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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell  FOX Business  October 3, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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show you where it's happening. my guys are multiple shots right at that location and began about a half a block away, but now if the order is canceled considering there were that many gunshots, perhaps the criminal who was starting this may have been neutralized in some way. cynthia, the idea tech for fox and fox business. you heard of thing. >> what i saw was a car going of the constitution avenue. a lot of cop cars following it. it's a chase. usually when you see that many cup cars in on the move to the left of the right. it was going steady. now a real high rate of speed. maybe 40 miles-per-hour, but never stopped. get a first-rate and made a sharp turn to the left and a lot more cars can. we just heard about 67 gunshots. liz: did you see police doing the shooting? >> i could see from this far away to be honest.
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liz: this is how close it is just to let you know. now that the lock down is lifted, we are okay. we're continue. ashley: great job. we are getting reports. a source in the park police saying that this all started with a car trying to ram the white house gate. as we know, the chase ended at second and constitution. a person is in custody. again, all of this unconfirmed. we are setting the see these reports come in, but we have yet to see this report that a car tried to ram the white house gate. tracy: the car chase command at least this was outside. you will go back inside. johnny isaacson, congressman from georgia and the senator from georgia with those on the phone right now. are you okay? >> we are okay. our screen just sliced up the all clear. you have been reporting is accurate. tracy: good. what did you see or here, sir?
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>> directly i was doing an interview on the third floor of the russell of town though when the chase in front of the russell building concluded are in that constitution and second street. and so i heard all the ambulances and saw the news people immediately get to the west fell was going on. that is were evidently the chase ended. it started, from what i'm hearing, at the white house and went to the our building. it. tracy: what was going through your mind at that moment, senator? >> well, i tell my constituents in the world and there we have been affected by terrorism you should always be aware of your surroundings and be cautious. the minute something happens out of the ordinary dealer goes up mentally. i was concerned as to what might have happened. let it was brought to a peaceful resolution. ashley: this all comes with a partial government shutdown. perhaps the number of personnel at the u.s. capitol would not be as large as it normally would. is that a factor? >> significantly lower. the capitol personnel on the
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senate side probably is two-thirds on furlough right now. tracy: now that it is lifted we continue to go on with business as usual? >> we will go on with business as usual. we have a skeleton staff because of the shutdown. ashley: all right. thank you so much. i just want to say that we are getting some reports that -- from a fox is reporter down in washington that said this guy that we have been talking about tried to ram a barricade at 15th street near the treasury building. in all kind of ties in to this chase that began. as we heard it liz claman say, it all ended pretty much by this picture is now. u.s. capitol police around in the car and shooting. there are reports, unconfirmed, that a person is in custody. wheels of reports that a baby one to three years ago was taken out of the sedan.
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again, all of this unconfirmed. certainly appears as we are seeing police car started to move around, things are starting slowly to come back. liz: and interesting, the market falls 50 points when it happens. traders heard that it was a car chase early on. unconfirmed at the time. they set up and went back to their trading. the market really kind of sharing it off. ashley: these pieces of them summation are instant cannot always believable. as you hear more and more of the similar reports of the san reports may start to have more validity. still waiting to get official word from officials down there at the capitol building. liz: capitol police confirmed a few officers have been heard. we need more details on them. rich edson is still, we hope, released from his bunker in the house commend regis said that liz claman is talking about now because they have lifted the band's on keeping everyone in
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sight. ashley: let's go to brian fans, global security expert. okay. u.s. capitol building. obviously you know that the security is going to be very tight. how did this start it this close to the buildings? we have been hearing that he tried to ram the white house gate or a barricade near the treasury building. it seems to me that it back quite close to the buildings. >> there are a number of barrick is throughout the cities, number of these pop-up barriers. it will be something with investigating the see how they were able to get that close. if there were talking about the hard said building, i will be an interesting question to see if the person circle around from a bacterial or if they came straight down constitution avenue in order to get close to the capitol and see what happens. if you have ever driven up the streets, which i have done many, many, many times, their capital police standing everywhere. a lot of them are armed with military great firearms.
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in so there are a lot of folks there who can come if necessary, museum of force to protect someone from getting too close. tracy: we are waiting on someone with the capitol police. who will bring into this and that happens. we heard one of the congressman telling us that there was a system in place, a white light goes off and someone has to lock down and keeps-safe. this stuff like this make you need to change the method in maybe of the little bit? >> it worked pretty well. upon their today, a lot of the staffers have the equipment with them, and certain medications to notify members and staff. this is something that has been practiced a lot. if you remember in the late 1990's there was an unfortunate and as a where capitol police officers were killed by a person who broke into one of the office buildings. since that time the capitol police has expanded its capabilities, their drills on a
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regular basis. there are a number of guards who are out there at any given moment to try and protect. so these trails are fairly common occurrence is for staffers and for members at this point. i think things a very different than they used to beat. of course there will always be a re-examination of policy, but for right now things look like they're working away should have ashley: just again, this car breaks through a barricade, is headed toward major buildings in the nation's capital. what a man's in the rule is you do whatever it takes to stop that, from getting anywhere close. it could be packed with explosives is something. i would imagine shoot to stop is the general, especially in a situation like this. >> you know, there is -- right here we have the government shut down. if it was a normal day in washington, no one would be able to do a high-speed chase from the line has to the capitol because it would just be typical gridlock.
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you're right. there are procedures like that in place. of course, there are so many people near the capital with the mall and just going down pennsylvania or constitution avenue, the federal buildings, the museum's. loose gun fire in that area could have the potential to cause more harm than good. if you talk about a smaller car, which looking at the video, it is a committee amount of explosive you could fit in there probably isn't that big cheek. if there were talking about as semitrailer it might be a different circumstance. but a passenger vehicle usually presents a little bit less of our risk. t now we just got confirmation that the beetle did try to ram the barricade and 50 in the treasury which is near the white house. he was certainly trying to get himself -- he or she was certainly trying to get themselves and there. it saddens me that you say they are used to this kind of stuff and it is commonplace not based. >> it is unfortunate.
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we just had the navy yard shooting a few weeks ago which was a terrible tragedy. washington d.c., while its kaj rate is certain the plumbing for what used to beat, certainly still an area that has, like any major metropolitan area, and since with crime. but this is a reflection of the post september 11th world where it is not necessarily that it is commonplace. it is more at the forefront of risk. and so the capitol police, district of columbia police department in a number of law-enforcement agencies trained for these types of events because they realize that there is possibility of them. staffers realized committee talk to some of the people who served in congress, there were not really plants. certain members had the ability. their anecdotal stories of members of congress basically having no idea what they were
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supposed to do. they have no place else to go. tracy: we can't think you enough for your insight. national-security expert. ashley: just under an hour ago, initial reports of shots fired inside the u.s. capitol building. soon corrected. everyone inside was told to go to the middle of the building. stay down, basically shelter in places with the college. everybody just settles down and stays there until further notice. ashley: down and across space. tracy: liz was stuck inside with terror group. ashley: from all we are told, and we are waiting for the official news conference to go over these details. the vehicle tried to ram a barricaded 15th street near the treasury building in the nation's capital. near the white house. that chase continued. at some point that car was surrounded car riddled with
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bullets as per the photographer that is with liz claman you happen to be sitting of with a show. tracy: i guess we will paucity right now. the driver was a roman. very badly damaged police cruisers. first and constitution in. i am going to send it to you. liz: thank you. i want to tell you that this cop cars, those police cars and ec i literally have a blocked right down there over my shoulder. indeed, within the last hour multiples of surged after a car chase. what nasa in tracy have been reporting is that a vehicle attempted to ram a building. it could be treasury. we don't know. we happen to be at the treasury department interviewing any treasury secretary.
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our interview started around noon. we finished a we were doing. we came over here to the russell i am standing on a balcony. we are much closer to the shooting and the capital. what indeed happened is that my camera crew standing right out here began to your sho. instead of running in sight for safety they started shooting the incident and began watching. they heard five, six, seven shots. immediately the whole building was an lock down. i was downstairs. we were both told that we could not leave where we were. congressman were trying to leave the russell building to go about . they could not. darrell ice of california, he was trying to leave be returned to the police and said, have to go vote and is said to bed. this situation going on. i turned to him and said, is this unusual occurrence? he said, no, it is not. it will never want to get into the core.
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we moved our equipment and then began to see all the hallways were completely empty. there were all told to stay in in their offices in case something happens. right now it appears that the lock down is been released. it is no longer in effect. i'm going to peak over here. more have arrived. as we look at this, we have a situation here in d.c. that appears to be handled quickly. wrist awaiting the details. an officer involved shooting. there are injuries. david: by the way, not to diminish what we are reporting on, but all throughout this you can rest assured that we are going to see the interview with the treasury secretary. that will come up in about an hour from now. a little less than that at 4:00 eastern time. for now we have in studio security expert and former new york city police detective to talk a little bit about it. we should mention that the last time there was a shooting in the
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capitol there were two police officers, capitol police officers who were killed as a result of the shooting. even though that was before, they must have secured debt capital area saw nothing like that can never happen again. it is not coincidental that the activity was outside the capital. >> with the advent of the terrorist and everyone is well aware that an attack could come in anytime. they call this a soft target. everyone is aware. this seems as though it really was not an attack on the capital. it seems as though this was something that happened outside the lead its way into that area. again, the capitol police did it deal with this as it happened. it really understand. a lot of confusion. they know if it is an attack on the capitol where just happens to be a car chase with the police. cerussite there's a woman driving. now they exchanged gunfire. if we come out and have the news conference, we won't know who
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actually fired the gun. could have been the capitol police. could the been the d.c. police. and they will sort it all up. it seems as though this incident was not directed directly at the capitol from what i have been hearing from even some of the news people that have been talking about it. again, everyone is on full alert you have to have a lock down. this could be the beginning of something that was bigger. you have to nip it right in the bud. control is all action. control the situation. this where there is no mistaking identity because you can have some guys and pulling clothes. guns out, officers in uniform. it could get confusing. liz: i have a question. earlier blood of the doors were on mandan simply locked. they do not have enough personnel. there was only one door.
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do you foresee that as being a potential problem where we don't have enough security to back it talked about the fact that a lot of this non essential workers and we have the same situation a treasury. we have to walk to a different interest because the regular entrances closed. it didn't have enough employees. >> i don't think the security is one of the things that -- i mean, they should not be affected. security is an essential thing. what they might do is the people, the civilians that are covering these doors who are not security of the people probably that are of working. as far as security personnel, i can see them being deemed as not important to. david: by the way, the speaker of the house is directed in line to the presidency. i would assume that outside of the capitol police that to the regular protection service, people like him. david: and stand he was in a cloakroom during the incident,
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he was pro was surrounded by his and security detail. >> the speaker of the house is kind of in line. they have security on him. and the senate. you have people. david: have a community and coordinate their actions? >> when they go through these doors. they are identified. the guys that with them regularly i know my the people. obviously they can't go through the metal detectors. liz: that's my question, if someone were to try to back down the door if indeed the initial reports that somebody was trying to ram a car through possibly treasury, we don't know, if
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there are some of these doors that are not banned. of course the is such a security workers are here. when we were interviewing the treasury secretary earlier today, and you see that interview, i ask one of the staffers the many people and their normally. she said they usually are 15. >> there would be staffers in the office. essential of security. i don't believe that security personnel has not been affected by this budgetary thing. david: i believe we have confirmation that the driver was female. she may have been a hostage. she may have in fact been the perpetrator. considering the fact that there are reports, a child involved in this does seem to be less than a normal sort out terrorist event in any way, shape, or form.
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>> it is developing. it seems as though it could have been a car chase. with that woman. some might have been trying. all of a sudden when it cut clothes she is speeding. a car being chased. people go into action. today's day and age you don't know what you're dealing with. and possibly the shooting could be all from the police side. we don't know until the information comes out. we don't know if the woman shot a gun. we don't know that yet. david: we are getting word now, and this is according to reuters. we have not confirmed this independent, the female was the perpetrator and has passed. she is dead. that is the word. again, we have not confirmed that. that shows that if there was a shoot out, of all those reports of the shooting took place, it seems to be a pretty deadly circumstance. liz: david, we just saw a
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plainclothes, what appeared to be plain clothes the s.w.a.t. officers leaving the scene by foot. walking away. so it appears that for now that may have been the only threat. we don't know if there still in pursuit of other people, but it looks like the scene is definitely coming down. >> when you have a shooting like this, sometimes accidents happen where officers can possibly shootout officer by accident. so until this thing develops and we find out exactly, then the energy of a car speeding up to the capitol everyone is on alert with the child being in the car, was the woman shooting of the police? we don't know. david: the house is due to reconvene. it is only about ten minutes from now. we have on the phone with us representative john fleming from the great state of louisiana. representative, where were you when the shooting took place? >> we did not hear the shooting,
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of course. we are in the house office building. and i was having a meeting with my staff. we were monitoring activities through the television set or television network. in all of a sudden there was an alarm the one offered in the house, within our system shot and that we should stay in place , remain secure in place, sheltering in place. that is precisely what we did. this shooting -- actually, i don't know what the shooting, but the activity was apparently closer to the senate side rather of the house side. david: by the way, rich edson, i believe, we're going to go back. and just as quickly. it is unlikely that they would have acted to reconvene congress and end all the security and the closedown if they were not
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certain that this was a single perpetrator. >> oh, absolutely. i really believe that they no reason to what happened. otherwise serve the people would have been kept in locked down. possible of the perpetrators are involved. they know exactly what happens now, and an shore at the news conference there will inform the public of what went down, how it happened, and what it's all about. david: representative, have you been told that you are free to go? are there areas that are off-limits to make. >> we have been notified that the house is going back in session at 330 which, of course, less than ten minutes away. people are now moving about in all right. it seems that we have been freed up at this point. david: is this likely to change the tenor of debate about the partial shutdown in any way? >> i really don't think so. i think that we recognize this to be something external to what we're doing. certainly there is tension. we had an incident yesterday
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with their representative approached by someone had grabbed his arm. you know, we get into these times and tempers flare out. i really think that this is something external. david: representative, stay safe. good luck. thank you for joining us. >> i just wanted to say that we are so appreciative of our police officers, both on the hill and, of course, the secret service and all those. they react so quickly and do so much, so many lives probably were saved. david: and even during a partial shutdown. wonderfully. i and a stand you have rich edson on the line. liz: that congressman articulate perfectly well we saw. police in this building in the russell rotunda jumped into action. here is what is happening. very impressive. rich was at the capitol. he was told to hunker down
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inside and anti closet. >> basically it was get into the first area that you could. everyone had to find the first doorway or run you could eat into, as long as you're not in all. a few weeks ago there was that issue that the navy yard which is not far from here. thinki
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than any other city in the world especially this complex, what happened in the 90's with to capitol hill police officers being held. when you see all these police officers start to run. there radius, everyone gets inside. we don't have a clue what's going on. reaching across the capitol talking to folks to try to figure out what they're seeing. they're all seeing the same thing, cover of a police officers not letting anyone go anywhere. liz: constitution right behind us. not a single car. we did see a couple of the s.w.a.t. team members and plain clothes. again, a shooting involving a woman, we understand. it was capital of police to get right on top of it and pummeled the vehicle. david: and we are seeing one u.s. capitol police officer is injured in a crash and
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transported to a local hospital. that is all right appear on the senate side of the capital. this all started at the white house. it is not the gate of the building. the white house is on pennsylvania avenue, custer's suit -- cuts through 16th street. you cannot give between 15th and 17th streets. are talking about the 15th street led by treasury, someone trying to get through there. the secret service dowsing making them pennsylvania avenue where we see all this over there behind us. liz: in the end, the most important thing is the police officers. >> the same response from the police officers. like a well will machine. liz: rich edson will stay with us. i will send it back to you. it is quite an amazing situation that all came down just within the last hour and half. david: we still have bell with
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us for a little while longer. it is early times, conflicting reports, one of the reports about this woman that was the instigator of this incident, she was not firing shots. she may be down. she may even be killed. the orders report suggested that she has been. is it likely that if somebody is driving that crazy, that erratically right around the white house and white around the capitol that the officers considered to be in a weapon issues every carnet way and therefore need to take her down and stop or even with a force? >> you can use deadly physical force if you're using a vehicle to use deadly physical force. indicia somebody during a longer there really would have justification to stop that card so someone else does not get killed. again, the professionalism of the white house police, all the police officers over there. they train for this.
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they train for it. very professional. you have to do and react right away to stop something worse occurring. her nose, a woman could have been having mental problems and could have killed the people walking along, rammed a car into the white house police officers of the capitol police. let's face it, you have to react in that second. everyone can second-guess what's going to his or her mind at that time. a very difficult decision. david: isn't it fair to say that the capitol police are some of the best trained police in the nation? they have been trained even beyond that which the regular metropolitan police have been trained. >> security is what they are all about. hunter reacted all that. they are really the professionals. i know some of them personally. these people are trained to do one thing, protect people in that capital. david: we have on the phone with us representative randy forbes, republican from virginia.
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thank you for joining us. you came in today expecting a shut down, not this kind. >> this was a surprise to everyone. i was actually on a radio show. the as your previous individual was saying, capitol police just to a wonderful job on their security. , think around the capitol it went very well. we're priscian of the great efforts. david: where are you now? >> i'm in my office. the capitol police do a great job. thirty minutes that they had been in our office making sure our staff knew what to do with the lungs and other kinds of things. none of them knew this would take place. when it did, everyone knew exactly what to do. david: where do you go? >> actually, they didn't. what happens is a lot done in your office. so immediately when you could
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the speakers and radius in your office and security areas, we brought my entire staff into my office. the lock all of the exterior doors coming into your office. david: were there personnel in your office? >> you do not have security personnel in your office. you have them in the buildings. there is no individuaa security people in. that's why you lock down inside your office. david: what have you been told now? it is all clear that they were convinced it was just this one incident, the one perpetrator? >> they have given us an all clear. they don't give you the explanation of exactly what they felt it was. i'm sure they want to get all the facts. they do tell you this situation has been taking care of. they basically release you.
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david: some observers said it was a good thing that we and the partial shutdown because it allowed the police to contain the situation much more quickly and easily without all the normal traffic. is the capitol -- does it seem really substantively less traffic today? >> no question that it is less traffic today because you have a lot of employees that are furloughed. the other issues thing is because of that and the shutdown you don't have hearings taking place. would this is a traveling. tourists are coming. a lot of the offices have action was shut down. we have been open from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. but we have literally had people, there.
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as we mentioned, to reconvene just about now. about 330 eastern time. is this likely to be carried gain in any way into the chambers? >> i don't think so. we have done pretty good dealing with these kinds of situations. i was here when that occurred. i think everybody now between communication devices, security devices go we have come to the realization the you can't let these incidents through you of what you need to be doing. adding not think that this will disrupt the normal schedule of the house. david: a less anybody believes that this partial shutdown would affect security, i guess this puts an end to that discussion. >> absolutely. security people were on the job. we have the same number of security people. they did an excellent job. not only training, but training staff people and making sure everybody knows what to do when
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you have one of these situations you never know when it's just someone who has a mental problem, someone simply trying or when it could be a terrorist situation. whenever the situation, just want to be well prepared. david: representative randy forbes, thank you for doing that. i appreciated. david: back to you. liz: 27 minutes before the closing bell rings. what do we have? it was that way before this incident began about an hour-and-a-half ago. you can't really use that. nicole petallides was very clear. there were focused on what was happening and wanted to make sure that none of this is related to anything that might be market gyrated. clearly with the dow down under the 14 and the s&p down 12 it is not a great day. everybody is looking aside from this to october 17th.
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that is when treasury secretary has been very clear we will hit the debt ceiling. the country will run out of money and will defaults. again, 4:00 p.m. eastern, about 26 minutes away from hearing exactly what he says will happen if this happens. our interview was conducted well before this incident. unless there was a lot of security at treasury. when we tried to get into here it became quite the incident as it began to develop almost real time when they shot us out the door. still here. again, these kinds of incidents do tend to put the market on tender it's because people don't know what is about, any terrorist type of situation is always something that moves the market. >> reporter: the problem again. when you're beginning to hear about this, it's not just here at the capitol. you have to remember, washington is a small city. when you hear someone trying to ram the gate at the white house
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commission inspired, you get a sense that there is something bigger cannot actually is going on. you do have the confirmed reports, the one officer that was injured. liz: all of the perpetrator appears to have died of gunshot wounds. there may be a child involved. we heard that as well. >> that is also, the u.s. capitol police saying that it is no one involved. a child, reports of a child. we're still trying to work our way through that and figure out precisely, where this game, capitol police been as a look at the capitol this starts to make their way of the street flinches right here. liz: the action in the upper
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left-hand part. after a block down. our crew immediately started hearing gunshots, began taking video that. it was a little bit chaotic. get off your equipment off the balcony. it's not safe. everyone is to get inside interoffice is. it was as if this became a ghost town. every all was empty. >> in the second floor and the first. you have enough police officers here, we have oppressor for this david: we're watching the video. you can see the artillery out in full power. asking questions. they want to make sure all that is going on. here you see the capitol police having the news conference. [inaudible conversations]
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>> all the agencies. >> the condition. >> on the lake, as i mentioned, one of our officers was struck. he appears to be conscious and breathing, but we're falling out . >> no officer shot. >> as far as we know not officers of been shot. >> the driver of the red car was a woman? >> we believe so. >> shot fired at the white house? >> they are still investigating. we have multiple scenes, so we are still collecting. >> it all appears to be one incident. >> were shots fired at the capitol? >> we have no affirmation.
3:38 pm
>> what location? >> what i will do in about half an hour is give you an update. i don't have a condition on the suspect. >> the barricade. >> i will be back at a quarter after four. >> thank you. >> thank you. liz: capitol police finishing up with not much more information than we have already given you. he was unable to confirm that there were any shots actually fired by the capital. at the moment we have to wrap this up for now with the information we have. a woman who has been killed. she is the suspect, apparently tried to rent is one of the gates of the perimeter. we will eventually get the video of that chase. capitol police jumped out of their vehicles.
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she is dead. in the meantime we have a dow jones industrials down triple digits. it was any way much earlier because this nation is facing a very serious situation. october 17th deceiving deadline with the nation will have to default if congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling. certain members of congress, republicans are saying in essence we're not going to raise it until we get a promise that somehow the affordable health care law would be defunded. they want to tie that into what is going on. coming up, treasury secretary is going to be with us. he is speaking candidly about what he feels is going to happen. we have never seen that before. there is no historical precedent for hitting the debt ceiling. under president reagan it was raised. under george bush, bill clinton, president carter, nixon, all of them.
3:40 pm
it has been raised some 79 times. we want to bring into congressman. it is a little chaotic. john campbell core republican from california. tim ryan, a democrat from ohio. we just want to get this out of the way. everyone safe? >> everybody is fine. my office is fine. we went into lock down. liz: the capital. >> james langford from obama city, jack kemp was a really good guy. that's all right. i was separated from the staff initially. everyone is doing fine. liz: my apologies, representative langford. let's get to the issue at hand. today are there any breakthroughs in coming together to resolve this issue of raising the debt ceiling? representative campbell, will let you take -- lankford.
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>> i would try to say it like john campbell say then fell in for him. there is up in a major breakthrough. the debt ceiling is coming up. first things first, the budget crisis right now. with the government's somewhere currently in reactors all that. hopefully we can do that sooner than later. if it keeps up another week or so we're running right into the decile initiations. very different, as you mentioned multiple times to be very different than just this government's slowdown. it really is shut down. liz: where do you stand? there are some democrats who have started to feel that there are certain parts of the affordable health care law such as the medical device tax that in the might be offering the president some wiggle room on making some type of concession. to you agree? >> i don't think so. we have an opportunity, the speaker of the house bowles of a bill to the house floor for what we're calling a clean cr, just to extend the levels of funding
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over the next six weeks, if you brought that to the floor it would pass. a majority of the members of the house of representatives. we would beyond of this mess. having conversations about the affordable care act or any other issue should happen during the traditional budget process to be it i was against the war. we did not shut down the government. we went through the political process and ended up winning the house back. in the senate. we won the presidency. we round the were down. we went through the traditional political process which is how we should execute this. liz: representative, when republicans who are for the stalemate year or at least not a really fair characterization, their for making sure they get some concessions on obamacare, when they hear that under ronald reagan it was voted 17 times to
3:43 pm
raise that debt ceiling, did they not look at that and say maybe cooler heads need to prevail? we don't want it to get as bad. at the top of the our secretary of the treasury is going to articulate how bad he feels it is going to get your free at the debt ceiling. >> i understand that full well. you're dealing with a different issue that we're currently in. you mentioned ronald reagan. there were a government shutdowns. the democratic speaker of the house shut down the government. many of them are unrelated. this is have been multiple times. this is funny thing. never pleasant. happened eight times during the reagan demonstration, most recently in the clinton administration, the harbor walker bush. this has happened multiple times. we're trying to resolve some issues. people in my district attractive figure out. it on one out government shut down but they don't want the harmful effects of obamacare.
3:44 pm
liz: representative, how about a clean resolution and then move on from there? >> a lot of my colleagues seven will take up these issues. we have done votes on changing aspects of the four will correct. after three years the colleague say we don't think everything is perfect. but starts to address some of those. >> we just ran an election on a referendum on the affordable care act. the president won states like ohio. he wanted a mandate. the american people and spoken about the four will care act. the supreme court deemed it constitutional. my friends want to have this debate, they have to win the senate back, when the presidency back in 2016. you don't shut the government
3:45 pm
down. i was against the war. we went to the american people, and i suggested they get to the american people, make their case. did not work in the last election. here we are. i just don't think shutting down the government -- let's get a clean cr, have the speaker bread to the house floor. it will vote on it to move on, and they can have these calls on tv in the house for a teefor will carry it. liz: standing together and speaking. that is where really matters. >> that is what we want. we put out our negotiators in ask the senate so bring their negotiators. we're still waiting for the opportunity. liz: we want to your the story. keep us posted. we appreciate your time. both say. no more lock down. let's just sort of recap what happened. rich edson is still with me
3:46 pm
around 145. >> reporter: prole a little bit after 2:00. teefifteen are so i was walking to the capitol when all the sudden police officer started running everywhere, yelling and everybody to get to the nearest door, whether that be -- for me it ended up being some crawlspace. for other people it was stay in your office. you have people of you can walk fairly freely throughout the grounds. it must have been chaotic. liz: it was, and our camera crews are trying to do their job and take the picture is a safe. as my producer and are returned to get out into the building, that's when there was -- on not going to kill it may have more panic is everyone was called, but urgent and serious lock down was the word. it all began right over our shoulder. and then the car chase ensued. it became an issue that here on
3:47 pm
constitution right behind us. that is where when you see in the upper part of the screen, the police around the vehicle apparently driven by a woman, shots were fired, multiple sauce fired. the idea tax year at third everything. there was no question that it was shooting. it was not fireworks are bottle worked. >> and you see every teen state of alertness. it's kind of almost a joke. you're always on some sense of someone lisa baggage you can get a spot on the spot. you can tell immediately that this was something that was wrong. you're talking earlier. just want to confirm the suspect was a woman and had a child in the car. >> the woman has been killed. we don't know the status of the child. one capitol police officer has been injured in part of the car chase.
3:48 pm
the market was already down today. >> and just about to 16:00 p.m. we were at a level of 15,030. within ten minutes we dropped about 50 points. fifty cuestas and some like a big deal. it was traumatic. you do see a dramatic drop. traders on wall street heard about the shooting or their the capitol originally believing that it was in sight to later find another was outside. there were the first to even come up with the idea. there were the first was to tell me that they heard that there may be a car chase. words, outse capital. it is not politically motivated. this was not as big of a deal for politics as we may have originally thought. it was official.
3:49 pm
1 million in right back up shortly thereafter. the victim of the fear index is 1737. it one month highs earlier today. we continue to watch these markets. for a half percent right now. there is a dealing that we have this year on wall street. slightly better. we will not get our monthly job numbers. the real deal is everybody wants to know what is going to happen with the debt ceiling on october 17th, what a doing in washington, what happened to our u.s. credit rating and how this all snowballs into potentially slower economic activity, because when you start to see is that workers were furloughed. and you're seeing businesses say, hey, 40 percent of my business drops off.
3:50 pm
tuchman of federal plaza, a deli owner. the parking rush said 50 percent. this is two examples. the big picture. david: it is interesting that liz is about to unveil that interview she has with jet blue. really that is less at the markets. he came out the study it was leaked. one would assume that someone in the treasury secretary's office was the one that gave it purpose. it might have been a purposeful leak which said that we would have catastrophic results, sort of similar to what we added 2008 as a result of what happened or what might happen. by the way, we are getting word that the next precedent concerning this event in washington, the shooting which led to the perpetrator would believe being killed off will happen in about 415. that's about a half-hour from
3:51 pm
now. we will cover that live and bo deitl, the question right now is trying to figure out what happened. at least a question of who is in charge. the capitol police. the possibility of the metropolitan police. at that point if that was the ensuing pursued, there would be doing the investigation, it started it comes under the metropolitan police of d.c. david: sometimes with these pressers, daystar with the police department have worked to weigh up to the fbi. do you think you would get the way? >> from the way it is coming about right now l.a. seems like it is very possibly the woman did not have a gun with the kid in the car. if that is the fact and it's not related to air shooting people. we don't know yet. it's irresponsible first time make things up until the end of
3:52 pm
the evidence. david: of wondering if it takes over the investigation? was a treasury building. she was attempting to ram it. the treasury building, wondering whether treasury department will be involved. the capitol police and the capitol police, was involved. >> working in conjunction with the d.c. metropolitan police. they work in tangent together. the detectives there, detectives in washington d.c., the metropolitan police department. i don't see the fbi being involved unless something else transpires that it was involvement with the treasury department. david: it seems pretty clear, despite the government shut down there is no shut down or even partial shutdown in security. >> we talk about essential. security, police, that is essential. were talking about civilian
3:53 pm
workers. he will never ever see that happen because if you start playing security people offer anything can occur. that's not what will have. liz: some wondering, could it be it a be easier to carry on law enforcement duties with much fewer people inside the beltway? >> the conservative for will place to the other a lot easier. if you need to get that car to a certain spot, if you don't have cars blocking you. the police department in the capitol police. washington d.c. is very protected. just things like this that the curve, you can see the fast response. david: absolutely. to recap what happened to me the details we're getting in now, the main incident that was happening to my person driving a vehicle and a very reckless manner. that alone would necessitate stopping that cart when it hurts
3:54 pm
somebody. at least one capitol police officer was injured. they apparently tried to barricade, and they put car vehicles, though police vehicles apparently at least one officer was still in that vehicle when it was struck by the car. the person who was driving or passenger in that vehicle, the police officer has been injured. apparently then the woman was actually shot and perhaps killed. we're getting that from a couple of sources. fox news has not verified it directly. we should say that the last press conference to my one of the details, they had the essentially ruled of terrorism. >> again with the advent of the child being in the car and all that, the police officers at that point don't know what's calling on. they don't know if this is a car with a bomb or if there is another motive behind it.
3:55 pm
they have tapped react in that second and there will be a lot of second-guessing. it happens in a fraction of the second. that is what these professionals have to deal with. david: thank you for joining as. the interview coming right up.
3:56 pm
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♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ david: ladies and gentlemen, what a rocking and rolling day we have had. it started out with the treasury department issuing this notice we could have catastrophic circumstance if indeed we hit that debt limit in mid-october. then we had the market drop as a result. then we had the incident in washington which apparently has resulted in the death of the person that was driving recklessly around capitol hill. and we're about to have treasury secretary jack lew explain to our own liz claman exactly what the treasury department meant by
3:59 pm
the memo that it issued this morning. first let's go to stocks and nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. the market has zigzagged all over the place but appears like it is ending up almost exactly where it was for most of the day, down 140 points. >> we've had the back and forth action. dramatic drop at the time we heard about the shooting over there in capitol hill and recouped some of those losses but as you noted, the pressures on the market, this is the third day of this shutdown of the government and the markets are down about 144 points right now. david: it may seem like small potatoes compared to everything else we're dealing with herbalife sinking into the red but had three days of gains. >> ackman obviously had short positions and moving his positions changing them up from equities to puts. david: we have to talk about tesla, we just have a couple seconds. again that is going down. this video is having a lost traction. >> yeah, this was a big story
4:00 pm
yesterday. transpiring today, tacking on more loss, down over 11% in a couple of days. [closing bell ringing] david: 11% down in two days for tesla. what a day on wall street and inside the beltway as well. let's look at the various indices. dow jones industrials down about 136 points now. it seemed to stablize that level. its up and down depending on the news we're getting from washington. it seems to be about that level, maybe a little less than 1% loss on dow and s&p. nasdaq more than a 1% loss. same with the russell 2000. very busy day and an interview with jack lew, the treasury secretary. "after the bell" starts right now. david: well liz claman, this is not exactly the lead into your interview we thought we were going to get because who knew all this excitementas


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