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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  November 2, 2013 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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that is our show. see you next week. ♪ gerri: hello, everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report" damage control mode over obamacare as a new report shows six people signed up on day one. >> we do not have a reliable enrollment figure yet. gerri: also, the irs, what you need to know. and how do you do that? where parents need to draw the line with sharon. we are watching out for you tonight on "the willis report." ♪
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gerri: all that and more coming up. first, the latest from los angeles and the shooting at lax which left one tsa agent dead and questions about airport security across the country. flights have been delayed and canceled as a result of the situation. officials at lax say all flights in and out of the airport are still delayed. with us now from a welcome back to the show. very good to see you. i read that the person responsible for this brought a rifle through a security checkpoint, which makes me wonder tonight even if the first tee off -- tsa officer to die in the line of duty today, are we safe? if you can bring a gun, and assault rifle through a security checkpoint, are we safe? >> well, he brought it to a security checkpoint, like a crowded shopping center just as easily. there is no defense against someone who was to blast his way through something.
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police know that this is a crazy person, not a terrorist. i do not know how we can defend ourselves against that. i really don't. gerri: cold comfort because it is really just a road mafor a terrorist at the end of the day. lots of problems going on now with flights all over the country. how serious will this be? specifically, what kinds of additional security might there be in the days and weeks after this? >> let's remember, our base security threat is not at the security checkpoints were you and i go through but the back door of an airport. a terrorist would come in that way. going forward within 18 hours he will have everything back to normal. there will be some delays because airplanes are stuck in los angeles and again that the tomahawk to get people to chicago because it will be a ripple effect. it won't plummet the system, but it will be a problem. gerri: what about the security procedures? takeke longer to get through the
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checkpoints? >> it should not because in this case it was someone who walked in the airport like you and i could. he just brought a gun and started shooting at the security checkpoint. they might pass laws to say you cannot have a gun in you can't have a gun and an airport. that is about the best we can do unless we want to put immunochemistry everybody who drives into an airport. gerri: i guess my question is more practical one, not about legislatively what might happen down the road. but tonight, tomorrow, over the weekend, over the holidays. will we see a more security minded tsa, a more security minded air personnel? >> that will be a good outcome if you can call one. we don't have that. people looking for things so much as we figure if they go through security and get
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through, we are safe. that is not accurate. going forward there will be some fallout that will be positive, no question about it. gerri: i certainly hope that you are right. it is a tragedy. a scary situation, particularly for people who might be flying this evening. great to have you here. >> my pleasure. gerri: you know, it has been one month since the launch of the obamacare website, and every day we are learning more about how much of a message really is starting with the very first date. more on this, this dollar at the american enterprise institute. thank you for joining us tonight. you know, we get these astonishing numbers that really come from inside the administration, meetings between people involved with implementing obamacare that show that on the very first day of rollout there were only six people were able to enroll, which sounds more like a joke and reality, but it is reality. do you find that shocking? >> below i am astonished. everybody expected that there would be problems, but no one
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doubt that the whole system was completely collapse. i mean, the fact is that this is not rocket science. there are companies such as health insurance that have been selling insurance over the internet for ten years successfully, but the government cannot seem to do it. gerri: here are some war room nos from the day after the launch. ongoing problems in my capacity and the website, director roman not working, viejo system not connecting, experience, one of the ig groups, creating confusion with credit check information. on and on the goes. six enrollments have occurred. the problem seems enormous degrees today at the white house did it white house spokesman could not even explained if that enrollment figure was correct.
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they're grappling with the "tru unsuccessfully. >> the number probably is not correct. but so what if it is in our 15? it is still a complete failure. the fact is that they have a problem and they don't want to admit it. this is just a front end of the problem. this is the problem that the consumers are facing. what about the insurance companies that are getting that information? it is terrible. gerri: allow the bottleneck, is not to get on to the system, but once you get inside to figure out where you're going. the insurers and sell kinds of problems. want to talk to you about medicaid because nynex in people signing embargoing into medicaid is this the biggest bait and switch in our country's history? >> allow the people are surprised and shocked that they're being shattered into a program that does not -- let's
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face it, medicaid is the ones that clogged the emergency room. a serious problem. the people they need the most up are not going to get it. gerri: i want to show you some number. 42,000 versus 6300 for private insurance. those numbers tell the story from the washington post. it is astonishing that this happened and now we are hearing from the senate finance committee chairman who is saying, hey, look, maybe the individual mandate should be delayed. this is important because he signed on to the plan and was one of the backers. now he is saying, let's delay the individual mandate. is that going far enough? >> no, it is certainly not. does not take away the damage that has already been done by the incredible regulations and
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requirements that have been imposed on every insurer and every employer in this country. health insurance will be more expensive, more expensive for people who are getting their coverage through employer, and that means that we are putting more downward pressure on the economy. gerri: okay. i want to show you a couple at the folks from kaiser. 80 percent of americans rate federal implementation of obamacare negatively. 80 percent. 80 percent say it is not going well. westwood. >> well, that means that only 20 percent of americans are diluted enough to think that things are going okay in spite of the obvious facts. damaging to the presidentelt damaging to the democrats. in the next election, the midterm election next year are
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likely to see an uphill struggle unless a miracle occurs and they solve their problems very, very quickly. gerri: more importantly a disaster for individual americans who might never thought they could get some good deal on the exchange. thank you for cing on. appreciate your time. >> thanks. gerri: but obamacare is dismal start is not going to stop the embattled health and human services sectary gates to from touting it. hitting the road again, this time in memphis, tennessee. >> reporter: good evening. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius and the obama administration continued to sell obamacare. numbers are released showing dismal enrollment figures. hours later the secretary ys in memphis at an enrollment center refusing to say whether the numbers are accurate. only that the administration has yet to establish an enormous number because the problems of this -- problems with the system
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>> i don't know what members were gathered and where they came from. federal and roman or state enrollment. we will be giving comprehensive figures about nationwide enrollment into is in the federal marketplace, who is that the state level once a month. we will give people reliable and permission and that then be able to count on it. >> reporter: secretary kathleen sebelius says the administration will first release those numbers by the end of the month. gerri: a federal appeals court striking down the birth control mandate in obamacare. what other ramifications? >> it upheld that challenge requiring employer-sponsored plans to provide birth control. a decision. the supreme court will ultimately decide this one. gerri: on and on. thank you for coming and the
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show tonight. great to see you >> thanks. gerri: more to come this hour, including some parenting advice for those of you who hover over your children. do you do that? and the next obamacare becomes a laughing matter as comedians take to the airways to representative the new law. stay with us. ♪
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gerri: the rollout of the obamacare website has brought out frustration, anger, and thanks to a twitter account at, a parody of the ongoing failure. with more on this, the founders of that twitter feed, co creators of the twitter account. welcome to both of you. i have to tell you, they're i am, at innocently trolling, and i come across you guys. i have to tell you, at first i could not tell, is this real order not? here ishat it says if you go to your a little description, which everyone has to on twitter. a big government website, loves long walks down hospital corridors, and tracks and at -- other progressive causes.
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why did you make up this fake twitter feed. what is going on? >> well, sitting around looking at the fiasco thinking, well, you know, surely the i tea experts in the most transparent administration in history have set up the twitter account where we could follow them and the progress. we went looking for it, and it did not seem toxist. i thought, well -- gerri: you thought you would get involved. >> that i will try to help them out. explain what was going on. gerri: you are a politically humorist. it seems to me like the last lines are pretty easy. there is a lot to make fun of. >> we have a lot for our money. i am also a programmer, and then never usually get to use my programming. i finally had a venue for that. gerri: let me read a couple of
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these. please help us. the worst punishment a government employee can get, time off with pay. and then all these millions in government money we're spending is not the same is real money is it. something like bill gates still less this was only going to cost 67 million. you are even making fun of people in your own industry. >> well, yes. it is -- programming is a funny thing, especially if you are not any. i deal with javascript, but at the same time it is just what happened here with government, hundreds of millions. completely nonfunctional. if you did this in the industry would be fired and probably blackballed. gerri: you would never go there again.
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what is your experience with this website? >> and not a fan of big government. i have no experience with the website. i have not even try to use it. i have done some programming in the past. it a rich vein for comedy. gerri: you're absolutely right. obama, a very impressed that we have calculated risk that our solar powered. so, i mean, they go on and on. you guys are ramping up the twitter feed. do you have the big response?
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>> before i came to the studio we had about $600. in today's. i don't know if it is a big response and not. i don't normally starts twitter feeds that often. i have my own which has a few hundred followers. it is hard to know how responsive. a lot of reach weeds. gerri: i think i am one of them. >> and you can tell which of the most popular. gerri: last word, will this be a string of seeds that you will do? >>his is the first time in doing a parity, and it has been a lot of fun. i have a lot of frustration to take out. i am one of those people elect the health care plan, but my company had tab drop it because of obamacare. gerri: part of the millions who
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are facing that. thank you for coming on the show tonight. you have to check it out. a pretty cool twitter feed. @healthdotgov. it looks official. you know what, it is not. thank you so much. well, having a field day with the glitches in trauma surrounding the obamacare website rollout. over the last month we have been showing you some of the late-night host taking to the white house task and the new yorker is getting in on the game. here is a look at next week's cover showing out of touch with technology the white house's. president obama is talking on what you might call a zak morris cell phone from the 1980's that looks like it weighs about 19 pounds. kathleen sebelius crosses her fingers as of floppy disk is inserted into a huge desktop computer. that is what we are looking at, people. it is that kind of website. later in the show, to questions answered. is it legal to ban christmas
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carols in schools? we will tell the parents out there how to avoid being helicoptered parents and get your kids on to their own lives. ♪
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♪ gerri: today's 20-somethings are labeled lazy, incompetence,
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♪ gerri: are you a helicopter parent? well, they are seen hovering all over the aspects of children's lives. what can be done to get the kids
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in better shape and the parents as well? joining me now, a life coach and author o the 20-something manifesto. thank you for coming on the show. it is great to have you here. these kids take a lot of criticism. and, you know, you kind of content plan then. you look at their parenting and wonder, how are you responsible. >> they do more than er. there in the cup -- helicopter. a lot of it is because there over parented. we have heard everyone get a trophy. the parents are over invested in their lives, putting everything in making a decision. when they graduate not only of the graduating into a hard economy and job market, but they don't have a lot of the decision making skills and autonomy and confidence that a lot of adults in previous generations and because their parents were so over involved. gerri: their parents did
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everything for them. there was an example. one of the stories i read said, a young girl came to you in said help me memorize this resonates. he said, while are you going to memorize your resonate? because mom made up. the level and the reach of these parents is phenomenal. >> it really is. and this is not all of them. there are many try to make it on a round and had to move back, because they cannot afford to live on their own. a lot of them have been so handicapped by parents. i have seen parents listed as references on resin maze. gerri: we are hearing about parents to get interviews with a case. it for someone my age it is i, you can't understand what is going on. is it possible these parents rely and their kids for? >> they -- these relate to their parents as friends.
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the bosses alike to make, you are relating to me as a friend. there is no hierarchy because they're used to adults being friends. also over involved in the paris relationships. back of thomas you're talking to them about the details of your life or theirs. where do you draw a line. >> you cannot set up the same situation you had when your child was a teenager. badges recent college graduates but all the way up until 30, set some boundaries. i not care if it is $10 a month. get them in the habit of paying something. gerri: only 10 percent of them are paying money. >> exactly.
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again, there are some good things. a great relationship with your parents. if you're going to grad school, you can save money, but we are handicapping these people. gerri: any other advice? >> ask them questions instead of giving them the answer. what do you think about that? give you thought of reading this book? you can keep selling their problems. you have to let them fail because that is how they learned gerri: race stuff. thank you for coming on the show. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. gerri: one of the ways parents can keep tabs with their kids is finding them on facebook. as we told you, yesterday kids these days are not on facebook. well, does seem to be catching on. popular sites is to not stop five. fine, video schering launched by twitter in january and as
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40 million users. videos must be six seconds or less. tumbler, microbe logging, backed by yahoo and since 2007 as more than 144 million logs. over 60 percent of teenagers use this service. this application, developing a social art community is pretty cool. since 2011 there has been $77,000,000.20 percent of users are under the age of 17. this publication lnched a year ago. posting their own voice tracks and live broadcast. 6 million users by the end of the year. 84 percent are under the age of 25. and number one side that teens are flocng to his snap chat. posts last between one and ten seconds. since its launch it has racked up 100 million users, not good
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news for parents since it is impossible to check. coming up, don't expect any hp this year from the irs. i want to tell you all about that. songs like this one, not going to be allowed. can you believe this? band this christmas season. is it legal? ♪
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>> from our fox business studios in new york, here again is gerri willis. gerri: believe it or not, the grinches stealing christmas early this year for one new jersey elementary school. suzanne parents had been notified, religious carol's are banned from their upcoming, they are calling their winter program. is this really legal? joining me now, bill from again.
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fox news legal analyst. what is going on? >> absolutely crazy. all religions, everything. it is allowed. you cannot be at the school, saying one religion is better than the other, but the first amendment allows all religions. gerri: let me read you one thing. sis says religious music should be part of the elementary program. -- should not be a part. i cannot read tonight. come on. >> i have to say i agree with her, and i will tell you why. this is an established principle and supreme court law. the establishment clause which basically separates church and state and looks at the purpose of the activity, whether it is encouraging or discouraging. let me finish. finally, when you basically have
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a program in that program is essentially is neutral which is what the district is doing, that does not mean that it violates the constitution. >> you cannot promote one religion or the other. >> if you have it in a classroom situation and they're is a cultural components, it is permissible. if it is an entertainment type situation where people are excluded, then it is going too far. >> they're not excluded. they are invited. gerri: something that is pervasive in our culture. that is what i don't get. >> but the pervasiveness of the culture does not have to be done in schools. all of these other times to practice. >> you just said practice
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religion. that is not what is happening. they're just trying to sing some carols. is that really practicing religion? >> it is a sponsorship of religion. they get behind it. the policy. gerri: there is a case history. >> yes, thank you. gerri: have background and reason. what is it? >> the third circuit which said philadelphia does not require schools to include religious music but it does not prohibit it as well. gerri: so what was the point? >> i would say this case goes in my favor. >> no, it does not. what the case said is what i just said. unfortunately looking at it another way, what i am trying to say is that the case says that to have a neutral position in an entertainment typesetting is fine.
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[inaudible conversations] gerri: 79% of adults celebrate religious holidays and school, yes. >> but they may also be christian. we're talking about a public school. >> looking at the actual language. >> is neutral when they don't have it or permitted. >> everything. they allowed everything. >> if it is included in that classroom. ♪ gerri: you can do it on tv. >> i would have to start singing hanukkah songs. >> drill, drill, drill. it. gerri: we agreed to disagree.
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they definitely should be singing the carol's. missing the very things that give us some kind of american identity. to throw that away. >> as if that is not a legal issue. one of the kids, you are not christian. you walk out of they're thinking there is something wrong with you. >> is okay in the classroom. gerri: a fascinating conversation. schick business carries the ban in school. a share the results of the end of the show. a marathon morning. as consumers grow with rising costs for health care, the irs
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once again, not making it any easier for us to save for retirement. details up to the break. ♪
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gerri: starting next year you will not be able to stash away extra fruit in your 401(k). the irs has boosted contribution limits because of rising inflation. the irs says that for 2014 there was no enough big -- not a big net increase in cpi. thank you for coming on the show. you get used to being able to set aside that little extra. it gives you more traction. i don't see why we have to have limits to be frank with you.
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they should let the save as much as we want. goodness knows, no one is prepared for retirement. >> i agree with you. this is a function of politics. how do we get the original number political debate and compromise. somebody then says, let's index it to inflation. we do it with gifts to children, the ira, 401(k), all the time. it is the nature of our system. i agree with you, people should be allowed to save without these complexities. gerri: limits, but here are the numbers. contribution limits, 2012, 17,000, 2014, the same number again. keeping in mind that if you are over 50 you can set aside 5500 additional which is an important tapping of for some many people out there who were behind.
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what is your advice to people who look at this and maybe are a little disappointed? do they have to set aside more on their own? >> they are going to have to. their limited to these numbers. there's nothing anyone can do about it. those who have budgetary pressures, this can be tight, but maxed out, if you can. taking advantage of this, if you can't. the kinds of plants varied from a but as a practical matter anyway that you can put away free tax money, save it to you are going to need it later. the way things are going you want to do as much as you can now no matter what age. gerri: i agree with that enrely. what additional vehicles should people be looking for. max out your four -- 401(k). >> if you have children, grandchildren, the 529 plan. that has not been tampered with by our politicians.
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that too has been enlarged from its original levels just like 401(k). so there are vehicles like that. 529 is a good one if you want to help accomplish the savings. gerri: absolutely a great idea for people out there who are looking for additional ways to save. so many folks out the are over inveed in bonds because they got burned last time around in the stock market. what are you telling your clients right now? >> well, the stock market has been in an uptrend, and it is still intact. as long as we have low inflation which we do, very low interest rates, that is where they are, and we will have them for a while longer assets have an upward bias, real estate, stocks, all kinds of assets and an upward pricing bias. i think that the stock market may have volatility, but i do
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not think that the bull market is over. i think it is headed higher. gerri: one of my big fiers is there is a massive pot of money out there. my retirement money, your retirement money, everybody's retirement money. my big fear is that politicians will want to eat their sticky fingers on it and tax it began, tax it away. are you worried? at some point congress will say, you know what, we can't let people just see that money grow and grow over time. >> we have seen that already. reside in a political campaign when a big hubbub was made over romney's large ira. so this is a tax attack that has been underway repeatedly. where it will end up in the present coress and the present political fight to my down expect anybody to gain major
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action in either direction. the democrats will not permit it. there will not be tax hikes. the republicans won't permit it. we won't have any of this for now. the attack on the accumulation of savings above some certai level is there, and it is going to be there all the time. we need to be vigilant and out it. gerri: we will bring you back to talk about it. if any of that pops begin help us explain it to everybody. >> thanks. gerri: well, time for a look at the stories you are clicking on tonight on stocks ending the day slightly higher. some investors are worried that the markets are a little too frothy these days. new record highs this week. shares of the container store of more than doubled. the stock jumped to around 18 marks, 101% to more than $36 per share.
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its 62 stores nationwide. a blockbuster october for u.s. automakers, gm soldore than 226,000 cars and trucks to about 16% from last year. a ford f-series pickup trucks that the company to a 14% gain with chrysler up 11%. international regulators are likely to follow the faa rules to loosen rules on using electronics during takeoff and landing. several airlines are saying they will relax their own lines soon. those are some of the hot stories right now on more to come. my "2 cents more". next, thousands and thousands of runners flocking to the big apple this weekend for the new york city marathon. in a study says running could be bad for your health. ♪
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gerri: can marathons' be bad for your health?
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♪ gerri: the new york city marathon is back on this year. take splake -- takes place in new york this sunday. a great shape, new research suggests this train can have negative effects on your health. joining us now, and attending physician, great to have you. it is dangerous.
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>> it is interesting because the word marathon comes from a legend about a greek soldier who ran from marathon to athens to tell people that the war was over. just as he finished the marathon legend has it that he collapsed and died actually that does not bode well. if you are running the marathon the risk is actually having a sudden cardiac event. in extremely rare, one in 100,000. the study that came out recently in the canadian journal, the only elected 20 people to these people were running an average of eight marathons. very smallubset of people. we will was interesting in a steady, the changes that they saw on the hearts on mri scans and blood tests licking its chemicals that come from the heart when it is worked hard, these changes were temporary. they looked at cartier changes. gerri: use the temporary. the you mean a day, week, month, year?
2:53 am
>> they looked at cardiac scans and blood tests before the marathon, immediately after running the marathon, and three months later. what they show is that the temporary changes that were seen work completely reversible. all of these patients. >> the on elected three time frames. but there were looking at, we know the heart is a muscle. if you exercise your muscle chemicals released. that is not equated to are damaged. gerri: you can get tears in your heart. >> you can. of was interesting, if there was any take-home message, it did show that people who'd train properly for a marathon have much less changes. people in a train regularly did not have any of these changes even temporarily. a key methods, if you're running the marathon, trained properly.
2:54 am
if you're tnking about doing it next year, start training now gerri: i don't know about that. you were talking about something like one in 100,000 have a chance of dying in a marathon. i was thinking and how many people might get hurt or hit by car or sitting on your sofa eating cheetah's all night. what is the risk of that? >> the study that looks at hundreds of marathons. and there were four cardiac deaths out of 11 million people. there is a genetic condition that is very rare that can present a sudden cardiac death. these people tend to be much younger, very rare, and they have generic cardiac history. gerri: genetic. >> that's correct. gerri: something wrong with the way their body has formed. >> the muscle is much thicker than it should be, so the heart chambers smaller. this is a very small number of people.
2:55 am
good luck, everybody. gerri: thank you for coming on. great job. we will be right back with my "2 cents more" and the answer to our question of the day. ♪
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>> a new jersey school district had issued a ban on all religious christmas music. we asked a question on if it was right. 97% said no. be sure to log onto for our online question every weekday. and finally, it was almost funny th afternoon watching jay carney being grilled by former white house correspondent ed henry. at issue is how many folks are enrolled in obamacare. it administration stalled and delayed any numbers and what we know today is that after much
2:59 am
fanfare and expectations, the website wasnly able to enroll six people on its first day in business. despite the fact that the number came from a meeting, jay carney didn't want to confirm it. but he won't be able to ignore the bad news for ever and that is because more people are getting the bad news about policy cancellations. a friend of mine with a small business, he told me just this week that isn't sure informed him that his policy for his company will not be renewed when it ends this summer. what can i do, set my friend. i don't want to semi-workers to obamacare and increasingly that of the feeling as people start to see how much they will be charged for care on the website. you should dockable's in monthly premiums and offer coverage you may or may not want. maternity care for 6year-olds, substance abuse counseling and it is not improving care.
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you can't keep your doctor or your plan. the president is right about one thing, it's not the website that matters but the failed obamacare policy and t ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: forget about what did he know and when did he know. what the president, it's more like what doesn't he know and how much else doesn't he know. because if there is one thing that has come through loud and clear, welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto he says he did not know about them and he did not see them. just like you did no


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