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tv   MONEY With Melissa Francis  FOX Business  October 31, 2013 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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[kevin] it's like our add the toppings you want, leave off the ones you don't. [kevin] now business is in really great shape. [announcer] start using intuit quickbooks for free at quickbooks-dot-com. quarterly profits fell 8%. liz: "money" with melissa francis is. >> give me a ball mark what you spent on this web site work that individuals can not get to? what is your cost estimate? >> so far, congresswoman, we have spent about $118 million on the website itself and about $56 million has been expended on other i.t. to support the web. [screaming] melissa: it is almost worse than a horror movie. that is if you're not laughing in pain. congresswoman marcia blackburn is here to take us through the terror because your money matters.
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melissa: well you heard it. insane amount of money that was spent on the obamacare website. by the way it does not work. all sound like a big joke but i had a hands to speak to the woman asking tough questions today, that is congresswoman marcia blackburn because we want to follow the money. you asked the question, you put up the website. you showed us that it wasn't working and turns out they have spent 174 million or we have, i should say, because that is all taxpayer dollars so far. how did you feel about that answer? >> well, you know, it was a little bit perplexing and then later she came back and seemed to say that was with one contractor. so we, we are making our notes and doubling check notes. we have heard figures that range from in the 300 million, to
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600 million, to upwards of that. so this is why last week with the contractors i asked them to quantify and put on paper, to deliver to us an accounting. past, present and future. what they're being paid. melissa: yamana because they were paid a contract. now they're being paid to clean up the mess that was made, and then they're being retained for future work. so i asked the secretary today to also deliver to us an accounting can we say, was it 174 or 190 million? is it 300, 400 million, what is the real number to build a website that should not have cost more than a million dollars. melissa: no. and doesn't work. setting aside the website, you asked about this idea that, you know, depending which report you're looking at, at least 50% of the people who have bought an individual health care plan are
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now being told that it is being canceled. you asked her how that jives with the promise that if you like your insurance you will be able to keep it period. here was her response. >> during, before, during and after the law was passed the president kept saying if you leak your health care plan you can keep it. so is keeping his promise? >> yes, he is. if a person had a policy in place in march of 2010 like that policy and insurance company made no changes to disadvantage the consumer, those policies are in place, you keep your plan, you like it and that goes on. melissa: how did you feel about that? >> this is just ridiculous. as i told the secretary, i said, wait a minute. you know some people want to drive a ford. some a ferrari and some want to drink chardonnay from a crystal stem and others want a beer out after red cup. this is about choices. and what they are doing is completely removing choice for the american people. and saying, we, the bureaucrats
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in the federal government do not want you to have what you like. you're growing to be able to get what we like and we want you to have. so this line that the president has continued to use about, if you like your health insurance you can keep it, is false. melissa: yeah. >> it is false. and people are going to be forced, they can only have insurance that the president likes and wants them to have. so i -- melissa: the pivot, you could hear in her answers pivot on talking points is going to be, that plan you were buying didn't really cov anything anyway. that it wasn't a good plan. that it wasn't going to be there when you really needed it and it was illegal by our standards. that is seems like is going to be the new talking. how do you think the american people who had a 9dollar plan a month, do you think they will respond to that --? 9dollars. come to think when i went to use it there wasn't much there
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anyway, do you think they will respond to that. >> no. like some 28,000 tennesseans who already lost their health insurance, what they are saying is i had a plan that working for my family. melissa i had a health saving account. i'm not going to be able to have a health savings account. that is not offering that will be there for me. people know how they like to take care of themselves and their families. they know how they want to make these decisions and it is just a despicable that the federal government would come in and say, oh, no, no, no, we're not growing to let you buy that because we don't think it is good enough. melissa: yeah. >> now are they going to say, oops you're not being able to buy a washing machine unless it is good enough. you're not going to b able to get a dishwasher. you will not buyed into unless we claim it good enough. we'll not let you even look at any of these product that is we say do not have the federal government as approved and sold by us. and i think that is is a very
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dangerous place for us. as a people who value freedom, free people, free markets. they're taking away the free market. melissa: a lot of people feel like they're the ones can make best decisions for their families. congresswoman, thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. absolutely. melissa: from the u.s. to every corner of the globe money has been flying around the world today. first to myanmar. world bank report gives the country's one of lowest ratings for ease of doing business. are you really surprised though? the study looks at obstacles and opportunities to set up shops in 189 countries. one of the cumbersome procedure that it takes 72 days to register a company. for example, only takes three in singapore. the company that is rated lower than myanmar? chad and sudan. ubs execs are set to be grilled next month over the royal mail ipo.
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british lawmakers want to know why shares of royal mail were not priced higher at its offering and why the company was only valued little over $5 billion. the shares risen impressive 62%. public offering was just 20 days ago. good ine. >> in china, beijing police have helpful suggestions for women drivers on website for its cabbies. don't wear heels. make sure to release the brake before driving. oh, don't panic if you realize you're going the wrong way. that last one was especially money as it was part of an explanation that said it is easy for women to get nervous and their minds, they just go blank. take that gloria steinem. up next, is it all bad news about health care exchanges? is it making your blood pressure rise? if you want to know how it will impact the care receive keep it right here. we have the prognosis directly from one of the companies navigating the government
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exchange. plus, the redskins oers say the team's name is a badge of honor but critics call it a slap in the face of the does anyone realize how much is actually going to cost to change it? the fight is heating up and it is today's money talker. is today's money talker. more "money" coming right now. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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melissa: 30 days and counting, that is how long it's been since the now-infamous rollout of the obamacare website. we're still waiting for it to start working. we heard from lawmakers on the hill but how about from the horse's mouth, those directly involved in the exchanges whose businesses have been hit by all this? mike owens is with go mike, thanks for joining us. so you have a website where you direct people to health care plans. does your website work by the way? >> our website absolutely works. >> better than the government's? >> certainly works better than the government. the fact it is on and functioning is primary driver of that. melissa: before we get to it are you shocked by problems they had? >> melissa, we get it. there are technical limitations often times when the government is involved. melissa: what if you had your entire country at your disposal
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and unlimited budget to get it up and working do you sympathize with them. >> i absolutely can not. on limited budget we made it happen. melissa: that is what private businesses are all about. you hire, sign people up for insurance wherever it makes sense for them. you don't have a bias because you get commission based on probably the price of the plan i would imagine? >> that's right. we're agnostic to the plan consumers choose. we want consumers to find the best plan, we use licensed accredited to insurance agents, as opposed to navigators. we read horror stories about navigators, cupcake shops, taxi associationings people not in the right frame of mind to recommend health insurance. we use licensed accredited insurance agents. melissa: they have background and training. people are trying to get on the government's website an trying to buy insurance? >> they certainly are. in instance in they're one of federally facilitated marketplace states, there are 36 of those and we will take the information down and sign them up. excuse me, we won't sign them
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up. we'll cale you back. we establish a agent consumer relationship as opposed to navigator. melissa: is that more satisfying to people? they're trying to get insurance? so you said we'll keep an eye on it for you but you weren't actually able to get them on the government website? >> we have alternative plans. we have short-term plans. plans you can purchase in 2013 that are, you can have certainty they will be in force through 2014 so there are a lot of other options than just waiting for melissa: they're going there signing up for different plans? >> they absolutely are. we have tens of thousand of people who signed up with alternative plans since, almost opening of the federal marketplace. melissa: of the exchange. that is interesting. do you feel like they are buying more expensive plans? because the president is saying when his thing gets up and running, those are better, cheaper plans. if they sign up for something else in the meantime, that would mean they're signing up for something more expensive and worse in the interim? >> two quick answers there. first of all if someone is
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looking for inexpensive plan the notion that the government's, the options that will be available on the exchange will be potentially more expensive. that's first. secondly people have thought about short-term plans an different alternatives. those are often times less expensive. if you're truly subsidy eligible and we can figure that out by 2014 forecasted income, it is likely you should wait for the exchange but there have been extensionses and other things people can do meantime through our accredited agent. >> that is your professional advice. you have to no sort of dog on the fight. you make commission whatever they sign up for. you would say if you're not going to be eligible for a subsidy you might as well get something else out there. >> absolutely. our primary concern is match up consumers in the united states with the right health insurance coverage. we're agnostic which plan they choose. we wish the exchange would work. we can still assist the consumers through the exchange. melissa: there is big fight about millions of peoe, maybe 50% of the people by another network is forecasting much more
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friendly to the, you know, to the administration than probably anyone else out there, they are saying that 50% of the people that are on individual plans are getting kicked off as a result. are you hearing from those folks and are they saying i've got to find a new plan and they're frustrated because it is more expensive? what do you hear from them? >> with all due respect to the president of the united states and secretary sebelius, the president should have said if you like your coverage and t qualifies for the 10 essential health benefits in qualified health plan you can keep it. there are a lost plans are becoming outdated and government, those are the plans that are being canceled. those are plans that don't fit into the new, the new health caremarkket place. melissa: that is what's, that is what the left is trying to say now. if you got the plan and you were happy with it, you were wrong to be happy with it because it was junkie plan. were they junkie plans? >> they were not junkie plans, didn't contain things of 10 essential health benefits. melissa: like what. >> maternity coverage for myself i wouldn't necessarily need. melissa: right. >> pediatric dentistry. if you don't have children you
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wouldn't need that. the government is standardizing all these plans if your plan before as single male didn't ve ma interpret coverage that is why it was being cans he had. it wasn't a bad plan of the these are written by commercial acarriers publicly available throughout the united states and not bad plans. melissa: does it help or hurt your business that people can't get on the government website right now? >> our business is finding good and adequate and appropriate health insurance. that is a reason it is bad for us. when this works out and the website eventually works we will be able to assist insurers. we operate our own private exchange. come to the website and purchase a health plan. we heard success stories out of kentucky and washington state. melissa: thanks for coming on. there is so much political noise around this story we want to bring our viewers from the real story of people in the trenches dealing with it. what you're seeing and experiencing what consumers are going through and what they should do. thank you for bringing that reality.
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>> thanks for having me. i appreciate the opportunity. melissa: they call the team name redskins oaf phelps sieve but can they silence demands for change? tweet me and tell he what you think. it is today's big money talker. the hottest trend on four wheels is taking mouth watering meals just about everywhere. we'll show you how food trucks are making money for people like you. do you have ever have too much money or too much grilled cheese?
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melissa: all right another fight heating up in washington. this time making many see red. it is all over whether or not the redskins should change their name to appease critics who call it politically incorrect. just yesterday nfl commissioner
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roger gooddell met with redskins owner daniel snyder who reiterated he won't consider changing the team's name but does anyone realize the cost of actually doing it? let's get to today's mooney talker with all pro panel. peter shenkman, maggie gray and ari zolden. what do you think? should he change the name? >> i could have swore there was other who are important news. melissa: you can't come out of the gate and say that. >> i really doubt when the redskins were firstormed a bunch white guys said, okay, how can we offend indians? why all of sudden coupleless years is this a problem? melissa: tell you why. if my child went to school and referred to native americans as redskins. >> not referring to native americans. >> times have changed. there are over 300,000 american indians today, if they're insulted. >> wait, o i'm on orthodox jew. if we had a football team called
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the jews, would i have a big problem with it, okay? it would be call yamulkes, number un. >> which is fine. but in terms of like if you have an organization and a very large institution of people insulted, so change the nam! >> they're absolutely insulted by this and i think daniel snyder owner of redskins will end upcoming down on wrong side of history. other college teams changed their names. go back to the beginning how the team was really originated, founder of team george marshall was renowned racist. unfortunately they tried to get past that that is legacy the family leaves. melissa: that is slippery slope. what about the cleveland indians? stalk about people from mumbai. they're not allowed to call them indians. >> people from the south who hate yankees. what about that? what about that? >> extremely sensitive -- >> listen we're in, where it ends i'm not sure but if people are getting insulted and talking about sports, right? we want to keep it unbiased,
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talk about play the games. get religion, get race, get everything out of it and rebrand the company. >> wearing black ties. we're both racist. melissa: we're talking about money. what is the best money move for the team? because on one hand they have a lot of investment in the name redskins. that is what everybody identifies with. some estimates are 10 to $20 million to change the name. i think a lot more than that. >> a lot more. rebrand, it's a lot more. merchandising, it is logo and website. you know better than i do, peter about this probably talking half a billion dollars to completely revamp. >> i'm not a money person. i give you anecdotal. i lived in washington and covered washington sports two years. there is not a fan base more passionate than washington fan base, whatever is on logo, whatever merchandise, they will buy it and tickets. merchandise is split between all the teams. ticket sales, parking, going there buying concessssions. that type of thing they're getting so much money from the tv revenue, changing logo i don't think will severely impact
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them. melissa: maybe would be a money making venture to change. >> every five years we change every time and buy new jerseys. >> right. generates all new revenue. you could have a contest within the city for a new name. make a whole, you're the marketing guy. it could be an entire pr stunt. >> they have done this and people come up with names already. >> i would like rid did hijackers and come something ridiculous. >> great story to crowd found the -- fund entire contest. you know about that, peter. vote via facebook. >> "washington post" they did that. they had a "washington post" -- melissa: you have to have respect for daniel snyder not wanting to be bullied into the changing name of his team of the it is his team. it trace digs. you know you have people at florida state, for example, where they get at love heat for their mascot, i'm blanking on his name. he is the native-american chief down there who, goes out in middle of game. they get at love grief as well and dressing up. he says where does it end?
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i don't want to be politically correct. this is the name of my team. we know it wasn't meant to be offensive. >> that is issue. there are words out there completely offensive have since beginning time. on flipside names of teams are not. again where does it end? into that is my biggest fear. melissa: cleveland indians, next, right? >> mascot is very offensive for cleveland indians say daniel snyder would be bullied is unfathomable in my opinion. he is powerful. runs so much. roger gooddell met with the head representative with the onieda indian tribe today, he works for owner. daniel snyder definitely not being bullied by anything. the fact in business, you guys cover business, i cover sports. you would never continue to do something just because the way it always been done, right? that is not how innovation works in business. >> business, difference between live and loyalty a company has toward a business versus love and loyalty a company has toward as team. >> anything as long as it wins. >> comes down to the talent. if the talent is good, who cares
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what the name is, right. melissa: obviously at love people this is geting a lot of press. you followed this guy for long time, daniel you think happens? what do you bet? >> i think eventually name will change. i think eventually pressure will mount and he will turn and change the name. ihink it will look like happened 10 years too late. melissa: what eventually? the pressure, they're meeting today. it is mounting this is a story that feels like isn't going away. >> well i can only go back to things that happened when, we see this in other areas of sports. when sponsors start pulling out. when sponsors are feeling it that is when the nfl will have to wake up, what are we doing here and what -- >> all dollars driven. all about money. melissa: always about money. all right. thanks you guys, were fantastic. next on "money," want to know what the food truck business is all about? watch as i go inside to learn how they are making money. "who made money today?" they had to pay up first but they're selling out today for record
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prices. keep watching to find out who it is. "piles of money" coming up.
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♪ jet blue. melissa: so where did you get lunch today? from coast to coast, the food truck industry is sitting there rode hard. looks like there is no stop sign in sight. the offerings are out of this world and fully loaded. naturally, i had to go inside and see what type was all about. watch this. melissa: -- ♪ melissa: is this a good business? >> a great business. melissa: how hard is it to get started? >> the whole 9 yards, a lot of work. melissa: how much does it cost? >> eighty to $120,000. melissa: wow. >> you want to move around a lot, find different spots, build up a clientele. melissa: show me how to make a killer real cheese. show me the best.
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>> smart today and pulled pork. melissa: that sounds good. really popular. >> pulled pork seasoned meat overnight. of course to know we add a little better. melissa: i was going to say to my did not see any better on there. how many of those to you sell a day? >> i would say that thousands. melissa: how much? >> about $8. a lot of stuff in it. melissa: that is a lot for a sandwich. a box. let me see it. how is that? melissa: wow. that is insane. it was. at what go get another. these food trucks are cornering the market. they are better than you might think. here now, investment icon barbara corcoran and the owners of cousins maine lobster. thank you for joining us.
12:32 am
did i get that wrong? [laughter] >> better, right from the get go. melissa: you know, okay. instead let's talk about the lobster shack. you guys, what -- how did it compare? >> is compared dramatically. getting into a restaurant, being tied down for so long. we thought we can get in directly with the track and move if the location is good, we will stay. it is bad, we move. melissa: buy, lease? >> we bought for around 70,000. melissa: what did take to outfit? >> that was everything. a couple extra things, 10-15000. roughly 80, $90,000 all in. melissa: have you decide where to go? >> a lot of it is not working. we go through los angeles, orange county. they invite us to other places. melissa: how did you decide on a
12:33 am
concept? a great article on this talking about food tracks all over the country. this is a huge fat from texas to chicago to l.a. they're here in new york. you can get everything. vivian, doughnuts, groceries. how did you decide on the lobster concept? >> every dinner we had there was lobster involved. we said, we need to bring this to california. mann to have fresh maine lobster. melissa: you are the queen of business. why did you think this is a good investment? >> they are darn good-looking, and i could not resist. also, they were making a million per truck their first year of business. i had never seen -- melissa: a million in revenue out of one truck. >> yes. >> were not even working the second truck and earning 150,000 on the second truck in profit. these are great numbers. melissa: he said i have to get in this business. is a scalable? what do y do to make it big?
12:34 am
>> we will outdo heard there, aren't we? [laughter] melissa: good luck with that. >> we are getting into the franchise world now. we own trucks in l.a., but now we will franchise each unit so each person who runs out track and make the business and make 10150 grand. melissa: why would they want to buy a franchise when there are trucks on every corner? what is the value in buying into your concept rather than the growth cs good track? >> we have a successful brand, been voted the best food truck the last two years and was angeles. we have done some amazing things and have it down to a science. >> all of their families in the lobster business in a lobster fresh, direct every single day. the freshest products. without that i am not so sure there would have gotten. >> what mistakes do you see?
12:35 am
start with the product you know. what tips would you give the people? >> start with the product you honest to god love through and through. that passion is so obvious. the mistake they made is after six months in the business they could have a giant franchise business. when i saw a million-plus in sales, i could see that going everywhere. a lot of people making a lot of profit. usually telling people to slow down, but these guys, go faster. melissa: would you be interested if it was a restaurant? >> no. the restaurant, that's what location. if they'd all like that location, they roll around and find the best location. you can move the charge to where the traffic is. he picked the wrong location, you are there for ten years and out of business. melissa: have you find the right people to be in the truck? agassi in the beginning you were
12:36 am
there. but as you get bigger you have to adjust your baby to someone else. >> we are family guys. we build our business and staff on that whole feeling of family and the trust. people that we can find that will make what we were doing. and then push it on to them. >> we have to embrace that. >> in love with these guys. paying you. melissa: we have people in the audience looking into getting into their own business because in this economy you have to create your own future, create your own job and your own fortune. what does it costs to get into your franchise got to buy a franchise? what can you expect overtime? >> right now up front 40 and 55 grand, whether they're buying or leasing. that is the up front franchise fee. once they're in it and on their own business and are controlling it you're looking at an average of 100,000 to 150,000 per year.
12:37 am
melissa: you are saying that sales are over a million and you'll take, 100,000. >> and the market -- >> 150 if you work the track yourself. there are other people working it, so they're making less money. the first track of 150 because they are working it. melissa: what has been the hardest thing along the way? >> for us, just the growth. it after you go on a shark tank in all the success, so many opportunities. sometimes we get scatterbrained. the worst thing you can do is waste time. after we get on the show we have so many people that wanted to try our food all over the country. we opened up aistribution facility. now we ship product nationwide overnight short to door which has been another part of our business. we're going that as well. the challenge is a good challenge. melissa: that is like saying our problem is that we are too
12:38 am
successful. and i believe if, but there have to be obstacles that make you doubt your concept. nothing else? >> i will give you some. >> he does not see well enough. negotiating the contracts with the lobster guys was a rough one. >> it is important. >> i did not know about lobsters. they knew about lobsters. >> went there verses the spring and summer. obviously critical. the want your franchisees' to be successful. and that is an obstacle. the challenge is what comes and then, what's actually promote. >> here learning a new business. we stumbled upon this in the learning as we go. we both have full-time jobs. this might be like an ice side
12:39 am
project and it really exploded. melissa: text of three of you for really coming down because this is a really exciting new type of business that uc over the country. we wanted to bring the nuts and bolts of it, so to speak, to our audience. coming up, why your biggest fear right now has nothing to do with halloween. it is the fed. we will explain why. this is "money" business that you can't miss. you can never have too much "money." ♪ as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires.
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so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! ♪ melissa: it is the night of the living dead, the day before all hallows eve, the federal reserve shocking no one when it announced it would continue the bond buying program. should investors fear what lies ahead? here now is my favorite economist. also my favorite something.
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>> my feelings get hurt. [laughter] melissa: we are kidding, but we are not. there is a little bit of fear around what is being done and how it turns out because like any good horror movie we don't have any idea how will end. peter, is it going to end in incredible inflation? >> i think there is a real danger, a sense of promiscuity. it is being justified by economists at harvard. a little bit of inflation is a good thing. melissa: a little bit. we don't know that it will be a little bit. we have ever pound this much money into the system to these different devices. what do you think, jams? plastic a step back. why have we not seen inflation so far? >> you certainly have not seen it in commodities. you are the expert on that, but it is hard to argue inflation when you look at commodity prices. you have seen a rise in assets. the fed's program has been
12:44 am
really good for rich guys like warren buffett. stocks are going up. american business has done well, but there is something else going on. a lot of money coming into the system. melissa: look at things like the consumer price index. two tenths of a percent for august. the smallest increase in april. it shows you that so farnot tak. is that because our economy is just so weak that it cannot get any each year -- traction? >> the money goes someplace. it is not going into commodities. the goods and services that we buy. it is going into assets. not just fox, farm land and real estate. the real problem is when the fed slows down those prices could make a major adjustment and drag the economy down with it. think about a 20% drop in the s&p because the fed's lows and then stops printing money. lowry then about the cpi. that could be disastrous. melissa: but there are also a
12:45 am
loof people that are afraid of the milton friedman idea that over time when you print money in print money and everything that we are doing, everything readjusts to its own level. you cannot trick markets and you end up with this inflation. with everything we have done that would be huge. >> the problem is when you build expectations prices will keep going up. people have forgotten how bad the 1970's were. ronald reagan called it the thief of the middle-class. creches someone living on a fixed income, someone who is not able to demand higher and higher salaries. melissa: and my concern is that once it becomes unleased and we see it happen there is no way to stop it at that point. >> that is right. if you slow down your purchases and take it to zero you will make asset prices fall but you will not make consumer price inflation stop. paul volcker really had to raise interest rates through the roof
12:46 am
and subject the economy to a long, hard recession which was in some measure responsible for carter on a serving one term. you know, i think we are headed in that direction. mr. obama's seems to want to make the democrats volker approved by nominating someone who is inclined to print a lot of cash. melissa: i would say at the same time keynesian is would listen to this conversation that having an laugh and say, there is no evidence of inflation. it is not coming. you're trying to scare people. is there any way in that argument? >> i do not believe that there is. right now the economy has a lot of excess capacity. if the economy gets going all this money floating around will start to push up prices. people will be more confident, spend more of their stock-market gains, then watch out. at that point once you let the horse out of the barn you find out that he is a thoroughbred stallion and you cannot catch him.
12:47 am
melissa: peter just said that we are okay as long as the economy does not recover. that makes me feel better. >> also, the reason to worry, this is where people worry about bernanke. bernanke i think things what he thinks milton friedman would do, a crisis, bad economy, more of a traditional keynesian camp, this is a regular tool of government that the wise man moves the levers and creates money when they feel the economy. as you said, it is phony. a lot of people looking at nominal gdp measure. at the end of the day they have to take these assets out. get the cash out of the system. melissa: last word. at the end of the day you cannot check the market. >> absolutely. the things you said today you get an a in my macroeconomics. melissa: let's and on that note. fantastic. coming up, our restaurants are cashing in on the scary a stay of the year.
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it all adds up to freebies for you. we will tell you all about it and "spare change." the end of the day it is all about your hard-earned "money." ♪
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♪ melissa: it is time for a little fun with our spooky-style "spare change." instead of settling for be the ghost town, the restaurant industry is creeping up with big business ideas. will it boost their bottom line and translate to fantastic premiums for you? here to tell you the tail, he announced to my house. i did not realize until i heard
12:52 am
on the radio earlier this week, halloween is one of the worst days of the year for restaurants. >> a lot of people go out on the street and it can be. they like to a, unfortunately for us in the restaurant industry, have a family dinner and go out and walk around and get free snacks. it can be slow in terms of traffic at restaurants. melissa: absolutely. i also heard one of the things that you are participating in, restaurants coming up with ideas to get people in the like ihop. come in and get your free scary face pancake. that will be a big one for you. >> absolutely. something we have been doing for three years. trying to drive that traffic. here is the way to come in, bring the little ones and, have been dressed up in a safe environment. we have some signature pancakes from mom and dad. pumpkin pancakes. we have a couple of things that make us a little different than
12:53 am
everyone else. melissa: i wonder as a business owner. and the game of the economics of these things. to ukraine's when you hear the national campaign to my comment he will give you something free. >> of course everything is involved when it comes to investing. that is our look at it. i never look at it as free. we involve marketing plans, you know, free food, but i don't call it free. i call it investing. here is a way we can entrench ourselves in a neighborhood, have fun with our core guests because we are number one in family dining. we deal with families. so here is a way to invest in our relationship by giving a little scary face. melissa: a great idea. we were out trecker treating when. the restaurant, standing out front with waiters and constant.
12:54 am
they said to our kids, come on in, we have candy in the contest . and parents, i free first cocktail for you. we were right in there. what is the best way to craft a promotion for a special occasion? i don't know if giving away a first free drink was that smart because it does not take that many drinks for me. what is the right way to craft a promotion? >> make it so you understand who your core customer is in crafted to them. for us it is families. for the place you were talking about before, it is different. we want to connect with our core customer. family dining. want to do things to bring in families, mom, dad, make it fun for the kids. we know as parents when kids crave, generally your pocket follows. we want to connect. plus we have to keep up with the food trucks. someone is out there promoting food trucks. they're not giving away
12:55 am
freebies. melissa: all right. fantastic. go out and get your free be for halloween. thank you. up next, who made "money" today? these lucky folks are hitting heights never seen before and calling it a grand slam. the answer right after this. you can never have too much "money" are too many pancakes. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, whe experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there ar24/7.branches? i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum!
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♪ melissa: whether it is on wall street gourmets street, here is to make -- today. anyone selling tickets to tomorrow's game six in the world series. some might say you cannot put a price on seeing them, but ticket sellers are short trying. the average list price on the retail market for a ticket for the game at fenway park is now over $2,000. so the prices are going up $50 an inning. monday night's game. i guess for a summit is a small
12:59 am
price to pay. on the home field for the first time in 95 years. we will see. losing "money" today, everyone who owns shuttle flight. disappointed earnings report. the revenue rose 25% in the third quarter thanks to beating analysts' estimates. far below what wall street wants toish c. that sent shares tumbling closing down almost 8%. all right. making major league soccer money. the city of miami retired super soccer star david beckham has reportedly chosen miami as the site for a new u.s. major league soccer expansion team. reuters reports that they are already looking at sites for a soccer-only stadium. the new team would be a business bonanza for the city. official announcement has yet to be made. that is all we have. i hope you made "money" today.
1:00 am
be sure to tune in tomorrow when we talk of whether or not apple should actually buying tesla. that is tomorrow. "the willis report" is comin >> warning, the following jokes are raunchy, risque, and for adults only. >> suzanne, you look great. i think i'll have your room sent up to mine. >> no one threw a better party, a better black tie, a-list, racy, raucous, hilarious party than the king of cool... >> dean martin. >> dean martin. >> deano. >> dean, you're a phenomenon. you look like cary grant and you smell like ed mcmahon. >> starvista entertainment and time life present the dean martin celebrity roasts. >> dean and i have been on more floors than johnson's wax.


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