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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 10, 2013 9:20am-11:01am EDT

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>> the president feels the heat. a shutdown retreat. stocks rally on debt default jack lew threatens armageddon. yes, it's a fast-moving situation. about half the furloughed workers are back on the job. the benefit from death denial, and world war ii grand canyon shut out. republican propose a fix, they go to the white house with plan and the wall street journal talks about stocks going straight up. moments ago, jack lew stokes the fear of default. as of now we're inspecting a big gain for stocks. big day, "varney & company" is about to begin. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the tradg floor
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>> big day in washington. big day for your money. >> oh, yeah, they're connected and here is what's happening. republican leaders head to the white house. they will discuss with the president the ryan plan to raise the debt limit for a couple of weeks while a long-term solution is mapped out. do not call it a negotiation. the white house wants to make sure you're very clear on that, they're not negotiating. they're not talking. while the g.o.p. leads the way to avoid default, jack lew continues to spread default fear and this is what the treasury secretary said this morning to a senate panel. >> how can the united states choose whether to send social security checks to seniors or pay bertnefits to veterans. how can the united states choose to provide children with food or immediate our medicaid providers. the united states should not, but put in the position to make such decisions. stuart: oh, no, we will not pay one bill or another. the markets are not listening to him and they're looking at paul ryan and the standoff. the dow is going to open 140
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points higher. we're watching your money, of course, we are, and next we're talk about the big rally that's coming. and so, also, dr. ben carson on leadership, obamacare and getting audited after criticizing the president. and later this hour, golf legends gary player, a pro for 60 years. what does he think about the current generation of golfers and leadership? the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped milons of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial ds. that's what they can do with you.
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let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. >> and our national debt, 16 1/2 trillion dollars, you think that's not a lot of money? tell you what, count oneenumber per second, which once you get to a thousand, it takes you longer than a second. one number per second, do you know how long it would takk you to come up with 16 trillion? 507,000 years, more than half a million years to get there. we have to deal with this. stuart: yes, we do. that was dr. ben carson who is going to join us shortly. he was speaking directly and critically to the president of the united states. dr. ben carson with us momentarily on leadership. right now we're going to chicago and here is larry levin. larry, jack lew has been
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testifying on capitol hill this morning. he says he won't prioritize the paying of bills. he's speeding up the prospect of default and it doesn't look like the market is looking at it. >> yeah, certainly not concerned about it now. in fact, everybody's kind of betting the opposite, right, stuart, everybody is betting that everything is getting worked out. you've got a lot of people building up long positions, if they're wrong they're going to have to get out or hurt badly. stuart: quickly, larry, am i right in saying that the market is responding to paul ryan and not jack lew? >> yeah, i would agree with that wholeheartedly, definitely. this market wants to go up and people want to buy it, they expect we're going to work this out. it's not what lew is saying. stuart: thanks, larry, got to get to the open market and the bell has rung. a sea of green, up 51 points in 30 seconds and check the individual dow stocks, all 30 of them. 29 of them are in the green, that means they are going up. only one down is chevron,
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that's the bottom right-hand corner and there's news on chevron, but the big news is all the other dow stocks are up, 50 points for the dow industrials and going higher as we speak. here is economist michelle gerard. and stocks are up and i think the market's up because of a log jam. they're up because paul ryan is speaking at the white house talking a specific proposal, am i right? >> i think you're right. the fact that they're talking, the fact that they're now at least appears to be a path to some kind of an agreement, now that we aren't talking about health care, which is a complete nonstarter for the white house, that the focus has shifted more to the budget outlook, to this, you know, spending cuts, and i think people are at least for the first time seeing how a path might come to fruition and to a deal. i think we've got a ways to go, some of this optimism is
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overdone, but i think that's what the market is sensing out. stuart: and right now we're up 126 points on the dow industrials, but over the last 90 minutes, jack lew has been talking on capitol hill. he's been saying, oh, no, i cannot prioritize. if we pass the default, the debt deadline, i can't pay one bill another. if i do that, that's irresponsible and reckless. i think he's talking up the fear of default. but it doesn't seem to me like the market is listening to him. >> it's the same message that actually we've been hearing from the treasury secretary all along, you know, that nothing -- i guess that's why there's so little reaction, nothing has changed and still that october 17th date is the date where they're trying to focus and say look, after that we've got 30 billion cash on hand, however long that lasts. they're trying not so much o scare the markets although clearly if the markets are rattled it puts more pressure on congressmen to get their act together, but put pressure on
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lawmakers saying, look, we have to work on this. >> we're not going to default, are we? >> we're not going to default. stuart: default is when you don't pay the nterest on your debt. >> we're not going to default. that doesn't mean that there may not be an extension of maturity, for example, where a day later you get, you know, your money, but i even think the odds of that are almost neglible. i j us don't see us going down that road, although, i will say, prudently, everybody has got to think of contingency plan in that event. but you will get your money. stuart: thank you, thank you very much. >> you will, i mean, you will get your money again, it may be a day later on a work case scenario, but you will get your money. stuart: thank you, michelle girard, straightening everybody out. we appreciate it. to lauren simonetti on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the dow winners? >> we have a broadly higher market. you can see this on the leadership on the dow. j.p. morgan up 2%. intel up almost 2% and nike higher as well.
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so you've got financials, tech, consumer stocks in there and also, j.p. morgan reports tomorrow morning. stuart: you're right. >> we'll continue to watch it. stuart: it's a sea of green as we say and we kind of like that. let me show you netflix, everybody. it may have a competitor. would you believe twitter? >> yes, twitter made a deal to stream content from comcast, which owns nbc properties. right? that twitter, who would have thought. this goes directly up against netflix, the shares of netflix up 12 bucks in a strong market, but twitter may now be a competitor for netflix. i thought it was just 140 characters, but they're talking streaming now tv shows. we'll ask clayton morris about this next hour, is this the start of the domination of the living room via twitter? i find that hard to believe, but we're certainly going to ask him. back to the big board, we're now up 154 points, 14,955. all right. let's get straight to the man.
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world renowned neuro surgeon and fox news contributor, dr. ben carson is with us. welcome to the show again, doctor, always good to have you with us. >> thank you, sir, very nice to be with you again. stuart: first off, would you please grade president obama on leadership? >> on a scale of abcd and e? >> okay. >> it would be probably a d. stuart: that's a very low grade. where do you find particular fault with leadership? >> because what a leader does, what a good leader does is he finds a way to create a vision for people so that you can bring all sides together. you don't sit there and try to divide people up for political advantage. so, it's really just the opposite of leadership that's going on. stuart: the last time you were on this program, you said that you're going to go away and think about your role in society and maybe in politics. you've given it a lot of thought and know you've given
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it a lot of prayer. are you going to come back and take some kind of leadership role in our society? >> well, i'm certainly going to continue speaking out. you know, i'm in a different state almost every day and i've just been so impressed by the american people across this nation, red states, blue states, north, south, east, west, the outpouring is amazing because people are saying, you mean, somebody else thinks the way i do? i'm not weird? you know, because you know, that's the thing that a lot of the progressives try to do, they try to make everybody else feel like their thoughts are weird and that the progressive thoughts are the mainstream and i don't think they are the mainstream, but by getting the mainstream media behind you, you can make people believe that and they've been beaten into submission.
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i feel my role is to help wake people up and say, you know, you're not crazy, don't think it for one minute. by the same token, i do want people to exercise true tolerance, not like the progressives, anybody who disagrees with them, they throw stones and try to destroy them. i think it should be a free country where people can believe what they want and can behave the way they want and have a minimum amount of interference from the government. stuart: music to our ears. now, you're a retired neuro surgeon and we have to get your take on the obamacare situation. we're told this morning, that these so-called computer glitches in the exchanges, people are trying to sign on, hitting glitches on the exchanges, we're told that that may stretch on for months. what's your take on that? >> yeah, he will with -- well, you know, it's horrible of course, but the bigger issue, they've had three years to get that straightened out. if they can't get that straightened out, how are they going to manage the health accounts of millions of people?
9:38 am
i mean, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that that's going to be absolute disaster, but the bigger issue right here is that we're trying to turn over the most important thing that a person has, their health care, to the government. and then put the irs in charge of enforcement. basically, it's a fundamental change in the power structure of america, it's the people being at the pinnacle, we're placing the government at the pinnacle. i'm not sure that we fully recognize the consequences of doing that, particularly when, you know, the father of socialism, lenin said that the most important linchpin, the keystone, he said to a socialist society is health care. it's socialized medicine. stuart: yeah, i'm an englishman, i was born in the first week of the national health service ii great britain. i don't remember the birth of the health service, but i know the effects thereof. dr. karr dr. carson, thank you
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for joining us. and sarah hall ingram, part of targeted groups, question, is this a smoking gun? we'll certainly bring it to you in the next hour. and back with a rip roaring rally up 162. ruby tuesday, why is it a big loser? >> i know, it's down about 15, 16% now, hitting new lows. it's a big loser because the casual dining sector is hit hard. it's not just ruby tuesday, it's some of the others. for ruby tuesday, they reported a big quarterry loss and decline in same-store sales. this is the customer that's falling back a little bit. the menu items not helping. quickly back in '08 i was polling numbers on the stock, it traded about 96 cents and the reason was, at the height of the crisis, that sort of
9:40 am
customer who goes through ruby tuesday. stuart: thank you, lauren, good stuff. back to the big board, it's a rip-roaring rally, that's because maybe there's a thorn in the log jam in washington. paul ryan going with a plan to kick the can down the road and postpone and delay this debt ceiling deadline in four to six weeks. the market loves it. up pretty close to 15,000 again. the price of oil is down just ten cents and i'll call that dead flat. next, legendary athlete, gary player, 60 years as a pro golfer. he's here live in the studios. look at him. ♪ ♪ we're the sultans. we're the sultans of swing♪
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>> let's be clear, this is a rally. the dow is up 175 points, it's on the so-called thor in the log jam in washington. and paul ryan goes to the white house with a plan and it will be discussed. the dow is up 177 as we speak. what about the price of gold? where are we this morning with that? below $1300 an ounce and down $10 even. the price of oil, last time we checked it was dead flat. still is, down 3 cents, 101 # . let's get to it. he needs no introduction, but we'll give him one anyway, 60 years of golf, 77 years old. amazing shape, so much so that he posed on the cover of espn's magazine body issue. nine time major champion, the
9:46 am
great gary player. with me in new york, it's an honor, gary, welcome to the program. >> thank you, stuart, nice to be with you. stuart: look, sir. i know that you're a practicing christian and we just showed you half naked on a cover of a magged. what are you up to, sir? >> well, as far as christianity is concerned, the lord says that your body is a holy temple. and are we adhering to that? if you look at the biggest problem facing the united states the greatest country in the world today, obesity. more people are dying from obesity-related diseases than all the wars of the world put together. you think about it, one in every two men dying of cancer. one in every three women diabetic, diabetes is now an epidemic, there are going to be 100 million americans with diabetes in 50 year's time unless there's something better than insulin, exercise and diet. stuart: showing off your body at age 77 is christian thing to do? >> very much so because it's done discretely.
9:47 am
it's not more than a bathing see. if you see what people look like at the age of nearly 80 and when they look at there with their big stomachs and out of condition, people say i'm now going to look after my body and that's my mission to define obesity and if this man is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. stuart: you do to 1200 crunches. >> i do four to five times a week and i still travel, you know, an awful lot. and i've traveled probably the most of any human being than any person that's lived. 60 years of continuous travel. we're designing golf courses all over the world and raising money for charity and i'm going to india, china and all over the world. stuart: and now you have organized a ceo golf tournament. what's the name of it again? >> it's called the i-gate. stuart: you organized this? >> it's with also the -- it's a
9:48 am
big team that organizations it. stuart: but it makes sense, sir, because i think that the golf course is the place where a lot of business gets done. it's not just the office or the restaurant. i mean, the golf course is preeminent and that's why president obama plays so much golf, i presume. >> let's hope he can get things organized on the golf course. this is a tournament with ceo's from around the world who will play together and play for a first prize of $40,000. now, here are people that are accustomed to doing billion dollar deals and you ought to see them on the golf course, it's hilarious to watch them and then they win the first prize of $40,000 which they donate to a charity of their cause. it's a wonderful event. stuart: when is it going to be played. >> at pinehurst where they're going to have the 2014 u.s. open and woman's u.s. open. a great golf course. stuart: you're 78 years old. you won your last major.
9:49 am
>> 1978, the masters. stuart: you won the masters in '78. >> yeah. stuart: now, since then, the money in golf has been simply astronomical. i mean, it's possible tiger woods will make a billion dollars. >> very much so. isn't that great? you know, look, as long as you're happy in life and palmer, nicklaus, trevino, tom watson, a host of us, raymond floyd, a host of us that were great competitors and we loved to compete against each other and we wanted to try to be the best in the world and it was a wonderful time. we stayed at people's homes after the tournament or during the tournament and we went out to dinner with people. it's a different world. stuart: you're a happy man, aren't you? >> oh, extremely happy and not envious of the money that they play for. it's nice to know that we played a role enabling them to play for this kind of money. stuart: gary player, i've got to say it, in a sea of negatives, you pop onto the show and you're a shining example of what being positive
9:50 am
is all about. and it's a pleasure, an honor to have us with us. >> thank you, we must never forget we should all be grateful we have the things that we have, because a lot of people in the world have nothing. stuart: and we should remember the things we've got. look at our blessings. >> exactly. stuart: gary player, what a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: thank you, sir. you know about the glitches on the obamacare exchange website, but there are much bigger problems with the president's health care plan and i say the whole thing, forgive me for being extreme, i say it's a disgrace. the dow is up 164 points as we speak. ♪ oh, trouble, trouble, trouble♪ ♪ feels like every time you come around and knock me down again♪
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>> this is not that complicated. i know you're trying to make a partisan issue out of it. >> nice try. >> but. >> if you don't tell the simple fact when the president learned. i'm saying quickly, you're-- >> when he learned about it, he asked for, directed those who work for him to find a solution. stuart: that was ed henry challenging white house press secretary carney on what day the president knew about the denial of death benefits to
9:55 am
military families, he did not get an answer. we will play the entir exchange and we'll talk about the white house losing the pr battle. that will be new at 10:00. what a disgrace, what a mess. no, i'm not talking about the shutdown or the debt, i'm talking about obamacare. here is my take, well, look, i guess, give it to you already, a disgrace, a mess, and frankly, it's obvious to everyone. is there a democrat anywhere who thinks that obamacare is a shining success? i'm going to break down the area into three areas, first off, the exemptions, big business, unions and congress. they're not on the same rules as you and i. select groups get an out on the misery imposed on the rest of us. the president decides which parts of the law he will enforce? second, the bureaucracy, government bureaucracy.
9:56 am
our health care system is transformed into one giant dmv. from all over the country there are reports of computer chaos, as people try to get onto the mandatory insurance exchanges. millions of people have to wade through the log-on, signup system. there is no choice here, it's mandatory or face a fine, a fine, by the way, which will only be imposed on taxpayers. this fine will only be taken out of tax refunds, do you know that? third, the cost. it's going up, not down, as the president promised. remember when we went into this four years ago, the high cost of medical care was the usual and obamacare was the answer. wrong. the administration just admitted that our spending on health care will go up, 660 billion dollars in he next ten years, and wait till you see the deductibles and the co-pays, you're in for. if i say these are problems, it's an understatement. these problems are in fact outrages.
9:57 am
they're now becoming apparent as the exchanges start up and crash, and we get to see what we have to pay for. oh, no, we can't delay obamacare, we can't change it, if anyone stands up and says obamacare is it a disgrace, defund it or delay it, he's labeled a terrorist. such is leadership in america today. and the legacy of this leadership is obamacare. a mess and a disgrace.
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stuart: there is a talk of a standoff in d.c. stocks going up. jack lew spreads fear on the debt. we are covering all of this in the second hour of speech 27 but not all. look at twitter. we are going to stream live tv program. if i was just 140 characters? the congressman is here. will he go for the thor that will be the ryan plan? and a smoking gun e-mail chain. you will see it. dr. keith at will. why does obama keeps saying i did this, i did that? more couch time with the good doctor. and diamonds like you have never seen before right here. we will touch them, see them, even if we can't afford them. ♪
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to the big board. yes, you're looking at a rally. investors believe we will get it that deal. g.o.p. to the white house today, paul ryan presenting a plan extending the debt limit for six weeks. charles, i think the market is looking at paul ryan and not at what jack lew, treasury secretary, said this morning. charles: hopefully not jack lew. or else we would be down. some more questions than answers. it gets old down, particularly the statement we keep raising the debt ceiling, acknowledges it is a problem. wanting a step toward ultimate compromise. a grand bargain is going to be what we always kind of thought it would be when it is all said and done. stuart: kicking the can down the road is what the market wants to see commit postpones the immediate handoff crisis.
10:03 am
charles: it means we will probably get a deal done with the next six weeks. stuart: take a look at all 30 of the dow stocks, 27 of them are green. meaning they are going up. three of them are in the red. two of them are oil companies. lauren, darting with amazon. lauren: after falling coming into today's session. it is a moment, name getting hit along with the overall market. the other one is best buy. this is the number one performing stock on the s&p 500 right now. up just about 8%. this year it is up 230%. a lot of people were wishing they bought best buy sometime last year. no news on this stock, it is just rallying. stuart: repeat that, will you please mark this calendar year up 230%? lauren: from the beginning of the year from last year. year to date.
10:04 am
stuart: you got our attention, well done. thank you very much. the pr tide may be turning against the president. listen to this very heated exchange between fox's senior white house correspondent ed henry and jay carney. henry had asked him when president obama first found out about death benefits being denied for fallen soldiers. >> he asked to take action. >> why didn't we have that action taken? >> we have to work out the process. unless you're willing to write the check, it takes time. it takes some time. are you suggesting we don't? >> people who care about who want to get it done. why won't you say what day he learned? >> when the president found out, he was disturbed and asked his lawyers and others to get to work on a solution and we expect a solution today.
10:05 am
this is not that complicated. i know you're trying to make a partisan issue out of it. >> you will not tell us of when the president learned it. iif you learned last tuesday. >> when he learned about it he asked and directed those to find a solution and we expect a solution today. stuart: lets go into this. i think the president is losing the pr battle, beginning to retreat and that is partially why the market is up today. charles: i don't thissbe with you, but it is being reported along the same lines as usual. the liberal media will so the president won and republicans blunt and vice a versa. but the most taunting us report yesterday that survey and his approval being in the 30s, that probably speaks volumes about the whole thing. the president to tumble to 36, 37% is pretty scary. stuart: it sure is for him. let's bring in peter barnes at the white house today.
10:06 am
all right, peter, i would imagine the present would object the ryan plan when it is approved for him. >> he will probably reject the larger ryan plan, but this idea of a short-term extension, stopgap measure to raise the debt ceiling, sometime of short-term measure to stop the government shutdown, a dr to allow both sides to get something bigger is not off the table. stuart: it is not off the table, but it looks to me like negotiations. the president said we are not negotiating that it looks an awful lot like it, does it not? peter: yes. back to you. stuart: you know how to keep it short, that is for sure. now this. just try this for size. after james woods never afraid
10:07 am
to criticize president obama particularly but with one asked if it would hurt him in liberal hollywood, had this response. i don't expect to work again, i think barack obama is a threat to the integrity and the future of the republic. my country first. states his neck out, doesn't he? charles: you wonder if he hadn't tossetalked to his accountant f. he replied that he quickly. james woods has always been pretty vocal a seems more and more he becomes more vocal, besting him that much lately, but he met a pretty viollnt and, hope that is not the end of his career. hollywood is very vindictive. stuart: is a rising tide of criticism of president obama and his leadership coming from a lot of different quarters, which we were not expecting. this is part of it. charles: people are not afraid as they used to be. stuart: it is a rally, ladies
10:08 am
and gentlemen. the dow up 183 points. twitter teamed up with comcast on a streaming deal? you can soon watch comcast content on twitter. they have nbc, remember. just click on a link, you can watch live tv. our resident tech guru is here on this. i'm shocked. let me get this right. i go on twitter, the way the system is set up, i click on a button, "see it" button and up pops live nbc programming on twitter. >>) so if you're watching "the voice," oh ghost hunters, one of the stars tweets out 15 minutes until showtime, watch, we did the ghost investigation. i may not have you known the show is on. click it on twitter. i can put it on my mobile device or on television. but the caveat again is this is
10:09 am
one step closer to this connected living room i have been talking about what you need a comcast login. you have to be a comcast subscriber to have access. so it is not as if you who don't have a cable subscription, you know what, haven't had a television in five years, i'm going to check out "the voice" everybody has been talking about. it is not going to happen. you have to be a paying subscriber already. stuart: i got that. i see this also assa revolution. i did not know you could do this on twitter. 140 characters of fast messages. >> japan, young folks in japan, the way they watch the content is mobile devices. they keep games in the mobile devices and watching television, movie clips on the mobile devices. a young generation sitting in the living room might otherwise not otherwise the watching the
10:10 am
show, they click on a link, you might be able to bring a whole new generation whose parents are already comcast subscribers. stuart: this is what you call control of the living room. >> it is one step toward that. stuart: we are a financial program, have to talk money. do you have any idea who pays home? if i press this see it button, who gets paid? >> i think it will be a symbiotic relationship. stuart: they are interested because they will go public. >> what they are saying is we are the place to start for conversations around television. you watch the super bowl, you go to twitter. they will be putting ads on these clips so when nbc puts out a show like "the voice," there will be a twitter add up front for that video. nbc will make money because it is more eyeballs.
10:11 am
charles: we will have two screens on simultaneously. on tv and on twitter, commenting constantly. the monetization of that is the big question. stuart: it is a revolution. i did not know you could do this with twitter. netflix, i got that, but twitter? speaker that is where the conversation is happening. it is in your hand, if they can monetize both of those things, it could be a revolution. stuart: thank you so much for joining us. really a big deal. cue the drum roll, i we have one. charles is about to make some money. he thinks netflix is a winner and going up some more. charles: we got out of netflix at 315. and then it pulled back again. the earning estimates keep going up, up 26%, the profit up 73%.
10:12 am
international still losing money but a lot less than they were losing. they still making money from bbc, which is still important for them. stuart: you don't think what clayton just told us is a threat to netflix? charles: i think we're seeing the building blocks of a major war somewhere down the road but i'm talking about making a whole lot of money between now and the next couple of months. >> they had already joined with facebook back in may. comcast has it with twitter. will we see netflix joining up with a twitter revelation also? charles: they have been so smart about being ahead of the curve, you made the point going from dvd to streaming to these kind of deals. the only thing i would say it is an extraordinarily volatile stocks, we all know that. this morning said going higher. stuart: i think you got just about everybody's attention. clayton, thanks a lot.
10:13 am
president obama meeting with members of the g.o.p. today. next, we talked one of the republicans who will be at the meeting. is he for the ryan plan? will the president before the ryan plan? we will ask him. he is next. @??
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
stuart: i regret to inform you not everything is going higher today. ruby tuesday, casual dining, they got disappointing numbers. yesterday we told you sears is selling off some of their best stores. down it goes even more today, another 6% lower. let's go to capitol hill. republican from louisiana joining us now. congressman, you will be at the meeting at the white house today, paul ryan's plan we understand is going to be proposed, delayed debt ceiling for six weeks, use the time you've got to discuss serious spending cuts. is that a plan you can discuss?
10:17 am
could you support this kind of compromise? >> stuart, i have been talking to paul wright and others about a number of options on the table. the thing most of us want to see a long-term deal. if we do something in the short term, it has to be also focus on addressing the problems and making sure we are having real negotiations to ultimately solve the bigger problems i'm mandatory spending. the president waiting for day 10, but we are shutting down, needs to be a lot more of these conversations in washington. stuart: you take a hard line on this, and you have a lot of support in this country and from our viewers. would you support a short-term deal, just to get it done and to lead the process, would you support it on space? >> i'm going to be seeing what
10:18 am
the big picture is, is there a real plan to address the spending problems to get on a path of balanced budget? i have been talking to paul ryan and others having serious conversations within our own conference, but at some pointt% the president has to sit at that same table and have real negotiations putting other plans on the table himself. we have been willing to do it, we have good ideas to solve the spending problem but the president hasn't put anything on the table. it is unattainable to go put another credit card and max that out. at some point you have to address the big spending problem. it addresses that problem. number one, a lot of us would support it and pass it, but you wouldn't see the economy pick up as well. avert any more downgrades in our credit rating because the credit rating agencies have said if you don't fix he credit problem, that will cause you more problems. stuart: you are doing the country a favor if you have something done. even if it is for six weeks. if you got something straightened out for six weeks
10:19 am
you can say we got something good for the country. >> we had to keep making progress and tackling these big problems that have been put off and put off to the point we can't go crisis to crisis every few weeks, we have to solve real problems. the president has to stop this language of people terrorists, suicide bombers. act like the leader of the free world and start solving problems with us instead of calling people names and holding press conferences. stuart: we would love to hear from you righ write when you fih that meeting exactly what the president has to say to your plan. thank you very much for joining us. the irs scandal is not going away. next, a smoking gun. e-mails between the white house and its officials. some members of congress think it is funny cracking jokes with one of those irs officials. >> not to my knowledge, sir. >> are reports that you can fly
10:20 am
accurate? >> greatly exaggerated, sir. >> have you been involved in any way, are you in salem or anywhere else? >> i certainly hhpe not, sir. [ male announcer ] sheets or ba how do you get youbounce? bounce keeps my clothes fresh for weeks, even when they've been sitting in the drawer a long time.
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10:24 am
stuart: we have said it all morning, this is the thor rally. paul ryan ghostly white house with a plan. not sure what the recession will be but he will be talking to the president. banks of the big, by the ay. take a look at jpmorgan, up nearly 2%. a big again for a stock like jpmorgan. now listen to this. we have what could be the smoking gun in the irs scandal. david asman knows more about this than anybody. he has been following it and he has got it. david: the smoking gun or e-mails between irs official who deals with the white house on issues of obamacare and the white house officials, these materials have redacted information that is apparently confidential information that is
10:25 am
not supposed to be had by the white house. there is supposed to be a wall between private, confidential information and what the white house and other public officials can look at. that wall has been broken. stuart: is confidential information about taxpayers. david: we don't know precisely what information is because the black of information says 6103. it is an irs code that says you cannot have information that involves confidential information from irs warrants. if you are a public official anybody, you are not allowed to share that information. that information was had by the white house because they included the information in these e-mails from the white house to the irs. the dates are important, if i may. the date is right around the time when all of these organizations particularly church related organizations trying to find out about exemptions from the irs dealing
10:26 am
with questions of contraception. of course, abortion key among them. july 18 was the date wheaton college filed their lawsuit against the mandate because they were worried about the contraception issue. july 18 happens to be the date a lot of these e-mails. precisely a time the white house was worried about lawsuits against them by church related institutions is when they were sharing this information back and forth with the irs which had redacted or personal, confidential information from individuals the white house should not have had. darrell issa wants to know what is in this redacted information in the white house is now in a catch 22. either they give him i'd information he requests or they admit they can't because it is confidential information. if this conference information, why did the white house have it?
10:27 am
that is a violation of federal law and could put somebody away for five years. stuart: he is all but overshadowed by the standoff, but it is there. david: ttis is a smoking store the white house caanot ignore. he is not going to let them ignore it. stuart: great stuff, thank you very much. new line research finds the use of the word i might tell you a lot about a person's personality. it is one of president obama's favorite pronouns. putting the president's vocabulary on the couch, and charles will take over for me for the next half hour. ♪ [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe
10:28 am
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try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the grve with align. charles: do not adjust your television sets. he had to leave for an assignment, so i will take you through the rest of the hour. good news, a big rally in the treasury secretary very best efforts to spook the market this morning, investors are counting
10:32 am
on a debt ceiling stalemate. g.o.p. has offered six weeks extension and of course investors like what they are hearing. it is worth checking netflix again. a price target boost today making a big rally up 13 points, $302. do you know how many times you use the pronoun i? you would be surprised what it says about you because new research suggests people who frequently say i are actually more insecure. what does that say about the president? president obama: i am happy to talk. i also told them having such a conversation, i had speaker john boehner and others in last week. i think natalie white house but also democrats in the senate. charles: thank you for joining us, dr. keith ablow. you use i, me, my comment makes you sound centered to haven't heard the idea it reveals he is
10:33 am
insecure. >> the research is all over the map on this. some say if you say the word i mora, shows your leader, other people say in thi his recent daa from the university of texas shows if you are using i is almost remind yourself you exist, if you will. in doing so you shall you do not feel powerful and when they analyze communications, e-mails back and forth, they see people in the military of higher rank tend to use i less, which i think makes some sense because you should be more focused on the world outside yourself than you yourself. charles: in the evolution of management, management techniques, certainly the idea has always been to create, robbery, teamwork sort of thing even after usama bin laden was killed. taking such a majority of the
10:34 am
credit not getting it to the navy seals are the previous administration. more or less i, i, i. that is not for the world needs. >> i agree with what you are saying. the bottom line here is when you think about all the things that could be said about a situation, the teamwork required, the goals that must be reached, what people around the table feel about various issues. a real leader is out for more data. not just pulling himself or reporting to the nation about what he feels or what he did, it is about being able to assemble all of that information and come to a recent, sane judgment that gives people confidence. when people hear i, i, i, they think this guy, it is all about him. charles: can you be narcissistic and insecure at the same time?
10:35 am
or is it the same thing? >> it is the same thing. there would not be a reason to sing your own praises if inside he did not feel like $0.02. there would be no reason to go on the cover of "gq" magazine unless you felt unless i am a celebrity and president that is not going to be enough to bolster the fact that bad things happen. my dad left me, my mother left knee, my grandparents were not alive. stuart: although we live in an i world. you point this out with social media and it feels like we live with a self-absorbed world, maybe it goes all the way to the highest office in the land. >> i think it is a reflection of that culture that the highest office happens to be occupied by the same psychology. i just did this with the ceo, took the ceo around to the cubicles. said employees don't team is
10:36 am
focused on team anymore. said i see lots of photos on the bulletin board. but photos are of them, how many photos of yourself do you have in your office. said maybe one with my family. they have 24 at the cubicle. stuart: before we let you go, we have time for one more. anymore consequences of this, does this the way you are interpreting it, does it affect his domestic and foreign policy question marks does this influence the way he governs this country? >> i think it totally does influence that because you have to feel centered in yourself and secure to be able to do things in the interest of the greatest good, and make painful choices, some of which will lead folks to consider you unpopular. you might have to tell people listen, you will have to search your souls for why things in
10:37 am
your life aren't going the way you wanted it to. i can't make it all okay with food stamps and unemployment. the rest of it, you're going to have to run your own lives. thinking of other people running their own lives is inaccurate for this president. stuart: you are successful psychiatrist and author because you would not get a job in this white house as a speech writer. >> i don't even think i should apply. charles: listen, dreamworks ceo reportedly offered the creators of "breaking bad" $75 million to put out an additional three episodes of that series. he would pay the producers $25 million per episode, cut into six minute segments you can watch online for a fee. it didn't have and it probably won't happen. pretty much every storyline ended with the finale.
10:38 am
john stossel made a whole bunch of money posing as a panhandler. now they want beggars to get a permit. john stossel is on that next. we will also ask about handshakes at school. what is everybody afraid of? is it this? >> shouldn't we learn dodging balls by dodging them? speaker that is what this staak of rex is for. if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. >> what? life's an adventure when you're with her. and i. but your erecte dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your abity to be ready. d the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical
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i am so gonna tell everye. [ male announcer ] how do you get your bounce? [ woman ] time for change! charles: the latest jobless claims show 375,000 people filed for first-time jobless benefits last week. the highest level since march, about 15,000 are being contributed indirectly to the government shutdown. other problems with it as well. marketers are convinced they can make money from mobile ads. "wall street journal" reporting mobile ad spending more than doubled in the first half of the year to $3 billion compared to the year before. entry into foreclosure process led to a seven-year low in the third quarter according to ability track. they began a foreclosure action on 143,000 homes down 49% year over year. a permit for panhandlers? john stossel bid remember when he posed as a panhandler
10:41 am
questio?the almost quit tv. we will see what he thinks of this, getting a permit to become a panhandler. pretty interesting. next.
10:42 am
sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global marke and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. charles: we have new information which the gop debt ceiling proposal. rich edson in washington with an exclusive. rich: this is what house republicans will present to president obama later this
10:43 am
afternoon, a debt limit increase until november 22nd. that is not something that will allow the treasury department use those extraordinary measures, it will be a hard deadline. it will also require congress to appoint budget committee conferees and the president will have to agree to sit down and work with republicans on debt limii and government funding and appropriations so they are looking to have a negotiation. democrats say they will join negotiations after they pass a clean debt limit increase and this would appear to be that but we have yet to hear back from the white house. that is the republican offer, clean debt ceiling increase until november 22nd and that will be presented to the president at the white house this afternoon when republicans head over there. charles: as you probably noticed we are stalling a little bit, now we have all little extra punch to the market, the dollar above 15,000. rally extending to the high of the session, clean bill, they never said how long.
10:44 am
this meeting everyone's requirements, wall street sighing with relief for the moment. i want to go to laurin because we have an ipo. pretty hot. >> this is all about the u.s. energy boom, the stock is 18%, nice volume. the price last night at $44, stopped marketing the ipo but demands still big above $54 and the stock is soaring since then and it is the biggest ipo of its type, $1.5 billion since 2001. this is a good one. charles: appreciate it. i will try to make you a little bit of money. got something different, not a high beta stock. is a freight company, two trends the going on in this country, retailers outsourcing, the only way they can compete with all of us on the ecommerce purchasing more heavy goods, this stock is oversold going to 25 longer-term
10:45 am
north of 30. i like a lot and it is not one of those tied data tech names i have been going with a lot. last time john stossel was on this show he spoke about things we need to cut from government. we want to know what he thinks about cutting things like playing ball, post-game handshakes, from schools across the country we got it back. john stossel joins us now. what do you think of this movement in this whole thing? john: it shows how it is not just the federal government. every government official feels i am in office now, i need to pass a law and passing a law usually means banning something end of these examples illustrate how crazy it gets. banning the use of balls in a playground? balls. banning handshakes after the game. charles: that was the essence of teaching camaraderie and sportsmanship and having dignity in victory and defeat. that is what team sports is all about particularly as a kid.
10:46 am
john: ideally but that would bother me less. leave it up to the local people who know what the problems are. they had fights and you get 75 football players who maybe are angry after a game, have a lot of problems. but let the local high school do it. charles: we will get to the point where we ban bans. there's nothing left to ban. john: soccer players being told they have to wear helmets, getting rid of swimming pools, water holes, kids learn from taking risks. charles: i want to talk about the washington redskins, the name controversy. dan snyder sent a letter to the fans yesterday, it was an open letter that said, quote, here is one of the things, we are redskins nation and we owe it to our coaches to preserve that heritage. is this a legitimate gripe from certain people or just one of these political correctness
10:47 am
things or just another ring the tries to take a segment of the population, makes them victims and make them angry and focus on a wrong things in life. john: probably that. it is like we have the dictatorship of the most easily offended. if they're offended they set the rules for the rest of us. most indians are fine with the redskins. charles: nine of ten, an absurd number we are ok with. john: the word in the new stuff. i am not from india. you mean native americans? i am not an american. charles: that is a small minority. the logo is proud. is not a caricature. this is a logo that features and represents a team, fighting team that wents to win and represent. i don't see how it is offensive. the cleveland indian logo, and you seen that one? i would fight over that but not redskins. john: what about race
10:48 am
african-american? charles: what they called them the washington black skins? if they call them for a washington zulu warriors i would go to every game. i hate when people say you should be offended. the bottom line feels like one of these politically correct things run amok. john: if you pass the laws you get to be governed by the people who are most quick to take offense. charles: a few years ago you data special where you pretended to expose freeloading. what do you think that beggars need permits? john: one town you have to get a license and hat is what politicians do. we license dog, drivers, make things better but is a new bureaucracy. they want to stop aggressive panhandling. they have cops if somebody is aggressive, witnessed it and arrest the guy. charles: how do you license? you can't charge them because they can't afford to pay. i wonder if we ultimately have someone saying it is racist because the panhandlers don't
10:49 am
have any way to get to city hall to get a permit in the first place. john: racist you are assuming they are not white. charles: being facetious that in so many -- all about being up there. john: this will make it easier to arrest them because we can say you don't have a license, we can stop you from begging here and make the town square nicer but you should have a right -- charles: and 5 big government guy. drives me crazy. john: everything drives me crazy. john: the concept of the victim. government creates new victims by rewarding victims or calling you a victim. charles: you are one of my favorite guys. john: tens of millions of dollars worth of diamonds including the world's largest
10:50 am
orange diamond the. charles: we will take a close look at them. and take a couple home next. ♪
10:51 am
[ bell ringing, applause ] five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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lou: coming up on lou dobbs tonight death benefits restored but not by the federal government. obama white house cutting aid to
10:54 am
egypt because obama white house supports the muslim brotherhood. our emphasis committee chairman buck mcheham reacts at 7:00 eastern. charles: roller-coaster malfunctiotheme park in orlandot night. 12 people were rescued after sitting in a vertical position for two hours. hollywood rip ride rocket is said to be the tallest roller coaster expanding 17 stores, has a speed of 65 miles an hour. one writer was taken to hospital with minor injuries, they blame a computer glitch. remember those record-setting diamonds we showed you earlier in the week? today we have some diamonds of our own join us once again -- you guys out do yourself every time you come back. let's talk about the different diamond that you have and the implications, let's start with the blue diamond ring. >> the first stone weighs just
10:55 am
under 4 carrots, it is vivid blue, the strongest saturation in a colored diamond and that stone is going to make anywhere between 2.5 to $3 million. charles: what about the pink diamond ring? >> it is 9 carrots, can get a strongly colored thing like your shirt and that will make close to $6 million being offered for sale on tuesday in new york at christie's. charles: finally we got to talk about largest fancy vivid orange diamond in the world. >> this is a really great moment in the world of auctions. this orange diamond that we have being offered for sale at christie's geneva nov. 12. almost 15 carrots, vivid orange, the color is almost the color of a mandarin orange. is the largest of its kind. the color is very rich and it will make over $20 million. charles: before i let you go, we appreciate you bringing this up, we are having a conversation about the turmoil in this country, political turmoil and
10:56 am
is helping your business particularly diamonds. >> we have a most portable and secure form of wealth. $20 million in a diamond you can put in your pocket or three million here or five million they're so this is what always helped our business in times of economic turmoil, the diamond business gets stronger. charles: can't wait to have you back. they are going to break some record of some sort particularly the orange one. >> thanks for having me. charles: we dust off the highlight reel today because we have a special guest. it is all about golf legend gary player, of my favorites up next.
10:57 am
10:58 am
with fidelity's options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies... to get a list of equity options... evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens, and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. charles: we do highlight reel on special occasions and stuart varney's interview with gary player is the perfect example so here we are with the highlight reel, roll it. stuart: showing up your terrific body at the age of 77 is the christian thing to do. >> very much so.
10:59 am
is done very discreetly, nothing has shown. that is my great mission, to fight obesity and people say this man is walking the walk, that is a big thing. charles: you are strapping man. >> extremely happy. not envious of the money they play, nice to know we played a role in enabling them. we must never forget we should be grateful if we have the things we have because a lot of people in the world have nothing. charles: obvious why he has been a legend for several decades. i love the way he handled himself. he is from south africa, was big during a big-time turmoil and everyone in the country loves him. that is why right people around world love him. with a loving the big board, the dow 15,000, a sticking point, a big resistance area. this is the huge start so i will head off to dagen mcdowell and connell mcshane. don't fumble this rally.
11:00 am
connell: we have breaking news on the debt limit standoff, house republicans with the short-term fix with no strings attached. the drop dead date in the new deal in this extension would be november 22nd. the gop leadership, any moment from capitol hill, the borrowing limit is acceptable. dagen: treasury said terry jack lew telling lawmakers in front of the senate committee that if they don't meet their responsibility extending the debt ceiling the market and the economy would be deeply damage. peer connell: the president would sign it without additional conditions like changing the health care law. dagen: breaking news in the next hour but let's check in with a market rally, fall and the


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