women read this, it will b life changing for them and men they life with. neil: how many? >> we stop counting at 10 million. neil: did you get i percentage of that. >> i owned it. when you are a entrepreneur you throw things against the wall, you hop they stick. this is a matrix. suzanne, it will show you "avatar."
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you get it free, i keep mine here, you click into matrix there. i scientists who invented this. will explain this will protect pru electrico magnetic reds. i want you to have this. do have you an iphone? neil: no. >> give it to someone with an iphone 5. others say they do this, we tested them most was 10% that one more thing. this these cell phones, this same amount of electrico magnetic rads as putting your head next to a microwave --
11:46 pm
oven, they think that is a problem with the brain cancers and brain diseases. neil: i am going to go with you. >> you are so smart. >> you look great. >> i file great. neil: i'm too young for this. latest woman who just prints money amazing, a great show on plod kay too. >> i admire that you came, i ved it. neil: live the show. >> you made me love you. >> billy crystal who? >> i know. >> i can't stand broadway. u look at this and say there ought to be a law? there used to be a law that prevented washington from getting out of control. meet the man who wrote it and want toos revive it. my customers can shop around. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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neil: well get ready this is
11:50 pm
going down to wire, senate to take its time rejects house budget measure to keep the government funded but without funding health care. phil grant sees the mess coming but he did his best to prevent it from coming. you were coauthor. i call force discipline to make sure both parties adhere to spending restraint. are you worried? >> well, they had problems, there was a bipartisan effort to get around it. but it had an effect, it is important to remember it of the amendment to a debt ceiling. neil: is that so? >> that is so. when president says i want to negotiate on a debt ceiling, since early 1970s virtually of
11:51 pm
debt ceiling has been amended. budget control act as an amendment. it that horse has been out of the barn. neil: what do you think of cruz trying to force this issue? >> well, i think his heart is in the right place. and the one thing that founders did of gave congress the power of the purse. so if you can't take something on by not funding it what power do you have? problem is that because of our experience with government shut downs, it is clear that we're not going to be successful here. it seems to me, however, that what those that oppose obamacare, i do, need to do is find its weakest point, go after that. as the say the everybody changes come -- state exchanged come upo
11:52 pm
1. october 1 this not going to work they don't have a real plan, the plan to is dieded on the fly. -- to decide on the fly there will be tremendous public unhappiness about this. so, why not go after something like guarantee that nobody gets the benefit without a background check. make obama go back and see if people are qualified . >> what about -- a delay? as some have likened to an extenttion of raising the debt ceiling. >> i think you would be voting on that as rider to the cr than simply defunding it. one school of thought, is if it goes into effect you will never get rid of it, but catastrophic coverage entitlement went into effect people hated it so much they repealedt.
11:53 pm
but i think this may be a pill with ar taste that people will want to spit it out. look, you have continued to that they had a plan to gone with that played sense. -- that made sense. people within home, they found that people are almost frantic about this, came back, said it is not going to cut it they passed real bill that could not be separated. but in the end something has to be done to make it possible to pass the cr . neil: that would boomerang back? >> i think so, i think they can find something that will be helpful, and will lead to the day we get rid of it. that perhaps they can force the congress to accept. neil: senator gramm thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: do you think this budget stuff is scary? you have not heard latest
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nl: it is time to buy the issue is they are slipping down to the latest week the last four weeks almost every store feels the pinch even with how levine that spending will be down more. are they scared? >> retail sales is interesting the reports show 3.5% increase over the whole entire year b more interesting is that etf stocks our up 25% bid here is what i think. retail is the broad and encompassing space. i actually like home depot
11:57 pm
depot, amazon, but 60 percent of the company's earnings are in the back quarter? that is a lot of risk. but home depot and amazon are what i focus i don't think retail will look good in the fourth quarter overall. neil: that is a big indictment for the economy overall. >> index is down from growth projection has been lowered in the barometer is falling on retail sales. said the storm is coming so this is to get out of retail neil: day you see a recession? >> as long as the fed continues to print money when you do it two years than the market continues to go up. not necessarily an indicator of the overall economy but it is great for the market to do the short term long-term with the currency we are literally stealing money for the children's
11:58 pm
economy but long story short it is not a good indicator. neil: i think a your music. ♪ that is the nightcap when you hear this music you know, what time it is. every night before you go to sleep i will tell you we should be watching when you wake up. you are both looking at new home sales. >> that is an indication of how consumers are feeling. or the feeling good or buying homes? that is the case but as long as the fed can print money whether they are up for not. neil: what you keep an eye on before you go to sleep? >> i would rather take suzanne somers but it is the durable-goods report because
11:59 pm
they were a big negative last month's 7.4% drop. the consumer is the lifeblood of our economy of that durable-goods number continues to be weak, by the way they're expecting no growth in the market will pull back because it comes to the realization of the consumer is not playing ball if they're not then the companies will not be profiting. durable-goods tomorrow. neil: sleep on it. tomorrow with senator john mccain, rand paul's, mark warner, former fbi chair and sheila bair big-time moody's chief economist the say if they don't get a deal, we're looking at another recession in the belly of the beast.
12:00 am
i am going down there naturally to save america. reale stuff. melissa is next. melissa: i'm meliss francis and here's what's "money" tonight. can iran deal its way out of sanctions if theresident puts on a full-court press at u.n. hundreds of billions of dollars are potentially at stake. who stand to gain. who will be left hung out to dry? we're following money. plus what goes up must go downs. the gains from the fed refusing to taper last week? they're all gone. the it could mean bigger problems are ahead for the markets. we'll explain why. "who made money today?" he can thank china for making him half a billion dollars rich err. wow. even when they say it's not it is always about money.


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