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tv   FOX Business After the Bell  FOX Business  September 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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[closing bell ringing] liz: listen, i have to tell you something. we jumped more than 40 points in the last hour, david. make it 30. but nonetheless, it's a better move pushing into the closing bell. there it is. look how stocks are finishing up. nasdaq, nice percentage move. david: very. liz: just under a full percent. russell 2000 also higher by half a percent up five full points. david: lance roberts is coming up. he said the nasdaq is one of the more undernoticed sectors. people are saying, n 6 nah, it topped out. he says there is room to move. looking at front page headlines, jamie dimon is all over the place. he met today with attorney general eric holder inside the beltway. it follows the reports that the bank could pay as much as $11 billion in post investigations into its mortgage mess. liz: dick bove, banking analyst told us in the last hour that jpmorgan could pay as much as 15 billion.
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hertz cut its full-year forecast because of weaker than expected rentals at airport. hertz offering a handful of tesla model s cars at a california airport. >> i wonder how much it will cost to rent. liz: 500. david: 500 bucks a day. wow. new claims for jobless benefits fell to 305,000. the job reinforces the federal reserve case to taper the stimulus program in october. liz: commerce department says the gross domestic product grew at annualized rate of 2.5% in the second quarter. pretty much the same as the previous growth estimate for that period. david: shares of air chemical and products are up after the company announced it will plan to look for a new ceo. the chairman and ceo john mcklain will retire next year. liz: the government stepping up plans to get out of general motors entirely. it now owns just over 7% of gm stock. the treasury plans to sell all its remaining shares by
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april 1st of next year. "after the bell" starts right now. liz: we've got breaking news on lazard capital markets. charlie fast, live with it. he is in chicago -- charlie gasparino. >> lazard, we should point out the famous investment bank. felix rhodes was one of the top guys there. the capital markets arm has 200 people. executives are scrambling to find new jobs as the company mulls a potential sale. what we understand the company's fate, whether it is going to exist or not or how it will exist, we should point out will be decided from what we understand from these executives imminently and the options include, this is kind of interesting, a potential management buyout and also a sale. we do know that there have been people, potential bidders in there looking at lazard capital markets for the last couple days. i think the biggest story here, guys is not just the firm and we're talking about 200 potential jobs and people
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looking for new work, but also what does it mean about the markets? it's a very tough operating environment out there. not a lost equity volume. people are not makeing a lot of money. when you have sort of marginal firms this is firm that a lot of people say expanded too fast when they broke off from lazard the main firm, the big investment bank. they expanded very fast and then you hit what is now kind of a lull in trading an volume assume so it is paying the price. we understand whatever is going to happen, we're getting this from people that work at the company, looking for jobs, resume's are all over the street they're saying it will happen pretty fast, it's imminent. we do know lazard capital markets has been exploring, quote, unquote, strategic options since may. this is something different. this is essentially the rubber is meeting the road with this company from what we understand. it is an imminent decision. how this will turn out we don't know. it could be a sale. it could be a management buyout. people are talking about one possibility, it might not exist. i mean that is one of the
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possibilities. we should point out, we put repeated phone calls into public relations people that allegedly represent this firm. guy named scott sunshine. not heard back. we're getting this from people at the company who are looking for jobs. guys, back to you. david: the sun is not shining at lazard. liz: give us a call or else, right? >> by the way -- liz: not a management buyout, charlie. who would want it on the street? who would be the best acquirer? >> that's a great question. i don't know. i mean i don't know what is the marketability for this type of firm? can you get, remember what kind of happened with lehman brothers and what merrill, we're talking about on the five-year anniversary of the financial crisis? lehman brothers went into bankruptcy. barclays went in there and bought it real cheap. bought it for like fire-sale prices, right? a dollar, whatever it was. it wasn't a lot of money compared to the size of barclays. merrill on the other hand was sold to bank of america for hefty amount of money and many people think that among the many
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sort of missteps of ken lewis, decent guy, countrywide was a big misstep. bank of america paid mightily because of countrywide disaster and its exposure to bad mortgages. merrill probably overpaid too much for because it could have gotten merrill in a couple days in bankruptcy. remember these firms, what are they? they're people. sometimes you get the people for free. so who knows what this thing is worth, i don't know. david: barclays ended up getting a hell of a bargain. >> they did. they got good parts of lehman and government, fed had bad part. u.s. taxpayers. david: i think the government might be reluctant to get in on that one. >> that is, i guaranty, that is not happening. david: that is not going to happen this time. charlie, thank you very much. breaking news from our own charlie gasparino. let's get to today's market action. lance roberts, fta wealth management chief strategist and alan duckman in the pits of the cme. alan i want to talk about the lowly dollar.
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the dollar was on a role then the fed comes in and said it will delay tapering. is it getting up pretty bad here. >> i think so, but my reasoning because it is unwinding. bonn unwinding earlier this year from safety. the same thing happened for the dollar. the dollar accelerated to the upside because it was best of all bad currencies. people are getting out of the safety and dollar is getting below the equalibrium level. 80 will lift a lot of assets markets. liz: i tan tell you whatever happened with the dollar, quits liked it. we snap ad six-day losing streak for the dow and s&p. where do we go from here? >> we've been stuck in this trading range really since august. you and i visited last month about the selloff we had in august and had this rebound in september because of janet yellen coming in for larry summers. the markets like that. it means more accommodation. also now we have fed come out with know taper. but the problem is we haven't been able to break out to new
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highs yet. so to get this market back into an upper trend, we have to get up and set new highs and getting moving to the upside. we may have more consolidation work here probably for the next couple weeks. david: if that's true, it sometime to pocket some of your earnings? we have a rally rich run-up. if so, how do you pare the gains you have in your portfolio? >> this is something we talked about earlier this year. in fact i visited with liz back in march talking about how to weed and prune a garden. take some profits off the table. we had been in kind of a volatile summer. we were up, we were down, we were up, we were down. we didn't go anywhere. the issue look at winners, if i have 5% of a company doing really well and now 8% of my portfolio, trim it back to five. take a little money off the table. when we do that that gives us cash to allocate when we have a good buying opportunity which we may have in the next month or two. liz: alan, you watch flows, the money flows. from the start of this bull run we've seen over the past two years, let's call it, there have
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been skeptics who sat there clutching their bags of money on the sidelines, missing the whole run-up. do you see commitment to pull that money off the sidelines and go to more equity involvement? >> no, i still see a whole lot of non-believers. your guest there is definition after uptrend and my definition of a uptrend are totally different. we're 2% offer forever all-time highs in s&p. made last thursday. please the market has to pull back before it can go higher. this level at 1686 level was kind of a breakout base last week before the takeoff. we held that this week. it looks like we're makeing a base here. a lot of good things are happening. crude oil is gone down, interest rates are going down. crude oil may basing out at 103. we had bullish divergence, meaning new lows not new highs. that is how the market makes a bottom. david: interesting thing about lands's view on interest rates, you say they come down but their lingering effects could still ruminate in the economy and pull the economy down.
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>> of course. we talked about this earlierer bonds gotten very oversold a few months back and rates would come down towards the end of the year and a lot of this has to do coming up with the debt ceiling debate, worries over that and people puting a little money safely -- david: even though the interest rates have come down 20 basis points or more in some cases how could they still, the upward trend affect. market? >> comes down to really borrowing costs. look what is happening with pending home sales and some other numbers. we're seeing softness in some of our retail areas as well that are consumer sensitive. as you look at interest rates it take as while to affect through the markets and consumers. consumers don't make immediate decisions about purchases especially big-ticket items like a home. takes time. people are rethinking the idea i could have had a mortgage rate at 4%. maybe i see if that comes back. liz: see how that works out for you because it is not. lance roberts, thank you. alan we'll check back with you
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in a few minutes. >> thank you. david: thanks, guys. he is a colossus a man who led some of the biggest names in corporate america. liz: so eager to say bob nardelli because he is in the house. former ceo of home depot and chrysler, here in a fox business exclusion sirf. chrysler is filing an ipo possibly. we're very interested in hearing his ideas about that. he has a big idea that every investor wants to hear. david: tell me what it is. >> i will tell you. david: we'll have to wait. nike first out of the starting blocks with its first report. it used to be alcoa. alcoa is out of the dow. nike is in. we'll take a deep dive into the results and find out whether the bellwether company is on a -- liz: tesla model s sedan will be rented at hertz for about $500 a day. would you rent a tesla from hertz? two seconds just to try it out,
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right? >> i don't know. liz: log on to let us know. ♪ ♪ [ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app.
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treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. liz: we've got some pretty interesting breaking news on pets smart.
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-- pet smart. nicole on the floor of new york stock exchange. >> we have a share repurchase program to break it down here on petsmart which is a pet specialty retailer. the company announcing with the board of directors getting approval to do this with an increase in the quarterly dividend by 18%. 6.5 cents up to 19.5 cents per share beginning in the third quarter of fiscal 2013. this will be paid out on november 15, 2013. the other part of the news here that the board of directors also authorized was a new 535 million-dollar share purchase authorization. that will expire in january of 2015. we all know pets are an incredible spending amount for consumers around the states. the stock itself, you can see here, this is a bid ask after-hours looks higher in the after-hours. year-to-date it is up almost 10%. something that is notable with the move up nearly 3/4 of 1%
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today, the stock is about a buck off its all-time high that was set back in august of 75.15. we will watch here. you saw the bid/ask boards with the stock looking higher. tomorrow could be a record-breaking day for petsmart. we'll check it out tomorrow and bring it to you. liz: thanks, nicole. david: a mixed day for commodities as oil snapped a five-day losing streak but goldenedded lower yet. let's head back to the pits of the cme with alan nubbing man and our own sandy smith. sandy let's talk about gold. after the fed announcement it would keep printing money. it can't keep printing this much money forever, it just can't. after that gold shot up about a couple hundred bucks. then it continued going down and down and down. i guess somebody really took a lot, the people that bought cold on that one day, when the fed announced would keep printing money, they took a loss, haven't they, a big one? >> they got burned.
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as far as most are concerned the risk-off trade is still happening. gold today has seen a significant decline of multiyear highs of $110 a barrel and syrian crisis. now we have crude oil at 102 and change. the stock market, david, we had some pretty good economic news. jobless claims at a six-year low. gdp 2 1/2%. yet we only got a 55-point rally in the dow? this is arguably still the selloff intact and risk-off trade we grown to know over the past week or so. liz: alan, as we were mentioning the market snapped a six-day losing streak broadening out the discussion from commodities into equities here. >> right. liz: what do you think as we look to futures tomorrow? >> we're in a dead period now because earnings don't kick in until october 8th. you get typical unwinding when not getting fundamental news. liz: hold on, sorry to interrupt, speaking of earnings, jo ling kent with nike earnings right now. jo ling, how did they do.
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>> liz we're seeing a solid beat for nike. earnings per share at 86 cents. revenue coming in at 7 billion, beating the estimate of 6.97 billion. the eps estimate was originally 78 cents. they're also saying that their athletic footwear and apparel at quarter end, those were up 8% and inventoriries for nike were $3.5 billion which is up 6% from august same quarter last year. so some good numbers for nike. for right now we'll continue to dig into the report, liz. liz: we have corrine friedman of wedbush securities. she lives and breathes nike numbers. she is parsing the numbers. she will join us in 10 minutes. the stock is responding very nicely to the numbers in the after-market session but should you be buying or waiting. corrine will come up in a few minutes. david: we're following nike and ask one more question of alan, you were caught in the middle of what you were saying about commodities, go ahead. >> i was talking about stocks.
4:18 pm
with the s&p we're finishing positive. what i saw yesterday which was very important even though the market was down for the fifth session in a row we saw the vix actually negative. that was showing a little bit the selling pressure was not as much as people thought. i think we get back to 1707. then we could be off to the races. my target on s&p was 80 point selloff in august. we're looking 1785 or 1790. still a lot more upside in the s&p. david: alan, sandy, thank you both gang. appreciate it. liz: bob nardelli, this is a name back to living legend in corporate america having led both home depot and chrysler. worked at fe for many years. he is here next in a fox business exclusive with a major idea on how retired ceos could be the answer to job creation in this country. plus we will ask him about the ipo showdown at chrysler, energy independence. so much t talk about with bob
4:19 pm
nardelli. he is here and live. so much to talk about. david: nike, can it just do it? after last quarter they beat earnings tremendously. the stock is up $3 after-hours. now trading at $73. we'll talk to a top analyst and talk about nike's future and whether it can sustain the extraordinarily high levels on the stock. we'll be right back. ♪
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liz: breaking news. the deal is done. we're talking about smithfield foods. the nation's largest pork
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producer merging with schunk way, the chinese pork giant. they solidified this deal creating one of the world's largest pork producers. smithfield foods, sfd, moving slightly higher which was expected to be a deal that would indeed come to fruition. david: china is one of the big reasons that nike has done so well. it is up with 11% after-hours. doing extraordinarily well in china. of course a lot of the newly-minted middle class in china are looking for those nike products. as a result their shares are up over 5% after-hours right now. after their earnings report. liz: let's dive a little more deeply into the numbers with wedbush equities research vice president corina. they have nice apparel numbers with footwear. what comes out in the report? >> this is high quality beat. investors in the dow index fund will be thankful. gross margin, unexpected they
4:24 pm
guided flat. came in 120 basis points better. expenses were down. we saw that there might be a little bit of upside there given the fact that they're copying again some significant marketing expenses and didn't repeat those this year because of the olympics last year. footwear is strong 8% driving a lost growth. one thing i would point out, i think you guys mentioned china was up but i see it down 3% for the futures. if you're going to poke holes in something that is really only thing you could poke holes at. david: right now we're seeing china futures orders are up 11%. we may have to go back -- >> we'll have to double-check that. david: yeah. china has been a drag recently on nike. by the way about 10% of their profits do come from china. so they're very interested in that country. what are they doing to try to increase sales there? it seems such an ideal behind, brazil, all the "bric" countries where you have these burgeoning middle classes looking for nike-like products how are they investing in those countries?
4:25 pm
>> china is a battleground because of overinvestment in the sporting goods category, given the olympics, a lot of people built up infrastructure there to support a much bigger market than it actually turned out to be. so there is a lot of consolidation in the local market. as a result a lot of rationalization of inventory. but china is a huge focus for nike and they're catering their offering to more of a chinese customer, more of a chinese fit and chinese aesthetic than taking more of the north american design aesthetic to place it in the chinese market. liz: what do you feel about margins at this point? are you pretty comfortable with what the company has been able to achieve? >> this margin expansion is significant. we've been going through a period of flat to negative, given fx pressures and i mentioned china, has been a drag on growth margins. this is a nice inflection point for the company.
4:26 pm
i'm excited to hear what they have to say on the call later. david: you're excited about that, but, corrine, we see shares jump after hours to 74. it ended at 70 your target is off. you're not going into this stock until it comes way down, right? >> if we own the stock we continue to hold it. certainly we'll revisit our valuation following these results. i would like to.out that the company is hosting an analyst meeting october 9th at its headquarters. they haven't had an analyst meeting since june 2011. david: hold on a second. i think you buried the lead there. if after having gone over these, this report, and my figure on china is better than your figure on china, it is up 11%, all this good news would you change what, would you change your price target from 60? >> we're going to take a harder look at our numbers for sure. david: okay. corrine friedman. thank you very much. appreciate you coming in. liz: i bet they give a great goody bag at analyst meeting. david: that would be fun, wouldn't it? shoes, hats, everything.
4:27 pm
liz: bob nardelli needs no introduction but we'll give him one anyway. he is one. greatest corporate leaders of his generation. he is here next in a fox business exclusive to tell us his plan to get americans back to work. plus we'll talk about what is next in the auto industry. he ran chrysler. how to make america energy independent. so much to talk about. david: speak about raining on your parade, oracle team usa, celebrating america's cup mystery. the man who bankrolled the u.s. squad. larry ellison facing new heat about his compensation package. but he just won the race? details next. ♪ ♪
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the labor department said technical glitches that skewed nevada have now been fixed. liz: u.s. has 1.9 million fewers jobs than before the recession. we need big ideas. we need to figure out what would spark job creation in our country. thank goodness our next guest is putting his mind to this. he is leading great american corporations for decades. skin in the game. he has got a big idea to get this nation back on track. he is telling us here on fox business, in a fox business exclusive. bob nardelli, former home depot and chrysler ceo. used to be at cerberus. you're ceo and founder of xlr-8. welcome to the show. >> i want to say thanks for. liz: sergio marchionne filed for this. if he can get the rest of the part of the company he doesn't own. you ran chrysler. what do you think of a potential chrysler ipo? >> i think men and women there have done a fabulous job.
4:32 pm
i think the portfolio of products, the 300, the new grand cherokee, challenger, charger, i think that, they have got tremendous momentum. they gained share. the volume is back. i hope they hit it out of the park on ipo. liz: so this is something that you feel is appropriate in sort of the natural progress of this company, fighting to come back and be strong? >> if i was still there i would be right behind this, you know, pushing as hard as i can to get the appropriate value for the men and women that have done such a fantastic job, made tremendous sacrifice, liz. ron gettelfinger who is a dear friend of mine, ran the uaw. liz: did you guys hear that? the head of chrysler got along with ron gettelfinger of uaw. so unions can work with a company. >> absolutely. ron stood tall. he understood the situation we were in. he made some tough decisions, worked with all of his associates, you know, in the uaw. i think we forge ad great
4:33 pm
alliance and we turned over a company to fiat that was in excellent position. liz: does it worry you at all, sometimes people say italians are running it. i think sergio marchionne has done a great job. he reopened certain plants in parts of america that looked dead. jeep is doing beautifully. is the guy that should be doing this? >> i think a ton of credit goes to the men and women of chrysler. you know they have gone through two or three really dramatic transitions. you know when we bought it from daimler and recreated a brand identity, we identified all of the heritage of chrysler, was really a big moment in the lives of those men and women up in detroit. so they deserve a ton of credit for getting chrysler where it is today. liz: hopefully they will get equity in it. >> i hope so. liz: before we move on to the big idea is there a mistake from the gm ipo relaunch going public again that chrysler must learn from? >> i think one of the important things is to make sure they go
4:34 pm
out and they appropriately, get an appropriate price. that they don't overcommit and underdeliver because then you have a lot of hangover and so i think they ought to be realistic, they ought to go out there to tell a great story about a great company that has reinvented itself, product quality, product deliverly, the dealers the whole met thor after things and i think they will be rewarded, liz. liz: my jeep grand cherokee to this day is the best car i ever had. general motors at 36.55689 we'll see what happens with the ipo. >> yeah. liz: we'll look to see what is involves using retired ceos. guys who don't have an agenda hopefully. >> yeah. i had this discussion with the administration a couple of times and my idea is to get some of the world-class ceos, you know the men and women that have really demonstrated their ability to create jobs and to deliver profitable, sustainable growth in their corporations. so my idea was to, you know, work with, let's say the secretary of commerce and put
4:35 pm
aside a couple of billion dollars and have the ceos, whether it is jack welch, or sam palmisano. liz: those are two names i thought of right off the bat when you were talking about this. >> yeah. really have the men and women of these companies come in and pitch their case and then, award money, but monitor, don't do a launch and leave like we've seen with some of the appropriations. liz: this is brilliant because retired ceos. i'm also thinking rick i hill of novellus. >> yes. liz: he is is somebody that is so passionate had ideas but these guys would have the time to monitor and make sure things weren't being misused. >> i think you run it like a business, liz, as opposed to an administration where you really bring them in. they do quarterly reviews. they give progress updates. they take advice. if they aren't delivering, then you shut off the fund. you don't let them just linger out there. liz: what has the administration said? >> well, it is an interesting idea. they certainly had the jobs
4:36 pm
council jeff immelt led and did a great job. the question is, what advice has been implemented? it is about execution and implementation. liz: those guys are busy with being current ceos running companies. i look at paul otellini from intel, how retired from intel. >> yes. liz: he is very passionate, he used to say all the time, liz, we're the ones with ideas. we know how to create jobs. use us. >> if you go to the business council there is talent men and women who are retired and been there done that. they would do it for a dollar to re-establish the importance of growth and gdp growth and getting jobs. you talked about jobs. nothing more important than creating jobs. i think we need to spend a lot more attention in this country on creating good-paying jobs. liz: let us know where the idea goes. if you talk to commerce secretary pritzker, we love to know what happens. >> i hope she does,. liz: bob far dellly, great ideas. i say let's do it. david: you mentioned intel, andy
4:37 pm
grove, bring andy grove out of retirement as part of this group to. coming up an economic bellwether you don't talk about every day, glue. we'll speak with the ceo of h.b. fuller, this cop is on a tear after reporting earnings yesterday. how will it handle the impact of the fed's upcoming taper. ahead, everybody is not celebrating larry ellison is celebrating america's cup victory although i am. check out a tweet. those who say money can't buy happiness, ask larry ellison, #/america's cup. talk about what one new zealander wrote. ♪
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and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about e only underarm low t treatment, axiron. liz: oh. david: go ahead. go ahead. we're having chaos in here. bob nardelli leaves his mark
4:41 pm
behind. liz: we're all excited. just hours after oracle ceo larry ellison's dramatic victory in the america's cup some people splashed cold water on the celebrations. some shareholders taken a swipe at ellison because they're increasingly dissatisfied with his high pay as ceo while oracle's performance remains mixed. david: there are times to do this. this doesn't seem one of those times. ellison received 77 million for the fiscal year that ended in may. but he turned down a $1.2 million bonus due to oracle's low growth. stock was down slightly, shares of oracle are up more than 10% over the last 52 weeks. come on, folks, let's celebrate the victory for goodness sakes! the fed's tapering decision hinges on whether the economy is healthy enough to live well with less help from the friend at fed. they could do a lot worse than use our next get's company as part of a guage for the economy since so many parts of the of
4:42 pm
the economy rely on what they make. h.b. fuller ceo, james owens joins for a fox business exclusive. jim, good to see you. congratulations, the stock is way up today based on last night's earnings report. what do you think spoke so well to investors about your company? >> well, thanks, david, and thanks for inviting me on the program. you know our team at fuller has really focused on delivering our five-year plan laid out specific goals, and we're delivering on those. and, that's really why the stock's doing well. the commitments we made are showing up in the numbers. and, and, it showed up in the stock price today. david: by the way when i first saw numbers, uh-oh, your earnings fell 66%. there was a one-time purchase. you spent about $400 million for another industrial adhesive firm. that was a one-time charge. they read between the numbers. they saw through that right away. this growth in revenues. so many times we see earnings beat expectations but fail on the revenue side. you succeeded on the revenue
4:43 pm
side. why? what does that mean for you and the economy? >> yeah. well, you know, the business like ours the economy is not helping us, david. so what we need to do is find innovative ways to help our customers. so when i look at the success we're having in our growth, it's because we're doing things like help customers develop new products, whether that's a new hygiene product they're trying to develop, help them with a new cell phone they're trying to create or help them run their packaging line better. a business like ours has to help create value for customers in especially in a economy right now that is relatively slow. david: again i think the lead there that the economy is not growing to your satisfaction and not helping you right now. you're having to work despite a weak economy. in what way should it be growing right now, the economy? >> well, you know, we are seeing growth in the economy in the construction products business. that is helping us. you take our innovative work plus a little bit of a tailwind in construction that's helping us.
4:44 pm
china's picking up. that's helping us internationally. but yeah, the kind of growth from a fundamental, manufacturing sector standpoint in places like europe and north america, it's not really kicking to the levels that wave seen in the past. david: is it slowing down even more or is it just going along steadily, at a slow pace? >> yeah, i think from our perspective overall, and as you say, we are a bit of a bellwether. europe and north america are pretty much what we've seen in the past.3 so we don't see a dramatic change. as a couple of guests have said on your programs this week, we don't see that changing in the near future. we see a relatively slow economy in europe and north america. we do see a pickup this quarter in china. we see good growth there. japan's been positive i would say generally. places like australia, and parts of latin america, not really robust growth. david: interest rates have come down in the past couple days, particularly since the fed's non-decision a week ago.
4:45 pm
they were going up and really spooked the market. did they spook you as well? >> no, david. we're investing for the long term here at fuller. we came in, we laid out a five-year plan in 2010, with a management team that was focused on how do we ad value for customers. 2010 we grew more than we had in 15 years. 2011 we grew more than 2010. as you mentioned in 2012 we made a great deal and that deal's bringing a lost synergy that is showing up in our numbers here in 2013. we have a very clear plan what we'll do in 2014 and 15. so moves in interest rates don't drive our business. we need to do things that add value for customers. david: since i trust you a lot more than the fed to predict the future because the fed is wrong on growth reports, they have been reporting 3% growth for the last few years, lucky to get 2%. what do you think about the future? you plan for the long term. you have five-year plans. are we picking up on the growth
4:46 pm
side? do you have expectations of that happening? we built our plan over the next couple of years. we have very clear goals for 2015. assuming that there's going to be relatively low growth. in north america and in europe with the exception of the construction market, which we see some good momentum continuing as we go forward. in china we see things picking up this year and see that continuing. in brazil we're relatively optimistic. for the most part we're building our plans assuming there will not be a big uptick in economic growth. that's what we're expecting, david. david: good news for you. not good news for the economy. jim owens, h.b. fuller ceo. wonderful to see you. thanks for coming in, jim. appreciate it. >> thanks for inviting me, david. david: absolutely. liz: his products are in everything. david: everything. he is a bellwether for the economy. liz: twitter limbers up for its upcoming ipo it signs a exclusive deal with a powerful new advertising partner. could it be a game-changer for the social media company? details in just a moment. david: it is literally out of this world.
4:47 pm
reality tv meets spaceflight. could get a celebrity blasted toward the final frontier. we'll tell you all about this when we come back. ♪ my customers can shop around. but it doesn't usually work that way with health care. with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and cost estimates, so we can ke better health decisions.
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david: twitter striking a big deal with the national football league just in time for twitter's new filing to go public. liz: dennis kneale is on the story. he has more details. dennis. >> hey, guys. when the san francisco 49ers take on the st. louis rams later on the nfl network, twitter will be in the thick of it. it will begin carrying nfl highlights in its live feed. verizon is major sponsor and twitter and the nfl already sold $10 million in ads for this new service "the wall street journal" says. this is vast expansion of nfl replays on smartphones and tablets. directv offers the nfl to 20 million homes. but twitter instantly reaches 700 million people, around the world! surveys show in the u.s. some 30 million people watch some tv on their cell phones and 55% of us watch regular tv at
4:52 pm
home with smartphone in hand but fully 53% of viewers a nielsen study shows have never even bothered to use the online tie-ins that the networks offer on air. maybe they will start doing more when you get replays. nfl deal is part of twitter's amplify program which signed up a&e, weather channel and cbs. twitter has done other ports deals. college bowl games last year wees pen. and college basketball march hoops with turner and sponsors for the college hoop thing. the nfl is the big kahuna. they are consistently among the highest rated shows on television. espn has a deal with wirt. s&p out replace from saturday college football games but nfl forbids espn doing that from replace with "monday night football." the league will control the league. for nfl it amounts to a three heifer. they will have the cable network and nfl sunday night it
4:53 pm
promotes. the league will take a cut of twitter's ad sales for this new replay service. david? david: even holdouts just like myself just can't ignore twitter anymore. you got to give into it, folks. there is so much time you can spend avoiding it. you have to dive in. liz: you have for five years. david: i'm in. not as in as i should be. but things like that. >> nfl might do it. david: the nfl might do it. you may be right, dennis. not only for me but for others. thanks, dennis. liz: the home of one of the bad boys of american rock and it is up for sale in california. take a look, gorgeous, right? in a moment we'll tell you how you can own a slice of music history and what is included in the purchase price. david: also we'll bring you the answers to today's facebook and twitter question about hertz's decision to rent tesla model s sedans. only $500 a day. liz would do it for a heartbeat. david: of course she makes $500 a second. liz: that is what i make. david: she can afford it. we'll bring you the he your
4:54 pm
answers in a second. ♪ ♪
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into the future. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. liz: let's go "off the desk", right? sony pictures television going where no reality tv show has gone before with the launch of milky way mission. the show will feature 10 celebrities living in boot camp where they undergo rigorous astronaut training, and david, face elimination at end of each week. the competition winner will get a seat on a rocket that will
4:58 pm
travel out of earth's atmosphere. this is exclusive deal between sony pictures television and dutch-based speaks ex-today digs -- expedition corporation which begins spaceflights next year. david: the loser get as coach flight from california. also "off the desk", have you ever like to live like a rock star, i don't know, somebody like liz claman? for over $13 million you can live in the home of one. infamous rock and roll musician, kid rock, is he infamous in. liz: he is famous. david: he is selling the malibu house which his real estate agent describes as ball lynn east. it includes a pool, sauna but grouppies. liz: on broad beach, colonies? details people. david: she knows the detail. liz: thank you very much. we asked you on facebook and twitter would you rent a tesla from hertz, 500 bucks a day? jorge says i would. a great way to test drive them
4:59 pm
because they don't have them in stores of the would i only use that for special occasions. david: not everybody agrees. mike toll us, simply, not for 500 bucks a day. liz: number two thing to watch tomorrow, august personal income data set to be released 8:30 eastern. economists expect income to rise .4 of a percent following a climb of .1 of a percent in july. david: we'll see what happens there. number one thing to watch tomorrow, the september consumer sentiment. this is a key reading. it is one the fed looks at very closely by the way. the little namery reading this -- preliminary reading fell to a five-month low on worry of higher interest rates and possibly lower economic growth. the economists are expecting the final reading to be 78. that guest adhesive guy, the guy with fuller company says he expects the economy again to slide along without any growth at all from where we are now? liz: look at that and look what happened with nike which is is still trending higher in the after-hours session. it had a solid beat on top and
5:00 pm
bottom line. nike stock is moving $74 for the bid. david: a nice bump. liz: nice bump from 70-dollars at closing. david: "money" with melissa francis will take you further. stay with us. melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. will jamie dimon make a deal? new developments on his face-to-face with the attorney general. a colossal settlement happenings over jpmorgan's head to avoid criminal and civil charges. what options does dimon have left? we have every single angle covered. plus, syria's chemical weapons list is being called surprisingly thorough. what does that mean? the u.s. could get stuck with a billion dollar bill to destroy them but is the list even legit? we'll ask a former u.n. weapons inspector. who made money today. he got multiple black eyes this year but can hold his head high after


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