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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  September 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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that is it for tonight and "the willis report." thank you for joining us. have a great night and we will see you here tomorrow. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. i am lori rothman in for lou tonight. president obama back on the campaign trail trying to sell obamacare to the american public again. nearly four years after was passed in the law the president's hyper partisan speech coming as house republicans and senate democrats continue to squabble over the details of a funding bill that would keep the government from shutting down next tuesday. the clock is ticking. the president is blasting republicans. obamacare critics and fox news all while disputing irrefutable evidence that his signature health care law is hurting job creation.
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>> most of the stories you'll hear of how obamacare just can work is not based on facts. they said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. there is no widespread evidence that the federal taxes starting jobs. lori: also brushing back reports that nairobi terrorists were involved. working side-by-side with kenyan officials. however there will determine who is possible. the british citizen wanted on terrorism charges dating back to december 2011. officials believe he was fingered by witnesses as one of the attackers. the widow of one of the four
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suicide bombers from the 2005 london attack. diverse finding human remains near their recently of righted coast the concordia khrushchev. waiting on dna test results to see if they are the last two bodies missing among the shipwrecks' 32 victims. the search for a missing italian been a passenger in an indian waiter finally resuming last week, 20 months after the luxury liner capsized. and the results are in for the first group of soil selected by nasa's mars curiosity rover. analysis revealing that materials collected on the surface of the plenty contains several percent water by weight. according to the study's lead author polytechnic institute tina science, about 2 percent of the soil on the surface of mars is made up of water. is there life? we will have to wait and see, but we begin with the budget battle in our nation's capital. the president still is campaigning for his signature health care law. as republicans have put
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obamacare at the center of the government funding battle. senate majority leader harry reid trying to force a vote tonight on a continuing resolution that would restore funding for obamacare, a bill that would certainly be altered again after it heads back to the house. but republican senator mike lee of utah just moments ago using a parliamentarian's procedure to stall the vote causing an interparty feud to europe on the floor. >> it is my and standing that the reason that we are putting this off is because they would like for people around the country that they have notified to be able to watch. so it is that process of making sure that everyone wants is that i think is slowing this town. it is up the entire republicans. most republicans, all republicans other than to what actually like to give the house the opportunity to respond. lori: senator corker referring to his fellow republican senators ted crews of the so
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filibuster fame a couple of days ago. the senate democrats' struggle to keep the president's health care plan funded. the president struggles to convince. >> reporter: west trouble brewing president obama held a political rally in maryland and insisted that enrollment is simple and going smoothly. >> the website where you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance plans side by side the same way you shop for plane tickets on kayak, a tv on amazon. >> reporter: except officials confirmed another delayed. small business owners left a mailer thaxter endo.
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>> what the president said is right. there will be glitches in the rollout of this. >> reporter: the president was feisty, quoting that republican state representative in new hampshire claimed it is as destructive to personal liberty as the fugitive slave act. >> think about that. affordable health care is worse than a law that lets slave owners get their runaway slaves back. >> the president slammed what he called tea party republicans willing to shut down the government in order to stop the loss from helping people. >> in other words, we have got to shut this down before people find out that they like it. >> for now the public does not like it. a new poll finding 54 percent disapprove of the way that the president is handling of care. 40 percent approved. in the nation's largest provider of security guards announced an end to its lowest cost health plans, directing 55,000 employees to the new exchanges. >> a couple of years ago.
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if you currently have health care, keep your doctor, your health plan, the aggregate about what we know does not bear out claims that the affordable care act is causing employers to drop employees are insurance. lori: meanwhile, the white house's tweeting photos we branding it as the adorable care act. >> reporter: underwater. >> reporter: not just the first day of obamacare but the day that the fiscal year ends, i did that the government is shut down if congress and the president cannot agree on a new budget. our government could default on its credit sometime in the middle of next month.
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so, the confluence of these major fiscal issues is making a for some dramatic d.c. gamesmanship of the nation's market, economy, fiscal future. fox news chief congressional t mike emanuel with his report. >> reporter: we all wait for the senate to pass a stop-gap government funding bill the speaker is making it clear that the house once a clean extension. >> i do not see that happening. >> recognizing that it is the senate turned back on funding the government, to the house republican focus is on winning support for the debt ceiling proposal third. the speaker of the house is aware require the president and senate leaders to negotiate with your not trying to ignore was misspending problems. >> a one-year delay in obamacare for one-year increase in borrowing authority. tax reform making it simpler, fairer, and flatter and building the keystone xl pipeline immediately.
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after hearing the pitch from gop leaders some rank-and-file members are still skeptical. increasing the nation's right to borrow. yes spoken loudly and clearly and supported the president of the estate's if that is pretty good. >> reporter: he ranks with the senate leaders by saying that he would vote for a spending bill that included a 1-italy obamacare. there is no way that i could not go for it. is there reasonless robert.
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the continuing resolution. >> it's a mess. it needs to go. its way past time to start over. on -- the deadlock of our economy and financial system. confidence. we are broken. the consequent cheesecake be very harmful. >> reporter: today senator reid tried to get a vote on a continuing resolution this evening. they objected, so there will be votes in the senate and the continuing resolution tomorrow afternoon. lori: okay. brandt -- many thanks.
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we're looking at a potential government shut down. what can your party do to avoid either of these outcomes of this point. >> do so with the republicans said last friday. we still strong together and sent over a continuing resolution with the senate passed an act. you know, kind of hypothesize tokamak. wait until we see with the senate does a continuing resolution that includes funding for obamacare. it is likely if they will make a man said that. what would it have to look like?
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>> i would like to put defunding obamacare and there, delayed for a year, the medical device tax. as a tax that is to be repealed. seventy-one senators is that taxes nike repealed, we have manufacturers of medical devices said it will move offshore. the uncertainty that our government has created we will let another manufacturing sector leave which is of good for the economy are jobs. it is a common-sense approach that should be a stand-alone bill and not tied to a debt ceiling. is something that is common-sense. lori: and there are many the
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push comes to shoveo for a bill to keep the government telling the spite. >> so have to see the specific language of out goes.
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lori: was behind the strategy? give you turn in the tell at this point on the continuing resolution? is it worse? >> what you're seeing is by the time baja we will that have time to go back and forth. we're prepared and ready to go with plan b. that is all of the contingencies which are good contingencies that have been added to the debt ceiling we are trying said change and disrupt our whole economy. the number one job killing bill, and i hear that from business people not just in my district around our country. lori: worse than obamacare might. i am not a fan of obamacare for order is worth.
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everyone realizes we're ready 17 trillion in debt. we have to deal with that debt. i will pay you and a year with interest. readdress that issue as are dealing with the real issues it would stabilize the markets. the other countries that say america finally realize they have a problem and their many have been addressing the issue head-on. it would stabilize the market. is the direction and gone to go. the obamacare rollout, debt ceiling, a possible government shut down, so you want to stay with us. the obama doctrine includes failed foreign policy positions and libya, egypt, and syria.
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lori: congressional republicans raising concerns about the obama administration is diminished drone strikes. new stance so there are more than 60 attacks worldwide since july. tillage and sources tell fox news the u.s. drone strikes and terrorism hotbeds' are actually dropping by about 50% over roughly the same timeframe. house intelligence committee chairman says that he finds that very disconcerting.
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no time to retreat. president of mama moved to limit drawn strikes back in may and the pressure from the liberal wing of the party. iranian state remedies accusing cnn of mistranslating comments by eros president to make this sound like he believes the holocaust to place. when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the holocaust the historians should reflect on it. any kind happens in history begins to miss -- iranian media is now saying he did not use the word holocaust and did not characterize the mass murder is reprehensible. secretary of state's eyecare
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wrapping a meeting with iranian foreign minister. cooperating on a syrian chemical weapons resolution. former army vice chief of staff. if their ron could immediately open its iranian enrichment the u.s. would consider lifting sanctions.
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you don't need underground sites to build a nuclear program. you need us to protect you from bombing. lori: to see happen in the game? a different one this time around? >> as a serious diplomatic effort, because their strategy is to use diplomacy, make some concessions, but not a substantive concessions and get the sanctions removed. that is the success they have had in the past 20 years, and they will try it again here. we need to understand that. we have to verify, track, and put tough conditions on the
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table. lori: you are concerned that they might lift those sanctions to easily. >> absolutely. based upon what was provided that would be much too easy, and we don't have the concessions. they have to shut the program down, and we should be able to verify and track. lori: it looks like their is a deal to confiscate syrian chemical weapons. draft resolution with russia and the united states behind it. do you think that we can close a chapter i don't believe that we should just agree on disarmament without something to enforce it if they remain on the deal. that would be an important part of it. the united states hopefully it is there.
7:23 pm
the opposition force of the big losers. no one would come to a system in any tangible way. that is tragic. slauson initiative here to change the strategic balance against the iranians. the iranians would be a big victor. >> absolutely. during all the political discussion and some of the debacle that was taking place in the united states about miliiary intervention in the
7:24 pm
neighborhoods where the opposition forces are located in the north and also in the south. that has been every single day taking place. it is unrelenting, and he is using this disarmament to continue to kill and maim the syrian people and destroy the opposition forces. lori: thank you so much. >> good talking to you. lori: thank you. likewise. the dow snaps a 5-day losing streak. that is next. the environmental protection agency makes a shocking admission that confirms president obama's or on call is for real. ♪ thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching uthat you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind...
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you are gonna need a wingman. and my cash back keeps the party going. but my airline miles take it worldwide. [ male announcer ] it shouldn't be this hard. with, it's easy to search hundreds of cards and apply online. lori: on wall street stocks snapping their losing streak, finally, on the economic front weakly jobless claims fell to 305,000. final reading on second quarter gdp shows that economy grew at
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2.5% pace. pending home sales fell. >> and jpmorgan chase, jamie dimon meeting with eric holder today to discuss a possible settlement to avoid criminal charges. precious metals gold down, crude oil closed up 37-cents. and in bond market, benchmark yield 10 year rising 2.64%. joining me is ted weisberg, first time meeting you, you are always on the busy floor, what are your colleagues say. market with all the issues looks like it wants to trade higher inspite of fact that today of better but we had 4 yucky days if you will. there is no vengeance in the selling, they sell-off because
7:29 pm
of maybe there is a little uncertainty but overall trend, i think continues up, and defines longic at some point. but for the moment, i think that the trend is your friend, and the trend is higher. lori: when you say defining longic, well backing up. let me ask you about headwinds and other issues percolating with the latest spending battle in washington, and fed meeting. everyone surprised bernanke was not starting to taper it. >> interesting, you look at the fed, everyone tries to read the tea leaves with the fed. what are they really saying? but bernanke said one thing ash the meeting now -- after the meeting now governor say something else, so message is confusing. i think it is you know when you send -- when you send a mixed message like, that whatever the reasons it creates uncertainty, makes people nervous.
7:30 pm
perhaps that is one of the reasons we saw a sell ouch for of the -- sell-off for the last week, but not just the fed it is washington in general, have you the secretary of treasury, basically trying to scare people to death. lori: we'll hit the d sooner than you thought. >> i remember most presidents tried to talk the market up, that does not work, this administration and their secretary is trying talk market down, and scare people, that is not going to work either. you can't talk the market down, you can't talk the market up. the market will do what it is going to do, it is crazy. lori: you mention fed speech this week, 7 fed presidents giving 7 different speeches. the school of thought is mixed. maybe that is a good thing, if you say there is a strong built up momentum to grind higher for
7:31 pm
the stock market. >> stock market is driven by fed policy, as long as they are on hold, and continuing with this quantitative easing that is a plus for the stock market. until that changes no matter what they say or don't do, market will grind higher. the problem is that the message is just so convoluted that -- and people have become so cynical. like we've seen this rodeo before, been there done that but, there is little credibility. and talk is cheap. >> if we are looking at a debt default, and republicans cialis en democrats you have your obamacare votes but we're demanding a delay, we don't care if it defaults that could cause market turmoil that is blowing
7:32 pm
it up? right? could this economy survive? >> we got through the last one, we got through sequester. whether what administration said abouty isiester iy is -- sequess like a paper tiger. this is like the boy who crews wolf, sooner or late terl smack nut face. i believe they will pull a rabbit out of the hat and we'll go marching down the path happily ever after. my year en target from december. >> you are satisfied you? are cashing out? >> basically, if you just stayed with them. not a matter of trading if you just -- and we have basically stayed with most of the stocks we came into the year work we have not sold any we don't add to it because we're nervous, markets makingny hires, i think that trend is your -- market is
7:33 pm
making new highs, but i think that the trend is your friend. lori: well, that you just set us up for our next segment next time, ted weisberg thank you. >> mine mine. lori: much more, coming up the budget battle in washington. >> president obama back on the campaign trail promoting his health care law that goes into effect tuesday. the president's last minute stump speech fix public opinion on this broken law? the a-team responds, joining me next. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms obph,
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we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... deltis looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billns... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. lori: if internal revenue service wants to rebuild its reputation, the next story is not going to help, irs cannot find $ 67 million. put into a slush fund to cover
7:37 pm
cost of implementing obamacare, the money seems to have been spent on new employee work spaces and technology support, but they are not certain. >> environmental protect agent admitting that new coal regulation will have no impact on global warming. would require new coal-fire flans to capture -- plants to capture and story carbon emissions. epa does not expect the rules to result in the changes. lori: a prominent republican expresses support for same-sex marriage, former president george hw bush and his wife barbara served as officials of two long time friends, same-sex
7:38 pm
marriage became legal in maryland last you will remember. >> joining me now to weigh in on all of the day's top headlines, our a-team, int scotty hughes, y miller, and brett barnes. scotty, americans rejects by 61% obama's demand to keep the government running with funding for obamacare. >> have democrats ever listened to american people? nobody wants obamacare, except for those in washington d.c. itself, and hypocrisy is, they are not even subject to it that is the question, who are they listening to? lori: brett, you can weigh in
7:39 pm
considering president's job approval rating down to 43% that is tough. >> 43% i think for obama at this point with all failure, he has experienced in second term is pretty good. it probably will not go much lower. you know you think of the economy stagnant, his middle east policy, rocky and unsteady, bailed out by putin. and his agenda whether gun control or immigration, and so on, those are going nowhere. >> the president and his party are holding the chips with latest spending battle. we keep government going to increase debt sealing. >> nobody wants to close the government, this list of things they will demand, they only want one thing, delay of obamacare implemented for a year.
7:40 pm
lori: to nix legislation all together, jude, are we going to see the government shut down? >down? >> larry summers did not think that government would default. lori: how does larry feel about not being the fed chief. >> i think he is not happy about it, on other hand he was gracious, he never said anything about the president. but for those talking about the president's unpopularity, and pushing obamacare through to an unwilling american public. as unpopular as obama circumstance the congress is more -- obama is, the congress is more unpopular, approval 14%, 4 out of 5 do not like the job they are doing, i think that president stands to come out a win or this. lori: it seems they are trying to get it done before the next presidential election cycle.
7:41 pm
judy, a lot of breaking news regarding iran and syria. are you confident that u.n. using to contain -- usin resolun will be successful? >> i am disappointed. what they have done is russians agreed to support the language of the americans proposing, however, however, it calls upon syria to disarm itself of chemical weapons, but it does not have a clause that enables the use of force if syria does not agree, that means this is a toothless resolution, it is a nice statement of the sense of house, sense of the body, and international community, but it does not look like it will have any teeth. >> i think it sounds like russian house is listening more
7:42 pm
to american people than our own house, majority of americans did not want to see us get ask syria, we don't know if we're really on the right side of that issue. and al qaeda with attacks at malls over weekend, whose side should we be on? i'm happy to see this regular be toothless, i am hoping that i think that barack obama does too it fades into the background. lori: frebackground. lori: brett, to you, u.s. considered dropping some of those sanctions against iran, how do you feel about this? >> i could think of worse words but i'll sit el forking too kin-- settle fortoo, tooth less. we know they will cheat, they are getting desperate the
7:43 pm
iranians are to get rid of the sanctions in particular on the banking. but obama is so eager, so eager on get an agreement. he is almost necessarily going to get a bad one. iranians know, why would they all of a sudden makeovertures toward president obama if they did not think he was the acting from weakness. lori: a great point, thank you so much. >> take a second to visit our web site, a rook at meeting with jamie dimon and eric holder. lori: up next, out the white widow in connection with nairobi mall terror attack. >> and changes from mlb, those stories and more next. ♪
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global hunt for a british woman known as the white widow, a 29-year-old to be married to one of those involved in the terror attack at the kenyan mall, there has been no disclosure of evidence linkinger ter her to te attack. >> fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> as teams of international investigator analyze dna . the terrorist identities remain an open question. >> we don't have verifiable information that would indicate one way or the other whether any americans were involved. >> reporter: as law enforcement sources confirm expert found several unexploded grenades in the west gate, acknowledgment by the al qaeda affiliates are on the rise. >> we're dealing with a
7:48 pm
different threat environment, not sure if they have capacity to do anything in u.s., does not mean we're taking that threat thabthey pose -- well we are tg it as a serious one. >> reporter: deployed to kenya within 72 hours that did operate independently of kenyan authorities to collect fingerprints and run those prints against existing databases. doze agenting be on the ground, contrast between fbi be tosensia. and 3 weeks to took to get to libya is striking. >> this is a good example of what fbi is capable of. look at benghazi, fbi takes a hit but it is not investigators, it the politicians, and it the state department. >> reporter: on capitol hill, senior democrat described how the nsa surveillance program
7:49 pm
identifieidentify al shab shhab. >> and a u.n. report issued in july warned that the partner in kenya,a wanted to lauren more complex operations, it is not known whether they work together on the west gate plot. lori. lori: investigation continues, catherine herridge thank you. >> you're welcome. lori: divers have spotted human remains near the wreckage of costa concordia cruise ship. they will see if they are indeed the last two missing. the families of pair, an italian passenger and an endian wait irhad worried they might never be found, they have since been
7:50 pm
notified of the discovery. and awaiting confirmation. lori: major league baseball commissioner bud selig announcing he plans to step down after next season, becoming effective january 2015. major league baseball is a $ 9 billion industry, and engaged in multiple labor battles with player unions. selig's 21 year stint spanned so-called steroid era. lori: up next, story that is out of this world. block buster news from nasa mars curiousty rover revealed. next.
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lori: a cool way to wrap up our hour, a discovery on rid planet, nasa confirming first scoop of soil analyzedly rover found there is water on mars, the laboratory, concluding that soil is made up of 2% water and other elements needed to sustain life. nasa two previous mars rovers, found evidence of ancient water on the planet this 2004. but unlike the new discovery that water was acidic. >> joining me now, senior fellow princeston university, doctor. so great to you have, this water discovery, how exciting is it? and what does it say about possibility of life on mars. >> this is exciting, now we
7:55 pm
found there is water in the subsurface soil. that is really exciting there has been a lot of talk about perhaps a crude mission to mars that means we could extract usable water from the soil itself. lori: you are the scientists, from what i understand there is also discovery of m methane or o methane. >> methane is ongoing debate, just recently curiousty released a very little amount of but previous measurements that indicated perhaps there was me thenthain -- methane. lori: what would smallest hint. what would make the most sense in terms of if you found any living anything on mars in this
7:56 pm
water you discovered? like a single-cell creature? >> at the moment there does not seem to be any smoking gun for life, alive or dead. there is po possible tie of microbial life. lori: what is on the agenda to get done? >> one of the things is that this is really absolute first sample that was ever sampled with this particular instrument set. very first thing we learned is exciting. excit. lori: could we make the water sample grow? so you could colonize mars? >> in about a cubic foot of water you could get a couple of pints out of the soil. lori: thank you so much, interesting, thank you, doctor. >> thank you. lori: thank you for joining us, of day 1:00 p.m. for markets now
7:57 pm
on fox business network, lou is back tomorrow night, good night from new york. my mantra?
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neil: back from our capitol, now i'm really, really, really worried to be worried. donald trump jr. says why i should be. >> and a pox on samsung for pulling a fast one on us creating a corporate mess. a top executive admitting that new smart watch is not ready for primetime. oh, now you tell us. time for samp shunning i -- sama swift kick. do you remember what happened 53 years ago this night this year? something not that different from a lot of stuff you hear through this day. we are reracking but first, let's g


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