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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 7, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EDT

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♪ imus in the morning >> good monday morning, everyone. you are waking up to a market selloff. minutes from now, the dow will likely fall about 100 points. call it the default selloff. even though there will be no default at the october 17th deadline period. trouble with obamacare. the administration now admits it's not just overload. the exchanges have a software design problem. they can't confirm who you are so you can't open an account, so you can't sign up. and then there's twitter. not enough users, say some big advertisers, what in fact on twitter going public. we have that report for you. here we go, "varney & company" is about to begin.
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>> let's go straight at it. here are the two sides in the debt default standoff. speaker boehner saying he's willing to compromise. >> i told the president there's no way we're going to pass the vote. there are no votes to pass the clean debt limit and the president is risking default by not having a conversation with us. stuart: then there was the president who said he would not negotiate. >> what i said to them is this, making sure that the united states government pays its bills, that's nonnegotiatable. stuart: that's not what treasury secretary jack lew said on fox news. >> congress needs to do its job and we need to negotiate. the president has taken steps over the last several years to show willingness to negotiate. he's done it with democrats saying he's too eager to negotiate. republicans have not come forward and made comparable movement.
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stuart: now some facts, please. we do not default october 17th at midnight. 200 billion will flow into the treasury, that pays interest on our debt, debt service and conversation social security payments. maybe the market is down because investors are losing confidence in the executive branch's competence. maybe. as you saw, the market is down triple digit loss at the opening bell. if it's a brtunity, we will ask. plus, a disturbing report on social security disability fraud. we've got numbers that will shock you. last night, the raiders and chargers had to play at 11:30 p.m., 8:30 in oakland. it was pushed back because of the baseball playoffs. the oakland a's use the same stadium and takes time to reconfigure the stadium. charles was totally wrong on
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♪ ♪ gravity wants to bring me down♪ >> yeah, i think you heard me. "gravity" a big winner. 55 million came in and it's generating oscar buzz.
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here is the important point. 80% of the people went to see it and watched it in 3-d. 3-d is not dead. i never said it was. we're a minute from the bell. here is from chicago, tres knippa. we're led to believe that we're in default. right there october 17th if we don't get a debt deal. i say that's nonsense, how about you? >> it is nonsense and if it wasn't nonsense you'd see it reflected in bond prices and bond prices are not falling off the end of the table. however, because of inaction, we're absolutely doing long-term damage to the economy and to the market itself. and what i'm talking about is the inability for congress to do anything. we're going to ignore any substantive discussion of entitlement reform. we're going to ignore any possible discussion of a reduction in the budget. all those things are going to be ignored. no significant changes are coming out of washington d.c. and even the fed, when they chose not to taper, wasn't the fed telling us that we've
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created an economy and a market that's so weak, they can't consider pulling back the budget. the fed is enabling washington d.c. and it's a shame and we're absolutely doing long-term damage by ignoring the problem. >> you've got a full minute to wrap this morning. we'll hear it and let's move to the wall street opening bell. what's going on. we're down and we're looking-- when you look at the future, at the indicators. we're down 100 points and that maybe will pull back and maybe not quite such a big loss. 20 points in 20 seconds. it's pretty much a sea of red if you look at all dow stocks. the two left-hand side, american express, procter & gamble and the rest and actually the top two on the left-hand side are not open yet and the other 28 are down. a couple of individual stocks, i want to point them out. first of all, boeing didn't get a big contract, lost to airbus,
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and 9 1/2 billion dollar worth of jets from the europeans and they've never shopped with them before. remember, it was japan airliners, boeing stock is down 1%. still at 115 right now though. look at apple, please. we've passed the two year mark. the stock is up 20% since then and 9% this year. jeffries came in today and said they've got a new price target. it's up as of now. nicole come in from the floor and big losers so far, who are they? >> it's easy to find red on the screen today. you see everything on sale today. but, as we noted the biggest losers in the dow jones industrials. some are technology related and the three are, hewlett-packard, cisco systems and ibm, but that's not to say that the technology is the only group under pressure. exxon and the energy realm and just reading a story about the government shutdown and last week we talked about some of the defense stocks getting hit
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because there wasn't anybody to review the new products, now, it's looking that it may turn to agriculture. and agricultural commodities are shunned to a certain extent and there hasn't been official statistics lightly and watch agriculture this week. >> all right, by the way, we are down 132 points in the early going. two minutes' worth of business, down 130 points, so we did get the drop that had been predicted by the futures. and bringing in keith fitzgerald from portland. a big selloff, clearly, is this a buying opportunity? >> you know, i'm not so certain it's a buying opportunity today. but traders are clearly edging into energy and looking at technology with baited breath and certain medical stocks are appealing. if things go on sale. the business units aren't going to be affected by the nonsense in washington. the premise some point we get a deal and at that point when we get a deal, the shutdown or the debt, at that point the stocks go straight up. that's the premise here, isn't it, that there will be a deal.
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>> well, that's the premise, i'm not sure i buy the straight up part. there's a lot of confidence that's been eroded by this, there's been no behavior in washington. but now they need to actually do something that benefits the american people and truly global markets. so, if anything, it's going to stabilize, but i'm not betting on a massive increase. >> can you tell me if there's any long-term damage to the economy from the current shutdown and the run why up to the big fight on october 17th. long-term damage, there? >> yes, i think there's long-term damage. i don't have a figure on it, but i think it's extreme. extreme in terms of confidence, in terms of lending and in terms of ceo's willingness to invest. what's happened, congress has proven the fact they can't sit down and have a knowledgeable, normal, civilized intelligent discussion. ceo's are going to look elsewhere for the revenue and that's not including the united states sadly. >> if you listen to our viewer, you can tell the anger. >> i'm serious, i'm serious.
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>> the dow is down. and the people are furious, that's true. stuart: and liz macdonald is here, talking long-term damage to the economy and what about long-term damage to confidence in america, the ability of the executive branch to get things together and run the country? >> i think it's temporary. i don't think there's long-term damage to the u.s. economy or the confidence in the u.s. economy. what we're seeing is essentially no president will want a default on his watch. president obama allows that to happen, it will obliterate the language about is being a health care reformer. and we're seeing the insurance bets placed on treasury trending lower. that's a bet that there will not be a default. that's very low on the swaps market that the u.s. government will not default on the debt and a deal will be reached overnight and the market will pop and we're seeing global growth at 18 month highs, stuart. so, very bullish outlook on the economy and industrials going like gang busters and so is health care.
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>> so you're pulling back and saying, wait a minute, the long-term damage and damage to our confidence has been a passing thing and we'll all get over it, is that what you're saying? >> it's media driven headlines and that's the issue. listen, the stock market is a weighing machine. right now, the headlines are being-- acting like the markets are a voting machine. it's a weighing machine, it's about earnings and the focus now is third quarter earnings. we're in earnings week with alcoa, j.p. morgan and the big names coming out. >> keith, are you still there? >> i'm still there and as much respect as i have for you, liz, i don't know that i can buy that. i think that the credit default swaps are 58, 100 basis points, yields are moving the wrong way and the ceo's i'm talking to, saying, hey, we're pulling back until we can get the lid. i think there's a lot of damage to this and i can't get beyond that. >> we've got two opinions die metrically opposed and well-expressed.
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and nicole, did it get an upgrade. nicole: you've got positive comments from some of the analysts here and don't forget, too, that they have two possibilities of takeovers, so you see it crossing the $8 mark, nowhere near the $18 mark, it was back in january. but at least getting a little bit of a boost at the moment. so, we'll continue to watch this one here, analyst's upgrade as we noticed. that's one. that's one. stuart: you're looking hard, i can tell that, nicole, scratching for an upgrade. >> and remember when we said that facebook's real value is the information that it's got from users. take a look at that stock, shares up 90%, only a tiny pullback in a town market. twitter following suit and made 47 million dollars off user information, back in, please, keith fitzgerald, that's a lot of money. 47 had million, but we also hear, same story on twitter, a lot of big companies say that
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twitter doesn't have enough users to advertise on. they've got the ipo next month. are you going to buy? >> you had facebook go out at 20 times, this was 26 times, linkedin, buying junior an adult t-shirt and say some day he's going to grow into it. i find it hard that eyeballs are going to translate into revenue on this one. stuart: i'm surprised to hear you say that. it took a while, but facebook improved on its offering price. >> it did. i was a huge critic of facebook so i've got to eat crow on that one and may eat crow on twitter, but have a hard time equating users who are fickle, is it a collection of marketing information? absolutely. does it improve revenue? i've got a problem with.
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>> it's real a media company. stuart: thank you. to summarize, please, the dow industrials after 7, 8 minutes' worth of business are down. that's about 1%, down we go in week two of the shutdown and the debt ceiling deadline approaches ten days away. senator tom coburn spent the last three years investigating the fraud that occurs in social security disability. big story. last year, the program total cost, $135 billion. liz macdonald has been crunching some of the numbers and how much, can you tell me how much from the senator's research, how much of that 135 billion was formed. >> he looked at three states, he and his staff. and this could be the first federal benefits program to run out of money. its budget now surpasses the homeland security justice and department of labor combined and 25% possible fraud with another 20% of the claims being
9:39 am
of dubious origin. >> total cost of social security disability, this calendar year, this fiscal year, 135 billion. >> correct. >> coburn says 25% of that is flat-out fraud. >> possibility fraud. >> i'm trying to do the math, that's about what, 30 billion, 30-35 billion and another 20% may be fraud, not sure. >> that's right. what's happening is people are running out of unemployment benefits so what do they do? they say we're going to file for disability and the disability lawyers racquet is the reason why, the disability insurance program exploded. it's up 20% the last six years meaning that the lawyers are getting bogus forms by doctors to sign off on disability claims. this could be the first federal benefits program to run out of money by 2016. stuart: there are hearings today on capitol hill, even though we're supposed to have a government shutdown, but there are hearings on this, tom coburn will be appearing in the hearings. it's his deal.
9:40 am
>> he'll deliver his research data on in. 20% of people in 1971, people filings disability had a lawyer to get their claim money. the end of this day there's going to be headlines out there about social security disability fraud. >> yes. stuart: thank you very much indeed. new at 10:00, coming up rock and roll legend paul stanley with the band "kiss" of,could. now he's moving further into the business and rocking brew at the l.a. airport and he's getting into football, can you believe? he joins us next hour. to the big board, we're down 1% off 149 points as we speak. all right, next, here is what we've got for you. we were premature to say a housing double dip was coming? our real estate bull was next and she makes her case, she's got two homes that may interest you, family homes, not investment properties. you've got to look at this.
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♪ so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> i'm not going to say we're coming back, well, we are a little. we were down 150 and now we're down 124. what about the price of gold? when the stock market sells off like this, what happens to gold. it's up a little. ten bucks higher. 1319. what happens to the price of oil. oh, it's down. back to $102 a barrel and gas prices, by the way, are falling. you've got a two handle.
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if you buy a gallon in missouri. do you rent movies when you go to the grocery store? hedge fund operator has out at red box kiosks in supermarkets, they may be exploring a sale and that stock is straight up. tesla, their shares came back friday a bit after a battery fire next week. the share price is up 430% next year and back up by $3 this morning, that's 1.8%. interest rates are falling and we're back down to 4.22% on 30-year fixed rate mortgages. here is the ever smiling tanya, real estate bull, multi-billionaire because of the exposure she received on this program. i'm prepared to eat crow here. maybe i was wrong. maybe the real estate recovery is not on pause because interest rates are falling and you're going to grin and say, i told you owe --
9:47 am
so. the only part of the real estate market moving was the investment side. people moved. >> we are at the lowest rate for first time home buyers in five years and we need to encourage this and need to get people back into it. the problem is, it's hard to get a loan. as that loosens, we're going to see first-time home buyers come back. stuart: is that right? the worst performer and number of sales to first time home buyers in five years? >> in five years, and it's still 35% cheaper to buy than to rent. it is the problem that people are in that stagnant position where they can't buy yet because they foreclosed or short sold and they can't. stuart: okay. >> it's a position they need to get out of. stuart: this is something very popular on this program. when you appear and show us houses for families, not for investors, but for families. the first one, put it up on the screen. this is from phoenix, it's going for $240,000.
9:48 am
please, that is 240 grand? >> it is. stuart: what's it got? >> 3200 square feet. six-bedroom, three bath on a quarter of an acre with a pool. your mortgage it would be about $1200 with 20% down. taxes per year of $1500. and that's it. so, this is a great house for a first-time home buyer to live in. stuart: does the first-time home buyer need six bathrooms? >> i don't know. stuart: san antonio, you've got another gem. tell me, this is what, $299,000? >> this is $299,000 and 2400 square feet. three bedroom, two bath built in 1991 and san antonio is a great place to live. here is the difference between phoenix and san antonio. the taxes on this home are $6200 per year. stuart: what was the phoenix place. >> $1500. stuart: 1500? >> that's a big difference when you're looking what you're going to pay per year every month between taxes, insurance, mortgage payment, anything.
9:49 am
stuart: i'm telling you, they look to me like terrific first time home buyer houses. >> great starter homes and we have to get first-time home buyers into the market i'm' trying. stuart: do you like the fisker. >> thank you, taxpayers, i love my fisker. stuart: they'll hate you. and thank you very much indeed. >> thanks for having me. stuart: president obama is willing to talk to the iranians, and why won't he sit down with the republicans? my take on that is next. ♪.
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>> i've got two particularly big losers for you this morning, cooper tire, india's apollo tires wants to cut the price that he's willing to pay to buy out cooper, down it goes 11%. re/m re/max. that was an ipo pulling back after a nice pop on the debut last week. only down about 2%. the websites out there to post
9:54 am
your mug shot if you've ever had one. they're only guilty for a fee. is that extortion? judge napitano weighs in, new at 10:00 coming up. plus, did you see the amazing broncos cowboys game yesterday. it's one of three games that charles payne got totally wrong in his picks on friday. can you believe? and charles is here and he'll show his face and so will brian kilmeade. this could be fun. here is my take on default, incompetence, scare tactics and a president who will negotiate with iranian mullahs and we do not default at midnight on the 17th as the president implies. the treasury will take in 200 billion this month easily enough to pay interest on the debt and social security. no default. point two, the stock market decline today is at least partially attributable to a lack of confidence in america's branch of government.
9:55 am
president obama is the chief executive, it is his job to manage the country. a president who manages his way into a series of crisis is incompetent. point three, the president's recent statements have been nothing short of had a scare tactic. my way or the highway. or i will not negotiate are designed to apply political pressure. agree with me or else. pure politics. president obama is good at politics, but he's not good at prosperity and growth. and effective management. final point, a week ago, president obama picked up the phone and talked to iran's leader. it was the first contact, leader to leader in a generation. and that phone call was a form of negotiation. and yet, this same president will not negotiate with his opponents back home. he will negotiate an iranian nuke, but he will not negotiate on spending, borrowing or obamacare. there have been many similar standoffs in the obama years and the president has won them all.
9:56 am
he's good at politics, especially when he has a very compliant news media to back him up. what we're talking about here is not politics, we're talking about leadership. where is it? i think that's a fair question.
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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stuart: with two of the shutdown. the word default is in the air. stocks are down. we will ask a senator if we are
10:00 am
close to default as the president suggests. there is a lot more to our second hour. should you have to pay buckshot websites for taking down misleading information. the judge has a lot to say about that. he will be here. football. speaking of football but charles payne. listen up. he got every weekend football pick wrong. he will show his face momentarily. get your nicotine fix here. e cigarettes. what a show. ♪ reality. sell off stock to the week. charles is here.
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i say the president wants this selloff. what say you? charles: there is no doubt about it. jack lew, i thought you were totally irresponsible. completely incorrect. 1000% wrong. 1000000% irresponsible. he called up these wall street executives and said, what is up to you guys? there was a report in the newspaper. watch out for this kind of stuff. banks are stocking up on cash. atm machines. stuart: real fast before we move on, do you think this is a buying opportunity? charles: we are getting there.
10:02 am
stuart: we have a republican from north dakota with us. the opinion of many people on this program that the president wants to exert maximum pain on investors. he wants a stock market selloff. would you agree with that? >> clearly, he is trying to put pressure to get his way in the negotiation. i think the longer he refuses to negotiate, the more it hurts his position. stuart: you think it is up to the president to step forward and say it is my responsibility. let's talk. let's do it now. >> absolutely. he is the leader of the country. he needs to step forward we have put a lot of ideas on the table.
10:03 am
that is what american people want. stuart: it seems that so far the republicans are losing the pr battle. in suggestion that the tide is turning? >> that is the point i made a minute ago. we are ready to negotiate. look at all of the ideas that we have put forth. i think the more it hurts the president. he needs to join with us and come up with some real solution that addresses the challenges our country faces. stuart: if there is no debt deal, we are in default. i say that is nonsense. do you agree with that? >> that is not accurate. the issue is prioritizing how we
10:04 am
pay based on a relative flow of revenues and expenses. the administration may have to do some prioritizing as they work through this. stuart: okay. thank you for joining us, sir. we do appreciate it. nicole petallides, what is leading the dow lower? nicole: we have walmart, but also american express and visa. some of these credit card companies may be under some pressure. we will watch these credit card companies and you can see all three are loggers. stuart: visa is a dow stock. i think that is mathematically
10:05 am
accurate. thank you very much, indeed. we have to talk about spoke. not the only technology company cashing in on user data. but are also. i am also hearing that advertisers is saying that twitter does not have enough users for it to advertise and everything. charles: they expand the offer, expand the offer, raise the price. if they make it attractive, it is worth chasing. they are weary about users. there are organizations out there that dump tons of fake
10:06 am
users on twitter profilers. stuart: you have to make sure who is using twitter. are you saying we do not have objective information? charles: it is tough. the rate of growth seems to be slowing a little bit. there are other things that grab people's attention. instagram to some of these games online. my wife is hooked on words with friends. stuart: she should play my wife. [laughter] stuart: the market is down. i think apple is up. nicole: up about 16%. what is interesting about apple, do not forget we are coming on the two-year anniversary of
10:07 am
steve jobs death. they are now somewhat frustrated. they are waiting for innovation. they are waiting for the next big product. what is the next thing? where is the i watch? do you remember my pick for football? stuart: go ahead. nicole: broncos. so far, undefeated. i have to brag now because i do not know if i will be a two later. stuart: one of the best games i have ever saw. it was a terrific game. nicole: one of the most high-scoring games of all time. stuart: if you went to a bookie and said what odds will you give me on 100 points being scored in any game, the odds must be 50,
10:08 am
maybe 100: one. nicole: i would agree. it would be a long shot. charles: unfortunately, if you go by a point spread, they did not cover the spread. that was one of my picks, as well. the cowboys messy up on that one. stuart: we are cutting into the judge's time. if you get arrested, you get a mug shot. it can haunt you for the rest of your life. regardless if you were committed of the crime. the judge is here. what do you say? so what is arrested that they got a mug shot, all kinds of websites that publish mugshots.
10:09 am
>> you omitted a leap in there. government makes a private record available to the lowering eyes of the public. there is no reason whatsoever to do that. stuart: is the mugshots a public record or a private record. >> it is a private record between inter- agencies of the government so that they can identify the human being that is arrested. a lot of the time, they do not have identification on them and often times they give someone else's name. an arrest is evidence of nothing. you cannot even use it in the prosecution. most arrests, most arrests, not
10:10 am
many, most do not end up in convictions. stuart: door mug shot is up there. it has been taken by these mugshots websites for all the world to be. they won't take it down for a fee. that is flat out wrong. >> i agree with that. if the mugshots is of newsworthy value, then they have the right. newsworthy would be of a public person. a well-known individual to demonstrate what they look like. stuart: how about a sex offender?
10:11 am
>> you are assuming they are the oath under because they are arrested. you do not have the right to see who police say is a sex offender. the people who have seen these are posting them falsely. stuart: okay. your judgment is these mugshots should not be up in the first place. they should be only available if that person is in of news interest. >> yes. it is subjective.
10:12 am
this is the general law of libel in the land about what could be published and what cannot. it is absolutely extortion. they have the right to have it removed. stuart: should the convicted sex offender be able to buy the mugshots off the internet? >> no. stuart: i am talking about someone who is convicted. >> what the convicted defendant looks like is a public record. you have no right to move it. the government has its own websites where the convicted sex
10:13 am
offenders photograph appears. it does not matter it is removed from another website. the government has the interest in knowing and publicizing what sex offenders look like. charles: is there any legal course? >> it is the equivalent of your irs return. the public has no interest in it. stuart: good stuff. thank you very much, indeed. planes, restaurants cannot use them. e cigarette users have a new place to go for their nicotine fix. that is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
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stuart: new jersey senator candidate cory booker is getting help today from mayor mike bloomberg. he will be spending more than $1 million today to broadcast television commercials on behalf of of cory booker. take a look at cooper tires. big loser. down 11%. charles reportedly is moving away from football where he is a miserable failure and going to microtechnologies to make us some money. charles: we are already up 14%.
10:18 am
i think it will keep going. citigroup put out a target on this today. i have to say, pretty gutsy. this was a huge american conduct your company. it was an amazing company. the stock got up to $88 a share in june of 2000. they have been in survival mode. coming on strong. stuart: it is the newest trend to hit the e cigarette market. a place where you go for you cigarettes. you can use them in peace and quiet. here is a woman with hadley. they launched these things. welcome to the program. >> thank you so much. stuart: i am fascinated by this.
10:19 am
i walk in the door, what do i >> it is a huge area. we have different bars set up. stuart: they are not selling alcohol? the bar has 80 different flavors? >> five different milligram strengths. stuart: there is a difference between marijuana smoking and tobacco smoking. you say give me the banana, not and date player. i take my e cigarette.
10:20 am
>> from there we put a sample cap on. they can test the flavors really. we can take someone from a high level down to zero over time. stuart: where do you make your money? >> a lot of people want to say on the nicotine. it is proven to be non-harmful. charles: i have learned that they last a long time. how do you get money out of the? >> they are rechargeable. you have to continuously fill them with liquid overnight. we sell the liquid. this is about health.
10:21 am
we have a huge garden in the back. it is very wage. it is the future. stuart: what age do you think you will get? >> 22 about 45 right now. stuart: how many people are in there at one time? >> on the weekends it is jammed. we have not done the media push yet because the grand opening is on thursday. charles: nicotine now being seen in a positive light. >> they are saying that it helps with add, alzheimer's, parkinson's and it is similar to caffeine. yes, it is addictive, but proven to be non-harmful. stuart: are you addicted to nicotine?
10:22 am
>> yes. i started this company to get off the cigarettes and it works. stuart: you have to come back and see us again. thank you. >> thank you so much. pleasure. stuart: software glitches are preventing people from signing up -- wait a minute, they say that there is a system failure. that is what we are talking about. the dow is now down 79 points. we were down 150. how about that. >> consider just a few weeks ago apple rollout a new operating system and within days they found a glitch and fixed it. i do not remember anyone suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipods. ♪
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
stuart: look at this. the dow was down 150, dow it is down 78. maybe they were listening to us, charles. big name you know, it got an upgrade. look at black very. 4% is 4% and eight dollars is
10:27 am
eight dollars. fourth day today, the obamacare exchanges being open. the problems are in software design, not just the overloading of the system. the number of people signing up, not looking too good. >> our metric for this week was good people get online, get the information and make an important decision geared they have been getting that information. they have six months to make the decision. >> do you not know or is it that the number is low question. >> it obviously is not my primary area of responsibility. stuart: jo ling kent has some numbers for us. she is with us now. welcome back.
10:28 am
>> thank you. stuart: in new york state, you have been trying to get on those exchanges. how many people signed up for healthcare in new york state? >> the state of new york is unwilling to tell us that. we do know that 65,500 people had visited the site by friday. 21,500 on friday were able to actively shop. spiegel how many people signed up for health insurance through the federal system? >> the officials -- it does not indicate anything about success rates.
10:29 am
stuart: software and design defects cripple healthcare website. these software systems have troubled the finding and making sure that you are who you say you are. you could not go and open your account and that is the first thing you go to do on these exchanges. >> yes. independent people with to the website and took a look on behalf of the "wall street journal." they say it is a sloppy software foundation. this is, you know, three or four days in. they say they are trying to do maintenance. charles: the conversion ratio is ultimately the test. we were told that in california,
10:30 am
first of all, the number 6 million, only 7700 people took the bait. in california, this has to be 2 million people. there is two distinct different things going on. stuart: a lot of people saw the prices and said -- >> that the people cannot get to the numbers without actually signing up. we will stay on this.
10:31 am
we will keep a close eye on it. stuart: thank you, jo ling kent. appreciate it. rock legend. buying his own arena football team. how does he keep his going strong for all of these years? we will ask him next. ♪ she loves a lot of the same things you do.
10:32 am
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10:35 am
stuart: stocks down about 150 points at the open. charles: wall street still not convinced that the debt ceiling, you know, that we will default. they start to nibble just a little bit. they think somehow the white house will take a victory lap on the public relations level and we will probably get continued resolution and a higher debt
10:36 am
ceiling. stuart: away we go. up today, bouncing back after one of the models caught fire last week. went around all over the place. tesla is back today. you may know my next guest from kiss. recently, the band has been making its name known in the restaurant business. paul stanley is with us now from los angeles. are you now getting into arena football? you are extending the brand to football? >> that is correct. if you address your own needs, you address the needs of others. with rocket bruce, we found that as we got older, taking the kids to a restaurant that drinking
10:37 am
soft drinks out of a paper cup and eating pizza. the is fantastic. we are a good neighbor. stuart: do you use the kiss brand with rock & brew? >> i have found in the past that the best thing to invest in is myself. what we are doing is bringing the ball back to los angeles and
10:38 am
anaheim and adding something extra to it. it will remain entertaining. the sport remains the sport. this is the upper 1% of football players playing on a much smaller field. it is much more exciting. we are even offering a season ticket at $99. bring your families. stuart: i think of you as a baby boomer. i presume you are 65 or above. i am not asking, i am just saying. >> him climbing up to 64, but i am actually 61. stuart: i am sorry. [laughter] stuart: do you have the energy at your age to get out there and start something new and enhance
10:39 am
the brand and a whole new way? >> every day i wake up is a brand new day. it will combine circus all lay. we want to have something more than a hamster running around the field. stuart: are you a conservative? >> interestingly, i would like to make a message and send this out to all entertainers. let state to what we do best. jean certainly has a way of speaking about things that he is passionate about.
10:40 am
i will keep my views to myself. stuart: you just got a round of applause from our control room. terrific to have you on the show. thank you so much. it is clear that charles payne should stick to picking stocks. next, we check the scoreboard. making things worse, charles took the trash talking to a whole new level. charles: i can see it is finally impacting you. you grew a pair with the bengals pick. >> can you say that? [laughter] charles: i do not know. [laughter] 0%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap...
10:41 am
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10:43 am
work. the justice department concerned that the amber alert system has been shut off. next, charles gets back to us about football. ♪ to look for the best possible price -- maybe even better than you expected. it's all part of our goal to execute your trade in one second. i'm derrick chan of fidelity investments. our one-second trade execution is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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♪ stuart: or take a look at this.
10:45 am
indycar driver suffered major injuries. debris flew into the stands. thirteen fans, one official heard. every friday, we picked three nfl games and give our predictions. charles filled in for the last friday. he had the texans, the seahawks and the broncos. i do not want to be facetious, but i think you should stop taking. after brian, he had the giants and the bengals and the chiefs. he was two and one. what can i say here, you picked the giants again. you said the giants would. what were you doing?
10:46 am
>> look at the quality of those victories. they look so strong. i believe in the chiefs and i was right. then i took the bengals against the patriots. you focus on the giants? i will tap into your book, charles. for three quarters, they were doing pretty well. stuart: when someone starts to get defensive, they start to speak rapidly. i think that is what you are doing now, bryan. >> i always talk rapidly. spew what do you make of condoleezza writes? >> i think it is good.
10:47 am
i think it is good to have a female presence. her dad was a football coach. she used to go into the film room and watch tape with bill walsh. she loves the game. she understands the game. she will decide who the four teams are that make the playoffs. that will be exciting. stuart: she has management experience. i think she belongs on that committee. have you noticed, by the way, brian, we had baseball playoffs yesterday and we never mentioned it. >> but i am hearing is that it becomes regional. if my team is in the playoffs, i am watching.
10:48 am
people do not care who is in football, it is an event. i think baseball used to be an event. now, if my team is not in it, i am probably not paying attention to it. stuart: thank you very much, indeed. we will see you on friday for more pics. >> you look wonderful, stuart. stuart: that is true. you want to explain yourself? charles: i thought i was doing okay. if i am the cowboys, i let denver scored so i can get the ball back and try to score. some people think it is controversy all. i would have let them score. they had 500 yards throwing the ball. that is what i would have done. if that would have happened,
10:49 am
there was a good chance i would have won at least one. stuart: let's go to nicole petallides. nicole: it certainly has a lot of fanfare. great demand. a $22 ipo. today people are just taking a little bit of profits. it is all based on a housing recovery and the like. it is still well above the ipo. stuart: it certainly is. charles: i think on this one you gave me a lesson in latin. fourth quarter had 22%. it is making money hand over fist. it is a revolutionary company. communication, i think that they
10:50 am
will ultimately be acquired by someone. stuart: you like it. charles: i redo. stuart: this painting selling at a record price over the weekend. hollywood, a real block buster, the sci-fi flick "gravity", could it be a contender? take a look. [ male announcer ] imagine this cute blob is metamucil.
10:51 am
and this park is the inside of your body. see, the special psyllium fir in metamucil actually gels to trap some carbs to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. metamucil. 3 amazing benefits in 1 super fiber. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer,
10:52 am
one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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10:54 am
♪ stuart: new record price. the painting is entitled the last supper. charles: things going for a mind boggling amount of money. stuart: a 500 year old painting discovered locked in a swiss bank vault.
10:55 am
charles: this is fantastic stuff. stuart: there are only 15 or 20 actual da vinci's in the world proven to be by him. charles: it is interesting that it would be in a vault is long and just now discovered. "gravity" wins the weekend box office. the best ever for and october viewing. charles: everyone is saying it is a great movie. it took four years to make. a pure old-fashioned movie. stuart: 20% of people saw it on imax 3d digital.
10:56 am
you, apparently, did not miss me on friday. your take on charles payne filling in. it was a love fest. i cannot believe it. we will quote you next. ♪
10:57 am
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[ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference. join us. [ male announcer ] at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. stuart: last friday charles payne took over the show for me in my absence. we got an overwhelming response on the social media pages of how excited you were to see him hosting the show. here were some of the comments for charles. mary says i'm so thankful we have charles we don't have stuart. that is entirely legitimate. thank you. jim echoes the theme, maximum pain should be the name of your new show on fox. charles: i hope somebody on the second floor is watching. stuart: sandra tells charles we love you charles payne, why weren't you the first black president? it would be happening economy
10:59 am
for sure. you know what really annoys me sometimes, you going to the local malls where we both live in new jersey and you get mobbed and i don't. charles: but here's the thing, they always talking about you. you and stuart are watching every single morning. visit at least five different people, couples. my son stopped me. people watch the show every day. they really love the combination. it is an honor. more often than not they mention you. stuart: do you think you and i are a good combo? get me out of there. get me out of this. dagen: i'm going to let this linger. not saying anything, which is a miracle.
11:00 am
thank you, gentlemen. $140 billion on disability insurance in 2012 alone. senate hearings on how much fraud is going on in this system. a nine-year-old boy who jumped a plan for minneapolis to vegas, the tsa is blaming the government shutdown. general motors targeting younger hip shoppers allowing you to buy a new car online. getting back to the community, a new show focusing on home renovation for heroes in our communities across the country. all that and so much more on this hour of "markets now." connell: here we go, monday morning. sit down, have a seat, be comfortable. would you buy a car online? dagen: absolutely.


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